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Coping with Loss: Messages of Hope + A Reading with the Other Side - Episode 45

December 19, 2022 Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Jaime Breeze Season 2 Episode 45
Seeking Center: The Podcast
Coping with Loss: Messages of Hope + A Reading with the Other Side - Episode 45
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While birthdays, anniversaries, and the holidays are typically calls for celebration – when you’ve lost someone important in your life – those days can be extremely painful and serve as giant reminders that your loved one is no longer here. 

We want to make getting through those times easier.

We’ve brought back the incomparable Jaime Breeze who is a Spiritual Medium, Psychic and Animal Communicator. Jaime offers practical ways to help manage the grief and loss that you may be feeling at this time of year. She offers ways to to incorporate signs and memories of your deceased loved ones into potentially new and meaningful holiday memories with them. She also shares messages of hope from her experiences working with the other side.

In this episode, Jaime also does a live reading right here on Seeking Center! Jaime has no idea who will be calling in.

Karen and I had the honor and privilege of inviting our friend Kate Doerge to be the guest for the reading. Tragically, Kate lost her daughter Penny this year from Neurofibromatosis (NF). Karen and I know that there’s divine timing with everything – so the fact that this opportunity became available right before the holidays – it’s definitely not a coincidence.

Jaime was able to connect with specific messages from Penny that assured Kate that Penny is not only safe, but still very present in their lives. We think you'll appreciate the power in the reading as well.

To hear this inspirational session, listen to this week's podcast. Please consider donating to Penny's Flight ( The foundation was created in Penny Doerge’s memory to advance medical research in NF1 and its related disorders, as well as to inspire others to live with positivity and humor and find beauty and joy in everything. As Kate says in Penny's honor, spread your wings and shine your light.

To book a session with Jaime or take one of her courses, visit  You can also follow her at @jaimebreeze on Instagram.

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Robyn: While birthdays, anniversaries, and the holidays are typically calls for celebration when you've lost someone important in your life. Those days can be extremely painful and serve as giant reminders that your lo, that your loved one is no longer here today we wanna make getting through those [00:01:00] times easier.

We brought back this, we brought back the spectacular Jamie Breeze, who is a spiritual, medium psychic and animal communicator. She's going to offer messages of hope from her experiences working with the other side, as well as practical ways to acknowledge and incorporate your deceased loved one while managing the grief and loss that you feel.

Jamie's also going to do a live reading right here on Seeking Center. Jamie has no idea who's calling in Karen, and I know that there is divine timing with everything. So the fact that this opportunity became available for this person and right before the holidays, it's definitely not a coincidence. We know that whatever messages come through 

will be helpful in coping during this holiday season. So much to get to. Let's get going. Hi, 

Jaime: Jamie. Hi Robin. Hi Karen. 

Karen: So good to see you and your bright smiley 

Jaime: face. Yeah, thank you. He was well . 

Robyn: We're so thrilled to have you back on this podcast. 

Jaime: Thanks so much for having me back. I love doing podcasts with you ladies. So anytime. 

Karen: You have such a [00:02:00] unique blend of abilities really that I think bring a lot into this conversation and it just, I think, serves up how. Sensitive and intuitive that you are, because when you get down to the animal level and really being able to communicate with animals, 

for me that just says that you have this level of empathy and energetic connection that maybe just be a little bit deeper 

Jaime: here. Thank you 

Karen: with should we just jump into this really important subject of loss and, looking at that from a spiritual perspective. I know you have a really unique point of view on this.

Jamie, do you wanna share that with us 

How we do find that there's that reminder at those special moments, those special milestones, those special times of the year when we might be putting a Christmas ornament on a tree and remembering someone or getting ready to send out a card to someone that might not be around anymore.

Robyn: When this post, Hanukkah will just have started and I know from my family and friends will be lighting the menorah and have certain traditions. So there's something about. this time of year in general 

Jaime: Yeah. And we all celebrate [00:03:00] it and most of us get so excited and get super pumped for baking and cookies and all that stuff.

But for so many people it's a time of ultimate deep grief. It is so hard. It's the first Christmas without mom or or even like we said, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays are so hard when we have lost someone, or over the years, it may never get easy and there's always that something is missing, during the holiday season or an anniversary or a birthday and, so it's nice to acknowledge that and be aware of that.

And like you said, you go to write a Christmas card and, oh wait, that individual transition passed away this year. That can flare up a lot of deep emotional triggers for many of us. And so we think holidays or birthdays is a joyous time. Again, like for many people it's not. It's some of the hardest times.

Robyn: I even actually wanna bring up holidays, like Father's Day or Mother's Day,. those times having lost my father when I was young, those were so painful. Just as painful as [00:04:00] birthdays, anniversaries of his death, the holidays for us, we celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas.

So all of it was all of it. . We know that It's the holiday time right now, we wanted to talk about this because it's so important, but it really is throughout the year. 

Jaime: Yeah, it is throughout the year, and especially as a child who has lost a parents, and then all the kids at school are making Father's Day cards and you're the one sitting there what am I supposed to make?

But the interesting and really cool thing about Christmas in Hanukkah is that this time of year, as the winter solstice is around us, it's easier to connect with spirit and have that spiritual connection because the days are shorter and the nights are longer, so the air becomes more damp, moist, and permeable.

and so a lot of spirit activity happens in the month of December, which is cool too. 

Robyn: Wow. 

Karen: And I think the other thing about this time of year is really believing, how do we.

Lean into the fact that our loved ones are still with us, even though we don't physically see [00:05:00] them, they are with us in 

Jaime: spirit. Yeah. And that's the most difficult part is the trust and the, just the surrendering to the energies around us. Humans love physical things. We love to touch things and see things.

And if we're not seeing something physical, we believe, hey, it doesn't exist. When we were children in science class, we learned that energy exists in everything. So when our loved ones transition and go to the other side, they just lose their physical body, but their spiritual body is still there.

And again, this is the hardest part is just to surrender and trust that, and a lot of people if they would just show themselves to me, it would heal me and I'd be better. . But it's actually quite the opposite. When we are in a state of grief, and if Mom for example, comes forward and shows you herself in a spiritual form, it's gonna trigger a lot of emotion for us.

And it's just gonna bring up so much stuff. So they don't want to upset us. So they take a step back, until our wall of grief lowers a [00:06:00] little bit, and then they'll come closer. So they'll wait until they can safely do so by showing themselves to you or smell of their favorite cookies they used to make, or the Turkey in the oven that they used to be in charge of every year.

They'll sometimes wait to give us those signs that they are still around us. So trust is the biggest one, but recognizing when they do, to acknowledge, Hey mom, thanks for that. And then that's gonna build the energetic relationship for you to be able to receive messages more clearly and more 

Karen: often.

It's like we always asking for signs is one way to start. It's that recognition or that reaching out that you are ready to receive. what can you say to people or to do if they are asking for signs and they aren't feeling that connection yet? What can 

Jaime: they do?

Yeah, so a good one is, try and take a moment of silence within yourself. And I know that's busy and chaotic in our day-to-day lives, but even if it's right before bed, just try and have a moment. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and reach out to that one you wanna [00:07:00] connect with.

And I promise you, every thought or word regarding this individual on the other side is received. They hear and see everything we do now to the matter of us to receive it back. That is an awesome way to start writing a letter to your loved one. On the other side is a big one too, because you're also setting the intention and writing is a very powerful, intentional tool for us to use.

So writing that letter, telling them about your day, that you miss them another one, play their favorite songs or albums that they used to like, because Spirit will connect with that.

And by keeping that memory alive, whoever made up that terminology was a genius because that's what you wanna do is keep that individual's memory alive because that is going to give it almost an invitation for them to come closer. 

Karen: I know we, Robin and I were talking about this as we were getting ready for this conversation, and I think that's one of the things that we felt strongly about.

If there are little ones in your house [00:08:00] that maybe haven't met grandpa or grandma and they're not around this year, to be able to tell this story of your childhood and what they meant to you in that time. And then make that cookie with them to pass along that tradition of love that they gave to 

Jaime: you.


Karen: Quickly push through the grief by offering that tradition and those stories and those experiences onto somebody 

Jaime: else. Yeah. And again, the more you do that, I think the more signs you'll notice, especi. in family settings. So Hanukkah, Christmas, anniversaries stuff like that. The more family that's around, the energy's going to be bigger, and so the signs are gonna be easier to receive as well.

I like the analogy of stoking a fire. We have to start it with a little flame and then we keep putting the logs on it until it gets bigger and bigger. So the more energy and the more acknowledgement and the more reaching out to your loved ones on the other side, you're putting logs on and the fire is gonna get bigger and then you'll be able to feel it and hear it and see it and even smell it 

Robyn: [00:09:00] well, and I would say that also when you are feeling it, if it brings up tears for you, let 'em out, yeah. If you just let yourself cry, even if it's work, five minutes or 10 minutes, usually once you release it, then you can actually. Look at things in a more positive way, right? So yes, you're still feeling the grief, but you are able to actually move forward and actually do what you're talking about, pass along that ritual.

Talk about the memories. And I also was gonna say, new Year's is another major holiday that's coming up that I know a lot of people and their families have traditions, whether that's on the eve or on the day of getting together and welcoming in that new year. And that also can be a really hard time because it's a new year.

And let's say your loved one passed away within this past year, that's difficult. So do you have Yeah. Advice on how to get through that as well. 

Jaime: Just the same way is building a relationship with them on the other side, because when our loved ones, whether it's [00:10:00] a human or animal, when they die, we're just losing the physical body.

So the relationship still exists. We just need to. Put the puzzle pieces back together and understand that it's still there. And yeah, I get what you're saying. Robin going into the first ne year without mom or dad or brother or sister, it can be very daunting. A very daunting task.

So I would, if this New Year's, if you are grieving a loved one, make that your new Year's Eve countdown goal is to be, I'm gonna connect with my loved one on the other side, and I'm gonna recognize those signs of spirit throughout the year. I would also journal any messages or symbols or signs that you do get throughout the year.

And then maybe next New Year's you can go back on it and say okay, I received all these messages, they are still with me. And, releasing the emotion is important, especially when it, people don't take animal grief. Completely, seriously in a lot parts of the society. And we need to grieve our animals.

For many people they are a family member, they are a child, they are the [00:11:00] constant companion with unconditional love. So when we lose one around this time or a holiday, you dig out the stockings and your dog still has this stalking there that can trigger so much.

. So yeah, to honor and recognize is gonna be the most important thing for people. And you don't have to be a psychic to do that, which is the cool thing anyone can do that 

Robyn: And I'm so glad, number one, that you brought up animals because they are part of our family as you just said.

So I'm so glad you brought that up. And the other thing I wanted to say is having a photo of that person, your instinct at first made up may be to not have any photos around cause it's so painful. But as soon as you can. have something where you are looking at them. And maybe it's just one photo.

 There's something about talking to them, and to your point of acknowledging them, 

Jaime: And that's awesome because that's keeping the tether there and not that if you're not doing it, the tethers not there, but it's just gonna get stronger and stronger, and maybe that one day, the photo, not to freak you out, but we'll probably fall 

Robyn: It's happened , 

Karen: or it can [00:12:00] also be something that they had, right?

It can be a bracelet or it can be, a picture they painted, it doesn't have to actually even be the photo of them themselves, if that's too painful. But it can just be something precious that they had in this lifetime that you hold onto. The other thing I was gonna say that about the journaling, which I so believe in because my mom taught me this transpersonal journaling exercise, which, so people don't know what that is.

It's really fun to experiment with. If you have the the wanting to connect. And that really is just writing a letter to that person that you miss, and then listening and writing down anything that you feel might be coming back from them to you. And if you can literally just close your eyes and type or write out anything that comes, it might really surprise you.

What you read when you go back and you review it. I know. 

Robyn: Yeah. 

Karen: For Rob and I both we've both done it and it's just tends to be the most loving, inspiring, authentic communication. 

Jaime: I love that. And so that's also called channeling [00:13:00] as well, so you're channeling from a higher source, from your loved one on the other side and trusting, and just letting the pen move.

I love that. I'm gonna do that tonight. , , I 

Karen: always say try it, if it makes you feel better. , that's what it's all about. It's right that feeling of relief from that grief, because it's probably always gonna be there in some shape or form. You're always gonna miss that person tangibly at the table or exactly under the table if it's your pet.

But that connection coming, it's an opportunity, if you can reach past the grief at the chance that, they can really show themselves to you in a totally new way. 

Jaime: I totally agree. Yeah. And these are 

Robyn: really suggestions on how to cope during these times. And we know you've talked to thousands of people and we're sure you have some profound stories of how to cope and messages from the other side.

Can you share any of those? 

Jaime: Yeah and again, this time of year, it's really cool to get spirit messages. And my goal when I do my work is I wanna prove to people that your loved one, whether it's a human or pet, is [00:14:00] still around you. And they're a part of everything we do. Whether it's a big family event or just you sitting on the couch reading a book.

And, I wanted to share a story about how. They are around us during this time of year. I was working with a client last Christmas, and this is one of my favorite stories, because she was just in stitches laughing. Her mother recently passed away and mom was always the in charge of the Turkey and the potatoes and, it was always held at mom's house, grandma's house and, that was her important thing.

And so this was gonna be their first Christmas without mom slash grandma. And so everyone got together and they all took pieces of the puzzle to try and get the traditions going and stuff. And so when we were connecting with it was her three daughters I was doing a group session with and mom came in and she's burnt the Turkey

 It was the sister-in-law. And all the sisters started laughing and they're like, yep. . the Turkey was mom's baby, like mama always did it and sister-in-law burned the [00:15:00] Turkey. And then mom mentioned, doing the toast and they did a toast to mama and sure that might be obvious.

But Mom really wanted to mention, I knew that everyone was having non-alcoholic cider in those glasses. So originally you'd think wine or beer or a nice cocktail or whatever, but they, for some reason, I can't really remember why I think one of them was pregnant and so they all were just doing the toast together.

But mom knew that, and for that piece of evidence to come through, her daughters were just so happy that they knew mom was with them. And she also mentioned the candy cane wrapping paper that they had used under the tree. And so I just think that's beautiful. Like she was just standing over the table watching them all.

Complaining with a Turkey in some sort of way. And they wanna be a part of our lives just because they're on the other side, they don't wanna miss out on what we do. 

Robyn: , I love that. It really is beautiful. It feels so tangible, I'm sure, for those sisters.

 Also just hearing that story, it shows you [00:16:00] how present. People are Right. 

Jaime: How 

Robyn: the 

Jaime: other side is. Yes. Yeah. And same with animals, because they're still with us too. And I had this client who was grieving her dog, and the dog came through and he was like, tell mom I love the red Christmas tree.

And yeah, one good thing, red is a Christmas color. Of course there's red on her Christmas tree. And she said, no, I have four trees in my house. Each one is a distinct color. There's like gold, there's silver, there's a blue one, and there's a red one. And my dog always used to lie by the red one. So that gave a sense too, this woman that her beautiful little pup is still there sleeping under the tree.

Wow. . I 

Karen: love that. And there's no reason why you can't even have a real conversation. that person who's passed over. So as you're making the Turkey, you'd be like, okay, grandma, are we doing all right? you can really invite them into the situation, into the holiday. Even though you can't physically see them, you can still make them a [00:17:00] part of 

Jaime: that.

Yeah. My grandma, she passed away three years ago and no one can make her apple pie the way she does. So whenever there's a holiday coming from my family, whether it's Thanksgiving or Christmas, it's interesting because I'll get a download and I'll just get a feeling that no one's supposed to make the apple pie.

And I didn't know about the apple pie cause I've moved away from home a couple decades ago, and so I don't think I've ever had it. But, so I started asking my mom, I keep thinking, grandma's telling me to tell you not to make the apple pie. And she's because no one can make it right . And she's very stern.

She was a very stern lady. So she's no one touches that recipe. 

Robyn: you'd think at this point maybe she could give you the download of how to make it, 

Jaime: Yeah, exactly. But what the cool thing about Spirit is, no matter how enlightened and like spiritual they are, they wanna project themselves with the same personality and how they were, because they want us to recognize them.

Yeah, that makes sense. That makes sense. Whereas if my grandma was like, sure you can make the apple pie, my mom would be like, I dunno who that is. Yes. Yeah. Totally. . 

Robyn: Oh my [00:18:00] goodness. Wow. I'm hopeful that in all that we just talked about right now, people have a better idea of how to get through these times, right?

Whether it's these holidays or these anniversaries and birthdays that come up throughout the year. There are ways and it, when no one's saying that it's easy, but there are certainly ways to cope better. 

Jaime: And to also 

Karen: reach out to our living friends, relatives to talk about them. To lean into, yeah.

I'm missing them a lot. And speaking it out loud, because almost always somebody else's too. You're not alone in that grief. And the more that you can talk your way through it and bring them into your conversation, you're connecting more with them, but then you're also connecting with each 

Robyn: other.

Yes. Keeping their energy and spirit alive 

Jaime: on this side. Yeah, exactly. Because, so many people are depressed and this is so hard for everyone all throughout the year and when our vibration is lower from being sad and depressed and grieving, it lowers our vibration. [00:19:00] And so spirit, it's harder for them to give us the messages. So if we can find some peace and joy in, doing the traditional things that you normally do on these holidays, it will lift our vibration up so we can recognize the signs that we are receiving.

Robyn: And now we're waiting for our guest 

Jaime: hi, Kate. Hi Kate. 

Kate: Hi. How are you 

Karen: all? Hi. Good. 

Robyn: For everybody that's listening. Kate has just joined our Zoom and she's just meeting Jamie for the first time. They do not know of each other. 

Kate: Not at all. Nice to meet you though. 

Jaime: Nice to meet you. And I'm just getting emotional for a moment because I'm looking at your necklaces.

Are those butterflies? Yes. I was meditating before to get prepared for this and I knew there was going to be something with butterflies today. So And are you wearing three of them? I am. Oh, I love it. I've 

Kate: got, love it. I've got a couple of other ones as well. 

Jaime: Okay. Okay. Cause whoever's gonna come through today has a [00:20:00] message about the butterflies.

Aw, amazing . 

Robyn: That is we'll, Karen and I will just step back and Jamie will let you and Kate 

Jaime: Okay. Kate, thanks so much for coming on here today and trusting this process and it's an honor to meet you and you're beautiful. Thank you. You're too, it's so 

Kate: nice to be here, so I appreciate this.

Jaime: Awesome. Okay, Kate, I'm just gonna get you, just close your eyes for a moment, take a couple deep breaths.

I'm just gonna connect to your family, friends, and loved ones on the other side.

Okay. Kate is the person who was showing me the butterflies earlier, is it your mom who has passed? Yes. Okay. Because she just wanted to send me butterflies. Butterflies. And she's saying that she gives you messages through butterflies too. You've recognized that? Yeah, absolutely. Yeah.

So is that why you are wearing those necklaces? Is it for her? Or was this a thing before? It's 

Kate: a double meaning. It's for her as well as someone else. 

Jaime: Okay. Was that someone else, your sister or her sister? No. Okay. [00:21:00] Okay. Cuz I felt like she was with another female over there as well too. She, yeah.

Okay. So I'm just gonna bring mom in and what was mom's name? Cassie. Cassie. Okay. I'm gonna bring Cassie in today Now. She's letting me know, was she was ill for a while there. The, she 

Kate: was not, but who she's with I would assume was. . 

Jaime: Okay. Gotcha. Gotcha. Okay, so I'm gonna bring, I'm gonna bring Cassie in here as well.

Now, Kate, do you have children? I do, yeah. Okay. I I'm seeing two with you. Yes. Okay, because gra I'm gonna call, I might call her grandma because she keeps referring to her grandchildren. She wants you guys to understand that she is still a part of their lives. They're, are they're still teenagers or younger?

Teenagers, Okay. So she is still wanting to guide them and be a part of their lives. Is it two boys? You have two boys? Yeah. Yeah. So she, and she's just [00:22:00] saying they're a handful, which obviously two teenage boys are, but she's showing me them like bickering back and forth all the time, and she's just oh my god.

Now does one play hockey? ? Yes, I'm the youngest. Okay. Yeah. Cause she's showing me like going to hockey and I feel like his big brother like bullies him at times, but what Big brother doesn't, right? Yeah, exactly. Cause she's just kinda like throwing her hands up and stuff. Now she's ma she was always in the kitchen.

Hey, she's currently, 

Kate: there's a picture of her in the kitchen that I have now. Okay. But she was not a big cook. I'm not either, but 

Jaime: she was not. Ok. Cause ok. Cause she was showing me being in the kitchen. So I guess she, she's referring to the picture in the kitchen Maybe? Yeah, maybe. Okay. Okay. Gotcha.

Now was your dad over there as well? Yes, he's there. Okay. Now, was he the taller man? Yes, he is. Okay. So there, now is he the other one with the butterfly symbolism that you had? You said it was referring to two? 

Kate: No, sh do I tell you or? [00:23:00] Yeah, sure. Yeah. Okay. So our daughter is there. So my mom is there with my daughter who recently passed.

Jaime: Okay. So we have daughter, mom, and dad. Okay. Gotcha. Gotcha. And sorry, what was your daughter? What's your daughter's name? Penny. Penny. Did she have the one blonde hair? She has darker hair. She doesn't, okay. Yeah. Let me, lemme just see if I can reach into Penny and I'm sorry, Kate, how long ago did she pass?

Just a month ago. Yeah. It might be a little tender Yeah. For her to come forward. So we're gonna see Was she the middle child? She was, yeah. Okay. Let's see. Penny, can we come through now? Was she, was she good at sports? She 

Kate: was, no, sports weren't her thing.

She lived a big life and she had a big personality, but not as much as the boys in terms of the sports. 

Jaime: Okay. Let me just see. Cuz I just feel her, I see her at like games. But I'm wondering maybe she was just always the biggest cheerleader of any in terms of [00:24:00] experience. Okay. Yeah. Cause I've seen not in the sports, but Okay.

Around it. Yeah. Cause I'm just seeing like the games and stuff. Okay. So Penny please come forward. Now I feel like she's holding a small, I feel like she's holding a dog. Do you have she love animals? Yeah. Yeah. So she's coming through, holding a small brown dog. 

Kate: My parents had a dog who is not small, but a brown dog.

Jaime: Okay. So that dog might be coming through as a puppy cuz it's definitely brown. But again, the symbolism of her really liking animals. Now she is showing me a present, but it doesn't have to do with Christmas. Was it her birthday that just passed? 

Kate: Her birthday was in June, but she passed right before 

Jaime: Thanksgiving.

Okay. Whose birthday is around this time or that just passed? 

Kate: Henry is, our oldest birthday is in January. And my mother passed four years ago this coming Sunday. And I'm trying to think who, what other birthdays would 

Jaime: be in March. Okay. Let me just yeah, she when, Hey, I feel it's connected with [00:25:00] you.

When's your birthday? August. Okay. She wants to give you something though. Okay. I'm having a problem understanding, but she's wanting to give you a present now for something. So I feel like she's bringing you something. Okay. So just keep your awareness out, because it's like this time of year right now, but it's not it's not for Christmas. It's a gift for something. There's not an, there's not anniversary or something right now.

Kate: No, but I have a feeling that she's bringing, pennies from heaven as I've talked to Robin and Karen about. But there's a lot that's going on right now and her honor, and so that's certainly feeling like she's behind this swell and this momentum that we're. . 

Jaime: Okay. Okay. I'm glad you can understand that because it's a little foggy for me.

Now she's also saying the boys will find the pennies too. And the youngest one you said was Henry. Frankie 

Kate: is the 


Jaime: and [00:26:00] Henry's the oldest. Okay. Now she's telling me that she does something with Frankie's music, . Yeah. Does that make sense to you? 

Kate: Yeah, I think so. Cuz they're, they used to do talks together.

Okay. And so now there's a whole momentum of Launching tos in her honor. And so there's a connection there. 

Jaime: Okay. Yeah, cuz she's showing me that. And does Frankie know that it's her, that any glitches or anything that's happening? It's her coming in, 

Kate: I think. Yeah. I think he looks for the signs.

He's very aware 

Jaime: of that. Yeah. And that's why she's bringing him up over Henry because she's he can feel me and he, I, she's showing me on the left of Frankie, so if he feels any warmth or like comfort on the left side, that's her. But she's also mentioning Frankie's socks. What is with the socks?

You just leaves them everywhere. Yeah, she's showing like balls of socks. In the floor. Yeah. So she's and again she's just giving that information because she wants, Hey, mom and Frankie and [00:27:00] everyone else I'm here, but for some reason she's showing me, Frankie going to picking up socks and there's gonna be like a penny under one or penny in one.

Okay. So wait and see if that happens now, Kate, do you have any questions for her at this time? 

Kate: Not so much, maybe other than hopefully we're making her proud everything we're doing and this momentum that's happening, that she's supportive of it. Because it's something that's taking off right now.

And so it's in her honor. So hopefully she doesn't feel like it's too cringey, which is the word she , 

Jaime: Was her favorite color? Purple? Cause I keep seeing purple. Yeah. So 

Kate: That's part of what we're doing right now. Is purple. 

Jaime: Okay. Awesome. No, she just gave me goosebump, but she's she's so proud.

And she's so proud of you, mom. She says, and she, you're just the best mom that she could ever have now. And don't, I can't see your body, but she's showing me you in the bathtub. [00:28:00] Do you have lots of baths? I do. Yeah. Every night. Yeah. So she's showing me, you in the bathtub, neck up. Don't worry, . But she's just saying when you're relaxing and stuff like that and the hot water and everything, it's raising your vibration so you can connect with her there too.

It's just easier. And again, there's like the energy is, or the Yeah. the air is thicker or moist and it's easier to connect and feel spirit in that temperature. So she's saying she connects with you there now there's, and she's also mentioning, she's acknowledging the photo of her in your room as well.

And did something happen with that? She's showing me it falling or moving or 

Kate: I'm not thinking of a specific one, but Whether that's a painting or, we certainly have lots of pictures for of her around because of what we're doing and what we're launching for her. Okay. Maybe that has something to 

Jaime: do with it.

You show me in your bedroom and like you're alone and something just happened. So again, it might not have happened yet. Okay. But just be aware Now, when people [00:29:00] come for Christmas, she wants to acknowledge. Okay? Do you have any animals right now? Yeah. Okay, because she's saying one of them sees her all the times and reacts.

Do you have a dog? We have three. Okay. There's one dog that she says barks, and it's giving me like a little more of a yippy bark in a way. Could be Winnie . 

Kate: We have Beau, Winnie and Clover 

Jaime: are our three dogs. Okay. Which one's the small one? Clover. That's her dog. Okay, 

Kate: that's her. She's a year old. And that's the dog that Penny had?


Jaime: Okay. I'm wondering if it's Clover then, cuz she's saying one of the dog, all the all animals can see are loved ones cuz they're all psychic. But she's mentioning that one of the dogs always looks at her and will do a bark out of nowhere. So yeah. So pay attention to that as well too.

That's amazing. Now Kate, I feel like she's also showing me these beautiful white flowers. I don't know if they're orchids or something along those lines. Does that mean anything to you? Like she's [00:30:00] wanting to give them to you? I'm 

Kate: staring at orchids right behind my computer right now. . 

Jaime: Okay. 

Kate: A big arrangement of orchids if you could see it behind this computer.

Jaime: Amazing. And okay, so she's just acknowledging that and she knows they're there. And again, these are tips and like little signs Yeah. And pieces of evidence that, mom, I'm still here. I'm with you in everything you do. 

Kate: Yeah. And the good news is I feel that, and I know that. And that's what's so beautiful. And I think that's also the recognition of why we know she lived her life's purpose.

Because we now can see those signs. And I think that's why also the boys see butterflies everywhere, these signs, which is, incredible gift to be able to see that. None of this is surprising me cause it just, it, 

Jaime: validates everything and yeah. You feel it. It feels good. And did you say you had tattoos for her as well?

I don't have 

Kate: tattoos, but I think the boys, I know Henry wants to get a tattoo in her honor. [00:31:00] And and who knows, maybe one day down the line I will. 

Jaime: Yeah, she showed me a purple butterfly on your wrist. That's so funny. Yeah. Yeah. So down the line. Now she also mentions are you going on a holiday?

We are, yeah, 

Kate: we're able to get away, which will be really 

Jaime: nice. . Okay, good. Cause she really wants you guys to go and enjoy that and know that she's gonna be there. So is it a southern holiday? Cause I've seen like some trees and okay. This 

Kate: is, we're in Long Island. We live in Long Island, but we will be, yeah, we're gonna go down to Florida for two nights and then we're getting to 

Jaime: The Bahamas.

Oh, amazing. And that's the family trip? Yeah. Okay, awesome. She's really wanting you guys to go. Now she's also la making me laugh because you're going on a cruise to The Bahamas. We're 

Kate: not, we're going to this tiny little island. And so it's been a last minute planning. So it's a miracle that we're even able to get 

Jaime: there.

Ok, great. Interesting. Cause she showed me like doing karaoke and. I don't know if that means anything to you. [00:32:00] If she would be. Cuz she I felt like she was showing me a cruise ship and doing karaoke. 

Kate: That's so funny. We'll, maybe we'll be doing it down there. 

Jaime: Yeah, so just put that in the back burner too

and this is what happens all the time too, is our spirit wants to give us information about what is gonna happen because then in a month or two from now, when it does, you'll be like, oh they predicted this. They're definitely here. So yeah, she's just showing me being on stage and doing karaoke and so that's why I was like, is it a cruise ship who she's on.

So funny. Now do you have any other things you'd like to talk about with her? 

Kate: I'm trying to even think in terms of, I know she's okay. I know she's in, with incredible people, so she's safe and taken care of. And you've said she's proud, so that feels good. And I guess. Just that she knows we're gonna make this into the biggest thing that we're doing in her honor and her name, and that pennies from heaven, we know that's coming from her.

But just to have her blessing to make this as big as it is and the path that we're taking to [00:33:00] inspire others to live with positivity and bravery and find imperfection and beauty and positivity and challenge and faith over fear. That's what our road is along with finding raising funds for a cure for nf, which is what she had neurofibromatosis.

So that is what we're doing in her honor. And it's not anything that we asked her before she passed, but we're doing it, 

Jaime: Okay. And Kate where's dad? Where's her dad? He is in the house. Okay. Because she just, he's, she's just showing me his like, chest and heart chakra and just, she just wants to heal that a bit for him.

And she's just making me aware is he a bigger strong man? Yeah. Yeah, because she's just showing me like she loves dad's arms around her and, so if your husband can, know that she's still receiving those hugs from dad and she feels him and she wants him to feel him too. Cause there's, yeah, there's, he's fragile.

Everyone is Right. But she also [00:34:00] says that she rides in the car, or is it a truck he drives? 

Kate: We have a big Denali. We have a big Denali and then we, he has an Audi. 

Jaime: Okay. Because she's showing me the bigger vehicle and she's just, she goes, she's with dad in the car when he is driving. Good. . And she just also wants to mention, and I'm not sure how much time we actually have, but she's also saying I, I'm not sure if he's aware, but there's a song or she does something on the radio with him.

Kate: Yeah I, she had a song that she's sang, which was Walking on Sunshine and the day she passed, he's listening. But the day that she passed, we got into the car, the big car that you were mentioning to walk the dogs. And when we got into the car, that song was playing on the radio.


Jaime: I love it. I have goosebumps. So yeah, she was, cause she was showing me your husband going to turn on the radio or switch the radio and so yes, that was her. Yeah, that was her. And we knew that as 

Kate: well. We, immediately saw the sign 

Jaime: and knew. That's awesome. And so even though the grief is [00:35:00] hard and it's scary and daunting at times, it doesn't, it feel empowering that you have this wonderful connection and that your relationship is still existing.

Kate, she just also told me as you're going to be writing a book. I know. And this is what we've heard, 

Kate: or I've heard again and again, and I've talked to a couple of different mediums who've told me the same thing. And this is around this, what we're doing for her and in her name and her honor.

And and I had heard that I was gonna write a book, that I'd be on a large stage that we would be doing this. 

Jaime: So Yeah. Yeah. I'm seeing you speaking in front of a lot of people. . 

Kate: Yeah. So that's what we're working towards. And this is all for her. And when I was first told that before she passed, I thought it was for clients of mine or doing something for another charity or organization, and then she passed and all of a sudden it was like the road was very, very clear.

And and so that is what is such a gift for me is when I said, [00:36:00] I know she lived her life's purpose and now we're living ours. And it's just incredible how fast it's happening, , and you know how clear it is. So we're grateful 

Jaime: for that. Oh, I love it. I love it. And yeah, I'm just getting goosebumps all over.

And again, goosebumps are when spirit is coming close to you and when we're talking about something, they really want you to understand or know. And they're also called what we call truth bumps. Yeah. So Penny's just yes mom. Write this book. It's going to be amazing. 

Kate: You can tell her to tune into CBS b s Evening News with Nora O'Donnell tonight cuz we just did an interview.

Jaime: Oh, amazing. I know. 

Kate: Amazing. Yeah. So to be continued, but I'm just, more than anything, I'm just grateful that she's proud in that we're doing something right for her and not cringey . 

Jaime: Yeah. And you know what else is cool for those listening? So Kate's mom came in first and [00:37:00] that's how spirit enters sometimes.

They wanna lead the pathway for the one person we really wanna hear from today. And instead of just shocking us with information, they're just kinda yep, I'll lead the way. And especially if it's grandma, I'm taking care of her. Yeah, she's good. I'll open the doorways and then.

Step aside and let Penny have the room kind of thing. And for her to come through so strong already after a month is fabulous. Because you're reaching out. Yeah. And you're acknowledging all the signs and messages. And 

Kate: we are, and I think that's why we say with the butterflies, you spread your wings, shine your light, is what we're saying for Penny.

And we've launched a foundation in her name, which. Just launched last week. Penny's 


Robyn: Yeah. Will you tell everybody what it is, Kate? Yeah. 

Kate: It's Penny's flight and it's really 

about spreading your wings and shining your light and finding beauty in imperfection and positivity and the face of challenge and faith over fear.

And that's really the way that Penny lived [00:38:00] her life. And by spreading her wings and touching others who might be struggling and having them choose positivity brings awareness to raising critical funds that are needed for neurofibromatosis research and finding a cure. Amazing. 

Jaime: The 

Robyn: Where can people go to, if they wanna find out 

Jaime: more about, 

Kate: thank you.

Yeah, it's Penny's flight and we're on Instagram and now we're on TikTok and we have a website, so it's www.penn 

Jaime: I'm gonna look you up on Instagram and check out that website. Yeah. We'll spread your wings 

Kate: and shine your light, and you shine your light on me. So I'm for that.

Very grateful. I'm grateful 

Jaime: for you and 

Robyn: Yeah. And just thank you for being open to the experience and being so open to the connection. Yeah. Not everybody is, and I think when you are moving through this in a very powerful way, a very inspiring way, and She's very much alive and with us. Yeah. And now going to make a difference in many more lives. And so are [00:39:00] you, . 

Kate: We hope so, you guys are a gift to me. So I am, I'm very grateful and 

Karen: and I just love how you guys have so proactively done this, and we were just talking earlier, Jaime's actually saying, know, there's so many ways to connect with our loved ones.

Jaime's so gifted, but as you've already demonstrated you're looking for those signs and you're proactively making a part of your every day. And I think it's just such a great message to people out there who are also going through the holidays and maybe missing their family members as well.

And how do you action and how do you lean in and how do you keep. In your 

Jaime: lives. And I think that's what's 

Kate: been so beautiful about this is that I think we have somewhat changed the narrative in terms of you don't have to mourn, you don't have to be so sad and isolate yourself, really you can open yourself up and celebrate someone's life instead of mourning someone's life.

And once you choose that path of positivity, then you've got everyone on board. And that's what happened with [00:40:00] us. We brought our entire community in to celebrate Penny. No one wore black, everyone wore color. know, There was pictures and paintings and. All these programs have launched in her honor.

So now there's paintings for Penny and there's all these popups her friends have done. And I think it's been so therapeutic for not only our family to have purpose and celebrate this way, but truly everyone that Penny knew and everyone she touched. So it, it feels that's where this swell, to your point, Karen this feeling of we're getting through this because we've brought her so close.

And everyone has. So it's just been a truly beautiful thing. As much as you can say that when someone passes the beauty in it 

Jaime: Is. Incredible. Yeah. And thank you for saying it like that, because it's so true. And the more you celebrate them the stronger it gets again.

And you look at other religions or cultures like they celebrate the day of the dead in Mexico and stuff, and that brings tons of spiritual [00:41:00] energy around and, with you and your community doing that as well, everyone's energy just opened it up for her. 


Kate: It really, and when I say, the wings, it's like, it's lifted and taken off.

And it's just been, and, so beautiful for us as a family and as a community and again for Penny's friends as 

Jaime: well. 

Robyn: . And it's so important in terms of what you're doing, in terms of raising awareness and funds for something that not everybody has heard of. and yet it's so 

Jaime: prevalent.

Kate: that's the biggest thing. So neurofibromatosis is the largest genetic disorder in the country. There's one out of 2,500 people are afflicted with neurofibromatosis, and it has become somewhat of an orphan condition because of the fact that there's so many different symptoms that it really hasn't been focused on.

And there hasn't been enough awareness that's been brought to the condition and the funds to follow, to be honest. 

Robyn: you're changing, that 

Jaime: penny's [00:42:00] changing that, that's our hope 

Karen: for others. Think about that, how she'll be cheering you on knowing how many people this will help 

Jaime: in the, and so Kate, I feel like she also just really wants you to know that the boys are okay.

So I don't know if if there was ever like a worry about them having it as well. She just was saying they're fine. Good. Yeah, I, 

Kate: Because it's a genetic mutation random. And we knew that they didn't have it and they wouldn't get it. But I think more than anything I'm glad to know that they're okay also.

And seeing the signs and feeling connected to her, which is the most important thing, and wanting to be involved in carrying her legacy on and being a part of what we're doing, which has been really amazing. 

Robyn: wow. This is so powerful, Kate. Thank you. Thank you for coming. Jamie.

Thank you for channeling Penny so beautifully and giving Kate validation who doesn't need that? No, 

Kate: I'm just, again, so grateful, Jamie and Karen and Robin, obviously, so 

Jaime: thank you all. 

Robyn: We'll be, I'm taping the CBS Evening News tonight, 

Jaime: . I know. [00:43:00] Yikes. 

Kate: So wings are definitely spreading and check out our TikTok cuz Penny's girlfriends are launching TikTok dances.

And this is also the beauty cuz it's all of her girlfriends who are doing this. It's not just something that we have said, you need to do this, it's just taken off. 

Karen: What if can something 

Robyn: to do Exactly at that young age loss, listen, I was is so it can be so scary and you're turning it into something not so scary, which will impact them for the rest of their lives.

They will think of life and death differently. How 

Jaime: beautiful is that? I 

Kate: think so, and I hope so because I can't imagine if I was in their position at 16 years old losing one of my best friends. What? You've, if you've never even experienced that, how do you do?

Which most haven't really, most haven't. No, and how do you even handle that? So yeah I hope that it's a gift for all of them and that they will also change the narrative moving forward. So 


Robyn: Is the TikTok 

Jaime: Pe at Penny's 

Kate: Flight Foundation. And [00:44:00] they have created a dance, it's all them and they are, doing duets and wanting to make it go viral.

And we did the initial post and now it's up to them. 

Robyn: I'm definitely telling 

Jaime: my daughter to do 

Kate: No, please. Yeah, she can do it. And actually the dance was choreographed by our niece who, her name is Hip Hop Hopi, or she, that's her handle and Hopi and she's really talented and so she created this dance and we'll see.

Robyn: awesome. This is so powerful. 

Kate: Thank 

Jaime: you. Yeah. 

Robyn: Beautiful. Kate, we'll talk to you soon. 

Kate: Yes, thanks guys.

Have great 

Jaime: night. Thank you for everything. You too. Bye bye-Bye Kate. Bye. 

Robyn: Wow, 

Karen: Jaime that 

It's a really good thing for us to add in at the end that, yes, we should look for signs and yes, we should make our loved ones continue to make them part of our traditions and our rituals and our every day.

But if they really want to reach through and have a one-on-one connection with them, coming to somebody like you, Jamie is so [00:45:00] helpful and so healing. 

Robyn: Yes, exactly. The fact that you exist , and that you are the translator. And Karen and I, 

one of our intentions on our journey is to find the translators that we trust. You are one of them. And we would never. Suggested having our friend Kate, talk to someone we didn't 

Jaime: trust. Oh, thank 

Robyn: you. Thank you for, handling that so delicately and beautifully and compassionately because you really had no idea.

 We knew Kate was open. Really open and ready. Yeah. As everyone's listening to this right now, we know that not everybody is ready for that so soon after that.

Jaime: Cause it's a very delicate ground to walk on. It's 

Robyn: And thank you for trusting us, and also trusting yourself and your messages from Penny. 

Jaime: And it was like 20 minutes before I got on here with a you ladies. It was just butterflies everywhere.

And they were coming in purple. That is 

Robyn: so amazing that really is her sign. So now when you go check her out after this and you [00:46:00] look up Penny's flight and you look up Penny Doerge, you'll be able to see that's her symbol. How wonderful.

Unbelievable. How clear that came to you. 

Jaime: Yeah. I'm gonna follow them like them Share with everything. Yeah. 

Robyn: And Jamie, thank you for all of this, for this whole conversation, for trusting that you were guided to ask us to do this episode at this time. To help everybody listening, get through these holidays.

 Making it 

Jaime: a little bit easier. Thank you for having me and trusting me. 

Robyn: we love you. 

Jaime: Until the next time, . 

Robyn: And you can book a session with Jamie or take one of her That's j A i m e B R E E Z . And you can also follow her at Jamie b Breeze on Instagram. Thank you. 

Jaime: Thank you ladies. It was so nice being with you and in your energy and you're both just so amazing. I love it. 

Coping with Loss: Messages of Hope + A Reading with the Other Side