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A Sedona Soul Awakening: 3 Days That Transformed Our Future - Episode 39

August 09, 2021 Robyn Miller Brecker / Karen Loenser Season 1 Episode 39
Seeking Center: The Podcast
A Sedona Soul Awakening: 3 Days That Transformed Our Future - Episode 39
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Has this ever happened to you?

You get this voice, this inspiration that comes to you.  That you should do something, call someone, go somewhere, that well...doesn’t seem to make sense?  You think to yourself, “oh yeah, that would be nice, or, I should do that…” and then your brain jumps in and talks you out of it, and convinces you to save the idea for another day.

Well, for Karen….that’s how Sedona happened.  Sedona has been a voice, a yearning, a place that she dreamed of visiting, for as long as she can remember.  But daily life was always ahead of that dream...and it became a “bucket list” know, the thing that you say you’ll get to when all the other important things are done?

But thanks to the conversations on “Seeking With Robyn,” Karen decided to listen to her inner voice…and the whisper of inspiration turned to consideration, then action.  And that act of following through on that intuition, transformed both Karen and Robyn.

As they love to share on this show, these are the experiences that are led by our soul….if you look, you can always find the magic ready to lead you where your heart wants to go. This was exactly how Karen’s trip to Sedona happened.

And of course, it was the journey of a lifetime. Karen’s experience will inspire you to listen to your own inner voice and inner guidance. When you follow that, so do magical results.  Robyn and Karen dig into Karen’s Sedona Soul Adventure experience, the healers she met, the experiences she had and how it is changing the journey ahead for both of them.

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Have you ever wondered about life's biggest questions? Like, why am I here? What happens when we die? Or what else is out there, but we have, and we love to talk about it. And if you're listening, we think you probably do too. I'm Robyn and I'm Karen and we've spent our lives searching for those answers.

And we're seekers, just like you talking to some of the most fascinating spiritual teachers, healers, and scientists, and showing you how you can use some of their spiritual practices for yourself. We'll also be sharing stories of other seekers then motivate you to live your fullest life. Right. We'll be translating it all.

So the spiritual stuff won't feel so out there. So if you're curious, get ready to rediscover why we're here today. Does this ever happen to you? You get this voice, this inspiration that comes to you, that you should do something, call someone go somewhere that, well, it doesn't seem to make sense. You think to yourself, oh yeah, that would be nice.

Or I should do that. And then your brain jumps in and talks you out of it and convinces you to save the idea for another day. Well, for me, that's how Sedona happened. So Dona has been a voice, a yearning, a place that I've dreamed of visiting for as long as I can remember, but daily life was always ahead of that dream.

And it became a bucket list thing. You know, the thing that you say you'll do when you get all the other important things done, thanks to conversations we have on the show, I decided to listen to that voice and the whisper of inspiration turned to consideration and then action. And that act of following through on that intuition, transforming.

As we love to share on our show. These are the experiences that are led by our soul. If you look, you can always find the magic ready to lead you, where your heart wants you to go. This is exactly how Karen's chip to Sedona happened. And of course it was the journey of a lifetime Karen's experience will inspire you to listen to your inner voice and your inner guidance when you follow that.

So two magical results we'll unpack her Sedona, soul adventure experience. The healer she met and how it is transforming the journey ahead for both of us over the past few months, we've had many healers and teachers on our show and four of them in a row who hadn't listened to one another's episodes said they saw Karen going to Sedona in June.

It felt like the universe was calling her there. Heron. What finally made you go in addition to having four people on this show, which was crazy? Tell me that they saw me in Sedona or that I should go to Sedona when it was in my head. You know, this, we talked about. You and I did, but no one else knew. And can I ask why people ask me this now that they know?

Yeah. Did you rent a red car? Was there any in Julie's reading? Apparently there was a red car because Julie herself did text me while I was in Sedona asking me if I got in my car. And it was funny. Cause when I got my rental car, I was very tempted to ask for a red one, but I was like, Nope, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna mess with it.

I did not have a red car, but I do think there's something about the red rocks and the fact that I was surrounded by that and immersed in that. And in those red rocks all the time, it could have been maybe what she was talking to me about, but I know that this is not my last trip there. So I think that she might be just seeing my future trip.

I would agree with that. Okay. So tell us though, how did it all come to be now? Well, it's funny. I think it was on that Julia meeting that we had when she was talking about it. She was so certain I could tell them. Speaking to us, she literally could see me there. And there was just something that released in me.

I remember actually saying out loud, okay, I'm going. And then in that act of like declaring that I was going to make that initiative to go really triggered me to, to start looking. And so I did, and I scoured the internet looking for just the right thing, because as, as many people know, Sedona is a Mecca of healers and intuitives, but he didn't want to get sucked into the, into the crowdsourcing of, of healing when I got there.

So I very carefully researched and I found so Dona soul adventures, which was perfect for me because it was a one-on-one experience didn't mean that I jumped into it. It was in my mind, I was processing, it was looking at the dollars and how much money it was going to cost. And it was really a leap for me to prioritize that this was something that I really needed to do, but I knew it.

I knew down to them. The timing. I knew I needed to be there that last week of June. I didn't know why, but I knew that that was the timing for it. I should know. It really took a lot for you to coordinate making it happen, not just financially, but really, I mean, you have a whole family, you have a job, you have this, it was a lot to make it happen.

Yeah, it was. And I think it's funny. We'll talk about this too, but it was really the precursor of the biggest lesson. I think I learned in Sedona, which I think is what makes it so magical. I think it was that act of not feeling worthy of that money being spent at that time when there's always, there's always so many other things of taking that time, that really made me hesitate.

But for anybody who's listening, thinking about making a decision like that, I also started doing that thing of like, what if I don't go, what might I be missing there and how will I feel when those dates kind of come and go? And I knew. I just knew in my gut. I just had to make it happen. I just needed to be there.

It makes my heart soar for you because I know you also then made every moment count while you were there. And. You also were able to go with your mom. G is one magical woman. She is my magical woman, and she's one of my biggest cheerleaders, which is such a blessing. And she was really the one who helped kind of you of course, as well, but she helped really.

Push me into that feeling of like, well, what if you don't go? And what would you do if somebody else, if, if, if I was on the receiving end, if I was making that choice, what would you say to me? So it was just so helpful to have her there, but I think the ultimate thing she said to me was, I'm going with you?

She said, I gave birth to you, and this is going to be like your second birth. And I want to be there to see it. Your mom's 80 years old lives in New Jersey. It's a big deal. Yeah. And there's something about having somebody that knows you super well, like, you know, we do this all the time, but to have your mom there knowing you in that way, it was magical for me.

And it was magical for her too. She too went through her own experiences that couldn't affirm more for people who are thinking about doing something like this. If you do, it's great to do. Immerse yourself in your own soul and your own experience and have sort of that one-on-one time, but also to have someone there with you so that they can share with you.

And so the energy just sort of builds and it has a bigger, yeah, I mean, we feel that on a daily basis because you will have insight for me that I don't see and vice versa. Let's just talk about Sedona for a moment. What makes it this really unique place? You know, it's so funny, Robyn, I didn't know really like what was drawing me there?

I had heard about it, but there's so many beautiful places. There's so many enriching kind of retreats I could have gone on. It's that intuitive draw that just calls you that there's something there. I can talk about this in a minute. When we went on out with one of the shamans into the red rocks, but you're in the middle of this.

Of this flat as possible desert. There are some Hills and stuff as you're coming out of Phoenix, but when you get to Sedona, all of a sudden these red rocks like sprout out, like they're huge mountains, you know, huge castles really that have been carved out of the rock. And it literally is a place where there they're seven, like the shock Rez that are in a huge big circle.

So each one of those huge mountains is a vortex of energy. So that entire area within that cocoon of Sedona is completely energized land. So you know that there's gotta be something underneath if the ocean was able to carve out those majestic Hills in that way there and nowhere else. And you literally feel that.

From the moment you get there. And it's all inspiring the chills too, by just listening to you. And it's so interesting having I've only been to Sedona once and I was probably 21 and I was with some of my best friends on a spring break trip intention. Yes, we were on our way to Las Vegas after that. But I hope people go and investigate that a little bit more for themselves.

It, because it is, it has that energy. And I can't wait now to go back with you. People now are kind of heating that call of flocking to that something more, something might be there that can inspire them at, at this point in time. I also have to say to those who live there really respect. The land, even the hotels that I went to, you're not allowed to take any of the rocks on the land.

And they were very careful about where they built the hotels that they got shamans to come in and communicate with the spirits there to make sure that they understood that their intentions and building the hotels were good. So there's a very respectful feeling there about the land and respect for what Sedona is.

And it radiates in the people like I couldn't get over in the hotels and the restaurants, the waiter, like everyone, not one single person had anything, but this sort of like happy spirit. It's like, they were all, so many have come to live there because they are called, they can become who they are and that energy that's so beautiful.

And so let's talk about this plan that was put together for you by Sedona soul adventures. It actually sounds so similar to what we try to do with certain people find to customize it. A plan for them with the right healers and the right teachers and the right practitioners, depending on where they are in life.

So how did you find it? And then let's dive in. Yeah, there weren't a lot of programs to choose from, but I knew that I needed to be. In a program that had really vetted people. I really wanted those authentic experiences with people who were, who were there for a long time and who, who do this for their lives, it's their calling to do it.

And when I vetted out a few of, there are some that are very new, that look really great and cool. But the one I picked, I picked it because the woman who started it was on her own soul's journey. 20 years ago, she was a lawyer and decide had come to Sedona. It's funny. The more I hear, I think people, once you go, there's something that happens to you.

If you go there on a soul's quest, there's something that calls you back, calls you back. And I've, I've, I've heard it from a number of different people. And she had done enough of these experiences that she started her own Sedona, soul adventures experience because she wanted other people to be able to experience it as well.

So she's, this company has been around for 20 years and what I loved about it is when they called me back, they asked me a whole series of questions, very similar to what you do, your programs. They really want to make sure that they're connecting you with the right person. They want to understand enough about your background so that they set you up with the right program.

And there was just that. Kindness of, you know, we're here. If you want to do it, there was no pressure. And when they came back with me with the list of things that they were suggesting, it was perfect. It was all the things that I wanted to do was enough going out, out into the red rocks, but it was enough new experiences that I hadn't had before.

That sounded exciting. So let's go into your week and you really packed in a lot in that time, they don't require you to take all of the stuff that I did. I was just like, bring it on my intention when I got there. I said, I know that Sedona is sacred ground and I want to play it. This vision, this dream, this, this wonderful journey that I know is in front of me in this sacred land that I know is carefully watched over for, by spirits, living in and out there.

And I just knew that if I planted the stream at that point in time, right there, it was the right beginning of the next part of the adventure. And so I told each one of the people that I met with that that's, that was my intention. And I wanted to just be ready, but, but know that it was going to be in a nurtured, sacred place.

It's so funny, but it even felt right saying that out loud in this environment with these people, right? In some places you'd feel like a way off, but they got it like right away. So not everybody's as clear with their intention to have that clarity and that knowing and the. And faith, you were following that feeling in your soul.

Yeah. With the nurturing from you, the nurturing from my mom again, if, if anyone is out there listening right now, that's considering doing something like this, you definitely may need someone to, to encourage you to do it because it is that leap of faith that you're spending money on something for your soul.

This is something that is nurturing you from the inside out. And that is a commitment you need to really make to yourself. And I knew from my own experience, and while I didn't go to Sedona, I had a different. Spiritual experience and made that similar commitment to myself several years ago. And because I did that and believed, I knew in my heart, it was the right time to spend the money and to invest in myself and do what we like to call soul work that changed my life.

And that's where we are now working together. And there's so much more to come, but that took that commitment. And I'm so excited that you made the same commitment for yourself and it might've been. Sedona. It doesn't matter. You just, you did that, but that's a really good point and it doesn't, it doesn't matter.

This was, this was one type of experience. I think some people can get it by whitewater rafting for a week in the wilderness because they're going to immerse themselves in that and just really follow again. It's it's what it says right here it is. And you have to follow that. But at the same time you were getting those messages about, so donut in particular for a long time.

So should I start with, yes, please. Well, it's about these experiences. Well, I think what's interesting did put things in a really cool order. So the first thing I did was a karmic clearing, which I think our viewers, our listeners know what karma is, but just to clarify, it's anything that you've kind of brought with you in prior lives, things that you've experienced in this life.

And I met, what else was really fun about these experiences? I went to the homes of these lovely people. And the first one I went to was Christine, who did the karma clearing. And as I was going down, it was the very first experience into the red rocks. And she literally lives at the base of one of these amazing places.

You're thinking you're going into a national park and lo and behold, here's, Christine's beautiful house with a gorgeous garden. And I go in and she welcomes me and she was magical course, but she explained that. She calls it spiritual response therapy. And it's definitely a practice. It's a learned practice.

It's not nothing that she's just made up, but it's based on pendulum work, which that's something we've talked about too much, yet utilizes a pendulum to ask questions and pendulums are energetically based devices. I told her a little bit about myself and what I was trying to do my commitment for for coming to Sedona.

And man, it was just like nothing I've ever seen through the whole experience. She would ask questions, but then she would clear any kind of past present or future karma so that it would just really. It's an energy energy about me clearing and she found, she found a lot of things out about me that I kind of already knew like some past life stuff I was carrying with me.

All right. So I got to get into the nitty gritty. I always said I don't step into the light easily. I always just feel it's an ego based thing. And I always kind of try to shy out of it for that reason. And it's nothing that I've brought with me in this lifetime because I have wonderful parents have always kind of push me into the light, but she explained that.

And I knew when she said it, that I have had a series of like 21 different lifetimes where I have stepped into the light and have been either killed or persecuted because of that. And I think a lot of us who are practicing energy now, Feel that we might've had those experiences in our past lives. Right?

So it was something that at the minute I, no one has ever told me that in a past life regression, but it was something I just knew was in there. And so just by the means of her acknowledging that that was something in my lifetime was a bit of a relief because it shown a light on something that I was carrying that I didn't understand.

And she was able to just clear it. And again, I, I don't think I said in the very beginning, she brings in your specific angels and guides. So they're the ones helping to guide this, this pendulum. So they help guide her with these memories. It's nothing that she's necessarily channeling she's utilizing these guides and spirits to help.

I just loved it because she also, you know, I, I carried you with me the whole time, because that was part of the intention. And so any karma. That was associated with anything having to do with our project or our past lives. Clear, clear, Claire. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That's all. I kept hearing her say click, please.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So at the end she asked me if I had any questions and I said, no, it was really helpful. And she was very positive about everything that was going on, but I said, I said, one thing I want clarity on. And she said, what? And I said, speed of manifestation because I didn't really fit.

Cause I'm like, I'm here, I'm doing this thing. But yeah, you know, I, I want to move forward now and really live in this. And so she said, okay, well we can ask how long, you know, it might take for this to all kind of come to fruition. So I said, okay, let's, let's just do it. So she took her little pendulum and she said, okay, how long is it going to take for, for Karen and Robyn to get this check?

Could they need to move forward? And she's like, oh, five, five months. Five weeks, five weeks. It was like, I mean, she was like, listen, you can't take this. You know, she caveat all these things of course, but it was fun as we've been saying over and over what this, what this information does to you, energetically is it allows you to believe in the magic.

If allows, allows you to open up to that hope to that receiving that this really is on its way. And so even though we know timing. Not real time. It was the idea that where I was sitting at that moment, I was energetically connected to the manifestation of my vision. And that was amazing. Well, yes. And listen, we're going to hope for five weeks as my birthday.

Like why not? Right. Luckily we know when that will be. And you know, we have a lot of good momentum, so it could make sense that that may be the case that we, you know, we get the funds, we need to make all of our visions come true. Which if you've been listening for the same people who said that Karen was going to go to Sedona, they've also said that we have a lot of bigger things to do, so we just need the finances to do it.

Exactly. And thanks Christine, on that, there's just something about having your spiritual angels and guides. You know, behind the scenes, that just, that was such an exciting, energizing way to start. Yes. Well, just add one thing to just talking about the pendulum, which, you know, people will also refer to as divination and having used a pendulum before, not at all in the same way that Christine as an expert uses it, but I think what's really cool about it.

Pendulum in general is you can get them on Amazon. You can get them at your favorite crystal store. And if you were to lay down, have someone hold it over, you hold it over your heart. If you think about something good, you'll notice that the pendulum will stay still. When you think about something that makes you upset.

So whether it's fearful or angry, notice what happens to that pendulum. When it's above your heart chakra there's energy there, that that pendulum is picking up. And so just having done that exercise before and then to know that somebody can actually use that as their tool and that there is actually like a guidebook.

I I've, you know, I have one myself, I've never studied it in the way that Christine clearly does, but then also using that energy and messages that are coming from your guides, their guides and angels. That's really cool. Yeah. I just wanna bring it up because I do think that that's something that people can try themselves at home with a pendulum, just to see it's a tangible way of seeing energy.

People can do this themselves. There there's no doubt in the same way. Of course the Christine. No, but it. It's a good clarifier of your own intuition because so many of us are, we know that there's some honesty there's in that energy that, that shines through. And I just want to add to about Christine at this process is very scientific.

She went through, she has this very large book, so it's going through all of like your life experiences. So it is passed. It is your health. It's, I'm just looking back at my notes cause I want to make sure I'm communicating what she does correctly. Freedom, how you feel about freedom and money and all these things that you carry.

These karma. Beliefs, because we are eternal beings. We carry these beliefs with us and they're in our DNA and they can preclude us from doing the things we really want to do. And not, we don't even know it because it's in our, in our past. I actually look forward to meeting Christine as well. And I just love that.

That is the way you began your whole journey that week. Yeah. It was like, get rid of like clean house, get rid of all the stuff. The other thing is like what you did here also about your past life and not stepping in the line. Let's just keep that on people's minds as we go forward. Yeah. That's a really good segue into my emotional clearing through shamonic healing.

So the intention with meeting with Heather was a little bit different. She's definitely a shaman by trade and really can tune into the body as well as the energy field. So what she was able to do was kind of go in and see really literally what kind of imprints these past lives. Present life memories have had, again on anything that would inhibited me from manifesting what I wanted to do.

And it was funny. She goes, okay, what happened to you at 1426 and 28 at 26? I had my daughter. So that was like a big, big moment for me. But immediately after that and that 26 to 28 time, my husband decided to leave and it was. It was betrayal. It was abandonment. There was a lot of that. So I got that. 14 could not for the life of me figure it out.

Or Heather, she tried everything she could to like gently bring that memory up. And I really couldn't figure that out. But then she was like, is there a feeling of like no worthy in you? And I was like, oh God, yes. I mean, that, that I've known about. And she's like, that's, that's definitely here. It's definitely something that you have to let go of the fear of, of being betrayed.

And she said, literally, I'm looking at my notes, left with the baby. She's like, you have to let go of that before you go on with this next baby that you're having, which is the project you have to let go of that fear of being left behind or betrayal or abandonment, because that is something that is in the past, let it, you know, let it go.

And, and I felt in that moment, she was, she almost, she almost removes it from you. And I think a lot of it is the acknowledgement of that. So anyway, couldn't figure out until I left for the day what the 14 was, but my mom helped me remember that that was the time I had just started high school. And I was bullied for a very short period of time because there were two girls that I noticed when I was walking into the school building that were smoking.

And I pointed that out to a friend of mine. Those two girls came after me. It was terrifying. And I think that memory of being seen again, I didn't, my intention was not to single them out in any way. They just were different. Kid coming from a Catholic school, but it was, I was being seen as, as someone I was pointed out by these, by these people.

And I think that fear was a trigger for any past life experience that I might've had that Christine brought up, which was of being seen for bringing in the light or all those other things that well, and it wasn't when we were talking. Did a quick recap of some of these experiences, the day you got back.

And wasn't the experience of the bullying did not wasn't that the first day of high school and you were coming in, I just think for context, you were coming to a new school, you'd gone to Catholic school for your whole elementary and middle school years. You were going to the public high school. You didn't, you knew like one person.

I think that's what makes it even more traumatic is that it was like this new place and you were just making a comment. Yes, exactly. Exactly. No intention at all. And that's what triggered the fear. So was that I was seen for doing something that I didn't even intend and yeah, I just thought that was just so interesting.

From again, beginning to link and thread through all of these experiences, a story line almost about myself, that I totally buried that memory completely, but it made perfect sense within all of this context. So it was quite eyeopening. Yeah. And actually the way that you talked about. The 26 to 20 you're you know, that those years and being abandoned, what I did realize is that this cumulative experience is what did it.

So I think it's, it's great. Like we have one and done kind of experiences all the time, and there are things that are pointed at and we're like, oh yeah, I heard that. Last one, but there's something about this cumulative different modality, different energies. It's like you're being cleared out from every angle that I think that put does the trick.

Well, and, and now we can talk about what happened on your next experience. I don't want to say it was my, I think it was my favorite, but only because it was why I went, I was so drawn to those red rocks and just the energy. I just knew that I wanted to be out there. So I met with my shaman friend, Jim, who drove me out into this beautiful park.

By then there was a fire going, not too far from Sedona, so it was starting to get really smoky. So we were kind of limited to where we could go, but. So do you know, Karen? I haven't been to this area in a long time. I usually go to another place because it's a lot less touristy, but we were there super early and he said, I actually loved this place the most because where I'm going, where we're going to climb, we're literally going to be in the center of all of the major vortexes.

And I said, what do you mean in the center? I didn't, I hadn't realized how circular they were and he's like, oh, I'm going to show you. So he climbed up onto this beautiful flat red rock. And as I looked up, he pointed it pointed out the circle that I was in of these beautiful vortexes. And he said, that is the splendor of Sedona, Karen.

He said, because this is not just one chakra of the planet. This is all of them. Oh good. I was like, oh my goodness. I had no idea. And he said, no, not everybody talks about it, but he said, you are now right in the center. I have the chills, anyone listening? I can't say enough about that experience. Jim did an amazing job.

We got halfway up and then you started to play this beautiful, magical. Flute that he has and I'll share it so people can can see it. I recorded it because it's the sound of the earth. It's the sound of the mother earth. That's, that's the best way I can think of to describe it. And in that moment, I forgot.

Sounds so silly to say, I forgot that I'm a resident of planet earth, that I am a human being, living on a planet, and that I am connected to this living soul. And I just felt it in that moment, looking around and listening to that flute, that reconnection with earth that I had really literally forgotten I had, and we've talked so often about how I need to be outside and I need to play and breathe.

And it was just like mother. Yeah. Saying, here I am, this is, this is me and all my glory. This is just a moment of what you need to experience more of. So anyway, we went up further and we did our tribute to mother earth where Jim had all of these amazing offerings, really from tobacco to blue corn, and each one of them had a specific.

Intention. I think there were seven altogether and we did them slowly and we made our, did our honors to mother earth. And he just would tell the story of what all of this meant. And it's all very ancient, native American based, which was beautiful. And then he said, I'm going to leave you for a little while for the first part of it.

I want you to just close your eyes and meditate to what you might see, and then I'm going to go off and then I want you to just have your own time. So in that little period of time, he played. The strum and he sang some amazing song. I don't know what it was, but it was just so earthy. So grounding, I think that was, that was the experience.

It was just regrounding grounding, grounding, getting you back to the earth. And in that moment, I could see myself in this middle of this circle of which were the shakras of Sedona. And I could see in my mind, native Americans dancing around the perimeter of that circle and it started to spin and I could see the meridians of all of the vortexes kind of coming and meeting me right where I was.

And I was like spinning in the middle. And I just felt all of the energy coming in to me. And it's like a past life regression. You can close your eyes and you can see it. You just know how real it was. And I spent the next 10 minutes hugging, literally hugging this rock. And literally feeling the energy and the sound and the vibration of that, that place.

I have a video of me and I'm like, I'm here, I'm here. I just wanted to really never forget that I got there, that I got there and that I had this incredible experience. So Jim comes back and he gave me a reading on all the spirit animals that he saw around me and all of the meaning towards, towards each of them.

Magical and deep. And then he told me about a astrological vision that he had for me. And I took a picture of it and he said, send it to your astrologer friend and have her take a look. And, and it's an, it's a significant date for you. I just know it's a significant that's. We are waiting for Stevie proceeded.

It's looking at that, but there was just, it was grounding. It was clarity. And it was just an experience like I've never, I've never had before that opened me up again to just this needing to be in the land and be on the planet. And like I told him, I said, I spent, so I've spent years on a train. I never saw the sun rise or set really, you know, I do know I somewhere else, I forgot how beautiful and how needed it is for us to be connected this way to be connected.

And to also realize, I know you used the word before. But, and, and so it's like to be in awe of it all, as well as the fact that we are just this little part of this great big earth is going to keep going with them without us. That's what I think it was here before he became the earth is going to be here long after this lifetime.

Right. You had that in, in the like most magnified way ever, you know, just being in the middle of it, the energy and the connection, I think. Yes. That. When we exhale and when we are feeling earth, right? And then it gives its gift back to us by giving us the air that we breathe. And, you know, as he was saying about the trees and the animals and the earth itself, he's like, that's why, if you decide to take a rock from Sedona, you have to ask permission of the rock.

Is it willing to come with you? If you cut something. Off of a tree, you, they said, you know, in, in native American tradition, you leave a piece of your hair back on the tree because you're, it's an even exchange. And then he's like, we've forgotten that we are all like we're all in this together. And it was just an amazing reminder.

It just brought me back to, gosh, what's really important. There's so much to know. I think is what I learned from that, that experience is there's just so many layers of understanding that we still have yet to explore, but that is offered no matter where you, where you want to look be it in the land or in your energy, in your body.

There's so much to learn that we can utilize to understand ourselves. Yeah, I know. We just, and I mean, we can't get enough and I know that there's always going to be something to learn and there's always going to be people to learn from. And so I love that you were introduced to these special people. I think I told you this.

I said for many, I felt like they were, I want to put them in the category of the elders. Yeah, you did say that. Deep long life knowledge, it's this authentic, deep wisdom of their craft that they practice every day. And I think that was the thing. That's what I was looking for in the experience, because I just didn't want to go.

And there's just a depth of practice that these people have that I felt was what I needed. Yeah. So let's keep going. Then, then I did an interview journey with breath and sound, but this beautiful woman named Yana, she looked like an angel herself, her breath work. We've done breath work before. I have a very difficult time with, with breath work, I think.

Yeah. Which is very interesting for those lists the name because Karen's a runner. And I just think that's so interesting for you that, that it actually is. Difficult. I know. And all I can think of is that because if you think about running, it's a discipline, you run to get it done quickly because you're in the hurry to do other things, even though it's my meditation.

So I think part of the breathwork issue is I've conditioned myself so much to not really have to breathe a lot when I run. I don't. So I think it's very hard for me to take those deep, quiet breaths. I have a hard time letting go. Let's talk about the setup and then talk about the actual experience home again at the foot of the red rock.

So they're literally sleeping in these four Texas of holy ground. So you walk in and you feel that then in this special room that she has, she had this big, beautiful white leather chair that was. The most comfortable thing I've ever been in. And, and then in the room itself, she had these surround sound speakers so that it literally immersed you in the sound.

So beautiful. She sat right at my feet the whole time. So she watched, made sure that I was breathing and that I was comfortable. And she kind of led me at the moments where she could see I was having trouble or she had very custom music as, as many do that, went through the shock. So it was really an as the music started, it started in the root chakra, which was drums.

So I literally felt I was coming out, took me right back to where I was with Jim and just kind of continue the experience throughout that it was an hour and 15 minutes of breath work. So it was pretty good. That is, I mean, that's a lot, I mean, we've, I know for me, I've done 25 to 30 minutes and that's challenging.

So coming out of the desert when you're like, oh my goodness, I felt I could visualize the extension of that experience in the red rocks. And once you got to the heart chakra and the crown chakra, the music just broke you. I mean, it was. So spectacular with that surround sound. It was a journey. It really, it really, really was.

So the end of that day, Karen was tired. It was day two. Yeah. No, my karma felt like cleared the emotional clearing. The first day I was grounding in the earth. I was doing that shock or breath work, which is sort of regrounding my whole body. And that felt really good. So then day three, you know, I look back on somebody that you met, that you just know has had like a soul impact on your life forever.

Even though it was a short time that was Sequoia. That was my emotional clearing that I did. And then that emotional clearing was actually really well timed because again, a lot was starting to churn up. I was starting to really kind of pull out this sort of message for me. I've never really identified with the inner child work so much because I had, when I look at it as a very idyllic childhood, you talked about identifying your, your core inner wound, right?

Not really wounded. I'm good. Right. So I kind of started off in that sense. And I should also say that we didn't go out to the land. This is the one I did with my mom. Sequoia's work was very different. It was, it was really paper driven. It was really into your brain, into your mind, into your soul, into your memories.

And again like that memory that had popped up with Heather on the first day, I didn't realize how many, even though they may not have been true, trauma were still my interpreter. Trauma. And so he went through and he said, I want you to write down 10 things on the right side that were really great about the three key, three key people in your life before you were 11 years old.

And my three key people were my mom, my dad and my grandma. Right. Those were my three closest people. We said between one and 11. You know, a lot of your self-awareness yourself, beliefs are planted within you. I think we all know this, but I was like, okay, this'll be a happy list. And then he said, put down 10 things that were, you know, fearful, or they may have taught you that maybe are not so great, which it took me awhile, but I was, I was able to do that.

And then he said, take a look at the list and see if your relationship with your partner husbands reflect any of the good or any of the bad. It's kind of crazy how you see the similarities in things on both sides of the list. And I won't go through the whole exercise, but at the end of it, what you do identify as sort of your core to the process of elimination of a lot of different things.

Sort of the core thing, my core one was, was. Of of am I good enough? Am I worthy of, of all this? And it was what Christine brought up. It was what Heather brought up. It was, it was sort of this constant thing of it was in there, but I, I didn't speak it ever. And so that kind of, kind of came out and the introspection and the questions asked, taught me so much about how we talk to ourselves and convince ourselves.

That we are not worthy. And it's funny going even go back to what Christine said. She said, you know, we all come in to a certain extent feeling out worthy. That's almost our mission of coming in and saying, I'm going to find a way to love who I am. And it's so taught out of us through so many things that we learned from that age one to 11.

I didn't realize that between my past life and the karma stuff that I was carrying around and these imprints of my past, even this life in this lifetime that I was carrying around, but that's where they came from. It was all there, but it was also something that I signed up for. And what Sequoia taught me to look at is now, you know, right.

And anytime that something triggers you. That that unworthy or I'm not a good enough. You can almost smile at it as a little beacon of light that it's reminding you. This is your purpose. This is why you're here. You're here to push through that. Once you recognize it, it doesn't have the power. It was magical.

He also made me write this list of beliefs that I had about myself and read them to my six year olds. Oh my gosh. Wow. That's powerful. Was it? It breaks your heart. It really does because he has, you imagined this like wide-eyed innocent. Happy expectant. Everything's good soul. And then you, as this grown adults, tell them what you think of them.

Oh my God, that makes me want to cry. It really is pretty, it's pretty intense. So that's the inner child work freeing part about it was, I felt that little girl look at me, not disappointed, but say none of it's true. Right? Remember her all the time. When you wake up, talk to your six-year-old self, remember that person in and have her close to you in your heart.

So that throughout your day, you're like, well, what would, what would the, six-year-old say, you know what, six year old me that you can't forget it, you just can't. And the thing that was so helpful about that exercise is that I realized when I told this child, all these beliefs about myself, the beliefs were not actually mine.

They were beliefs that I learned. From corporate America, they were the measurement that I had against a standard, but I don't even really believe in at all. And that when I stood back and I really looked at those words, I was, I realized that that measurement was, was a lie. It was not right. It wasn't me and Sequoia.

My mother of course, was there were able to show me the me that they saw in me that they was quiet. Didn't know me well, but just with what I told them about my life, he was like, look at the real you. And I know that sounds so strange, but there there's a clarity that you get. There's a release. There's a self-forgiveness.

I was just going to say to me, but that six year old was also saying to you, was I forgive you. I forgive you for believing that. And that's not true. Yeah. And, and he has you write down on this piece of paper that it is a lie. Like he makes you really own up to that. So, I mean, there's much more to it. I'm sure I'm not doing it all justice, but the takeaways for me were profound.

This experience to me, took the most amount of work for yourself to dig into yourself rather than someone else actually helping do it for you. He was providing kind of the highway, so many of our experiences, which we love. Having someone else tell us what you see, but you actually have to see yourself first in this experience in order for him to then help you clear it.

And so true. And again, if you kind of look at this flow of this experience, where you start by understanding the karma that you have in your past life, that you're bringing with you, and then you start to see what are these, these imprints, these emotional imprints that I'm carrying with me as a result of that in this life and in past life.

And you can sort of release that first day. Then you were open to grounding in the planet. You're open to sort of reenergizing yourself as the person that you are without all that baggage. The breathwork to me was like, let it go, let it go. Re-energize yourself. And then. With Sequoia. It was like, now let's talk about let's, let's deal with how you talk to yourself and those beliefs that are sort of embedded in you, this programming that you've done in your brain let's undo that.

Right. So I was at that point, even though I felt like I was done, I was in a way like, then by day two, I felt great. This was the thing that was really critical so that I wasn't going to start repeating the same patterns all over again. I was so grateful even though that was probably the hardest work, right.

It was the most important talk about going deep. You really are appealing back those layers. And I think we just talked to Melissa Bernstein who talks about really that depth and for her it's accepting the darkness and the light that makes her her whole self. Right. And I think in many ways for you, most people who know you think of you as just light, which for the most part you are, I mean, you, from the moment I met you, you were, I could see your light right.

Under the light. There is all of this other stuff and it's not. Super dark, but there is, that's the darkness that also makes you make the light. Right? And so it is that work appealing back, even things that you don't want to look at, even things that on a daily basis, you would prefer just to put your smile on and be a cheerleader for everyone else, but yourself.

And so this is really for you all of this. And I know we still have a couple more experiences to talk about. I just want to remind you and I will be your cheerleader. But you can also be your own cheerleader because you have all of that within you. And now you're just getting deep, which you've needed to do.

I did because we're all, all of us are so good at masking that stuff that we don't want to be seen. It's about not being seen. That's the message. Right? Don't look at me. Don't look at this. Don't you know, don't look at my bad stuff. Don't look at my light, right. Don't I don't want to stand out. And so I think that was really the core of what he's trying to teach is that he'll look at it because once I did that work and I looked at that little six year old, like I am, I am worthy.

There's there's that release because all of those stuffed beliefs about yourself, you standards that you measure yourself by can, can be dissipated and you can go back to that. Six-year-old light and that's. As we all know, that's what it's all about. So that was Sequoia. And then was it the same day that then you then went to Janine for energy attunement?

Yes. Body talk, what else possibly need right after that. But it was really important because after all of that emotional work, I went to see Janine who I didn't really know much about. I didn't, I had very little information about what to expect, but she's very special. And what I have to say about Janine who now you've met, have you talked to there's something about the minute you connect with her?

There is this golden white light about her. She is a healer. She's just. Yes through and through you see it, but what was so fun about her is she told me a little bit about herself. You know, she was a Mackenzie marketing workaholic and had done all the typical stuff that corporate people do before she had that moment.

But which now we know so many who she woke up and knew that she was not doing her life's calling and really went down this path of, of healing and this body talk energy healing that she does literally tuned into the body's language that she believes. And she demonstrated, tells you what it needs. If you just know how to listen.

It's based in kinesiology, which is something that my mom introduced us to as kids, when she took us to this guy who was a vitamin doctor, a doctor, and he literally, you could muscle test. He would put vitamins in our hand and you could muscle test the ones that you needed. And it didn't because his thought theory and that of Jeanine's is that your body knows and will give you the signs of, of what it doesn't does it.

So when I, you know, laid down, the first thing that Janine said is I have trouble feeling worthy, worthiness. I haven't recorded it in case anybody wants to hear it. And I just started laughing because again, it was coming fresh from, from Sequoia. And she's like, yeah, she's like, I'm, she's like, you know, the body has more than eight.

Chakra is right then there's multiple. I think there's in Chinese medicine, there's up to like a hundred. And she said, I see your shocker being blocked at your knees. She said, as if your life right now is bringing you to your knees. And I said, gosh, that's, that's exactly how I felt. And so she, she worked on that and she really based everything on that.

Love. She's like, that's what I use. That is my tool. And when I'm clearing you out and I'm going in, I can see all your meridians. I can see where the blocking is. She's like, you're, the body feels, love, feels that when it's used as, as, as a medicine and it responds, and she said, most doctors don't necessarily lead with that when you come to see them.

But she said, that is my thing. The minute you come in, I can see it. And I work with love and I had Italia. She's one powerful. Yeah. And I have the shells. I can't stop, I guess, all the truths that are coming up today and having been blessed to meet her this week. And I think unexpectedly, we had this very beautiful.

So connecting heart, connecting meditation with her that I think not only helped us with each other, but our own selves there's you can't even express what she's able to do as the facilitator and the healer. What's so amazing. If you look back at these things, right? It's like, there's this thread of truth of what I needed it to learn, but whether it be spiritual response therapy with the pendulums, then through this whole.

What my body is storing right within it's this emotional storing too, you know, going out on the land and just regrounding and remembering that I am part of the earth to reconnecting with the breath and the body like that, that second day was all about the body and the connection there. And then getting into the emotionally, leasing to the actual physical, emotionally releasing of what it was just, it was like a 3d.

Well, and, and again, for everyone listening or watching this idea, that the first thing that Janine said to you was, do you feel unworthy? And I think, again, none of these people knew Karen before she came there and they weren't talking to one another. After she would leave these different experiences.

They didn't know what her schedule was like. So I think it's really important for people to take that part in this is, that's why it's even more validating for you, Karen, and for anybody going through these experiences, when you hear that same message over and over or message is you can't deny that. And so then you either are, you know, given guidance as to what to do with the messages or you're given healing to release certain feelings or things that have been stored.

You can't deny that and you have to pay attention. That's just really remarkable. Your time with Jeanine with her. It was that feeling of the last thing we're going to leave you with. Karen is love. Yeah. So that was, that was it the last, just the very last thing I'll add is that, you know, they do an integration thing at the end.

So you go to meet with someone that you'll meet with a couple of successive coaching sessions after the fact that kind of really helps you distill all your learnings of which, you know, as you know, there are many and then come up with an action plan. So when you leave, you're not sure. You know, one and done, but you're S you're spending the next 30 days kind of working through and recalibrating your brain to think differently.

And, you know, coming up with that plan for what you need to do, which I thought was, it was really great because then you still have that connection to that person who can help that Sedona experience continue. So you get the real, most out of it, even after you left. I think it would be helpful to also talk about what was then, because you were in this state you've released so much.

You're welcoming in this kind of different frequency, you made room for things to come in, you're attracting in new experiences, new people. Right. And so let's talk about how now what was being attracted to you from this experiences and how does that translate for us? Oh my gosh. So that was only three days, honestly.

That's crazy. I want to just add to that. I think on top of the experiences of being in the sport techs of sleeping in this energy, right. Really being immersed, there was a full moon and some are soul steps has right. So after the third day, your energy is off the charts. It would have been really fun.

Maybe next time we go, we should do a measurement before and a measurement after I'm an idea. So after that, I had made a promise to Robyn. I said, I really want to go and do some scouting around and seeing if there's places we could shoot. If we decided to come back to Sedona, it would be so great to find the perfect place.

And my mom and I, and we went and we drove to in champion or little. Did we know that because of COVID they literally have a wall in front of the gate. So tile gases are really the only ones allowed in. And I was so disappointed. I hadn't envisioned that. I just thought, oh, it's a hotel. You just go in and take a scout around.

So this wonderful security guard comes up to us and says, you know, w why are you here? I love about you by the way, to make up a very quick reason. And I kind of decided to just tell the truth. Then I said, you know, I, I worked at discovery and. Planning this really interesting show. And I really want to scout and Chapman, I think it'd be an amazing location to do that in.

And he said, well, have you been in touch with our PR department? And I said, oh, you know, someone may have called, I'm not sure, but I didn't make an appointment. And so he's like, well, let me go and call. So I thought, well, forget it not getting anywhere. And my mother, of course, being my mother. I think we're going to get in.

It's like a star wars, mine, Mel, do you know what the storm troopers? It was like, oh, well, yeah, let them in. And we were met by this wonderful man named Steve who was, you know, ahead of their grounds and, and catering and events. And he just happened to be free and available and took us around in the golf cart and showed us the beautiful, beautiful location inside and out.

He took us everywhere. Took us to this beautiful place at the, the base of the mountains where people's weddings take place. That's ancient special ground that they very carefully take care of. There was just not one moment of the entire trip that he left anything out. He introduced us to the PR folks that are there, who just happened to be walking by.

It was just. It's it's like when you're in a place of self-connection it does attract all of this magic into your life because you're like, of course. So it was truly, truly an incredible place where you would have thought we would have not been welcomed where we would have not had any opportunity to meet anyone there.

It just, there was no reason we shouldn't have gotten in there. So we left feeling very powerful. And, and in addition, I think what you were able to see for the two of us was that this could be a perfect location to shoot the first season of our show. Yeah. It lends itself. To being in the right setting, within the vortex to help heal people.

I could see it. I think that that's what, what happens when you're so attuned with your positive inner energy things, just start to crystallize it. So, yeah. And then, you know, just walking around town, we were able to meet one of the heads of the Sedona soul adventures who is looking at their business and really sees the value, sees how, and is in Amherst with the vision that we have for what we want to do.

And that was just really, that was. Affirmation that, that I got that this is, this is happening. This is going exactly the way it should be. It's right on time. It was just one beautiful affirmation after the other. It's amazing how, when you're attuned to how possibility happens, and you're really immersed in that higher self energy, your whole vision changes of what's possible post 30 days, you want to continue on to do the work you want to reaffirm being out in nature, doing those mantras of your worthy, because you have to kind of rewire your brain a bit.

And, and when life comes back into reality, that energy gets sucked out again. And so you have to continue to do the work to really stay connected to all those lessons that you had. There's so much we don't know until we spend a little time. With our own energy, we just don't. We, we just block it out. And these are tools.

I mean, there's, there's many more as we know, but these in succession really did the work for me. Yeah. And I feel like what you were given were different pieces of the puzzle of our life puzzle so that you can be and stay on track with what you came here to do. And I think what it affirmed for you is that you're on the right track.

It helped clear the path. For you to continue on it. And I think what it also did is validate what you and I are looking to do, which is something that hasn't been done before is to take all of this. As you just said, to, with all of these different experiences in kind of an intense amount of short amount of time, but then it's the follow up too.

It's not just leaving Sedona and that happened there. And now here's back to my regular life. It's how do I integrate all of the lessons, all of the messages, all of the healing that was done during that week into my daily life and, and, and be real, right. We have to be realistic, but we cannot forget that six year old, you know, little girl inside of you.

And we can't forget all of the other messages that you were given, right. And that connection to the earth is now creating those daily disciplines. Integrating it into your life. And that's what we want to do for everybody. Who's listening, watching, and that may not know who we are at all. We want to do that for every month.

We want to showcase that both on the show, but then we want to build out the right digital platform for people to experience this in their homes. The other part too, is that the people that you've met down in Sedona, they do most of them do this work now virtually. So you actually have to, while I can't wait to physically get to Sedona, so I can feel that energy.

I also know that not everybody has the luxury of doing that. And you can meet with these healers and teachers virtually now. So it's really exciting to know that there's so much that we, I know, want to bring to the world. Most people don't know where to start and that will help them figure out where to start.

And what's that protocol look like? What does that process look like? And then how do you actually integrate it into your life into real life? Because I think what you and I bring to this whole arena is. The fact that we're not living out in LA LA land. We are living real lives with our families and our friends.

And we're also grounded to earth, but we're able somehow to take both this real illness, but also integrate all of the magic that we can't see, it's doing both. And that's what we want to help everyone else do. And live these fulfilled lives. Thank you for letting me share all of it. Well, let's just, let's, let's also end on five weeks.

So Christine. Yeah. I mean, let's just like, I know everybody, I'm not sure when we'll be airing this and we're excited that there's manifesting and momentum going on, really giving us the hope and believing impossibility that we hope that everybody shares. In their own lives, whatever that means to them, for us, it's getting this project really going.

So thank you for sharing. Thank you for sharing because I know I learned so much from it and I really hope it inspires others to potentially look into what their spiritual journey can look like. And, and if people who are listening, want more information, please reach out to us because I'm happy to share everything that I've learned.

There's a lot there, and there's so many different ways to, to learn through these experiences. So please let us know if we can, yes. Guide you in any, any way. Please do. You can go to seeking with and you can email us there. Great. Thank you. Yeah.

A Sedona Soul Awakening: 3 Days That Transformed Our Future