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Your Soul’s Plan: Did You Plan Your Life Before You Were Born? - Episode 18

September 28, 2020 Robyn Miller Brecker / Karen Loenser / Rob Schwartz Season 1 Episode 18
Seeking Center: The Podcast
Your Soul’s Plan: Did You Plan Your Life Before You Were Born? - Episode 18
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Host + Intuitive, Robyn Miller Brecker and Executive Producer + Intuitive, Karen Loenser are honored to introduce you to Rob Schwartz, author of "Your Soul’s Plan" and "Your Soul’s Gift," and a Between Lives Soul Regression Therapist.

Several years ago when Robyn was at the beginning of her spiritual awakening, she was talking to Spiritual Medium Lisa Nitzkin. Robyn had this feeling that everything was happening on purpose. Yet, when she would discuss this with others they would say,” Why then is there so much death, destruction and atrocities in our world? And why would so many of us experience such tragedy or difficulties in our lives?”

Good questions!

Lisa said, “you need to tell them to read Your Soul’s Plan by Robert Schwartz. And you should read it as well. It will help to make sense of the senseless.”

And Robyn did. And here we are.

Karen, says it’s one of those books that was “aha” moment” in her life.  It makes you look at life with a brand-new lens. Could we have planned out our ”life school” with specific lessons, so that our souls can learn and grow?

Rob’s approach helps all of us see the purpose in our pain—and in our joys, as a way of using our life experiences to help us advance our soul’s journey.

Rob explains it all!  From pre-birth planning (it’s most likely not what you think!) to the hierarchy of spirit — think Spirit Guides, Angels Ascended Masters. Then, he’ll take you through the process of helping someone access their soul’s plan for this lifetime, also called a Between Lives Regression.

The hope is that you walk away with a better understanding of why we may plan certain life challenges while we’re here on Earth. Whether it’s a physical illness, addiction, accident, death of a loved one and more…you may look at these challenges differently, both in your own life and beyond.

Plus, why would we plan to be here on Earth in 2020, during this unprecedented time? And Rob shares his thoughts on Donald Trump’s role as well!.

If you are someone who asks “WHY” or what is the meaning of your life, Rob’s perspective may be just what you need to hear.

You can work with Rob. He offers Between Life Regressions, as well as Spiritual Guidance Sessions and workshops. Visit for more information.

Have you ever wondered about life's biggest questions? Like, why am I here? What happens when we die? Or what else is out there, but we have, and we love to talk about it. And if you're listening, we think you probably do too. I'm Robyn and I'm Karen and we've spent our lives searching for those answers.

And we're seekers, just like you talking to some of the most fascinating spiritual teachers, healers and scientists. And showing you how you can use some of their spiritual practices for yourself. We'll also be sharing stories of other seekers. They motivate you to live your fullest life and we'll be translating it all.

So the spiritual stuff won't feel so out there. So if you're curious, get ready to rediscover why we're here together.

We are honored to introduce you to Rob Schwartz. Author of your soul's plan and your soul's gift. And he's a, between lives, soul regression therapist. I know this conversation is absolutely absolutely on purpose and we planned it before we even came to earth. We'll get into that later. I do want to share though how I came to read and write be transformed by Rob's first book, your soul's plan.

Several years ago, I was talking to my friend. Spiritual medium Lisa it's skin. I was in the beginning of my own spiritual awakening, and I was telling her that when I would talk to others about what was going on with me and how, in my opinion, everything happens on purpose. People would say, well, why then is there so much death, destruction and atrocities in our world?

And why would so many of us experienced such tragedy or difficulties in our lives? And Lisa said, you need to tell them to read your soul's plan by Rob Schwartz, and you should read it as well. It will help to make sense of the senseless. And so I did, and here we are, and I don't think it's any coincidence that your soul's plan is also one of my favorite all time books.

And literally changed the way I look at my own life, the way Robert sheds a completely new light on how loss, addictions, physical ailments, some of the most seemingly tragic and unexplainable events can be understood as our soul's life lessons that we choose before we're born. For me, this was an entirely inspiring and empowering way to find purpose and why some of the things that happen in our lives come to us because we ourselves planned out.

Our life school Robyn's book truly changed the way I look at every experience in my life and how I look at other people's lives as well. Rob's approach helps all of us see the purpose in our pain and in our joys as a way of using our life experiences to help us advance our soul's journey. If you are someone who has, why or what is the meaning of your life Rob's perspective, maybe just what you need to hear.

Rob, we'd love to hear about your story and your spiritual awakening and how did it all begin? I know that when right before we started, you were telling me that actually it happened in Evanston, which is not far from where I live. And so we'd love to hear more. Let me just begin by thanking you for having me.

On the show. I appreciate that. And I'd like to mention my website is your soul's And if people go there, they can read large portions of your soul's plan and your soul's gift for free. You're correct. It started in Evanston, Illinois. I was self employed marketing communications consultant, basically doing different forms of corporate writing, which I've found to be tremendously, tremendously unfiltered feeling.

I was casting about trying to. Figure out what I should really be doing with my life. Cause I knew it wasn't that kind of work. And I tried different things that, that really did not Chevy any light. On the matter I went from career counseling and did the Myers-Briggs and asked friends and family, what should I do?

And none of that really helped at all. And so I thought to myself, okay, I've got to think outside the box here. What can I do to figure out my soul's plan, so to speak? And this idea came to me, go see a psychic media. No, I come from a very conventional background. Mediumship is not part of that background.

I wasn't even sure if I believed in mediumship, but I thought, why not? You know, invest an hour of my time and a little bit of money. And so I did that on may seven of 2003 in Evanston, Illinois. I had my first session ever with a psychic medium. She starts the session by introducing me to the concept of spirit guides, which I had never even heard of at that time.

And she explained that a guide is a highly evolved nonphysical being with whom we plan our lives before birth. And who guides us through our lives. After we get here and through this particular medium, I was actually able to talk to my guidance that day. Now they said a lot of amazing things. One of which was, they said you planned your life, including your biggest challenges before you were born.

And I'll tell you, I just shook my head. And I said, well, why in the world would I have done that? And they said you did this for purposes of spiritual growth. Now, again, coming as I did from such a conventional background, I probably would have dismissed all of this as some kind of delusion on my part, except that the guides then launched into this very detailed explanation of what my challenges have been and why had planned them before I was born.

And mind you, I had not told them anything about myself. Nor had I told the media anything before the session. So they start going through my challenges one by one, they know what all of them are and they give them detailed explanation as to why I planned each one of them. Well, this just rocked my world.

So to speak. I mean, it changed everything. I was stunned. I came out of that session, just dazed. I didn't know what to make of it over the next couple of weeks. Something quite profound happened, which is. By thinking about this pre-birth planning perspective and all the information they had given me, I was able to see for the first time in my life, deeper meaning to many of the challenges and that created a very deep healing for me.

So it was at that point, I thought, Alrighty, if this kind of perspective can create this kind of healing for me. Then surely it can create that kind of healing for other people. And that was when I first started to think about writing the book about how we plan our lives before we born. And then a number of other things happened.

And then one thing led to another. And a few years later, I came out with your soul's plan and then a few years after that, your soul's gift. But that experience with the medium, along with a couple other things, W was absolutely pivotal in getting me to be able to write those books. Wow. And one question I have too, just getting to that point where you said you went to the medium, you know, I know with our own experiences, you get to this point of being at a crossroads.

Right. And I don't, I know for you, you said you were working in marketing communications and it wasn't maybe as fulfilling as you thought it would be. Did you kind of have this nagging that you had to do? I did. That was a very good way to describe it. It was quite clear to me that I was not doing what I came to earth to do, and that there was some specific thing I was supposed to be doing, but I didn't know what it was.

And I wasn't even sure how to figure out what it was, but that session with the medium, that really launched me on the path to figuring that out that session with that medium was so planned. I think from reading your book, that's what I would assume. I would assume that too. I didn't specifically ask them that question, but I think it's very likely that that was planned by me.

And by the medium before either one of us was they gave you a lot of information in that one session. So when you walked out, how did you process and believe spirit laid the groundwork for that session? Starting several years earlier, when I was in my early thirties, I started reading books about near death experiences.

And I am absolutely certain that it was my guides who directed me to those books, even though at the time, I didn't know what a spirit guide was. And so I've read these accounts over and over again, over a period of years. And so by the time I got to the session with the medium, the ground had been laid, so to speak for, for this to take root helps a lot, because I think some people had, they never read anything or heard anything like that.

They may not have taken it as seriously. Well, it's a part of my mind that it was saying, you know, this is crazy. What are we doing here? Let's get out of here. But I just figured that's the ego, I'll ignore the ego and I'm gonna listen to what they're saying. Well, and they spoke to your soul, right? It was, it's something that when you know, it's true, you can feel that it's true.

But for me, I think it was so mind boggling about what you were saying was the end. That was so different about what I had learned. I had been so focused on past life regressions, right? Like looking at what did our past life teach us versus taking that very precious moment before. Or we're born to think about, gosh, I really came here with an intention.

Can you just talk about what that pre-birth land looks like and what it looked like for you? Robert? I should explain here the way I've researched people's papers plans for my two books was by working with mediums and channels who can access that kind of information. Now I'm a hypnotist I do between lives, progressions myself, and I think that's probably the most.

Powerful and direct way to get that kind of information. So in the sessions with the mediums and the channels, I had opportunity to ask personal questions. And what they told me was that I had two past lives in which they, and you knew the truth, but you didn't have the courage to act on it. One was apparently in Atlanta where the government was doing all sorts of horrible things.

And I was there. I was in Atlanta and citizen. I was supposed to what the government was doing, but I didn't have the courage to do anything about it. And then apparently there was another lifetime just like that. And Nazi Germany. I was a German citizen who was opposed to what the Nazis were doing, but I didn't have the courage to do anything about it.

And so they said, when you reviewed those two lives, you decided you wanted to learn the lesson. Speaking your truth courageously. And that this was one of the reasons I chose this particular mission because pre-birth planning is not yet in the mainstream. It would take some courage to put it out there.

And that apparently was the lesson and the experience that I wanted to have. I have the chills. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being brave enough and having the courage and this lifetime. Had you heard that term at all prior to that medium reading? I had not heard that term previously. You know, there's a misconception about that term.

A lot of people, when they hear the term fee birth planning, they actually think that reverts to the planning a couple does when a woman is pregnant and yes, that is a form of rebirth planning, but that's not the kind that I'm writing about. Can you talk a little bit more about what your definition of pre-birth planning is?

Rebirth planning for me is literally the planning you do before you come into body that lays out the course of your life. Now that does not mean that everything is set in stone. That isn't what planning means here. It means for the most part that you set up what you want to experience as a set up possibilities or probabilities, which one's actualized depends upon your freewill decisions, basically to put it in simple terms, the more you make love-based decisions, the less you need the life challenges to awaken you.

The more you make fear-based decisions. The more you call the challenges to yourself. And I don't want people to go into fear when they hear that that's actually the opposite of what I want, but just be aware that in general, that is how it works. So in the pre-birth planning session, you talk with your spirit guides, ascended masters, who may be participating God, or source plays a role.

Your higher self plays, a crucial role orchestrates and oversees the entire process. And you come up with a plan that will allow you hopefully to learn what you want to learn, but whether or not you learn those lessons is a matter of free will. You can always turn away from the plan and go off and do fear-based ego-based things, but then most likely when you have your life review, you're going to see that you didn't learn what you came here to learn.

And you're planning another life to give yourself the same opportunity. It's like the whole idea of karma, right? It's not like you're, you're being punished for anything that you did wrong. It's just that every time you come in, you have that opportunity to say, this is the lesson I want to learn. And then when you get here, unfortunately, you forget that.

That's what you set up for yourself. But your school, I think always knows our audience. They're really made up of beginner seekers. They're open, but they're still learning a lot of terminology and these concepts. So before we jump into, which I know we're so excited about talking about these examples and what you have studied in your book, and even your process, some of the terms you just mentioned, ascended masters, higher self.

Can you explain how that works in this hierarchy of spirit in your belief? My belief system, and I should say the reason I have this. Belief system is because of all the information I collected in the sessions with the mediums and channels for the books. And now in, in literally hundreds of between lives regressions in which the client talks directly to spirit in a trance state, my understanding of the so called spiritual hierarchy, it's based on vibration or frequent.

See, you know, we live in a universe that is energy. Everything is energy vibrating at a certain frequency. And as you go up the spiritual hierarchy, in other words, as beings become more wise and more loving and especially unconditionally loving their vibration goes up. So you have human beings who are in the third dimension, in a physical body at a relatively low or dense vibration.

And then you have a whole host of non-physical beings who are working with us spirit guides, who are at many different levels of vibration. And then you have angels who are at a very high non-physical vibration and ascended master is a being who has mastered unconditional love and graduated from the earth plane that a very, very high frequency, the soul itself is that what you could call an ultra.

Elevated frequency, very, very high. And then the highest of course, would be God or source or whatever term you want to use. And nowadays, a lot of people use the word source because God has so many religious connotations, but in my mind, God in source are the same and soul and higher self are the same.

And you do such a great job of explaining that. Okay. So let's talk a little bit about the book itself and some of the research that you did, and some of the stories that, what you feel were the aha moments for you and some of those. Experiences that they land in this lifetime. Yeah. And the process that's part of that to get to those stories.

So the process for researching your soul's planning, your soul's gift is that I interviewed somebody about a very common life challenge, and it's all the most common things we face here because I wanted the books to help as many people as possible. So between the two books, there are chapters on pretty much every common life challenge, physical illness, mental illness, difficult relationships.

Financial challenges, deafness and blindness adoption, miscarriage and abortion drug addiction, alcoholism on and on and on. And the person I interviewed for a particular chapter would have one, two, or sometimes three sessions with the mediums, which we asked spirit. Did this person plan this experience before he or she was born?

And if so, why? And then in the books I present all the information that came through and there are so many stories to choose from. I don't know who you'd most like to hear about the most dramatic story is toward the end of the first book. Your soul is planned. There's a chapter on accidents, which are not really accidents.

And one of the stories in that chapter is a woman. Who's a blown up. In a bomb explosion. And we work with a BDM who has the ability to hear the conversations we have with each other in the pre-birth place. It makes sessions. So she goes into this woman's pre-birth planning session, and we could actually hear the conference she had with the soul who eventually planted the bomb.

And they're talking about this, she's agreeing to be at the offense of the bond and the reason she wants to have this. Seemingly horrible experience is because she wanted to be a great healer in this lifetime. And she knew before she came into body, that if she could heal herself from the devastating effects of that bomb explosion, she could then take all of that wisdom and knowledge about healing and turn it outward in service to others.

And that's exactly what she did. her recovery took two years and 10 reconstructive surgeries, but when it was over, she went back to school. She thought, okay, PhD in speech, language pathology set up a private practice. And at this point in her career has healed literally thousands of people. What makes her story so amazing is the level of suffering she went through.

And then how she used an awareness of her pre-birth plan to forgive, and actually you get to a place of gratitude. So when that bomb exploded, you know, the flames scorched her entire body from head to toe, two fingers were severed. Both eardrums were ruptured when she got to the hospital doctors. So you had to hold magnets over her eyeballs to extract the shrapnel from the pipe.

So we're talking here about a level of. Suffering. That's almost unimaginable to you and me. Well, during that two year period, when she was having the 10 reconstructive surgeries, there was a day when she was lying in her hospital bed in a lot of pain. And all of a sudden she heard this voice inside her head talking to her.

It was not her own voice. And the voice said, you plan this. And of course she said, why? And Linda voice said, you knew before you were born, you could heal yourself from this. You could go on to be a gifted healer. Now it's not like she got immediately to a place of forgiveness or gratitude or acceptance in that moment.

It took a while. It turns out that that voice is one of her guides and she started to talk to the guide regularly and over a period of time, as she learned more and more about her pre-birth intentions. She was able to forgive the bomber and then actually get to a place where she was grateful for the experience.

And to me, this is one of the most powerful stories I've seen that shows what you can do with an awareness of your pre-birth plan. You know, she could have chosen instead to be angry for the rest of her life. She could have chosen to be bitter and resentful for the rest of her life. She might even have decided to track down the bomber and try to take revenge, but because she came into this understanding of her pre-birth plan and really worked with it over a period of years, She got to a place of total forgiveness and then to a place of total gratitude.

Now, her story is unusual in that it's Obama explode, but she, herself is not unusual. Well, she's just like you and me and everybody who will hear this conversation. So if she can use an awareness, so for pre-birth plan to forgive and get to a place of gratitude after what she went through. Then all of us can do the same thing, using an awareness of our pre-birth plan.

I know that story really stuck with me when I read it. I think the other part too, was you also talk about the bomber because they think the other part is that that bomber chose to be the bomber in this lifetime. I know with conversations with my own friends about it, we always come back to that story because there's somebody who has to play that other role too.

Can you talk a little bit about some of the information that came through about the bomber? Yeah. The bomber apparently had at least one past life in a, I believe it was Northern England or Ireland. Something to do with bombings in the past life was it was a political activist of some kind and he never really healed this sort of anger.

And wounding the led him to use bombs in past life. And so this is something that is very common, what you don't heal in a past life. You often choose to carry it back into body energetically in another lifetime, not for the purpose of expressing it, but rather for the purpose of healing, it. So the bomber talks about how he's going to carry these unhealed energies back into body.

His hope is that he will find a way to heal them, but he knows that if he, it doesn't find a way to heal them, he's likely to plant at least one other bomb and do the whole thing over again. And so her response to this in the pre-birth. Planning session is, I'm on board with that, because if you succeed in healing yourself and you don't plant the bomb, then there will be something else I built into my life plan, another accident that gives me the same opportunity to become a great healer.

And if you do plant the bomb and I'm at the effects of the bomb, then I will work with that again, to become a powerful healer. So either way, no matter which direction he goes with that, she's fine with that plan. And that was their agreement puts a new light on loving your enemies. Doesn't it does. I always think in my own life, my biggest challenges and my biggest challengers are my greatest teachers.

Somehow we did plan that, you know, whatever it is, that's how I look at it. And it's because of your work. And you find Robert that when people go through these experiences, that they are able to forgive those in their lives that have seemingly wronged them in some way, a big help. It's not guaranteed that if you understand your pre-birth plan, you'll get to a place of forgiveness.

It helps tremendously with relatively small violations. And moderate violations. If something really traumatic, something really severe has happened, then the understanding of the pre-birth planning is a wonderful foundation to build on. But there's usually some additional forgiveness work that you have to do on top of that.

There are two individuals who have actually developed methodologies to get yourself to a place of forgiveness. One is calling tipping with the radical forgiveness work that you might've heard of. And there's another person, Fred Luskin, who used to be the director of the forgiveness Institute at Stanford.

He wrote an excellent book called forgive for good both systems are outstanding. It would not make sense to do both. I think that would be confusing and redundant, read up on the two systems and then choose the one that most resonates with you. You really can't go wrong with either one. And then also with some of those other challenges.

That you talked about adoption drug, addiction, relationships coming in with some sort of disability. One of the things that I know I learned through it, because people had planned it, it was to learn things like compassion or empathy. Can you speak a little bit about that? Well, you know, one of the main reasons.

People plan big challenges before they come into body is healing, healing energies from past lives, in your soul's plan, in the deafness and blindness chapter. The definite story is a young African American woman named Penelope. She was born completely deaf. You know, both ears. So we did a session with the medium who hears that the conversations in the pre-birth planning session now because of the Penelope, Stephan is the whole session was done on instant messenger.

Each one of us was in our home typing on the computer, but the medium goes into Penelope is pre-birth planning session. Then we hear the conversation she had with her guide when the deafness was planned. And what we discover is that in the life immediately prior to that, this one Penelope had the same mother she has in this lifetime.

And in that past life, when she was a little girl, if she heard her mother shot to death by the mother's boyfriend, now she didn't actually see the murder, but she heard the gunshots that led to her mother's death. As you can imagine, she was quite traumatized by that so much. So they've been actually led her to commit suicide in that lifetime.

So she returned to spirit from that life, with what you could call an energy of unhealed trauma, which now needs to be healed in the pre-birth planning session. Her spirit guide says to her. My dear would you prefer to be born deaf so that no similar trauma will happen to you again and so that you can complete your healing from the last lifetime.

And she responds, yes. That is what I want and what I wish to do. And then what follows is this fascinating dialogue in which she and her guide work out the details of the deafness? An important point to get here, is that the decision to be female African American and completely dead? Yeah. It's not random or arbitrary in any way.

One of her pre-birth pensions was to deepen in compassion and she thought that this relatively unusual combination would put her in the letter. Situations, they would provide both the opportunity and the motivation to cultivate compassion. Well, that's exactly what happened. And now she offers that compassion to her students in the deaf community.

She's a teacher to the deaf and that's usually the other half of the rebirth plan. The first portion of it is cultivate virtues, like compassion, usually through challenges. The next portion of the life plan is to take the virtues you've cultivated and offer them to others in some form of phenomenal.

Can you just talk a little bit about the process when someone comes to see you and how it all works? What I do as the hypnotist is something called a, between lives, soul regression, or a B LSR for short, it's the same thing as what is sometimes called a life between lives regression. That's what Michael Newton, the person who founded the field of between lives regression called it.

When he started it back in the 1990s, but it's the same thing. What happens in the BLS arm? We start with a series of physical cool and mental relaxation stubs. And then I guide you into a past life. It's almost always a past life that had a big impact on the plan for the current lifetime. So you see several different scenes in the past life.

The last one of which is the death. Sam, you leave the body in the depths and cross back over to the other side, which I realize sounds a little bit ominous, but there's actually nothing to it. It's, it's very easy and safe and natural and gentle. When you get to the other side, usually you're greeted by a spirit guide.

Although it could be a deceased, loved one, an angel, a master, some people are greeted by Jesus or Buddha, for example, but whoever greets you, you ask them why you were shown that particular past life. Why it's important for you to know about it at this time and how it affected the plan for the current lifetime.

And then you ask whoever it is you're talking with to take you to the council of elders. These are the very wise loving and highly evolved beings who oversee reincarnation on earth. And they know everything about you, both the plan for your current lifetime, every past life you've had. So when you get in front of the council, you can ask literally any question on any subject and if it's for your highest good to know the answer, the council will answer the questions people ask most often are, what did I plan?

Why did I make those plans? How am I doing in terms of fulfilling my plan and how can I better. Fulfill my plan, but they will answer anything you put to them as long as it's for your highest. Good to know the answer. the two comments people make most often after they talked to the council, they will say things like I could feel the console's tremendous unconditional love for me.

And I could also sense that they knew literally everything about me, including all the bad things I've done in my life. And yet they had absolutely no judgment of me. And for most people, this is the first, the first time since coming into body that they've experienced that kind of unconditional love.

That's what the other side is like. That's what our home is like. But to have that fair enough while you're here in body is an incredibly profound awakening experience and people will come out of that session. And they'll say things like they answered every question I asked, I have no more questions about my life.

And then they can go about learning the underlying lessons in a more conscious and presumably much less painful manner. Well, and I think about the fact that you researched this and now you do it yourself and you know, you've done it. Hundreds of these, everybody has a spirit guide and everybody is able to go and talk to the council of elders.

People always are talking about. The same, having the same kinds of experiences in terms of how this plays out. That's what I hope people listening or watching can understand for some people who do not go into trans. And that's true for everybody who practices hypnosis. If you ever talk to him to just to silence, they have a 100% discuss, right?

Don't work with that person because they're not telling you the truth. Now the odds are very much in your favor. And I do something that I think increases the chances of going into trance, which is. I send every client of recording. It's been talking for about 20 minutes and a guided meditation. And I tell people, practice relaxing to the side of my voice at least 10 times prior to your session.

Now not everybody follows that suggestion, but if you do it greatly increases your chances of going into trance, which are pretty good to begin with. So the odds are very much in your. One question I have too, about the way that you do your hypnosis is do people remember what they felt or what they saw?

The most part? They, they remember the feeling that will stay with them their whole lives, and they will remember almost all of the details of what happens. I record the interaction. Portion of every, between lives regression. So you've got a recording of it to refer back to part. Are you hearing, what part are you not hearing and how do you guide the questions for them to ask?

I self am not a medium or a channel. It's very clear to me when I write or when I do workshops that there's a non-physical team assisting me, but it's not that I'm hearing them talk to me in my mind. I just. Feel their presence and a sense of inspiration coming from them before every client does in between lives regression.

I have them fill out an extensive intake form and one of the main purposes of the forum is for them to put their questions for the council. So they don't have to remember them during the session. Then when they get to the council and I ask them to speak out loud, Everything they're hearing from the council.

So I'll prompt them to ask every question that's on the intake form, and then they will tell me word for word, what the council is, responses so that we can get it there. Wow. Do they see things as well in their mind's eye? Are they getting a visual. Representation of what their spirit guides and the council looks like majority of people do.

There are different modes of communication with spirit, and usually each person has a primary mode, so that the four main modes are visual auditory feelings or emotions. And what I call knowings without knowing how, you know, in other words, you don't see or hear anything, but you'll get instantaneous downloads information to every question.

So it can be any one of the four unique combination of the four visual is probably the most common along with auditory. They see all kinds of things. I mean, they will see not only the council, usually there are not number of non-physical beings who are in attendance simply to watch their meeting with the council.

So when they get there, I say, look around in all directions, what do you see? And very often they'll say, Oh, you know, there's my uncle, my aunt, my grandparents, they're all here. They're here to listen to the conversation with the council.

and like where they are and where the council is. If there's similar environment that they're all in variability in that, but generally people seeing a very spacious room and they will see a counsel in humanoid form. Sometimes male, sometimes female, sometimes androgynous. Some combination. There are, generally the council is seated at what appears to be a very long table.

Now, sometimes clients see the council members as just light sort of balls or spirits of light they're actually floating or suspended in air. Generally. That's what they report. When you talk about that, there are people that may look familiar to them. Would you say that those are part of their soul? I don't use the word tribe.

The praise soul group, I think is the same thing. It's a collection of souls who are more or less the same vibration, which is another way of saying the same stage of evolution. And you and the other members of your soul group have many, many incarnations with each other. In which you play every conceivable role for each other.

So you and the other members of your group will be, and daughter, father, and son, brother, and sister, best of friends, mortal enemies, and every other role you can think of at the soul level. There's no judgment of any of these roles, even when they're quote unquote negative roles. Are just roles that are scripted.

We're all players on the stage, like Shakespeare said, and we're playing these parts for each other so that we can stimulate each other's learning and growth and healing and evolution. Thank you for explaining that one question that Robyn and I talk about a lot is do we have opportunities to leave this lifetime?

Do we plan those as well? Well, that is planning what is sometimes referred to as an exit point and you plan multiple exit. Points across the lifespan, you would take an exit point under one or two circumstances, either you've learned and done everything you came here to learn and do, or your soul concludes that for whatever reason, you will not be able to learn what you came here to learn.

And in either one of those two situations, you take an exit point. It's time to go home. There are some exceptions to that. Sometimes somebody will complete whatever learning they plan for the lifetime, but they stick around to be of service to the other significant people in their lives. But that's basically how exit points work.

And also that makes me want to ask you about challenges that may not be planned that come up in your lifetime. What are some examples of those or how would that come about? Well, the, the challenges that are not planned are the same challenges that are planned. In the channeling sessions for the books. I often ask what percentage of the time is this particular experience plan before birth?

And there was some variation, the ability in the response, but it generally came in around 70%. So that's still leaving a significant chunk of experience that is not planned. And that's why coming to earth takes so much courage because no matter how much you plan out your life, there's still a lot that.

It's going to happen. That was not planned. Just throw in a question about suicide and, and people's choice to leave the body. How is that dealt with when they return to the other side and are reviewing their life? How are they evaluated after a suicide? So in my second book, your soul's gift, there's actually an entire chapter about suicide.

And in this particular chapter, we work with the channel who channels Jesus. So in the channeling session, I asked him right at the beginning, his suicide plan before we were born. And he says it is never planned as a certainty, but it is planned as a possibility or a probability or rarely a probability so high as to be almost certain.

And then he says, this was the case. with the person who is the subject of the chapter, a young man named Cameron, Cameron suffered from severe depression and anxiety, his entire life. And shortly after he graduated from high school, he hung himself from a rafter in his mother's home. His mother is the person I'm talking to for that chapter.

Her name is Carolyn. Carolyn does the one and found him and actually had to cut the rope and take her son's body down. Cameron comes into the Channing session. And he starts to describe what his experience was like, as soon as he returned to the other side. And he says that as soon as he got back there, he saw his guides, which by the way is unusual because normally someone who suicides, if they're reached through a medium or a channel, they talk about how, when they first get back to the other side, they're in what they call a gray zone.

It's just gray all around them. And then after some passage of time, time in quotes here, Then they move out of the gray zone and back into the light. But Cameron says he didn't have that experience. He sees his guides from the moment he crosses over, but he says I was very bewildered and confused because that's the state I was in when I took my life.

And so I didn't really understand what had happened. I didn't know that I had actually ended my life. And so he says that his guide showed him his dead body to get him to understand what he done. And then from that point on, he talks about how he's had many, many dreams, state Congress patients with his mother.

In other words, while she's asleep, she leaves the physical body and travels in her astral or spirit, spirit, body back to the other side. And then they talk together about what had happened. And he says, I know you have no conscious recall of these conversations, but what I stress to you in those conversations is that it was not your fault.

You didn't fail me in any way. This was a choice I made and I'm fully responsible for it. And that, by the way, is the most common statement somebody makes, who has taken their life. When you reach them through a medium or channel, they say to their loved ones, it was not your fault. You did not fail me. It was my choice in my responsibility.

Then Cameron goes on and he talks about what he's doing now. And he says his work is to help other teens who suicide to successfully adapt to life on the other side when they return. And then he steps aside and Jesus comes back in and in this portion of the conversation with Jesus, He says something that to me is really the single most healing piece of information I've come across in all the years that I'm, I've been doing this work.

He says that every suicide that was preventable by outside forces was indeed prevented and he goes on to it. Explain that what he means is if the suicidal person has the slightest openness or willingness to change their mind, spirit knows about that. And spirit, stages, and intervention. The intervention can be almost anything.

For example, somebody walks by and the smile at the suicidal person, and then they feel better and they don't go through with it. Sometimes it's something very dramatic, like an angel taking human forum and actually intervening, but spirit knows and spirit stages and intervention. So if so, I'm on quote unquote succeeds in taking their own life.

That means there was no openness or willingness to change their mind, which in turn means that there was literally no, nothing, a loved one could have done program the suicide. So for anybody listening to this , if you have lost a loved one, Suicide and you feel some guilt or self-blame, I think you should have done something to prevent it.

There was literally nothing you could have done. So I would encourage you to take that guilt or self blame and set it down and step away from it. Because again, there was nothing that you could, that is the best explanation I've ever heard of that. And it's very comforting. So thank you for that. Really helpful to me.

Yeah. And I think it will be helpful. Full too many people. And then talking about Akashic records. Can you explain what are Kaushik? Right. The Akashic record is the complete non-physical record of every word of thought and action relevant to the earth plane, including the pre-birth planning. So for example, in my second book, your soul's gift, one of the channels.

I work with is a woman in Michigan. Food channel is an ascended master who uses the name, Aaron, which was his name and his last physical lifetime. Aaron has access to the Akashic record. So the person that I'm interviewing for the book, Aaron will go into that person's Akashic record, and then he can find out exactly what they planned and why they made those plans.

And I think this is the same method that a number of other non-physical beings are using when we talk to them in these. Sessions and they give us information about somebody's plan. This is actually a good way to find out what you plan before you were born. If you don't want to do hypnosis and you don't want to do it between lives regression, find somebody who can read the Akashic records.

There are many, many people who do it. You can find them by searching online, have someone go into your record and they can find out what she planned and why you made those plans. Favorite question I think on the list is why do we incarnate? And do we go to other planets? Well, I think the other question first is to why do we incarnate?

there are many, many answers to that question, but if you distill all of those answers down, there's a common denominator. Which is that we are learning lessons and how to give and receive love. Now, again, permutations of that lesson in my workshop, I do something called the divine virtues exercise. It is a list of virtues.

I've heard souls talking about in their planning sessions. I think there's now 28 on the list. It's things like unconditional love, acceptance, patience, empathy, compassion, right? So on. But when you distill all of the virtues down, the bottom line is. Giving and receiving love. That's why we're here. We do have incarnations, as I understand it on many, many different physical planes and many, many nonphysical planes as well.

And it's not the case that you're just doing earth until you graduate from the earth school. And then you go on to those other places. You have physical lifetimes on other planets and nonphysical lifetimes in between earthly incarnations. So the average person has been all over the universe, doing all sorts of different things is remarkable.

I love thinking about that. How would you define a soul versus a personality? The soul is, I think of it as a spark of God. It's a very small portion of God's energy. And then the personality you could say is a spark of the soul. It's a small portion of the soulless energy placed into a physical body. And would you say that the personality would change depending on where you are in a different lifetime?

Or do you always kind of have a spark of that personality with that soul? There's a body of a general literature called the Micheal system. If people just Google the medical system, you'll find a lot of information about it. Michael is a group consciousness, a collective that has channeled information about life plan relative to soul, age and soul archetype.

Soul archetype speaks to the question you just asked because in the microsystem, I, and I'm not an expert on it, but I think there are five or six different archetypes. Some of them are King priest warrior. It means is that there are a number of who have certain qualities or predominant traits that a priest would have that a King would have that a war you would have.

And you tend to carry those traits into every lifetime. So that's like the core of your personality, regardless of which lifetime it is. But then in the individual lifetimes, you wrap a set of personal traits around the core and those personal traits differ quite a bit from lifetime. Are there different stages of the soul's evolution?

Also an area that the Michael's system speaks to according to Michael, I think they're in the microsystem. There are six. Categories of soul age that are incarnating on earth and it's something like infant. Yeah. Middle-aged mature. And then old, there might be one other category that I'm forgetting and you can tell to some extent which category a person is in, depending upon.

What they're doing with their life. So in other words, according to Michael, at the youngest souls who just haven't been on earth or in much are interested in exploring survival on the physical plane. And then when you go up to the next category, yeah. According to Michael, those souls want to explore issues of power.

And then when you get to mature and old, according to Michael. Those souls are interested in psychology, emotions, relationships, spiritual things. So you have some general indicators as to how old the soul is, but then there are souls that are exceptions to those rules. You might, for example, have a mature or an old soul agree to be of service to another soul by playing a role that seems outwardly to be crude and primitive.

But the reason they're taking on that role, the reason the sole ask them to take it on is because they're advanced enough to be trusted, to handle the role floor, which is really exciting. And then how would you explain the concept of oneness? One is to me is our natural state when we're home on the other side.

And what it means is that you're aware of the fact that there's actually the only one being in the universe. And it's all of us. It's you it's me. It's each, each one of us has an individualized expression of the one. Now here on earth. For most people, this is just an intellectual concept. Although there are people who have had oneness experiences.

But as I understand it, when we're home in the nonphysical, everybody's in a state of oneness consciousness. So the sorts of things that happen here on earth, where most people are in a state of perceived separation, you know, attack, victim, victimizer, rescuer, those kinds of things. That's not happening on the other side because we're all in this state of oneness where nobody would attend anybody else.

I so wish we could. Remember that for those of us who may not be able to have a, between lives regression with you, what would you suggest? I know the Akashic records was one of the things that you said to explore, but are there other ways that we can try to remember or get in touch with that soul plan that we created before we came?

Yeah, there's actually a surprisingly large number of ways you can. Find out what you plan before you were born. You know, I'm biased. I think that between lives regression is the most profound way, but other ways would be again, the Micheal system. There are people who channel Michael, you can talk to Michael directly yourself, crush it, record reading.

Dreamwork is a great way to get an answer to any question. Before you go to bed at nights, speak out loud, your guidance souls ask one question. It might be what is my life? Plan ask for a dream that answers the question, ask it the dream. Be understandable. Ask for help remembering the dream and then keep on paper or digital recorder next to your bed.

Write it down and describe it into the recorder. If you wake up Palma's stream, your life plan is encoded in your Palm print. People who know how to read that your analogy. The life plan is encoded in the Iris of the human I'm Chinese face. Reading the life plan is encoded in the structure of your face.

And the Chinese have figured out how to read that automatic writing, which you can Google the term. It's a way to train yourself to channel information from spirit. Meditation is a good way to get an answer to any question at the start of the meditation. Speak out loud to spirit. Ask. What is my life plan, and then just let your mind go quiet and see what happens.

It's not so much that you will hear your guides, answer your question. All of that could happen. But during the quiet times of the meditation, when your mind, isn't thinking that gives the guidance and opportunity to plant a seed that can germinate days, weeks, or months down the road. So you will just suddenly come into a knowing of the question you ask sometime after the meditation.

There's another body of general literature called the human design system and a specific form of it called gene codes. Gene here is G E M E trying to think if I've forgotten anything. Yeah. Just give us five more episodes. I agree with some things I'd never heard of. So you need, they're very excited. One more.

There's a guy in the UK named blue Marston who has a system for determining yourself plan. I don't know the details of his system, but he's trained people to give, so plan readings as he calls them. That's another option numerology. Is is very good. I went down that path. When I first started researching the books, I was amazed at the detail and the accuracy of the information that came from numerology.

So there are many things that you can do. Are there other spiritual resources that you use on a regular basis? Like I know you said that you had used numerology before and it was actually pretty accurate. Are there other types of practices that you have? My main spiritual practices are prayer and meditation.

I have been saying for years, I think prayer and meditation will get anybody 80% of where they want to go. And the other 20% will be something that's unique to you that you have to figure out on your own. But I think prayer and meditation are the most powerful spiritual technologies. If you want to use that term, that anybody can never heard that expression before.

I love that. And then are there any thoughts or wisdom that you can share about where we are right now in 2020? I understanding of what's happening is that the earth has already moved from the third dimension into the fourth and is on its way to the fifth, which is a dimension of unity consciousness.

So we're headed home. Not in terms of leaving the physical body, but in terms of getting back into a state of unity. So the fourth dimension is at a huh, or migration, then the third and the fifth is at a higher vibration than the fourth. So the earth moves up in vibration. There's more light. Coming onto the planet.

And the light has the effect of a bringing up whatever darkness is here so that we can heal it, release it and move on to the fifth dimension. And that's why it looks like things are actually getting worse. But in fact, it's just part of the process. And if you take a broader view, what's happening now is something that's actually good, even though it's difficult because there's a lot of darkness that has to be healed in order to get to the fifth dimension.

I agree. That gives me a lot of hope and it's hope, right. That's very uplifting. Yes. Yeah. I'll also share with you, you know, I've asked specifically about president Trump in some of the channelings. And what spirit said to me was that he trained for many, many lifetimes to play the role that he is.

Playing now, you know, he really prepared for this role and is doing it in service to us. Again, it's very unpleasant in some ways, but what he's doing is helping us to focus clearly on the choice you want to have a love-based planet. Do you want to have a fear based planet? Do you want spirit based or do you want ego-based he's bringing that choice into clear focus so that we can actually make the choice.

I think that's true. I think that a lot of people need to hear that what's next on your list. There is a new book. Final edits. Now, hopefully it will come out in the spring. It's about the pre-birth planning of different aspects of romantic relationships. And then because of the pandemic, I moved my entire workshop online.

So it's now possible to do the whole workshop without leaving your home. There are four components to it. I give a talk about pre-birth planning. We do the divine virtues exercise, and then there are two groups. If not regressions. One to contact loved ones on the other side. And the other is a group between lives regression in which you can find out your life plan.

So that's what the workshop is all about. I was checking those out. I think the first one sold out really quickly. amazing. Well, this has been wonderful. I'm so grateful. I mean, I've had to like pinch myself the whole time. I refer back to your books. Both of them frequently. And they really do come up in conversations on a regular basis in my own life.

So I'm just, thank you. Thank you. And thank you for explaining so much, even in more detail, Karen and I, and then to everybody watching it listening, I think for a lot of people, this. Will inspire them. Whether it's read your books, do a workshop or reach out and potentially do a session with you. I'm excited for them to learn more and explore more and dig into why they're here.

That's why Karen and I are doing what we're doing is because we know in our own lives. Starting to figure out our own intention and our own plan has changed our own lives. And we want that for other people. And I want to thank you for the show that you're doing. You're bringing a lot of valuable information into the world it's much needed.

So thank you for doing what you're doing. Thank you. Wonderful. Thank you so much for the time. Thank you. You can work with Rob. He offers between life regressions. As well as spiritual guidance, sessions and workshops that he spoke about, visit your soul's for more information, and be sure to check out his books, your soul's plan and your soul's gift.

They're life changing reads. .

Your Soul’s Plan: Did You Plan Your Life Before You Were Born?