Seeking With Robyn

PART TWO: Find Your Inner Magic - A Reading and A Mind-Blowing Validation - Episode 11

August 02, 2020 Robyn Miller Brecker / Karen Loenser / Allison Feehan Season 1 Episode 11
Seeking With Robyn
PART TWO: Find Your Inner Magic - A Reading and A Mind-Blowing Validation - Episode 11
PART TWO: Find Your Inner Magic - A Reading and A Mind-Blowing Validation
Seeking With Robyn
PART TWO: Find Your Inner Magic - A Reading and A Mind-Blowing Validation - Episode 11
Aug 02, 2020 Season 1 Episode 11
Robyn Miller Brecker / Karen Loenser / Allison Feehan

In this episode, watch Allison Feehan, a Medical and Spiritual Intuitive and Medium, who is also a Holistic Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher at work!

In Part Two of our conversation with Allison,  “Seeking with Robyn”, Host and Intuitive, Robyn Miller Brecker and Executive Producer Karen Loenser bring in Irene, who is seeking guidance both for her health and a new direction she’s taking in life.

You’ll meet Irene who has spent the last 17 years as a hair stylist and beauty consultant. She owns her own salon in Chicago and loves working with her clients. Yet, she feels like there is something more that she needs to be incorporating into her professional life.

Irene is divorced and is a dedicated mom to her 6-year-old son. She is in a relationship, and she and her boyfriend have recently moved in together.

Irene has also been battling an autoimmune disease over the last 6 years.

It’s important for you to understand that before the reading begins!

Allison has never met Irene. She doesn’t know her last name prior to this session, nor does she know any other information about her — AT ALL. They see each other for the first time at the beginning of Irene’s reading with Allison.

During this episode you’ll get some more background information on Irene, you’ll get to see a part of the reading and then you’ll see the follow-up and discussion after the reading.

Irene’s mind was blown (so was ours!) — and she was given validation that she didn’t know that she desperately needed.

Validation is powerful. Take a look!

For more information from Allison: visit https://integrativehealingandwellness...

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In this episode, watch Allison Feehan, a Medical and Spiritual Intuitive and Medium, who is also a Holistic Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher at work!

In Part Two of our conversation with Allison,  “Seeking with Robyn”, Host and Intuitive, Robyn Miller Brecker and Executive Producer Karen Loenser bring in Irene, who is seeking guidance both for her health and a new direction she’s taking in life.

You’ll meet Irene who has spent the last 17 years as a hair stylist and beauty consultant. She owns her own salon in Chicago and loves working with her clients. Yet, she feels like there is something more that she needs to be incorporating into her professional life.

Irene is divorced and is a dedicated mom to her 6-year-old son. She is in a relationship, and she and her boyfriend have recently moved in together.

Irene has also been battling an autoimmune disease over the last 6 years.

It’s important for you to understand that before the reading begins!

Allison has never met Irene. She doesn’t know her last name prior to this session, nor does she know any other information about her — AT ALL. They see each other for the first time at the beginning of Irene’s reading with Allison.

During this episode you’ll get some more background information on Irene, you’ll get to see a part of the reading and then you’ll see the follow-up and discussion after the reading.

Irene’s mind was blown (so was ours!) — and she was given validation that she didn’t know that she desperately needed.

Validation is powerful. Take a look!

For more information from Allison: visit https://integrativehealingandwellness...

#seekingwithrobyn #validation #medicalintuitive

Have you ever wondered about life's biggest questions? Like, why am I here? What happens when we die? Or what else is out there, but we have, and we love to talk about it. And if you're listening, we think you probably do too. I'm Robyn and I'm Karen and we've spent our lives searching for those answers.

And we're seekers, just like you talking to some of the most fascinating spiritual teachers, healers and scientists. And showing you how you can use some of their spiritual practices for yourself. Also be sharing stories of other seekers. They motivate you to live your fullest life. We translating it all.

So the spiritual stuff won't feel so out there. So if you're curious, Get ready to rediscover why we're here together, meetings here. And we're so excited because she had a session yesterday with Allison's. We're going to talk all about that, but I do want to take a moment just to say how I know Irene.

I've known her for over 11 years and she's the person who would help me figure out how I want to do my, she does my hair, but she's the one who. Help me figure out how to make it, reflect who I am. Okay. At this point in my life. And she's also someone that's become a dear friend and we share many of our observations and we are seeking together.

So she is the person who introduced me to Stevie. And that was a catalyst for both Karen and yeah. And Alison to get astrology readings with Stevie. And so I just love the kind of connection after that Irene is. And I'm excited for you all to meet her too. So, I mean, tell us a little bit about yourself and where you are in your life.

Right now. I live in Chicago and I am, I'm 37. I've been doing here for 17 years. I have a six year old son who is like the love of my life. I don't know, it gets so emotional. When I talk about miles, I got divorced a couple years ago and I have my own studio currently. Another question before we talk about the session, I'd love to hear, hear from you about your seeker's journey.

The birth of my son really kind of changed so much of everything. I immediately wanted to like nature mama mode, but also at the same time that I had him, we had moved into our home and the year and a half after. Him. And I, we both had extremely sick. I had, sir, what is SIRS chronic inflammatory response.

So what it is is very inflammation of your body. And the symptoms range is like 20, there's, like 23 different symptoms. So between like having him and dealing with my health, it was just me. And, you know, and my marriage was obviously not going the way I wanted it to be. I was in my, probably my loneliest.

Point. I just remember telling Robyn all the time, like she would, she would walk in and I'm like, I'm sorry, you're here to get your hair done, but I'm going to cry. Now. I would tell her, I was, like I said, I feel like my light isn't even dimming. It's just gone. Been kind of taking care of myself since I was a kid.

I was going to bring it up. But. Yeah, you could talk about that. Like, I didn't have a, you know, my father was never around. my mom came from the Philippines and the Philippines, lived there and moved here when I was eight. You think you're so alone in life and you're seeking out others. And really like when you go with deep within, and like their own light.

You're never alone. I know my purpose in life is to help people and, and be there for them. But it was interesting that I've never really actually, I think took the time to really help my own self. I still really love my clients and doing care and working behind the chair, but I need, there's something else calling me.

I just feel like there's more there for me to do. Yeah. Validation that came. So let's talk about the session. Do you want to talk about how. You, you know, you even prepare how you get going with your session, how it works. Yeah. So before I see any clients, I always meditate over my book of clients for the day.

And then I really just kind of go over how I work and how I see in my sweet spots and what the client should expect to hear and how it should be interactive. Let's dive in

they show me that you're kind of the center of family. So, I don't want to say you can use that. I made yourself the matriarch, right? I've always been just that role. So let's talk about your consciousness, right? Your consciousness is what you're very mindful of on a day to day basis. So I feel like there's been a series of warnings for you that have come up when it comes to health and wellness feared showed me you eat clean, you treat you're very mindful and try to eat very clean.

I said and listen, all of us have a little bit of extra COVID pounds, but you know, that can come from, from wanting to eat from a comfort level. Right? Not because we're not being mindful, super, super mindful. That's what they show me. They show me eating clean. So then we go down to the subconscious level and this is, this subconscious level is not necessarily something we're very mindful of.

It's almost like when we blink our eyes and our heartbeats, we don't tell it to do something right. It's just kind of back there doing it on its own. And so it talked about. Boredom disgust, adversion saturation, irritating relationships, setbacks, and new meetings, your super patients. So they talked about that as a subconscious level, which I thought was really sweet because you know, yours comes out and it's like family and happiness, but then you have this in the, in the background, meaning you don't necessarily want to address it as a conscious level.

Right. Then we fall into the fear. The fear talks about initiative, skill ability, astuteness diplomacy, spirit of initiative, refusal of any suggestion, prejudice, or beginning new enterprise. So I call this like self you're being self conscious of yourself. What I loved about it was the spirit initiative is your constantly trying to come up with like, Beginning a new enterprise of some kinds of beginning, a new or taking control of something.

And then you fall into the sphere and it's like a trap for you. I talked about parity of judgment. So you're constantly working on trying to judge others, right? The severity of that, your goal is to constantly look past judgment and it talks a lot about spirituality, wisdom, intuition. So you have this intuition piece, this healing piece of you that you really haven't been using.

You're really trying to dive much deeper in love with things and trying to forgive a lot of old things. And we're going to go into that as far as how it impacts your health. Do you understand all of this? He didn't cry and we're going to go into your sacral chakra and your womb area as well. Okay.

Because that's very alive and very wanting to kind of move forward. Then we talk about how to overcome all this. It was the swords and the swords, our intellect, and our mind, you tend to overthink a little bit and get caught up in your own head. And this stops you, right? So they're kind of calling you out on this.

So that was a lot of spiritual, you know, consciousness stuff we have going on. You understood it. I tapped into you. And I really instantly started to feel like my sacral and my uterus area. Okay. The wounds. So I feel like I'm either, I've either experienced the loss of a, of a baby or I'm wanting to have a baby.

Okay. Can you understand that? I've not had a loss. It doesn't seem like it's pertaining into my life right now. That's okay. That's okay. To something else that isn't. Physical beat baby. Like my work is okay. So here's the thing when it comes to, to the birth of something new, the birth of something new could mean a child or the new beginnings that we just spoke about?

Yes. Okay. But they also talk of loss of that child loss of that baby. Okay. They're telling you before. I just said it. You have to get over that. By getting over this loss. Okay. So you keep trying to build something and I feel like I go forward and then I fall back and then I go forward and then I fall back.

Okay. So spirit just showed it to me in the sacral area, but they also talk about, listen. It's okay. You're not understanding it right now. You just have to take the information. Oh, right. I don't know if you're, they also showed me eggs, frozen of eggs. I feel like you can have a child if that's what you truly wanted to do.

Okay. So I am not feeling any issues there. You're pertaining it to the, to the role they bringing me right to your womb. Okay. Okay. So if you're not wanting to have a baby, then

I'm not saying no to it. It just isn't I guess, in the present moment, if that makes sense. And that's okay. There is always a part of me. That's like, what if later? And I'm open to that. If that was where it takes me. Okay. So I'm just being mindful that that, that portion of your body seems very alive. Okay.

It is very ready. Oh, geez. Okay. So they want to talk about when I, when I went into your energy, I actually felt like I ate a little bit all over. Okay. My hands and my feet kind of hurt. And I felt like I almost had like an auto-immune or like an arthritis or some type of like, inflammation. Can you understand this?

Yeah, I have SIRS chronic inflammatory response. Okay. Cause I felt like I was just like, couldn't bend my fingers and I couldn't bend anything. I did ask them, it was interesting cause I wrote ALS instead of what you, the acronyms, which thank God it's not ALS. And then they wrote, I wrote asthma too.

So I feel like I had it's asthma. Yeah, I do. Okay. As mom, when I was young and then it went away and then from mold and toxins. And so I got from a lot of mold exposure. I got really sick and battled another home that had mold, which is why I'm in my new place. In January. So my last three places have, for some reason, like had hidden molds.

Well, and I think we're more so susceptible to it in the body. It's just such a trigger. So they actually did show me that you have flare ups from stress as well. Probably the minute you go into stress. So I asked how severe this was and they told me it was not life threatening. It's an awful pain. It can be debilitating, but they did ALS and then I scratched it out.

I was like, Oh my gosh, is this? Yeah, no. Yeah. The sticks me down for, it's almost like walking pneumonia, but for like months or, you know, because the flare up they showed me was pretty intense. I felt like I couldn't breathe. You know, your diet is really saving you from all of this. Okay. Yeah. More diet is like your medicine.

So a few things also came up, they talked about heart rest, who don't forget the lungs and the heart are all within the same shopper area. So the minute you have, you know, an inflammation flare up from stress or anything else, it does impact that whole shopper area where we start to feel kind of down on ourselves.

Self-conscious right. We go backwards. I would say we go to the dark side, right. Which starts to go backwards. It talks about perfection in the purse, in the present situation and perfection of human love relationship. So human love and relationship. You're constantly trying to marry like love. And a connectedness to anybody that you allowed to have in your life.

You truly like to connect on a different level to people. And when you feel a slight disconnect, again, it's all that impacting of that heart and the lung area. And it can just be so tremendous for you. So what they're trying to say to you is you have to learn your triggers on what triggers your body to go into this stress mode, right?

Where it's like overbuilding histamine in the body. And, you know, it's just, it goes. On overload. Yeah, it truly does so grateful. We're having a conversation where there's nothing more serious going on, even though it is a very serious condition that you're you're battling against Sinai has it as well. well, I want to go back again to, I was saying before, which is that you, you were spiritually evolving.

You are having this awakening process. And when that happens, the body shifts with it. Right? So the mind body. Spirit is all connected. And those three levels, you may be having some weird dreams. You may be feeling moments where your body's vibrating or you're having like weird vibrations to the body.

Yeah, I call that downloads and upgrades. Sometimes I just feel like super frenetic, like, yes, because your body doesn't know what to do with the energy upgrade yet. Right. And because you're still in quarantine, you're not able to really necessarily release the energy. I heard something, it was like 3d 45 D and I was like, Oh my God, I feel so frenetic.

Cause I think I'm circling through all the DS. And sometimes it's like in minutes, you know what? I just did a small little podcast or a little series for Robbins, but talking about 3d to four day. Oh, that's so funny. Yeah. I feel hit 40 super hard. Yes. Because what's happening is, and that's freaking, it was like impacting me in such like a.

Yes, scary. Cause it was, you know, it brought up a lot of just like at 3d we're three dimensional beings, right? That third chakra, we're all trying to ascend to the fourth shopper, which is the heart. Right. Coming from a place of love. You are constantly trying to elevate spent next level. That's the heart and the lungs, right.

You're trying to come from four D. So your body is responding to this awakening. It's vibrationally responding. So you could have days where you feel like. Oh, my God, when I saw all the swords on the one card that your intellect, your mind, right. We get ahead of ourselves. Am I overthinking things? Am I, you know, do I sound crazy?

Right. All of these things, you know, but yet we feel it. So we want to express it, but then we're like, Oh, you know, you're in that cost four. You're starting to break out more spiritually of what's going on. Yeah. So do you have any questions about your son? Any more questions about him? He does love video games.

Yes. That's his thing for a while. And I was like, well, it's not like you're also with then on top of it, watching some are really good at the games. He's so good. Be proud, like so proud because he figures it out. Your son's a really bright boy and I'm not just saying that they show academically as well.

He's they show him as like a puzzle solver. Right. So if it's something he wants to figure stuff out, he wants to figure out how things work. I really don't see any challenges. So now I'm going to open the floor. Or to ask any questions that you might be having in regards to your health, your wellness, your thought patterns, I guess in terms of the health thing, it's like, I actually feel overall, like in such a good place only because I had such a bad flare up last fall in winter besides the loss of money.

Quarantine honestly has been like a blessing. Yes. Like I'm having, I'm having some really bad anxiety going back to work. So, and I love what I do and you know, that's what people are struggling with. So they also show me two, three days. I don't know what three days means. I don't know if you go back for three days a week or something for three days, they show me three days.

I have been wanting to scale back from behind the chair for a while now, because I'm like, it just takes me away from home. And this is way before quarantine, but being home, I was like, I really like this, the new venture, the new beginning. So I have to tell you, I know you told me that my human mind, you said that you did hair, you were a hairdresser, right?

I feel like you are, you were really kind of moving into an area where you start to look at things that you can box as a product. Okay. So you start looking at products and way the kind of work from home as well as go in and be face to face. You can do the transition. So they keep showing me three days.

I really feel like I go in for three days. I just am telling everyone that I'm only going to do three days. You need to stay in your seat of your power. Right? You have, you have created such a clean, healthy, emotionally. Stable environment for you and your son. Right. And you did that on purpose. That was on a conscious level, right?

So you need to maintain that space, your thinking, Oh my God, I'm going to go back to this crazy time where I'm trying to make dinner and go to the food store and this and that. No. Yeah. I mean, if anything. It's it's like, I, I finally, for years I've been wanting to add something and once again, it's like, I love what I do.

I love, I love the kind of direction. I mean, that's like the best part of my job, but it has, it has taken a toll and draining me cause I absorbed so much energy and I just, yeah, it's like with this country, it's like, I didn't realize how much of a toll it was actually taking on my body and my mind. And that's, I think that's what the part I'm getting.

Kind of anxious about like having to just jump right back into that. Cause my fear is that I'll go back and because the money is good, I'm going to be like, Oh, let's forget about those other things that will this title. They will the same either. Really, actually good. So, so when you said three days, I'm crying only because I almost feel like validated in that power knowing I, I feel like the quarantine is all the like actually like time to make the things I've been manifesting happen.

It gave you the strength. Right. Okay. My intuitions were correct. And that's why they talked about too, but products online so I can be, yes, they showed me new products and it expands. It does get bigger. Be behind the chair. And the product and mother it's just impossible. It's right. To your mind, you're going to start to get out of control.

I always call it like the runaway train. Right. We get in our head and we're like, we can't, I think that's what I'm, the anxiousness is really fun. Cause I need more time to cultivate these other means of mine. Like I'm going to start this eCommerce business. Like, you know, I have like a thing called the light collective.

That is my name to that, my business. And it's to bring in everybody so that like. There's a place for, for beauty, wellness, healing, all that, the community space. And I always thought it was a brick and mortar and I'm not. And all of a sudden, two weeks ago, I was like, I can do this online. I don't have to wait.

And that's why they called you out on the fact that you kind of dip in and then you pull out and then you dip in and they're like, what is she waiting for? Just so you know, like spirit and the universe will only go at your pace, right? They cannot violate your free will. They will not force you to do it.

They will constantly show you signs. And they're going to constantly encourage you. I'm a sign, right? This meeting had to happen. Yes, I had to relate to you or validate you three days. I had to show you new products. I had to show you, you're going to be doing this new beginning, this new empire, because you just needed to hear it as a validation.

Now you'll push more of your physical being is well, the more your thought pattern as well. And the more your thought pattern as well, the more your physical, I feel like I was in such a brain fog. Yeah. But listen, you know, I don't want that. You to think that when I came in the call that I didn't take your health seriously, but they just showed me that you were in such a good space.

Oh, currently yeah. A hundred percent. They just didn't show me like, Oh my gosh, brace yourself for the call, right? Oh no. Yeah, no. I mean, if I. If you talk to me in like December, it would be a different conversation for sure. So you have to work a little bit more on your spirituality. So they're talking about incorporating some meditation and deep breath work for you.

Okay. On and then journaling into that as well. So what I like to do, if I should do my journal, my writing is kind of like sideways, right. Because I'll meditate, but then I just start writing. I don't open my eyes. So the writings all over the place. Because you come out of meditation, you're like, well, I'm going to remember that and you wake up and you're like, I don't remember that.

It's like a dream. Right? So they're wanting you to even just draw or doodle and get some of these creative ideas out there. Oh, that's interesting. I've never done. I've never even thought so fun. You should really try it because I really think some creative stuff's going to come out for you. They want you to do some, like, I call it the take five where you just kind of take a deep breath in for a count of five, hold it for five and then let it out for five.

Some people call it like. Box breathing. I do the floor seven, eight. Perfect. But I've never done. I'll just, I'll do the fine because honestly it's scientifically impossible to think about anything else. If you're counting, right. You can only do one thing at a time. So it's great when you're having a panic attack as well.

Are you really feeling anxious? Just go back to your breath. It's really important for you. It's all about the breath. It's all about the lungs. It's all about this inflammation, right? We've got to keep it under control. Yeah, I think you're going to be just fine. I guess I want to dive a little bit deeper to stuff with my, his name's Matt.

He likes to be where it's safe. So I don't see him like moving too far from where it is. That's safe. I think the two of you are just really utilizing each other right now for so much healing from the past. I feel that. Yeah. So he's good. Any other questions before we wrap up, I start to wake up in these other parts and then I started doing bad habits again, and I'm like, why does it happen?

Because we're happy sometimes when we're happy, we just kind of go with the flow. We feel good. I'll eat that. I feel so good. I'll eat that pizza. It's like go to bed, but you're like, I know I don't have to get up. So then you've given yourself all this permission, right? So I'm going to end with just the spirit animal for the day, right?

Oh my gosh. This is one of my favorites. It's the octopus, the octopus travel across earth and oversee to securely embrace your dream. We're used to taking care of everybody, but you've got to focus on taking care of yourself. Everybody else is fine. Yeah. Yeah. Even your son, he's like, okay, I'm going to go play it.

Like, everybody's fine. Totally. Where you got to focus on like, what really works for you and how you want to change your life.

I mean, I know, I know Irene and. Everything. I knew everything else it was talking about when I was living well. It was so interesting because I don't know Irene listening. So this background that we just went through was so helpful. Cause now I feel like more, but just as a, as a, as a viewer of someone who didn't know you, I was amazed how many things that Alison was.

Able to pick up on and Robyn and I thought about this all the time, that sometimes you almost want somebody sitting next to you to be like, did you hear that? Because I can, I could sense from you, there was a lot of plumbing and you were like, wow, there were so many moments that I could, I could see you really understanding what she was saying.

So what were some of the big ones? What were the ones that stood out for you? Oh my gosh. Where do I begin? This was actually later, but it's like the thing that kind of resonates with me, cause it was one of those, like. Oh, man. You really know? She said like three days keeps coming to me three days. Oh my God.

I wrote it down. I know, years of me telling Robyn, I don't know how to figure. I was like, I don't know how to scale my work back to be more present with my son and my own self. And also give myself like time, like real time to be able to like creatively come up with this other. Business idea and as quarantine yep.

Happening, I was like, I don't want to go back to that because I realized like, I don't really need much. It was the first time I think being off, it was like, I don't need these material things I don't need. I really don't need anything. Like I was so happy just being at home with Mitch. And miles. And we were like bonding so much and go habitating and was like super lovely way and making dinners together and being home every night for dinner, instead of at the salon till 10:00 PM, got to that discussion at the end.

What do you do with that kind of information now? So during quarantine, I actually decided to pick up another haircare lines money. It stands for modern, natural. I had not felt this passionate in something here related in a really long time. You know, fear kept coming up. Because that's what it tends to do in my life, which Allison kept touching base on.

And Stevie has mentioned it. Jenna mentions it. Isn't for Allison. She just kind of validated, I mean, three of like the connection from the three of you were kind of a little terrifying, cause it was like that civil thing it's so ballad dating. That is like, my mission is for people to have that experience.

It's like, if you can't hear that, Something's wrong with you? Yeah, we said before, it's like spirit can only tap on your shoulder so many times before the whole thing, you know, it's like, it's getting really loud now. One point she was like, you made your product or you're working with something you're holding.

I'm like, it was like, You know, and I mean, someone who used to be like, Oh yeah, well that's herself. It was just the fact that she said need and no joke. Just two days prior, I had made my first like know product, more bigger thing is actually that I exactly about a year and a half ago, I hosted a vision board workshop at my house, which is like 10 women.

So my girlfriend who does Reiki, Amber and I were like, it was like this epiphany when they all left, like. This is what I want to do with my life. Like just bring women together because there's always this part of them that feels like unheard, unseen and not validated and seeking something. They don't even know what they're seeking.

I even know what, what do you call it? The name is of the like collective made me cry. When I heard you talking about how that's your motto. My motto is to be the light and to let your own light shine, even the name, I was like, The light collective I'm like, Oh, but I mean, I'm questioning it. Like I think they always work with struggle with my ego.

I know that's kind of one of my life's work. Like every time I have an amazing idea, I immediately Google on myself like, Oh, who are you to think? Like, you can get away with a name like that. Like the worthiness. The worthiness. Thank you. I was like, that's exactly what it is during quarantine. And I was like, what am I waiting for?

I actually have decided, and this is the first time Robyn will hear about it going to be launched online. Yeah. Oh my God. I was like, I know we're going to talk about it's so funny.

PLC, all the things. And I had always thought that I wanted two kids. I was an only child for a very long time. He struck came when I was 14, but because of the age difference, she's like, Oh, I call it like my hybrid. It's like she's half sister or daughter to me. And so for my son, I remember having mother being like, I always wanted to, I want them to have each other and because of just differences and the mirror and everything else, it was like, dad was not going to happen.

You know, I kind of like Monde it and maybe. I put it away. I think I would even say until today, like I just feel so fulfilled with miles and I know that like, no matter what happens, like I just, I just don't have that like, Oh, like this resentment of not having another kind of thing to me a lot that what Alison was saying is that it could be potentially a business.

See, I didn't get that question her on that. And she was like, yeah, I think you're meant to have another child. I think it will be the business too. I think there's a lot of symbolism with that. It'll happen after TLC is where I might. Yeah. Cause this is like, it's like your next focus will be this also in the last year, I've started to share with some, Oh my God.

I get so emotional ever since I was young, I always had this fantasy of adopting a little girl from the Philippines anyway. So before, before I even talked to Alison, I had a reading where I had a session with Jenna, like. I dunno, maybe six weeks ago, kind of early in the car and Jane. And she was like, really?

Is there something you're like your boom? I don't even know. She was like using, she didn't say the word wound though. She was like, talking about your sacral. Yeah. Like your uterus is like, and then she evens up on me. Like, are you pregnant? Are you pregnant? And maybe you're pregnant. And then she almost like stopped her second language.

She was like, Oh, maybe I should have said that. And GS are not for like, I'm on birth control. And as what I know, I'm not pregnant at all. But you said that it was like, my instinct always goes back to that like little girl, maybe she's like, I think it's actually business. And then, so she started actually going down that route.

I didn't ask because I think I've felt so overwhelmed. I was like, can you still see all that? Even if it's like an adopted baby. And then possibly being frozen or off to the side. Right. So they could have been somebody else's egg, right. That they were trying to show us. Wow. That's interesting. Yeah. Yeah.

Let it go. I just, there was just something there that I just couldn't let go of that whole. April area was just lit up for me when I got on the phone with you. If I can just touch on, you know, as women hold a lot of power in that sacral area, right. We have the ability to create life in this area. And so we can hold a lot of trauma as well as beautiful experiences in the uterus.

It's like a cup, right. And we can just fill it with things that maybe are not necessary in our lives or things that we aspire to do. I feel like you get to the staple Shakur and there's a lot of work that just has to. To be done, right. That's our sense of security. And I think that security goes way back from like when you were a child and you talk about how, you know, you're always taking care of everybody, but that also came up in your reading that you were like the matriarch, even for your mother, right.

You're always making sure everybody's taken care of before you take care of yourself. So you literally ran yourself the ground while you were rising. Everybody else. And now that you're in quarantine, you've given yourself permission to stop and heal. I just thought that was interesting as well. Okay.

Thank you for that explanation and said you are the glue. You are, the matriarch are of your family, which I know. I know that. So through and through that came right up the top of the reading, I was floored. Oh, I know which he said that I was like, well, you can't make that up from. I that and knowing Irene that's so central to who she is well, and also she picked up right away.

I think that the respiratory, right, you were talking about the lungs, you were talking about the inflammation. So that was like, that was like right off the bat. Totally. And I thought it was so interesting. Alison is that you did, you picked up on the fact that she had serves, am I saying your answer? And then you talked about how she's taken care of it and which is true.

Like she actually ended up and you brought up that is so much of it has to do with her diet, which she has changed over the last few years. And w hit that on the head, because that you actually said that her diet is saving her. Yes. Also helping your son, not knowing you. I mean, it's an amazing story that you've had.

It shows you're very courageous that when you listen to that intuition and you. Follow it, you do amazing things. And I think you will, with the business, I think it was clear at the end of the session, what Alison was saying about, go for it, go for this business that you have. She pulled up octopus. Oh my gosh.

And to end it with that, I was like, D I knew I had three more things I can do. This is eight, right? Can you explain that, Alison? Yeah, so right. I said, so let's give you a spirit animal today. Let's see what it is. And when I flipped it over, I was like, you've gotta be kidding me because it's one of my spirit animals.

It was the, and how I connect to the octopus, which I didn't realize. How connect, how the message was. So for her as well, right, was the octopus has many legs and it likes to go out and kind of grab different things. It loves to multitask. Right. I'm going to do a little bit of this, so I'm gonna grab a little bit of that.

And then when it wants to, it can kind of just sneak into small spaces and kind of back away from things, hide out to kind of go into self preservation mode. Right. But it also has ink too. So don't let it ink you. Really the kicker there. Right? I have ink don't make me use it. So I thought it was so interesting that she got the octopus.

We talked about that you were downloads and upgrades, right? So the body go into self preservation mode in order to adapt to how that and new energy feels. It's almost like when a snake sheds its skin, it has new skin, it gets bigger, grows, it expands, it can move quicker. And you realizing that it's not a depressive state, right.

It's something that has. Will take place. This is just coming to me right now, which you brought it up. Stevie has brought it up using different words, but the same thing, they're like, you're actually a healer. And see if he's always telling me that I'm like psychic and I used to be like, because I always just thought I was psychic as.

I can see this thing or something talking to my ear and that's not me. And Jenna was the one who made the connection. She was like, you're actually, is it clear sentient when you feel it gets to feel? Yup. Yup. They, you have to feel, I was just thinking, as you're talking, I bet you are also healing those people that you're working with every day in a way that you don't even realize.

Like you were saying earlier, finitely. I always say that I'm, like I said, from the beginning, I'm like, I don't just do here. And my favorite part about it is actually my connection with people also brought up the word worth. It's it's really striking core cause I never could. I never knew. I always have sometimes a hard time associating a word to how I feel.

The fact that, you know, when you keep talking about your sense of worth, your sense of worth, you know, I think all of us go through a transformation phase where we feel like we're an imposter, right. We're kind of. Living this life. And we're like, am I worthy to be that special? Am I worthy to have that gift?

Right? And we're not imposters. We're just, we're moving towards our authenticity of what we can do. And the power that we hold y'all have light. We are the light, we have the power. And so for you to find your sense of worthiness, now you're standing in it. You're like, I'm not an imposter. I never wasn't impossible.

Once you stand in the worthiness. That's why you've changed. Even found that in your relationship and your current relationship. Gosh, yeah. Work crazy as it is never been. And it's the most unpredictable, I mean, it's like, I don't want to it back to her. I don't want to get, but yet every other aspect of my life has never been in so much harmony.

And it's not even just like, she's like, there's so much harmony in your house. She's like between you and match. And also like mentioned miles and she's like, he's safe and comfortable, really happy with where he's at, which is all true. You glow, when you talk about him. It's like I said, it's the first time where I just really feel like seen by someone and encouraged.

Like he actually seeks out safety and that I'm safe for him. You know, I'm safety, we're both healing our paths with each other because we feel safe for once. Yeah, I brought that all up to him and then I was kind of saving the wound part cause I was like, Oh, so anyway. Yeah, you, you you've touched base on all that stuff and it was really mind blowing to me there.

Anything else that you wanted to say before we, no, I think no, absolutely not. I, I just was so grateful getting on the call with her that it wasn't a more serious condition or a more serious something that we were going to have to have a really deep conversation about. She knows how to heal herself.

She's on the journey. She's got this under control. Like this we're on our way here. This is just, we need a little push, right? So she just needed some validation and a little push that she was moving in the right direction. And I just think spirit has an amazing way of kind of delivering that validation right.

When we need it. You just needed validity. Thank you so much. And I got that from you. I appreciate what you do. Thank you for letting me be who I am. I'm just so grateful that you were so open and willing to share and listen. I mean, everything that you covered is what she needed to hear, and it shows the breadth of, of care.

You can give to someone which I love. Yeah, different things for people and really pick up on all aspects of the mind, body, spirit work that they need. So, yeah, I mean, it was crazy. I'm like in an hour you covered like my health, my past my future, my present my relationship with my son, but it was like my business.

Like I was like, how does she do that all in an hour. So happy that everybody on this. Call and in this conversation was able to connect because they're all really special, incredible people and love you, you guys so much fun. I .

PART TWO: Find Your Inner Magic - A Reading and A Mind-Blowing Validation