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PART ONE: Covid's Connection to Angels, Aliens & the Ascended Masters - A Spiritual Medium Shares her Story - Episode 25

January 06, 2021 Robyn Miller Brecker / Karen Loenser / Dani Yucht Season 1 Episode 25
Seeking Center: The Podcast
PART ONE: Covid's Connection to Angels, Aliens & the Ascended Masters - A Spiritual Medium Shares her Story - Episode 25
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Covid truly changed Dani Yucht's life. Not only did she test positive for the virus at the very beginning of quarantine, but she went on to have an awakening that revealed answers about life that she'd always been searching for -- as well as spiritual gifts that she had never fully realized.

Covid forced Dani to slow down — and she used that time to meditate. Through those hours of meditating, she started connecting with deceased loved ones, Angels — even Jesus, which she calls an Ascended Master. The latest? A group called The Galactic Federation has been coming through to her — which she believes is an extra terrestrial type   conglomeration of light and love that wants to help us all here on Earth. You’ll want to hear more.

Dani connected with her soul's plan which is to use this newly found spiritual gift, as an intuitive medium to help heal and guide other's to their divine potential.

She also talks about the power of intention — and how that can change your life.  And any of us can do that!

Danielle is candid and authentic. While talking to aliens or Angels may sound fantastical, her seeker story is relatable — and may just what you need to hear!

And then she’s showing us her gifts in action in Part Two of this conversation.

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Have you ever wondered about life's biggest questions? Like, why am I here? What happens when we die? Or what else is out there, but we have, and we love to talk about it. And if you're listening, we think you probably do too. I'm Robyn and I'm Karen and we've spent our lives searching for those answers.

And we're seekers, just like you talking to some of the most fascinating spiritual teachers, healers and scientists. And showing you how you can use some of their spiritual practices for yourself. We'll also be sharing stories of other seekers then motivate you to live your fullest life and we'll be translating it all.

So the spiritual stuff won't feel so out there. So if you're curious, get ready to rediscover why we're here together.

COVID truly changed. Danielle Yucht's life. Not only did she test positive for the virus at the very beginning of quarantine, but she went on to have an awakening that revealed answers about life that she'd always been searching for as well as spiritual gifts that she never fully realized. She connected with her soul's plan, which is to use this newly found spiritual gift as an intuitive medium, to help heal and guide others to their divine potential.

Danielle will be sharing her secret story with all of us and then showing us for gifts. Then action. She gave Robyn and reading a few weeks ago, so I'm sure that'll come up and she'll be giving me a reading today for all of you to hear. I'm sure there'll be a lot to discuss and we can't wait. Hi, Dani.

Dani's so great to meet you. Nice to meet you guys. Glad to be here. Tell us about what COVID means to you leading up to COVID. That was pretty much the turning point in my spiritual evolution. I always felt like I was different. I was kind of beat to my own drummer. I kind of operate at a different frequency, not necessarily higher or lower, just different than everybody.

And I never really understood it. And in my. Younger years, I would see things, hear things, you know, whatever. And then I kind of pushed that all aside. Cause it wasn't normal. And how old were you? Very low? Like my, one of my first memories is seeing like flashes or shadows or figures, always feeling like there was.

Someone watching me all the ways, like I always felt like there was someone around me, someone watching me and I had a really tumultuous childhood. So I feel like now looking back, those are my guardian angels watching me always protecting me and possibly, I think my RV Michael has been with me since the very beginning.

So now looking back, I was scared of them back then, but now looking back, I know that they were protecting me and guided me and then I kind of pushed it all away in my twenties. I kind of turned. Different path that I resort to drugs and alcohol to mute some of it to kind of like bring it, put it, put it away.

Cause it was uncomfortable. Or I maybe was seeking higher power. I was trying to go somewhere with the drugs and alcohol and it was, it wasn't the right call. And I was able to get myself out of that. And then in my thirties I wanted just to be normal. So I got married, had kids. I have a career and material designer and happy, generally happy, but.

I hit 40 and I realized it wasn't actually happy. I, there was more to this life and I sought out mediums and. Psychics and, you know, meditation and went to retreats and all these things. And last year I was 41. We went to Miraval in Arizona, right before the shit hit the fan. And it was like February. And we did a ton of opening stuff.

I mean, I met with a ton of psychics and mediums and healers and. Came home in February, not knowing what was going to happen next. And in March, as you know, the world's turned upside down and we got COVID. I think we were like one of the first people anybody knew, or we knew certainly my husband, me and my three kids, all of us.

So we're in this shutdown phase. Quarantined I posted on Facebook. Cause I didn't know what else to do really, other than just to spread the message that we were okay. We were getting COVID and we were okay. Cause I wanted to tell the world that if you can get this and survive, what I decided was all right, I'm stuck at home.

I am sick. I wasn't sick, sick, but I didn't feel well. So what am I going to do? So I woke up everyday at five in the morning and I just sat there and I just meditated for hours and hours. And I mean, I did visualization. I did this app that had all this stuff. And I started to hear and see things and all this, it was just like really out of nowhere.

And then there's a lot that's evolved since then, but that was really the first point. The COVID was really the turning point for me to launch my, my understanding, my understanding really what's going on. What came through, like what were you seeing and did it scare you very much? It's scary. At first it was my deceased loved ones, because I think now what I understand is that was the most comfortable for me because I had actually through other mediums, like Lisa net skin.

So I walk into in her front, a lot of my deceased loved ones, so that was comfortable, but they came through first and were giving me messages. To give to my family that I did not know, like things that I would not have known. And I was just like, right. Writing, writing, writing my tool was to write it all down.

And I started calling my family members and telling them these things. And it was, they were like, what, how do you know what's going on? And so this, this whole experience, no, but my family members were kind of a little freaked out. They were reluctant to believe me, but when then when I would tell them validating things, then they were like, Oh, okay.

And at that point I needed the validation because I was like, I think I'm going to well, that's what I think. I think most people would, I mean, believe me, we've experienced some of this too. So like, especially when it all comes at once. Well, I'm seeing things. I was hearing things and I was feeling things.

I wasn't smelling things like that. You know, anything like that, but I was definitely in the sensory, like it was all happening at once. So I called Lisa and it skin. Cause I know her well and in the medium, we're also, she's a friend and I was like, Lisa, I think I'm going crazy to tell them, I know this is your world.

Tell me what's going on. So she completely talked me off the ledge and she talked to me about everything where I was going through and explained to everything. It made a lot more sense. She actually put it into a very structured way. And then shockingly, she was just starting her first. I think her first zoom class on media one Oh one.

And I was like the next day. So I signed up and it was really, really a transformative experience. This was in, I think April, maybe may around them and yeah, and that was. What was the first part of this journey. And so then when did you, so you went from deceased, loved ones to then seeing what it's interesting.

Cause I kind of like go anywhere really. I mean, I, I deceased loved ones and then I, I connect with angels a lot, all the archangels. Definitely people's guardian angels. When I do readings with send masters, this one sounds a little crazy. That is crazy to say out loud, but I was like talking to Jesus. That was a big one for me because I'm, I'm not religious by any means.

I was raised with half and half in the Judeo-Christian world. So for me, this, it was uncomfortable to like talk to Jesus. I don't know why I felt very religious. What it really was to me was this Christ consciousness that I continually work with daily mother, Mary. I mean all these like figures that I.

Knew about, but never really understood their deep spiritual connection. And then I was talking to these masters like Bob Marley and John Linden and all these people in there were. Unbelievable. I was, and I then wanted more and more and more and more, you know, that feeling. You're just like, well, you have this awakening.

I just felt like this is, this is everything. This is what it's all about. This is what I did searching for my entire life. And I just couldn't get enough. David, can I just stop you for a second? Because I'm just thinking about all the people who are listening to this and just trying to understand how this all kind of transpired.

How did you let yourself. Get to that place from maybe being a little bit nervous about that, to really going all the way to trusting that you were seeing ascended masters and Jesus. And how did you intrinsically know experiencing it's? I think I skipped a step there because when I was sick and I.

Looking back. I was sick at the time. I didn't understand that. I like, I was just tired, but I think it brought me down the sickness, the COVID, but kind of helped me slow down and open. And I so weird, but I do feel like the COVID kind of shifted something for me. Like I was able to, like, I don't know, I don't know something, something clicked, something shifted.

And I also, I think I was in a place where. I was just kind of like, fuck it. I mean, w w yeah, maybe I am your Jesus. Maybe. I mean, the world is literally upside down. I have nothing makes sense anymore. Why can't this make sense? And I think it just, I was seeing things, things that were so real if I had this feeling too, I think that was the biggest thing.

This feeling of love that I've never, ever, ever felt before, where. I was on denial. It was divine. And what you see, can we talk about Claire's like, and I don't know that everybody listening knows all the clairs, but were you seeing them, are you hearing, like, I think, I think we've talked before. I think you have, you have multiple clairs that are done seeing and hearing that.

Definitely. We're the first, we're the most prominent and feeling too. Like I've always felt. I didn't, you know, I can feel spirit. I always felt that in the past, you know, when you feel the chills, like that was definitely something I'd always connected with, but this, I was actually, I wasn't seeing things like in the real things, it was in my mind's eye for me, how I see is like, I get popups, like I'll get like, across.

I'll see them in my mind's eye crossed that's Christ consciousness. Let's talk about Christ consciousness for a second, because I love what you said about not being super religious. And, but yet that was what you were thinking of at first. How would you define Christ consciousness for people who really haven't heard that term?

What that is to me is your divine love pure divine essence. It has nothing to do for me with religion. Any sort of way, but it really, the minute I see that I get across, I get this like cross. I just feel, I feel filled with love immediately. And to me, that's what that means. And I get that when I do my readings with a lot of people, sometimes it's uncomfortable to say Christ consciousness.

So I try to. Dance around it and say what I just said, like those, those feelings. Wow. Talk about the angels too, for a second. What does that experience feel like to you and as a person who didn't necessarily know about the angels, how did you know which ones there were coming to you? For me, the angels are the least scary part or worldly scary part of this entire thing.

They are to me still to this day, just soft and gentle and their energy and the angels are definitely my, my deepest guides. I did seek out a lot of people when I started having these experiences. So not just Lisa, but I have a couple other mentors, one mentor. She's. Wonderful. She told me, I said, I think I'm seeing angels.

I feel, I feel the angels. And she said, can you describe them? I went back into my meditation or whatever, and I, and I wanted to see the angel and immediately what I saw was these big, beautiful blue eyes. And to me, he kind of calls himself, Michael. So for me, I would then see his blue eyes and see, hear his name.

Every time I would connect. I would question a lot. I would sit there and say, is this, you know, am I making this up? Is this my mind is it's. My ego is a spirit and I still do that. You know, I'm human, but I, I, the more I kind of just, the more I just accepted now that are having these connections, why are we here?

Has that come through for you in terms of like, What is life about? Yes, that's exactly why I believe that I had this awakening. I was asking the questions. Why am I here? But what I've come to understand why I'm personally here is you call it if you want to call it. But I, I believe I have a way of shore, a light worker, star seed, whatever it is I was put here on this plant.

I've been told many times to share the light just by the light to give. To as many people as possible, the gifts of the light. That's my purpose. Humanity's purpose. What I've gotten from my guides is in this time and space right here, right now, we're here to shift the consciousness. We're here to evolve into it.

We're going to Sunday run the Ascension process. So we all decided to be here at this time for this reason, whether we know it or not. I agree. And I think. Between the three of us we've talked to enough people, whether or not we've heard that talked about people. Who've also heard that. Right. So it's definitely on purpose.

We talked about deceased clubs, angels, but like, what do you feel like there is like, whether it's a hierarchy or groups that you've seen that come through? Definitely. I feel like. Deceased loved ones are easier to tap into. I don't know. They're a little bit lower. I feel like how I am. Most people work like this I'm sure, but I have to raise my vibration and they have to lower their variation.

And for me, the first step was deceased, loved ones. The human realm that has passed. I don't say this, like I'm better, but I, I, I go much higher in my experience. So like I can, but when I. And what I do is I tap into angels, ascended, masters, and then lately, and this is new for me, but the galactic Federation has been connecting with me.

That's another layer of it. That's that's new. Wait, what is the glass better? Ration.

You spoke about aliens earlier. I am definitely. This is uncomfortable. I don't know why it's uncomfortable to talk about, but I'm definitely being visited by extra terrestrials. In my meditations. And recently the galactic Federation is extremely loud in their communication with me. And I feel like I just have to go straight through and just connect with them while I do my meditation.

And to me, what they are is a team of light that is right now in this time, this always has been, but right now in particular shedding, Extraordinary amounts of light on our planet and the people that are awake and the people that are open to receive our receiving the slightly suiting, his messages. And it's like, I feel like right now, the veil is so thin and anybody that wants to wake up probably can.

And I feel that for me, I'm connecting with them and they're just getting, they just download messages to me. Like that's my biggest source for information right now. Are you writing this down? Dan? I am writing it down. Yeah. Okay. So you've met it, meditate that how long do you typically meditate for. Off.

I'm not that long, late, so probably a good 20 minutes. I'd like to do two different meditation. So I'd like to do like a mindfulness meditation first, like a mantra or somewhere where I don't connect. I do. I try to just go inward then after that is when I connect, I go upward and then I connect and that's a different meditation for me.

So for something like that, with those galactic Federation, did they. Actually use those words. Is that how you feel like a lot of people are like me right now. I'm over all of this doubt. I'm over all of this. I mean, the world, everything is so cha has changed so much that for me, nothing's impossible. I feel like, yeah, I'm hearing it.

You were saying now that you're comfortable doing readings, I know that that's. Hasn't been your typical day job. So can you talk about like the before and after, and kind of where you think you're headed with this gift that you have? I'm an interior designer and I'm from here in Highland park and we're very busy busier than we ever have been, which is unbelievable because of people want to be in their homes and they want to, you know, do what they do.

I. I have no idea where I'm going with this, to be honest, I again, will let them divinely guide me in this. I do feel like there's a synergy for, with what I do as my career and this new path that I'm on. I do. I think we already do that in our business. We're interior designers. So I feel like there's an intuitive piece to everything that we do.

The other thing I do feel like this is. No, just my lifestyle. And so I kind of just live it and I live it in everything that I do now, raising kids, being just a human on this planet. So I feel like that right now is my, and then giving back the friend readings for me, I feel like it's a gift back because I'm letting people understand.

Yeah. I know when we talked before you are able to actually do something called remote viewing. Yeah. Which some people may not understand what that is. Can you talk about that for a sec? Yeah. And that's one of the first gifts that I actually remember having even as a young child, so what I can do, and I didn't know what it was called until very recently, you know, to the past year, for instance, I do all my readings via zoom because of what's going on and I, and when I'm in there, And I'm talking to them.

I see just a room like I see, but that I can, I can close my eyes. And when I go in and intuitively I can walk through their home and pretty much see the color of your furniture and in a really the color start to come out is what it is and then the space. So for me, in my. It's nice. I didn't really realize I was doing that.

I didn't realize that that's what I was doing when I was designing a home. When the client was, I didn't realize that I was intuitively picking up on their energy and then their space without being in the space. Now I do understand that. Yeah, that's a pretty, that's a cool one. It is. It makes so much sense with what you actually do professionally and have built.

I love how. First of all. I want to just say it's so inspirational. Hear you speaking your truth with such relaxed conviction. Like they can just, and as you know, a working person, a working mom, I can see how, like there's one part of your brain going, Oh my gosh, I'm really saying this out loud, but you're doing it with just such complete.

It looks like a lot of these and in your truth, which is. It's just so amazing, but I just also love what you said about how you get to a certain place in your life. And I think so many of the women that we're talking to lately are so similar, they get to this place in their lives where it's like, I know who I am, right.

This gift is pretty. Yeah. Rick and cool. And I can help other people with it. And by the way, bring in. The talents that I've been working on throughout my whole life. And so, you know, I think for my shell, for me to be able to say, okay, can I be some kind of, you know, an intuitive and an interior designer, they were like, but this is just such a beautiful example of how you can pull all these tools together and utilize it.

Yes. I love it. You. But that was so beautiful. Thank you so true. It's so true. And you can't, you have such confidence too, about it talking about this. I do, because it just feels right. It just feels natural to me. This is true. They are. It's true to your soul and you're speaking. I think you're speaking from your soul.

Yes. That's the truth. And how do you, I know you've mentioned your kids. How has your family reacted to all of this? And then how do you incorporate that into your daily life? Surprisingly enough, I think because of the timing of COVID and the shut down, they're all home and everything, they've actually been including my husband, which I didn't, I was a little nervous.

They'd all been very receptive and understanding. Sometimes they think I'm a little crazy. I mean, I'm meditating all over the house, but what I think is the most important thing for kids in middle school and elementary and. I just think they're watching, they're watching everything we do. And I think that they're watching me live my truth.

And I think that's probably the best part of this whole thing. I'm not forcing meditation on them. I'm not forcing anything. I, you know, I do talk about it a lot that I feel they're happier. I like, even my mom said the other day, she was like, you guys seem so happy. The kids are like thriving. And she said, I think it's because of you and your experience and your awakening.

And it's trickling down to everybody in the core of it is my. Spirituality. It's it all stems from there. And then everything's. Sorta seems to make sense after that, I know that Karen's going to be receiving a reading from you in a few, but I just have to say I was grateful and so appreciative that I had a reading with you a few weeks ago.

And one of the things that I just want to share with people is that. My grandmother came through in our reading and she was someone that I was very close with growing up. She passed away when I was around 15 and she's basically never shown up. I mean, she's stopped by and, and I've had many readings right.

With different intuitives and one person in the very beginning that I spoke to was like, You said your grandmothers. I had to ask about her and they're like, she's stopping by, but she's on a much higher frequency that I don't really obsess. And that was, she ended up being one of the main people or entities that came through in my reading.

It takes a lot these days to really floor me. It really has stayed with me. It is for me, I feel much more supported and loved. And I, I needed that as my early part of me. Mrs her and Mr. She was such a mentor in my life. And so here I, you know, 15 I'm 45 now. So to have that gift of knowing, she sees me so much, I'm so happy.

Wow. Well, and that's, that's tremendous, you know, and that's, it's so different. And again, I, I now, you know, I'm not, I haven't been doing this forever, but it's years and it's, I can't believe that. This was the first time that I was able to connect with her and her messages were so strong and they were from, and they were for my sister.

It was really powerful. Wow. That makes me so happy to hear that. That's the reason why I followed this path and I try to open up my meetings from my heart. And when I call in your guides, I really try to come from here. And what comes out of that is just. You know, love and what you need to hear for your, for you.

So I'm glad you told me that because I actually don't remember a lot of the reading. Like I remember the key points, but but thank you for reminding me because that's beautiful. I think people understand that. Like, I think a lot of people don't realize that you are really cha you're in a, more of a channeling.

And when you're in that state during the vehicle. And so you don't walk away remembering exactly. But in bringing it up, then it registers a little bit, like you look at yourself, probably like a door, right. You can open that door. So then. Whoever needs to be there can come through. And what I'm loving about you is with the angels and the ascended masters, because I think very often you go and you do want to connect with a loved one.

Somebody who's passed, but you can forget that there's a whole crowd that's, that's assigned to you and your soul and, and kind of being your guides as you go through your that's so true because the beginning I was so set on connecting with her. Deceased loved ones during my readings, because I felt like that's what people want.

That's and now I'm just kind of like, I'm going to just honor whatever comes through, because it's, there's so much more than just that. And I, and that might not be exactly what they want to hear all the time, but that's what, you know, there's there's right. There's so much more to it. There's a whole team just before we do get going, we brought up ascended masters a couple of times and like, what's your.

Feeling about what an ascended master is. And where does that fall in line with like angels or the galactic Federation? Where do I send a masters fall in it? Spirit guides, that kind of thing. So for me it, the hierarchy like kind of goes like to see slum lungs, angels, levels of angels, ascended masters about that for me, ascended masters.

That I've connected with our Jesus and then other Mary I've connected with kind of that those are the two that I connected with the ascended master realm. I definitely like bluenose come up a bit, but it's more on the, for whatever reason, another very Christ that whole area. And then the galactic Federation for me is.

Different. It's not necessarily a part of the like hierarchy of light beings. I think there are extra terrestrial. It sounds so silly to talk about for me what they are is they are in a frequency that only when I sit down and I meditate that I can tap into, they're not like I don't, I've never like seen an alien or a station, but like, It's this frequency.

So for me, what I believe in is one consciousness. So what I've come to understand is that we're all operating in a one consciousness frequency. My tool is to tap into that consciousness and then I spread the lights. So I'm, I'm just spreading the light to everyone who will receive. So what they are doing is.

Amplifying that they're a part of that one consciousness, that's their role then it's to be here, like kind of looking at us and bring our behavior. They're here to help elevate that conscious, right? Yes. I understand. I never thought of that about an alien entity kind of that way. I always felt them as more.

Observers, maybe of what we're doing versus until recently, I now know that they're part of the shift. They're part of the Ascension process for sure. One of the people we talk to often this astrologer, Stevie, she has talked about how we're just shifting into this new age of Aquarius. I feel like there's a connection to that and what you're now getting.

I didn't believe that I, I actually have watched that show. That STD. Yeah. I mean, I think that, to me, that makes sense in what you're fucking about. I'm like we need help in order to. They are helping us there without a shadow of a doubt. They're helping us with we've had going on from like an equity perspective.

And, and especially in the United States, it's easy to have your frequency actually been, be brought down by divisiveness and so much uncertainty and fear really. Right. So there's fear on so many different levels, like whether it's the pandemic or from a political perspective. And so. To have the reassurance that there's something bigger.

Like we need to be looking at the bigger picture and thinking from, from a place of oneness, the goal, I think we're all that we all want to spread right. Is love and light. And I think what Dani has had the opportunity to do, and let's say covered was the trigger is. To go with so deeply and to really take that time to do that.

So like you said, that's exactly how I felt moving into this. Like how there's no way I could have meditated for two hours before. There's no way I wouldn't be able to do this, but then it did give me the opportunity to. Slow down, go inward and really reevaluate everything. And I I've actually never been happier.

I mean, and I'm, that's probably unpopular with snakes and a lot of people are suffering and I, I feel like the slow down for me has been everything I asked for everything I wanted. This is, this is the life that I want to lead. Like we really, and I've said that to the beginning, which is like, we were given this time to reflect.

And I don't, it's like, not just individually, it's collectively. Right. And I know there's a lot of people, listen, there are a lot of people suffering and that to me makes my heart hurt. Right. But at the same time, I think that we are being given this time to, as a collective to look and say, do we need to be doing this and that?

And how do we. All slowed down somewhat doesn't mean that we want any businesses to go away or people not be here anymore, but I just feel like I hope that we can take this time and really rethink as we go forward. What is necessary because I think we were all living on autopilot with so many distractions and not actually.

Being present with ourselves or our loved ones or, you know, our community. That's where we need to actually take the lesson overall instead of resisting, I think there's so much resistance to it wanting to just go back to normal. I think people have my opinion is we will never go back to normal. Well, and I was just going to say that I am so sick of hearing.

I can't wait till it goes back to normal. I don't want it to go back to normal. I don't want it to go back to the way it was. We were living on autopilot. I mean, at least I was. I wasn't I, and I don't, I truly, 100% don't think that we will ever go back worms. I think we've gone upwards and the things are shifting.

It's been Rocky and uncomfortable. And in fact, we even had a crazy health situation. I mean, it's like my husband was rushed to the emergency room at a bowel obstruction, almost died in the hospital. I know it was. Oh, my God. I know. And because of COVID, I wasn't able to visit him at all, not one person. So even going through all that and he's out of it, you know, thank God, you know, because of what I've learned through my experience recently, I prayed every, you know, every angel I knew ever got a new and I had this trust, I just knew that he was going to be okay.

Even going through that at the end of, you know, the 20, 20, I still believe that we're going in the right direction. I still believe that, that there was a reason for that. I just trust. I just trust in what's going to happen time to that. I think almost forces us to go within because of the fear. Right. And I think that this, the fear factor in itself gives at least gives us that opportunity.

To use that time to, to try to differentiate, like, what is real for me, what's not, what is my truth? What isn't, what do I have to really be afraid of? How can I simplify my life so that it's not so complicated? And I think Robyn's a hundred percent, like, I don't think we're going to go back to B being the same.

I think it's such an opportunity to not go back to the same. Right. And you're really, at least for those of us we're looking for, how do we be the light? How do we take our lives to that next level, where we really understand what we're here to do. This is really such a great time for us to be able to really trust that.

And you're such a good example of going the distance. Because so many, I think are really thinking about it are treading there, but it's still very, it's just, this is still a scary place to think about angels and aliens, even just our own souls like that. That's a word that scares people. So every example that we can give of different paths to finding, and everybody's got their own, but there, and love how you followed yours and tell you during this whole awakening, I watched your show.

And it was, I forget who was on it. It was those three people on, I think it was an astrologer and subset of three different. And that was turning you. Your mission, I believe, is to help people who are seeking, you know, open up and find their path. And that definitely helps me along my, I just kept watching it over and over again.

There's people out there that, you know, are going through this too. So it was really helpful. So thank you. Thank you so glad, so glad that's the intention. Well, and to you about intention, actually, I remember when we spoke a few weeks ago, intention is everything to you. And so can you talk about that?

Because I think it's actually a really good way. So leading into doing other reading for Karen. Yes. And in fact, that's a key point that Lisa taught me about empowerment tension. So when I was first tapping and I was getting things from like everywhere and everything, and it was very uncomfortable because it was like, I'm not alive.

I was like they, you know, like a link house and I was attracting every single possible and it was just too much. And I didn't know that I had the power. I had the power of intention to create. Boundaries, first of all, and to create what I wanted. So for me, how I operate is it's all the power of intention.

So when I sit down and I meditate or I sit down and do a reading, I set the intention for what the, which way I want it to go. I completely set the intention and then I stick with it. And I actually do that in my regular life as well. My boundary setting and my power of attention. That has gotten, that has probably been the number one key point that I've learned in the past 10 months about how to live a better life.

Just the power of intention is huge. Great. And everybody can do that by the way. You know, you don't have to be talking to angels. It's a tool. It's a very big strength intention setting for me is. It's a daily practice. That's what we should be teaching our kids is actually a really good reminder. Like I actually, I'm going to talk about that with my daughter later because it's not, and it's not.

Freaky or whatever. Well, it reminds them how much power they have. Yes. For them. It's like, you can protect your energy your time. Like what feels good. It's like bringing it down to, is there a level? I mean, I like to ask at the end because we love to follow our own little threads. Yeah, remind me. I think I kind of, I mean, I, the sole purpose of my mission here on this planet right now is to help people and to heal people, like I said, with the light and spread the light, but I really want, I really want to empower other people like me who were just.

You know, seekers maybe, but didn't really understand how they fit into it. And anybody can, anybody who wants to do that necessarily, you know, not everybody wants to be a medium or talk to angels, but there is, there's a path for everybody there's. So there's more to this. Life than meets the eye. I'm really grateful for my experience because I'm not living in fear anymore.

I'm not living in a place of trying to be like everybody else. And I know everyone's living in a bunch of fear right now, but I, there is more to this. There's more to what meets the eye and you can, you two can tap in and figure it out. And I really strongly believe, and I know people say this, but it starts with meditation is the answer, the key to really everything.

It's that simple one. I think that the people who are listening or watching us today, they are open enough because you're watching. Right. And so they may not know exactly where to go, but I think what you said and starting meditation, and when we talk about meditation, it can be five minutes. It can be 10 minutes.

There are so many, there's so many free apps and so many free meditations that are guided that can help you. And you can just go into it with, just do that and then see what comes. Should we do the reading watch or listen to Dani's reading for Karen. In part two of this episode, you can find out more about

That's And you can follow her on Instagram at @danilouv Thank you. Yep.