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Front Row to a Medium Reading: Lisa Nitzkin Talks to the Other Side - Episode 6

August 01, 2020 Robyn Miller Brecker / Karen Loenser / Lisa Rose Nitzkin Season 1 Episode 6
Seeking Center: The Podcast
Front Row to a Medium Reading: Lisa Nitzkin Talks to the Other Side - Episode 6
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In this episode of “Seeking with Robyn”, Spiritual Medium Lisa Rose Nitzkin gives Executive Producer Karen Loenser a reading — and Host Robyn Miller Brecker gets some meaningful messages as well.

Lisa connects to the spirit energy of Karen’s deceased loved ones. An important note, she didn’t know Karen’s life story prior to this reading. What happens is unbelievable! Karen is not only provided with healing and closure, but she is also given guidance at a crossroads in her life. You’ll meet Karen’s grandmother and sister, along with a few pop-ins from other members of her deceased family.

In addition, Robyn’s deceased loved ones make some appearances as well!

Together, they provide Robyn and Karen important information about their “Seeking with Robyn” journey, including timing and validating Robyn and Karen’s going past life experiences. It’s fascinating!

If you’ve ever lost a loved one, or you’re curious about what happens when we die, take a look!

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(Taped February 22, 2020)

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Have you ever wondered about life's biggest questions? Like, why am I here? What happens when we die? Or what else is out there, but we have, and we love to talk about it. And if you're listening, we think you probably do too. I'm Robyn and I'm Karen and we've spent our lives searching for those answers.

And we're seekers, just like you talking to some of the most fascinating spiritual teachers, healers and scientists. And showing you how you can use some of their spiritual practices for yourself. Also be sharing stories of other seekers. They motivate you to live your fullest life. We translating it all.

So the spiritual stuff won't feel so out there. So if you're curious, Get ready to rediscover why we're here together. I was scared to meet him. And what that means is I'm going to be tapping into your energy field, but 99% of it is going to be coming from the spirit energy of your deceased loved ones, your angels, your guides, as we were talking about, we all have them.

And what's going to happen is they're to come through and impress information into me for you validating past experiences, current situations, as well as future. Okay. Everything brought in is for your highest good only I believe no message is a bad message because there's always supposed to help you in some way.

Okay. I don't receive messages like you're going to die tomorrow or be in a car accident. That is not the intent of this work. As you know, the intention of this work is for healing and healing alone. I always say I'm not a party track. I'm not trying to make you believe anything. Most importantly, I'm trying to validate that there is no death and that when we are physically gone, that.

We are here in a different way. So my job is to validate that for you, let you know who is with you and maybe what are some of the signs are going to see from them, my hope and prayers that you open it up and you are able to take it one step further so that you can use all of the knowledge that you're getting today.

To continue to connect on your own. As we said before, I'm impressed into all my senses. So I hear things, feel, things, see things sometimes even taste the information. It can be like a game of trades. So I might just get a word like. It's weird. I want to say Rose. Usually I say banana as an example, you're like, Oh my gosh.

I used to eat bananas with my grandfather all the time. Okay. That makes sense to me sometimes like any names, I'm not sure who they are. I'm going to ask you exactly. You know, who is this person related to you or whatever. other times I'll know exactly what they're saying. I'm never going to tell you something.

I don't care, but I'm going to honor everything I do here. Even if it doesn't make sense, chances are two, three days, two to three months. It will come to an understanding of some kind or may not. But I believe in my messages, if it's coming out of my mouth, you're supposed to hear it. Obviously, this is a safe space.

I know we're recording. I'm just going to say, I usually say nothing leaves this room on my end. Certainly tell whoever you want about the session. Know that sometimes. I cry. You might cry. It's like we send some mixed bag. We might laugh. There's going to be all different kinds of things. I have no control over who comes through and what they say.

I wish I did. It would make my job a lot easier. Usually always ends up being the people you want to hear from. But if there's somebody at the end of our session that didn't come through, that you wanted to hear from me, I will try and channel them. The spirit moves really fast, meaning they could be talking to you about one thing and then.

Move on to a totally different topic. And then come back to the topic we were talking about before. It's, it's kind of this weird thing that happens. I, I really believe that you get exactly what you need no more, no less leaving, defined messages defined. I mean, are you ready? I'm ready. Okay. So we're going to do this meditation and obviously Robyn is sitting right next to me.

So what can happen is that her people might end up coming through and if they do, they do that, this is important. So Karen, if, if I'm saying something and it means nothing to you, but Robyn you're like that's for me, you're gonna have to say something. Okay. Just let me know. Let me know. And then tell me.

I'll just try and redirect it and we'll see what happens. Okay. Okay. So I'm going to have you guys close your eyes. I'm gonna close my eyes to pop and you've probably heard this a million times. It never gets old. And then I'm gonna have you open up your eyes when ever you are ready. Okay. All right. you got.

A lot of energy here. I will tell you that there is a grandmother figure standing above you. I think this is your mom's mom. Okay. Who is, feeling very protective of you and very, she's telling me that she is very protective of you, but also incredibly proud of you. and this new venture that you're taking on, she says it's going to be highly successful.

I am hearing that. There was, or is there force of some kind in your family? I don't know who got divorced. I know. Oh, she did. Okay. and she's also talking about heart issues. I don't know if she was the one that had the heart issues, pain and chest she's talking about. Is that how she passed through heart situation, heart illness.

and I do want to meet, I'm supposed to tell you that she's with like a counterpart. So when I see that it's either sibling, it's either, like a relationship. Somebody next to you. So I don't know. You've lost a sibling or a counterpart or a spouse of some kind if you've lost a sibling. Oh yeah.

Thanks Robyn. Yeah. Yes. Okay. You lost a sibling. Okay. Because your grandmother's telling me she's with calling it a counterpart. When I see that, it means that. Somebody that would be around your age, around a strong relationship. and she wants me to tell you that she's with your sibling and that, they're all hanging out, out together.

And it's really fascinating cause I'm seeing like native American rituals. I don't know if you resonate with. Indian feathers are resing resonating with this, but showing me that they're having some sort of ceremonial practice, like run a fire. I don't, I don't, I don't think I've ever seen this. So where was your sister or your, your.

Grandmother, some type of, you're making a face.

Oh, did they? I don't know if they were some sort of a native American ritual seekers. I, I'm not certainly a little bit. I do see Sage around too. So I don't know if this is like, she seems like a. Pioneer in her field of spirituality. And I almost you're like she's passing you the torch, which means that you're the one that's supposed to take on this next, role of being the spiritual teacher that she seemed she was, but she is really into that.

Native Americans. I'm seeing turquoise feathers. I'm seeing a lot of, I I'm supposed to, I heard you, if you don't already have native American artifacts, things that will help you bring out her energy. She's thanking me for saying this to you. I think it's incredibly important that you have these, if you.

If you don't already. Okay. You're shaking your head. Yes. Which means that, I guess I'm on the right page here. I will tell you this. I heard sister. So this sibling is your sister. And so I feel like she is hanging out with your grandmother and helping you to restore faith in this next chapter. I will tell you, they have seen you not feel so fulfilled and your.

Chapter. And so they are helping you. They are literally downloading ideas into your mind for this next phase. They are the ones that are literally guiding you. And who is Jim or Jack or Joe? I don't know who these people, my grandmother's husband named who she divorces Jack and her son is Jack. Okay. The husband has passed.

Okay. I was going to say. It feels deceased. So she is hanging out with him there. It's interesting karmic stuff going on there. They are sitting next to each other and looking at each other as if they are restoring some karmic energy might feel complicated. I'm not quite sure why. did you say who had the divorce?

Is this the grandmother? Grandmother? Who is the S or the S sound? Sarah Cindy's sand Canyon. I don't know anything more than that, but, my sister, Cindy is her sister. Cindy's or sister. Oh, your grandmother is doing a really good job. It's interesting. Your grandmother has a microphone. So she's the one that I feel like your sister is standing here.

but your grandmother feels dominant. I don't know if that's how she was in life, but she's making me feel like she needs you to really hear her. she is your. Guide beyond guides, she's calling guardian angel guide, and that she is really helping you with your spiritual condition. So you need to call on her, if you haven't to be the one to go on this journey she's talking about and being creative.

So I don't know if this is you or her, but it's an important part of a soul connection, being creative and having. Art. Did she actually make art or wish or? Okay, so she was, she was an artist. She's a painter. Okay. Then I was gonna say, do you have her artwork? I do this. It's really important for you to add her artwork and saying that she wants.

This should be established, was his or around. Okay. And that it's a tribute to her. She really appreciates. She is with this man. I don't know if this is Jack who was of service of some kind in the army Navy air force or Marine of service. What, what was he, was he a general in the air force? And this is Jack.

Yeah. Okay. And which one was cremated? You're talking about cremation. Do you know? Because he must have been, no, I don't know him. He's connected to you though. He's helped. He's helping you, but I don't know if that had a complicated relationship or it was a little distorted, but he's saying. They're still working on their karmic connection.

So, it doesn't feel like, let me ask this guy. This is no, she was married to that. And she got divorced from, okay. That would make sense of why not working out the karmic connection. Grandmother is not giving me her name at yet, but that doesn't mean that she won't, but she is standing here being almost like the matriarch of the family she's feels very bold and big and full of.

A lot of guidance and you kinda, I wouldn't want to mess with her in a way. I feel like she's alone. I don't know if she was kind of tough wife, but it's like, her opinions were very strong as what she's telling me, she's saying that she wants to. Thank you because you somehow, even with this boldness, you have kept her memory alive.

And she's saying actually her legacy alive. So I don't know what you've done with her memory and aftermath of her passing, but it's like, you've kept her legacy going and she wants you to keep doing this for the sake of. Your children. And then along the lines of like a bigger picture here. Okay. She's saying you're so smart.

You don't give yourself enough credit for how smart you are. She was incredibly smart and she wants people to know this. Very determined, very like strong she's feels married on it. And, but she's giving you guidance about your own. Intelligence of where you're going now. And don't second guess yourself.

Okay. You're into it. Okay. And it's guiding you in so many directions and you know, this she's saying, but you also sometimes second, guess it. And. She's like, if I tell you anything, it's to honor your truth and honor your knowing. She's giving you a full on support in this next chapter. She downloads ideas into your head.

Do you feel that, do you feel as though she's constantly guiding you in ways? I asked her every day, your sister? Sure, too, though, is part of this also, she's saying I don't want to be left out of this. She doesn't feel as dominant. As your grandmother, she feels much quieter. Is that how her personality was?

And she's kind of letting grandma talk here. She just said clone. So when I hear that, it either means you look, there's somebody in the family that either looks like her or acts just like her. There's a resemblance of some kind, or she's mentioning the two people that are identical kind of to each other.

And I'm not sure who this says, this is your mom's mom. Right. You're referring to me and Cindy, because. We were almost Irish. Okay, perfect. Perfect. That makes more sense to me. it's funny cause she has the microphone and Cindy's kind of standing here. She said there was a lot of drama after her passing and during life that actually, if it wasn't for that, you wouldn't be the healer that you are.

So you needed to kind of witness all of the things. The tragedies and sort of the calling it drama. It's my, I know that's a, but in order for you to be able to learn and be your most authentic self, a lot of these situations had to happen. She is telling me sometimes she was controlling in ways. And so she is apologizing for this, that she's learning how to not be so dominant and controlling.

Does this make sense to you? Okay, good. Because you're taking your head. I just want to make sure that this is. Who I'm with because I feel her presence is very bold. Yeah. Bigger lady, because she showed me now. She's not like she's pretty easy to put together and showing me like this skinny version of her.

Wait, she talking about. What I would say, I don't know if there was like a eating disorder, eating issues or something, but she's making me feel like that's all gone. She's with these like native Americans just feel like almost like a pioneer in this and people might have not understood. So I think that that's where her sense of sort of righteousness might've taken over where she's like, this is me and this is who I am and I'm boldness.

And. Everybody else who doesn't really see it my way. That's interesting. Cause she wasn't, I can see how she would be that way now, but I think she was a little trepidatious in her lifetime. She is very, this woman is very secure. So, which is very important that you know, that she's helping you be more secure.

She is giving you a little tough love with that practice, what you preach. So it's like you have these rules, amazing ideas and spiritual practices, but you don't often do it as much as like you're such a good teacher of it, but she wants you to keep practicing it yourself. Which one went fast and unexpected, where you didn't get in necessarily a whole lot of time to say goodbye.

Was it your grandmother or was it Cindy? Oh, wow. Okay. So now they're on top of each other. So one of them is pointing to there, to there. To their brain. So, usually it means where I know you said your grandmother had a heart issue. so I don't know if this was a heart attack or immediately sort of this heart thing, but one of them is talking about having an eye.

The only way you can describe this as their head, wasn't clear in some way. And, this could be mental, mental, or physical, and that there was, there was at the end. Things were just not clear in her brain. So I don't know if this is Cindy or grandmother. Can you tell me which one this was? It was Cindy.

Okay. So I just want to pull her forward a little bit. She's saying mentally. Oh, and this is all clear. Now clear, clear, clear. She says she's not trapped in core brain or her body anymore. And that you need to know that. She is so vibrant and filled with light that she doesn't have that mental, physical anguish in her brain.

She's calling them. And I hear this sometimes cobwebs it's it's, those are all cleared. you were just looking at a picture of her. She said, when you were just looking at her and like asking for her to come through, and she's saying, thank you for doing that because. She loves it and not to just do it for things like this for today, but to keep, keep doing it.

She wants me to tell you that, she's sorry for the challenge that was faced after she passed. And maybe when she was passing, did she have some emotional issues or. She just, I want to, I hate using this word demons, but it feels like just things that, to come to a place of not having depression, anxiety, and all these kinds of things just took over.

And that's why it's so important for you to know that the cobwebs are out of her brain. Like she just doesn't carry that soul energy of feeling. I hate, I hate the word demon because it's not what I mean, but I think you understand what I'm saying. Yeah, no, it's, it's actually, it's, it's an actual. Right word.

Okay. Okay. One of the main messages is that you could not have saved. And I think you felt like you needed to, or you tried, did exactly what you could have done. And there was nothing. Anybody really could have done to actually save her. So there's this, thank you for trying. I don't know if she was stubborn in her health care, you guys were trying to get her help and help her and help her.

And this idea of she tried, but she couldn't and it's nobody's fault. So the guilt that you carry it, like, did I do enough actually? Something that she's pleading with you about getting rid of the guilt of not leaving her because you couldn't have, okay. She's saying if anything, she credits you, she's thanking you for what you did because you are the ultimate caretaker did more than anybody else in the family to try and get her the help that she needed.

And she recognizes that now, even if she didn't have the capacity to maybe. Tell you in life. I don't know how she was able to express her compassion for you. She doesn't have any source of emotional discomforting. If anything, she says she feels free. Did she make choices that ultimately. Contributed to her passing.

I don't know if this is an outright suicide or if this case, so she's showing me owning it. I'm so sorry, but I have to tell you her light shining a lot bigger now than it wasn't. Yeah. So she is out of that mental anguish. Did she suffer from addiction? See everybody so worried about her and she's showing me that she couldn't get out of just couldn't get out of her own way.

And. Even though there was this feeling of wanting so badly to get out of her own way, but she just couldn't and that you couldn't have saved her. So I have to keep telling you though, but she still thinks you for trying. I was the big sister. So I'll ask you a question. Does she want, at one point actually having your death experience and then she kind of came back and then I don't know if she tried.

Taking her life prior, she's calling it a near death experience where it didn't happen. We had a few. Okay. She just keeps saying, I want everybody to know that I'm okay. There is this feeling of one of your children. I think you worry about more than others. And, she's saying that she is watching over one of the boys to help him with his own mental stuff and that he needs to know he's being guided by her.

Okay. I don't know which one of your kids might be suffering from a little bit of somethings that feel mentally challenging. And she's saying that that's not his faith, the way that she went. Okay. So there is this feeling of like, is he going to fall into the same patterns that Cindy did? Am I, am I hearing this correctly?

And that it's not going to be. This same case. And you have to let, what you're doing, which is so common is she's telling me it's like the transference where you think it's the same story and it's not because he has you as the mother that are so on top of it. Okay. Almost. She was on top of it. So you need to just kind of maybe pull back it just so you know that, that you are giving him all the tools that he's capable of, which I almost feel like he's kind of even coming out of somethings.

I am supposed to tell you that you are the ultimate filter. You were born in this world to be a healer. That is your soul's purpose. They're calling you a healer. It's something that has always been in you, but now. With all of the experiences you've had, it's gonna take off tenfold and you're not going to stop until you get there in terms of this whole platform thing.

I'm making sure everybody is aware that you do have a lot of stresses. Like this feels very similar to you, Robyn, where it's like, you guys just like, want to get this. Like you just want it to happen already, but it is induced time. You have to give it this year for the process to get your connections. I do see this year cycle, like, like one year from now, things were just really going to be falling into place for right now is the it's like the process.

And then the final product will be within the year. I do feel like whatever you're doing now, it has not fulfilled you at all. Like, this is not been something that you can almost take any longer. You want to like literally jump ship, but then you actually, can't be, you're waiting for the day to literally just be like, okay, I'm officially done.

And I do feel like it's happening in the next year. Three months. It's going to be up to you to take the leap of faith because the money will come. Once you decided to rip off the bandaid and just do it, it's like, what are you waiting for? It's all aligning for you to just be like, Oh, I must feel like you're going to go in one day and be like, okay, today's the day I'm done.

And then you're just gonna be done. And then the whole time, the next chapter is taken off. But they're saying within the next three months, there's a sense of like, you're afraid to let go, because it's like you have this. Unnecessary worry that what, what, it's just you getting in your own way. This is where that trust comes in, where you need to make sure you keep going with your gut.

You know, you need to rip the bandaid off. It's just like, know, it's almost like you're waiting for like some divinely guidance, an intense moment for time. And it may not, you might just have to do it. And then by the next three months, if it hasn't happened, I might have to come in like kick your bond a little bit.

Like I say that with a great amount of love, because it's time. Do you also have a Rose or a ruse? R Oh, you have a Rose, a reus only. Do you? Okay. Rosa. Thank you. Okay. I have grandma it's Robbins. Oh yeah. I just heard Bob. Robert. Okay. They are all your people. So aligned together, helping both of you or constraint this next venture.

I have to tell you very loud and clear when I hear the words problems solved. It means that things are going to get so clear that you won't have to keep questioning it. You both are going to be on the exact same page, but this whole preliminary your grandmother, man, she is a force. She keeps saying she.

Needs to be recognized as being the one to guide you and to help you, I'm thinking a little bit about this native American thing. Cause it just being brought up. Do you, do you have a native American spirit guide or is it, is it something that okay, I'm going to let Karen, but when I tell you it is so divine timing that you're talking about this because of an experience that carrot and I recently had, why don't you explain that?

I have been craving a past life regression. Forever. And I've, I've had them in various States, but we, but Robyn was here. What couple of weeks ago, couple weeks ago, we went to shell rock in New York and she gave me to me this an amazing past life regression and the first whole, the major, the major past life moment that I recalled was being an Arapaho Indian and make it school.

I know it's in detail, but I tell you that as an observer in the room, Karen was able to recall her entire life as an Arapaho Indian in Wyoming. And she was the son of the chief who was killed in a massacre. And who knows really her grandmother. Was part of that lifetime and

afterward, and we tracked that's where the Arapahos went. They went from Colorado to Wyoming. That's so crazy. And it was, and I believe that it's like a double meaning in my opinion, knowing that we had this and there's clearly a connection there, but what I know of Karen's grandmother is that she was a pioneer.

Of her time in, from a spiritual sense back in the day, when people did not talk about it, she was talking about it. And she was believing when that was not really a time to do that. That's all talk about being bold and you totally hooked into that. She was your greatest teacher to help you see, like my aunt doing this for me, she was your teacher that helped, you know, that.

You have the spiritual capacity and that you're being protected. I see turquoise

what I was going to say, very fascinated by Indian culture. One thing and upstairs in my Bureau, I have I'll show it to you guys later. An incredible turquoise necklace. I mean, like it's huge and I haven't worn it in a while. Cause if it's a big old statement and it's her necklace, we wear our loved one pieces of jewelry or their clothing.

It brings out their energy even more. And it sounds like this is sort of a massive piece, but I'm going to encourage you when you're going into these meetings and things. To have it on with, you really wants to continue to be a part of helping you with this process. Your dad is talking, I'm supposed to give you both advice about money.

Do not worry about the money piece that it will come. If you build it, it will come the field of dreams, movie, you know, it's that whole thing. And that moving savings around maybe using savings is exactly what it's for right now, so that you can. Yeah, this next chapter going. So don't worry about the money not coming.

You have it coming. It's going to take some time, but don't get discouraged. If it takes some time YouTube, can't give up on this. Even if you get some roadblocks, which you might, it's just challenging you to keep pushing forward through to make sure your dreams come true. And the money is just going to flow and flow.

I'm supposed to encourage you to open up a little bit more of your time. Creative side. I also see like writing, I don't know if you're not automatic writer or a journaler, but it's something that you're supposed to be working on right now to help you with your connection to spirit. So keep you got a big smile on your face.

So keep doing that, I guess that you are, she is communicating with you. Through that. So you're getting downloaded journal, journal journal who had the cancer. Oh, this is your son who we're talking about. Okay. What kind of cancer does he have? He's fine. Now he had it. He had neuroblastoma.

Yeah. Okay. How is his emotional state now? How old is he? He's 18. Okay. Did he go through a period of time where it was. not the cancer, but it was like aftermath of it where he just kind of went into, that's been more recent, to be honest, he's just finding his way. And it's not, he's not doing it in a traditional way.

It's not an easy way, but that's okay. This is how we're supposed to be going. So I have to give you solace. I'm supposed to give you about this. That is an important message. There's also a D name, the referencing Doug, Doug. It was done, I guess my sisters ex-husband but was also just like a big brother to me for a while.

Thank you. Okay. And this is Cindy's. Okay. So Cindy and Doug, both deceased. Yes. Wow. This is a lot of loss. I'm not hearing anything but like a hello. So I'm just going to honor that he's I think here. As part of your spirit team saying, hello? I will tell you have absolutely graduated. They're saying you've graduated into your next chapter.

So you have moved, you have actually gotten rid of some things that have not served you. I almost feel like even friendships, maybe colleagues, things that just have not served. You it's like out with the old and in with the new it's your time. I do also feel like you might have some Italian ancestors. I am all the way in Italy and I'm not sure why, unless you have a trip plant or you went there recently.

You're planning on going there. Okay. Register. Remember I said it, remember I said it, are you going to Italy? No, but I'm half Italian. Oh.

Anyway. I don't know. I just thought that to say it in case I'm supposed to mention the tourists is this one. Oh, you're the tourist. Okay. So it is, it is for you. Okay. Yeah. Your people are together here. You guys have been, you guys have been together in many lifetimes are showing me like several different lifetimes in different forms.

And they're talking about partnership partnership. You guys are going to continue to keep evolving in each life. this one, though they're telling me is like, this is like, there's one more life, but I never really heard this before, but there's one more life after this, between the two of you that might even feel even more pronounced, but you're doing your work right now.

So yeah, that when you go to the next life together, that it's gonna not be as. It's going to be profound, but not as difficult as it was then apparently you're moving into a whole new phase for lives. I don't, I don't know about,

I don't know a lot about past lives. I don't often hear the doll. I know you all, but they're telling me that you guys, this is like, Your second to last life before, it's almost like you would move into a hole. There's this feeling of am I knowing, is that spirits too, depending on what we go through in our lives and the next chapter after this next life is like, you guys are gonna, you can have a choice, whether you decide to come back here or not, or be like send a master who helps the living.

Oh, it's going to be a choice. They're saying. My God. Well, your dad is saying this to me. I'm like Robyn. So in this lot, like you guys have another life just before you actually get to decide because the next five is, can it be even like, whatever you're doing now is literally going to keep pushing when you went into the next most profound life, so evolved, you're going to.

Be able to choose if you want to come back or not. If they're calling you the ultimate teachers and healers, people are going to continue to learn from you. You guys still have work to do. And it's like, yeah. Time with it though. So that the next one around is going to be just like basically walking on air.

Wow. That's so much though. Doesn't it? Rob? I can't. I never heard a message like this before, to be honest. It's so strange. I mean, they're wonderful and beautiful, but I think you guys are ahead of me here. I don't think that Oh, no, you're right. You're right. They're telling me it's not, I have a couple more lives until I get to that point where I can make them, which is really cool for you guys.

Wow. It says your year, guys, it they're calling out the 20, 20 the year, the year of the, the process, the year of the plan and stay the course. So I don't know if Cindy ever had surgery or you had surgery or thinking about having surgery, referencing surgery. Yeah, I mean, I, I did, when I gave birth to my son, there was a near death experience.

Oh, well, then that would make sense. I was going to say what if it was a C-section but you also have a near death experience. Wow. What was that like? I wish I could remember it. Oh, wow. Okay. It was one of those where it was I, I was bleeding. I. Kind of bled out just for me, knowing you for several years, that wasn't very defining moment of your life.

You know, that whole experience, it was the actual birth of her son. And then what happened actually several months later, but they almost lost carrot. That was really the beginning of like a re all this stuff. It was like a crazy, maybe five, six years where. You know, right after that, then Graham was diagnosed with cancer nine 11 in the midst of nine 11, grandmother passed away.

My sister passed away. You know, there's just a lot. Those were the experiences that gave me the foundation of which I'm building on now. You couldn't be the healer that you are. If you didn't experience those things. Exactly. That's what makes you a phenomenal healer so that you just, you paid your dues, you have graduated, you get it.

No, you know where you're going. You don't need to read any more books. Like you don't need to be you're studying anymore. You already have it within you. You do seem like a knowledge seeker, but you can do it for fun, but you don't need to. Do you already have it within you? Hudson's also moving into a new chapter.

So he's got new, exciting things ahead. He has some new career change. There's some work stuff going on. We're so we're thinking about putting the house on the market. I was going to say you're supposed to be moving by God. Yes. I'm hearing it's a fresh start it's time. So I wouldn't hesitate on this. It's a new chapter.

I think it feels. Fresh. And it's like this old static energy it's about having renewed energy. That's going to make, you know, moving, isn't always an easy process, but once you're in and once you find the right fit, it's gonna feel really good. I think that's going to help him a lot. It's like this whole feeling of like move both of you having a new chapter and being able to celebrate together.

So it feels the sense of. You can, I'll take a breath. It's not going to be an easy process because there's a lot involved in all this, but the end results will feel so much better than where you guys have been. So I'm supposed to encourage this move. Okay, cool. That was going to be one of my questions.

Who's the a L name? Al Allen. Oh, something. So my two grand great-grandparents. Okay. there's popping in to say hi, really awesome. I don't know if you were close with them, but they just want to tell me that they're with you and that they are with all of these energies hanging out. That's awesome.

They're also mentioning seven, which is July. So it's birthday or death date, whose is that? Cindy passed in July. Okay. So she wants to talk. Okay. Hold on. And my grandmother's birthday is in July. Okay. What was your grandmother's name? She's not giving it to Andrea. Did Lois fall prior to her passing or, you know, right.

She's talking about a fall. Yes. Okay. I just supposed to tell you this, this fast and unexpected, there was not, it feels very fast so that the, the pain and suffering piece, I feel like she was already on the other side, even when maybe her body was stuck. Alive. So sometimes I, I see this where you need to know that, like it was okay.

Like she, I feel like she was greeted by her. I need her strength. You've got this. The only thing getting in your way is you. And I said to both of you with lots of love here, you guys are so on the right page. Don't get discouraged. Rome was not built in a day. You have to take care of the process to get to the final product and it is happening.

So this is just a reminder about trusting. We've talked about this, about surrendering, your grandmother, your dad. They're not going to let you give up on this Northern and not let you down. And eventually you guys are going to have a chance to make your own. Decisions. And I know I keep joking about a bidding war, but I do feel like you're going to have your pick of a litter of how you want to do this.

It will be your choice. I do think you get, you will have be able to have a choice. I've been saying that from the beginning. So what's happening right now is that she is repeating herself. So this is a really good time to ask any questions you may have. I guess the last thing is I am writing this. Well, I know you mentioned that before and I just it's, it's a really scary thing.

I gotta tell ya. Well, it's not scared. I shouldn't say that word, but it's, it's intimidating a bit, you know, putting all your thoughts and ideas and everything out there for the world to consume. And judge, I keep hearing standing in your truth. People need to know who you are and need to know your story because people will want.

To know who is behind the scenes of all of this. And like, what's the story? How do they get to this point? That's the only way we can connect is if we're authentic and real and exposing yourself. And I have talked to Robyn extensively about this. It's not it's that is exposing yourself. It feels very, but, but you have a big story.

If you're writing about your story, that's the most real thing you can do to help you get to your next point. Each time you step into it, you're going to feel more and more. Sure about yourself and more and more insecure about what's happening. So get it all out. Even with the attention of like, I'm doing this for myself right now, you can write it exactly.

You want to eat with no pressure of publishing it that way. I'll be so authentic and real, and then see what you want to do with it. I think it will be an important part of this process. Okay. When we can all share. Intimately then it helps other people share without judgment. People are craving authenticity right now.

You're so right. That's so true. And I looked at my life now and not in an authentic way for a long time. And now to be able to do that, you got to put it up. You guys have to it's lifting the veil, right? Like that's what I think about it. Yeah. But the veil for us in this lifetime, the veil between the worlds.

It gets all of that very similar, right? There's some, there is no question. There's a lot of change going on. That's why you guys have to be careful with like wanting it to be done tomorrow. Cause it just, it just isn't it's like you guys are pregnant. I was saying like, you're, you're pregnant. You, you have to keep letting it grow inside of you before you give birth to it.

I love this. Yeah, keep trusting in the process. I'm not blowing smoke up your ass. This is all meant to be. You definitely have such powerful. Both of you, such powerful guides that have gotten you to this point and just keep talking to them, especially your grandmother. She's Manafort. Clearly. They're all.

Related, you know, so like that's clear, right? Like we are. Yeah. I love the fact that, that Robyn we've we've had this feeling anyway, that we've been so connected because we just resonated so quickly together. I mean, putting a project together, like this is a big deal. We don't live in the same place. We haven't ever worked in the same building.

And yet somehow we've had this collective vision that's just been, so I just got themself and I have to tell you, even meeting with, again, the authenticity of what you guys are doing, and that's why it's going to be so successful because the two of you are such authentic human beings. And it's no question why you two ended up doing this together.

Thank you. I know you don't typically actually talk about past lives, but like the fact that you did say that. So, well, and we recently had this epiphany about a past, or at least one past life that we worked together that was extremely validating for us. And then to hear from you that we've had these, that it is so meaning only one her life.

I mean, tell you until you get to choose what a gift this has been. I mean, only be given the gift of healing because there was so much healing in there for me. So glad, thank you so much. Any more questions you have before I close the session? No, I, I really, I, I feel like everything that I was hoping for.

I mean, I really, everybody I asked to hear, yeah. From came through all of this guidance, my gosh. So to be, you know, given an opportunity to heal, to be given this guidance, to be given this reminder that there are these souls and guides who are out there for me. I mean, it's just. What, what better gift can you give to someone?

I'm so glad I'm so, so glad to hear that. And thank you for being so open to letting me connect into your beautiful energies. And please continue to keep me posted on what happens afterwards. And thank you. For my bonus little, Oh my gosh. Messages that I clearly I needed to hear as well. So I thank you to you.

Thank you to my dad and my other guys. And what I normally like to do is to close the session. So I like to do is I'm going to think. You're grandma, Lois, and Cindy and Jack. And Doug and your dad, grandpa Bobby, and all the other actors. Jeez, for coming through, please, please continue to follow Karen and Robyn on their paths and let them know they are protected, guided, and loved.

And please continue to show them all the signs and symbols that you were all there supporting them on their journey. And I thank you so much for showing up. Not mistake. .

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