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Intuitive Energy Healing: Find Inner Peace, Clarity, + Unconditional Love - Episode 115

June 11, 2024 Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Julie Rea Season 2 Episode 115
Intuitive Energy Healing: Find Inner Peace, Clarity, + Unconditional Love - Episode 115
Seeking Center: The Podcast
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Seeking Center: The Podcast
Intuitive Energy Healing: Find Inner Peace, Clarity, + Unconditional Love - Episode 115
Jun 11, 2024 Season 2 Episode 115
Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Julie Rea

You know we love talking about intuition, energy and healing. So we can’t wait to introduce you to Intuitive Energy Healer and Reiki Master Practitioner Julie Rea.

Julie began her holistic energy healing journey over 25 years ago and has studied many healing modalities to better understand how and why Universal Energy flows…and ultimately help others heal themselves.

Like many of you, Julie has experienced life; insurmountable loss, sadness, and physical pain. And through it all she gained tremendous insight and discovered the power of gratitude and love.

She now helps others do the same. She combines traditional coaching techniques with intuitive insights and healing to help you gain clarity, set meaningful goals, and take inspired action. Whether you're seeking to improve relationships, enhance your career, or cultivate inner peace, Julie meets you where you are.

Karen and I both experienced powerful energy healing sessions with Julie. We're talking all about them, her own healing journey, as well as the different modalities that may be what you need to know now. 


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You know we love talking about intuition, energy and healing. So we can’t wait to introduce you to Intuitive Energy Healer and Reiki Master Practitioner Julie Rea.

Julie began her holistic energy healing journey over 25 years ago and has studied many healing modalities to better understand how and why Universal Energy flows…and ultimately help others heal themselves.

Like many of you, Julie has experienced life; insurmountable loss, sadness, and physical pain. And through it all she gained tremendous insight and discovered the power of gratitude and love.

She now helps others do the same. She combines traditional coaching techniques with intuitive insights and healing to help you gain clarity, set meaningful goals, and take inspired action. Whether you're seeking to improve relationships, enhance your career, or cultivate inner peace, Julie meets you where you are.

Karen and I both experienced powerful energy healing sessions with Julie. We're talking all about them, her own healing journey, as well as the different modalities that may be what you need to know now. 


Work with Julie and all of her offerings at
Follow her on Instagram @energyhealingpathways

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Robyn: [00:00:00] I'm Robyn Miller Brecker and I'm Karen Loenser. Welcome to Seeking Center, the podcast. Join us each week as we have the conversations and we, through the spiritual and holistic clutter for you, we'll boil it down to what you need to know now, we're all about total wellness, which to us needs building a healthy life.

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You know, We love talking about intuition, energy, and healing. So we can't wait to introduce you to intuitive energy healer and Reiki master practitioner, Julie Rhea. Julie began her holistic energy healing journey over [00:01:00] 25 years ago and has studied many healing modalities to better understand how and why universal energy flows and ultimately help others heal themselves.

like many of you, Julie has experienced life. insurmountable loss, sadness, and physical pain. And through it all, she gained tremendous insight and discovered the power of gratitude and love. She now helps others do the same. She combines traditional coaching techniques with intuitive insights and healing to help you gain clarity, set meaningful goals, and take inspired action. Whether you're seeking to improve relationships, enhance your career, or cultivate inner peace, Julie meets you where you are.

Karen and I both experienced powerful energy healing sessions with Julie and can't wait to discuss her healing journey, as well as the different modalities that may be what you need to know now. 

Julie: Hi, Julie. Hi, Robyn. Hi Karen.


Robyn: So tell us what led you to begin this holistic journey over 25 years ago. 

Julie: It started [00:02:00] in university, actually.

 I would get this strange knowing hits every once in a while. Knowing I was going to see someone that I knew was say, living , three hours away and I would think, Oh, I'm going to see that person and thinking, I have to ask them about this and this.

And sure enough, later that day, to my surprise, there they were. So it was these little things. I also have always known the sex of a baby, like when a woman is pregnant and I've never been wrong. Ever, now it doesn't matter so much cause they can test and they know, but before way back when that was a cool thing.

And Along that line, one of my brothers had three girls in a row. And one day I just said, you know what, you're going to have a boy. And he goes, no, and sure enough, he did. And when you do tell people these things, they call you at five o'clock in the morning and say, Jules, you were right. 

 Or just strange things where I had dreamt about people. An uncle [00:03:00] and I dreamt that he was saying goodbye to me. And the next day I found out that he had just passed. So things like this all kind of culminated and really wanting to be connected with archangels and my angels and guides.

 I was just trying to figure all this stuff out. I had no clue, how to contact them. I had no clue how to recreate this sense of knowing. And I wanted to know what the purpose of it all was, like, why should I? Have any ability at all and never use it 

so I think that was really my reason to go. And then after that I saw a psychic and 

Robyn: So how old are you at that point? 

Julie: so I was in my 20s and then this was 25 years ago, a little bit more than that because I was pregnant with my son.

and I went to see the psychic and as soon as I walked in the door, she goes, Oh, what kind of healer are you? I I said, I want to be wow. And talked a lot about that and she saw me healing people, helping people which was very exciting to me. And [00:04:00] asked her, is this going to be a long, hard journey to learn everything? And she said, it's going to take time., what she did is she guided me.

She said, go research different modalities. And see what calls to you. So for me, it was Reiki. So that's what I started with. 

Karen: Reiki is like the gateway. For a lot of people. 

Robyn: Totally. 


Robyn: And prior to, let's say that early twenties. age, had it ever come up in terms of talking about any of this with your family or your friends or, and were you able, were you telling them when you started having these little psychic hits?

Julie: I was always curious because my paternal grandmother they were in Italy and there was no phone. It wasn't like you call right away. But when one of my brothers was. Born, she actually called my parents and said, Oh, the name, the sex, she knew everything. She just knew.

And so that always got me intrigued. It's like, how does that happen? Why does that happen? to be part of that, God, I'd like to be a part of that. Some of that. 

Karen: Earlier about going to see a psychic, [00:05:00] was there something specific that you were looking for in terms of information and why is psychic? 

Julie: I wanted some kind of spiritual teacher to help me understand and if she could have given me any more information I guess to further what was happening to help learn.

And so I ended up reading a ton of books, like everything out there. I just read and read. And in those days, if you were lucky, it came with a cassette. In the back, the guided meditation. And I just learned and learned.

Robyn: Wow. And really 25 years ago, there weren't a ton of people to talk to or easy ways to find others that were also interested because it was before the internet. 

All: Yeah. 

Robyn: Yeah, 

Karen: exactly. And Julie, you mentioned also angels and guides. What did you know about angels and guides and how are you looking to connect with them?

Julie: I've always been religious. Just knowing that the angels were around us all the time. I always felt That I was protected and and held, and I remember one time [00:06:00] driving to an event and I have no idea how I didn't get into an accident, except that I felt like my car had been moved over, 

and I it was just bad driving on my part, but very lucky. I've never had that happen where it's just 

Karen: I have actually, yeah, you are, you felt like you were protected and you avoided an accident.


Robyn: Yeah. There's another force basically at play. Yeah I know what you're saying. okay, so then you start down the Reiki journey and what happens? Because I feel like Karen mentioned, a lot of times it's this gateway into these other modalities and also of this discovering real discovery of your own abilities, like it's a validation of them in some ways.

And then it becomes a catalyst for you then to help others heal themselves. So how was that for you? 

Julie: for me. My daughter was three years old and I had a newborn son, so Reiki was my most accessible thing as Karen saying, it's the gateway, right?

 So I took my level one and then my level [00:07:00] two, and I used it. I used it constantly. I used it on my kids. I just did all that kind of stuff. And then. I stopped I stopped because I didn't think I was ready, but before then a lot of amazing things happened.

I remember my daughter came home from preschool, which is as we all know, a cesspool of germs. And Her ears were hurting and she looked feverish. and this is a child who hasn't napped since she was about 10 months. Okay. You're into bed. And then I reikied her ears and she slept till the next morning, waking up.

I'm ready to go to school, like really happy and just feeling great. And we went to school and I found out that one of her little friends that she was playing with. Was sick and this other little girl ended up being sick for three weeks with an ear infection. Wow. Some people could say, Oh, my daughter didn't really have anything wrong with her.

But. I tried to want to nap when she never wanted to nap was just something I knew. 

Robyn: And the other [00:08:00] thing I just want to point out for those listening right now who haven't heard our podcast before and who don't know what Reiki is. Can you just give a simple explanation for that?

Julie: Sure. it's a energy healing modality that uses symbols to bring in universal life force. and that is the healing energy that is everywhere and that we can use to help ourselves and others. And what Reiki does is it uses the energy centers, all the chakras and what we do is we clear those chakras and then fill them up with energy.

And that makes us feel better. that's a 

Robyn: beautiful way of putting it 

Julie: in 

Karen: you asked that question, Robyn, because I think for so many and there are different practitioners who actually practice it in slightly different ways. 

Robyn: Yeah. And for those listening, you don't actually touch. anybody when you're doing Reiki. You can do Reiki virtually so you don't actually even have to be in person.

And when you are in person, the practitioner isn't, Touching you. Julie, you just are hovering your [00:09:00] hands, and yet you can really, feel the energy. There's an electricity. in my mind it's all colors that are coming out of someone's hand.

However you could feel it's like a ball of energy coming out. , helping to balance and heal. Someone else's energy. 

Julie: And sometimes people will feel heat. Sometimes they'll feel like a buzzing, almost say, when your hand falls asleep, that kind of pins and needles.

Sometimes people don't feel anything, but then they'll start weeping. and they're like, I'm sorry, I'm crying. And it's totally normal. 

Karen: when I was a kid, when my mom's a Reiki master. And one of the things, it was like one of my first introductions to energy because she actually had me feel like along an aura, of a human, my sister or my dog.

And you could literally feel the difference in temperature from Where you were warm, it was technically a healthy area of the body, but where things got colder, it meant that maybe things needed a little bit more, healing or attention from the body. And it really was the first tangible [00:10:00] opportunity that I had to really experience what that healing modality experience could be.

And the fact that you don't necessarily, you can't see it. But you can feel it. 

Julie: Yes. And it's interesting. do see color now. , see it in my mind, but my mother she's passed away, but She used to have terrible arthritis, and her arthritic hands were just horrible and gnarled, and so I would give Reiki to her hands, and one day when I did it, all of the fluid in her veins drained, and we're both watching this.

and so I would give Reiki to her hands, and one day when I did it, all of the liquid, like all of the fluid in her veins drained, and we're both watching this. It was just like it was all just leaving her hand and just getting taken care of by the rest of her body. And I said mom, how does it feel?

And she's it feels much better. so again, these are these little tidbits of things that, Help me to keep on that path. Yes. 

Robyn: And I think the other reminder for everybody is that we are made of energy, which we talk about all the time.

And so for you, the [00:11:00] listener, or you, the person watching us right now, you are made of energy. And sometimes that energy is just out of balance and needs that restoration or needs to be cleared because you've picked up someone else's energy. And that's what Reiki can help do is clear you and rebalance you.

And so to sometimes just remind yourself that, yes, you have this body that you can see and you can feel, but within it, there are these energy centers. And so much healing can take place when you are with a practitioner that can help you with that. And these are things that you can learn yourself as well.

Julie: And along that I always tell people, they'll sometimes when you want to speak your truth, for example, and you get that heaviness in your throat. And. Then later on that day, you might have a frog in your throat, or you might have laryngitis develop. And it's very interesting, because that is a sign of a blocked throat chakra.

And so these are the examples. And when I tell people about, [00:12:00] oh, that's happened to me before, that's part of what I try to teach people too, is like, what's going on in your body. Clear it. And that's how we stay healthy. 

Robyn: so once you learned Reiki, and then you said you took a break.

what reawakened you in terms of wanting to go back to it and or learning more? Yeah. 

Julie: it was just time. And it was interesting when I decided it was time to do it. All my schedules opened up, everything worked to perfection cause we would meet every other week and it was just so great.

. like I was meant to be there. 

Robyn: and where did that then lead you in terms of developing your own intuitive skills along with the energy healing? Tell us what that looked like. 

Julie: So I guess I was very disappointed in Reiki and this is my experience.

It's not everyone's experience. Reiki is a very beautiful modality, but for me, I found that I wasn't experiencing enough. And , I came to the point where if [00:13:00] I'm going to be a healer, I'm going to be a good one, but I have to figure out how to get I did more reading and now The internet is up.

So this is a great thing. So I took several classes with different healers and learned about energy and as much as I could, I just gathered. And then about three years ago, my brother passed away and I needed to find Purpose and understanding, and 

I just needed more, so I discovered Christine Lang Oh. Who is energy healer, right? Yes. an amazing medical intuitive. And she's been on your podcast. Yes. And after even the first. class with her, my first attunement, everything was just exponentially stronger. My intuition, my ability to heal every aspect was just stronger and more.

And then in the final attunement, A lot of things happened. I realized that this is not my first lifetime as a healer. That was a very interesting [00:14:00] experience. And I was able to connect with My spirit and I should I explain please talk about it all.

Yes. Yeah. The way Christine Lang explains it is it's the part between the ego and the soul. And if you were to draw two circles joining that middle piece is your spirit. So in making this connection, I've been able to have better healings for my clients, for myself and I've been able to connect with my guides and really get really get more visual.

More audible. Everything is awakened. get like a little word 

Karen: it's like an attunement, right? There's something that shifts in your ability to be able to hear experience feel based on That experience. know what you mean. And I hope that people who are listening can hear that too, because I think the seeker in us is looking for that thing that helps us to be able to experience [00:15:00] more.

And it sounds like that's exactly what it was for you. 

Julie: Yeah. And I think learning all this, once I was at this point after learning from Christine Lang, And calling myself an intuitive energy healer, I felt confident in my ability and worthy of the ability.

Because I could actually do something with it. 

Robyn: And I have several questions.

Hold on. Okay. First I just want to further define attunement. I'm glad you brought it up again, Karen, because I know there's the attunement in terms of you were just saying, Karen, which is what it is, right? It is this aligning with and shifting of energy. When you talk about that in relation to what your work with Christine, can you explain what you meant? 

Julie: And it happens to some degree with Reiki as well. Okay. So I'm just, I'm going to speak to my experience with Christine. So, what will happen Is symbols we'll go through the crown chakra and they might be symbols that are specific [00:16:00] to the person receiving the attunement, depending on what their healing will be, what their purpose will be as a healer.

If you deal with animals, you might get something that is specific to animals. Someone dealing with people's overwhelm, which that seems to be me might get something different. So it all depends whether your experience is going to be with children or with the elderly or all these different things.

So it's a universal gift. That comes down and it's specific to that attunement, that person 

Robyn: thank you. I think that's very helpful and then I did want to go back. To your brother. that loss in this lifetime. 

Julie: Was that unexpected? Oh, it was totally unexpected. And to make it even worse is three months before my cousin passed away before it was 50.

And then a week before my brother Joe passed away, my uncle did. So we had three people in our family, and I was very close to Joe. He was everything to me. I have the chills. 

Robyn: I can feel that. I can feel that from you. 

Julie: He was my here I go. [00:17:00] It's been three years. Yeah.

But it was very difficult for me to understand why it was all happening. And of course there's two sides of me. there's my human side. 

Where I'm grieving and I want my brother back and I want to hold him and that loss, of not being able to embrace that warmth, the conversations, all those wonderful things that we experience as humans.

But then as a spiritual teacher side of me looks at it, I see my brother in a beautiful place. His soul has no pain. He has no worry. Everything is perfect. And and what I also know is that I can call in him and talk to him anytime. Yes, that's right. And There's a song that just reminds me of him.

And I forget what it's called but I'll be driving down the road and I'll be thinking, oh, should I have done that? Something to do with him and the song will come on. I'm like, oh, come on, . I love [00:18:00] that because it, and it's not like a typical song you'd hear, 

Robyn: and I love, and this is so important for people to hear Because most of us, in our lifetimes, most people will go through some sort of really heavy loss. And I know the three of us within this conversation, we've all had some very tremendous losses in our lives. 

Karen: And just want to add here, the words that you were using just hit me because of this conversation.

 The words pass away People use that term a lot, but it almost evokes a sense of slow transition. And when people that we love transition very quickly it's not a passing away, it's like they're gone and the trauma that we have to your point, Julie Yes, you've got your one side of your brain that's okay, I know they're in a better place and all that stuff.

But the other part is your very human side that says, wait whoa, no time to process or talk or give those goodbyes that a lot of us are really wanting to [00:19:00] have. So I think that's the other side of it too. As we grieve, it is a very. Valid part of us that it's like it's not really they're passing away.

It's that they're out of there so quickly. Yeah, 

Robyn: And there's something about, I was just having this conversation yesterday with my daughter about loss. Cause she was reading a book that was about tremendous loss and it was triggering her and her emotions. She's a deeply empathic person and soul.

And she really needed to share it with me because she couldn't keep it to herself anymore. She had read this book. It was impacting her. And when she was telling me about the book, and it happened to be about. A son who lost a father very suddenly and I'm someone who like you, Julie and like Karen, we have these two sides of each other.

And so I have this very human side of myself and I have this very spiritual side of myself and the human side of myself. When my daughter was talking about this, Was very triggered [00:20:00] by the loss of when she was talking about the talking about the son losing his father.

And I'm someone who talks to my dad in spirit every single day, multiple times a day. And yet hearing the story and the way he lost his dad. was so reminiscent of the tragedy that I experienced as a child. And so it's that duality of living in both a 3D world and then also living in the spiritual world.

And then knowing, at this point in my life, For me, it was all on purpose so that I could be doing what I'm doing now. and for you to have that, we just started talking about your brother and the emotion that came over you and yet the knowing that you could talk to him all the time.

it's yes and yes, yes. You're still going to feel the emotions and yes, the knowing that they've just changed form, but we still miss them. 

Julie: Yes, 

We can't hug them 

All: yeah. 

Karen: So how did your brother's passing impact the work that you do and the belief system that you have now, Julie, 

Julie: It took me a little time to just get through everything.

 And I just found ways of really grounding myself all the time. I was [00:21:00] on the seeking mission, seeking center, funny. I was on this mission to to figure out, How to make myself feel better. I would meditate, pray. I would spend time in nature, even just taking my shoes and socks off and standing in the grass.

That's just a great way of connecting and grounding. Of course my favorite is an Epsom salt bath, lots of those. Because you do have to, get through the grieving and be able to continue to live. , 

Robyn: The other thing that I wanted to mention is that it seems to me that this intuitive energy healing practice. That you've now cultivated and that you feel more comfortable in identifying with it's that making it your own, right?

Whereas Reiki, it's a more prescribed formula in many ways, 

Julie: Absolutely. I always found that Reiki put me in a box. And respectfully saying this, whereas using my intuition. I still ground myself. there's still needs for [00:22:00] clearing and protecting. You do all of those.

Every single energy practitioner, no matter what the modality will always do the grounding and the clearing and the protection of themselves. And the people they're working on But I just found that I made myself free to use, my imagination enough to get me to where I needed to go I have client who's an inventor and so for her, when I'm trying to give her a visual, I give her visuals that she can understand or just relate to.

When I tell her to clear herself, I tell her imagine that you are there's one of those pegboards, hang tools. So whatever is going to clear you, whether it's water or wind or whatever, it's going to go right through her. And some people would prefer Swiss cheese or a sponge or so it's all kind of that. And ultimately what I learned that.

The universe. God was telling me that it was divine timing, not my timing. That's 

Robyn: [00:23:00] right. That's right. 

Karen: And I noticed when we work together It's like you're tuning for it's Oh, okay.

I can go there and I can get a sense of what this person might have going on. What I'll 

Julie: do is I will ask my spirit and guides about what I can know about And so sometimes I will get some great information. So actually that happened with a young athlete that I had a session with and she was a volleyball player and was having difficulty with her feet.

I tuned in and I did a meditation and I had a couple of things come through. One was I saw this foot going into it was just like a plunge into a foot bath. And then a question said, ask her If she's icing or applying heat, and then the other one was just the sports injury clinic sort of thing.

In our conversations one thing that was emphatic was that she needed to be a participant in her own healing. So [00:24:00] all these, and of course like teenagers, yeah, it's happening. Just fix it. They want to play and do their thing go on with it. So during the session.

I tried to make it very clear to her and her mom that it was so important for her to be Participant. So when I asked her if she had been icing, she said, I do it on occasion. I said, so you're playing almost like a 12 hour day of volleyball and you're not coming home and icing it or icing it in the morning no okay.

So this had to happen. And the message that I gotten about the icing was Almost ask her. She's icing it. And I'm not a medical intuitive, I say go to a sports injury clinic, ask them for, what the best protocol is for your injury so that you can actively make it healthy.

just doing what she was doing over and over again would not have done anything. 

Robyn: We know other energy, practitioners that really used Reiki as like a foundation [00:25:00] to know your own ability to help heal others.

But now you have other attunements as we talked about, as well as just your own confidence in knowing that you can go about it your own way. when you're doing the energy healing part of it. And , you're talking to both their spirit guides and your spirit guides, right?

Like it's a combination. 

Julie: Yes. And I can do it virtually too. And I find it actually stronger virtually because the person has to be very. invested in the whole situation. 

Karen: So it's like your training has really allowed you to almost go to the next dimension of being able to see exactly where to tune in. Yeah, 

Julie: it's so true. Even just signs around me. I have to tell you about I was on an airplane. And the gentleman two seats over he wasn't well he grabbed his air sickness bag and I'm thinking, Oh no.

And his wife was sitting next to me and. so we took off and then 10 minutes in, he's calling over the flight attendant and saying, you need to [00:26:00] watch me. You need to keep tabs on me. I'm not feeling well, and I don't know why. and the flight attendant was a little flippant.

And I'm looking at him at, it was a male flight attendant. I'm like, dude, what is this? What's going on? He left and then I sat and I meditated and I asked, should I get involved and is there something I can help with? And what is it that I can help with?

So two things happen. When I get this intuitive information, it's like hearing someone in the other room talking, but it was someone in the other room. It was maybe 20 people going, yes, and then I asked further, what is it that I'm helping with? And on the airplane, the craziest thing happened, suddenly I heard conversations around me and the word anxiety came up three times. I've never really hear conversations in an airplane, but all of a sudden just little bits came up and I'm thinking, ah, okay, this I can help with.

I asked the lady next to me, I said, hi, I actually introduced myself as an intuitive energy healer, which I don't do that often. And I'm starting to [00:27:00] more. 

And I said, could you ask. Your husband, if I can help him and she goes, Oh yeah, you can help him. No problem.

I said, no, you have to ask him because I need his permission. And there's a little conversation and he goes, yeah. So I said to him, I just need you to breathe right now. So I said, I want you to breathe for the count of four in and for the count of four out, nothing special.

 Just the way little babies breathe. That's all you need to do. And I'm going to just sit over here and I'm going to do my thing. So I sent him distance healing, even though he was two over. And I basically.

 Just sent him calming distant, just imagined him floating on a river, and just peaceful and that all of his anxiety had drained out of him. and I just kept doing that and wrapping him in green healing light. and just helping him to calm down. And then once I knew he was calmer, then I cleared all of his chakras and then I filled them up again and balanced them.

And then about 15 minutes [00:28:00] later, feel this knock on the shoulder. He goes, I never knew breathing could be so helpful.

And then whatever you did after that, I don't know what you did, but it was great. So I was very happy to help him. 

Karen: many times are we sitting on an airplane or a subway or a bus, an office space. Yeah. Yeah. Honestly, where we are taking on all of that energy without even knowing that we're doing.

Oh, totally. 

Robyn: how fortunate they were and how he was to be sitting, which I'm sure was on purpose, one seat away from you. It was 

Julie: pretty 

Robyn: wild. and an opportunity for you to really step into who you are. 

Karen: And you allowed him to participate. 

Julie: I think we've evolved so much that it's not enough to just say, heal me.

We have to be participants in our healing. I was reading a book. I have it here cause I wanted to discuss it. It's the modern Bethesda by Dr. Newton the reason I bring it up is he was , a medical doctor, and then energy healer in the [00:29:00] 1860s to probably the 1880s or 1870s.

Anyway, that's when the book takes place and it's really interesting because. Everyone that came to him like he had droves and droves of people stadiums of people come to him and he would just do the laying of the hands the way Jesus and Buddha did. And they are instantly healed.

 And the book is full of. All of these situations and wonderful healings, but I don't think it's happening anymore because I think we've evolved to be that participant in our healing to go beyond and understand why we have the element we have.

Robyn: Yeah. Which actually leads us to asking you about universal energy. And how it does flow because that was part of how you started your whole journey. So what have you found about that? 

Julie: It was so empowering to learn all this. I just, I'm sure you've heard that energy follows intention.

So a lot this is about intention and gratitude. think that's the most important part of it. Learned that if my intention [00:30:00] comes from love and gratitude that everything works out quite nicely. So about, universal energy and how it flows I would say, it's available to all of us and.

what I tell people who are asking me, come on, they're non believers. And I say you can hear my voice, you can hear the sound of my voice and it's traveling to you. That's energy. And the light bulb that's light energy, and it's coming toward us and you can see the light.

So how come the energy coming through my hands? Isn't real. And then they feel it. So there's so many things and so many, easy ways of looking at it. It's important. Everybody can do such simple things for themselves to make the energy flow through them on their own.

So basically as a healer, the attunements allow me to heal others. If someone doesn't have that attunement and doesn't use themselves as a channel for universal energy, then what happens is you end up using your own energy to heal somebody, which will deplete [00:31:00] you, which will make you sick, which is not good for anybody.

I guess what intuitive energy healing did for me versus Reiki was instead of a little dripping faucet, it was a fire hose. And that's what it did for me. And that was the difference in the power that I felt anyway.

So it was amazing. . 

Robyn: You answered it. And I get it. And I would say to just to your point about people feeling energy. One of the things that I know I like to tell people to do is to rub their hands together. Do it for a minute. and then Break your hands apart a little bit and you can feel like this ball of energy and that's anybody like we're not talking about people who've already been through attunements and so forth like anybody and so just that in itself.

Is a tangible way of feeling your own energy inside of you and understanding we all have it. 

Karen: we're all inspired at times to put our hands on certain parts of our bodies, right? And to pay attention to what like Robyn was, is was laughing right now because I do it a lot, ?

[00:32:00] Like I'll have something under my arm. neck or I'll have it around my throat just because it feels good or I'll have it on my shoulder or on my palm or on my wrist like pay attention to where you're naturally putting your own energy into your body for relief and that is like your body is just trying to relieve itself and give it, its own sense of energy as well. It's not the woo that we think it is. It's the day to day things that we 

Julie: do. It is. And that's actually one of the first things I remember learning in my Reiki one class is that we intuitively will go and touch something if it's in pain, right?

If you've got A toothache or something you'll go and you'll touch it. And that, again, is that intention of making it feel better, 

Karen: or like even I learned early on to I think it's more like the Jin Shin is that if you hold, Your fingers, if you just hold them, how that sense of calm that you get and just holding them because their pressure points in your body and that you can teach the little ones to do that, when they're anxious, right?

[00:33:00] Hold your thumb. Just hold on to it. And there's a sense of, I don't know, calm ease that comes from that. So your body is just such a natural regulator of your emotions and speaks to you in different ways. 

Julie: And for me, understanding what people are telling me because we'll have a nice conversation and so that they can tell me what's going on. And then, I'll tie in what my meditation brought me and then I'll get validation about that meditation as well, which is very helpful.

And then we'll discuss, ways of, ways that I can help them give them tools to help relieve maybe a situation. And then I will heal. I will use healing. 

Robyn: that's helpful. And I know for Karen and I, and we had separate sessions with you both equally very powerful.

And I know in mine, certain aspects that have stayed with me is. is first of all, because very much can feel other people's energy, especially when I'm getting a healing. And one of the ways for me is that 

I immediately start to feel [00:34:00] vibrating and then I start to see color and I know if it's a powerful energy healing, if that starts to happen and that started immediately happening. And then I was getting very distinct images and the one that has stayed with me and really become A symbol in my every day is that there was just, and I can picture it right now, this large wolf that came through in my session with you, Julie, that I feel so protected.

And I also feel that energy within that wolf energy, that strength. within myself. And it's so tangible in my brain. and almost the wolf's face and the hair, like blowing in the wind being next to me.

It was just super cool. And and has really stayed with me and just that whole feeling like I definitely needed that energy healing and that balancing within myself. it had been a while. And so those are the things for me that are markers of why we want [00:35:00] to introduce you to everybody listening or watching because it's powerful and it stays with you.

And then, as you said, we had that conversation in the beginning about whatever was going on with me in my life. And then we talked about it after. Karen, 

Karen: you was a little bit different. And I think what I love about the session we had Julie that I think for somebody who is newer in the experience.

And what I remember so vividly is. In that premeditation feeling of I was not alone. There was just that simple sense of there was someone else there besides me looking at me and there for me that was outside of me. And in that simplest sense, like so many people have never even experienced that.

that there's other, there's outward. Energy that is there for me to tap into. And I think, again, it always comes up for me was throat chakra of using that need for me to clear that. And in that experience of that meditation ahead of [00:36:00] time of just being open to that support.

Of there is other out there. In that meditation experience of just feeling that presence of not being alone, it almost allowed me to have that leap of faith of, Oh, okay.

That's what that is. It's not that it's. An energetic experience so much, but that there's actually this outside help that I can tap into for myself. Just that in itself was a wonderfully healing kind of feeling and it was simple. 

 but it was tangible. 

Julie: And that's important. And sometimes the simplest are the most impactful. It's the leap 

Karen: of faith, right? And I love that for someone who's just taking that, tiny little leap into the energetic realm 

Robyn: Yeah. And when you're working with clients, is it typically just one session or are they usually also working with you more on a coaching with the intuitive and energetic work as well?

Julie: It's a bit of both really. It depends on the situation and just how much time and sometimes, if it's a [00:37:00] problem that's been going on for many years, it's hard to fix in just one session. It's like going to the gym and expecting. to run a marathon the next day, just don't happen that quickly.

And so I always tell people, it's we're removing layers upon layers. And I think it would be very difficult and hard on your body to heal so quickly. I have a client who's had several abdominal surgeries and has a lot of scar tissue.

And I work on her very slowly and she's very receptive and can feel, and this is a distance healing. And in our session. I said, okay, I'm going to go a little deeper here and you got to let me know what's going on. And she got very emotional and said, I just felt so loved.

I just felt this beautiful sense of love that she's never experienced that before in a healing. And , if I can give that to somebody to help them release. I'm very humbled 

Karen: that's the other thing I think for people listening who haven't had the experience too is like we [00:38:00] were saying at the beginning.

You're opening yourself up to a different realm of Experience and once you experience it, you're like, oh, yeah, I get that it's almost like a frequency level above of what we're all Living on on the day today and now we have that moment of being able to experience what is love Isn't it?

It's love what that actually feels like

Julie: That healing energy is unconditional love from heaven. Yeah. That's my definition. You can call it what you may, but I call it unconditional love from heaven. And for those 

Karen: who are foreign to that, it's hard to put your words to it.

Like and that's probably why your client was crying, right? It was so different than experience and you're balancing that out with the pain of the scar tissue and all that. It really is this bubbling up of release encompassing that love that's there.

And that's the healing part. Yes. That is the healing part. 


Robyn: What is something that someone who is listening or watching right now can do on a daily basis to find more [00:39:00] energetic, balance in their life. I'm going to give you two things. 

Julie: of 

Robyn: all, 

Julie: deeply.

I think we get so caught up in everything that we forget to breathe deeply. And like the gentleman on the airplane our parasympathetic nervous system kicks in when we do these beautiful deep breaths and we're able to calm down I tell people, if you're in front of people, right now I'm doing a lot of deep breathing. When someone makes you mad at the grocery store, if you're in a meeting thing is you can breathe because everyone's breathing. You're just going deeper instead of these shallow breaths. We're not running from a pterodactyl anymore. We don't have to have the shallow breaths that don't really serv in the situation, So it helps. It's amazing to help release and prevent that anxiety overwhelm. If you can catch it before it happens. It's very helpful. So that is one. And then the other thing is you can do something really simple where you ground and you can clear yourself and protect yourself.[00:40:00] 

And it's interesting in everyone that I've been taught by, there's. Many ways of doing it, but I love this one. It's very simple where you can imagine either an oak tree coming from the base of your spine and going down into the center of the You can imagine it could also be a steel pillar, Whatever you feel is strength. Okay. And grounding. So that's in the middle of the earth. And then you can imagine your body being cleared and imagine that you're a big sponge or or Swiss cheese or something. Holy . . 

and this beautiful warm waterfall is just washing.

all of the bad energy out and it's going. Or you can imagine a beautiful wind clearing it out. 

 after that, I always ask Archangel Michael For protection. So you can imagine simple things. You can imagine a dome around you. My two favorites are are if you ever watch Wonder Woman 1984, when she has that amazing armor, just [00:41:00] imagine that armor coming on you, you're suited up and it could be any color you want.

 The other thing is Iron Man and his costume again, any color and just, you can just say in the moment, you could say Archangel Michael suit up, please, or shields up, please. and that protection helps us all. 

Robyn: That's going to be added to my daily ritual. And it's 

Julie: so easy. 

Robyn: Yeah. Oh, that's so good.

Thank you. and what is something someone can do to better tap into their intuition on a daily basis? 

Julie: I think meditation is the most amazing thing. Just being quiet and When I started out, I found meditation, five minutes of meditating , it was the first five minutes of meditation was the hardest thing ever. It was like me trying to run a mile after not having ran in forever. And so I always tell people, set a timer and try to go 10 minutes. And then set a timer, try to go 12. Use There's so many guided meditations.

available. you can listen to any kind of music that you like for meditating, not [00:42:00] hard rock, that's not going to work, but just nice, rhythmic, lyrical, anything to just get you, zoned in, you can always just use breath if you need to sometimes laying in bed and just doing that wonderful breathing.

I'm trying to get everyone to do actually breathing in bed and just listening to your body, , and if something extremely urgent comes on, listen to it and then let it go. And then it's okay to actually sit in silence. 

Robyn: you set an intention before you go into meditation?

Julie: It depends. If I'm meditating about a situation or about a healing I'm about to do, I do Sometimes it'll just be. What can you tell me that I need to know today.. 

Karen: I think so many to just. inviting yourself to clear your mind and allow whatever to come in.

 I think that's why running for me, when I meditate, I have an intention, but when I run, it's just I'm just going to clear my mind and that's when the best stuff comes because I finally have a [00:43:00] moment where I'm not trying to solve all the world's problems or go through the laundry list of all the things I'm just literally in the zone, looking at nature, moving forward.

And That's the best time to really be inspired by whatever comes. 

Robyn: with walking. And walking. it's that time for yourself to really connect in with your energy. and then receive this, universal energy really coming through as well.

there is that you're inviting that in by taking the moment either take those 10 minutes of meditating or what, if you're running or walking, it really invites it in. 

Karen: And connecting to that vibe, Which you were talking about before Julie, which is, that almost higher frequency of living, like we're on the day to day, in a lower frequency of just trying to get things done.

But if you can invite that higher level, even if it is just for 10 minutes of just being there and being present in this more love invited energy, it does shift [00:44:00] your whole, day. It can't help but do that. And 

Julie: it's self care too. 

Robyn: Exactly. It's a gift you're giving yourself.

Julie: It is. I always, Find that if I'm in a good place, then everyone else in everyone else's too, because it's 

Robyn: true. You're totally right. It's that ripple effect to everyone else and love yourself enough. I often think about a lot of the things I do for my daughter.

I don't always do them for myself, and for me, I know that taking the 10 minutes I do it in the morning typically is what I need to set my day and connect in.

With my spirit. I love that visual you gave that. I think you said, Christine had given you, that interconnecting of the circle, right? 

Julie: I love 

Robyn: that because that is what I'm doing in the morning is talking to my spirit, grounding for the day, all of those things.

And I think we can't stress enough to everyone is just try it to and make it a non-negotiable for you for a few [00:45:00] weeks and see what happens. And it really, in my opinion, it's life changing and it's free , 

And the most inspired thoughts come that way, right? Because they really are gifts from above 

Karen: Go for the walk, just go for the walk and allow yourself to just be outside or wherever it is that you are. And then see what comes like start. So simply. I become meditative 

Julie: when I'm pulling weeds, it's anything automatic is just some people it's cleaning the house and sweeping.


Robyn: right. 


Robyn: Driving. Yeah. Julie, thank you for following the whispers and, and really doing your own work that is now helping to heal all of us.

And I know you're going to continue to do that. And we are so grateful that we can work with you and support all that you're doing. Thank you very much. Thank you. And you can find out more about working with Julie and all of her offerings at energyhealingpathways. com. You can also follow her on Instagram at [00:46:00] energyhealingpathways.

Thank you, Julie. 

All: Thank you. 

Intuitive Energy Healing: Find Inner Peace, Clarity, + Unconditional Love