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Tapping into the Metaphysical Supercomputer, Plus Overcoming Your Money Blocks - Episode 102

March 04, 2024 Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Akashic Bec Season 2 Episode 102
Tapping into the Metaphysical Supercomputer, Plus Overcoming Your Money Blocks - Episode 102
Seeking Center: The Podcast
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Seeking Center: The Podcast
Tapping into the Metaphysical Supercomputer, Plus Overcoming Your Money Blocks - Episode 102
Mar 04, 2024 Season 2 Episode 102
Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Akashic Bec

“Wisdom is found in the ancient books.” This quote was shared with Rebecca also known as Akashic Bec through Spirit during an intense meditation she had several years ago. She was shown the vision of an old book, with ornate corners and tattered edged pages, covered in dust and cobwebs. She looked up, and saw an infinite library stretched out as far as the eye can see, illuminated as it trailed down. She realized that these were the Akashic Records, as portrayed to her. Not long after, she was led by Spirit to access her own records, and the experience was absolutely beautiful, insightful, emotional and confirming. Since then she’s become certified in reading and being a clear channel of the Akashic Records for others so they can gain access to the priceless and life-changing information held within. Robyn had a reading with Bec that was sooo life-affirming. She gave Robyn the guidance and reassurance that she needed--and that's been incorporated into her life each day since.

Bec is also versed and certified in Numerology, Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, Trauma Facing Coaching and as a Qi Gong Instructor.

We’ve had the privilege of getting to know Bec and she has such insight on many of the areas in our lives that make us feel stuck. In this episode, we’re talking about the Akashic Records, Money Wounds and small ways you can shift the energy around you to get into alignment with your soul’s path.


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“Wisdom is found in the ancient books.” This quote was shared with Rebecca also known as Akashic Bec through Spirit during an intense meditation she had several years ago. She was shown the vision of an old book, with ornate corners and tattered edged pages, covered in dust and cobwebs. She looked up, and saw an infinite library stretched out as far as the eye can see, illuminated as it trailed down. She realized that these were the Akashic Records, as portrayed to her. Not long after, she was led by Spirit to access her own records, and the experience was absolutely beautiful, insightful, emotional and confirming. Since then she’s become certified in reading and being a clear channel of the Akashic Records for others so they can gain access to the priceless and life-changing information held within. Robyn had a reading with Bec that was sooo life-affirming. She gave Robyn the guidance and reassurance that she needed--and that's been incorporated into her life each day since.

Bec is also versed and certified in Numerology, Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, Trauma Facing Coaching and as a Qi Gong Instructor.

We’ve had the privilege of getting to know Bec and she has such insight on many of the areas in our lives that make us feel stuck. In this episode, we’re talking about the Akashic Records, Money Wounds and small ways you can shift the energy around you to get into alignment with your soul’s path.


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Robyn: [00:00:00] I'm Robyn Miller Brecker and I'm Karen Loenser. Welcome to Seeking Center, the podcast. Join us each week as we have the conversations and we, through the spiritual and holistic clutter for you, we'll boil it down to what you need to know now, we're all about total wellness, which to us needs building a healthy life.

Karen: On a physical, mental, and spiritual level, we'll talk to the trailblazers who'll introduce you to the practices, products, and experiences that may be just what you need to hear about to transform your life. If you're listening to this, it's no accident. Think of this as your seeking center and your place to seek your center.

Robyn: And for the best wellness and spiritual practitioners, experts, products, experiences, and inspo, visit theseekingcenter. com. Wisdom is found in the ancient books. This quote was shared with Rebecca, also known as Akashic Bec, through spirit during an intense meditation she had several years ago. She was shown the vision of an old book with ornate corners [00:01:00] and tattered edged pages covered in dust and cobwebs, she looked up and saw an infinite library stretched out as far as the eye can see, illuminated as it trailed down, she realized that these were the Akashic records as portrayed to her.

Not long after, she was led by spirit to access her own records, and the experience was absolutely beautiful, insightful, emotional, and confirming. since then, she's become certified in reading and being a clear channel of the Akashic Records for others so they can gain access to the priceless and life changing information held within.

I had a reading with Beck that was so life affirming. She gave me the guidance and reassurance that I needed right now at this very moment. and I think about all of it each day since. Beck is also versed and certified in numerology, past life regression, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral coaching, trauma facing coaching, 

and as a Qigong 

[00:02:00] instructor, we've had the privilege of getting to know Beck and she has such insight on many of the areas in our lives that make us feel stuck.

In this episode, we're talking about the Akashic Records, money wounds, and small ways you can shift the energy around you to get into alignment with your soul's path. Let's get going. Hi, Beck. 

Akashic Bec: Hello! It's so good to be here. Oh, 

Robyn: we are so excited to dive in and let's start with your journey to reading the Akashic Records and exploring all of these spiritual modalities.

Akashic Bec: I'll give you the condensed version because it's a long story. but basically I have to go back to when I was a teenager. When I was probably around 18 or 19, I learned what the Akashic Records were. I studied Edgar Cayce. For anyone who doesn't know about him, he was called the Sleeping Prophet.

And he basically would channel the Akashic Records. At the beginning, he did not know that's what he was doing, but he was channeling the [00:03:00] Akashic Records, and he was a medical medium. He could connect with people's health, and if they needed something, if they needed surgery he knew exactly what people needed for their own healing, and Later, of course, he's more widely known for, his channelings about the world and events and things like that.

 So I learned about him and that's how I was introduced to what the Akashic Records were, and I thought that was so incredible, so amazing. I was thinking, oh, I wish I could do that, and Wait, can I ask, , 

Robyn: who introduced you and, like, how were you even interested anything like 

Akashic Bec: that?

 I guess I was a weird kid or something, when I was a teenager, I got into all of the stuff that I wasn't supposed to, because I grew up in the South and that stuff is frowned upon. But I guess I had a rebellious streak and I started learning about things like tarot and numerology and astrology and all of that.

And I would frequent the new age section of a [00:04:00] bookstore. I was like, okay, this is my little happy place. and I've always loved to read. I thought were random books, but it turns out. I was being guided to them on purpose. That's how I learned about Edgar Cayce, and then I watched some documentaries about him, and I read his biography, you should totally read his biography. It's such a beautiful book. So That's how I was introduced to what the Akashic Records were, and and looking back, hindsight's always 20 20 I feel like a seed was planted, at that time, and then a few years later, of course, you grow up, and you get a big girl job, and you do all the things, and in 2009, I was 27, and I began what I now know is my spiritual awakening, and It started out as a Dark Night of the Soul that lasted seven years.

 It was Okay, wait a second. For those 

Robyn: listening, can you explain what Dark Night of the 

Akashic Bec: Soul is? Okay. So it's been years, seven years. Yeah. apparently I was being initiated into something, a dark night of the soul is basically, it's [00:05:00] just a phrase, just talking about a really heavy, dark time in your spiritual journey that is meant to foster soul growth and.

That is very much what was happening. it was like that book or that movie, like a series of unfortunate events is what I call it. By the way, 

Robyn: that was, I didn't know you and I have talked astrology a little bit before. It feels like that was probably around your Saturn return too. 

Akashic Bec: Yes. So it was initiated at my Saturn return when I was 27.

That's when it began. Which typically your Saturn return only lasts like, I think a couple of years. Correct. Not seven. So I was very extra and mine went on five extra years. So at the end of that seven year period, that is when I call it the floodgates opened. I felt this very distinct shift within myself and I just had portals, gates, whatever you want to call it, open for me and I [00:06:00] started receiving.

All these downloads, all this information, my gifts started coming online like rapid fire. It was pretty overwhelming, but I had seen trickles of them over that seven years try to start to happen. And I just dismissed it as you do, as one does and says, Oh no, I'm crazy. That's what this is, and so at the end of that seven year period, I was like, Oh. 

it all started making sense. Everything started clicking. I was like, okay, so I went through this, just this really emotional time. I started channeling. I started, like I said, experiencing things I had never really full on experienced before. And so in that, that leads me to answering your question.

I. Approached by my guide and they told me They were like okay, it's time, and they say it all casual and I'm like, time for what? do I want to know, and they said, no, it's time for you to read [00:07:00] the records. And I said, oh, okay. did, they guided me I just had complete faith and complete trust, even though, most people would be like, why did you do that? 

Robyn: have others that you could talk to about what was going on? 

Akashic Bec: No, I went through it all by myself at the beginning. I was terrified to tell anybody, even my husband. Like when I eventually opened up to him, he was very understanding And because I, at that point, I started to understand what was happening to me.

And and he was very supportive, but he just didn't know what to do, 

, he didn't get involved. I guess you could say. Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah. so after that, my guides came in and they truly guided me every step. I can tell you some of their names if you want to know.

Akashic Bec: Yeah, 

Robyn: and I'd love to know how they first even appeared to you in terms of like how you knew they were your guides. Okay. 

Akashic Bec: So that's a good question. So first my first guide that came through his name is Azra. I first heard him. [00:08:00] It was my clair audience. and I could also feel him, which is clair sentience.

And I just felt his presence. I felt like if I was in a room by myself, like I felt like somebody else was in the room with, I could feel them. And of course, I'm thinking it's obviously some kind of spirit, of some degree, and I guess that's a good thing that I had read all these new age books and all these books about mediumship because I was like, okay, I didn't know how it ties together.

Yeah and so Azra stepped forward and as I got more comfortable with his energy, he presented himself as a lion. And I was like, could you have not picked something not so intimidating? But as was like I'm a lion, so no, but he explained to me, he was like part of my animal totem and we all have an animal totem signature that is inside of us.

And he's my OG, he really helped me and showed me. what steps to take and where to go and who to connect with and what to read. He showed me everything and I just said like full on trust. I was like, [00:09:00] yes. He just felt safe to me.

Everything that he said to me, everything that he led me to was for my highest and best good. He never led me down a path that made me question or think, Oh, I truly just trusted him, and I'm glad that I did because it led me into other things. So he led me to, this lady in Canada who reads the Akashic Records, and I got certified under her, and He led me to other readers that I received readings from myself and he helped me, with business decisions, I was like, because at that time I was going in between.

I was a photographer for many years and I was becoming discouraged. Engaged with it. it wasn't lighting me up anymore. And now I know why it's because you were meant to do this. Yeah. He truly guided me every step of the way. But they were talking to me in meditation, in dreams.

They were sending me signs and [00:10:00] symbols, which is a big part of my readings is, I tell people, I'm like, write this down, commit this to memory, because that is your guide speaking to you. I experienced it myself, even to this day. So as I got to more familiar with A I learned how to read the records, which, there's no right way.

I'll just throw that disclaimer out there. But you do have to have such reverence for the records. it truly is a sacred place. It's a gift to us from the creator. And you have to have reverence to go in there. But I also met with my guide of my records. So we all have a guide that kind of Protects our records.

I met With that guide and he really helped me understand the records and how to read them and I cultivated, my own method my own way and made it my own. And that's how I've read ever since. But It was such a powerful, overwhelming, beautiful, emotional experience for me the first time I read my own [00:11:00] records.


Robyn: Everyone listening, you can learn to read your records. It's a matter of you trusting yourself. And what you're seeing or hearing or feeling and working with someone like you b you're so versed in it and you're such a clear channel which really helps.

But how did that work that first time you did go into your own records by yourself? 

Akashic Bec: Oh man. they had told me, one of the things Azra told me was you need to, go into meditation more like I had just started a meditation journey before all of this happened, and was trying to connect with myself.

I was in a place where, after that dark night of the soul, I was trying to regulate my nervous system because. It was shot at that point and meditation really helped, and so I'm a big fan, big advocate for meditation. As I was meditating it's once got to the point where I could go into it very easily and that's when they were like, okay, we can show you around.

Let's show you the ropes, and lead you down this path. And so the [00:12:00] first time I went into my records, I was just energetically very overwhelmed because it's a lot of energy that you subject yourself to whenever you go in there. So I would say the first few times you go in your own records you're gonna be tired and you're gonna want to take a nap and rest and recuperate.

 But I went in and the very first time was just as you described, they showed me my book, right off the bat, there was an owl spirit. So there is an owl spirit that is like a guardian of the records. I met with the owl spirit and I saw it truly is a library and I saw the steps and all of it.

And I was like, okay. And it felt like home to me. I felt like I was home, and so I just became more comfortable going and I just did a little bit at a time. I didn't go in there and be like, I want to know everything right now, get all sassy with it. So I took my time and I built up a rapport and I built up a tolerance to the energy, I guess you could say because it can be hard on your physical body at times too.

So [00:13:00] then as I learned. More about myself. I was shown past lives. I was introduced to other guides. I was told things that I just needed to know, needed to hear. And that's truly how I just , I have such a deep reverence for it, because, it's literally everything,


Robyn: How do you define Akashic 

Akashic Bec: Records? The way I can describe it is, it's like this metaphysical supercomputer of information. It is everything and everyone. Across all time and space, and the future is being created in every moment, that's why we can't, or at least that's the way I see it, we can't say for sure, but we have potential timelines available to us, and when people ask me future oriented questions, I say I can't tell you your future, I'm not a fortune teller, because that's It's up to you, and I don't want to negate free will. Free will is so important in our universe, I just tell people these are [00:14:00] timelines that are available and it's based off of the choices that you make. 

Robyn: Wow. I love the way that you defined and described that. I think that's really so helpful for people who may have heard the term and not totally grasped the power and the vastness of it.


Akashic Bec: enormity of it. It is. It is very enormous. 

Robyn: And in that space, I also just want to point out to people when we talk about that within those records, we're talking about all creations, right? Yes, I hope people can understand. It's not just people, It's all things like seeking center has its own record. 

Akashic Bec: Exactly. But like people really think about that, yeah, people, may think that it just has to do with us and our human lives No, it's the earth has records, Other planets other beings that are in our universe.

They have records as well. Yeah, the universe has records 

Robyn: Just because you brought that up are you able to go into something like the earth's records [00:15:00] or is that Not something that a reader would do

Akashic Bec: The earth if Gaia gave me permission, I could got it. Yeah. Yeah, but yeah, 

Robyn: put that like it is it's 

Akashic Bec: all things. Yes, consent is a big deal. When it comes to records I don't just read records all willy nilly. That's why, I have a conversation beforehand with my clients and I say, you understand what I'm doing and you're cool with it, right?

And they're like, 

Robyn: to your point, it's like consent, whether you're going into somebody's records or you're just even entering their energy. So people who receive energy, healing of some sort, any of that, any sort of reading, , consent is 

Akashic Bec: huge. Yes, absolutely. Because you don't know what, other people have attached to them and such, and what gives me peace of mind is, even though I, I am like a Reiki three practitioner and everything.

So I like, I understand that aspect of it, but I guess I have built in protection when I go in the [00:16:00] records. So I'm not affected by the person that I'm reading for, and then on top of that, like I have my own spiritual hygiene practice that I implement as well. Which is key, I'm sure.

Key, absolutely. Let's talk 

Robyn: about how your readings work. Because every, and that's the other thing that I have found over all of these years now that I'm doing my work, which is connecting with all different modalities and all different practitioners, and everybody has their own unique way of.

Sharing their abilities and connecting. So I'll let you talk about how you rather than me talking about my experience. I would love to hear how your readings work. 

Akashic Bec: Sure. I conduct my readings the exact same way for everybody. So there's no mystery on that, but of course the information is very different.

I start off, I do the grounding meditation. I connect to the person's energy and then I say the opening prayer. which opens the records, and that I personally use. [00:17:00] Like I said, there's nothing written in stone, okay? But I prefer to use that. That was the one that I was taught.

And I go into people's records. I typically enter into a scene, and that scene is it's a panoramic view for me. and I feel like I'm actually there, like I'm standing in it. And Usually it's a nature scene, sometimes it's not, sometimes it's on earth and sometimes it's not.

And then I'll explain to them, what's going on. This is what I see, this is what I feel, hear, smell, experience, everything. If I'm alone, if I'm not alone. Then eventually their guides will step forward and sometimes I will ask them questions, sometimes I'll say this is what I'm experiencing.

Does this resonate for you? I will introduce them to their guides. I will explain how their guides are connected to them. Typically, it's an ancestor guide, but not always. I have seen people's guardian angels. I have seen their animal spirit totem guides, and Like I said, I could be here all day and explain, [00:18:00] but anyways, after that I typically ask my clients to have a list of questions available, and they don't always have them, and that's okay, but eventually they do at some point.

 But we'll just go with the flow and we'll go down their list of questions and once they're satisfied with their answers, we will close out the records and I typically, encourage people to record it because it's a lot of information I try to give as much as 

Robyn: possible. you really do.

And I Just to share a little bit of my experience so that it can help someone even visualize it more clearly what happened in my session with you is you did start out, you were taken to what felt like a past life. And you were in a room, you opened a door, and you're in a specific time frame, you could, you knew there was like, horse and buggies, and it was muddy and then who I don't know, but you were able to give me, Background on [00:19:00] how this person played a role in my life in that lifetime.

You had their name, they introduced themselves as one of my guides and then that guide really helped to answer my questions. Throughout our session together I could feel that energy as you were conducting the reading. I can very much feel it. and it was so resonant, I think that's the other part of You are shown I think I know in my case, something that tied like my relationship with this guide. Very much tied into my relationship with others in this lifetime. I was being shown that from that guide, definitely.

And what it brought up were certain issues that I've had in this lifetime that I had in that lifetime too. And then I did have very specific questions going into the reading that I really wanted to focus upon, but I think it's interesting that you're saying sometimes you don't have to, you can [00:20:00] maybe just set an intention overall, because I actually haven't had that.

Experience with records. Most of the time, whenever I've done it with others, I feel like I'm very much guided to ask specific questions. But I think that sometimes can be challenging for someone who's really new to this and may not know exactly what to ask or what can get answered.

Do you get people saying that to you sometimes in terms of what are 

Akashic Bec: things I can ask? Yeah. And like I said, , there's no limit. There's no cap on, I guess you could say to what you can ask. I know you cannot ask about other people's records. You can only ask about your own.

 That's a big fat rule. That's what I call it. It's that's the big fat rule, nobody can get around that., you can ask about your connections to people and you can ask how to support someone, but you cannot ask about other people's records. I can sometimes connect with people's energies.

 When I'm in the records and I can personally fill them out. [00:21:00] That's not something that the records is giving me. That's something that I'm able to do on my own. And so I can connect with their energy and I can fill them out a little bit and say okay, I get it. I understand where they're coming from.

I see what we're working with. But, the kinds of questions, I would never ask a should question in the records because the records are like, I'm never gonna should you, don't should all over yourself, but yeah, there's don't ask me what you should or should not do.

Once again, it's based on free will. but I encourage people to ask things like, what is my purpose in this lifetime? And also keep in mind that you have multiple purposes in this lifetime. It's not just one. There's not one key thing that you came here to do. But you have big ones and small ones.

they're all significant. But some of them may seem in the grand scope of things, they play just a, a minor role. I encourage people to ask whatever is on their heart, whatever's on their mind in this moment. I encourage them to ask, about [00:22:00] their we're talking about money wounds today.

Their finances, their relationship with money, how to, better themselves and heal themselves. What are some things that they could do how they can advocate for themselves. And people can sometimes, and they don't like my answers, but they can sometimes ask why am I struggling with XYZ, for example, and I'll shoot them straight, I'll be like this is what the records say, I try to be mindful of my delivery on those things.

But we keep it real. We keep it 100, and you have a reading with me. I try not to sugarcoat anything. But I try not to, rip the band aid off, Either. Yeah, we just try to come to a conclusion together, oh, gosh.

But like I said, there's really just no limit on what you can ask. But I think 

Robyn: your guidelines are really helpful for those who are going to be considering having a reading after this podcast. Really, because honestly, I love what you said about the shoulds. Should in [00:23:00] general is something that I know I'm trying to be really conscious of in my vocabulary.

Especially when you're going into a reading like this, it's more the whys and the what's. Yes. I 

Akashic Bec: like that. Yes. It's the whys and the what's and the hows. 

Robyn: Hows. Yeah. And the hows. And you really are able to channel some really clear guidance and also you get, as you said earlier, Like my guides, I met more than one guide and I was able to also get signs and so forth from them to be looking out for, which I think to your point in your evolution to where you are now, when you started to see certain signs, I'm sure tied to certain aspects, which are now of your business, let's say.

That was like your validation. Like I'm moving in that right direction. Yes. That's huge. You also, I will tell you, gave me a mantra that so resonates with me, which is show me how good it can get. [00:24:00] Yes. I literally now say that I don't know how many times a day. It's really helps to reset me in this place of universe has my back.

I need to allow, and. It's something that actually I always have said since my Oprah days that the universe, cause she says this, the universe can dream a bigger dream than you can dream for yourself. And that's something that she would say early on. And that so reminds me of that, show me how good it can get. It's an easy thing to remember and energetically, there's something about it that just resets things for me.

You don't even know what's possible. 

Akashic Bec: You don't even know. That's the truth 

Robyn: though, we really don't. And I'm sure for you, for where you are now in doing this work, as your full time job it's your life and it's all becomes part of your purpose too. And I'm sure you from maybe in that seven year dark period, couldn't imagine that life could feel so fulfilling. And 

Akashic Bec: meaningful. Yes. And I [00:25:00] mean I had sensed fulfillment, in other aspects and avenues like with my family.

Becoming a mom was a big deal for me. 'cause I struggled with infertility for several years before I had my son and. ' Things like that, and so I had a sense of it, but yes, as far as my career goes, like I loved photography and it taught me so much and it also gave me, really good experience of being an entrepreneur, so I didn't go into this blind, I was like, okay, it's not the same, but I have protocols.

I have things that. I know to do because I already have experience with it. But as far as career, yes, I know beyond shadow of a doubt, like I know this is what I'm supposed to be doing. 

Robyn: Yeah. And I love what you just said about what all those experiences have led you to creating that foundation, let's say just with work in having that as your foundation.

Helps you now. and that's what we're here to do is really 

Akashic Bec: evolve. So exactly. 

Robyn: And you mentioned money [00:26:00] wounds. And this came up after I had my reading with you, we started to talk about money wounds. And can we explain what you mean by that and what we mean by that in this conversation?

And then how can people start addressing it? Cause the thing that came up that you said was like, look,

almost everybody has a money wound that's here right now on the planet. 

Akashic Bec: Yes. And even if it's not in this life, even people with a lot of money have money wounds, our money ones look different.

It's individual to us, but we do, we have a lot of wounds around money because we have given our power away to it, for so long. And that's the key to overcoming it is taking back your power. Seeing money is not the end all be all. It's not the answer, it's a tool to help you to get from point A to point B, To help you to, create what you want to create, bring certain things into fruition and then of course, survive, because that's just how our world is at the moment, [00:27:00] that's just what the world that we live in, but Money wounds, 

to me, a money wound is giving your power away to something, and there could be other types of wounds where it's the same case, right?

Just giving so much of your energy and power you're working your life away or toiling away, for this idea, this idea of ooh, my ears ringing, this idea of a better life, the idea of, someday, and things like that. And so because of that, and I'm not saying that those things are wrong, I'm not shaming anybody for that.

I just mean having a money wound is just reclaiming your power back away from the misconception, the thing that we're all fed as a society, as a world. And. using that energy to redirect away from that and allowing the blocks to be removed, the access between you and money.

 And also thinking that money is the big problem solver, that has been something I've had to retrain my [00:28:00] brain with is seeing money is the answer, the key to everything. It's No and this might be a little corny or funny, but she's not corny or funny.

She's a real deal. There's a musical artist named Tony Jones. I love her her music is really infused with mantra. And one of the things she says is I am the currency. And I was like, yes, 

Robyn: I love that. I actually, one of my mantras that I say every morning is I am money.


Akashic Bec: I do. I am the true currency. Yeah, but I actually love that. actually like I 

Robyn: am the currency even better. Yeah. 

Akashic Bec: because I can go anywhere, I can do anything. And so retraining my mindset, and this is another reason why I started studying cognitive behavioral therapy coaching is because it is essentially retraining your brain.

But I retrained my thinking around money, and I came up, I cultivated my own mantras that I say I watched and noticed like the subtle energy [00:29:00] shifts that started to happen as I started to realize, and these things started to sink in around money, and yeah, it's really been a game changer.


Robyn: you say that you think about money as energy? 

Akashic Bec: Oh, absolutely. Everything is energy. Yes. And so you getting familiar with the energy of money has personally helped me. In healing that wound and healing. And I still have ways to go. Let me just disclaimer that I don't have all this all figured out.

Okay. I still, live this 3d life, and I have things that I still have bills to pay and such, but I have repaired so much because I realized I'm not only doing this for me, I'm doing this for my child, I'm doing this for my parents, my grandparents, because like I have generations of relatives and family who came from nothing, I grew up poor, and I think a lot of us can relate to that, you know, I'm definitely not where ideally I would want to be, but I am taking the strides to get there.

[00:30:00] And it all starts with your energy. It starts with your mindset. It starts with your beliefs. it starts from within. That's what I'm trying to say. Yeah. 

Robyn: and, what you said about not giving your power away to money, to me, that is at the very core, I would say, most people do and we allow it almost to bully us.

there's such a fear of not having enough money or that's going to be what gives us freedom. 

Akashic Bec: And there are people who, is real for them, that is their struggle and they need it. And they, do, and they deserve a better life for themselves.

Absolutely. Yes. And as our systems around us as they constantly, let us down it's more and more apparent, and maybe people are starting to see that on some level like money isn't going to solve all our problems You know, we're surrounded by systems that run off from greed 

Robyn: And would you say there's one thing in addition to starting to maybe.

Use that mantra [00:31:00] that I am currency. Is there something else that people can, that might help change their perspective even more if they almost thought about something differently on a daily basis or. We're able to have certain signs where they are giving their power away. Is there something that someone can start to recognize and take their power back?

Akashic Bec: Oh, yeah. A big one I would say is you feel stressed or defeated when it comes to money, if like money conversations stress you out really badly. That was my signal anyway. Whenever my husband and I would discuss our finances, I would just get so anxious. Like I could feel it in my body.

I was like, and I felt so dysregulated. And he was just trying to talk to me, he was just like, we're just having a conversation, it's okay. And I'm like, no, I feel attacked, so I had to really get real with myself and I was like. Okay, so he's not problem. It's me. [00:32:00] No.

 And, of course, my husband has his own money wounds as well. And the way that we handle money is different. That's why I say it's very individualized. But one of the things that Helped me was like I said, noticing like where I felt it in my body, how it made me feel, when was I triggered, that I feel disempowered when it came to money, did I.

 Block my blessings, that was one of the questions I asked myself. Am I blocking my blessings? So then when I started to investigate the energy of money I cannot remember that fella's name, but I watched a documentary and he's on YouTube, . He's since passed away, I know that, but he was talking about, , how money is the same as water, that's why currency, and all that he was talking about viewing money as water, tying the image of water with money, and One of my personal mantras is money flows to me easily and frequently through multiple sources.

I allow that money, I allow that energy of money to flow to me, rather than blocking the [00:33:00] stream, with my negativity and my wounding. I just simply, I even visualize it like moving that rock out of the way and allowing the water to flow through. That's just something that helps me.

I love that 

Robyn: so much. Thank you. I'm going to start using that. Please do. 

Akashic Bec: I literally tell anybody and everybody that will listen that mantra. it has helped me so much in my life. The money flows to me easily and frequently through multiple sources.

Robyn: Thank you. That's going to be added to my 

Akashic Bec: mantras as well. Yay. Okay. To your 

Robyn: point, it's the mantra. It's the image that you're able to just give us. And then you have to feel it. Like you have to actually believe, I think, and maybe sometimes you have to say it enough to believe it.

But if you can start to really believe money can flow to you easily and frequently through multiple sources, and you can really see it, that's where you're going to even start to notice more of the difference. 

Akashic Bec: And there's more to it, for example lot of people [00:34:00] find themselves in financial hardship because they're irresponsible with money.

 So they, it's like they get it and then they blow it, they just don't know how to respect it. Just like we deserve respect, these other energies that we're working with deserve it as well. And so one of my other mantras is I honor.

My currency, I honor what wants to flow into my life and I want to use it responsibly. I also find people who are really they really struggle with giving away all that they have. There's people who, which I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but if you don't have anything for yourself, if you're always , in this victimization where you're like, I give and give and I just never get anything in return maybe investigate that money wound where it's do you feel like you deserve money?

Is it, I ask people sometimes I'm like, okay, if you won the lottery today. What would you do with that money? Oh I would buy my mom a house, and they start talking about all of the charitable things that they would do, which is great and [00:35:00] admirable. And they should, they can do whatever they want to with it.

But it's what would you do for yourself? Oh, I, I don't know. And they truly don't know, because they maybe need to heal that part of themselves, like to receive, it's okay. It is okay for you to do something for yourself, for you to say, I deserve a piece of the pie as well, yeah. So it really, And I feel like it all breaks down maybe like I said, ancestral wounds, our vision of money like how our parents, programmed us around money cause they had money wounds too, that they learned from their parents.

So like really getting down to the bottom of it and healing that wound. And then working your way up, I would, is what I would suggest because we're all taught it somewhere, we're not just born being like, okay, it's cool, I got everything, because. All of that goes out the window, when you go out in the real world, you start working and having to provide for yourself.

And some people start working in [00:36:00] childhood. Totally. And 

Robyn: , many people begin at an early age to have this different relationship with money than what would be beneficial, right? To absolutely to think about money in a different way.

 I often think about this is going to sound so cheesy. But I actually picture myself dancing with money all the time. Having fun. 

Akashic Bec: No!

That's cool! Yeah! Absolutely. Yeah, 

Robyn: I think of it as my personal business. Friend and, or another partner that I get to create with and I love then your visualization of thinking of that flowing to me easily and frequently. I love that. I think that's going to be a new staple for me.

and really like the reason we're talking about this today, the reason I know that when it came up after. My reading and we were talking about it. It just to me. It's so resonant It's so many people can relate as we said you're like almost everyone has one. I think that's really true I don't you know, most people I talk to somewhere in their lives [00:37:00] This has been some sort of ongoing issue.

Akashic Bec: And maybe there are magical unicorn people out there who don't have one too. And I have yet to meet them, but yes, I would say and it's such a broad statement, but I would go so far as to say almost everybody has a money wound that needs to be uncovered. and 

Robyn: I think to your point, even those who have a lot of money, you can 

Akashic Bec: still have a money wound.

Yes, because it's never enough, right? It's never enough. 

Robyn: Yes. Yeah, I think that's really eye opening too. 

Akashic Bec: I will say too Really quick around the money wound. This is actually why I love astrology and numerology because it also has helped me understand my relationship with money and like the energies that are at play in my personal life and in my energy signature, whatever you want to call it in my charts, that deals with money and maybe the lessons that I'm meant to learn around money in this lifetime, [00:38:00] that has really gone a long way in helping me understand as well, so you have all these sources available, it's just like a matter of diving into them. 

Robyn: And just because you just brought that up, when you talk about utilizing astrology and numerology in that way, And in this case, we're talking about money.

It could be in other aspects to how can someone go about that? When you're talking about astrology, is that someone getting their birth chart reading and then asking that to focus, let's say, in this case. On their relationship with money and what they came in to potentially learn. And then with numerology, is that similar?

 You can get a reading and find out where that plays into your life 

Akashic Bec: now. yes, so I would say, if you're really wanting to do a deep dive I can only recommend what I've done. I'm not well versed in astrology. I know enough to be dangerous is what I tell people, but I would get someone to, read your birth chart, I think evolutionary astrologers can talk about past [00:39:00] life wounding with money.

They can look and see in your chart If there are certain aspects that deal with money that maybe you need to pay attention to, and then, of course looking at their transits, seeing where you are currently, and understanding maybe what's coming up, as these transits change, things like that, and then with numerology, it is the same thing.

 So whenever I do my numerology reports I typically like to do them in chunks of three month intervals. Because it's a lot of information to digest, but whenever I'm going over like their life path, if they ask me, Hey, could you focus on my finances or my money or my job or they'll ask me to focus on certain things within the context of their chart.

And I will do that for them. And I will tell them, this is just what I'm seeing. And they'll be like, yes, that resonates. That makes a lot of sense. Because essentially their life path number is like their natal chart to astrology. It's like kind of one in the same, right? So you come in with the signature.

Do you 

Robyn: do numerology readings as [00:40:00] well? 

Akashic Bec: Yes, I do. Everybody! Yes, so I 

Robyn: Akash expects 

Akashic Bec: numerology too. Yes, I And I absolutely love the numbers. I nerd out on numbers is what I tell people. So I'm able to see like, just based off of their life path number even, without looking at anything else I can see, where they prioritize.

their finances, that aspect of their life. 

Robyn: That's really powerful. I know that's another avenue I may explore, so I'm sure it's probably sparking something for others listening to. 

Akashic Bec: Yeah, absolutely. These tools are very powerful and they're there for us to use, yeah, I agree. I heard a saying. I don't remember who said it. They said that, millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do. And I was like, bro. Stop it! 

Robyn: That's awesome. 

Akashic Bec: That's cool. They do, and they do, and they'll probably never admit it. I think that's true.

Robyn: , yes. 

Akashic Bec: But what do you think our [00:41:00] ancestors did? they studied astronomy and astrology. They studied this stuff. This is how they planted their crops and everything else they did. You're so right. You're so 

Robyn: right. let's just use numerology and astrology, for example.

If you were to really explore, again, let's, we're using money as the. Focus right now. Let's say you were to explore that within both astrology and numerology. and what you said, you will find. You're hearing the same themes for why certain issues are coming up in this lifetime, you'll hear that in both, which to me, I know, in my own spiritual journey.

And what I also work with many others on is. Getting that information from multiple resources that don't know each other, like whether it's practitioners, right? Or it's from different modalities that are so different from one another, or seemingly different. And yet hearing that same information, like you can't then discount it so quickly.

Akashic Bec: Exactly. [00:42:00] It's 

Robyn: affirming, and then Akashic Records, another resource, another tool. I know for for my own personal reading and what I'm currently focusing on and working on and wanting to better understand, it completely resonated with me because, first of all, I channel my own guides myself.

But also I've had other readings in the past and it all lines up and yet I need to hear, let's say, from you. Whatever, in the way that you're saying it to me, I need to hear that now in order to help guide me forward. Because there's a reason I was guided to you, let's say, and if people can start to see things in that way and then get that validation, they may feel much more confident.

Moving forward and 100 percent and also accepting where they are at the moment in this lifetime. 

Akashic Bec: Yes, because that's all we have is the present. And actually, 

Robyn: It's the perfect segue to talking about something that Karen brought up, which Karen couldn't be here today. and we miss you, Karen.

But [00:43:00] she recently came across this analogy of where you look at your life as a book, which We are talking about each of our souls books, but looking at your life as a book, but in this analogy, each page of the book represents a slightly different timeline. And if you were to turn the page that next page would be a small shift and how we do something that results in a different life.

Is that something that at all resonates with you when we're talking about timelines or talking about it from an Akashic Records perspective? Is that possible? Does that make 

Akashic Bec: sense? Absolutely. 100%. and that's why I say, we were talking about free will and how the choices we make put us on the different timelines that are available to us because that's truly what they are.

It's The trajectory, right? That's what I like to think of it as. But yeah, absolutely. every, any and every decision that we make you may wake up In the morning and say, you know what, I'm gonna eat a bowl of cereal and then you wake up and you [00:44:00] actually eat avocado toast, it could change the whole trajectory because maybe the time it took to make the avocado toast puts you behind a few minutes and then, later you go meet your soulmate or whatever, it's just like every choice we make really is significant, but we shouldn't.

Stress over it. I think a lot of people might have anxiety over that. Am I eating the right thing for breakfast? Or am I going to miss my soulmate? It's just, it's a matter of, it's like free will, and they have free will as well. They might make a decision that's different, and cross paths or not, it's 

Robyn: just, it was reminding me of, did you ever see the movie sliding doors?

It's from many years ago with Gwyneth Paltrow. 

Akashic Bec: I did see it, but I don't remember anything about it. 

Robyn: It's another just it's a much more exaggerated example of it. Like making one different decision and how that leads in just completely different paths. And to we don't even realize we're doing that all day, every day.

Akashic Bec: All the time. Yeah. 

Robyn: And how are we able to [00:45:00] access our highest possible frequency? 

 How do 

we pay attention to our real soul calling and whispers on a daily basis, would you say? So that we are living on that highest level of frequency.

That we came here to be on. 

Akashic Bec: I hope you like my answer. Cause it's so ridiculously simple. But it's also really hard. Learning how to trust yourself. Trust is imperative on the spiritual journey. Because you'll find that it all comes back to the self. Every avenue comes back to the self.

 And if I hadn't trusted, my guides when I had, my awakening and my floodgates opened and I was receiving all of this intel, what if I hadn't listened to it, what if I chose not to trust, because really at the end of the day, My guides are a part of me.

Your guides are a part of you. You and me and everyone has access to these [00:46:00] things. They have access to their higher self. but if you don't trust any of it, if you're constantly questioning yourself, it's like learning to trust. It is something that is earned. respect should be given, trust should be earned, right?

if you're like constantly disrespecting yourself, if you're constantly not wanting to trust yourself, then maybe you shouldn't listen to yourself either, it's probably what people figure, I'm assuming, anyway. And no, I don't have all the answers.

That's just like what I see and what I experience. And I'm constantly building relationship with myself every single day, because that is the most important one, and it's hard for me to say that I'm a LIbra rising. In stellium, okay, in my first house.

And so I am like recovering codependent over here. And so it's been hard for me to learn how to trust myself. I was always looking for the answers outside of myself, but I still, took the baby steps. to undo all the damage I've done to myself and my [00:47:00] relationship with myself every day.

But what it all comes down to is trust. Believing and knowing That the guidance is there. It's not going anywhere, 

Robyn: Yeah, and I think there's the other thing too. It's trusting yourself and also knowing you're never alone everybody listening right now.

You may not know the names of your guides And you may not know, even understand that you actually have what Beck and I are calling your higher self, but you do, you have this team that's constantly working for your highest good. They want you to be. Full of joy and fulfill what you came here to do.

And when we talk about fulfilling what you came here to do, let's say in this lifetime, in this specific timeline, it doesn't always mean that it's always we would love it to be easy, but it is it's a bumpy ride, right? Like it's the ups and the downs, so that you can really have that growth.

I think about what you said, that [00:48:00] for the seven years. You were in that dark night of the soul and I don't know if you were really trusting yourself, but now 

Akashic Bec: you know, of course not. It's like you came 

Robyn: to that. There was a shift for you and energy and then you started to build the trust to your point of what you were saying before.

It's building that trust and it takes time, 

Akashic Bec: And it does. And yes, I was very much not trusting myself during that pretty much my whole life up until that point, I was looking outside of myself, for answers, and I had conditioning and programming that I needed to heal that I didn't even know I needed to heal, Yeah, and so I needed to learn how to discern and decipher and think for myself for once, and it has paid off magically, and it has helped me really learn how to center myself, that's, to me, that's another really great point is centering yourself that is also what brings you to your healing journey, is [00:49:00] like, Finding, podcast seeking center.

Yeah, exactly. It is. I wasn't even thinking about that. I know you weren't, but it 

Robyn: really is because it's part of that. It is part of that whole journey is centering yourself and understanding even your dialogue with yourself, listening to that inner voice, all of 

Akashic Bec: that.

Yeah. And we live in a world that has told us, no, you should look outside of yourself, you should only listen to yourself once every 12 years it's 

Robyn: giving that power away on all aspects. And we talked about giving your power away to money, but this is like giving your power away all the time in all these different areas.

And not trusting yourself. And what we're saying is bring it back in, bring 

Akashic Bec: it and reel it back. Yeah. And I know 

Robyn: that all of it lies within you and the different modalities we even talked about today. And there's so many more that we explore and seeking center. And there's [00:50:00] all different places that you can be finding more about all the different.

Modalities out there that can be resources for you so that you can start to understand yourself better and you can start to trust yourself more and this relationship with spirit, wouldn't you say? 

Akashic Bec: Are you there? Absolutely. Yeah. that's why I say, there's no right way. you just have to find what resonates with you and, try it out, and , I guess that's the beautiful part about being here on Earth is like Earth is school, earth is school. I so agree. 

Robyn: And I think the other thing just to touch on before we end today, but like even your work, I know you're a trauma facing coach, so much of the trauma that we have in is within us.

And that ends up blocking us from trusting ourselves too, because that, whatever experiences we may have had in the past all of the, it's starting to become more aware of them.


Akashic Bec: Yeah, and giving yourself grace, through it as well, and realizing not identifying with your trauma and seeing [00:51:00] it as something that happened to you and no, it was not okay, but it happened outside of you. It may have shaped you.

 But don't let it have power over you, just like the whole concept of money we were just talking about, don't let it rule you, you can have sovereignty, you can have agency and autonomy. And you 

Robyn: could even use the records to talk about, why you had that experience or what is that trauma here to teach you?

There's ways to understand it better and not let it hold you back. So I'm hoping that everybody today really sees , the resources that are available to them and the power within themselves. To transform their own lives. Yes. 

Akashic Bec: Thank you. hope that too. Yes, I so greatly appreciate you saying that.

Because Everybody has that available to them. And we really need to reach people. with these ways. 

Robyn: Yes. Why we're doing what we're doing, why you're doing what you're doing, why we've come together, [00:52:00] why we're now connected. And we just want to amplify this so that others can understand that they can take their power back and they can really lead these very Meaningful, fulfilling lives and the answers are all around you.

 it's really being able to see and hear them. Yeah. 

Akashic Bec: 100%. Oh, 

Robyn: thank you. Bec for everything. Thank you for 

Akashic Bec: sharing. So much. Yeah, sure. 

Robyn: All about these different subjects. I think people are going to walk away with some real tangible ways to start changing their lives today.

And then having the access available to find out more and begin to transform even more so to find out more about working with. Visit akashic bec. That's A-K-A-S-H-I-C-B-E You can also follow her at Akashic bec, and that's BEC on Instagram and her YouTube [00:53:00] channel is

bec 8 1 1 3. Thank you so much, Beck. 

Akashic Bec: Thank you, Robyn. I really enjoyed being here today, and thank you for having me. 

Robyn: Our pleasure.

Tapping into the Metaphysical Supercomputer, Plus Overcoming Your Money Blocks