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What the Future Holds for Robyn + Karen (Part Two) - Episode 32

April 07, 2021 Robyn Miller Brecker / Karen Loenser / Julie Haines Season 1 Episode 32
Seeking Center: The Podcast
What the Future Holds for Robyn + Karen (Part Two) - Episode 32
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We met the fabulous and brilliant Julie Haines right before the pandemic over a Zoom call. Julie is a Psychic Medium, Past Life Regressionist, Intuitive Success Coach + Founder of the Lightwell Center, located in Virginia’s beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

Julie gave us a short reading last year — which left us in awe — and she was also able to add to a past life regression we had the day prior. We were blown away.

After Julie shared her tremendous journey in Part One of our time with her — and nuggets of wisdom to help everyone manifest the life of their dreams, she gave us  another reading.

What’s in store for us in 2021 and beyond? You need to see what Julie has to say!

You can find out more about working with Julie, Soul Power Cards or take one of her classes at

Have you ever wondered about life's biggest questions? Like, why am I here? What happens when we die? Or what else is out there, but we have, and we love to talk about it. And if you're listening, we think you probably do too. I'm Robyn and I'm Karen and we've spent our lives searching for those answers.

And we're seekers, just like you talking to some of the most fascinating spiritual teachers, healers and scientists. And showing you how you can use some of their spiritual practices for you. We'll also be sharing stories of other seekers. They motivate you to live your fullest life. We translating it all.

So the spiritual stuff won't feel so out there. If you're curious, get ready to rediscover why we're here together. We did talk to you about potentially doing a mini reading today for the two of us, a little update, where do you see us at this moment in our lives? So I'm really glad you asked now any good psych medium doesn't necessarily need taro cards, but I did flip a card for both of you.

I'm going to start with you, Karen. It's really funny. I keep. Seeing you there's this red car I was tuning into you today. I flipped a card, which of course does not have a red car on it. And I was thinking, what is this red car? And then I flipped a card with the number seven, which is all about inner awareness.

Karen, for you. I really believe that the next. Two and a half years are going to be so incredible for you. And let me tell you, I spent some time with you in this red car, this vision of you and this red car. And so I decided I didn't understand where it was and where it was going. So I would spiritually jump in the front seat with you and all of a sudden we're driving.

And I feel like we're driving to wait for it. Sedona. And it's a convertible, and I feel like you are being drawn in to such an amazing spiritual awakening and awareness and a deepening, a quiet deepening, but there's something about shamanism for you. There's a pole that I feel very strongly from your solar plexus to the energy of the West coast of America.

Sedona and possibly I can see you in this bloody red car. He also in California, there's there are some places and people that you are going to visit and learn from that are going to change your whole perspective. I also see you making a bunch of decisions. About where you want to be and how you spend your time and where you're going to live.

And I want to tell you, I don't see you necessarily living in one place. I see you moving back and forth. And I also want to show you your card in second to Karen. I want to tell you the gifts. And people that are coming to teach you ancient, herbal and shamanistic practices are where it's at for you. I feel so strongly that this is a way that you will have such deep knowing.

And then I see. See you sitting in circles that you run with people and teaching, and it's not like a big, huge world stage. Your gift is this intense, inner knowing, and wisdom and holding space. And it's so beautiful. The card that I drew for you is John's, Holland's beautiful deck. The outside of it is purple, which means it's a spiritual card.

The number is seven, which means deep, deep, inner awareness that is coming up to the surface and the card. Can you see this? The card is. Stand your ground. So there's a couple things happening about this card that I want to draw your attention to. One is stand your ground quite literally, and figuratively.

There's a deep connection with you in these natural energy vortexes. I'm in this. Red convertible. I think it's rented, although you might buy it. But anyway, you're heading West into the sun, into the sun and look at this card. Wow. You're heading into this beautiful sun. The other thing is about standing your ground.

There's two more points that I just want to make with you. You are going to be asked in the Mughal world to make some real decisions about how you want to spend the next couple of years of your life. I just want to remind you that you have. Power and worthiness, and that you have choice. And I want to remind you of that to speak your truth because your truth matters.

Your truth in the world needs to be heard. And this deep, deep knowing and empowerment that happens when you connect with the energy of the earth ground, stand your ground is something that transforms you. For forever. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. I mean, you couldn't have spoken to my soul more directly.

I mean, everything, she doesn't cry. I cry all the time. Robyn knows. I mean, that is my desire for the last few months I need to get to Sedona. That's all I've been talking about. No, Julie, like that's literally what she has talked about for months now is like, when can she get to Sedona? And she's been saying it like specifically.

No, no. And that's specifically I've written it. This was before I ever, when I was tuning in red car. Sedona energy, vortex, outdoor inner awareness. This idea that you must go and study and become quiet and connected to the earth while you're looking the sun and the sun. I mean, I'm not Utah because I would just keep going.

And that's partially why I got down here is I just feel the connection with the earth. Robyn knows, like I need to just get out and be in that sun at the end of the day, I have. Get outside and go for my run, but there's that sense of that person being free? Like I just see. And that's what I'm looking for so much.

Is that look at that power. No, I know. Well, and that idea of not being tied to a certain place, that is again, We talk about it. I don't know how many times a week Karen can't even see herself like being like living just permanently in one place. She just wants to be in like a Winnebago, like that'd be a red convertible, but the pressure, my dear beautiful friend pressure that you will feel and the fear you will feel to leave.

What no longer serves you in your daily life. I want to tell you, you can do it because your path is amazing. And there's many, many, many other things that you are meant to be doing that don't have anything to do with your day job. It's so funny that you, because you were saying West. Cause there is that draw for me right now.

Now, now, now to have that quiet connection, almost that SOP, that was be that monk for a little bit to really be on my own. And the desire to connect with earth is so strong. It's not only so strong that I felt it, but it is your. Path. It is what is meant to be when you know that. See, that's what I was saying earlier.

Right? It's easy to get stuck, but once you figure out you are, it's very hard to stay there. It takes a lot of energy to stay stuck and the energy is fueled by fear. Fear. So that's kind of the first thing and just be open. I really do see you heading West to Sedona probably in late June. I like feel like the third or fourth week of June, but it's a conscious decision that you need to embrace to go there.

There are people that you're going to meet and one of them is a red headed woman. An older, red headed woman, I'm going, I can, now I'm going to update you on it. And it's so funny because as Robyn and I talk about, you know, what, we're, there's so many ideas that we have about what we want to do, but obviously one of them is a place.

I see myself as that almost ShawMan like person that all of these young people are coming and they're learning things. And that. I'm I'm there as sort of that grounded mother, you know, to be there, to kind of help them learn and be, but, but being very much grounded there as well on that day to day. Oh my gosh.

It feels a hundred percent true. Julia, what you just said it does. It's exciting. So can we, do you, yeah. Wow. So miss Robyn, I pulled a card for you. And it is a major Arcana card. Do you understand what that is? That's part of it, explain it. So the major Arcana cards are truisms. They're like, you know, the, the tower, justice death card, the fool, you know, these are major Arcana cards in my deck that I use.

They are black rimmed cards. Okay. And these are things that are just true. True, true, true. And so the card that I drew for you is a major Arconic card. And it is incredible because it reminds me of you in so many ways and the card is entitled destiny. And let me show you the card. It's amazing. God. So when I was tuning into you, I was very aware.

Of multiple business opportunities that are going to be presenting themselves. And there's one in particular that I think another woman and she feels North and West of where you live. It's so strange. It's, there's a couple things. There are so many doors and potential partnerships that are going to open for you that are coming up.

And I'm just particularly aware of this, a woman that's older than you. I don't know if she's Canadian. I don't. I feel like you, you, I know you live in Chicago or something or around Chicago, she feels like she might be from there, but sort of to the North and West of you anyway. And it's almost like this is the strangest thing I can't believe I, and you're going to be like, I don't understand that.

It's almost an idea in spirituality that has something to do with apparel. Would you have any idea why I would see a potential partnership that comes together? So it's almost like you're taking this show on the road. You have this concept and you have these, what I see is. The world is your oyster. I think there's changes that are coming in your personal life.

I almost feel like, I don't know if you have a child that's going to be going off to college at some point, but it feels like there's some changes that there's more freedom that you're going to be able to feel in the next couple of years that you haven't been able to really accept all of the things that the universe is like cooking up for you.

And it feels. Really, really incredible. And I can just say to you that there are many people that come just like on this card, I was aware of a bunch of different avenues that you will be taking your spirituality show towards. It's like, I want to say. Feel like there is like a show on the road type of thing.

I feel like there's a change in platform coming very, very, very soon. I feel like there's I know it sounds crazy. I don't know what it is, but I feel like this woman from North West of you. And I don't know if you even know her, but there's something that she gleans onto and she pitches something about, and it has something to do with manufacturing, something that is part of what you're going to be selling and part of what you're going to be.

And it almost feels like apparel, or it's not necessarily books, but it might be. I can't see it very clearly sparks come together. And there's a good idea. That seems way out of left field. And you decided to take a chance on it with this woman that has Brown hair. She's a little older and she lives up to the Northwest a few, I can't say, but be open.

Okay. What I'm saying is your destiny is just, you're rounding out, man. You are. You are really expanding and there, and your light is growing and there's these people that are going to be coming to you and they want to work with you, and they want to understand what you're doing and you become this essential catalyst.

And I have to say that you have multiple, multiple paths. All connected to the spiritual stuff, but they're like different product lines. They're like different platforms. And I don't know anything about this. Why would I be seeing it's a whole network? I mean, that's the whole, I that's, my vision is the big platform and a whole network that would encapsulate programming initially a show on the road and then many other shows with all different healers and teachers.

Under this kind of platform, courses ways for different healers and teachers to have the core platform in which to teach and then product. I actually do see products as a big part of this because we could find, could be books and apparel. It could, it could be all, all of it. It's definitely a peril and it almost feels like this woman comes with some of these ideas, almost like it seems too soon for you.

But don't discard it because somehow she has connections that help you springboard in different ways. So there's something really unique and interesting. I just want to tell you and encourage you. Your path is quite different than your dear friends, your dear friends path. I mean, not that you won't. Be together and that, but the roles that you play are very different Karen's will be one of the more quiet, the more gentle, the more, and you are the one that is the instigator and the, you just have a lot of chutzpah.

You do, you have a, I mean, you have your solar plexus. Are really, really energized by doing this work. I mean, you literally just glow and so that propels you, and I want to say just like spirit has said to me, everything that you've done, Robyn, every single minute that you've spent on this planet is going to be used.

And perfected and this idea of building, what kind of looks like an empire is going to be really, really critical. I do want to tell you, you don't feel like you stay in Chicago for more, more than about five or six years. That doesn't surprise me within six years. I do feel that you, that you move, I feel that you have a house.

Off shore that things are good and that you actually have a house doesn't feel, it actually feels kind of like the islands. It feels almost like Costa Rica, or it almost feels like a training center. It almost feels like it does. And so I want to say to you that I feel that that almost comes before your move really.

It feels very, very good. So lots to be done. Be gentle with yourself. I want to say that. I feel like you do run hard and fast. Your energy feels bifurcated. It feels a little frantic. It feels too many balls in the air right now. Some really clear, calm planning time is really necessary. And I want to say use this time.

I want to say nine months. I want to say there's launches that are happening, that are going to come very quickly. When Tony 22 starts to roll around, use these nine months to really consider carefully where you're going to put your energy, because there'll be several things. Things and ideas that you're given and the sequencing of them is not as important for anybody else, but you to not feel overly depleted because you can't leave the orchestra.

If you're too tired to lift up the arms with the batons in them, you know? So there's something about that. Allowing yourself downtime and recasting. Your idea of downtime, instead of saying I'm being lazy and doing nothing ixnay, stop that I feel like that's what you do. You have to recast that your downtime spirit has a lot that they want to download to you.

And that means you need to be still and quiet. And open in a really receiving mode. So you are being highly productive in stillness and allowing spiritual connection because they have stuff they want to tell you and get you to consider because you have all the right skillsets on the earthly plane to manifest whatever it is.

To manifest everything. Don't scold yourself. When you slow down, you must slow down in order to go fast. We need to go fast this year. Take the time. Don't make excuses not to do it because you got a lot to do. Coming up. 2022 is a busy, busy season. Spring summer 2022. You really like you launch a major something, and it's really big.

It's a big Karen. I wonder where you're going to be in that spot. You're going to be in your shop. Monistic ways. Are you? I can't wait to see. I see, what are we together? Like I think you guys are, I don't mean that you're not going to be together. I know. I think we get, we get that. It gives me a lot of hope.

I'm not going to live in the mountains forever promise. Well, who knows? I can't tell you how much hope you're giving me. What's. Interesting about this year while I have my hands in so many different things. At certain times, it can feel too slow for me, even, even though I'm busy, I've learned over the years where to have boundaries and how to take some time, but I need it.

I I'm ready. Like I've been preparing, I feel for such a long time, but I do keep getting the message that I have to slow it down even more. And I have to appreciate this prep time. And that's hard for me. I have to be honest. My life has never not worked that way for many, many years. You are underlining that message for me, but giving me hope that it's all for this bigger purpose, which is to help reconnect people with why they're here by showcasing to them.

There's all these ways to incorporate spirituality and connection and purpose into your life. In all aspects. I hope to be somebody who's at the forefront of it. So if I can build an empire, I am. That is my North star with whomever else is coming in because Karen and I talk about this all the time. Like we do feel there is someone.

Yeah. Alice and I know there'll be many other special magical people, and I'm sure there are soul people coming into the picture, but we can't wait. We can't wait to meet them. Well, all good things are coming. And I just have to say from one driven overachiever, my life got much better when I embraced my fear, worked through it to be still its purpose.

Right. Total purpose. It is full of pur. Yes, I need, I need to hear it. I need to hear it. I need to embrace it. I need to live that. I do. I know that to let go of your fear of being a little less productive, because there'll be more productive once you actually get that down. Your mind is small. Your subconscious and connection to divinity is infinite.

So when you stop your mind and stop your body to allow that connection, that's when the magic happens. Download, I know. You're right. I know you're right. This is incredibly sad, much for sharing all your wisdom and your guidance and for inspiring, not just us, but I think so many people listening. What websites should we send them to?

My website is. Lightwell and you'll see my courses on there. I've just finished doing a new meditation video. So if you sign up, I won't flood your inbox. I promise, but you can occasionally get an update on our courses, but you can download a free shopper cleansing meditation. Yes. Oh yes. It's really funny.

The more I take my own limited mind out of my way. And I connect to all the information that's out there. It's really just spiritual connection and energy. It just, it's just spirit and, you know, listening to what I get, not being afraid to say what I think. I know. Yes. I think that's a great thing. I think everybody should practice that.

Yeah. And then we all should practice grace in listening to other people. Thank you so much. .

What the Future Holds for Robyn + Karen (Part Two)