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Your Witchy Bestie's Guide to Help You Create Your Own Magic - Episode 47

January 16, 2023 Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Cardsy B Season 2 Episode 47
Your Witchy Bestie's Guide to Help You Create Your Own Magic - Episode 47
Seeking Center: The Podcast
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Seeking Center: The Podcast
Your Witchy Bestie's Guide to Help You Create Your Own Magic - Episode 47
Jan 16, 2023 Season 2 Episode 47
Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Cardsy B

Our Witchy Bestie Rebecca/Bex Szymczak, also known as Cardsy B, is back! She’s an intuitive tarot reader, healing catalyst and a writer. In addition to all of the badass tarot and astrology that she’s been doing – she’s been busy brewing up A LOT over this last year..including her first book, “The Saturn Diaries: A Modern Day Grimoire.” Part memoir, part spell book – it is soooo honest and moving, yet also infuses lots of humor into her journey of discovery and remembrance of self. If you are looking for inspiration to create your own magic – this conversation and book is for you.

Plus, she’s even started her own Spellcraft Society! You’re going to want to know what that’s all about.

And we’ll also get her take on what’s in the cards for 2023.

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And for more about Bex, her tarot deck and her journey, plus a glimpse at her readings for us, check out Season 2, Episode 4.

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Our Witchy Bestie Rebecca/Bex Szymczak, also known as Cardsy B, is back! She’s an intuitive tarot reader, healing catalyst and a writer. In addition to all of the badass tarot and astrology that she’s been doing – she’s been busy brewing up A LOT over this last year..including her first book, “The Saturn Diaries: A Modern Day Grimoire.” Part memoir, part spell book – it is soooo honest and moving, yet also infuses lots of humor into her journey of discovery and remembrance of self. If you are looking for inspiration to create your own magic – this conversation and book is for you.

Plus, she’s even started her own Spellcraft Society! You’re going to want to know what that’s all about.

And we’ll also get her take on what’s in the cards for 2023.

Visit for everything! You can book a reading, join the Spellcraft Society, buy The Saturn Diaries and The Badass Bitches Tarot Deck. Plus, find out more about upcoming events with Bex.

You can also  listen to Bex’s weekly podcast, Hex and the City on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.  And  follow her @cardsyB on Instagram for her daily tarot readings!

And for more about Bex, her tarot deck and her journey, plus a glimpse at her readings for us, check out Season 2, Episode 4.

Visit for more from Robyn + Karen, plus mega inspo -- and the best wellness + spiritual practitioners, products and experiences on the planet!

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Robyn: Our Witchy bestie. Rebecca Szymczak also known as Cardsy B, is back. She's an intuitive tarot reader, healing catalyst, and a writer.

 In addition to all of the badass tarot and astrology that she's been doing, she's been busy brewing up a lot over this [00:01:00] last year, including her first book, the Saturn Diaries, a Modern Day grimoire Part memoir, part spell book. It is so honest and moving, yet also infuses lots of humor into her journey of discovery and remembrance of self.

If you're looking for inspiration to create your own magic, this conversation and book is for you. Plus she's even started her own Spellcraft society. You're going to wanna know what that's all about, and we'll also get her take on what's in the cards for 2023. So much to discuss. Let's get going.

Hi, Bex 

Karen: hey, 

Cardsy B: oh my goodness, I'm so happy to be here. The 

Karen: spellcraft, the Grimoire, I swear we would never have used those words in an intro even a year ago, . 

Cardsy B: Oh my gosh. I am I'm so grateful for that and that's been my goal and a lot of my work, not just through my making Tarot more accessible, but definitely in writing My book and the community I've created is de-stigmatizing some of these elements of the mystical world and the mystery and stigma that can be around [00:02:00] things like working with magic like witchcraft, like tarot, and a lot of the tools that I have found so deeply healing on my journey and helping others to tap into those without fears of darkness or negativity being invoked as a result of working with them.


Robyn: And speaking of that, we're going to talk about everything related to your book, everything you're working on outside of the book, but just to give a baseline for some of the words that you do use and that will come up in our conversation. How do you define words like witch or spell or grimoire?

Cardsy B: Yeah. And everyone who works with that I think has their own connection and meaning to those words. But for me, really owning myself as a witch was really tapping into my healing abilities and the way that I work with intention to create in my day-to-day life.

even in my book I used the analogy of one of my first employers. I was in the fashion industry for years. One of my first jobs was designing for Nike. And their mission statement is, we create innovative product for every athlete in the world. And there's an asterisks that says, if you have a [00:03:00] body, you are an athlete.

I remember really loving that as a mission statement of how inclusive it was. And I feel like if you are a human in this lifetime, you can tap into magic. We all have access to intuition. It's a matter of how much we choose to work with it. So for me, the meaning of the word witch is someone who utilizes intentional magic in their daily life to help.

empower and heal themselves and others, which is very much what my purpose is in this lifetime. And spell craft is just an extension of that. When we think about the word spell, it's putting out the intention to the universe so that we're able to actualize our intentions. And I do that in terms of things that are more, I guess traditionally witchcraft, like working with candles at certain times within the astrological cycle.

And then I also do it when I make my tea in the morning, when I cook of stirring ingredients in and how I want that to add energy and intentions into my day. And then the word grimoire itself, that's been the biggest one that people ask me cuz to me it's like I'm in this world And so when I titled my book, I'm like, everyone knows that grimoire means spell book, right? And so many people are like, is [00:04:00] that like a sad memoir or is it like a dark grim memoir? And I'm like, no. I mean there's definitely some sad grim parts in here, but no, it means a modern day. Spell book because the book itself it is my story.

It's all a true story. It's my memoir coming through my dark night of the soul throughout my healing journey. But the end of each chapter is a spell, a ritual, an herbal elixir that helped me in different parts of my journey. I recorded that almost as if it was a spell book in tandem with the memoir.

So I always explain, you can read it one of two ways. You can read it as the memoir. You can go into it and just look for Hey, I'm looking for healing tools around cord cutting, around self-love, and go through the book and in the index and see there's a spell for each chapter. Themed differently around what I was moving through in my life that I offer up as tools to anyone that might resonate with them.

Karen: Such a good explanation. One word I just want you to dig in just a little bit on is that word magic, and how did that word change and evolve for you over the course of you writing this story about your life and looking at your life? . 

Cardsy B: I think that, again, that's something I think we all have [00:05:00] access to.

And to me, I think our own magic is invoked the more that we know and love ourselves. So the first part of that for me was really tapping into my intuition, my inner guidance system, my access to, whether you wanna call it God, source, the universe, my higher self, and through that stream, really understanding the essence of who I am.

And as I became really comfortable with that, a lot of people in the kind of spiritual and wellness world call it our frequency, where we resonate frequency wise with our energy. And I think when we become really aware of what that feels like, that's when we can utilize that to create magic to guide intentionally what is in highest alignment with who we really are.

Robyn: Oh, love it. I hope everybody listening really gets that because to your point, we really all. Can create magic of our lives. That's why we're doing what we're doing, to bring people like you into other people's lives and let them know if they set that 

Cardsy B: intention, and I think, a lot of people [00:06:00] talking about working with magic and intention will use small little examples of the way that we think of somebody and they call or text us or think about their driving, wanting to find a parking space at a specific corner and envisioning that space being open.

And I think that there are ways that we work with it in the day-to-day. People don't even give that attention to. And one of the things as we access that more and work with it more, one of the biggest pieces is gratitude for when we receive it. It's okay, I just noticed that I allowed that, intentionally allowed that in and thank you.

And to the universe source, I would like more of that and I would like to work with that in a more expansive and loving way that's gonna bring more positivity to myself and others as a result. So I think it's, we start to invoke it, but then acknowledging and receiving it with gratitude is what allows us to go deeper into that and be able to work with it more and more.

Karen: Yeah, It's the acknowledgement of the actual magic unfolding in your life that makes it magical. And doesn't it energetically align you with more, 

Cardsy B: Oh, a hundred percent. Because I think that happens where people are like, oh, [00:07:00] I was thinking about that person or missing that person, and they texted, but we've been so trained to be like, that's a coincidence.

Or oh no, that's crazy. And when we start to be like, okay, thank you too, the, all of the parts of me that called and magnetized that in, we allow ourselves to trust that we can create and receive more and more of that. And I also think that 

Robyn: we're trained to think if you get one thing, so in, in a particular day you found that 

Cardsy B: parking spot, , you 

Robyn: can't ask for more.

It was just 

Cardsy B: right. Yeah. 

Robyn: my God, ride that train. Ride the good energy. Oh, be aware. Say thank you. and ask for more. You can , 

Cardsy B: and I've heard people, clients say that to me of they almost don't wanna we're trained so that there is this lack mentality of we don't wanna be greedy or someone else needs to be able to ask more.

And it's no, the universe is infinitely abundant. And the more abundance that we receive, the more that we can radiate and ripple that out to the people that we impact in our day-to-day. So I do think there's almost the fear of asking, and that was, I was just interviewed for a magazine article recently, and I was saying one of my top five [00:08:00] takeaways from the book is ask.

And if that doesn't always mean ask favors of other people, it's ask the universe, ask for a sign, ask your higher self, because we do receive those signs and synchronicities and working with them is so powerful. 

Robyn: , it's magical. it really is. And you came into writing this book having gone through and recognizing your own magic and really understanding how you are able to use tarot and astrology in your day-to-day for yourself and also help others.

How did that, how did you utilize those tools when you were writing this 

Cardsy B: book? . Yeah, absolutely. I think that a lot of us that kind of come into a period of awakening more into our intuition, our inner magic, whatever you wanna call it. And I think that's everyone who's listening to Seeking Center is people that are secrets, people that are coming into deeper layers of awakening and awareness.

And as we navigate through that, a lot of us are drawn to, whether it's divination tools resonating with the cosmic cycles of astrology. Numerology. For me, it was always tarot. I started working with tarot when I was a little girl. [00:09:00] And because that was what I built this whole new venture in my life of reading for others and sharing that with others.

When I was writing the book, I knew it was obviously a big. Story. But what I love about tarot is that there is guidance within the 78 cards. So one of the first things I did especially sharing a memoir, it's like everything and nothing is relevant, right? Because it's so subjective.

It's like everything that happened in that four year period of awakening for me was relevant. And then there were things that I was like, but then nothing is. So I broke it down into each chapter would be guided by the theme of a tarot card. So when I thought about these chunks in my life, I was like, oh, this was really the essence of that relationship or this part happening or this kind of career shift that I made.

And so I created my outline cuz you know, they say there's two main types of writers, those that just go by the seat of their pants and those that are outliners. And I'm definitely, I'm Sagittarius, but I'm Aries Rising. So I like to outline, I like to have a plan forward. And I outlined using the cards as guidance.

And it's interesting cuz they've been such a north. Star and such a point of guidance for me throughout the time. I was a little kid when I first discovered them [00:10:00] through my awakening and then even in the writing process. 

Karen: And speaking about planning out things, it seems, when we're reading the book, I know in retrospect it probably seems like it all unfolded, like it was orchestrated and part of a divine plan.

But tell us about that process of writing it and really what you wanted the takeaway to be for people. You touched on a little bit on the beginning, but such a process. Why did you write 

Cardsy B: it? Yeah. And I know we talked previously about this, but for anyone that this is their first introduction to me and my work, the way that I came into reading Tarot is it was something I was drawn to as a little kid, but back in the eighties, nineties, it was not what it is today.

It wasn't cool and in every store and metaphysical shops on every corner. So I never thought that it would be a career. I knew it was something I was good at. I was always like saving my allowance money to buy Tarot decks and astrology books, but I was like, oh, that's a hobby. And then I moved away from it as I went into high school and wanted to fit in with the cool kids and then ended up studying fashion design in college, which became my career.

But I had this major dark night of the soul breakdown in 2017, and I know a lot of people hit this in [00:11:00] 2020 to currently just because of the state of the massive changes in the world. And for me even pre pandemic. It's called the Saturn Diaries because my Saturn return, which is when Saturn returns to the place we are when we're born, and Saturn's kind of known as like the main teacher, the main professor of the planetary system.

And if we're not in alignment, it will remove any ego identifiers, things that we're trying to force ourself into that are not for our highest good. So for me, I lost my big corporate executive. I was a global vice president and creative director of Playboy. I lost my job. my ex asked for a divorce, so I was going through a divorce.

One of my very best friends who was like my big brother and mentor passed away of h HIV related complications. So all of these things that I thought made me, me were being taken out very, in a very short period of a matter of a couple of years. And within that, I came back to reading tarot. Cause I, I basically hit the point where I had lost all of my money.

I felt like everything that made me who I was no longer there and had. Planned a suicide. And the thing that I came back to as I decided if I'm gonna tap back into this lifetime, I need to make some changes and I need to find out why [00:12:00] I'm here. And I started just pulling a card a day as the helping me tap back into what is going on, what do I need to know?

What is the universe, my higher self trying to show me? And through that ended up shifting my entire career into doing this for a living. Just through a sequence of events of people resonating with my readings, friends, old colleagues, being like, you're good at this. You're predicting things that become true.

So that's a long answer to say, when I wrote the book, I was, my goal was to share my healing journey through that dark night of the soul of those things are all very relevant and a part of my story. But, They're not who I am. And those dark moments they can help guide us. But we're not stuck in them forever.

And if we, again, tap into listening to our inner magic to the universe, we can really find unexpected paths of healing forward. So I really wanted to share anyone who's struggling with loss, with addiction, with extreme darkness of feeling like they've lost everything and lost their way. Any tools that helped me, I was like, let me share these to help people that may resonate with them and find feeling as well.

But the funny thing is when I was [00:13:00] writing it, I actually didn't know the ending cuz it was just why I had found a publisher just when I first moved to Miami. And I remember talking to a good friend of mine saying I, why is this taking me so long? To cuz I do things very fast.

I am Aries rising. And it had been a year in my mind in the works at that point. But I hadn't written most of it. I was like, what what is stopping me? And she said to me, I think a lot of yours. Story is still being written. And in my mind I was like, it went from the, like having it all, losing it all, coming into tarot.

That was the story. And it turned out that a big chunk of the story actually came with me moving to Miami and like navigating through the process of writing this book. I think that's the other part of it is that we're always in a stage of evolution and I learned a lot about that in writing this too.

Robyn: And I also wanna make a comment about actually you going to Miami and writing this book there, because we actually have had Tabitha, who is your editor for this book on Yeah. Center, talking about her own journey and how she created her imprint and everything that she's doing [00:14:00] with life to paper.

So it's actually super cool and how that part of the story did. 

Cardsy B: For you. Yeah. And , I was speaking at an event, speaking just about tarot and how I created my tarot deck. And she after seeing me speak, came up and said, no pressure to work with us, with her imprint, like to paper as a publisher.

But she was like, I really think regardless you're meant to write your story. And I was like, it's so funny. And at that point I had them thinking about it. I hadn't found the right editor, I hadn't found the right home for it. And even that came up, like what seemed out of thin air or quite, serendipitously.

But it was one I had surrendered into knowing that I was just being guided to continue to live and evolve through my journey before I could record it and share it. And so that, yeah, we met in Miami and then shortly thereafter, I wrote most of this from last January of 22 until June, and then it went into edits and it came out in December of 22.

Timing is 

Karen: everything, 

Robyn: yeah. I also wanna touch on, I know you mentioned why you called it the Saturn Diaries, but can we just touch on one more time for people listening [00:15:00] what Saturn return means? I know you mentioned what Saturn represents, but I don't know that everybody knows what that means.

Cardsy B: Yeah, totally. That's the two things that a lot of people ask is, why is it called the Saturn Diaries and Grimoire, which means spell books. So the Saturn Diaries piece of it is every 27 to 31 years, the planet Saturn makes a transit. So we're all born under Saturn being in a specific place in our chart.

When you look at your astrological natal chart, might happen to be in Scorpio and then my son is in Sagittarius, and those are two signs that don't really. Saturn. So some, if, for example, if you're a Capricorn or in Capricorn and you're ruled by Saturn, it's probably not gonna beat you up as much because there's more alignment with that as a planet.

But for me, my Saturn was in Scorpio, so when that looped back around when I was in my late twenties, early thirties it was a time where I was, on the surface I had it all. I was the creative director. Playboy. I was married, I was, even my ex and I were in these human rights campaigns and we were this, it couple in Manhattan and we had everything [00:16:00] that was very Instagramable and it looked oh, I have the dream life.

But I was struggling with depression and addiction behind closed doors. And being in the fashion industry, it was kinda like everybody parties, everyone drinks this much, everyone does this. But I wasn't really facing a lot of those shadows. So when Saturn comes back around, and that happens the first time for us when we're like, yeah, 27 to 31, and then it will happen again closer to age 60.

It will show you all of the things that you're living, inauthentically, things that are misaligned, things that you're trying to force that are no longer serving you and no longer. To be. And it's funny cuz we'll see with certain celebrities that really lose their shit in their late fifties, early sixties.

And I probably shouldn't name names, but I love Madonna and I'm just gonna say it like, Madonna was like, like flying high in her first Saturn return. She was at the top of her game, blonde Ambition tour, the most, revered star in the world. And then when she hit her second one we're like, oh, cuz the first one, I don't think she ever had to reassess anything.

And we're seeing her hit it in her late fifties, early sixties. And a lot of interesting choices that you'll see [00:17:00] people make if they didn't really come through it in the first one. So even though my first Saturn return was really brutal, I was like, give me all the lessons now. Like after I was , I'm like, it's fine, just rip it all out now so that I am hopefully much more in alignment when I come to through the second one.

So chances are we see if we're healthy and have a long life, two to three in this lifetime. So it'll be like, yeah, late twenties, early thirties, late fifties, early sixties, and then the, 90 that we can hit our third one and like hopefully everyone's got their shit together by then, , 

Robyn: I think that's really helpful 

Karen: So let's pivot a minute, because one of those pivotal moments for you was your experience with Ayahuasca, and I, yeah. That was really a catalyst for a lot of that change, a lot of that inner reflection as well.

 And just talk about how you got involved with that and the outcome for 

Cardsy B: you. Yeah, thank you. So I got involved with Ayahuasca after I hit the dark Night of the soul after I had planned the suicide. After I was like, I had felt like I had lost everything and when the first thing I came back to was tarot, then I had literally lost all my money at that point.

I was living in squalor [00:18:00] in this like 300 square foot apartment in New York with rats and cockroaches. I had a gas leak, so my gas didn't work. It was lit, like steps above tenement housing. So I had very little funds to, get any outside resources. So I was watching stuff free on YouTube. I was doing free guided meditations from Louise Hay and some amazing meditation guides, and I was.

Pulling tarot cards. And then as I started freelancing. I started rebuilding my life and put some money aside. And I had wanted to do ayahuasca as soon as I heard about it for a year or so. When I read about it, I was like, this feels like it's calling to me.

And I always say it's not for everybody. So it's by no means is that chapter of my book an ad for it. I think it's, I wanted to share my experience for anyone that also feels called or is curious but it is a plant medicine that kind of exposes a lot of going into our own shadow so that we can look at the things that we need to still move through and heal.

And I think I wrote this in the book too. I always say I went into it really hoping that it was gonna be like a live guided journey by Oprah of and your journey. Now, and it was gonna be, [00:19:00] rainbows and unicorns, and it was much more like American Horror Story, ayahuasca, because you see the things that you've been avoiding.

And I think that as long as you go into it with, an open heart and surrender we see it in a way that heals us in a way that it's thank you for that awareness and that knowledge. But for me, the hardest thing was, Definitely seeing how I had mistreated myself, but seeing how much love was available around me.

People I knew, people that I worked with, friends, family, and how much I rejected it. And I think a lot of times when we're in darkness, we push love away because we don't love ourselves and it feels very challenging to receive and we're not even giving ourselves that love. And that was one of the things that really clicked for me was looking at where was I blocking that reception and where could I love myself before receiving from others?

Which sounds so simplistic, but I saw it in real time memories of experiences that I had. So that was really the biggest catalyst. I refer back to that as like how I really healed any addictions that I had. and many of them, I was definitely a functioning alcoholic.

I had an addiction to Xanax, even [00:20:00] caffeine. I would have four ice coffees and two sugar-free red Bulls, by the time I was getting to the office back in the day. So it really changed my relationship with what I put in my body and what I consume not even just from a food and substance standpoint, but even the media I consume, the books, I read, the the conversations I have in terms of is it helpful, healing and empowering?

Or is it gossip? Is it lower vibration? And that was really the biggest turning point with what I choose to allow into my energy field. So for me, it was a massive catalyst, but I also was in a place of huge surrender and had begun opening up to what would be healing on that journey before I took place in the ayahuasca ceremonies.

Robyn: and I think the thing is that for every person, I think you said this even before discussing it there, there will can be something, whether it's Ayahuasca or something else, that can be that catalyst that can show you who you really are and what. Has been going on, and then it becomes a choice because it's like, you're, you've shown all this and you can either do nothing with it or you can really 

Cardsy B: change [00:21:00] your life. Yeah. And I think that's what I totally feel the same exact way. I always share that it's like what resonates with any of us, whether that's diving into meditation or certain forms of energy work.

For some people it could be traditional talk therapy that's what you're called to and that's what you receive a lot of these awakenings and awareness is from. But I think it's exactly what you're saying, robyn once we're okay, like now I know how many times have we seen friends or family members say I wanna change this thing.

I wanna do this differently. I wanna eat healthier. I wanna start doing this. And it's the awareness is there, but it's never integrated. And I think it's the same. And we probably more so with extreme forms of energy work like plant medicine where it's okay, if you're shown that and you don't do it, there's almost like being stuck in that loop of you can't unknow what you now know.

So it's gonna work against you to not integrate not continue to heal. 

Karen: And the combination of the two of almost that hitting rock bottom, And then reaching for something as it felt like probably extreme at the time, but it was almost like that additional catalyst of saying, okay, here's where you are.

This [00:22:00] is why 

Cardsy B: and it 

Karen: up that oh, okay, now I understand and now I can action it. Versus just hitting rock bottom and not knowing where to go, what to do. It feels like this is more of a shining the light on the way to go through that tunnel and get to the other side. 

Cardsy B: Totally. And I feel like hitting that place also allowed me to be, to your point, in such a state of surrender, I was like, show me everything I need to see because I don't know where else to go from here.

So anything I like, I went into it feeling like if this means that I give up my whole life in New York and I wear a skirt made of grass and moved to Costa Rica with my dog in a hut, I'm willing to do that if that is for my highest good. so much had been ripped out at that point that I was like, just show me what I need to know for my highest good and for my healing.

And I'm open to receiving and following that and the people that I've spoken to that have had. Not even necessarily negative experiences with plant medicine, but just felt like they didn't get a lot or because one of the things with plant medicine is depending on your physical body, you can physically purge if you can, be sick to your stomach.

You can get [00:23:00] toxins out of your body. I didn't have that at all. It was all visions and downloads I received. But I've talked to people that are like, oh I just threw up the whole time. And that was that. And I guess it cleaned out my system, but I didn't get these earth shattering revelations.

But I think it's, how much surrender you're willing to go in with and are you willing to see the worst of the worst? Because I saw things that I was so ashamed of how I treated myself and others, and it was painful to watch. It's think I wrote this in the book too, of if you think about someone's birthday or anniversary party and they show the highlights real of everyone's making a video about how great they're, it's the opposite of that.

It's kinda like these are all the ways that you are causing yourself pain. Are you ready to look at that and it's like? Oh, at one point I remember trying to throw up, cuz I was just trying to throw up all the things I did of like that. Yeah. I'm like, just get it out of me. It's like that episode of friends where Joey's I'm Joey, I'm disgusting.

I was just like, I'm disgusting. Not look, just get it out of me. But it's hard to see, but it goes back to you can't unsee what you've now seen. And for me even if I've started over and that's been now I think four or five years since that first.

Ceremony that [00:24:00] I participated in. If I start to dabble in those sabotaging behaviors or I feel it much more quickly if I'm like, I know better. It's not gonna have the same payoff because I now know easy. Yes. Yeah. 

Robyn: Yeah. And and I think actually when you were saying too, you can achieve that type of clarity from different types of modalities, 

Karen and I even recently with certain energy work are being shown certain aspects of ourselves with the intention that it may not completely get rid of it for you forever, but as the moment it shows up, you recognize it much more quickly and you can, because now you've made the conscious decision to react differently.

You react differently and therefore whatever that is, that showing up doesn't really impact you in the way that it used to. 

Cardsy B: Oh, a hundred percent. And I think , like a simplistic analogy of that is if you've ever taken something out of your diet that either you had an allergy to or your body was not receiving, well people that have done like the whole 30 elimination or have found out that they have a reaction to gluten or dairy, for example, and then they [00:25:00] have it again, they're like, once you've cleaned your body out of that, you're like that is not meant to be in my system , and it will be rejected much more quickly. And I think that's very much any patterns, beliefs, behaviors of self-sabotage. Once we're aware of them, doesn't mean we won't be tempted. It doesn't mean that situations won't come up, but I think that discernment happens faster of that doesn't you're not gonna allow yourself to go as deep into it and it's not gonna have the same payoff that it once did once you know the sabotage that it creates.

Robyn: Oh, that's a really good example. 

Karen: and also being willing to go there and then to take those learnings and move on. And I think that's the hardest thing, isn't it? You can shine the light on that, but then it's all up to you on how to action that and move forward from there.

And that is the hardest next step. . Yeah, 

Robyn: totally. Which speaking of actually leads into talking about some of your spells. So is there one, if you had to choose one? Cuz we want people to actually buy this beautiful book because it is beautiful and it's just, it's not only Fun, but also deep.

I was saying that too before we got started. It's fun but deep [00:26:00] read and really does end up helping you look at yourself and your life differently., you just wanna hold it cause it's so beautiful. What would you say is one of the spells that you can share with 

Cardsy B: Listeners?

Okay, so I'll try to keep this brief cuz it's my favorite. And then the one that people talk about the most that have read the book or have asked me about in other interviews, my favorite is really simple and it's the last chapter in the book for that reason, is it's postcards to our past self. And it's something that I practice on an ongoing weekly, if not daily basis, of taking moments in time that we hold a lot of joy or gratitude and sending them to past versions of ourself that would've needed that.

So for example, if you've ever like myself lost all of your money and been an extreme lack and you come into being abundant again, I'll take those snapshots and send it to my past self of girl, it gets better. We're buying this bag at Versace. I got you. Or times that.

I was going through really deep addiction and thinking I could never get out of that cycle of the alcohol and the Xanax. And then being at a super amazing New Year's party, drinking an alcohol [00:27:00] free cocktail, and having the time of my life and being like, you do this. And it gets not only better, and it's easy.

You do it with ease in the future. It's possible. And I always say you can just send those as a mental postcard to your past self. When I first started working with that, I would actually write them out. And sometimes if you're in another location that your past self would've always wanted to go to, you can mail it to your home address, you can mail it like a letter to Santa.

So I think that's a really cool way of working with multiple timelines because I believe time is not linear, and I believe those moments that I would. Tiny glimmers of hope were because me then could feel me now of I got you. It gets better. So that's one that I think is it's pretty easy to work with and it's something that can be useful just ongoing throughout our life because we're always growing and evolving and acquiring more knowledge.

And I think that those little pings to like those timelines of our past really help pull us through. So that's my favorite. The one that I get asked about the. Is the dollar bill one, the I call it the the four of cups or the Tinker Bell spell of sending something out. It doesn't have to be a dollar.

I did this in [00:28:00] a relationship that I knew was over that I should leave. That was really toxic, but I was like, I'm not ready to let go of this. So I spent cash on ice coffee in her local coffee shop in the Hamptons that it was, chances of her getting that dollar back were higher cuz it was small, it was local.

She went there every day and I wrote a message on this dollar bill and was if it's meant to end, let this find its way to where it's meant to go. If we're not over yet, let it find its way back to her. Cause I knew she would contact me if she found this dollar bill with what I had drew and wrote on it.

Two years later I was at brunch and soho and it came back to. At a restaurant with two of my friends, and they knew the story, they knew I did it, and they were not a fan of my ex. So they were like, girl, I wouldn't be putting that out there, but whatever. And so when it came back, I still have it in a drawer in my house now.

My, my friend Dani she grabbed it and was like, this needs to be guarded with your life. But it came back to me. So it was that it ends up where it's meant to. And I've worked with and it's in the spell the whole procedure and what I worked with energetically in the spell.

And what you need for it is in the book. But I've worked with this, not just with people using a dollar bill, but I had a [00:29:00] friend of mine assigned her name in a book and was like, if I meant to stay at this job, It'll come back to me cuz she was questioning if she should make a move or stay there.

And somebody that worked on her team bought this book. It was like a fashion book and was like, did this used to be yours? Cuz it was her name and the date signed in it. And she was like, okay, noted. So it sounds crazy, but I've worked with multiple clients and friends that things have come back in very unexpected ways.

So that's a spell that a lot of people are they're shocked about it happening in the book. Is that a true story? I'm like, yeah, it's a true story. And it's happened to not just myself, but many other people I know. So that's one. I think when you're I don't know, and I don't wanna maniforce the outcome, I'm gonna ask the universe to step in and help this.

Find its way to, wherever it's meant to be Guided is a, that's a cool one too. Oh, I love 

Karen: that. You know what I about the first one? As you were talking about it, you could even apply that to a really bad situation you're going through in your current life, , let's just say it's a really dark, dire, bad day.

and allow that higher self of yours in the future to visit you. And [00:30:00] just imagine what that person would bring you and how it could make you feel you can use it in, even in the present daytime, 

Cardsy B: right? Yes. Oh, I always say that too, as there's so many times where I'll feel struggle or I'm not sure how to proceed, and I will do that to my future self.

I'm like, girl, I really, I need a sign here. I need something. So I think it's, yeah, it's both ways because again, time is not linear. So I think we can tap into asking for sign synchronicities guidance from our future self, and when we have some extra love and joy and excitement to share, sending it to our past self that might have been in a lower frequency state.

Robyn: When I read it in the book, I can't get over that. In New York, you, yeah. . That is like really talk about magic. that is . 

Cardsy B: That's why I'm like, I fully believe in magic. I've practiced it, I've received it. Yeah, cuz it the, I mean if, geographically it was, I spent that dollar bill in the Hamptons, which is three and a half hours outside of Manhattan.

I was then having brunch two years later in soho with two of my besties when, and this is even back then, I think it was 20 18, 20 19, I would [00:31:00] always pay with credit cards. So I never had, but the machine was down, so it was literally like the machine is down, I happen to have cash in my purse.

And I was like, all right, fine guys, I've got it. And then my one friend looked at it and goes, oh, we got a fancy dollar. And I was like, my other friend at the table knew and she was like, is that, and we were like, oh my God. And at that point I was already over it. I forgot I did that spell and so two years had passed.

I had been single for that amount of time and it was like, whoa. So I, yeah, I still have it in a drawer. It's like how in horror movies they'll keep the Annabelle in a case like the haunted doll in a case, I'm like the dollar bell is not recklessly going out there again, came back to where it's supposed to be, 

Robyn: oh my 

Karen: gosh. I know we're gonna talk about it in a minute about the Spell Craft society cuz I'm sure so many people are interested. But before we go there, I just wanna ask, you mentioned earlier about how at one point in time, and I don't know if you still do this but do you still pull a card a day for yourself?

And could you just talk about that process? Because I love to do that, but I know a lot of people are interested. in that experience, can you just give maybe a quick how to and how you do it and how you [00:32:00] make that part of your ritual? 

Cardsy B: Yeah. I shuffle and I pull a card at the beginning of the day.

I now do that for the collective on my Instagram as well because it was something I was just doing a lot of the things that I offer either as free or subscription services, like the Spell Craft Society were things I was realizing I'm just doing this for myself or I'm doing it for people in my life.

So why not share it if it's a helpful tool. So yeah, every day free on Instagram, I pull it and what I will normally do is sit with. What is it that I need to know that's helpful, healing and empowering today? What do I need to either look out for, what do I need to be aware of to make the most of the lessons and experiences that are coming through in the day?

today, for example, this is just sitting like on top of this was the card that I pulled for today was chariot reversed for the collective and the chariot upright. We're in a seven year for 2023. So it is two plus zero, plus two plus three is seven. And my deck gets inspired by Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball.

Cause that's that like victory, let's freaking go. Like we're coming in like a wrecking ball, which is exciting. But the reversal is okay, where if we've hit hiccups with that, if We've met resistance. It doesn't mean [00:33:00] throw in the towel, it doesn't mean like tho those of us who have started either a meditation routine or a workout routine, now we're nine days into January.

I've messed it up. What's the point? The reversal is where can we pivot? Where can we have those moments of okay, if that's not working, let's readdress and reassess. What we may need to shift accordingly. So I think that, like this is saying, some of us are being hard on ourselves based on goals we may have already set or things that were coming up and coming out of that cancer.

Full moon, like the beginning of the month too is where can we go into comfort zone and where can we retreat into what we did previously? So that's how I work with it. And then I do share a collective reading on Instagram as well. But if you're pulling for yourself it's whatever it is that you're wanting to tap into for the day.

So if it's what your higher self wants you to know, if it's guidance that you wanna be mindful of, some people will pull very specifically, they're moving through, relationship problems of let me see what I need to learn in this relationship today, or, let me see what I need to be shown and pay attention to in my career today to help me make the highest decisions accordingly.


Robyn: helpful. that [00:34:00] really is. And so then let's talk about your spell craft society. What is it, what can someone expect if they decide to sign up? 

Cardsy B: Yeah so again, this is something that I was just doing. I would often have friends over in Miami and do ceremonies, rituals at key points, like a full moon a new moon.

And a lot of people, a lot of my clients would ask me for tools around certain cosmic transits or spells and rituals based on the fact that they knew that I did them. So I was having more and more people come to me for that, and I was like, how can I make this a really accessible community that people can join?

Every week, live Thursday at 5 55 Eastern, you can join live and if you are live, the benefit of that is you can ask questions. I do really fun giveaways every week of cool witchy products and herbs and things that we work with. But if you can't join live because of your time zone or conflicts, you get access to the replay, which we'll walk you through.

Spells, elixirs, energy updates for every week, and then things that we can work with. So some of the examples that we've done recently Last week starting off for January, we worked through [00:35:00] Sigils, which are like intentional signs and symbols that we can create with a word that we're working with for the new year.

So if you're working with receiving love, if you're working with abundance, creating a sign and symbol that activates that every time we draw it or look at it. And then we wrap. Last week's spell craft society meeting with burning that sigil, burning that word on a bay leaf with ac, which activates receiving and abundance.

So I basically teach a lot of tools given the time period, the cosmic transits and the energy we're moving through. But all of that can be, again, access live when we meet or in the replay. And then there's also a whole community of people that share their own things that they're working with.

I have people that create their own candle magic that will share tips and tricks in there. Different sub-communities within where people will chat. So people that are working through similar challenges of. Cord cutting from an X for example, removing toxic energy from a relationship they wanna clear.

There's one around manifesting abundance there's even one around I think it's called Leaving the Matrix, where people that are exiting more of a traditional corporate career and starting either their own entrepreneurial path [00:36:00] or more of an autonomous path. So it's a really cool way to come together with magically inclined community.

And then also just receiving tips and tools. if people are either following content like that or people have read the Saturn Diaries and they're like, okay, there's 10 spells in here, but I want more, or I want one that goes with every week. Energetically what we're moving through. it's a really great tool and I love the community.

It's a cool community of people that are looking to access their inner magic and use it to help heal the world. Who doesn't want 

Robyn: that? Seriously, and community 

Karen: now is just so important. And the fact that you're able to bring together these people who are looking for the magic, who are looking for a safe, fun learning place to be every week everybody's looking, every and you're 

Robyn: continuing to inspire, I think, with what you're giving each week by leading that community in that. . 

Cardsy B: And I love hearing back from people that are members that are saying, this is what I would love to know more about. I would love to hear more about when we worked through, for example, the Sigils workshop last week, people were saying what other visual [00:37:00] cues can I keep either in my home or my workspace?

So I was like, okay, cool, let's work with alter making and how that can look different for everybody. Cuz I'm very chic minimal. So people assume the witchy aesthetic is like vines and a million crystals and a million patterns on prints everywhere, which is awesome if that is your aesthetic.

But mine is very Jonathan Adler. So I often teach, there's many ways in terms of what is the truth of your aesthetic, what feels good in your home, what really resonates with you, especially in some of the visual. Spell craft and rituals we do. So I love to hear back what people are working through themselves and when a lot of community members are like, yeah, I'm interested in that.

I create the agenda based on that too, of the combination of the cosmic transits we're moving through because we all feel that energy collectively, like even in, Capricorn season for example, starting off the year with Capricorn, it is that it's the hardest working sign in the zodiac.

It's very grounded. It is that go energy of back to work. Now I'm here to achieve goals. Now I'm like focused on how more abundance is coming in. So looking at the cosmic energies we're moving through, but then also customizing based on the needs of the community. So I love hearing what [00:38:00] people also are like wanting to receive and adjusting it based on that.

Robyn: That's awesome. And talking about, I know you just mentioned Capricorn in the beginning of the year, how are you feeling about 2023? What do you feel is the overall energy and how is it different 

Cardsy B: from last year? Yeah, and I would love to hear both of your experiences in terms of the shift that you're already feeling or some of the things you moved through at the end of 22.

2022 was a sixth year for the collective, which is in the tarot. It's the lovers. And is all about balance and harmony and kind of recalibrating where we're giving energy. I saw with myself a lot of clients and friends, people making changes last year based on balance of whether that's exiting relationships or jobs that were in balance creating space, distance or boundaries in areas that felt like it wasn't fairly calibrated to what was feeling aligned for them.

So I think we moved through a big period of harmonizing imbalance in 2022 and 2023 being a seven year, again, it's the chariot, it's that let's freaking and go energy. So I think that this [00:39:00] year there's a lot of inspiration and things. Feeling re-energized and a big piece of that.

We're even seeing that in the world of really shifting out of a lot of the uncertainty and chaos more than we have seen since 2020. So I think there is that ready to go energy. But I do feel even with having, talking about the reversal of the chariot that I pulled today specifically, people feeling impatient with themselves too, of it's almost okay.

And it's no, we're not that far into the year yet. Let's find a momentum that is sustainable, I think is one of the big themes of 2023 too, of yes, using that energy and that knowing that we're going to achieve a lot this year and that we're ready to move out and move forward in ways that it wasn't necessarily the time until 23, but also finding it's a marathon, not a sprint in 23.

Robyn: I know you were asking how we feel and we've been talking about it a ton , because we do notice a actually a pretty big shift. It feels much lighter and there's much more hope. 

Cardsy B: Yeah. 

Karen: It does. That recalibration, I wrote that word really resonates with me because I think a lot of people didn't know how to [00:40:00] recalibrate.

definitely they could feel the energy last year was even then not what they expected. I think with every year out of Covid, everybody's expecting things to go back to normal and there is no 

Cardsy B: need. Yeah. And 

Karen: that's recalibration is, it's like trying to find totally new footing. And I think it took all of us a lot of time to, to get there.

yeah, we literally were talking about this how our whole energy has shifted to this. It's almost like. Being at the edge of the ocean with all of the waves and just trying to get out past the waves. And then you're finally out there and you're oh, okay.

Got through the hard part now it's a matter of going and going out there. Yeah, 

Cardsy B: and I love that analogy too cuz when I'm seeing like, one of the biggest things is really getting true to our base level, what is our momentum and not basing it on comparison or competition because if you're in the middle of the ocean, you're like, cool, okay, I got to this part and now I'm at a calm spot.

But how can I continue to swim without exhausting myself without reaching overwhelm and depletion? Cuz I think we did spend a lot of probably arguably the past [00:41:00] couple years, but definitely 2022 of finding what our base level is and what that balance is. And it can be tempting to go back, like you're saying, when people wanna go back into what it was before to go back into those patterns once there is the inspiration to move forward.

But it's no, we moved through everything we did as a collective in the world for a reason that a lot of those things were. Serving us. I think there's been a massive look at hustle culture. It doesn't feel like cool to deplete ourselves the way that it once did. It's, not the badge of honor that it once was.

So I love that the ocean analogy cause it's like what is gonna help us continue to maintain our pace throughout 2023 in a way that we can best serve ourselves and others as a result? And 

Robyn: I even think what you talked about, and I know we're talking on January 9th and this is probably not gonna post for another week , but just that idea of looking back over the last, or so and , how have things been going in terms of the intention that you set and where do you need to recalibrate, as we just said, because.

I know for us, we've eased our way into [00:42:00] this year with hope and with this knowing of possibilities in a way that feels different than last year. It doesn't feel like almost trying to force something to Yeah. And this there's more confidence in a knowing things will happen.

They will reveal themselves and there is so much possibility and you don't have to force it is as you said, it's a marathon, not a sprint. Is that is such a great way of putting it. . 

Cardsy B: And I think that even looking cuz obviously I always go back to tarot, but with a seven year in the chariot, it is a really important combination of having a route in mind of pulling the chariot back to suspend forward.

But then surrender. It's . Okay, I'm gonna this is my aim. I have maybe a loose map or a plan. But then surrendering into that, once we choose that, because that's one of the things I realized and we're early in this year, but in January was I was like, oh, there are things I probably need to get more specific with because I think many of us through 2020 through 2022, it was almost like, don't get your hopes up too much.

Robyn: Even for me, we celebrate all holidays and [00:43:00] basically, our Christmas was canceled, people got sick. We couldn't, To your 

Cardsy B: point, like even up until 

Robyn: the end of the year and we've been conditioned in a different way. 

Cardsy B: Yeah. yeah, the seven years, like the balance of a little bit of vision, a little bit of that strategy of this is what I'm aiming towards, but surrender for that to come in the highest way.

Because I feel it's either, it can be so polarizing of either forcing like that, like you were saying in 2022, in ways you felt that you were forcing of this is the way it's gotta come about and enforcing through it, or it's the I, like I don't even know anymore, so I'm not even gonna try to put out that I wanna happen.


Karen: I was telling robyn, I think this is the first year that I haven't had this long list of things that I wanted to get done and accomplish and just went in there, badass to start talk, yeah. The list. And this year I just feel much more a sense of serenity that it's all gonna come together and that there's not a need to force it at all.

And the other thing about even the ocean analogy is I feel like so many people have been battling those waves as [00:44:00] well, and that we're all sort of meeting on the other side right now. And that we've all come there and we're starting to meet each other and form this group energetically of, okay, we're all here

We know how we got here now, and what do we do with this? Where do we go from here? So it's not that sense of aloneness on the other side of the waves. It's really finding others who have also gone through the same experiences. 

Cardsy B: And I think that so many of us have like exactly what you're describing, gone into hermit mode, either out of survival because in some ways literally forced into hermit mode.

For me it was writing my book. I'm such an extrovert energetically, but when I wasn't doing sessions and readings, I was writing for all of 22 and coming back out of hermit mode for whatever reason. I think more of us are being called to that of it's safe to go out and explore what outside of that hermit's cave that we've done a lot of healing and a lot of work within on an individual level.

But like you're saying, leading up through the other side of the waves of okay, we navigated that solo because we had to really [00:45:00] understand our own frequency and our own energy. But now, Safe to connect in community. It's safe to open up to what new relationships look like, growing relationships this year.

And I think when many of us have been in hermit for so long, that can be scary too, of oh my goodness. Yes. 

Robyn: We were talking about that too. And depending on where you are on your journey, we were talking about how some people let's say you just graduated college and covid hit All of a sudden you don't even know differently because you were forced into hermit mode and you don't know what it's like to actually work in an office with people. And not to say that there's there's no right or wrong. It's just your experience is so different. So now that it is, I love what you said, it feels a bit safer to go out.

I think we're all willing to do that. Even though you don't know exactly what's gonna happen or how you're gonna feel, we're craving more connection in person and experiences in person. It's like for people who really never experienced that in their like professional life. 

Cardsy B: And I would love to hear you guys' thoughts on this. I do think that people are going [00:46:00] to become less codependent and more understanding of their own energy field and their own frequency because of this experience. I know there was darkness and shadow in a lot of what we've moved through in the world, but one of the things I think is being like working remote, spending a lot more time in energetic hermit mode have started to understand themselves more deeply.

And that's something I was just talking about this the other day, about being single for five years by choice and really understanding my own frequency because I was somebody that would very quickly because I am intuitive, intuit what other people needed and be able to shape, shift into that to make other people comfortable or make other people enjoy my company and moving through that hermit energy.

It's. Couldn't even do that if I wanted to anymore. And which is, it's, it definitely probably decreases the playing field , but it's also then the people that are the most aligned in friendship and romantically when we're very clear on our own frequency because of going through that. So I do feel like coming back, resurfacing on the other side of that in 23 there's uncertainties, there are things that feel a little [00:47:00] like foreign and very new, but there's also a, we can't force ourselves into mutate and contort into energies that aren't aligned the way that we were so programmed too.

Because even things like going into an office or doing things working in a certain way, being in relationships in a certain way of you just do it. We don't question this is the way it is. And then once that was removed, it's do I actually like that? Is that something that feels good to me?

And I think that's become so much clearer for so many of us that it is helping with owning our authentic energy field a lot easier. a 

Karen: hundred percent. And even 

Cardsy B: prioritizing that in a way. Yeah. 

Karen: I think that's the thing that surfaced for so many that I've talked to even in my work environment.

It's that we were never really thought about prioritizing ourselves cuz it was always about getting to work, doing our thing, taking care of our kids. We had that laundry list of things and now that we've been able to carve out those precious segments of time for ourselves, Going back to not having that I don't think is an option for a lot 

Cardsy B: of people.

Yeah, it's so true. And that's something I think for me, now that I'm like, yes, I'm open to dating, I'm really wanting [00:48:00] to connect with a potential divine partner. And I think about that now of it's something like you're saying, I couldn't even go backwards or compromise that if I wanted to.

And there's a shamonic practice that's called the hoop practice that's all about filling our energy field, our, energetic hoop, our field with our own energy so that we really understand that before we commingle or energetically connect with others. And now, I say, I definitely need a partner who has big aura energy, who like, they know theirs, I know mine and we add to the party together, but that it's not getting lost in someone else's field as a result of that.

And I think many people have begun to understand themselves in a new way because of this time period, which even in the darkness of the past, the people I've gone through in the past couple years. I hold a lot of gratitude for that. 

Karen: And even being comfortable, with that new partner too, and allowing them to have that space. 

Cardsy B: Yeah. So it's always been so 

Karen: much pressure to like really be, my better half or all of those old ways of thinking where it's really not that at all. And 

Cardsy B: so 

Karen: now you, yeah. Identify with someone else knowing your energy so well.

But also being able to [00:49:00] respect and understand their own and them having their own space just makes the relationship much more energetically aligned from 

Cardsy B: the get-go. Really. Yeah. Big aura energy. It's important. . 

Robyn: And I love what you said before, which I think goes to some of what Karen was just talking about, which.

That hustle mentality, it's just not as cool, that really was the way we were conditioned. . The harder we worked and the more 

Cardsy B: we did this, the yes, the better we were. And it's 

Robyn: no, because it, to your point, 2022 really was, there is that theme of balance, figuring out what that balance is, and now it's really putting that to work.

what I should say is now taking what we learn for each of us, what balance means and living with that. Like actually, yeah, by that finding those how mediums and knowing your energy to your point. and where you used to push yourself, let's say to go out on a Friday or Saturday night, even though you were exhausted.

Now knowing maybe, know yourself better, maybe don't plan so much. Rather, yeah. That you should just like skip out on [00:50:00] things that you plan. It's more just knowing not to plan, 

Cardsy B: Yeah. Give 


Robyn: the space, give yourself the time so that you can actually be in your energy.

It's finding that 

Cardsy B: balance, Oh, a hundred percent. And I think that it's, yeah, we've given ourselves more permission to do that versus just autopilot programming of this is what I've always done. But I do think at the beginning of the year and if for some reason I'm getting this more for 23 than past years, it's almost because we are through the other side of the waves, we're like, but are they coming again?

Should I revert back to that out of safety? So I think we're being tested with that in January of I don't think I wanna do that, but it feels like that's the thing I would normally do, whether it is make yeah, overbooking ourselves, overscheduling ourselves things that we would've done out of lack mentality before.

It's the temptation is there, but then it's the discernment is much quicker of but that doesn't feel right, 

Karen: Yes. More saying, about your ayahuasca experience once you've of gone through that and you know that. , you remember it. And I think this recalibration that, listen, it's been a long time.

We've had a long [00:51:00] recalibration, but because we've done that, I think it'll always be there to help remind us of where that center point is so we can come back to it, even though we're being tempted just to do all the old things that we've 

Robyn: learned. Oh, totally. When you see them, you, it feels old.

It actually feels old. When you do dip back into that. if you can tap into the feeling , 

Cardsy B: it doesn't feel right. It's so true. It's like trying to wear an outfit that you could still fit into physically, but it's from the early two thousands and you're like, oh, like Von Dutch is just not cute right now.

Can do it, but it feels a little so true. Yeah. Yes. 

 If I could like any kind of closing thoughts, I would leave with, I would just say be kind to yourself in the first part of this year. I believe as a collective and as individuals, we're going to accomplish a lot.

But I think a lot of a lot of us get almost overly excited. it is the sprinting at the beginning of the marathon where you have all the energy, which is great. And that enthusiasm and inspiration is beautiful. But I think being kind to ourselves when we do need to find the groove, find the rest periods, find the balance because all of us [00:52:00] that are tapped in and tuned in to the collective energy, which everyone listening to Seeking Center is we're feeling that okay, good.

It's safe to go. Let's go, let's make these things happen. And I think just coming back to being kind to our. to robyn's point of if you don't wanna go out, it's okay to not go out. If you're like, okay, I could do all of these things and old me would've hustled through that work-wise, but do I really have to, does it really serve me?

Have I already proven to myself that I can but don't need to? I think it's a kindness to ourselves is actually gonna bring more of the victory in a sustainable, joyful, and aligned way. 

Robyn: Oh my goodness. This conversation was so chockful of so much insight and guidance and in a way that I feel like will actually resonate with so many people.

Cuz you make it easy Thank you. Really do. 

Cardsy B: That's my goal, so thank you so much, . You do 

Robyn: you I'm so grateful that we get to connect with you and for those who haven't heard of you, who haven't checked out, I watch your Instagrams every day to see what you have to say about the energy for that [00:53:00] day.

 you make it so accessible. and I love this spell craft society as well as your book on ways for people to dig deeper and connect. Thank 

Cardsy B: you. Thank you so much. Imagine thank you so much. I love both of you and your work with Seeking Center. And I feel the same way. I think that the more of us that can democratize healing and make it accessible the more we're gonna evolve and Ascend as a collective.

So I'm so grateful for what you guys are 

Robyn: creating too. Thank you. Thank you. Visit for everything. You can book a reading, join the Spell Craft Society, buy the Saturn Diaries and the Badass Bitches Tarot Deck.

Plus find out more about upcoming events with Bex you can also listen to Be's weekly podcast, hex in the City, on Apple Podcast or Spotify. And follow her at cardsyb on Instagram for her daily tarot readings. And for more about Bex and her journey, plus a glimpse at her reading for us.

Check out season two, episode four. Thank you, .

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