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PART TWO: Mushrooms, Tornadoes + Running Wild & Free: Dani's Reading with Karen & A Revealing Connection with Robyn - Episode 26

January 06, 2021 Robyn Miller Brecker / Karen Loenser / Dani Yucht Season 1 Episode 26
Seeking Center: The Podcast
PART TWO: Mushrooms, Tornadoes + Running Wild & Free: Dani's Reading with Karen & A Revealing Connection with Robyn - Episode 26
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In Part Two of our conversation with Spiritual Medium and Intuitive Dani Yucht, she gives Karen Loenser a reading.

She pinpoints what is going on with Karen’s life right now — and where it will be going. Robyn’s guides pop in as well and she shares messages that are for both Karen and Robyn and their future.

See how Dani uses her newly found spiritual gifts in action. It’s astounding that this was all triggered by contracting Covid and being forced to slow down. She needed to heal her body and pay attention to her soul. She is an inspiration to any of us on this spiritual journey — and what is possible when you are open to receiving guidance from beyond.

For more from Dani, visit and follow her on Instagram @danilouv.

Have you ever wondered about life's biggest questions? Like, why am I here? What happens when we die? Or what else is out there, but we have, and we love to talk about it. And if you're listening, we think you probably do too. I'm Robyn and I'm Karen and we've spent our lives searching for those answers.

And we're seekers, just like you talking to some of the most fascinating spiritual teachers, healers and scientists. And showing you how you can use some of their spiritual practices for yourself. Also be sharing stories of other seekers then motivate you to live your fullest and we'll be translating it all.

So the spiritual stuff won't feel so out there. If you're curious, get ready to rediscover why we're here together. So dani, and I'm really excited about this, but just tell me like what to expect. Like, what is your process? So we're all here together. So we'll do a little group meditation together to align our energies.

And I close my eyes when I read, cause I tend to see a lot. So for me, it's easier to just see it. I will just. On or whatever right here. And it may or may not resonate with you right away as you know, but it could be later on. So I'm just going on or whatever it is. I actually do like to have you ask me questions over who you want to hear from or anything you want to do, because it helps me tap in and figure out the structure of it.

All I actually was downloading for you already last night. So I've been like getting a lot of information and not really sure, a lot of things, but I'm sure I'll be honest. Sometimes I jump in for her. So I love having Robyn because you know, you'd be like, okay. And she'll hear here. So I know her so well, but like someone like, wait, I prefer the group setting with people that are friends or family, because then sometimes when you're going to new information for you, if you don't understand, but then your family are fine.

Yeah, I think so. So this is interactive. Would you say, is, did you want me to. Yes. And then validate as we go. Correct. Okay. That helps me help you so glad. But you asked that question before we got back, because I think everybody conducts their sessions differently. I say this all the time and everybody works differently.

And so it's so helpful to understand because then you can have a better reading, you know, for both. So. Yeah. Okay. So we're, I just have us all close our eyes together. Okay. I don't know who these boys are, but do you have, I feel like, do you have sons? Do you have boys? I have a son and a husband. They're kind of both like, I'm just getting like a lot of male energy around you.

I'm just gonna throw those names out. I don't know who these people are, but there's a name Bob or the BD name is, would be named. I don't know if that resonates with my dad. That's your dad. Okay. I'll you're just got the world word wild ride. I don't know. I feel like they're like bouncing between the two of you and your experience together.

Has it been a wild ride for the two of you? I don't know what that means or what a wild ride. So, and I think Karen is having a wild ride right now in general. Okay. Wild vines is the word they're telling you to learn to ask. And I, I don't. That's so funny. I've never gotten that about her wit and I don't necessarily, I don't know if it means like a face like mask.

Like, did you just, so think about your face or dermatology or something like they want you to put a mask on your face? Well, I did a mask right before we started, but you're talking about your mask. Like that's crazy. I literally. I haven't any one day, even. So it's gotta be, well, he did like an actual facial mask.

That's what they're talking. It's not like mask. They're talking about the cat face now. Karen, were you like a wild child when you were a teenager or something? I don't notice. It was showing me you in a Jeep, like riding with your hair running free in the sun. This is what, this is a bit, I'm getting this visuals of you wild and free.

These are the words I'm getting. I think that's because that's what she wants to be wild and free. They want you to know you're a picture, a picture of health. I don't know if you're worried about your health in any way, but your, your clean, your picture of house. I mean, it's very, very clean, very clean, like blue light.

I don't know if you do work with the light, but they're showing me like pouring blue light into your being. Wow. You work with the angels. Do you work with the angels? I do have angel connection cause there, yeah. Okay. I've been calling out to them lately. They're all over you. And they're blue. There's this color blue, like the ages of the blue blue or violet Ray, they're calling themselves.

It's like a team of angels. It's not necessarily the archangels or the guardian angels. It's like, yeah, you've called them this team of angels and they're healing. They're doing a lot of healing work. They're bringing up your mushroom farm again. Something remember that time you were talking about yes.

That's so weird. And I did watch that documentary, like actual showing as much, you know, why. Okay. This makes more sense. They're trying to talk about the interconnectedness and I know nothing about this of mushroom underground, like all the inner, okay. There's this inner web of like, like knowledge that mushrooms talk about when they grow.

And really that's they want, they want to explain it how that is, how we are our human collective. This is like a microcosm of the way. This is weird, the way that we all communicate, we are the same under knowing current of communication as mushrooms do. That's true. That's so true. And I mean, really this has been on, like, I would just watch the documentary then the last two weeks.

So they want to talk about that. Like, this is very important. This is. Connectedness between mushroom growth or whatever. There's like this like energy and they, this is very important to your, both of your necks. Phase and what you're going to do with what you guys do together. Got it. Just keep bringing up like wild and free stuff like waterslides and fun.

And I don't know what that's about it and bringing up the water bearer, like the water sign of some of is a water, but I leave you a water sign and my son is a Pisces. All of that has anything to do with it. He's definitely on my mind. What's his name? What's his grandpa. You want to talk about Graham?

They want to talk about him there. Yes. That was the point of the week. I want to hear it all, whatever they have to the army, like the army. Is he very, like, what does that, why the army, why did they bring you? And then I just heard seven army of men. I don't know how I'm going to come back to that. Cause I don't, they want to bring them up, but they don't want me to go too deep.

I don't know. Okay. Now they're showing me this, like. Internal tornado, like someone, some tornado inside, inside. Is it him? Does he have him like, is it tornado inside? I got a tornado, but it's, what's going on? Just candidly. It's I'm here in Dallas, but I'm living in a very small apartment with my husband, my daughter, her boyfriend, and my son right now.

And we were a very small space and we're all trying to figure out where we go from here. It has a different. Purpose and direction where they want to go and it's causing a lot of friction. Yeah. Yes. Is it the three men that are fighting? Is it like them that are really like, cause they brought up the three men?

Yeah. Very different souls. I mean, Graham is a very driven, very much like a scholar, but Graham is ultra he's 19, so he's just. And, and dad is sort of a very strong energy as well. So they're all just trying to figure out how to co exist in a small space right now. Yeah. It's a lot, for whatever reason, these three men are, there's like a combustion between them.

I don't know why. Then they're bringing up the men specifically. Jeff was one of them in the army or in the force or some sort of force. I feel like they're bringing the bringing if they want to talk about, maybe there's like this militant way about somebody that's very stubborn. One of them that's very.

Rigid and stubborn and they're Britain for, to me, they said army. They mean militant my way or the highway kind of. Yeah, this is a lot of friction. Well, okay. Okay. They want to talk to you. They want you to know that this, this, this, the word, dark, this too shall pass. This will, this will pass. Like soon, like all this tension they're saying whatever's going on is going to dissipate.

It will, it will completely just go and completely go away. One of your guys is a female energy and she's cause she's calling it. She's saying wants me to say what she's saying to me. She wants me to talk about the work that you do. She's very proud of the work that you do. It's an angel. Very proud of you.

Do you have a mom that passed or a grandmother in the past? There's a female. Yeah. It's grandma, grandma. Okay. That's good. He's used those words before, like, well, she has, she's like really proud of. How did she religious? Was she the only, yeah. Okay. She's showing she's very like proper, proper is the right word.

I don't know how to scratch. She was very proper, but, but very loving, but she wants to make sure that that's known. She also was intuitive. Yes. Yes. She was at the beginning of the, she was the first in the generations to pass the stuff. There wasn't very much into all of this, but she was the, she was at the beginning of it.

She was very religious, so she was afraid. So she would pass it on to my mom. She would do all the research and find all the people and then send them to my mother too. She's calling herself the matriarch, but she's actually calling herself. She wants to acknowledge that. Like, I don't know if you see this, but when, when they pass the religion kind of becomes less important and it's more about spirituality.

So she wants to acknowledge that that's the way she was here on this earth. But in, in. The other side, she's more, she's helping you a lot. Wow. She helps you a lot in your work. She's like, it feels very responsible for the experience and for the work that you do. I don't exactly know what you guys do beyond this conversation, beyond what you guys do here, but what do you do?

Like, do you help a lot? I feel like you help people and what you do. I mean, I worked for just the discoveries. That's how Robyn and I met. So I work for them in the digital part of the business. So I'm very much into production and no executive. She wants you, they, and she, your team of like, wants you to know that the work that you're doing is very important and you don't sometimes might not remember this, or you might question that a little bit, but the work you're doing is helping a lot of people and it is very important.

So thank you. They're saying you have a big heart they're showing like the, you just you're a giver. You're definitely a giver and you always have been. And so, and your daughter, they want to talk about your daughter too. She is too. Is she, does she have pets? Does she have, is she going to shoot? Well, they just show me like, this is going down the like, like now she's going to have a daughter and this is going to continue to this gift that you guys have.

It's very loving. It's a very loving, genuine energy. Your soul is very like clean. This whole side of your family has done a lot of work. Their soul is very clean. Do you do a lot of like, Shakara balancing, do you do your own? Yeah, they're saying you're very clear and like, they just want to make it perfectly clear that you're doing the work.

The work that you're doing is of clearing and cleansing and cleaning is very, is working is very important and it works and, and continue, continue to do this daily. They connect, they really want to talk about the connection with the two of you, how you, the synergy behind the work that you two do together is very important.

There's something that the two of you do together that you can't do alone. They're saying that something that there's a balancing of, did Bob play the guitar or something? Was the music guy he's talking about music? Well, yeah, he, he always brings up. I also like piano and he brought, he loved music, but he very much introduced this person in my life, who I call the piano man, who he has a relationship with.

Now, the piano man is a living first. His name is Brad. But he, he helped to validate something with my dad and the reason I, my dad's passed away. And so I feel like that's why he brings that up. Okay. Yeah. He wants to acknowledge that. Wow. Thank you for telling me that. Thank you for giving that. It's it makes sense to me.

Do you have any questions? They, I feel like, I don't know. How long were you slept? I think going back to that tornado environment, I'm a perfect speaker right now. I can get a crossroad to figure out where I go from here. I keep saying throughout, I, I feel like I've been on a pretty clear path for such a long time.

I've done a lot of work this year, just between the transition out of this commute into work and. Really wanting to do this work with Robyn and more all of it. We sold our house to get rid of a lot of the financial burden of that. And to try to clear five, that's been my goal all year. Clarity simplification, because it's really my calling and I want to be able to be free to follow.

I think that's why I'm just saying like, you know, a wild ride. I want to be free to follow this path, but I'm still a wife and a mom, and there's a lot of me in my life right now, bring in a certain paycheck to the house and. I'm I'm sort of like everyday, like the Oreo cookie, you know, I'm the white stuff in the middle of, of the people that I live with.

They're pairing and I'm hearing whites and try to stay close to that. Love energy all the time, but it's, it's work. And so right now, none of things where I live with my daughter, but I've come down to Dallas because my husband's here. His work is here at the moment. We've brought our son with us. So I'm very much like that.

I've seen the runway like I've done every bit of that intuitively felt has been really not clear and I'm fearful. I think she I'm afraid. If the people pleaser, I am afraid that I will make decisions based on wanting those. I love to be happy versus buying reasonably well. So the spring made full circle to when we first opened up and like, they really, they they're showing me visuals of you to tell you of you being wild and free meaning.

And now I know what that means. Like you, you doing, you, you're doing your path and they, that the bringing up the clearness. I'm glad you brought that up because. They keep showing me that all the cleansing and the clearing and clearing all around you, that you're doing is what you're supposed to be doing right now.

Like continue to do your clearing work. There really you're very clear, but they want you to continue to stay clear so that the next messages, when they do arrive will be just. Right there for you. So if you're blocked, there won't be, it won't be as easy, but they're like they keep bringing up the clearing.

The clear, whatever you're doing is exactly what you're supposed to be doing. That was the right work to do. And they also want to, they want to talk about this. They really are showing what you, you doing, your, your thing and a clear and happy. And while the calling allowed and free manner, and we're like, you're just.

You're living your best life. That's that's what the tornado is happening right now, but it's all gonna it. It's gonna go. It's gonna, it's gonna go away. I don't see this like lasting very long. Tell her the work that she's doing right now is the work that she's supposed to be doing. And that none of that is just showing me this, like eternal flame inside, either cognitive eternal, flame.

Your flame still runs bright. I don't know if you feel like it hasn't been lit right lately, but it still runs very bright. Keep your flame. Right. And great. That's a good message for me. Sometimes they get tired. I feel like I've been down these paths and I just see that clarity. I really want to be that happy to keep where I'm at.

Keep clearing and cleansing and knowing, and trusting and lighting. Keep your dull, your frame. Go, go out. Place for Karen in terms of where she may live or in like the next year. So that'd be really helpful. I can't, I keep seeing you in the sun, like sun somewhere, sunny, warm, sunny, sunny, like lots and lots and lots and lots of salt and almost desert a little bit could be here in California.

I see desert and stuff. Like lots of sun that there. I just, they just want me to keep showing, whereas going to nourish you does. Well, I would say too, like, do you see Karen staying with her current job or do you see her changing and following more of the spiritual path? I don't exactly know what this means, but what they're showing me is you with your hands and a lot of different things.

With a lot of different people and they just show me this logo is cool logo. I don't know if you're working in a look like these two things, but I'm like this there's this cool logo. And then why, what you're doing is your hands and a lot of different peoples. Experiences? No, that's super cool. This logo is really cool too.

It's like a, almost like a purple violet flame, but it's like going like this, like a figure eight kind of thing. We'll remember that. Yeah. Wow. Draw it for you soon. Or is that like down the road? Is it reflecting of the now or is reflecting out now? Now very now. You doing work with a lot of, I would all, I don't know what this means exactly, but you do it.

It's mostly women and you're doing a lot of work with women, like your hands. And they're like, your business is not necessarily one thing, but you're helping all those people do their little things around you. I mean, the hands are like everywhere. That's that's true. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that's what we're looking to do is to help all these seekers and.

Teachers and healers, you know, connecting them. And so that's part of, you know, what I would imagine Karen's doing and sharing her experiences too, to help others. And they're showing me this like tip and then all these you're the top. And then all these like strands coming in at first, it was just you in a smaller setting and like your hands and like 10, 12, whatever it is.

But then it got much bigger. That's the now, and then later bigger. When you asked about timeline, it got like your breads strands all over the place. Lots and lots of threads and strands. This is going to be big, whatever you're doing, it has led it's like, now it's copping into like, was this and this, and now it's like these like, wow, this has, this is like, almost like, Oh, it's like the mushrooms.

That's why. Cause they're talking about this interconnected energy of like, It just expands and it's all cool. That's your like the mushrooms?

Wow. That was full circle. Very cool. Oh my gosh. It's so helpful because they think about what you gave to me is that is you give this barrels. It's not necessarily like, should do this, or he will do that. You know, reflecting my energy, see a little bit of that tornado happening, but you see the work really, really working to be.

You see that? I am, I've got my hands in a lot of different things, which I do right now. You're also giving me that hardly clarity from doing the right thing might be interesting. You also said that my grandmother is an angel. She was like, kind of teaching me when she was, when she was coming through. So I just want to say thank you, dog Karen's guides, angels loved ones.

Light beings, everybody that was present here today to deliver messages for her highest. Good. And Robyn, thank you. I honor. You no mistake. It's never far. I feel like I feel him less than others, like, and so I feel like he needed to show me that he was his with his, with me right before we started just even like.

All out the mask. That's fantastic. I love that he comes through and Lisa did my reading this, he came through as well. And I just love that you connect, then it a lot of what you said today, it's validation for our connection, which we re received. From Lisa from past life regressions from like other experiences that like, you know, I mean the human part of me here to keep, keep going.

I feel like just like you had that awakening. And started to even prior to March, but then really the big thing in March, like we too had this prior, but acted on it. Like, even though we, we shot a pilot for this show last September, and we were in the middle of pitching it when COVID hit. And we were like, okay, can't keep pitching.

Cause we were supposed to be in LA or New York or whatever, and they weren't even doing zoom presentations at that point. We're like, let's just watch this. Like, let's just. So it's been a best thing for us because I think it's really helped us create a brand and create our partner, develop our relationship and how we were.

We're still aligned in just making sure that we're, we're trusted and authentic. No, it's gotta be a certain way, but you want it to be fun and open. Right. And I just feel like we all have come into the slides. I feel like we are all being given guidance. Like all our, our angels are talking to each other.

Sure. No. Yeah. I actually got a very clear message to speak to you guys for the beginning of my wakening. At some point I will be speaking to you about something. Thank you so much, dani. Thank you. This was wonderful. I'm so nice to meet you. Connect, and I love this. Thank you. Thanks for having the wisdom and the messages and for being authentic and sharing your story and your gifts.

We're really very, very grateful, wonderful meeting. I mean, really so much goodness in there that I know. Thank you. You too. Bye. You can find out more about . That's  And you can follow her on Instagram at @danilouv Thank you. Yeah.