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The Crystal You Didn’t Know You Needed: Tap Into Your Inner Power with Help from Energy Muse - Episode 14

August 02, 2020 Robyn Miller Brecker / Karen Loenser / Heather Askinosie / Timmi Jandro Season 1 Episode 14
Seeking Center: The Podcast
The Crystal You Didn’t Know You Needed: Tap Into Your Inner Power with Help from Energy Muse - Episode 14
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You may remember crystals from your youth, but most of us don’t know how powerful they can be in our adult lives.

Robyn Miller Brecker, host of "Seeking with Robyn, and Executive Producer, Karen Loenser meet Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro who have created a crystal empire called Energy Muse. Robyn and Karen have both bought jewelry and crystals from them and knew they would be the perfect people to introduce the power of crystals to our fellow seekers.

So, why crystals?! Well Heather and Timmi will give you that answer — and tell you the three crystals that everyone should own. And they’re telling you how to use them on a daily basis. They believe they can help change your life in a big, positive way. Plus, they have come up with formulas for you to use for each crystal that they sell. How do they do that -- and why? Find out.

Also, what makes their process so unique? You won’t believe what they have going on in their warehouse 24/7.

Childhood friends that were able to take a friendship and turn it into a business partnership. Their journeys to building Energy Muse is nothing short of fascinating. And the two of them keep evolving on a soul level. They share the lessons that they have learned with the hope that they will inspire you to live your purpose. There is no time like the present.

As Timmi says, "That was the mission – helping people that knew nothing about energy or crystals, create prosperity. And then Heather sums it up perfectly, “We are light workers, we are warriors, we just have to step into our power.”

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Have you ever wondered about life's biggest questions? Like, why am I here? What happens when we die? Or what else is out there, but we have, and we love to talk about it. And if you're listening, we think you probably do too. I'm Robyn and I'm Karen and we've spent our lives searching for those answers.

And we're seekers, just like you talking to some of the most fascinating spiritual teachers, healers and scientists. And showing you how you can use some of their spiritual practices for yourself. We'll also be sharing stories of other seekers can motivate you to live your fullest life and we'll be translating it all.

So the spiritual stuff won't feel so out there. So if you're curious, get ready to rediscover why we're here together. I remember crystals from your youth, but so many don't know how powerful they can be in their adult lives. Meet Heather and tinny who have created a crystal empire. Called energy muse.

Karen and I have bought jewelry and crystals from them and knew they would be the perfect people to introduce the power of crystals to our fellow seekers

for us. Happy to have you here. Thanks for having us. Tell us how you first met and how you became interested in principles. Timmy. Why don't you start? Well? So my grandma lived between, between Heather and I. So we would see each other all the time because I was always at my grandma's and I was always going over to Heather's to play and talking about like, some of this stuff was just meant to be, my grandma would talk to us and I would talk to Heather over the fence about reincarnation at like age seven.

So. You know, not a lot of kids back in five decades ago were talking about this kind of stuff, but that's where Heather and I started a lot of our journey and we have been friends since elementary school. And I will say we have caused a lot of havoc, but we've honed in our energy. So. Speak and really are on a mission to do something really amazing, which is educate and tell people and teach people more about crystals.

Obviously the gods, the divine energies above knew they needed to put us together at some point. And it started long ago. Oh, are you talking about reincarnation at seven? You guys had the same thing? Well, my grandma was introducing it to us. She was a real trailblazer back in the day. The seventies, she just was trying to get us educated about what that was.

And could your mind even go there, do you believe in reincarnation and our souls coming back to this earth over and over again, and probably like you too. Heather and I have lived in many lifetimes together, so it made perfect sense. And Heather, how are you in terms of understanding this as well? I would go into my house and my grandma would be.

Sipping tea and she's like have some tea and I'm like, okay, cause she's this Irish woman. And then she turned the tea cup over and she'd spin and she's like, let's read your tea leaves. So that's kind of how I grew up in this, you know, very mystical world, Timmy and I grew up in Manhattan beach and definitely my mom and dad did not raise me to be like, I want you to be a crystal healer and this is what we want you to do.

Right. You go to college and then we want you to be a crystal healer. Okay, so it wasn't back then, you know, growing up in Manhattan beach had this energy of being free and being by the water in this creative Renaissance. But when I was growing up, I wasn't around crystals by any means it wasn't part of our conversation in our home.

You know, when I got into crystals, it was a complete. Hard opening discovery. Timmy. Were there certain crystals attracted you right away from a young age? No, not at all. So how did you get introduced to crystals? Well, through Heather's. So my life has always been a very linear path. You know, I followed the rules.

I went to college. I went locally in California. Got married at age 22. Got a really great job in the garment industry with one of my parents' friends who was selling to the big box retailers. They wanted to be in sales. I love sales. And the gentleman, yeah, you hired me said, Oh, you'll be in sales, but you're going to work out in shipping.

You're going to work. In production, you're going to work as the customer present, you will watch the designer, then you'll get into sales. So it sounded terrible at the time. But fast forward with Heather and I starting our own company. I had a lot of background about different facets of a business, but I got completely burned out of the garment industry.

I mean, we, I was traveling all the time. I was in New York, probably two weeks out of every other month. Again, I was married. It wasn't so conducive to a happy marriage. I knew I didn't want that to be. And I, I knew that money didn't buy happiness, so it was time to get out. And that was exactly what I did.

I didn't know what I was going to do, which is very, unlike me, nothing was planned. I just knew the timing was I needed to get out. And that's when Heather was starting to study energy, you were chill. Let her tell you about it and introduced me to our prosperity necklace, which started our company. Yeah.

Pick up their head. That's it linear. I'm nothing like that. I'm a fluid in the flow. I have a different frequency. I land here back on earth. Cause I got you. I got kids and a husband and those people, but when I was in my twenties, my late twenties. You know, I looked good on paper. Like if you looked at me a picture where you're like, dang that girl's got it game.

I mean, I had a house by the beach. I had the car, I had the money and the boyfriend and I am like thinking I'm doing good, but there was this emptiness inside of me because I that's it. I thought money did have happiness. Wait, Hey, I have. Wait, I have all this stuff. What, what up is there a heart in there?

My feeling. And so at that time I was selling million dollar properties and in the eighties back then, that was a big deal. And I was rookie of the year. It was great. Was that whole thing. And a man came in and he was a CFO of a fortune 500 company. And he comes in, he said, look, I'm going to buy a ton of real estate from you.

And I'm like, I'm your girl, I'm your girl. And he said, but you got to learn this one thing. And I said, I'm in whatever you need on to alert. He said, I only buy houses that have good function way. Now this was 27 years ago. I'm like, I'm sorry to say what? And he's like, it's about this balance of energy, whatever.

So, because I wanted him as a client and he was going to buy a lot of real estate. I started learning the Chinese functional way, which is all based on mathematics. And now this is 27 years ago and it's me and a room of Chinese men. It was an interesting time because I learned about energy, which I knew nothing about, but what happened was because I learned this, I could go in and I knew how to activate houses for wealth.

And so at the time market was bombing, but I wasn't. Because my house is we're selling and then I got to have that full stigma of, Oh, have you guys met the witch? So that was another fun time in the life. Okay. It started me on this whole journey of this invisible world that people couldn't see, but very much existed.

And so that's. Started this whole thing. And I stumbled across a crystal store one day. And this is the very first crystal. It got me at hello. It got me at you're so pretty. I like you. It was an amethyst. I walked in. I knew nothing about it. The lady said it comes from Brazil. It has this energy of intuition.

I'm like, what is intuition? But I'm a researcher. And I am a truth speaker to the demise of me. I'm very much open to trying a lot of sayings. But because I'm busy. I have the husband, I have a business, I have kids. I only play around with things at work. I'm very into formulas and variables. It's about research.

It's what feeds. So I have books everywhere, but yeah, when I got into the energy of the earth, it was all of a sudden, I was like, Oh, this is what feeling. Like home feels like, and when you're really scattered and you don't know what that feels like, and you land inside your heart, which I didn't even know at that point, all of this, I said, my life changed and I wanted everyone to know about it.

And it just still makes you passionate. Like I want to cry because it's so amazing. Well, when you can ground into your own energy and you become personally empowered, And then you know who you are and we need that right now. We all need to remember how powerful we are. So would you say for somebody who's just really a newbie with crystals and they want to get going?

Is there a crystal that you'd say everybody should own? Well, for me, I do think there's a couple of crystals that everyone can benefit from. And it's, selenite. This is selenite because it helps you to clear your energy fields and it helps to fill your aura with white light. I think Shanghai. Is another one that everyone should have.

They should have it alone next to their EMS, their computers, their screens, their routers, their phones, their you name it. And I definitely think right now that Rose courts, at least if we're just going three, we're talking, you, you hit a little bit of all the color spectrum. You know, you have dark and white and then right in the center is Rose quartz.

Because this helps to suck away fear and just laying this on your chest before you go to bed at night and even putting this like right here on your body, it's a new day and you don't even have to do anything. You could lay there for 11 minutes and you will feel like a new person when you get crystals.

Put them on your body have them around. You get to know them, touch them connect. That's really helpful. Well, this is what I wear. Like Heather just mentioned SEL and I and Shawn guys. So it's our energy clearing necklace and our utilizer. So good to just have on your body. Think with crystals, I think people need to know is you're not going to go wrong because somebody will be like, look, I got this crystal.

And it's not working. And like, I'm starting to say what I've had for about 48 hours and it's not work. And I'm like, it's so crystal, I know what I'm saying. This is a tool. This is you don't just have to show up. And all of a sudden everything goes, it doesn't work like that. It's a tool that you work with.

For you to do your own personal work. It's about you to tap into your magical essence, to help you as a child, a breakthrough to yourself where you find your own inner pot of gold that's within you. And I think that's really important. So we need to bring more empowerment. And remembrance of you got this.

It doesn't have to be hard. It's super simple. Just do it, just do it and move forward. And, and that's where you began. Have your kids been open to this? Was that a long journey? Did they, they didn't have a choice. Like we went somewhere last night and I'm like, Hey, are we going to do new moon grids? Do you guys want me to bring these?

Won't just be normal than I please. So, how did she bring you along on this journey of being that? Wow. Yeah. And kind of a nutshell, she had all of this information, which she just shared with you, and then she knew about funkshway and the energy of stones. And so she developed the prosperity necklace, which is three Chinese coins tied with registering, which is what the trainees give to each other during the new year for good luck and Goodwill, and then incorporated Jade.

It's your necklace. That's kind of similar to this feeling and made up 10 and I was one of the 10 and I'm like, Holy cow, what is she into now? Because I was always our Guinea pig. Hey Timmy, can we practice on your house? Of course. Can I lay. crystals on you and how do you feel? What, what do you like what's going on?

What is the flow feel like? I didn't, I really wasn't tapped into that stuff at all, but when I wore that piece of jewelry called prosperity, I didn't know what I, I was in a fork in the road. I didn't know what I was going to do. I felt something, people were coming up to me. What is that? What is that piece?

What does it do? Oh my God, can I touch it? I love it. People were calling me for opportunities that were out of the blue and there was just a certain energy that started to transpire. And I said to Heather, if I know nothing about crystals and a lot of people don't, but this helped me. Let's join forces.

And help a lot of people. So that was really the mission. Helping people that knew nothing about energy or crystals create prosperity. Was that easy? What year was this? This was, and then I got pregnant. So we were pregnant a month apart. So we birthed our company. Pregnant. What was cool about that period is because I was functioning for a lot of celebrities back then.

And what happened was we started getting invited to all these Hollywood parties and people would be like, Hey dude, bring the beats man, like bringing the beats. And we're like, dude, we're not doing like a drug deal here. Just an energy. And people were like, so that's the back room. And they come in, they're like, give me five of those looming five of those to me.

And I would come out. It was like all this cash and it was amazing. Like we are in. Business. And then two years later it was like a crash. And then we had to learn how to be in business, but it just happened that we, it was out of the trunk of our car and it spread by people by people. It was a frequency and it was.

Insane. And to this day, our prosperity necklace is still our number one best seller. So how many years later? 20. So I like because of the technological, like I'm kind of geeky like that, the technology of that mechanics and that energy frequency is still spot on 20 years later. Like I wouldn't even upgrade it.

But, you know, what's so interesting is again, like Heather said, we had no business plan. We were kind of doing this all by the seat of our, we really got to get on that. I wanted to say that we're divinely guided a lot of the times that really need to get on that. What was really amazing is because of my background, we can get things produced.

So we started producing and then Heather would come up with new formulas. We would get those produced. And as she said, literally sell them. the trunk of our car. How did you educate yourself on all of these? Cause I know you said you love research. Okay. So have you guys heard of Lee LIS hotlist stone therapy?

The hot rocks. Okay. So I learned that from the lady that developed it. So I go to Brooke Williams. I'm like, I have this new hot rock technique. They're like, nobody's ever going to want that. That sounds too weird. That sounds too out there. So what I'm about to say is going to even sound more weird. And at this point you might be like that clip.

Oh, it was nice talking to her. I just, I could hear rocks. I, and I don't even know why it has to be a past life thing. I don't know why I would do stoned readings for people and people would. I could put crystals together or when they pulled it, I knew where their energetically blocked. I think for me, I could recrystallize it and people's energy and help tweak things so that they can recalibrate to their highest level and they could have breakthroughs, but the crystals came in because I would do stone readings and people said, look, this is like, In 45 minutes, you got to the soul of where I needed to be fam bam, bam, let's go there.

So it seems to me, and like, from what you know, Karen and I have been doing for the last few years, it's like, that is your tool. Like everybody has their own tool. This is your tool. Like that is what helps. You really take hold of whatever you're being channeled and like help people that's that's and by the way, I think it's too weird for us.

Kindergarten is I can people like need tools. Right? Exactly. You're so perfectly tapped in Robyn. Like we're not saying pray to the crystal. We're not saying the Crystal's doing the work. The crystal is the tool that helps you on the journey. Well, and how did you come up with this process? Which I think is unique with your crystals and your jewelry.

For me, I live, breathe, eat what I do doing this for 20 years and having the feedback, the formulas as to what works and what doesn't. I know how to hack into things that work and don't work because we're at such a time right now, we need to have some really good energetic medicine. And if you look at every ancient civilization, since the beginning of time, everyone used crystals, every civilization.

So we keep looking up. But if we look into this crystalline grid, which Timmy and I can personally talk to you, cause we just were mining. And while we go into the energy of Colorado and you're not even a quarter mile in, and there's this amethyst, do you not that this does not have the energetic source.

Okay, this is under our feet and we can plug into it and more people need to know it. And let's get out of this propaganda of these stories of this is witchcraft. This is against this. No, it's not. This is our mother earth. Let's like let's plug in. We're all looking around everywhere else. But have we looked down in awhile, looked down in awhile, really?

I mean, and that's why we're doing what we're doing, right? Like we are trying to. Help show people that this is all around us. It's a part of us. It's not weird and energy. I mean, that's the other part of things. Like people don't realize the power and the energy, that's all around us all of the time. Right.

And these weekends. I think very logical people though, that don't see energy, they need something to hold so that they can tap into that. So for someone like myself that is not is connected to it as Heather is, this is something I can hold and connect with where I don't see it. But I am feeling it and it took me a long time to do that.

It wasn't like Heather. I was very different. In fact, I would say it was probably just five years ago. I really felt, and we didn't ask about the name, energy muse. What did I know when I had my functionally business, which I did for many years, for large corporations. Very attracted to the energy of the muse, like all the muses women and these muses and these people of women of inspiration for music and for art.

And I thought, you know what? And I said, I want to be the muse of energy. And so it started when I had my funkshway business, but then when Timmy and I started working together and I took that from there and we started, you know, we used it together. No, you guys were just on a trip going to the mines. And actually seeing the stone.

Right. So how does that, how has that worked over the years? When, how did you, how did you start to find sourcing these crystals? Like, well, every year there's the huge Tucson gem show and then there's various shows all over the world quite. Quite honestly. And so you get to know a lot of the vendors. And for many years we've been working with several of them and learning about their mining skills and their processes, but we really thought the initiative right now and during this year would be to buy more from us.

Based minors and learn more about the mining industry. I have so much respect for these miners and one just like the crystal people, Heather and I were all very different. These miners are all very different. What personalities, that's what I can say and their connection to the crystal and what it means to them.

And a lot of them are geologists. Like they are very smart. People that are going into the earth with the mission to reclaim it. When they're done, put it back to back how it was, and then have these beautiful crystals come out so we can all enjoy them. It's pretty amazing. Well, and for each type of crystal, as I was saying, before you come up, you've come up with these formulas and process.

For people. And is that something again? How did you come? How do you come up with those? Sometimes I used to walk around with them and they, like I said, I hear them, they tell me, I talked to them. I, I place it, whatever. I'll have people try it, I know whatever. And then I tweak the formula, but then it just.

I just hear it. I hear a sound. I hear the connection and it's just kind of something I can't really describe. It's just something I know how to do. I mean, that's what makes the experience on energy use so unique? You know, I'm a very big believer about pure clean energy in our environment. Okay. So our warehouse is all lacked job.

Then that's going to seep into the crystals. So we have 24 hour mantras going. To purify on a vibrational level, our crystals, they get smoked, they get cleansed, they get prayed over, but there's a vibrational frequency that happens 24 hours. There's never a minute that it doesn't go down in our warehouse.

So when someone gets an energy music, crystal, it means a lot to us because not everyone will purify their crystal when they get it. But when they get an energy muse, crystal. It's clean, you could start working with it. And I definitely think that's what keeps us on the leading edge. And it's not like a competitive thing.

It's like, it's a soulful heartful thing. Cause it matters. Like it actually makes me want to cry. Like what you said

it does like that kind of passion and love. For wanting that kind of energy, what we all need, would you say to them, like right now and with, with everything that's going on over these last several? Yeah. Have you seen more interest in your crystals? Because I think we're all looking for something to help bus.

And I think for everybody that's something different, but I kind of think crystals are universal. Well, I think what you had said earlier, at some point, Heather does make it fun and I think something's fun and it's easy. Then people are like, I don't know where to start because it's like three easy steps.

Like there's really nothing you can do wrong. It's just getting the crystal and starting to connect with it. I think because there's so much. Education on our website. Literally, if you had any question more than likely, you could find it from our blog, a video, something is on our website to serve you. And that is really what we are here to do is to serve up the information.

So you can have your own journey along with some guidance. And again, these are just tools. They're just tools, but especially now I think people are open to almost anything where before they might have some apprehension, they are open to anything that they can get their hands on to help them real. These are unprecedented times.

What was so interesting is you get that quiz on your site. I send everybody there because they're always so fascinated with the ones I have. And they're like, what are you get them? And how do I know which one is right for me? And I love how you do make it fun with that quiz because I go there sometimes just, just for fun to see what's.

Speaks to me and to see how that equates with the mood I have that day. I may not. Can I just ask a quick question? It's like a practical question about charging your crystals and then loaning crystals to other people. What are the do's and the don'ts for me, crystals are about feeling. And I think that we need to make the journey from our heads to our hearts.

And there's times where, you know, if I have a crystal that I am working with and I feel like a friend needs it, or I feel like it is. At service, even though I've worked with it, I will pass that on, pay it forward. And then I will have people learn their own cleansing techniques and how they can empower it.

So I know sometimes people are like, Hey, don't touch my crystals. You know, if they have it on their body. For me personally, I don't get all weirdo about that because on a daily basis, I clean my own energy field. So even if someone implants their frequency on whatever. I got to do the spiritual workout, spiritual cleansing on a daily basis.

But on the other side of the coin, there are people that feel very strongly. The main point for me is do you think you feel, you know who the heck you are? Cause we need more of you knowing who you are out there. Your heart is your compass. That is the truth. And then where does astrology come in? Thanks too, because I was thinking that you have like your crystal horoscopes, so we'd love to know how you have incorporated that into what you're doing too well, because I'm a mystic I've studied astrology.

For probably as long as I'd studied crystals and I've studied a variety of astrology. And I find recently as somebody who looks at astrology, I'm looking at, you know, 20, 20, how this year is going to pay out as looked into 2021. And what's going to go down there once again, we always have will, nothing is in destiny.

So I'm hoping us humans here on earth. And last six months, we get it all together. Unified cause then we could go into 20, 21. Not have to be so hard. I think at energy me's our mission is to take these monthly cycles and go, okay, this is going to be a shit show here. And how can I utilize? I know the shit shows coming and lysine has ebbs and flows.

How can I navigate knowing that that's happening and have a tool to help me on the road? So I could like. You know what I mean? And then you, at the end of the day, you come out of it, you know what I'm saying? It's just like, if you know where you're going to go and you have a little bit of some information and a tool, give me something I could do.

Okay. And so that's what we're really trying to provide was our astrological crystal reading. I love it. I don't know enough. So that's why I'm always looking on energy muse. Like what should, what should they be looking out for this month? And what does this mean? And you have all of that there. If you sit to formulas and you commit to practices and you're consistent to yourself, it's amazing how magical life becomes.

Well, and I love the formula and it's actually doing the soul work, doing the work. I hate that part of it is not easy. It's fun. And you know, you're, you guys are giving us the resources, you know, whether it's channeling what we need to know and then giving us actually something physically that's going to help.

It's the tangible, I think it's. Yeah. Feeling and be able to touch something and holding something that's real while you're doing work, that's literally helped ground. Well, and I will say, we're not asking anyone to do anything that we aren't doing ourselves. So I think that that's a real important part of the formula is that we're in it with you.

I feel like this is what I want to get the word out. And I feel like. From somebody who's been in the wellness world for a long time, we've got to get the word out that nobody he's going to do it for you. Cause I promise you if they, they could, I would have already found them. I really, I wouldn't. I mean, the thing is, is that you gotta do the work.

We all have. I have to show up for ourselves, but the good part of that it is we deal, we chip away at that. We are going to be these amazing light beings and we're clearing all of our energy. So next month on August 1st. We're starting. I'm going to do a 21 day on Instagram at 7:00 AM, wants to join. It's going to be free.

It's a service. What are you going to do? 20 minutes of clearing your energy for 21 days. And what's going to happen at the people that commit every day for 21 days, they will come out on the other side. And they'll say that my life has completely changed because of it. And I didn't do it. And nobody else in the group is going to do it.

It's just, they showed up for themselves consistently doing clearing, which we have to do every single day, because I don't know about you guys, but like sometimes I wake up in the morning and I'm like this by the end of the day, I'm like, No. I feel like the sun is like, you know what I mean? And it's just like, Whoa, I got it.

I can't, I got it. I got sick. Know, I can't let the weight and the burdens come down, but if we all know how to start clearing our energy and it can be done, like click and you don't have to buy anything, you could just show up for you. We are powerful as humans. It is important. I'm getting chills right now.

Please. We have to, we have to unite together as Lightworkers energetic warriors, as people stepping into our power, we are amazing. We just have to remember that aren't we here, right. To evolve as ourselves souls, but then together so that we have to do that. And just to make clear, is it 7:00 AM Pacific, just so that.

People who are listening. Yes. How about, how about some, do you have stories that come to mind of people who've actually followed some of these practices and you're like, Oh, I'm so proud of that story. Yeah. This was the best story ever. So w w was really when we first started our company and this guy would call us and he's like, do you guys take cash?

And we're like, no, you're in New York. How are we going to get cash from you? We're here in California. And he's like, well, how much is the prosperity necklace? I really want to buy it. So he saved and saved and saved and finally sent us a cashier's check, bought the prosperity necklace. And I kid you not, he won the lottery in New York.

So that was a pretty cool story, but you know, it happened. And so again, it's a formula where it, with an intention treated as a tool, your life changes and it works. And that's why we're still here 20 years later because there's so many remarkable things. I have a question, just looking at the TV. You're so cute.

Together. We're about seeking. Right? And clearly you two have been seekers together for most of your lives. What would you both say to your earlier seeker selves about what you've achieved and maybe some of the fears and challenges that you faced early on? What keeps coming to me lately is just sacred trust.

Heather and I have that with one another. There we're super lucky because a lot of business partners and friends don't, but I think for my own personal self, I wish I would have trusted my instinct. Maybe my intuition, my gut a little bit more than. What was supposed to be, because that was what everyone told me I should be doing, but you know, the road took me here and that's where I was supposed to go down and have these journeys, but more trust, like inner trust.

Again, very thankful that we have that trust with one another. It's very important. So this is probably a 24 hour revelation revelation. Right? So thank you for answering the question. So perfect timing. It doesn't matter what other people think of me, what matters is what I think. And I really wish that I would have known this earlier 27 years ago because I spent so much time worrying.

Oh, do I fit in? No, I don't fit in. I'm probably not going to fit in. And you know what? I don't care. Because I have to just be me from now on. And I got so wrapped up in, what is someone's thinking? Are they going to think it's weird? And it's like, that was such a waste of time of what I could have been putting energy and just really doing other good things.

And so I think for me, that's a layer I'm really releasing right now. It's still sticking to me. I'm not going to kid you. I'm going to do some like crystal, like alignment, but I don't want to have to worry about that anymore. I just want to be me. Whoever gets it, gets it. And who does it? Doesn't it's all good.

That's such good advice. You two are such a great example of following your hearts and, and building a business that are helping people all over the world. Thank you. And we're very like humbled that we actually were the chosen ones to do this for us, for our business. So it's it's every day. It's humbling.

To be honest with you. I love all the products that you're putting out on your ass. So that people, as you said, I mean, these are tools, but now you're giving people different formulas and more fun. We also are humans and we're here to connect and we're here to live and we're here to be happy on here to lift each other up.

And we're here. We're all here to love. Yes. Well, I think, and what you guys also show is that when you dream it, you can do it, right? Like when you dream it, it will come and you look at the evolution of your business. It's really remarkable to think that you had this. Yeah. You're selling it out of like the trunk of your car.

Now look at your business and what you're creating, not just selling them, but ways to use them. Thank you. Your grandma's you'd be very proud of you both. They're looking down, they're looking down at their I'm. Sure they're all around you. That's Robyn and Karen .

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