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Seeking Sessions: Tarot Therapy Meets Past Life Quantum Healing - Episode 114

June 03, 2024 Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Michelle Nolan, Lizzi Cutler Season 2 Episode 114
Seeking Sessions: Tarot Therapy Meets Past Life Quantum Healing - Episode 114
Seeking Center: The Podcast
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Seeking Center: The Podcast
Seeking Sessions: Tarot Therapy Meets Past Life Quantum Healing - Episode 114
Jun 03, 2024 Season 2 Episode 114
Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Michelle Nolan, Lizzi Cutler

Karen and I can hardly wait to share this conversation!

We have two of our soul sisters and Seeking Center guides, Lizzi Cutler + Michelle Nolan, joining us and we have no idea what to expect! Let me explain.

As many of you know, Lizzi helps you get unstuck and moves your energy back into alignment  with her own energy healing technique, along with past life quantum healing which can uncover and help you heal the root causes of physical, emotional, or spiritual issues – and ultimately facilitate a conversation with your soul.

And, Michelle has created Tarot Therapy, which is her own unique form of using Tarot to talk to your soul and Spirit Guides. Her sessions are unlike any other Tarot readings we’ve ever had. She gets to the core of who you are, why you are where you are in your life and what you need to do to live your most fulfilled life.

Ok, here’s where it gets really fun!! While Lizzi and Michelle had heard of each other – they hadn’t met until recently…and when they did, it was definitely a reconnection of soul fam. Plus, the idea to work on each other felt like a no brainer. So…they did – and we can’t wait to hear about what they each heard, experienced and feel now.

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Listen to Lizzi's latest Seeking Center episode.

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Karen and I can hardly wait to share this conversation!

We have two of our soul sisters and Seeking Center guides, Lizzi Cutler + Michelle Nolan, joining us and we have no idea what to expect! Let me explain.

As many of you know, Lizzi helps you get unstuck and moves your energy back into alignment  with her own energy healing technique, along with past life quantum healing which can uncover and help you heal the root causes of physical, emotional, or spiritual issues – and ultimately facilitate a conversation with your soul.

And, Michelle has created Tarot Therapy, which is her own unique form of using Tarot to talk to your soul and Spirit Guides. Her sessions are unlike any other Tarot readings we’ve ever had. She gets to the core of who you are, why you are where you are in your life and what you need to do to live your most fulfilled life.

Ok, here’s where it gets really fun!! While Lizzi and Michelle had heard of each other – they hadn’t met until recently…and when they did, it was definitely a reconnection of soul fam. Plus, the idea to work on each other felt like a no brainer. So…they did – and we can’t wait to hear about what they each heard, experienced and feel now.

Email Michelle at to find out more about working with her.

Listen to her latest Seeking Center episode

Visit to find out more about one-on-one coaching, energy alignments,  past life quantum healing and Lizzi’s other offerings.

Follow her on Instagram @lizzicutler

Listen to Lizzi's latest Seeking Center episode.

Watch more with Lizzi and Michelle on our YouTube channel that's

Visit for more from Robyn + Karen, plus mega inspo -- and the best wellness + spiritual practitioners, products and experiences on the planet!

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ROBYN: [00:00:00] I'm Robyn Miller Brecker and I'm Karen Loenser. Welcome to Seeking Center, the podcast. Join us each week as we have the conversations and we, through the spiritual and holistic clutter for you, we'll boil it down to what you need to know now, we're all about total wellness, which to us needs building a healthy life.

KAREN: On a physical, mental, and spiritual level, we'll talk to the trailblazers who'll introduce you to the practices, products, and experiences that may be just what you need to hear about to transform your life. If you're listening to this, it's no accident. Think of this as your seeking center and your place to seek your center.

ROBYN: And for the best wellness and spiritual practitioners, experts, products, experiences, and inspo, visit theseekingcenter. Karen and I can hardly wait to begin this conversation. We have two of our Soul Sisters and Seeking Center guides, Lizzi Cutler and Michelle Nolan here with us, and we have no idea what to expect.

Let me explain. Lizzi helps you get unstuck and moves your energy back [00:01:00] into alignment with her own energy healing technique, along with past life quantum healing, which can uncover and help you heal the root causes of physical, emotional, or spiritual issues, and ultimately facilitate a conversation with your soul.

And Michelle has created tarot therapy, which is her own unique form of using tarot to talk to your soul and spirit guides. Her sessions are unlike any other tarot readings we've ever had. She gets to the core of who you why you are where you are in your life, and what you need to do to live your most fulfilled life.

Okay, so here's where it gets really fun. While Lizzi and Michelle had heard of each other, they hadn't met until recently, and when they did, reconnection of soul fam. Plus, the idea to work on each other felt like a no brainer. They did, and we can't wait to hear about what they each heard, experienced, and feel now.

Let's get going. Hi, Lizzi. Hi, Michelle. I feel like 

KAREN: this is after the first date. It took me a [00:02:00] while to feel it, , yeah.

LIZZI: We fell in 

MICHELLE: love. We did fall in love. 

LIZZI: A one night stand gone well.

ROBYN: And we got to witness it, which is amazing. so how did it start? , I think it was that Lizzi worked on Michelle first? 

LIZZI: Yeah. Really it started when we met all together and Michelle was channeling some stuff for me just sitting and hanging out and shooting the shit essentially.

And what Michelle started channeling was like, look, I don't mean to be offensive, which for me is like music to my ears of please get to the heart of things and what Michelle had called out in that moment was so enticing and juicy. And really an aha of yes, that's such a great way to put words to something I've always felt.

 And so then we booked, so the next weekend I worked on Michelle on Sunday. And then Michelle worked on me on Monday. And the back to back was really great. Interesting and amazing. And we were in Michelle's home. So I was in her cocoon. 

ROBYN: So Lizzi, will you just give a quick overview for people listening? about [00:03:00] what you do and how you were going to work on Michelle.

LIZZI: Yeah. So normally when I'm working on a new client we start with an energy alignment and then we'll do some energy edits. So in an alignment, I'm reading the client and I'm just going through and figuring out. What's stuck, what words need to be put to it, what's happening emotionally and physically that your soul is trying to get your attention on.

So where is your soul kind of feeling like your 3d self or your human self isn't getting the message. And I am the delivery of the message. And then we go into edits where I help you clear some of that stuckness and show you how to do the work to clear it yourself. And then in that work, we'll also include a past life quantum healing.

Which edits are great at helping clear issues or stuckness from this lifetime. And then the past life helps us go back because sometimes it's from another lifetime that we can't quite get to it from just these memories. With Michelle, it was a little different since she's so in this world and has done so much of her own work.

She looked at me and said I want to do a past life [00:04:00] quantum healing. Let's start there. And I'm not going to say no. So we go into this very, it feels like a casual hypnotic state because all three of you had done it now and you're all nodding your heads that it's not hypnosis in the sense that you don't know where you are.

You can't function. You're very present to it, but it gets you into a different layer of the consciousness. And Michelle, I would actually love to hear your input on what that felt like for you or you can still talk and you're still present, but we can get into some of the deeper files in the back room.


did it feel like for you, Michelle? 

MICHELLE: in that. It did feel like a very conscious hypnosis. Like you said, it, I definitely knew what I was saying, but it was almost like I was outside of myself a little bit and could hear myself talking then really. Be in the moment of what I was saying and thinking through what I was saying.

 So I felt like it was immediate hits for me and very visual for me. 

ROBYN: We're going to dig into, [00:05:00] we'll share. But had you ever experienced anything like that type of deep meditation or hypnosis before?


MICHELLE: I'm always blown away by people's gifts and, their modalities. And Lizzi is definitely such a great guide for those because I like to say I'm very good getting into other people, but people are not very good at getting into me. 

KAREN: We actually talked about that, too.

I think that's what's so special about the two of you allowing yourselves to give each other these gifts. And because we've talked about the vulnerability of even the practitioner, of almost the loneliness of being a practitioner, because you're always giving to other people. So in this case.

That's why it's so fun for us to share your experience. And that's what makes it a little bit different too. 

ROBYN: The other thing I want to point out is to add to what you're saying, Karen, is that they are both such strong women and strong souls.

And so I think it takes a lot for both of you to trust somebody else 

to really 

let them in. So I just wanted to just [00:06:00] talk about that for one moment. 

MICHELLE: When I first met Lizzi obviously we're always reading each other probably for what we do, but when I first met Lizzi, I had this vibe of that.

She was almost more of a shadow worker than a light worker because she's got this kind of like warrior energy to her. And I think now I understand it a little bit better when I. went in you, you do have to feel like someone's there almost like in a protective energy. Otherwise if you're, especially if you're not used to this kind of work, you can feel very overwhelmed or a little bit lost or scared or fearful.

And I, Lizzi's energy made me feel safe and I don't know what her experience with other sessions have been like, but if someone did go too far deep or went in a place that they didn't want to be, that she would be able to pull that person out and not have it be more of a jarring experience.

LIZZI: Thank you. 

I think it'd be interesting for those listening who don't really know what that means of a light worker or a shadow worker versus a light worker. Michelle, will you explain your take on that? 

MICHELLE: Yeah. So my take on that is light [00:07:00] workers, generally are healing based in the sense that they try to elevate more go to a platform where you're elevating someone's energy, right?

 And you're trying to raise the vibration. A shadow worker is more when you're going into the depths, so it's definitely healing in different ways. But when you go into like shadow work, You're trying to get into more subconscious, unconscious maybe past life stuff, things that are probably wrought with a little more trauma, even and old wounds that you have to face.

not that light workers don't do that, but it's in a different way. That was my take when. I met Lizzi. And I think I was right. 

ROBYN: We're going to get to it. And Michelle, you haven't had a ton of other people work. 


ROBYN: This 

MICHELLE: was, this was super trippy for me.

I replayed it this week cause I wanted to give it some space before I listened to it again. And I know Lizzi is versed in medicinal journeying, Shamanic journeying. I have not done that, but I would imagine it felt very [00:08:00] similar without the reaction of the physical reaction, right?

But but I also know that I easily can go to a meditative state. So that part was helpful. I've never had, even in my career. Basic meditations. I've never had the visual experience that this was and also How direct it was like it felt like a very direct hit where I just was there 

KAREN: I also think we should add to that Lizzi does such a great job of guiding you from the very beginning into the journey So it's not like you're just landing somewhere Really have time to ease into it and really relax into it, which I think is why The comfort is there.

And then I think also the idea of setting the intention even before the session with the questions that you have so it's like unravels a whole story for you throughout the journey. It does. 

and I was 

MICHELLE: thinking about what the experience I was reflecting on what the experience would be like if I was with someone else or if I wasn't in my home, all of that. And you have to have almost like an immediate place of vulnerability with [00:09:00] somebody and really be open to that person taking over and I know I'm not very good at that.

 I'm a little bit of a control freak in some ways, so , like I said, Lizzi , she has this blend of being, her intentions are very pure and healing, but yet has the strength of that kind of like warrior shadow worker, makes you feel safe. So I think in that element like that you have to have both 

LIZZI: I also just want to throw in before Michelle starts sharing her experience, what Michelle went through. Is different than any other session I've witnessed, of course, I just want to like, it wasn't going to be normal.

We knew that, but it really, it was not normal. I also just want to say, so the listener knows before you do this session, I ask you to make a list of every question you could possibly think of when it comes to your physical body, your emotional body, and your spiritual body. So that's what we're talking about.

When we say you come in with questions, you think like my back hurts. Why can you fix it? My allergies are bad. Why? And can you fix it? How do I help my [00:10:00] relationship with my mother? Anything you can think of is on the table. And then we just get through as many of the questions that we can. And in a, most sessions, those questions are answered.

In the past lives, we're shown where they come from, they're healed in that moment, and then whatever isn't, we call your soul in to ask questions to your soul. All right, 


MICHELLE: Let's go. It's so much. Also, I think you should mention, Lizzi I was under, for two hours, right?

LIZZI: And we could have kept going. really the only reason that I stopped was I didn't want you to be getting tired. 


LIZZI: But yeah, I think your recording was like two and a half hours.

 Wow. Normally I block three hours for these. 

MICHELLE: Yeah. Listening back. There weren't many, lulls 

KAREN: You had a say.

I had a lot. 

MICHELLE: I had a lot of a 

LIZZI: lot 

MICHELLE: of lines to go through, 

LIZZI: also, as Michelle said, I have done many journeys with plant medicine and different types of plant medicine. I've done a lot of rounds with ayahuasca. I've done a couple of rounds of toad. And the entire time Michelle was talking, I was like, she's an Aya this is unbelievable.

She's not getting sick. She's not purging. but everything that she went to had this theme of plant [00:11:00] medicine work. It was wild. 

ROBYN: And I really think that's important for people to know that the possibility of getting to that place some people need plant medicine for, you can also achieve.

MICHELLE: Yeah. I'm glad because then I can just go to Lizzi I agree. I agree. 

LIZZI: I don't know that it's even Steven, but a lot of the themes that were coming up for Michelle, we'll go ahead and tell it and then we'll talk about Okay. . 

MICHELLE: So I'll give it in scenes because I think that's like the best way that my brain can wrap my head I went to first this very otherworldly.

It felt to me like just pure energy source. something that has like a void to it, like a nothingness to it, but not in a unpleasant way. And I definitely had a guide show up for me Also just felt energetic more than any individual. But it was very based in this very cold, dark, like nothing thick liquid that I actually used as nutrients to soak into my body.


MICHELLE: So that was [00:12:00] like my fuel up. I felt like I didn't know where this was headed, but this is how it started. After that, so that scene wasn't very long. And then I immediately went to a different place. Lizzi, do you want to maybe jump in ? 

LIZZI: In that scene, so normally the way that it works is I'll take you through a lifetime, we'll see a few different important moments in that lifetime.

And then we'll start a new lifetime, right? We'll go from wherever you land in the lifetime, go forward to a few important days, go to the death. And leave all of that in that lifetime and go to the next for Michelle, she was just I would say okay, let's move forward to another lifetime.

And she was like, no, wait, this character, this guide wants me to go here. So Michelle, essentially, it felt like she was going through yeah, Indiana Jones, Super Mario Brothers adventure. I was really letting Michelle guide it. And I just had bumpers on her of I kept checking in with my guides.

knowing she was perfectly safe and just taking note that something big was happening. So as she's like absorbing this liquid, my question was, is this [00:13:00] nutrients? And she said, yes. So I would see what was happening as she was describing it. And then hear what the next question was to ask her to get her to the next It was like a leapfrog kind of thing.

MICHELLE: So next scene immediately was volcanic. So I was at a volcano. and really the liquid from the first place was, I said, like cold, thick lava, like consistency, but different material and the lava from the volcano was thinking about this seemed very similar, but I had a complete opposite.

Feeling to it, in the exact opposite, like just as energetic. the other one was more about calm and peace. And this one was about energy and vitality. It's like life force energy. I took it in my hands 

and I created a ball with it. And then I immediately. Got shunted to underneath the ground. So I was in the earth in the soil, like bugs, worms feeling all of that, but I was flesh at that point. So I could feel it on my skin. And then I remember. Lizzi asking me if I still have that [00:14:00] ball with me.

And I said, no, but I feel like I do like it. I didn't have it in my hand, but I felt like 

ROBYN: you almost 

MICHELLE: right. 

And then we were trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing in the ground there. And I noticed that all the bugs, everything that was moving around me were hyper chaotic. It was frenetic.

 Lizzi prompted me what I'm supposed to be doing there with that, or what, am I supposed to do anything? I immediately knew I was supposed to calm all the bugs and put them in order.

give them order. So they all calmed and then they all stopped and then went on their way and did their business, like instead of being disorderly, and then I immediately wanted to leave that. It's like almost like I had to work in different areas and then I would be done.

And move on to the next place. So the next place was above the ground, in a , rainforest type of place. And I noticed a very large tree that was obviously larger than anything else. And it was. Basically trying to grow as tall as what I noticed was above the tree.

Now was the [00:15:00] actual liquid from the first scene. So the sky was the liquid, the black liquid. And so the tree was. The tallest in the whole forest, trying to reach that, , but I just couldn't, right. So this part is where afterwards, I'm like, wow, there's definitely something going on here that was deeper than my consciousness because because I do have a wild imagination . But this part was like, Oh, I can't believe this happened because I was really asked like very specifically to touch the tree and to really feel the tree. And as soon as I did that, I started bawling. I was. Actually, I'm a big crier and I was like, uncontrollably sobbing. 

Speaker 5: Wow. 

MICHELLE: And I just kept saying to Lizzi cause she was like, trying to keep me there and that emotion and feel the emotion. And I just kept saying I could feel I was the tree.

Basically. I could feel how sad it was. 

at a very visceral level. 

LIZZI: that part felt like a purge, it was very clear to me of I think I even kept saying to you, try to let this move [00:16:00] through you 

Speaker 5: because I 

LIZZI: could see it almost like moving through her trying to get up and out through the leaves and the branches of the tree.

And I had a different perspective of what it was than what it was for Michelle, right? In my imagination, my human brain, I'm like, Oh, the planet is sad that we're ruining the planet or like something like that. And it wasn't any of that, but I could absolutely feel this thing was releasing from her.

Like it's been impacting you for your whole life. Darker sadness. That isn't even necessarily yours, Michelle weighing you or pulling you back. 

Speaker 5: And 

ROBYN: that 

LIZZI: was why I kept saying, okay, let this move through you because I knew it was moving out. 

MICHELLE: And I thought, do you want to interject some things I've thought about since that?

Yeah. Putting it all together now that I know the whole story. , you asked me why the tree was sad and I was saying that the tree just it wanted to go back to the liquid. It couldn't get there.

 It's like a kid wanting to go home. Yes. I kept saying it had to stay, but it had to stay. So when I listened back that. It had to stay like grounded here, but yet it was trying to also be, 

ROBYN: Honestly, [00:17:00] Michelle, just, I know from my experience and Karen's experience and Lizzi, we've talked about this when you have experienced that pure unconditional love, in these other States, you don't want to come back to earth, or in human body because that in between and knowing that oneness it is unlike anything else that we really experience. I think here on earth and we set up these challenges, we signed up for it, but it's challenging. So I feel that like I can. I don't understand 

KAREN: that, sadness. I can't help but feel like this is part of the life cycle of you, right? Starting in this abyss and then coming to this fire of earth, being in the ground, almost like you were the seed that was planted that grew up into the tree.

Like it feels like a story of an unfolding of you. 

MICHELLE: It did. 

KAREN: It's 

MICHELLE: insane. Just wait. Oh, there's, I can't wait. Yeah, that part was very emotional. I also 

LIZZI: just want to say there was a point where Michelle was crying and I don't know if you could hear it on the tape, [00:18:00] Michelle, but all of a sudden I said, okay let it move. And all of a sudden you were like, okay, I'm good.

And it was like, that's out. We're good now. 

 So after that part basically the world, not me, but the world turned on its side. That's trippy. 

MICHELLE: So the tree became a bridge. So I could 

 walk on the tree but this time the liquid was like a screen and. I could walk through it. Like everything up to this point felt like stuff maybe I've experienced an abstract way, here, from this point forward felt new, when I went through that screen or almost like a waterfall, it was immediately dry. I realized I was in the desert.

 Then this snake came at my feet and Lizzi just asked me, should I follow the snake? And I said, yeah, the snakes here to guide me. So the snake took me to the opening of a tomb 

and when I went down stairs there was a man sitting there some he looks , non descript Asian. He was sitting there very quiet on the floor in this pose where he had his hand straight in front of the heart chakra and [00:19:00] then, left palm up. And he . Didn't talk at all. he had this bowl of water in front of him that basically he was communicating with me saying he wanted me to drink. And when I drank it, , it wasn't very much, but I had this feeling of. This was all I was going to need, and then I noticed that on his left palm, there was a symbol that was burned into his hand. And so at this point, Lizzi asked if I could describe it or dRA it, 

so in the state, I remember dRAing, but not dRAing. Do you know what I'm saying? And then I knew that it was time for me to leave the tomb. So I 

LIZZI: just want to say on here, his name was Suma. So if anyone listening knows any Anything about, about a teacher? She also said it was, he was, I asked if he was her is that you?

Are you seeing you down there? And she said, no, he's my teacher. 

MICHELLE: , and I replayed that because sumo was one of the words that I couldn't get out of my brain . And I did research on it.

 This is the other thing, when I took the water, it had this like floral flavor to it. 

ROBYN: And just to remind everyone listening, you're in the desert.

So that being that small amount of water, [00:20:00] being all you needed, right? She's in a tomb in Egypt. 

LIZZI: It's just spelled Egyptian, because you had said that earlier to me. 

MICHELLE: So suma I did find out is Brazilian ginseng, it is using a lot of tribal indigenous cultures that actually is a general kind of medicine for anything that is anti stress on your body, it can help with anything that has to do with toxins in your body and to clear it.

That's cool. Okay so I leave the tomb I was in the sand and in the very far distance I could see a massive tribe of people that were on horses and had these huge spears and I couldn't make them out and I could tell that they were just observing me.

 And then I realized that the sand started becoming like more like quick sand and I was supposed to let myself sink I came up to my neck, and once I was all the way down to here, the tribe was allowed to come forward.

When the tribe Came around on their horses and they started circling me to a degree of like almost felt like a [00:21:00] storm. . And then they all just stopped and they placed their these massive spears.

 On the top of my head. It felt celebratory actually. Like an initiation 

ROBYN: of some sort. Maybe. 

LIZZI: said earlier when she first saw them.

 They're not threatening. 

 I knew she was safe. 

MICHELLE: So all their spirits were on top of my head and I just didn't know what I'm supposed to do here. And then it like clicked with me, out of nowhere that the sun, cause I remember it being so hot, and the sun, the spear tips were metal and the sun was actually heating up the spear tips and burning the top of my head. 

ROBYN: In the symbol, not with on the hand? 

MICHELLE: Different symbol. Okay. It didn't hurt. At this point, it's almost like I could view it from above.

 And then the horses started moving in a very different way and they were creating geometry patterns in the sand and very synchronized.

MICHELLE: They all stopped at the same time I realized that the pattern they had created was the sun I said something along the lines of, oh, I'm RA

LIZZI: oh my God, that's great. I [00:22:00] think I said to you, is this an initiation? And she said, yes. And I said, is it RA? 

MICHELLE: What's RA for those? RA is the sun God, the Egyptian Sun God, RA.

LIZZI: I just want people to hear and know when you're going through like a spiritual awakening or something. Or an initiation like this, it's common to see certain gods or goddesses or spirits or whatever show up so like Michelle can be holding RA energy. It doesn't necessarily mean like I have a lot of communication with ISIS.

It doesn't mean I'm ISIS and no one else's. So when you see those gods or those symbols show up, by the way, as this is happening, just as like a voyeur in all of this, my jaw is on the floor. there's so many ayahuasca things that are happening in here that I'm like, holy shit. This is when I wanted to call Robyn and Karen and just have them on speaker.

MICHELLE: Okay, so now I realize I'm RA in this moment. And. The most striking thing out of the whole session honestly was Looking down and seeing the pattern the horses it was so geometric and symmetrical. So then [00:23:00] I knew I was supposed to come out of the sand my body was pure gold. 

ROBYN: That is so cool. But I still 

MICHELLE: have my head. 

LIZZI: That is so cool. There was also a point, I think it was when the horses stopped and you saw it was the sun and you recognized Ra, the horses bowed to you.

MICHELLE: Oh yeah, they bowed. 

 I realized I drew after when we ended the session is I drew Ra hieroglyphic. Oh, wow. 


MICHELLE: The fact that symbol was on that man's hand before I even went into that. And, yeah, and I watched that whole area in the sand with the tribe that connection was like crazy to me that I would have dRAn that And then that happened, 

LIZZI: really wild 

I was like, holy fuck balls. 

MICHELLE: So now I'm A gold body and a normal human head. And then I was escorted me to a river on a boat. . And then I was with different people.

, they seemed like they were more like protective, like guards or something. There was a gorilla on the boat, which I don't know why there was a gorilla, but there was a gorilla. 

LIZZI: He was your pet. 

MICHELLE: He was my pet. So then I'm approaching, I'm in Latin America, and I [00:24:00] was docking. There was a different tribe. And I realized the head of the tribe. The chief of the tribe seemingly was my brother, 

 He was very welcoming and happy to see me. And then all of a sudden I was like in his hut face to face with him again, sitting on the ground. And he did have me smoke something and then all he wanted to show me were these bones kept, he kept showing me all these bones that were laying in front and he wasn't speaking.

 And then I noticed something that didn't seem to fit in the hut. And it was a skull that was crystallized.

It was like gleaming. The bones were disgusting. And then this skull was just beautiful and pure and light, it felt completely out of place.

 I started realizing that was me, that those bones were mine and the skull . And then immediately, they wanted to cleanse me.

 So I was in the river again and they started washing me, but it was very vigorous and very uncomfortable. And I didn't like it at all. So this is where it got dark. In that time frame, Lizzi was doing a really good job at trying to just [00:25:00] keep me moving through it and not get scared of it but then I felt this pull of wanting to leave there, but I also was, didn't really understand why I was there.

And then there was a feast happening and. The tribe was ravenous and it was disturbing actually. And they kept inviting me to the table.

And I didn't want to go to the table. I also started realizing that the cleansing that was happening to me in the river was sacrificial . I was the one being sacrificed. I was the one they were eating.

That part was probably the darkest part, and then Lizzi tried to push me through that and there was a girl that showed up that was on the edge of the kind of the forest opening, she was just standing there waiting for me, like I had a choice, 

And I chose to go with her. So I went with her and she felt , like indigenous, Latin American.

 Then a Jaguar showed up and a leopard and then a white wolf. The white wolf immediately felt like that was me. 

And then the the black jaguar. And I started basically communicating with each other. And I [00:26:00] realized it was someone I knew from my past that I needed to settle things with. , and I remember I started crying again and Lizzi was asking me about that relationship and he felt like someone I've currently knows , to this day felt like him.

And I've always felt like I've had this past life with this person. And that relationship has always been odd. And then during this. I guess it was like, I was letting him go, even though I could feel his anger and his, disappointment.

 The girl would pet me. And she wasn't talking either, but pet me and basically say it's okay. 

LIZZI: The only thing that I wanna add is that you knew who the little girl was. Do you remember who it was? 

MICHELLE: Oh, yeah. I said it was, she was my daughter. 

LIZZI: She had this like very sweet, gentle, pure, innocent energy.

And she was actually guiding Michelle to like essentially freedom. 

MICHELLE: Yeah. And the funny thing is I remember looking, there was a point where I was really face to face with the Jaguar and He [00:27:00] looked, even though he was a Jaguar, he looked like the person I know today.


LIZZI: It was the first time in Michelle's session that she was recognizing people from her current lifetime in the session. 

I think that's why it felt the most Like non abstract, 

 That you went to the hot air balloon. 

MICHELLE: Oh, yeah All of a sudden I was a hot air balloon And there were a lot of other hot air balloons and I kept saying something along the lines of there was one that wasn't supposed to be there.

It was the wrong material or something. But I kept saying it's like a hot air balloon party. 

It felt like. I was meeting all the other hot air balloons 

LIZZI: it felt more like you had a tribe, you could see other people being alone in your own space and still oh, I can connect to you, it's fine, hi.

MICHELLE: , it's very celebratory everything felt fun.

. And I do remember at the end saying something like this is where we live now, above ground. 

KAREN: It's where the tree wanted 

ROBYN: to go. and what you've created for yourself. 

MICHELLE: Yeah. And it felt good.

LIZZI: . So after the hot air balloon, then we went into soul and before going in, Michelle and I had talked about.

Okay, are we going to call in your subconscious or your soul? And what do those words mean [00:28:00] to each of us? And I had said to Michelle look, you jump into the deep water, let's go soul. We think of subconscious as like the layer between your thinking 3d human self. And then there's a bit of subconscious and then soul is above that. Yeah. Or in another space, maybe not above as in like better or worse, but so when we brought your soul in the same thing happened with Karen, where she was speaking in a different, almost had an accent.

and I've experienced that with people that when we call in their soul, it's almost like their voice drops an octave. Robyn, your voice dropped. Yeah, did. Karen was speaking completely different. 

And so Michelle, I think that's what you were experiencing was like, what is this?

KAREN: I know that 

LIZZI: we're in the right place when I'm working with someone because of that shift.

Yeah, I'm no longer leading. I'm asking questions, but I take the seat bowing in front of the all knowing. 

MICHELLE: Yeah, it felt when I listened back, not as much when I was in it, it felt okay, now I'm going to tell you. Yeah, 

ROBYN: which is what our soul does, when I've had those conversations on that level with Lizzi and in other [00:29:00] instances It's very important.

KAREN: And by the way, when I was in that energy, I felt so good. It just brought me right back to my essence of who I am. it was the best feeling ever. 

MICHELLE: Yeah. The highlight for me at the ending, my soul was basically saying that Ra was my ego and my head was weak and vulnerable then, but my body was strong and had a really masculine energy.

But in the other life, when my mind was clear and clairvoyant, my bones were brittle and weak, and I was supposed to be both. Put that skull on that gold body. 

LIZZI: Wow. 

Guys. This was at a part where I was like, okay, we're going to ask the soul now to please recede to where it comes from.

I was wrapping up the session and Michelle goes wait, you missed a part it 

MICHELLE: felt like very commanding. 

LIZZI: Yeah. We got this final nugget of you idiot humans aren't getting it. 

You're missing the most important part. And that was when it said that [00:30:00] this is how you own your gifts. This is how you step into the power you're here for. So you can 

ROBYN: have the shimmering skull on the gold body.

LIZZI: And then she saw the tree touching both sides of it. That was the bridge again. The vision of the tree being the bridge. I was like, someone needs to write a movie. Yes! 

Speaker 5: This should be a book. You have to create like an illustrated book.


Speaker 5: was so 

MICHELLE: unbelievable. 

Speaker 5: Yeah, 


Afterwards, Lizzi I'm like, is that normal? 

ROBYN: None of it's normal, but that's really not normal. 

KAREN: I'm watching Lizzi too, as you're telling this story, Michelle, and she's just beaming.

I just love. The love that you have for the work that you do. 

LIZZI: Yeah. And sometimes at the end of sessions, I ask if people want a keyword in order to go in again and people have said no.

And I was like please say yes. I was like, oh, I cannot wait to go again. And it might not be the same, right? Like your soul is going to give you whatever it needs in that moment. But for those that are curious about planet medicine, I just want to wrap [00:31:00] this point up. in ayahuasca, there are certain themes that are common to show up in ayahuasca.

One is she will show up as a snake or a jaguar. Those are two common. There are others, but those are two that like, it's really common. Sacred geometry is something that she will show you in ceremony. So as the horses were going in circles They're creating a pattern before she could see the sun.

 Michelle's never done plant medicine and doesn't know from , sacred geometry and said, yes. Plus the indigenous people that she was describing in a South America, Latin America kind of vibe, like with the bowl haircut, there was a maroon dash on the forehead.

I was like, ayahuasca, are you here? Are you telling me that she needs to drink? Are you giving her all of this? And she doesn't have to drink. What's. It's happening. Wow. the themes through the tree, the earth, the jungle, the rainforest ayahuasca comes from the rainforest, comes from South America.

That's where the plant is growing, There were so many little markers like that, that I was like, this chick is magical. And one of the things that you heard , when we're [00:32:00] talking to your soul was that you don't necessarily need to do plant medicine in this lifetime because you've done that in so many lifetimes past.

And I've been told that before. 

 It was really as a spectator, I was like, this is never ending story meets Princess Bride. Oh, and 

MICHELLE: the symbol on my brain, on my skull, was a triangle with a circle in it.

And then I was thinking about that. I'm like, what is that? so Ra's symbol is just a circle. It's just the disc, and then I was like, the pyramid. 

 This was the other story I told Lizzi after this,, so I only have one tattoo on my body and I got it when I was 17 and it was like a complete joke, but it's an Ouroboros, So it's a snake biting its tail, like in a perfect circle. And I got it so young, but I was really dRAn to it and the I noticed when I was researching RA that disc symbol it's an Ouroboros around the disc, like the same actual symbol. Crazy. 

ROBYN: Everyone listening or watching, you cannot make this shit up. it's like putting a puzzle together. That's what a lot of this work is too. It just, it makes [00:33:00] you become more of who you are and this is going to help not only you, but it helps all the other people that come into your world for guidance and healing.

MICHELLE: And I will say I have, I it's only been a week, but and I've had some readings. In between there and 

ROBYN: that you've 

MICHELLE: given right and they are different. Wow. Okay, 

ROBYN: so that just leads, can we talk now about Lizzi's?

MICHELLE: Yeah, great 

ROBYN: segue. I want to note that when we were together, knowing that you were going to.

swap some sessions. Michelle was already starting to receive messages about Lizzi and what her reading might uncover. So I just want to set that stage. 

MICHELLE: So tarot is my tool, but I call it more tarot therapy because they are Very therapeutic sessions that are more based in psycho spiritual work than mysticism even though there's an element of that and or pure psychology.

So it's a combination of that with astrology. A little bit. And then [00:34:00] also my intuitive gifts. So they're very deep dives lasting for a few hours. And it's really for , the soul path awareness first, and then soul path alignment and removing any blocks that are much deeper unconscious or energetic or old.

Wounds, so that you can align with where you are at in the 3D with the 5D self. Soul basically is speaking through me and you're hearing it so that you can become conscious about it. 

 So Michelle was describing when we first started, and I don't know tarot.

LIZZI: I don't understand the cards. I think it's so cool. I don't know what they all mean. So I wasn't like in this communication with her. She really had to break it all down for me. And when she first put like the first few cards out, she said, this is the heart of the reading. And there are three different buckets that we look at, which was such a cool way to break it down, that there's love and intimacy.

There's support, which is like your family and your friends and your community. And then there's your career and your purpose. And for me in any reading that I get, I always want to know about love and career. Like, how do I step more into [00:35:00] my power and create a bigger impact? And where's my person? And the first thing she was talking about was the heart of the reading, where she was saying it's about the actual work and where to put your effort and where to put your resources that like part of what I don't understand or what I'm confused about is what I should be doing. Like I understand my sessions and I know how to help, but I don't feel like I'm good at. The tangible, who do I pay for marketing? where do I go for this stuff?

I just want to do the session. And then she also quickly, got into this really soft connection of, Oh, you love this. You love what you do. You are alive when you're doing it. And I kept saying I just want to do the sessions.

I don't want to think about social media strategy. I don't want to worry about billing. And I just, I love being in the work, , that's when I feel connected and alive and present. And so then we got into what is blocking that. And this is so wild because she was saying, it's your battle against yourself.

 You've had this [00:36:00] constant feeling that you're at war and that warrior is there. And it's great that she's there and it's great that you have access to her, but like she's in the driver's seat and I don't want her driving, 

Speaker 5: but I 

LIZZI: don't know how to scooch her to the backseat.

And Michelle started going into this vision of the Japanese art form that I haven't looked up the name of it, but where you're doing the sand gardens and they'll work on these sand gardens for months and months. And then at the end, it's just to wipe it away and start over.

Which kills me. I start things to finish them so I can check them off the list. And she was saying, you have to start shifting into the process instead of the focus being on the result. Oh, like that. I was like, no. That is so 

ROBYN: what you need to hear, Lizzi. Oh my goodness.

LIZZI: I don't want to. And really getting into do your work without looking at any competition that's happening around you. Because it is truly the thief of all of my joy is when I start looking around. In every bucket. Like they have more people than I do.

They have more love than I do. it's just [00:37:00] instant crash for me. And so she was giving me feedback on how to be more present in the session and focus on how good it feels to be doing the session, not where's this client going to go? And what might they refer me? And where's going to be my tipping point, right?

I'm so distracted by the noise. that I'm missing the moments of I fucking love what I do. And I created a business where I get to love what I do. And then we started getting into, the shape shifter tendency, this came up actually when we were hanging out in that first point, It was you naturally shape shift. 

Speaker 5: And 

LIZZI: I've learned a lot about this as like children of narcissists and there's probably past life stuff, but I have always since a little girl shapeshifted before I knew that was a thing, So it's so natural. It happens so unconsciously that I now have to be aware of no, you get to just be you.

And there are certain people in places and environments that I can do that. And those are of course what fill me the most, but there are other situations and circumstances where I don't even know that I've left myself and I put this [00:38:00] facade on because it feels like I think I'm magically reading what somebody wants me to be.

It's easier just to be that version and then get out and I'll recover later. I'll dig my way out later. And Michelle was like, this is the process. This is the sand garden. You have to stop doing that. One thousand percent critical that you stop doing that. , I don't remember how the cards were unfolding, but these were the messages I was getting from them.

 was something that came through about and I just had an experience of this literally the day before. So after I left Michelle, I had other family obligations to go be in.

LIZZI: And I instantly felt myself. crash. Leaving Michelle, I was on such a high. 

ROBYN: This is when you gave the session to Michelle, you're talking about? 

LIZZI: Yeah. So I left that just wanting to share it and be in it and still be in that magic of this world and talking about this kind of stuff.

And I instantly went into a family setting that felt more like You know how like families tend to go through the laundry list of everyone in the family of this is what they're doing. And I was like, WW . I'm so glad everybody's doing well and like , I [00:39:00] know this isn't sexy. This isn't juicy. It isn't fun. And Michelle even brought that part up that I get into this. This thing of if I don't see it as juicy enough or deep enough, I jump out really quickly and it feels judgmental and it feels bitchy and I know, and I don't want to be like this.

And by the way, then I had a session with Steve, the astrologer who said it again, 

ROBYN: Lizzi. these are people that you can hear. yes. That's what this is. Never. They don't know me. 

LIZZI: It really became about what can you do in those moments, whether you're on a date and they just want to talk about so do you have any siblings?

And where'd you grow up? And where'd you go to college? And like the surface stuff, Michelle was like, instead of worrying about you're not asking me any questions about me. Cause normally on a first date, I feel like I carry most of the conversation. I ask questions for the first 40 minutes. And then when I'm not asked anything back, my new tactic is to just sit there quietly, comfortable in the quiet and see if they'll ask anything.

And Michelle's but why not say do you have any questions for me? And I was like, have said that. But I [00:40:00] really sit there bitchy. If you're not going to ask me anything, I'm going to leave . 

MICHELLE: the energy that I was feeling from you.

I think when we started talking about that overall was that you already made up your mind, So that eight of Pentacles in the heart of your reading that's why all the silos are connected, right? Dating your work, family, friends. It's one step at a time. It's not jump to like this person sucks.

So I'm out. And so I'm like, Hey, maybe we can have a conversation about me a little bit. because Lizzi's mind is very fast and she's a fast processor and intelligent, but that can work against her. 

ROBYN: Yeah. know Lizzi well enough to see when that happens.

LIZZI: and what I try to explain to people is 

it's worse experiencing it and being in it because it is maddening. 


Speaker 5: And 

LIZZI: I don't want to be this way and I do want to just slow down and be in the moment. And then when I'm with someone like you guys, where it is deep and it is sexy and juicy and you can go into the shadow or the light and it's so intoxicating.

That then when I'm not in it, I don't have a lot of [00:41:00] patience for it. I don't have any patience anyways, which is part of the problem. 

MICHELLE: A lot of things I think I said to you repeatedly was we're not trying to Change you who you are, It's just about having a better awareness of how to be your best self. 

ROBYN: Cause you actually, as warrior like as you are, you also have a very loving and soft side.

And so it's being able to bring a little more of that out in those moments, which is the patience, right? 

LIZZI: So then what we uncovered and I'm jumping quickly in the, like the past stuff. Was that was where the Empress came out 


three other cards that came out in there that I don't remember or know that were representative of oh in these past relationships was when you were able to step into your divine feminine and really come alive.

And that I accidentally. linked that it was the men that were the catalyst for me stepping into that energy versus me being the energy. That is, that was a big chunk of the reading became about okay, now the work is 

MICHELLE: Because We're really working [00:42:00] to remove the block.

LIZZI: The block of being able to like, just be present and be in me. 

MICHELLE: And also to remember that linkage of all that softness of the Empress really divine feminine energy caretaking empathetic, compassion, all of that stuff that really is core to you.

 Was being only attached to past relationship and experiencing it then. And that was where that loop started happening, right? 

LIZZI: Yeah. So this loop that I've been stuck in with exes where Michelle was like, wow, you're really good at imagining and fantasizing and you actually feel it, you are present, you are physically in the moment and I'm like, oh, I get the happy hormone hit. And so sometimes if I'm having a shitty day and I can't get out of it with my other tools, I go into I'm just going to pretend I'm there in that thing that I want, because I just want the hit. And Michelle was like, but it's reconfirming the mistruth that it was about him, not you.

So now the work that I've been doing this week, which has not been easy has been one noticing that when I shape shift to instead of [00:43:00] judging it to really go into ah, I gotta go back and detach from that again. And like smushing out part of the sand that got messed up and redoing that little part.

And then also when my brain wants to go back to those past relationships, I've spent the past few days really saying goodbye and letting the tears flow and listening to the crying playlist and like a 12 year old Oh, I missed the sad part of the song. I have to rewind. And this is what Michelle said, you've been fighting this battle where either he's going to come back and beg you to come back, or you're going to meet somebody who's so much better and so much cooler that he's going to look and be like, shit, I can't believe I missed that.

Speaker 5: John 

LIZZI: Mayer. 100 percent true. But I always talk about John Mayer. And she was like, he's not fighting the fight with you. No one else is at war with you. It's you standing there like ready for battle, exhausted and starving on the field and no one's coming. 

MICHELLE: You didn't quite remember this, but when we were sitting with you, Robyn, When we first met

we're going to do these [00:44:00] sessions together. And I said, okay, Lizzi, you remember this? The queen of swords is going to come out for you.

 And she came out multiple times. Wow. so for people that don't know who the queen of swords is, the queen of swords she's the bitch of the tarot. She's the one that is in there for the fight. She's the one that when she's used properly, she allows you to detach from things.

MICHELLE: She allows you to focus. She allows you to, use your intuition and your wisdom experience and not want to. Recreate bad situations for yourself, but when she's in a low vibration, she fights. She wants just to fight. She wants the battle. And so that was a very clear picture for Lizzi that this Queen of Swords energy that I read from her like immediately that other people were reading from her too, which is hard to get through.

But also she was standing alone on this old battlefield that she didn't need to be in anymore. 

LIZZI: That's huge, Lizzi. It is. And then being redirected of this is where to use her. So now when I feel that pattern in my brain come up of I want to go back to the fantasy of what I want, cause it was [00:45:00] never.

The reality of the relationship was never as great as it was in my head, My fantasy was what I wanted. asked the queen of swords to come in and help detach that. And now I'm using her as my friend of Oh, go fight that. Oh, clear that up. Cause it was me that I loved. Not him, not anything about that relationship.

It was me. I loved me being in my divine feminine. Yes. Trying to figure out and like shimmy through how do I do that for me, which has been the past, I would say two years. that I've been talking about what are the things that I can do to feel all of the love that I want to nurture and give to someone else.

How do I do those for me? And really moving that into my future. So it was fascinating to see 

KAREN: there a future part that we should talk about too? Because I want to know, what do you do with all that? 

LIZZI: There sure was. So in my past was the Empress where she showed up. And then in my future, the Emperor showed up. 


LIZZI: wow. He said, okay, you have to go through this really painful part of saying goodbye and really cleaning it up and really paying attention to the [00:46:00] process and not letting it be about the results and do all this really sticky.

shadow work, essentially go in and clean out because he's waiting for you. The emperor is waiting to step in. It was the emperor, the wheel of fortune, the ace of wands, and the king of literally 

MICHELLE: here, like it felt like here. 

LIZZI: That's pretty awesome. Yeah. For those of you listening that don't know what any of those cards mean.

I don't either. 

MICHELLE: Look at it, like it's energetically the divine counterpart. you can't match up with the divine counterpart when until you're in that back in that energy So it was the basic foundation of your reading it was all the puzzle pieces were there on the table like all the energy was there they just weren't in the right places, the puzzle wasn't fitting together.

 That queen of swords was not being used how she wanted to be used. And now she being used correctly, which is. To basically detach, to use that sword and cut the cords of all that past stuff, instead of showing up on a date. 

KAREN: Yeah. I feel like we need to get you that card, Lizzi. 

LIZZI: I literally have been calling on her. So one of those people actually called me yesterday to say, [00:47:00] thank you for all that you've gotten me through. And I appreciate you. And I almost didn't answer the call and I was like, no, you can handle it, take the call.

 and at the end of it, I was like, okay, queen, I cut that shit out. Go in and do your surgery, wherever that is. And I didn't go back to the fantasy of it. I literally, I had a list from when we first broke up of all the things that didn't work for me. And I brought that back out, so it's sitting on my kitchen island.

LIZZI: And I wrote at the top of it, it was you that you were in love with, not him. 

ROBYN: I love that. It was you. And don't you feel like, energetically, when you actually are in the full awareness of that, when you do talk to him, it's such different energy.

LIZZI: Yeah, it definitely felt more eyes open. And I actually said, do you have any questions for me? 

Speaker 5: Good for you. I love 

LIZZI: that. There was still the hope and there was still the the wishing it could be different. but also the acknowledgement that it's not. 

ROBYN: Ultimately then with that emperor card and with those other cards.

that kind of circled back at the end of the reading. Where does that leave [00:48:00] you now 

LIZZI: I felt like it was so much easier to step away from that, knowing there's something to step to.

Speaker 5: And I'm 

LIZZI: willing to go through the pain of the disconnection and the sort of detachment, knowing that something good is on the other end of it, because before I was in the mindset of I'll just take whatever crumbs I can take because there's nothing else here. And now it's no, you have to close that door before anything else can come in, which intellectually, I might have thought.

knew and thought of and whatever, but to have the confirmation, because literally you guys, Michelle doesn't know me very well at all. Like we can read each other's energy and we know we feel comfortable with each other, but she's shuffling all these different decks and the cards are saying it. And then Michelle is interpreting it.

 So I can see that it's the emperor, the wheel of fortune. And I can watch her face as she's flipping these things over of okay. And by the end of it, she was like, Lizzi, you've gotta hear this.

It's all there waiting for you. But you have to do this part. And I'm a task person, If [00:49:00] you give me something that I can do, I will go and do it. Because , I've always felt like there was a divine partner out there for me. I've always been wondering where are you? has this not happened yet?

So to then see it show up, I was like, Oh, I'm now willing to walk away from anything that I have to walk away from to walk towards that. 

MICHELLE: I always find my readings interesting because the way the cards are presented to me and how I end up interpreting them are always in the way that you can hear.

It's in a different voice because it's in your voice. And so the part that I remember saying to you about that future energy, which is something that I think other people wouldn't maybe resonate with, but you did was the idea that. This is a strategic move. This isn't emotional. It's a intentional retreat, like a general on a battlefield that wants to win that a retreat is always necessary in this kind of position.

So it was strategy 

LIZZI: I have an alarm that goes off on my phone every day at 11, 11 that says strategic retreat. 

MICHELLE: what, so when Robyn and I, like we've done, sessions and we've asked [00:50:00] like, How do you remember? You remember, because you're speaking to yourself. That's right. You hear what you need to hear. . And you actually logging that. I didn't know you lodged that, but is affirmation for me that I know when I'm speaking your language.


ROBYN: That's right. Even seeing when you first both met, you could hear each other because you were both speaking to each other's soul in a way that you could both hear it. And There's so much divine timing that comes into play and why you are meeting now and you can hear it because you both are such strong souls. As I've already said , you need that equal strength. to respect it and hear it. 

MICHELLE: And not very many people in my readings get a task, but you got a task, remember? 

LIZZI: Yeah. So part of it, I also just want to say at the very end, Michelle pulled two oracle cards.

And one was the thinker in reverse. And she said, things are exactly as they see take it all at face value. And you have all the info you need because I am very much about this doesn't make sense. So I'm going [00:51:00] to go learn something new. And she was like, you're done. You don't need to learn anything new.

It is what it looks like. Wow. It is. And the other one was to Ebb and she said, let go of the standoff and let the heart break. And my task was to literally like, as I'm saying goodbye, she's look, if you want to go back in your brain the way you do and walk out for the last time, say goodbye for the last time, do the whole thing, whatever you need to do and take all of that emotion and plant something and then nurture that, like nurture the regrowth, the new, the fresh, the.

MICHELLE: which is Empress energy. 

ROBYN: I keep picturing a sand art like that. Yeah, you'd 


ROBYN: you'd be 

MICHELLE: in, I was like me ogging her as I was. Yes, 

ROBYN: you were. 

MICHELLE: She needed the process. I think 

ROBYN: we need to buy her a bonsai tree. 

 I feel like we both saw this I feel like a stallion being broken, a horse that's Because she kept saying, like, when they first put the blinders on a racehorse the horse is going to go nuts. And it's because I can't Jedi mind trick my way through this. I feel like I'm losing my mind, it's so frustrating and I'm bucking and [00:52:00] I'm freaking.

LIZZI: like in every ayahuasca journey, it was like, surrender, surrender, surrender. You have to break, you have to be willing to break. And I'm like, I'll show you. 

ROBYN: Honestly, it makes me want to cry. I actually feel, like so grateful that you could hear all of that. Both of you actually, there's something to that.

Cause I know your frustration because I feel so connected to you on a soul level that it makes me so happy that you could hear it. 

LIZZI: And I will say I also feel like what Michelle was saying in the beginning, if Michelle didn't have the the kahones and the chutzpah to a strong tree where I know that I can say, fuck you.

And she's going to say, okay, fuck you too. Let's go. I'm not intimidated by you. I'm not intimidated. we can hold each other. . 

KAREN: Yeah. And we saw that in both of you, which is why we were so excited that you had this time.

LIZZI: Yeah, because there have been other facilitators and even other people that I've sat with for plant medicine I can't go to the depths of hell because You're so frail and fragile that if I fall off the cliff, [00:53:00] you can't help me. And with Michelle, it was like, no, I can shatter. And she's got a hand right there to grab me if I need it.

So that felt really safe. And there were even moments when we were all hanging out, when you were first channeling where you said this might be offensive I was like, Oh, nothing is sexier. Do you want to make out? 

 I'm so sick of struggling and suffering. I don't want to do this anymore. I just don't know what I don't know. And I say this often to clients, if you're looking for someone to rub your back and say, it's okay. And I'm so sorry, this happened to you.

And that's the whole session. I'm not your girl, I want to go into the darkness, clean it up and get it out so that you can be free. And if you're just looking to swim in the, like the victim hood or the, I'm so sorry for you. I will spend moments there for you for sure. And acknowledge it as Michelle did for me.

MICHELLE: When I'm reading, I'm watching also a person's demeanor and where I think they're at, energetically.

And I could tell it clicked for you, , I can still be warrior like and use her in the right way when she's [00:54:00] necessary, but that's not all of who I am. 

LIZZI: Yeah. Yeah. But the fact that you were willing to go into that with me is I think what made me able to hear it.

MICHELLE: Totally. like I said, you're speaking to you

LIZZI: just 

MICHELLE: hearing it for the first time. 

LIZZI: first met and someone was describing what we do, I was like, 


LIZZI: do what you do and you do what I do. Like we help people get to the root cause. Of whatever the shadow is that's holding them back and realign them with the truth of who they are and give them tools to move forward.

And it's hard doing it from the inside. Yeah. To now I feel so grateful to now have someone to reach out to and be like fucking stuck. Can you pull some cards? And to know that there's someone else out there who's yeah, I know. And here we go. 

MICHELLE: Yeah. You're in my hot air balloon party.

Oh, I love 

ROBYN: that. That's beautiful. I would ask both of you. what would you say, I think you put that so beautifully, Lizzi, what would you say to people who haven't experienced either of your sessions and working with you about each other and who [00:55:00] might be ready, if you're someone who is a seeker and you're stuck, would you suggest or recommend?

LIZZI: So I feel like Michelle is brilliant and ideal for someone who feels stuck, is also Smart and not necessarily someone who is a hundred percent in the woo, obviously, but even if you're not seeing the cards and hearing the explanation is so powerful and profound to see that there is some kind of magic around it.

And that it's going to be explained in a way. It's not about the cards. It's not about learning the deck. It's about hearing it the way you need to hear it and really specific information on how to move through it. So I think this is for someone who wants to understand the why and then the what now.

 If you're just a, someone else, give me a magic pill and do this for me. I'm sure that works too, but I think it's juicier for those of us who are into the I want to understand the why I'm like this, but more importantly, I want to now understand what to do with it. 

MICHELLE: Yeah, I would totally agree with that for Lizzi. I think even though it's the same [00:56:00] type of outcome, maybe this, the removal, like this release, this energetic I can breathe again, this relief. I think the part that's different with her, which I think people would be really attracted to is even if I wasn't a spiritual person and I am I still believe that this is.

An experience of feeling some kind of connection to something other than your 3d self. So if that's even a one time deal, like if that's even a, wow, I just didn't know. That realm existed or there are other, even if you wanted to purely look at a psychological level, like there's layers to me that I haven't tapped or I haven't really gotten a chance to get to know, I think that's experience for anybody that wants to just go deeper and then maybe also connect at a level that is. just outside the mundane. 

ROBYN: And I would say too, depending on where you are in your life. What I know I received from both [00:57:00] of you, you become more of who you are, the deeper you do this type of work in general.

And then you also get this validation because just like you both know, you receive these similar themes and you just see it in different ways. And the more you see it, the more you hear it. The more you can become more in alignment with your soul and with why you are here in this lifetime.

Speaker 5: Yeah, 

ROBYN: so to me, it's like it works so complimentary. that's what Karen and I hope, to express to other people. This is ongoing. And the more you can experience it, and the more you can work on yourself, the more you're going to get out of this lifetime.

MICHELLE: And, the other part I think with Lizzi's work Which I think tarot has an element of it, but probably the benefit that Lizzi was saying about tarot is there's something tangible there. So it feels more grounded and a little more practical, not so woo.

But with Lizzi's work, there's a pure ability to hopefully if you have a good experience that you become more connected To [00:58:00] other people, you're not just on this solo journey here that 

there's a collective energy among all of us. And So that level of connection, I think is ultimately what everyone really is searching for. 

KAREN: I know when I came out of Lizzi's, I just felt energetically so different. And I think my soul opened up in a whole different way. And then everything that happened in my life actually shifted because of that.

I know Michelle when we met I always love to laugh because you told me two years ago, you gave me really clear direction on what I should be doing. And I was afraid to do the work and now here I've come full circle and I got there.

And the thing to add is that you never say, you absolutely have to do this and your life will fall apart. It's just, you're just saying directionally, energetically, this could be good for you. And I've always carried it. And so I think with both of you, you leave your sessions, It's really remembering because it imprints upon you, you remember the journey that you take with Lizzi, you remember the direction that you get from Michelle, and then it's up to you, what you do with it, but both of you have that tangibility [00:59:00] about what you do.

MICHELLE: Karen, that's another point. I I feel like the underlining theme for both of the work that we're doing is really you're remembering yourself. 

LIZZI: Yes. A thousand percent. 


Thank you both for sharing and being vulnerable and inspiring others who are listening and just for doing the work that you do. 

MICHELLE: We love you 

ROBYN: both. We love you. It was great, 

MICHELLE: Lizzi. I want to go on a trip again. I'm sure 

ROBYN: you will. It 


ROBYN: very cool. 

LIZZI: like part of why we wanted to both do this with each other and then talk about it.

Is to acknowledge we're all works in progress. And there's nothing about because I do this work or because Michelle can read tarot that we have it all figured out. We're working just as hard as everybody else to stay in alignment. And , I think that's what we're here for.

And I think the misalignment is forgetting that we are source. And we're just trying to go back to remembering that in different modalities or helping us get there. 

ROBYN: That's the perfect way to end today. Thanks for 

LIZZI: bringing us together, girls. 

ROBYN: If you'd like to work with Michelle, you can email her at M T Nolan N O [01:00:00] L A N dot com. You can find out more about one on one coaching, energy alignments, past life quantum healing, and Lizzi's other offerings at Lizzicutler.

com, and you can also follow her on Instagram at Lizzi Cutler. And you can also find more with Lizzi and Michelle on our YouTube channel. That's youtube. com slash at the seeking center. Thank you.

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