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YOUR SECRET POWER: Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams (Part One) - Episode 31

March 31, 2021 Robyn Miller Brecker / Karen Loenser / Julie Haines Season 1 Episode 31
Seeking Center: The Podcast
YOUR SECRET POWER: Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams (Part One) - Episode 31
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Meet the brilliant and absolutely fabulous Julie Haines.

For more than 30 years, she was an international business executive working in the most poor and war-torn countries of the world.  In more than 80 countries, she worked with teams to build basic infrastructure, such as schools, health clinics, roads, farming and other infrastructure under the most strenuous of circumstances, and also implemented environmental and social policies designed to improve the quality of lives for the struggling communities. It taught Julie so much, but mostly that humans are extraordinarily alike, from the richest and most powerful to the most forgotten.  And, that we each play an important role in our own lives and the lives of others.

And then, several years ago Julie knew it was time for her to start living her authentic purpose and life mission, no matter how crazy it sounded:  to reclaim her birth right as a life-long intuitive and seer.

Julie is a Psychic Medium, Past Life Regressionist, Intuitive Success Coach + Founder of the Lightwell Center, located in Virginia’s beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

We met Julie right before the beginning of the pandemic over a zoom call.  We had just had our past life regression session with Michelle Brock and were in a state of spiritual awe and amazement over the revelations we had both received from our readings.  It was if Julie stepped in on cue to take those insights to an even deeper richer level.

Julie’s journey — and wisdom will astound you…and have you start to look at your life in a whole new way. She gives you actual exercises that will help you claim your own intuition — and give you the insight to start using your own power to figure out and manifest the life of your dreams.

Our time with Julie continues with Part Two, where Julie gives us a reading. Be on the lookout next week!

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Have you ever wondered about life's biggest questions? Like, why am I here? What happens when we die? Or what else is out there, but we have, and we love to talk about it. And if you're listening, we think you probably do too. I'm Robyn and I'm Karen and we've spent our lives searching for those answers.

And we're seekers, just like you talking to some of the most fascinating spiritual teachers, healers and scientists. And showing you how you can use some of their spiritual practices for you. We'll also be sharing stories of other seekers. They motivate you to live your fullest life. We translating it all.

So the spiritual stuff won't feel so out there. If you're curious, get ready to rediscover why we're here together. What I love most about being a seeker is that when you're brave enough to show the world who you really are, the universe, can't wait to attract and introduce you to others. We're just like you, you get that phone call or email, or have that conversation with a friend and you get the, well, you just have to meet so-and-so and then the magic happens.

You're suddenly introduced to that new old friend that you just haven't met yet. One of those new, old kindred friends of ours is Julie Haines. We met you right before the beginning of the pandemic over a zoom call. When Robyn was at my house, we had just had our past life regression session with Michelle Brock and we're in a state of spiritual awe and amazement over the revelations we both received from our readings.

It was as if Julie stepped in on cue to take those insights to an even deeper, richer level. Julie is a psychic medium past life regression, NIST, intuitive success coach and founder of the lightwell center located in Virginia's beautiful blue Ridge mountains. And she's here with us today. Julie, you have an incredible seeker story.

So we need to hear about your journey to now. Can you tell us a little bit about how you grew up and how you discovered your spiritual gifts? Yeah. Well, I grew up in the Midwest, traditional Christian family, but my mother thank God was a little off, a little weird. She, when I was just seven, decided that she had a calling to go to India.

So she picked up left four children crazy back then and took off to India, studied under a guru, came home and you know, I was the only kid in kindergarten with the Bhagavad Gita, you know, one of those little books and I thought it was fabulous. She was really, I think where I got this, it just sort of came naturally.

And I, and I watched her spiritually unfold and she would talk about astral travel. She would talk about seeing auras and I was the baby. I was the youngest. And I realized that was, she was talking about colors. I was saying, Oh yeah, mommy, look at that color over there. Or I see that color. Do you see that color?

So it was kind of natural. And when. She sort of owned her own spiritual self. It really gave me permission to do the same thing, but there is the back end of that story. And that is when she got home. She lost a lot of friends know she came back into tradition. Right. And my father was. Not okay with it.

And so there was this big upset in our family where my mother ended up, you know, they got divorced and her life was really, really different and it became very hard for her. So that's part of the reason why I think I turned my back on spirituality because I was shocked at the reception of her family and her friends, my dad.

And so I really turned away from my spirituality for a long time when I was in my teens. Wow. I didn't know that. That's incredible. So how did that impact you in your teenager? I did see things and I did ignore them. It was kind of cool that I could tell all my girlfriends who was going to ask them to prom, but then I had, I had a bit of a scary.

Situation. That happened to me when I was about 17 and I could feel the presence of some dark energy and everything that had happened with my mom. And I just thought, you know, I just want a normal life. And so I kind of went, I don't want to hear you. I don't want to see you, please go away for awhile.

That's what happened. I went on to college. I got married. I had a. Great career, but spirit thankfully never gave up on me. So I had lots and lots of wild experiences while I was trying to live a normal. We need to hear some of those, but I also need to ask you with your mom. What was the catalyst for her to go to India?

Did some, did she meet somebody that inspired her to, to read something? I think my mom was just wired naturally. Like me. I think she always knew that there was so much. So then did you end up after the divorce? Were you living. Part time with your mom part time with your dad? My dad took off, so I was off my dad took off and kind of left us.

And so my mom had four kids. And so it was, it was kind of a tragedy. And so it was also a cautionary tale. We lived in real poverty for a long time. My mother worked multiple jobs. She was an RN, but she always had that glimmer in her eye that far away look, but she was not really able, I don't think to ever really grasp.

And fully, except for spiritual gifts, you know, she ended up not having the easiest life. And I think that's so much because she couldn't be who she was there wasn't room in society, in her, you know, immigrant, Italian family upbringing to be this kind of horse of a different color. And so I, you know, I I'm, I'm glad that I'm finally.

Doing what I came here to do, because I think that's a real important part of finding joy. And I wish my mom had been able to have she's she's passed she's in spirit and you know, now she's great. I talked to her all the time. We have a much better relationship, even I have to say, I mean, she didn't have this support.

There's the reality, right? Like there is, which is what we all know. You can be spiritual, but there is also being human and having that life. So it's finding that balance. So that's really what my whole practice is all about. It is about taking people in the real world and retouching them, reconnecting them with their soul, self, their longing, their gifts, the reason why they're here and then incorporating that.

In a really powerful way. So you can also pay your mortgage and have incredible spiritual experiences. I had an incredible career, you know, speaking of, and spent a lot of your life in the very much head game of corporate America, but you traveled a ton all over the world. Talk a little bit about those experiences and the influence that those have on, on you and your life and where spirituality kind of.

Was weaving itself within this very executive world. And I think also you were a woman in a very male dominated field. Can you talk about all of that? It's fascinating. Inspiring for a lot of people, you know, I always said the harder I worked, the luckier, I got. So meaning I didn't really believe in luck.

But I did raise very quickly in a very heavily engineering, construction, dominated field. And I became a very successful corporate executive. You know, running billions of dollars worth of work. It worked in 87 countries and I focused, my whole career was focused on working in the poorest and most war torn countries in the world.

I mean, I feel like I've had three lifetimes in one. I feel so grateful for what. I learned my work was all about, you know, building basic infrastructure, schools, water yards, and you guys, it was so much fun. Like one day I would be, you know, talking to a presidential cabinet, giving them advice about economic development and working with, for, and disenfranchised.

Peoples. And then the next day I'd be in the middle of a village, digging holes, putting a water in, and then talking to like the village chief under the Banyan tree. I mean, it was wild, you know, here's what I learned. We are all so alike from the most disenfranchised person to the richest, most powerful person.

And one of the things that I noticed when I was in so much work specifically in Africa, People were so poor, but they were so happy. And so that was one of the things I think was a real aha moment because one of the, I had a spectacular career, but there was always something missing. There was a, a hole that no matter what worldly success I had, it wouldn't be filled.

I was out and I was seeing all these horrible things and injustice and poverty and sadness and death. All around me. And yet there was this element of authenticity that I lacked. I was doing some of what I was supposed to do, but not really. I was driven by a worldly success compass and what I was supposed to be doing was being driven by my soul and my need to connect with people and help to empower people in a really significant way, not just bringing water, but doing other things.

Do you feel like when you would meet the people rather they were forest or they were helping run the country. Did you find that there were specific spiritual practices or faiths that ended up helping you really then dig deeper to figure out what it was that you were missing? That's such a great question.

What I found is I did a lot of research and I did a lot of integrating into the community. I was probably overseas about six months a year, and I was a single mom trying to raise two kids and trying to, you know, keep it all together. And so what I found out when I was doing all this work and being in all these different cultures that had very, very different religions.

I mean, I was working in countries where they were Muslim or they were animals. No, they were animal were very, very old, old traditions. I spent a lot of the decade of the nineties in India, so that was very much to such a wonderful thing to go back where my mother had really found her strength, the idea of Eastern religion, Western religion, and even I'm very supportive of all religions or spiritual face, as long as they are respectful of everybody else.

It's about humans. Humanity to other humans. And that's what I really think is important. What shifted, why didn't you just continue doing that? Well, this is the craziest story. So I was on my way to the country of Jordan when a colleague's spouse. Had an accident and died, terrible tragedy. So I quickly decided that I would reroute my trip and go to the funeral and of course pay my respects.

And I went to the funeral and, and there was just something so weird and I was almost having an out of the body experience. It was so tragic. She had multiple children and was just a really, really sad situation. I then left the funeral, went to Jordan and I was having all of these dreams. I was very aware of every bit of the circumstances of this person's death.

And I thought that's really weird. I got home all jet lagged and I decided, Oh, you know, I'm going to take a shower. You need, if you fly overnight. So you've been on a plane for 30 hours. So I was exhausted. I go take a shower. I walk out of the shower, into my bedroom. And this woman is standing in front of me and I'm certain, she was quite dead when I saw her last.

So I'm like, okay, I'm either one having a complete psychotic break or this is really happening. And then it's like, Oh my God, this is really happening. And what I didn't tell you is that all these years that I was doing my real job spirit would find me everywhere. I would be in the just rant, most random place I'd be going and getting a cup of coffee.

I could walk into a coffee shop. And someone would look over and it was like, they were blowing with light and they would kind of nod to me. And I think, Oh, here we go. I'm like, hello. You know? And they would come over and they would give me information. I could be in the farthest corner of the earth and it was like spirit.

I was constantly having guides see yours. Mediums walk up to me. I thought this was so strange, you know, and that they became more and more frequent. And then I had this experience, this mediumistic experience where this dead woman was standing in front of me in my bedroom, talking to me without moving her mouth.

And I thought, okay. Wow. I hear you. You've got my attention. I will do something now I will do what I think I'm supposed to do, and I will investigate this. So when you say she talked, but wasn't moving, what were you hearing? How were you hearing? I could just hear her at the time. I think I heard her with like my spirit ears.

I don't know if my husband would have walked into the room. One, I don't think he would have seen her nor do I think he would have heard her, but I was able to do both. It was like she was telepathically communicating directly. Sweet to me. Have you met her? I met her once. So you knew her voice? Yeah. Okay.

It was a strange circumstance around her death and it was very tragic and very accidental and she was quite startled. And so I've actually done a lot of thinking about this because she said she didn't leave. She said, I don't want to leave my children. And so she said, will you help me? Will you help me?

So she was asking me to help her and I'm thinking, God, I think I'm having a nervous breakdown. I don't think I'll be, I won't be able to help myself. Oh my God. What do you mean help you? She became a pretty constant companion and it took me about a year and a half to find another medium that could help her cross over.

Wow. And so, because you had that experience, what did you do from a spiritual perspective? Like, did you confide in your husband? Like how did, what did you do? Well, I told my husband and what was good is my husband and I worked together overseas for the last 10 years of our career. We were a husband and wife team.

And so he had experienced all these strangers. Coming up to me for 10 years. So when I was like, well, is it the cook? Any weirder? Let me tell you what's supposed to happen. So he was okay. And he said, you know, you've got to do something with this. He's really my soulmate. And he encouraged me. I'm trained as a scientist.

You know, I'm a, I'm a. Technical person by training. I'm a scientist, I'm a social scientist and I have an MBA. So here's all the spiritual, airy fairy stuff. And I'm thinking I need to get to the bottom of this and I need to understand why this is happening to me. And so I went on this quest and I read every book I could.

I went to England and I studied at the Arthur Findlay college. I studied at the Edgar Casey Institute. I've I really just made it my job. Night job. I was still doing my day job to understand everything I could about spirituality and where this was coming from and why it was happening to me. And I think the best part I have to tell you, the end of the story, this huge learning revealed something that changed my life.

And that was everybody has the same ability that I do. That we all are born with the sixth sense. And I, I was so sure of it. In my studies, we all have the ability to communicate with our soul and spirit and spirit guides and angels. And it's there if we exercise it. So your sixth sense is like a muscle, and if you don't use it, it atrophies.

And as soon as you start exercising it every day in your life, it's amazing what happens? I can just see your mom over on the other side, going.

Right. Because I think, especially for someone like you, who was so corporate, who's so disciplined. Yeah. Those little signs, those little people that would come up to you were just sort of like knocking on the door. Right. But it feels like you almost had to get to that place where you were physically exhausted and that you're, you weren't, you didn't have any kind of a wall up.

That just allowed that little crack to open up, but you still had to be willing to be open to that. I think that there is no such thing as coincidence. And so when I decided to sort of turn my back to spirit and really run hard and run fast and. Achieve in an earthly sense that I do think that that does lend a lot of credibility.

And I have a lot of clients that are very much like me. They come they're CEOs of companies. And so a couple of things that I did to augment my own training was not only to explore psych ism, mediumship, but I was also really. Able to start seeing, people's like, I'd be talking to somebody in a boardroom and I'm seeing their grandmother.

And then I'm seeing them back in the 16 hundreds and I'm thinking, Oh Lordy, you know, it's craziness. You know, how can I tell them that their grandmother standing behind them and that they were a Viking, you know, but how can I not tell them that? So I did go ahead and I got certified in past life regression hypnotherapy, because I thought if I'm going to be able to see this person, like.

Past life. That's one thing if I say, Oh, in the past life, I believe you were this that's maybe credible. Maybe not. How do I prove it? If I can take them on the journey to that path, life with hypnotherapy through, you know, The learnings and the teachings of Dr. Brian Weiss and other greats that have really opened up that field.

How powerful is that for them to experience it? So I've sort of folded that in, and I also got certified as a high-performance coach. So again, I deal with a lot of people that are trying to walk that line between being a responsible human. And being a responsible, spiritual being. And I always tell my everybody, you know, listen, you're a spirit having a human experience.

Remember you're not a human that's going to occasionally have a spiritual experience. So let's flip that on its head and see how you weave together that perfect life here while you're here, making sure you actually get done. What you plan talking about that spiritual education you talked about.

Studying in England. Can you just give us a little snippet about the Arthur Findlay school? Because gosh, I want to go there. I visually like Harry Potter and you know, the whole thing for anybody who's listening and hasn't doesn't know what I'm talking about at this. Are there Finley school? All I can say Google at AFC Arthur Findlay college, and Stan said England, it's been a spiritual mediumship and psychic college for probably a hundred years now.

And all that happens there. Is spiritual things and talking to dead people. So I like to laugh and I say to my husband, speaking of Harry Potter, it is very Hogwarts. It is so much fun. It's this beautiful Tudor mansion on these grounds. And then there's this tiny little church chapel with these.

Headstones in the cemetery and the grounds are so beautiful. People even go there and talk about how they hear the fairies. Like it's so crazy. It's incredible. The caliber of teaching is amazing and you know, spiritualism in the UK is quite a bit more normal than it is here in America. I've read that approximately 25% of UK.

People are spiritualists or believe in mediumship and psych ism. And it's, you know, there's a whole religion around, there's the spiritual national union. So they actually run the school, but you don't have to be part of that necessarily, but it's a wonderful place and it's very magical. And I say, even a muggle can talk to a dead person.

At AFC. Wow. That sounds like my kind of place we're so going there. I mean, as soon as, as soon as they've lifted this thing kind of list that's on it. Other places that are really good, you know, Edgar, Casey and Virginia Beach is a real, they have some fantastic trainings and some very good teachers Omega of course, in New York.

And then there's. All sorts of things that happen in Sedona. So if you're out on that side of the country, you know, there's wonderful places. If you look for them back from all of that learning, and then you decide that you two want to start your own practice, teaching, helping others walk us through that journey and how that evolved.

I really wanted to tell people what I discovered, which was, we all have a sixth sense. We, and I think we wait for it. I think we actually have more than six senses, but I'm exploring, I'm doing a lot of meditation to see what the seventh senses, but we all have the sixth sense and it's very powerful. It has a lot to do with really getting into the flow of our energetic being and really.

Getting in tune with energy. I'm a scientist and science has taught us that all we are is energy. So, and we're energy, energy can be neither created nor destroyed. And so it didn't make sense to me that we would be these human beings. Without an ability to sense energy, which would be the most net. If we are made of energy, why shouldn't we be able to sense it?

All I'm doing when I'm in my psychic mediumship self is I'm controlling and expanding my energetic self to blend with whoever I'm reading for. And then connecting with that energy, allowing it to penetrate into my third eye and then allowing pictures or sounds or images or knowing to bubble up in my own energetic being.

And then all of a sudden I know something about a perfect stranger that's outside of what I would normally know. There's a method and a practice. So that is what I wanted to do with my center. I wanted people to be so empowered and know that they are divine sparks. They have everything that they need within their own person.

And that's all I want to do for the rest of my life. That's it. Oh my goodness. I think you are sparking a lot of people who are either watching or listening right now. I mean, your passion and enthusiasm and knowledge for anybody. Who's just even a little bit curious hearing what you're talking about. I would hope if they're listening to this or watching, they want to start looking into what can they do themselves?

And that is what you are inspiring right now. I've never heard somebody describe it that way before that I can literally visualize what you're talking about and how I could potentially do it is remembering that we are at first, remember we are energy and let's talk about energy. Let's talk about chakras.

One of my favorite subjects on this journey. When I realized this was all about commanding energy and understanding our energy, using it to expand and contract. I also decided to become a yoga teacher. And as part of that year long yoga journey to get certified as a yoga teacher, I was there to expand my knowledge and to be able to utilize my physical body with my energetic flow and to help my students do that.

So chakras. If anybody's listening that doesn't know what that is. Very basically we are, think of your body as having a highway system within it, where our energy is going through all the different roads. Well, we have a major highway system that goes right from our tailbone all the way up to the crown of our head and along that are seven major.

Centers and those major centers are called your shock shockers and even the ancient yogis and those, you know, before Plato and Aristotle, I mean, way, way, way back talked about the chakras and the energetic flow. And we picture our seven shockers that are typically shown as colors. Your root chakra, for example, is red your sun, the center of your being, which is your solar plexus shopper.

Your place of willpower is like the son of burning bright yellow. So we go through all of those shocker systems. So the idea is the ancient yogis believed that when we come to this lifetime, as babies are shockers are beautiful and clear. They're all spinning like little vortex fans. And our energy is just.

Flowing and flowing, and we're practically glowing from this flow of energy, but then think about what happens to us as people were little toddlers and we've toddle over to the stove and we touch the stove and it burns us B Oh, there's pain in that. And so a little bit of our shock or sense might close down because we've experienced something as our human that has injured us.

Think about horrible, other things that happen to people, you know, sexual assault and being unwanted or being in poverty or being hungry or, or being bullied or any of those things. Anything that causes trauma, drama, betrayal, or grief in our lifetimes. Can shut down our shockers, which means our energy is not really flowing.

And that means that we're not going to be able to command are really powerful, energetic self. If we have all these things that are not allowing the flow. So it makes perfect sense. And again, to me, I'm a, I'm a scientist. So I was like, so how can I make that really tangible? Think about your physical body.

If your arteries are clogged and your blood is not flowing, it makes your part really pump harder. Everything is harder. You're out of breath. Your heart is pumping, or God forbid you have a heart attack. Flow is a very natural state that you want in your physical body. It's also incredibly important for your energetic self.

So I teach that we have to command. We at Glens, our shock Rose clear our chakras. I go through release exercises where. People can get really clear about releasing their past traumas making room. You know, when you get rid of all the stuff you're carrying around, even other people's baggage that gets caught in your energy, you clear it out and you have room then to really manifest.

And get clear about why, why you're here. So shakras are the beginning point of all of my classes. That way was such a good way of putting it really, because I do think that people need that analogy. I think what's surprising. And you know, you as a scientist, I would imagine agree. It's so strange that we're not taught this.

From the time where it's so young, really a shame. And I agree with you famous Louise hay, you can heal your life, this fabulous woman who did all this research to say that dis ease over periods of a long time can turn into disease. So. We can actually, when our shoppers are blocked and when our energy is blocked, we can fester things that will turn in to a disease.

Human emotions are so complex. And I also believe in a spiritual state when we're a discarnate spirit. So right now we're incarnate. That means we're in a physical body, but when we die and we're discarnate spirits, I've been told as a medium, there's no such thing as human emotions. And so this idea of getting wrapped around the axle in your emotions, or, or overusing your brain, your conscious processing brain versus allowing your brain to just expand.

And we only use 10% of our brains what's going on in the other 90%. Right. So this, it really is. So integrated. So the idea of mind, body spirit is so important for, for total wellness and health should be taught. I hate to say it, but I think cultural differences that are then further complicated by religious practices and things that aren't allowed to be just spiritual in nature, like neutral, spiritual practice.

I wish we could just do that. I think we're moving in the right direction though. I think so much of the reason. We aren't or haven't been taught in the past, or it isn't a part of any sort of curriculum. There's so much fear around what will be discovered, how much power can be released. At least my practice in India.

It reminds me of a story, a very short story, if I could tell you about it, but it's one of the things that I use in class. There's a old. Old Hindi story about the webmaster and the webmaster, the world sits. And there's a web, an intricate web all around the world. And the web is what actually keeps everything intact and moving.

And that at the intersection of every part of that intricate web is a perfect crystal. And those crystals are individual soul selves and the crystal, we each hang and we each have a role to play. It's our job to shine and sparkle and be clear and honest about our power and who we are and the individuality of our own crystals.

And that without us doing that, The efficacy of the web starts to decay. So when we're here in our human self, if we're not shining who we meant to be, the story goes that the web starts to collapse. But the worst part is if we're not shining, who exactly we're supposed to be, we cannot be this light nor can we be a mirror that actually reflects the lights of others.

So I, I was sitting in meditation and this, this poem just came to me and I'll tell you my poem, because it's based on that story of the webmaster and how we have to keep the world intact by being ourselves. And let's see, how does it go? There exists two ways to share the light. Be first, the candle in the night, should candles burden be laid in low become lights mirror from which to glow.

That's beautiful. That is beautiful. Oh my goodness. It's beautiful and simple. Like at the same time, you know, you put that so beautifully. All have to be lights and we all have to be mirrors and we can't be cracked mirrors because then we can't actually reflect what's really going on in our life and in the lives of others.

And we shouldn't ever hide our lights. You know, so many people are stuck and so many people are so afraid to be who they are because of what happens to them when they speak their truth. Right. I mean, I mean, look at your mom. Well, look at my mom. It's about putting it in practice to you guys. So that's another thing that I spend a lot of time teaching.

We talk about taking time for self care, but then, you know, we also can do some real exercises that empower us and get us clear. And I think we did some of that. I gave some ideas last year. Yeah. To talk about some of these things. Yeah. Let's definitely, they're great. And they're easy to do. Let's talk about.

If you can dream it, you can do it. So manifestation. So dreaming about my perfect life. Yes, I'm spiritual. But yes, I still like to have some nice things. I like to go on vacation. You know, I like hot, fast. So one of the things that I do is I write, I have a journal. That's only about my manifestation now.

Why is that important? Even wonderful Esther Hicks that, that channels Abraham talks about the law of attraction. So I absolutely believe in the law of attraction. And I believe though, that people get so distracted that they spend most of their time thinking about what they don't want versus getting really clear about what they do want.

If you can get people to think about what they do want, they don't think big enough because they know that they want it. But then this other part of their monkey mind goes. Yeah. Yeah. But how was that possible? So I created these tools that my students use and I think they love them. I think you guys are both doing them too.

So what you do is you journal your perfect life and it can be anything and you feel like you already have it, whatever your perfect life is, you really get clear about what that is. Things that you want, but you don't know how you're going to get them. So then part two of that exercise is to say, okay, I want to be able to spend four hours in nature.

And I don't know how I'm going to pay my mortgage to be able to do that. So what you say is you have a little to do column and to do list and you put yourself on one side and you put the universe on the other side and you say then to the universe, I really want to figure out how I can pay my bills and still have four hours to be in nature, doing yoga.

So, what I'm going to do is I'm going to continue my yoga practice and you're going to universe figure out how I'm going to get more money. So I can afford to take four hours off a day for my practice. And it's that kind of thing. And it's really getting clear as I'm going to, what I'm going to do is this.

And the universe is going to align the stars because I am speaking this intention into the universe and the minute I speak those words, the universe can respond. And so it's that kind of thing. And I never ever concern myself with some of the house because when we start to go into our executive functioning frontal lobe brain, We don't know because it's only driven by our ego.

So we only have the knowledge from this lifetime is all that the ego brain knows, but the universe and my subconscious know all of my lifetimes know all of the secrets of the universe. That I can't even conceive of. So when you put it out there without any doubt and attaching it to real feeling like you feel like you already have it.

And you know, Esther Hicks says, if you spend 17 seconds a day, really putting out in the universe, what you want, the universe will respond instantly. So, I don't know, I'm Italian, you know, more is more sometimes. So I always try to do two minutes just cause I think, you know too, because there's me and there's the universe and we're coming together.

So two minutes of feeling that full joy of having the perfect life, there's all sorts of other tools too, that are a little less magical, but just even getting clear about what your perfect work week looks like writing in your schedule, time for yourself to meditate. There's power in the pause that reminds me of a practice that my husband and I started over a year ago.

We had some personal crises that we were dealing with and, and I started to really get clear about what does success look like? Whose definition of success are you running your life? By in fact, I studied with Robert Holden. Who's an amazing guy. He's a friend and a mentor to me. His theory is your definition of success will consciously.

And subconsciously dictate every other decision you make in your life. So you better get clear about what your definition of successes and whose definition of success. One of the things that my husband and I do every morning is we have coffee klatch and it's sacrosanct. Everybody knows all my clients know our family knows don't call us for this one hour where we're sitting and just.

Being with each other, taking time to be with each other. It always starts kind of slow because we haven't had enough coffee, but then by the end we always ask each other, what does success look like for you? And we answer it and you know, it's funny when we first started. It was all about, well, I have a three o'clock meeting and I'd like to dig into today.

You know, over time this practice has become success. Looks like cooking dinner together. I really want to journal today. Success looks like journaling. You know, we have to remember that we are in charge. You are in charge of your life. You may not be able to. Manage or control everything and everything that happens to you.

But what you can manage is the choices that you make. That, I mean, it is so much about owning your choices and taking responsibility, right? For the, for the, for the positive and the not so positive choices, we all have a choice and we have a choice in every moment how we want to show up for if we show up or if we show up, I have to actually add to that.

I did Julie's exercise. I think I made it a game. Like I always went up wherever. It seems like too big. I always like, you know, I'm just going to try this as like, just a fun little exercise, just see what happens. I dare you universe. Right. And I did that actually. It was a day in my life. I did, and it was a pie and I had how much of my day I wanted to spend in all my different.

Pieces of the pie and COVID happened. And I got all of that. So that's what you're saying. It's like, like Robyn says it all the time too. You, you, you put down what you want and know that the universe can give you even more than you can imagine. And Julie, the major things that you said when, when he first met, you was remember, I mean, I actually have it.

I made it very big and bold manifestation is easy. I mean, my paper has all been, but these are the exercises. And I really do have them on my desk. Oh, big and bold. Remember, manifestation is easy. And the more you say that to yourself, the easier it will become. And the truer, these manifestations will become realized.

So you have to be careful. What you think and manifests T people need to hear that careful. That's why when I'm teaching and working with my students, we connect with our soul. First we reconnect, we learn to hear are the sweet song of our own soul. Because it drowns out everybody else's idea of who we're supposed to be.

You have to release anything that doesn't serve you. Then you have to begin to rejuvenate that soul. Love that soul. Get very clear about how you can organize your life around what you're hearing. And then once you start to sort of. Write it down like you guys did things start to manifest, you're reclaiming your power.

It's all about you are powerful. Well, and I think to what you're saying and about being powerful, choosing the words and the. Feeling that goes along with those words is key because as you said, be careful what you're putting out there, because I know many people, they, they stay in that place of fear. So just as powerful as we can say.

We want to live with fulfillment. We want to live with joy. We want to live with peace. The more you say I'm scared and I'm frightened, you perpetuate that with the same amount of power. So pay attention to that. You don't feel worthy. Yeah, I think that's the thing that gets in the way a lot of people is that you're taught from a very young age.

So you should have, you don't need that. You shouldn't have that. It's very hard to untrain your, your brain. It's hard to break old habits. One of my projects, I had this idea to do soul power cards, affirmation, you know, I am powerful. I am worthy is one. So I had done everything for this fabulous card deck a year ago.

Something. Thing didn't feel quite right. I am sad. I am these, I am statements. And I started to think about, well, if you took that, literally I am sad. Well, I'm not sad. I'm many things. I have some sadness right now. I have some things that are making me feel, not powerful. Now, but what if I change my affirmations to, I have power, I have worthiness.

Everything is available to me. It's just that I also have a choice as to when I'm going to be able and ready to claim what I have. So I totally and completely redesigned these. Solar power cards with I have, and they're coming out this spring and they're all about owning everything that you have with the choice of deciding when and where you own it.

That is perfect to know that you have have it right. It's all there. Right? Well, there you have, I, if I had a nickel for every time, I told that to my students, you have everything at your fingertips and it's also real power. It's where the power comes from. Not always running around happy-go-lucky, you know, and you know, life is hard.

Human life is really hard. And so when we're not feeling empowered or feeling the things that we want to feel, I think it's comforting to know. I may not be feeling that now, but I know I have, I really love that. And I think that can help. We all have tragedies at different times in our lives, but I think universally over the last year, many of us have felt that more than others and collectively.

So I feel like where you felt powerless. And where you felt sadness and you felt real fear because you are mourning the norm or your morning real loss of life. I believe if you can just say I have, I have hope I have worthiness all of that. Just knowing you have it. And then after a while, the more you can say, I have it, then you can start to own it with that feeling.

And you also know that it's there always. So that was another empowering thing. Like right now I have grief and I am going to stay in process this grief, but I know that I have strength and I have love, and I have connectedness that will help me. When I choose. So that's also a very powerful statement. I choose to experience this now process, this, and I know I have all these other things.

Great. That's brilliant. You bring all of this, you know, we always say it's like this woo stuff down to just like the real deal level and the way you've. Just walked us through all of these learnings that you have and how you apply them to every day. It's just, it's so easy. You are such a, such a teacher at heart.

I mean, it just, just shines through you. So will you walk the walk? That's clear you're doing the work almost every class of mine starts with a hypothesis. Okay. My hypothesis is this argue with me. Do you guys think that that's right. I mean, it's that kind of raising the bar on how we communicate and how we build evidence?

And how we bring scientific, bigger and language and rigor to the idea of spiritual seeking, I think that's really needed. So I think we, I agree with this. I feel like I hope that that's part of what we're doing right now is to help move that forward. Let's start proving these things. Right. Cause we know that with our souls, but let's have some more data.

Exactly. But Robyn, just what you and Karen are doing here is so important. One of the reasons is, is you are by having, by virtue of having this conversation, the three of us are raising the vibration and starting to put it out there and maintain it. So the more people that are listening that are open. To exploring what seems to me should be totally natural as energetic beings.

But you know, the more people do that, then that in turn is feeding the higher vibration and we'll be able to sustain it enough that we can kind of build a on mass, a base of foundational place from which to launch. So people need to keep seeking, seeking with Robyn. I love that. That is the hope let's talk about too.

When we were with you last year, we had a reading with you and you did help us, even from a past life perspective. Deepen our relationship with one another, by looking back at a past lifetime and actually helping Karen see that, I think, do you want to talk about that, Karen? Yes. So just for context, Robyn has come to visit me at my, we were in New York, actually pitching a lot of ideas and had a really great.

Experience with Michelle Brock who was another past life regression, NIST. And it was just a magical day. And it was the first time I'd ever had that experience, you know, an experience at that level. And I remember the last thing that Michelle said to me was that some kind of like vortex had opened up.

In me at the very end of that, that session. So anyway, we came back and had a great night, right? We were talking about the session itself and just really feeding off of each other's energy. And the next day we had a conversation with you and we can talk about that in a moment, but I think what happened with our conversation and the way that you're able to sort of open me up even more about all of the possibilities I.

Had it spontaneous past life, vision, two of them actually. And I had them before, they were like little memories that were deep inside of me. They were almost like bad dreams that I thought I had had about being on an, on a ship in the middle of the ocean that was thinking. And you had said on our, on our reading that you had mentioned something about seeing me on a ship or see me on a boat of some kind and there being a terrible accident.

And I couldn't place it. I couldn't think of what that was. And I realized that I had been on that ship with Robyn who was a little girl or a little child, a little boy, a little child, and I was trying to save him and I couldn't, and then we both drowned together, but the memory was less about the drowning.

This connection, this partnership of wanting to support her on her journey and the closeness of, of the relationship that we felt. And it was so real. It was just such a, but it brought me to tears because it was like that. Oh yeah. Now I remember now. Okay. No, I, I feel this way about this person and just brought back so much understanding of who we are.

As soul sisters, so partners, it was just, it was amazing. It was funny. When I was first talking to you guys and not trying to do a past life reading, and we were just talking and I have to tell you being with your energy and I was overwhelmed and I. Before we even got on the phone, I knew what you both looked like.

And I had, I don't look people up. I mean, people are like, Oh, you know, psychic mediums. They're looking people up on Google. First of all, I have, I have a life. I got a lot of other things to do. I'm not looking at anybody up. I mean, if I don't have to be on the computer, I am not. Let me just say, right. So I'd already kind of had a very good idea of your personalities and I was tuning into you.

And then Karen, I was so aware. Have you on a boat as a woman, as a younger woman and you lost a son. And so I was actually trepidatious about talking to you, cause I thought, Oh God, what a horrible tragedy, this poor woman has her son drown on this boat. You know, I see water, water, water, and this, this just.

Agony of this poor woman, you know, dealing and seeing her son drowning. And so I thought, Oh God, you know, do I bring it up? Do I not? Oh, what am I going to say? When I speak to this woman, maybe I'll get something other to, to something else to tune into. And I think you remember me. Kind of moving about, you know, is water there, you know, was there a son that died or, you know, and I was like, kind of like, Oh, you know, cause I didn't want to bring up a really horrible wound, but I just felt it if memory serves, normally when I read for people, it just comes right through me because it's not, I don't retain it because it's not information for me.

I'm the vessel by which it's being, you know, a given. But I do remember that because it was so. Visceral. It was almost like I could almost, I could almost feel the agony with you as the mother and Robyn, as a child. I didn't really tune into Robbins. The young boy, I felt like the boy was maybe two, three, four.

I mean, very young, funny as I was preparing and getting so excited for our day today, they'd been together before, but the roles were reversed and then all of a sudden, boom, I see Robyn and you were a man. Germanic long hair and a big beard. And I believe it was in it's either like Scandinavia Northern, Northern cold.

You had skins on and Karen, you were this man's daughter and you were also very close. And the mother had passed and you Robyn as Karen's father and you were very, very, very close and you in that lifetime, Robyn die first and leave this daughter. But I was very, very aware and I could see you both. And it felt you felt very Germanic.

And like I said, you felt somewhere around 15, 16, hundreds. Yeah, it was very, very early. And I thought guy, these guys just keep coming back together, together together. And you know, that's actually not uncommon. A lot of my past life regression clients. It's amazing how souls. Families tend to travel in packs.

So I do think that you were familial, you know, here are your friends and you know, like sisters, but not, but before I believe there were many lifetimes where you were actually blood relative, familial connected. I think it's wonderful that you two are able to have this lifetime together and to do amazing things and support each other.

W we're we're feeling pretty fortunate too, because you know, it's, it's funny. It's like, I'm glad we didn't grow up as sisters because the magic of what's come together between us is that recognition of, even though we had such different backgrounds and so many different life experiences, it's just one aha.

After another, we talk almost every, every day. And there's always that. Which to me like proves so strongly. What we're talking about is the real stuff, right? Like define this person who is so different from you, who, you know, you really shouldn't, we shouldn't be friends. There's so many reasons why we shouldn't.

But the magic that happened that brought us together is the thing that I think we feed off of each other and helps us both on this life journey. It's definitely a very clear soul connection that you guys share a wavelength and, you know, people should keep an eye out for that. And they actually meet somebody that they feel like they know, even though they're a total stranger, that's not a coincidence.

I mean, there is a connection there there's some energy that needs to pass between them, you know, to be paying attention to those special connections and also paying attention to. The connections that are hard, that are difficult relationships, because these tend to be karmic bonds that you need to uncover and you need to fix.

And I got to tell you my experiences, you don't fix it. This lifetime, you guys will be back at it, the next one going at it again. So it's, you know, never. Never put off tomorrow, what you can get done today. A lot of times, those are your biggest teachers. Those relationships are really where you do end up evolving as a soul.

I asked this question to my students all the time, who lives a more rich and knowledge filled life. Is it the monk that is in the ivory tower and spends all of his or her time in prayer speaking only to God? Or is it. The homeless person that's on the street corner in a major city that is interacting with all sorts of life every single day, whose life is more important whose life is filled with more learning.

I don't know, but my guess is that when we are truly interacting in the human classroom with other spirits, having a human experience, that that is where the rich lessons reside. You're here to experience the human and work out the human emotions and, and the human interactions and perfect your highest and best self in messy situations.

I mean, I think that's why we come here. Be thankful for all those messy situations. You know, you're, you're learning, you're ascending faster. You're working out your karma. I've been listening in to our phone phone conversations

when you tapped into us. Cause we did talk to you about potentially doing a mini reading today for the two of us, a little update. Where do you see us? At this moment in our lives and don't want to miss Julie's reading and for Karen and I look for part two of this episode to hear what she reveals about what's coming up in our lives and to work with Julie or to find out about her classes and events, please visit lightwell

That's L I G H T w E L L C E N T E Thanks. Yes.

YOUR SECRET POWER: Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams (Part One)