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You Can’t Make This Up! Our Mind-Blowing Tarot Therapy Reading (Part Two) - Episode 36

May 26, 2021 Robyn Miller Brecker / Karen Loenser / Michelle Nolan Season 1 Episode 36
Seeking Center: The Podcast
You Can’t Make This Up! Our Mind-Blowing Tarot Therapy Reading (Part Two) - Episode 36
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Karen and I were both fortunate to have readings with Michelle -- and they left us stunned. They are unlike any other Tarot readings we’ve ever had. She was able to get to the core of who we are, why we came here, and what steps we need to take in order to achieve true fulfillment and happiness.

In In Part 2 of our conversation you’ll get to see or hear Michelle in action as she gives Karen and I a reading about the entity we are creating for all Seekers. Get ready for a mind-blowing episode!

Michelle Nolan - Tarot Therapist and Astrologer

Michelle is well-known as a gifted empath, intuitive healer and spiritual guide.

Mixing psychology, spirituality and astrology, her talent is rooted in her lifelong connection to the divine which is shared through Tarot readings which focus on each person's search for a deeper meaning in their personal lives.

Her confidential, therapeutic sessions channel guided messages that open minds and break down the barriers between emotions, the spirit and the self – giving those who work with her a clearer picture of where they’ve been, who they are, and what they want to strive for in the future.

Focused on providing clarity, she helps her clients elevate their awareness and feel empowered to move forward on their chosen path with grace, balance and a better understanding of their relationships with others and with the world around them.

To work with Michelle, email her at or follow her on Instagram @miche11e.no1an

Have you ever wondered about life's biggest questions? Like, why am I here? What happens when we die? Or what else is out there, but we have, and we love to talk about it. And if you're listening, we think you probably do too. I'm Robyn and I'm Karen and we've spent our lives searching for those answers.

And we're seekers, just like you talking to some of the most fascinating spiritual teachers, healers and scientists. And showing you how you can use some of their spiritual practices for yourself. Also be sharing stories of other seekers. They motivate you to live your fullest and we'll be translating it all.

So the spiritual stuff won't feel so out there. If you're curious, get ready to rediscover why we're here together. In part, one of our conversation with Michelle Nolan, she breaks down taro in a way that you can understand. And she talks about her taro therapy readings. In part two of our conversation, you'll get to see or hear Michelle in action as she gives Karen and I are reading about the entity we're creating for all seekers.

Get ready for a mindblowing episode, please. Open up the session to Robyn and Karen and Greg regarding their new entity and what kind of messages you want to give them regarding the creation of their project and business. What kind of blocks you might see in the genetically and feel they need to know.

So I'm gonna do like a small spread and then we'll obviously they'd be different. We were really diving in, but you're using one deck to start, right? Yeah. This is my would be my core spread. I always use pick one deck as the main energy of the story. There are different types of spreads. What I normally do.

I mean, sessions in the last hour and a half sessions is a, Celtic's called a Celtic spread. And it's, there's just a lot more information there. This is more of a, kind of a general top-line spread, I would say. So this is the core spread. This is the heart of this reading. Okay. So the heart of this reading is the 10 of Pentacles.

So, this is great. Okay. This tells me right in the heart of the reading, that this is about legacy. This is about actually having fulfillment in a abundant, tangible way. So if we're talking about a business, something that we want to actually see it be fruitful in a, you know, in a financial way and success that.

Society views is successful. This is a great car to have because it's tangible, clinicals are tangible. Okay. And the 10 of Pentacles, meaning that it's ultimately highly abundant. Okay. So that's kind of the heart of the reading right now. All right. So already I'm kind of seeing. Looking around the whole spread that you have some major kind of cards and some minor kind of cards, but the major kind of ones that you have right now are all pretty positive.

10 of Pentacles is not major economists and minor caught us. So we're going to clarify this a little bit more about the tenent pinnacles and the center of the spread. So what I'm getting about this, I'm hearing more about I am hearing more about this. Particular hard about legacy. So almost like about if the lasting much longer than maybe even the two of them.

I love that. That's the goal. I kind of incensing a almost hearing kind of taking it to taking out a life of its own. I hope so. Yeah. It feels big, feels bigger than the two of you together. Okay. So the clarification on that card is the strength card king of wands and two a swords. So the feeling that I have more than anything about.

Kind of the abundance that is possible, right? This is like, not that it's going to happen, but the potential of it happening is the strength card is major Icana. And the king of wands is about, he is about that masculine energy of drive ambition leadership, actually taking things, taking the passion and making something happen without not necessarily without thinking, but there is a little bit of like, let's move.

Quickly, and let's also make decisions quickly and just go for things. Okay. So the strength card with the king of wands, the truest swords, the suicides is about indecision. So I think the heart of the spread more than anything about this. Creative entity is about having courage. The king of the  is about forging ahead.

Okay. Forging through. He's inspiring. So he's about, you know, going places that people have not gone before. Right? He's the adventure. He's the Explorer and the truest story about indecision, right? So if I get the strength king of ones and the two swords there to really have this abundant entity, that's like, I feel like, like I said, it's more like a legacy thing is you have to embody that courage.

Particularly when it comes to anything that is that you feel indecisive on. So instead of overthinking, you would just go for it. Yup.

Yeah. Karen. And I like, I mean, I love it's in a harder to spread because that tells me the potential, right. The potential greatness is there and not in, and I'm not talking about fulfillment. I'm talking about success as it looks from the 3d world. Right. Okay. So storyline up here leading into that. Is, we're starting with the six of swords.

You did get the king of ones again. Okay. So that is we're kind of creating the story of how we're getting there. So the six disorders is to me, what I'm getting hearing more than anything is about leaving things behind that really don't serve you anymore, leaving things behind. And I'm talking about work right between what worked for both of you leaving things that are just no longer fitting.

Right from a career contentment fulfillment standpoint, and just kind of. Stealing away from that. Okay. Now you get the king of ones again, which tells me pretty strongly that, that really, and I'm getting the fool and the two of cups. This is passion project. Okay. This is literally starting something totally new.

Right. Which were you familiar with? The full Karen and then the two o'clock is about the fulfillment. Okay. It's about, again, you can be about the two of you also, because usually that relationship. So, but more than anything I'm feeling moving that started the seed of it is the passion, the passion project.

It is the moving from something maybe stable to something, maybe not as stable, but you know, that it's the right thing to do. Okay. So then we have the moon card, the moon, which we, I think maybe Robyn has got before about that's the path of not being clear, right? It's not, it's not being sure. Not trusting because things are foggy.

Things are, might be based in passion when I'm femme hearing based in the want and desire, but maybe it hasn't practically come together. Right. So what I'm getting at next to this is that the Empress. Wow. They know her again. Right. Okay. So what I'm getting with this moon car, what I'm feeling more than anything is to get the emphasis to the eight of cups to the seven of Pentacles.

I'm hearing the eight of cups is about letting go. Okay. It's about really. Again, going away from things that don't serve you before. It was actually making that movement. This is about fundamentally and emotionally letting go of and kind of nurturing that aspect of an investing in something that is unknown.

Okay. So this idea of the emphasis here to me is more about, she's very nurturing and it's like nurturing these, these emotional pieces that don't serve you because we're now we're going to take our investment into a path that is really quite dark, you know, because we, we aren't sure. And we don't know where it's headed, but it still feels right because it's based from what we.

So originally it's based in kind of this fundamental passion project of this is where I feel like I need to go. Yep. Yeah. I mean, that's why we were saying, like, we don't know. I mean, we don't, but this is validating that we don't and that's okay. You have to, right. You have to trust it. And really what we're talking about here is this, you mean some of this is patients has the seminar, crystals energy, and also the percentage is very patient.

What I'm hearing too is. Is the investment doesn't look the same like it did before, because if we're leaving a world that we think of it, like leaving an island to go to another island, we're not really sure what the other island looks like, but we also are taking things from what we knew before and setting up training to apply it now.

And, and the way that this investment looks like is, is like you're investing a lot more emotionally. And in the patients that, that kind of. Fundamental patience that's required that you probably didn't have before. Yes, very much. And that's for both of us. Yeah. All right. So then we moved to the king of cups.

Again, this the seems like the whole start of this before we are getting, and this is kind of more historic in this area here. Like how this all started is a lot of this is highly emotional. Okay. Like the whole, this whole spread up top is pretty emotional because there's a six of swords is about kind of leaving something that's kind of triggers us and then going to a place where we need to be more patient and investing.

And then the king of cups is about, he is in very much control of his emotion. Okay. He is the he's masterful at taking any form of emotion that maybe doesn't serve him and kind of, you know, doing something with that, like. Leader letting it go or just not acknowledging it. So when I get this in like a work setting in a particular, you're getting it here, like 10 of one, 10 of ones, ACE of swords for crystals.

Okay. This tells me very much before this moves into anything, that's successful that there has to be a, a slashing. Okay. It's like. Kind of a slashing of any ties, emotional ties to your past way of working. And those are. You bring that into this entity, it's going to feel like a burden. It's going to feel, it's not going to feel right anymore.

It's going to feel like you're holding onto something old, like an old, let's say if you're used to waking up every day at eight o'clock and going to your desk and doing that type of job, like you, like, that's going to feel old to you. That's not going to feel like what is. What's part of this anymore.

What I'm getting as a historically, right? Where this all kind of came from is the passion that, you know, this kind of drive to start this new thing. Cause you feel very connected to it. I would say this is already happened and it's probably going to continue, but it's probably more so has happened already.

Is this I'm sure there's this feeling between the two of you now, when you do your job at your nine to five job, it's not going to feel right. And it probably feels, it feels old. Not just a burden anymore, but it doesn't like when I say old, it feels like I'm almost like hearing the question. Like people still work this way.

Yeah. That's Robyn asking me that question only because I went through it. So it's interesting because what Karen's going through right now is what I went through. A few years ago, but that was so ingrained in me, but that is what was going on. And so now when it's coming up for Karen, I'm like I went through like, you believe me because we are so energetically connected.

I know what you're. Feeling and it, you have to change it. Yeah. Just in almost like it's like, when you, like, I almost feel like it's like I'm getting the picture or they're showing me like a snake mold thing, that molting process it's not necessarily painful, but it's like, it's definitely a transition where it's.

Then the new version, just, you can't really go back to the old version. You really can never, and I know for me, I can't like you say that all the time and I I'd say it now too. I know I can't either. So I think more than anything, like I said, I've kind of feel like it's. Just has happened or happening. And like I said, I was your two people.

So, but it makes so much sense. It does very much mirrors of each other. And from a work perspective it's emotional, those emotions are valid and you have to acknowledge them and release them, right. Like to say, like that's why they can't cups are showing up as the main card here is. You have to acknowledge those feelings of being like, yeah, I am going to leave this behind, even though I know it feels old, there's still a part of me that is so tied into my past.

And I have to, it's like moving onto a new relationship. I have to say goodbye. This is the real, this is a conversation we just had the other day. Do you remember? It's exactly about like, for me, it's an identity too. It's been an identity Robyn's ahead of me on the journey. But, but that, that's a big part of the, the emotional attachment is like who I am.

As a result of that role. Right. And that identity. And we've also talked about too, how our philosophy of what we want our company to be in the people who work for us to be so completely different than the world that we came from. And we have a really strong vision. What that, what that looks like. Yes.

Let that go. I think, you know, we see how it started. We see where we're heading and that. You know, I mean, I would even recommend, I mean, it sounds weird, but you two are so spiritual. Like, you know, you guys should do a little ceremony to say goodbye to that, those selves. Ooh. I definitely want to do that.

That's a great idea. We will plan that was historic now where we are presently. So you have the king of Pentacles. Okay, so now we're in work mode. Now we're in making it happen mode. Okay. This is the king of Pentacles. He is slow, methodical, practical, everything is result oriented. He wants to see, you know, plant, he wants to have a strategy and plans.

And then. Put those plans into action. Okay. Now he's not quick because he is more about the quality of things versus the, what I'm seeing here about that energy is that you have the sun card, the ACE of wands and the three of ones. It feels to me, the passion is still there. Okay. This is almost like an it's funny too, when I'm getting it.

The race, horse thing again, like this, like horse is like behind the gate and there's so much energy and passion like being stored in this horse, the sun and the ACE of wands is, has just so much positive energy. And then it has to wait. It has to, it has to slow, you know, it's like if our race horse, if your dad has asked her to slow down would have a hard time doing that.

But the, the energy is positive. Like all that energy of the king of Pentacles. He seems to be filled with this kind of passion and exuberance, like optimistic, because there's such an optimism here, but you're also asked to wait and go slowly with and within with intention, the king of Pentacles is very intentional and I will say this for me, the king of Pentacles is really the only one in the deck, as far as the face cards that actually make something tangible in the world.

So he. Tells me, this is why he's moving towards this tenant pinnacles that they're actually successful, right? Like you have to be, you have to embody that energy, this entity and the two of you have to embody the energy to be, to have something tangible in the world. So that's all great. I think. The only kind of block there is holding back the desire to move, you know, to move fast, to move quickly, to do a lot.

Okay. Because the king of Pentacles, he does a lot, but it's, like I said, it's more in quality versus quantity. So we talked about the center now we're past. Now, if we have gotten to this place where you guys have created this entity, now that seems to be that's where this quickness comes in and then these decisions come at you faster and you have to take on this role now of being the pioneer, right?

You're you guys are the pioneers at this point, the strength of your decisions come from you leading the way. It's not really about the slowness anymore. It's about the making sure the decisions that are made are progressive as we move forward into the future. Okay. So you have, the justice card is, oh boy.

Justice card is the main one. So I feel like all this hard work is paying off now. Okay. So after we've been courageous in our decisions, the justice card kind of tells us the things will start balancing out. Now I am getting this right. Interesting death rebirth here. Okay. So what I'm kind of sensing is there might be a little bit of a dip.

Okay. And the, the rebirth seems to be happening in, there's still this kind of almost feel like there's this back and forth of still trying to go back to some old ways old things, because it's four pinnacles. This is what came up before in your past and what the spirit wanted you to kind of let go of.

And now it's coming up again and the justice card, like I said, it can go both ways. If it's, if you are holding on to something that you shouldn't be holding onto, then it has a karmic element to it. Okay. Then it kind of creates friction. And that to me is. It's kind of spirits saying you didn't totally do that.

We trying to get you to do that and you're not totally getting you do that. So they throw this death card at you, which means that you actually have to reinvent. Okay. You have to, death is about ending something and transforming it. It's not about shutting it down completely. It's about transforming it because the forest swords here is also about healing, whatever you're holding on to in these old ways.

Now that you're hearing this message. If you can do that before you have some tangible entities going, you're going to be much better off. Otherwise you're going to, I think, hit this little rough patch of having to like backtrack and then redesign. Does that make sense? Yeah, we're doing that ceremony.

That's happening. I know we're committing to the death of some of our old ways, in a sense, right. Because if you're building something and it wasn't, it gets really big and you work a certain way for, so it is a good watch out. I mean, I think we're really clear. And what we're looking for, but you know, if it gets to be a lot bigger and a lot more people come on board too, Spirit's like saying like, just be cognizant that because the heart of your reading, the foundation of this success is having the courage to be a pioneer.

Okay. It's having that courage and that's the potential, right? It's the potential. It's not saying this is going to be successful. It's saying that's the potential. If you kind of follow the path correctly, When you guys had that initial spark up here about this, cause the king of wands shows in the beginning and the fool, and like having that true connection to this, to a new way of being a new way of doing work life, you got to have to always reference that because it's very easy to go back.

To the, how we're used to working and also getting a, making sure that you two, as the inspiration team, right? For your own, this own thing, you set up like a protective boundary to the, you guys can be in that power house. Pioneering mode and that you let other people handle the, those real, tangible, detailed stuff.

This is such an important message. I can't even stress it enough because while Karen and I have that part of us, we also do have this other part that is the doer that is so used to the doing. And that is a measure of. If we're working hard enough and it is a CA like, I think what you said about having to like, kill that part of us off low key in order to achieve what we are looking to achieve.

Yes. And the other thing I'm hearing, they're saying specifically, make sure all your decisions are inspired moving forward. So I'm getting the temperance card. Okay. This is a major economy. This is about, this is also about balance and patients too. It's a little bigger, it's more about kind of blending this like kind of alchemy of balance that, that happens in a very positive sense.

It's not just about patiently waiting, which I kind of got. More restless energy before. This is actually now we're more, we are more imbalanced. And what we I'm seeing here is that the balance actually revolves around the actual physical work, the effort being put in. And then here's the counterpart, the queen of ones, which is the king and wine's counterpart.

Now we're kind of in more of an alignment. Okay. There's an alchemy of the work and the passion and the vision. And then the seven of one's tells me that we're kind of. Standing our ground in that. Okay. So we're, now we're able to balance that out more and understand that blend is what's needed vision and the actual work involved.

So that's good. The temperance card is great cause like she, her, the balances is, has already been incorporated into who she is. So then I'm getting the fiber rods, the wheel of fortune. What I'm sensing here is once things kind of go through kind of this hiccup, and then they balance out it's more of like a machine, like it's running more smoothly, then there's going to be a shift that has to do with competition.

So I think what, what actually comes up here is. Now, you're now you're in a space where you're competing for your work in the competing space before you really gives her like pioneers, trying to get this vision out there. And now we're actually in a competitive space and that requires for companies for businesses, for leaders to go through kind of a painful process.

Okay. Because this is tennis, tennis swords is about actually again, going through some kind of release. But like killing off a piece to restart something new, again, to have a shift in, in your direction. And if you don't shift the direction, what I'm seeing is that it gets stuck and where it gets stuck is financially.

The big cards here that we're getting is this, this is like about competition. And this is about the wheel of fortune is about that timing of moving things forward correctly. The wheel of fortune card is about a major shift in change. Like I kind of see the storyline now with this. The business it's like, you guys are these pioneers and you are, have this bubble of vision that you're kind of trying to draw people into and kind of maintain that integrity.

And then there's kind of this pickup of going back to old ways, maybe because. You aren't feeling like it's moving fast enough and then you come back and now we've, we learned that there's this alchemy of our vision and our work need, the work effort needs to be more combined and then things start running.

Right? They're smooth. Things are start building. They're good. And then there's a competitive action that happens where that space becomes. Maybe other people are trying to do the same thing or they're. Or you're getting to a place where like now how do we reinvent ourselves? This is cyclical, because look how this ends.

You guys are going to have to go back to being the king of lungs. Wow. That's crazy. Show up. I will just tell you, this is how it works and the very first card. He's the one that drove your. Yeah, the sea change. He's in the heart of your reading to be the leader and the pioneer. And he's at the end of your reading because you need to, you'll be in the half to shift again, to be successful.

He needs to be there all the time. That energy, I think I mean, he that's, that's exhausting. You can't really be in that, that energy all the time. Right? But my point is, I think what they're trying to show you this picture of you can always go back to that beginning place. It's a cycle, even in your, the success of your business, you should always go back to that beginning of why did we start this?

What are we trying to accomplish? Get that energy back of starting something new that we're connected to, that we can be pioneers of. Again, it doesn't mean you're letting go of what's established. You just kind of have to. Yeah, because the clarification that is a higher font to the higher font, the two have kind of goals and the king of swords.

So there's two meanings for this, about the king of wands. For me, this is about learning the lesson. This is about commitment, which we talked about Robyn, right? Commitment to the journey, right? It's a commitment, but it's also learning the lesson to choose. This is about choice of making decisions that are all based in him.

Inspiration vision leadership, pioneer it's about commitment. What I'm hearing more than anything about the whole entity, the mission statement, the mission of this entity is about committing to committing and deciding that this entity is going to always inspire. Well, and if it's not inspiring anymore, then we need to reinvent.

Wow, it's this evolution of helping people connect with who they really are. And I believe there are going to always be new ways of inspiring people, especially as more and more people are awakened. We're always going to be evolving. We're always going to be learning and they'll be these. New ways that we can't even imagine, I believe.

And I think Karen does too, that will allow us to connect to our souls and to our purpose and to helping one another. And so we always want to be at the forefront of that. There is nothing, if we don't always continue to inspire and reinvent what that means and how it's done, I should say, not only do I see it being tested, but I see like this safe space, this comfortable space, a temperance has kind of she's.

You know, it has a columnist to her. So if, if things are running smoothly, then you know, why rock the boat, right? But then the, what rocks, the boat is competition. I think what you're also reading into this as is, it's not just about what we're building as an entity. It's a journey that we're on the team.

Is like, is the experience that we're having as souls together as we go through it. But everything that you're talking about here is about, this is a message for us and the souls. And we have to remember the entity itself is really secondary because I think it's, if you're on your soul path and you're doing your purpose, then it shows in the 3d.

I hope that anyone listening or seeing this. Sees the depth, even in this reading. I mean, so can you imagine when you're talking about your own soul, the depth that you're going to go through, because it's even more, but this to me is so deep in helping us. Go forward. This is why I love taro so much because they're tangible.

I mean, I could say these things, I guess, but there's tangible things like the first card starting out as him, the middle and heartier reading starting out is him in the very last card of your reading is him. And I will say even people listening to this. They don't know your journeys, just like, I really don't know.

Right. They might hear it and be like, that sounds interesting, but, but you two are hearing it in a totally different way. I love it. Thank you so much for, for digging in with us. I'm excited for a year from now. And then two years out to look at it and see where we are and see where we are within this journey that you just had.

Do you want me to end with, I love that I should have this deck by the way, just for themselves, it's very powerful. It's called the wisdom of the Oracle one last message for Robyn and Karen on their journey to create this entity. It's very much resonates with the king of ones. You got this card. Why.

Votives driving intention, the power of knowing the why sometimes subconsciously denying the truth may drive you toward a specific outcome that actually aligns with an intention hidden from your awareness. Now is the time for deep soul searching of the why that drives your choices. What you uncover will set you free and bring you ever closer to the happiness you seek.

So yeah. Why that's about mission? It's all about the mission in both your readings separately, right? It was, this was the right path. So, yeah. And like I said, this is. The heart of the reading is, I mean, you can't get more successful than that. Inspire others who hopefully then inspire others who will inspire others.

Right. So you'd be living the life that they came here to live. If we can do that, then we're doing what we came here to do. And then you don't worry about. What the entity looks like, because you'll be formulated from your higher self. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. I mean, meeting, you has been a gift. You're not part of the art tribe, but again, luckily you too.

I mean, this has been fantastic. Can you tell people how they can contact you? If they're interested in a reading way to contact me is my email, which is M at. M T as in Tom Nolan, I know L a And if someone wants to follow you on social, is Instagram the best place to find you? Yes, Instagram, which my handle is Michelle dot Nolan, but all the L's are ones.

All right. .

You Can’t Make This Up! Our Mind-Blowing Tarot Therapy Reading (Part Two)