Seeking With Robyn

How Energy Healing Works and How You Can Tap Into It Now - Episode 7

August 01, 2020 Robyn Miller Brecker / Karen Loenser / Jena Coray Season 1 Episode 7
Seeking With Robyn
How Energy Healing Works and How You Can Tap Into It Now - Episode 7
How Energy Healing Works and How You Can Tap Into It Now
Seeking With Robyn
How Energy Healing Works and How You Can Tap Into It Now - Episode 7
Aug 01, 2020 Season 1 Episode 7
Robyn Miller Brecker / Karen Loenser / Jena Coray

In this episode of “Seeking with Robyn”, Host and Intuitive, Robyn Miller Brecker and Executive Producer Karen Loenser sit down with Intuitive Energy Healer Jena Coray.

Not only does Jena share how she came into her intuitive and energetic gifts, but she shares how she created her own unique intuitive energy healing process. And what she says we can all do to tap into our own intuition.

Then, what the heck is your aura, chakras and why should you care? Jena explains it all. Plus,  you may have heard of Reiki energy healing. While Jena is trained in Reiki, she discusses how her process is different than Reiki. Oh, and how she can help you tap into your soul’s purpose.

In addition, you’ll meet fellow seeker Danielle. She is at a crossroads in her life, and is in need of healing and guidance. She also happens to be quarantined in her New York City apartment, the epicenter of America’s Coronavirus pandemic.

Jena works her magic on Danielle. Get the lowdown on how the session went and what has come out of it. The results are astounding!

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(Taped March 24, 2020)

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In this episode of “Seeking with Robyn”, Host and Intuitive, Robyn Miller Brecker and Executive Producer Karen Loenser sit down with Intuitive Energy Healer Jena Coray.

Not only does Jena share how she came into her intuitive and energetic gifts, but she shares how she created her own unique intuitive energy healing process. And what she says we can all do to tap into our own intuition.

Then, what the heck is your aura, chakras and why should you care? Jena explains it all. Plus,  you may have heard of Reiki energy healing. While Jena is trained in Reiki, she discusses how her process is different than Reiki. Oh, and how she can help you tap into your soul’s purpose.

In addition, you’ll meet fellow seeker Danielle. She is at a crossroads in her life, and is in need of healing and guidance. She also happens to be quarantined in her New York City apartment, the epicenter of America’s Coronavirus pandemic.

Jena works her magic on Danielle. Get the lowdown on how the session went and what has come out of it. The results are astounding!

For more from Jena Coray, visit

(Taped March 24, 2020)

#energyhealing #intuition #seekingwithrobyn

Have you ever wondered about life's biggest questions? Like, why am I here? What happens when we die? Or what else is out there, but we have, and we love to talk about it. And if you're listening, we think you probably do too. I'm Robyn and I'm Karen and we've spent our lives searching for those answers.

And we're seekers, just like you talking to some of the most fascinating spiritual teachers, healers and scientists. And showing you how you can use some of their spiritual practices for yourself. Also be sharing stories of other seekers. They motivate you to live your fullest and we'll be translating it all.

So the spiritual stuff won't feel so out there. If you're curious, get ready to rediscover why we're here together. It's Robyn and Karen, and we're so excited to introduce you, Jena. Coray she's an intuitive energy healer that has helped both Karen and I, the past year and a half. Do you able to get you feeling your best and at the same time help you tap into your soul's purpose?

Yes, Jena is magical and not only will be talking to Jena, we'll be meeting a fellow seeker, Danielle who's at a crossroads in her life and is in need of healing and guidance. Y'all just had a session with Jena a few days ago. She'll be giving us the lowdown on how the session went. And what's come out of it.

So let's get started.

Let's talk about how you became an intuitive energy healer. How did you know that you had these gifts and abilities? When did that start? So this I'm going to try to just hit some high points, but yeah, basically I've definitely been sensitive and like an impact my entire life. I didn't know what that was.

And. When I was around 13, I discovered Buddhism. And I feel like that was really kind of a big spiritual eye opening shift for me. And so that really started me going within introspecting journaling every day and pulling Terrell cards and like trying to figure out my starch or if I struggled a lot internally, mentally, emotionally high school years.

And, and then when I was 17, I went to see my first, like psychic. It's a Palm reader. I don't remember anything that she said, except for, it was like you have the hands of a healer, you should look into Reiki. And I was like, what is Reiki? I don't know, like my love line, say, am I going to meet somebody like die 17 or whatever that it just kind of like went in one ear out the other.

And then I would, I went to like a psychic fair by myself and the first place I ever, it was like this little psychic fair at the convention center in Reno, where I grew up. And that's the first place I really heard about chakras. Like I got a shocker reading, I got a picture of my aura. I got like all this stuff.

And then I became more invested in this world and just more interested in like, people do this for a living. And I always remember it. Being very jealous. I wish I had that gift. I wish I could do something like that in college. It was more about like, Oh, a tree and writing and expressing myself in nature.

And that it was really like my spiritual path. And then after that, like all of my twenties was basically a work work, work ambition, like do the thing, get to the finish line and climbing the trail. And I kind of left all that stuff behind and I still had like yoga and as my own personal practice, And doing automatic writing.

So that was like a, a practice that I did every single day of opening up to spirit in a specific guy, asking spirit, asking my grandma, asking whoever the question, and then just waiting and receiving an answer. And it felt like immediate automatic. And it felt like it came through my hands. Like, it felt like my hands are the magic power.

I heard of the concept of it. And I was like me, just try that. And then it just like, and I think it's a practice for everybody too. To access your intuition and to begin to like, be getting answers from, from your own center and from beyond from spirit and out of you, 29, right around my Saturn return, hit me hard self employed and was doing marketing consulting.

And it was kind of like the most successful I'd ever been at so many clients. Everything was going so well. And I was sinking and like dying inside and I couldn't, I would like wake up so anxious. I felt like I was going to puke and I just wanted to like hide under the covers. I didn't want to look at my, to do list.

Look at my emails. I was just burnt out, like completely overwhelmed and just like sunk into deep depression. That's when I did this kind of one 80 work and ambition and like getting to the finish line, I want to slow down 32 when I had my. Baby it's now or never like, I'm not going to just show my child.

You can do whatever you really want in this life. And like really go for it. Honestly, the shifts have come when I'm like at my lowest lowest points, ISO, I quit my business. Quit freelancing, like quick, this very steady gig I had. And then two weeks later, my husband got fired. No income coming in eight month old baby.

And then I was just in seven years, like hell and stress. And through that during that time, that's when I first received a sort of like intuitive message that I really knew for sure was not right me. I decided to get attuned to Reiki. That sounds good. That Reiki thing I'll do that. And so I got attuned and.

And then I never even thought about it again for like years and tell after my husband lost his job and we were in this like hole. And then I remember I was just washing dishes one day and I got literally, like, it sounded like a beep a bulletin in my ear that was like for Justin

watching the dishes. And I was like, Message for Justin, my husband and I had had that practice. I was like, okay, I'm going to grab my pen. I'm going to do the automatic writing. And then, so I like put my stuff down, grab my pen and out came this way. I think this is from your aunt. And I read it to him and he started crying and I've been here doing this for years, but I'd never gotten like a message from someone else.

Through me that very drained. That was the instance of that. And then I just decided to delay, like, start practicing that. And I would just do free readings of like, let me give you a message from spirit and just see what comes out. And every time they're like, wow, really? It makes sense to you. Okay. And then somehow down the line, I decided, well, I'm going to like, learn more about.

Reiki. And maybe I can do something more with that. And I went up to master level that's when I started playing with doing the distance Reiki session and it just kind of like evolved from there. Everybody has a different story. So I think it's interesting for people to know how you discovered yours, what was the message for justice that he's going to be okay.

Like staying focused, something about like the eye of the tiger and like he can do it, stuff like that. And then the next day when he got in the car, You turn on the car and your, I have the tire was playing on the radio and then you went, she was going grocery shopping and you walked in the grocery store.

I have the tiger was playing. Just,

can you just explain very basic one on one level? What Makey is. Very basically it's like channeling universal life force energy. It's like tea. So it's a Japanese energy healing technique where you just become like a clear channel to open up to this life force energy, let it flow through you and to the person.

So almost nonspecific, like you're just open a channel, letting it flow, letting the energy do its thing. That is how I started out, but I have sort of evolved and it became. My own sort of thing. And then I realized I wasn't really doing Reiki anymore. Well, I'm going back to that for one sec. And just even adding to what you have made it for yourself.

When you say that you're this clear channel, it is used for healing purposes. Can you explain what kind of healing is typically done with both traditional Reiki and then the healing that you do? Yeah, traditionally Reiki it's. Definitely like an emotional, mental, physical cleansing and it's channeling.

Yeah. This like healing, perfection lights for synergy into wherever it needs to, if it's like an injury or anxiety, like it can help and serve and heal. Would you say that you use it in that same way and how does it differ? I do it in the same way in that I become like a clear channel and what source kind of float through me, but because I am intuitive too, I was getting, yeah, all of these messages and seeing things and hearing things and feeling things.

And typically in Reiki, it's more kind of the practitioner, the person doing it. Isn't really supposed to put their opinions, their energy into it. It's just like, I'm a clear channel and it's going through me. And then I was like, I'm a clear channel it's growing through me. And I have a lot of shit to say, and I don't have to like that.

And I couldn't sell that kind of became part of it. Talking about what I was seeing and feeling. And then my background in chakras just made me kind of tune into different energy centers. And like, it felt different, like energy felt different in different areas of the body. And then I just started feeling just shock breads, which have nothing to do with Reiki.

Typically. Like they're two very separate things, but they work really well together. So can you talk a little bit about chakra and how you utilize it? In your healing methodology, chakras. They really are energy centers in our body and they work with our aura. So our physical body is called our theoric body and we actually have 108 chakras, like honor physical body, the connect with all the meridians and that it's like ones that you can touch.

And then the next from your skin. And out like this aura from skin and out til your arms can outstretch, that's called your astral body or your energy body. And then that is where your Shakur is live inside of you. They're part of your Astrobotic and that's where the seven main internal chakras. With.

And so those are the emotional energy. Those are dealing with your emotional energy basically, which is my cup of tea. And so it's dealing with what is present in your energy system is what I in your chakras. It's basically the field of potentiality, everything that exists, all of the possibilities, all of the energy coming at you.

From every single source enters your aura. And then depending on how your shocker is, okay, are spinning how open they are, how close they are. They're gonna like suck up energy from your aura and metabolize it, process it. And they're like the process there's like, digest it, eat it. And then they move it and spin it.

So a good flowing energy does this figure eight all the way up and down like this, but then if it gets stuck or hindered anywhere along the way, then it can't flow. Or if you have one shocker that's really wide open, that's just like a vacuum sucking up all that energy. You can get overwhelmed, so they really need to be imbalanced.

So they both receive and give out energy both in the front and the back of your body. Going in and out, you're giving and receiving energy out into your aura. And then your aura is like interacting with all the other auras of all the other people. So it's like, you're when your shockers are balanced and aligned, they're in tune with what is in your aura, what it's in the field of potential.

They suck up. What's in alignment. What's like congruent with how balanced your shoppers are. That was really helpful. I had never heard that. It put that way. Thank you. When you are communicating then with spirit and what are you saying? So I'm really communicating more with like your, your body, your emotions and your guy.

I actually feel like all of my Clair senses are working for me. First like predominant one was clear audience. That's what comes through with automatic writing. So it's hearing things in your thoughts feels like your own idea. It feels like it's hard to differentiate it at first until you kind of get practice.

And then now I literally hear different voices or different intonations, or like I can tell it. It is not me because I could hear a message or I'm still like, Oh, attic and like metaphorical, I see a lot of metaphors and symbolism. So I'll get like, like a lot of just visions, visualizations, like dreaming images that are metaphors for the person's emotional experience or what they're feeling or what they're going through.

So I think spirit speaks to me through that vision through actual like words. And then I also just get clear. Knowing claircognizance but clairvoyance would be the like visions and symbols. And then I feel it too. Claire sentience. Yeah. I have a good like boundary on it too. Like as impasse, I believe all of you, you, if you consider yourself an impact, your clairsentient, I can feel things in my physical bodies or I'll feel like I feel grief.

I'll feel sadness and I'll know that it's the person's. Sadness. I feel like I'm going to cry or I'll feel like excited or I'll feel fearful. So I it's like all of them put together working in harmony. That's a lot. Yeah. It's a lot. Like it only, it's only when I'm doing the session, it feels like very, like my boundaries are very clear.

How do you think that your sessions help somebody? Live kind of their truest purpose for being here. A lot of what comes through in sessions is subconscious intuitive then knowing that the person has already. And so it feels like the session hearing it spoken out loud by me can help them just validate their own intuition, their own, knowing it can help them tap into.

The little tiny voice that's back there. That's whispering, quit your job or whatever it is, but there's like, no, no, no, no, no. I can't listen to that. Like it can help clear it. Like it's like it peels back the layers of the things that are in the ways that you can get clarity and just get centered and feel that calm within yourself to know I have the power to make the best decision.

Everything's good. But just like, reorients you back to balance? I feel like you're talking to my soul. You are talking to me. I really feel like you're talking to my soul and I feel, and then you're giving me the guidance and the confidence to move ahead with whatever it is, big or small in my own life.

And you're working from an energetic place and realigning me so that everything lines up with the message.

Hi, Danielle. Yeah. We're so excited to hear your story and a little bit about your experience with Jena. Why don't we start with just you telling us a little bit about yourself and, and your secret journey. My journey started when I was in high school. I grew up in a really religious household and I noticed myself gravitating towards other belief systems as I moved on.

I felt like I conform to things and I got a corporate job and I was really young and ambitious. And then one day I just took all my money and I hit my breaking point and I, and I left the country for a year and I traveled through Southeast Asia and India and Nepal. And I learned so much from each country.

I like to joke that I'm not necessarily Buddhist or Hindu or whatever. I'm a little bit of everything. Yeah. And I found so much peace there as a seeker. Your journey is constantly changing and right now, My journey is to find the piece that I found when I had out there. When I came back. And that year afterwards, where I had a glow where I didn't even care if I was wearing shoes and people in New York thought I was crazy.

And I was like, I lived in India, but like, I don't have that anymore. And I want to find what I had inside me and figure out a way to keep it within Manhattan than if Manhattan isn't a place. Where is it? And what does my future need today? My question for you now is. Where are you right now? What is going on in your life that brings you here today, talking about your story and then working with Donna, you know, that there's a fundamental difference when you're traveling like I did for a year, which is you learn the difference between being alone, lonely and independent.

And I think that I came back independent and I am. This is opposite. Granted Coronas, not helping. I live alone and isolated. So my roommates are my walls, but I do think that's really where I am. Right. If I was going to do a high level it's how do I get myself to realize that I'm independent? And then I'm in charge.

I think Jena, I think that resonates with some things that you mentioned and resonated with me as well, which is getting out of the way that gentlemen spoke about it a little bit in our session, which we'll talk about is confusion. And it's also new beginnings and this is. Super timely, but starting a new job during this pandemic is really hard.

What we need to do. I thought about that. We need to talk about that because what people don't know is that you had just left a job and that you'd been out for several years. Right. And then you started. A brand new job. Why don't you tell people about that? I will be honest. I am having a very hard time with it.

I came from a job where I worked with Karen and I felt super confident, so right. We were talking about independence and I felt at my former position that I knew when I walked in there that like I knew what I was doing that day. I was confident whether things at home or everything else was kind of on my apart.

I had that structure, that stability. Then I needed to take a leap. Hey, because I want to growth and change. And as the universe would have it, my first day was the first day where they took the entire city. So I didn't ever even met my boss. I have not met my cousin workers. It's quite difficult cause I'm a social person and I'm struggling with the idea that people won't get to know me.

They're going to know virtual me, which is. Futuristic, I guess it's a big change. It's a big change. And the timing was, I'm a Taurus. I don't like change period. I am stubborn like a bull and then I made a leap of faith and it was like, Whoa, the whole world changed Robynson tourist. I am too, so I can relate.

I understand you had all this newness going on at once. So I think it's very timely that you then also had this session with Jena. Have you had energy healing before? Have you had, okay. Yeah, I have experienced Reiki. When I was 21, I unfortunately was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I had two tumors. Right.

And then when they went in, there were four, wasn't it, 21, you don't have perspective, but I was working at a job that, ah, okay. And this lady, she, we weren't even close and she. Pulled me aside. And she had asked me as a gift to her to let her do a Reiki session on me before the week before surgery. Right. I have the chills talking about it.

It was something that I'd never experienced before. This is where I was 21. I was still so young and I laid down on a table. She took me into one of the massage rooms and she did this thing and I'll never forget. It was like she pulled the strings from, I don't know, I'm sorry. I'm getting like emotional.

She just put, she pulled the strings from inside me and didn't really. Speak verbally, but I understood what she was doing. We never really looked at each other and then she wished me the best. And it was the last thing I did before. Do I think that it had an effect? Yeah. Have the chill that'd be like, yeah, I do it.

It's just that it was, this is amazing. I just have this image where she's just standing behind me and she's just pulling it. It was like a solid, like a plastic bag. I don't know. So yes. And then from there, you know, that was also part of it. Well, my experience with being a seeker, I've meditated, I've gotten my yoga teacher certification and then in India, you know, I've been an ashram.

So I definitely touch upon a lot of things. Thank you for sharing all that. No, those stories. And I think a lot of people. Can relate to that. Let's, let's get to the session. I really am dying to hear about that. And yeah,

because through Danielle, like what you did and what you felt. So I signed up online, super easy and you get an email and you fill out like a really simple form and then. You set up a time and this is you're like, wait, how do you know that they're really going to be there at this time because you're meeting on a virtual claim.

Like, you know, you have that, like in your head, you're kind of going through all of that. And you're like, really? But yes, you feel it in your heart that, you know, she's committed. Jena mentioned in her email to take crystals. I just thought to myself, it was a Sunday at noon on Eastern time. And I remember that just because I had opened all the windows and in Manhattan, we don't get a lot of sunlight when you're next to a lot of buildings.

And there was just. So weird. There's just a stream of light. And I decided that's where I'm going to lie on the floor. I put the crystals next to me and there's a glass of water. And then at noon, we just lay down and close your eyes and that's how it started. And I will say that at first, I like, you know, I twitched for the first minute.

Cause you know, you're trying to, like, I'm not comfortable going in. If you here for like a half an hour, is this going to be comfortable? and then the first sensation and. The, the strongest physical sensation I had had was like a lot of pressure on my chest. Almost like, not like I can't breathe pressure, like a really strong hug, like someone pressing down on my chest and it was like, okay, relax.

There were latching thoughts. I tried to meditate. So, you know, my head did obviously drift and then I brought myself back. There was a lot of my mind because it was going to be day before I had started a new job. So I was be honest with you. I think I spent the first. Five to 10 minutes struggling with my intention because I was scared.

My intentions weren't set before, right. The session, like, like I can only have one on intention for this session. I wasn't given any of it. And let me tell you somehow or another, in my recording, you hit every one of my intentions. I think what's important to know with these sessions is. You don't actually have to go in with one intention.

And I found it really releasing when I let that go. And there were some moments where I felt like I needed to move my legs, but it wasn't because like, I wasn't being told well too, but my body was like, move your legs right now for a second. Yeah. And so this is like just the physical aspects I didn't have besides the beginning.

And a little bit of the end, you know, sensation wise. I really mostly had at the end, ended up. Giggling, because I did think to myself, like, how would I know a half an hour is off and it's crazy how you'll look over. And you're like on the dot and the biggest physical sensation is I had woken up with my hands, cradling my stomach, and like, like wrapped around that.

And then I laid there for a little while I felt invigorated, but exhausted. I had just enough time to like, make coffee, relax. And then I got Janice response. And then it was like, well, I can't do anything today because like, Aligning, and I need to take notes on existed. I guess that's the best way I could say physically how I felt.

Wow. That was an amazing description and very play by play watching Jena's face. As you were telling yourself, she doesn't get to hear this very often and it was just so meaningful for her. Well, and let's talk about, let's talk about what Jena is doing while you were laying there and feeling all of that.

Jena, can you tell us. What you were doing. And again, I want to reiterate to everybody that you are not, you don't have the phone next to you. You haven't called anybody. You are literally by yourself, wherever you choose to be right. Relaxed and Jena taps into your energy from where she is, which is.

Usually pretty far away. And in this sense, they're on either side of this country. So can you talk about that and, and just how that works and how you are able to tap into that energy and then what you, what are you doing with your process during this. To begin with a session. I said, and intention too, of just like I write your name and then I'll set an intention of just for you to be in the highest alignment, receive the highest healing and highest alignment.

And I put it in the little pyramid and then I kind of, I set my energetic space. I like create, I go sit out outside by a tree. I love to be out in nature because nature and the elements are giving me messages the whole time too. And then, so I basically start, if I just asked you to be a clear channel to receive any guidance, wisdom, and healing that you specifically need.

Anything I feel or sense in the next half hour are, is like for you, I'm in front of me, I'm laying out crystals that are sort of like representing your physical body as if you are in front of me. And so I'm feeling a lot of it. I have my eyes closed and I might be like humming or ringing a bell or doing different things.

And I'm just. Feeling around your different shock, Rose looking for imagery. So I'll be like around your root chakra and, and having an image of, of mud or dirt or whatever. And then I just kind of remember that, and then I'll like, work, what is the dirt about what emotion is it? And then bring some people in or whatever, invite the spirits into like, help me clear it out, move it out, get it moving.

It's really about like moving any energy that I find that stuck or heavy or stagnant than I. Like invite clarity in invite source energy in and yeah. Kind of sweep you clean and then, but it's very specific and like particular to your energy. It's a practice of me just like letting go of my self, my thoughts, my ego, and just like being that channel and feeling around anybody has power to.

At least go within their own cells and clear their own shockers out. Like, we all can do this. Like if I can do it, anybody can do kind of like your soul talking to her because I'm just thinking, you know how you know, are you saying out loud? I want to connect with Danielle. Yeah. I asked to connect with her highest self, her guides.

And then just like open up to her highest healing, her highest alignment, whatever it is, I'm gonna bring her balance. And then I just kind of follow my, what my body's doing and let it do its thing. But I do some particular things of just making sure to clear energy drain energy, and then like replace it with like, you create a vacuum of energy by clearing it out and then replacing that with good harmonious cosmic light, like fill in the holes, filling the gaps back up.

In general. One of the things that you're so good at is, is the recap or your gift back is this recording of everything you saw and everything that you, I just think that is so unique and such a gift. I don't know. I'd have to think. Yeah. We'll have to share is that is the photo right. Of what you send a pressure of that.

So go ahead, Danielle, talk a little bit about some of the key takeaways and how they resonated with you. I had listened to it a few times, two different times. I felt two different things were really resonating with me. It's been a week since I've gotten to really think and let it all soak in right off the bat.

Jena was mostly talking about my sacral chakra, my lower abdomen, my, my, my lower chakras. And it was like, as if I knew she was going to go that direction, like in my body kind of cringed because it's like, I'm avoiding this anyway. It's really awesome is that we've all is telling me things and. She's explaining what this shock is, like your sequel talk or your creativity or sexuality, or, you know, your groundedness, and then I'm drawing a blank on the one right underneath it.

Yeah. So both of those, yeah. Where, you know, she had mentioned that she had focused on the most and they both physically on my body are. My least favorite parts of my body and both spiritually and emotionally, there's a lot of mental pain for me, but then it was like, you started talking about it, like it was mud and dirt, and that really resonated to me, but then you switched and it was words here in there that I picked off of that.

Something it's I be wanting to hear certain things. So a as of late with age and whatever, I'm not sure what's going on, but I've had nine doc. They were dreams, but I now considering them nightmares of just having a baby. He is a specific baby. Every time it gets more detailed, there is a name now I'm actually calling nightmares because they won't stop and they keep getting more vivid.

For me and I'm blocking that part out. And you're talking to me about my lower abdomen. You compared the mud to fertile, you talked about, you know, self care and what can you do? You said genetics. Cause then you said this place is healing from traumas in the past, which I have had that have to do with this, went in there and you're like, there is pain here.

Yeah. And you need to root it out and heal from it in order to move through the positivity. And the fact that you've spent so much time there, like. In those chakras, trying to like scoop it out. So you would say to make room, I felt like you really spoke to that area that I've been avoiding confronting.

And you mentioned a few things, also, not genetics, but ancestry, you know, my mother's side and things like that. And that just played a little bit to me, more, more of symbolism for culture and society expecting me to fill this thing. And I'm sitting here being like, But my body's craving to go this route and has been for awhile because of some things in the past, but it's just know that would be going against the grain or not sure what that means and uncertainty in my life.

And then to fast forward, wake up, cradling myself. That's why I had such an emotional reaction. Oh. Because that was. What really resonated. I remember thinking like, Oh, have like a bellyache. And then when I listened

heavy, but it was, it was, it really spoke to it. And it was like, you didn't have to say the sentence because I knew what you meant and I knew what you were going with. And then as you. I started talking about some other things. and you went off into the heart chakra, you spoke about my body needing attention.

And a lot of it is, you know, physical attention to my lower body. And you started talking about moving and I've recently gotten into being more active, but, you know, I know it could be more. And can you just talk about like releasing old beliefs? And I was like, it's all like intertwined. What really is something that is something that I've had a hard time, my whole life doing, which you spent.

I think a majority of it was more about like rooting out this pain and this mud that I'm hiding underneath. But the other stuff that you had spoken about, which really resonated with me was, I mean, in not these words, but I'm not kind to myself. First time I listened to it, I was really wrapped up in the potential procreation and all that.

Genetic part. And then the second time it was more about me and self care hire so much that not only do I have the recording, which is something that you don't get for most sessions also, you know, when you sent me the pictures of giving me the chills and of the, of the stones, and then you followed up with yeah.

Affirmations that spoke to you, and you told me you were going to do it in the recording, which is just. I needed it and they work. Wow. How are you feeling today? I know it's been several days. How do you feel like it has motivated you or given you the confidence to make certain decisions? You know what I think heightened my awareness to certain things, right?

So I got a new job, right? This is all intertwined and I'm signing up for benefits. And this is the first job ever where the first thing that stood out to me was that. They pay for freezing your eggs. I know this is like insane, but it goes really far. I've never heard of a company doing complete payment for 60 months.

That's incredible. Right. And I'm like, but I'm reading the book I think. And that's where my eyes are going. And that was two days after I think the biggest thing, and this just happens to me. Part of the fact that of being, you know, house bound with Corona, which is Jena taking the flashlight on the things that I've been trying to avoid about myself has caused me to be more aware of it being home alone.

I'm cognitive some things that I need to invest in time working on this. It's more like I'm over the denial stage. I'll give you that part during this time to be able to take those affirmations to the next level, but also the fact that this person who's like. Almost a country away can pick up on those very basic feelings that are deep, deep with it.

When you have this little sliver of time to really do that well, and it's on purpose, I feel like, you know, we collect actively have been talking about how this is a time. That's being forced upon us to really look within. And so you would have been doing that anyway, but on top of it for you, just by chance to have this session, right.

That is so customized to you. I mean, the universe is really knocking on your door and telling you literally. Stop for me for a second, the universe stopped in general. What do you usually suggest for people after your session to keep that energy going and to really utilize what you've given them? In terms of those tools?

Usually I give people really like specific suggestions based on whatever their energy was showing. Like I'll give them exercises to stay grounded or exercises to connect with our guides or whatever is most imperative for them. For them, but there's always like practical resources and tools. And really after a session to hear more clear it out, you're more like aligning you're more into you're more intuitive.

So it's like, it clears things out for you to be more aware so that when your eyes are drawn to something or when you get like a little sign coming in three times, you see the same thing. Signs happen, more things happen more. It's like you're, you're use those tools, use their resources to keep digging and keep going.

Shadow is like the shadow stuff, that dark stuff, the hard stuff. I think that is a lot of what my sessions deal with is like digging in the shadow to be like, I see you. Shame and fear. And I love you too coming. You read that whole sentence to me, been my recording. I'm not kidding. I like wrote it down. It would be good for you to do an exercise of talk, like literally talking to your emotions.

Like, I, I mean, I might have to, one thing that I love that you mentioned that I never heard of was you mentioned that I should do some shadow work. It was just, you said it during the session. It was so crazy because I could tell that you were just talking about a million things and it just came out as like, it wasn't even like homework at the end, but I wanted to say that I never knew that much about it and I definitely think it works.

Yeah. Yes, yes. Yes. I think that's really important right now during this time for everybody because chaos and crisis, all of this trauma, we're experiencing brains out our shadow to be like, here's all the stuff. It is out of alignment. That's out of congruence that needs to like come into harmony and you can't really feel balanced within yourself unless you're really like accepted, seeing and loving your whole self, the parts that you have shunned away and hidden away and stuck away.

That's kind of like what I see and bring up. And I'm like this little piece of you wants some love, really is about like loving the shadow, acknowledging the shadow. Except I feel this right now. I still accept myself. I still love myself. I think that's a big part of humanity. What we're moving through in this transformation is versus bad.

It's kind of like, it's all we have to accept it all. It's all the same thing. It's all two sides of the same one, but then it's so great. You give us all that opportunity to look within at a time when we really need it. Like, these are the tools that we really need to utilize. And, and some of them are very, you know, civil.

I mean, I think we all would love to have a session with you, but. Even if we can't those ideas of like the shock rock cleansing, and just grounding where we are and the breadth and those things that you talked about, which is so important for all of us, especially, especially now, Jena does offer a lot of free resources on her site, on her YouTube channel.

So I feel like for those of you who are interested, you should definitely. Check out, get Mo, which we'll have up graphic somewhere below me right now. And start to look within yourself, you know, and then potentially get a session with Jena. But at least now you're introduced to these concepts, I think, as you said, Karen, especially during this time, Danielle, thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing.

With all of us told your story so well, and really it's true. Thank you so much for being vulnerable, being open. I think a lot of people are gonna resonate with you and your story. Thank you so much. Thank you guys for having me and thank you, Jennifer, meeting me on the actual plane and everybody who is watching and listening.

We want to hear from you. So share your thoughts. Stories questions on seeking with I'm speaking with Robyn on YouTube and we look forward to seeking more together. So thank you. .

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