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A Medium's Guide to Signs, Synchronicities, + Soul Planning - Episode 33

September 26, 2022 Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser and Kat B Season 2 Episode 33
A Medium's Guide to Signs, Synchronicities, + Soul Planning - Episode 33
Seeking Center: The Podcast
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Seeking Center: The Podcast
A Medium's Guide to Signs, Synchronicities, + Soul Planning - Episode 33
Sep 26, 2022 Season 2 Episode 33
Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser and Kat B

We are beyond honored and excited to introduce you to Kat B. She is best known as a Spiritual Medium and Intuitive Guide, however she has much more to offer. It actually made us almost fall over when we realized how much she can help heal and transform your life. Let's list a few more of her abilities. Kat is also a reiki healer, clinical hypnotherapist, cognitive behavioral psychotherapist, past life regressionist, tarot and angel card reader, connection coach, therapist,  and meditation teacher.  Plus, did we mention that she has a sense of humor?

While she takes YOU and this sacred work seriously, her welcoming energy is full of wit and charm and she makes you feel comfortable as you navigate these transformative experiences.

Robyn had a mediumship reading with Kat – and she can tell you first-hand that Kat's connection with spirit is crystal clear and undeniable. Her translation from the Spirit World was spot on. Robyn was in awe of the messages and validations that came through one after another. 

Kat’s focus for every session is to help guide you closer to healing, personal growth, transformation and progression.  She will always create a safe space, full of love, compassion and hope.  As she says, she “only wants to touch love, so it can transform you."

You have to hear her own journey into this work. It is absolutely captivating!

We’ll be covering a lot of ground during this conversation, including signs, synchronicities and soul planning. Get ready to look at life with new perspective!

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We are beyond honored and excited to introduce you to Kat B. She is best known as a Spiritual Medium and Intuitive Guide, however she has much more to offer. It actually made us almost fall over when we realized how much she can help heal and transform your life. Let's list a few more of her abilities. Kat is also a reiki healer, clinical hypnotherapist, cognitive behavioral psychotherapist, past life regressionist, tarot and angel card reader, connection coach, therapist,  and meditation teacher.  Plus, did we mention that she has a sense of humor?

While she takes YOU and this sacred work seriously, her welcoming energy is full of wit and charm and she makes you feel comfortable as you navigate these transformative experiences.

Robyn had a mediumship reading with Kat – and she can tell you first-hand that Kat's connection with spirit is crystal clear and undeniable. Her translation from the Spirit World was spot on. Robyn was in awe of the messages and validations that came through one after another. 

Kat’s focus for every session is to help guide you closer to healing, personal growth, transformation and progression.  She will always create a safe space, full of love, compassion and hope.  As she says, she “only wants to touch love, so it can transform you."

You have to hear her own journey into this work. It is absolutely captivating!

We’ll be covering a lot of ground during this conversation, including signs, synchronicities and soul planning. Get ready to look at life with new perspective!

To work with Kat or see all of her offerings, visit

Visit for more from Robyn + Karen, plus mega inspo -- and the best wellness + spiritual practitioners, products and experiences on the planet!

You can also follow Seeking Center on Instagram @theseekingcenter

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Robyn: We are beyond honored and excited to introduce you to Kat B. She is best known as a spiritual medium and intuitive guide.

However, she has so much to offer. It actually made me almost fall over. When I realized how much she can help heal and [00:01:00] transform your life. Let me list a few of her abilities. Kat is also a Reiki, healer, clinical hypnotherapist, cognitive behavioral psychotherapist, past life.

Regressionist tarot and angel card reader, connection coach therapist, meditation teacher. There's more. And she has a tremendous sense of humor while she takes you and the sacred work. Seriously, her welcoming energy is full of wit and charm, and she makes you feel comfortable as you navigate these transformative experiences.

I had a mediumship reading with Kat and I can tell you firsthand her connection with spirit is crystal clear and undeniable. Her translation from the spirit world to me was spot on. I was in awe of the messages and validations that came through one. After another Kat's focus for every session is to help you is to help guide you closer to healing, personal growth, transformation, and progression.

She will always create a safe space full of love, compassion, and. As she [00:02:00] says, she only wants to touch love so it can transform you. You have to hear her journey into this work. It is absolutely captivating. We'll be covering a lot of ground during this conversation, including signs, synchronicities and soul planning in your own life.

Let's get talking. Hi, Kat 

Kat B: lovely to be here. Thank you so much for inviting me. It's such a privilege. 

Karen: Oh, and we just love seeing you I'm meeting you for the first time. I just have to say you're glow and you're smiling and you're just in this beautiful energy. So thank you for being here with us. 

Kat B: It's a pleasure. It's so nice to see you and to speak to you on the podcast today.

Robyn: And we should note that. Kat is in London. 

And we are so grateful that you take the time, especially later in your day to do this. 

Kat B: That's so sweet of you. It's a pleasure. 

Robyn: So tell us about your journey into mediumship. It really is such a fascinating journey and story, and I know your grandfather is a part of it.

Kat B: my route to mediumship, not a conventional one. I had no idea I [00:03:00] was gonna be a medium. I let me put that on the table straight away. I was training to be a buyer and I went on to be a leader in the UK fashion industry. I was 10 years at leadership level working for the UK fashion industry.

And I was loving it. I really enjoyed it. But my grandfather was a really profound influence on me. He was a bit of a hero of mine. He was a very down to earth man, a constant gardener. He loved mother earth. He had grown up, on a farm 

 A beautiful, sensitive soul, but he'd been profoundly affected in his life by trauma in his early days when he lost his father connected to the war and quite a few of his friends. And so he was profoundly grateful as a person and very humble and always had time for people, even if he saw a child in the street, , if he felt that child had nothing, he'd want to give them like money or coins to get Sweetss and stuff.

. And that might just make their day he was all about joy.

And sometimes he would embarrass me and break out. Song and he was just very funny slapstick kind of guy. And we had a really profound experience. He wasn't a [00:04:00] religious man cause he'd lost his faith in God after losing his father and some of his friends, but he would honor the dead 

and it would often be when nobody else was in the church, and we would sit there and I'd say to him, what are we doing here? And he'd say I've come to pay my respects to the dead. I just wanna talk to my friends and my father.

And I'd say to him, granddad, does anybody ever talk back and he'd go no, but that's not the point of being here. And I'd be, I'd start tugging at him and I'd be, know, it was only a small child and I'd be, oh, come on grand. Let's go see the horses in the field behind, come on, let's go. See the horses.

You've done your talking. Eventually he'd given and he'd followed me out the church rolling his eyes. But six weeks before my grandfather transitioned, I could say transitioned died.

I see death as one day in the moment of history, he transitioned to the other side. He burst out crying six weeks before he transitioned. And he said to me, I'm never gonna see you again alive. And I said, oh, don't be so ridiculous. Grandad. You're gonna see me in six weeks time.

I'm only going to university for a half a term. I'll literally be back I'll. In fact, I tell you what, I'll [00:05:00] come back a day early. And he was , adamant, no, I'm never gonna see you again. And he was crying and bawling. And I tried to use my sense of humor as I do. And I was like, I tell you what grand, if there is an afterlife and you do transition before I get back, even though I'm gonna come back a day early and I'm gonna catchch you then send me a sign, send me a sign because we are never gonna be disconnected.

We're always gonna be connected. And sure enough I moved my date. From university a day forward to come back home and he died the afternoon of the day before. And that was my first insight to what the hell is going on. How did he know?

That's what we call a precognitive sign or some people call it a shared death experience where somebody talks about their transition prior to the transitioning. I know in reading, sometimes I've had children that have said to me, but I told my mom, I was gonna go out in a car accident and I was gonna go sideways with a smile on my face.

I told my mom what to wear to my funeral. And I you hear some really [00:06:00] random things and you think, am I really hearing this? Am I really understanding what they're saying to me? And that was my first insight and it got even more bizarre on the run up to the funeral.

So the day before we buried my grandfather, My mom, who was the daughter-in-law of my grandma and my grandfather. My parents were divorced and my mom was actually taking charge of the house. She was gonna look after my grandma and get her to the funeral and get her dressed and everything.

And so my sister's 12 years older than me. She was put in charge of driving me half an hour from the town that we lived in to the funeral. Mom didn't want us to stay at the house. She thought that was a little bit morbid or didn't want us more upset than we already were.

But that night, it was very interesting. My mom was always a bit nervous as a spirit world. , she's always been a, not a nonbeliever, I don't know what her thoughts are on it. It wasn't a conversation we'd ever had. But that night she was laying in the bed in the room behind my grandma's room.

And She saw lights. She saw lights bouncing off the wall and she thought she was dreaming at first. And so she really [00:07:00] stressed, opened her eyes and the room was full of lights. So she got scared and she closed her eyes and she was hiding behind the, do they, not wanting to get out bed.

And when she closed her eyes, the lights got brighter and then she could hear voices. And she was adamant that the voice was my grandfather's voice talking to my grandma. Now we maybe wouldn't have believed my grandma cuz she'd been diagnosed as having the first stages of Alzheimer's just the week before. And it was really fascinating because my grandma in front of me then said to my mom, the next day, Joan, did you see the lights?

And my mom didn't really know what to say, cuz she was like, yes I did. And she said granddad came back last night. Did you hear it? My mom was like, yes I did. And He said, what we're burying is just the shell and that the soul lives on and not to worry about the funeral today and not to be scared or panic.

And so here I was, again, I was like, hang on a minute. he tells me six weeks before he dies that he's dying. And now he's coming back from the dead. Like what the, my world in a week it's kinda changed. I and being the 21 year old that I am, and [00:08:00] I'm not, not that I'm rude or UN loving to my grandma, but I'm like, hang on a minute.

Gonna why didn't he's where's

sleeper. I was a bit gutted I couldn't understand what was going on. My mom to shut me up was really interesting. My mum had found one of the medals from the war of my grandfather's and it had the Archangel Michael on it.

And so she pushed this gold medal into my hand and it worked in a way cause I took the medal. I didn't really think anything of it. I didn't really believe in angels or anything like that.

I wasn't religious myself, but because of the sentimentality that it was the war medal that had been lost, that was connected to the grandfather, great grandfather that died. I put a white ribbon on it. I tied it to my bed post and unknowingly or unwittingly to me perhaps then invoked the spirit world because I put my faith in this.

Image, if you will, of the arc angel, Michael, and always thought it said, I will protect you on the [00:09:00] back of the coin. So I was like, oh, that's something nice to sentimentally hold onto. So years later, when I would have what I call my awakening, it was very profound to me that then I started having experiences connected to this effigy or archetype if you will of the Archangel, Michael.

So it, the whole thing comes full circle, but my grandfather. Such a loving force in my life. It that connection was never gonna be lost. here's the thing that I really wanna share with the listeners and with yourselves is that some people say to me, I never get signs.

My loved one's transitioned. I didn't get signs from my grand for 11 years. And we talk about 11 being this connected number. It really was 11 years before I really got the sign, but when I got it, it was a massive one. And so I feel profoundly grateful that and I want to say to people, sometimes there is defined timing or there is define order in things you might want or wish.

I was very logical left brain thinker. was working my way up to a leadership role in industry, to me, it was all a little bit much to take in, but it did [00:10:00] open up the doorway and maybe save my life later when I would have a diving accident by having this insight that maybe that there is something else out there and, the other sort of thing within my own soul plan is my sister lost a child in pregnancy.

Before she went on to have two amazing children. and my mom took her to see a medium and it transformed my sister's life. And I was nagging my mom what is this? How can this person talk to somebody that's transitioned? I desperately wanted to hear from my grandfather. I wanted to know that he was alive.

And the stuff that had been said to my sister was so precisely it was so evidential. They even told her about the fact she'd just bought a house and she actually put a piece of facilitate. This is really sad. There was a piece of wallpaper that was peeling off the wall, behind the sink in the kitchen.

And she'd actually just facilitate it down thinking I'm gonna redecorate it, but I can't have that peeling off And the woman brought it up in the reading saying, I know that you Salate a piece of wallpaper down, that you've got to tile at the back of that sink I [00:11:00] mean that you just can't make that stuff up.

 This was before the days of social media in anyway, but you're not, you were never gonna find that information. It was just too personal. So that was my first insight into, spiritual or wanting to be a seeker of the truth and wanting to understand more. It was later when I had a diving accident that really everything spun off. 

Robyn: So then, what happened with the diving accident that caused you to have what I guess we would call spiritual 

Kat B: awakening. Yeah. So I was going on holiday. I just got engaged. And I was really excited and we were going on holiday and we always had this thing that we would do new things or take ourselves out of our comfort zone on holidays.

. So whether it was tennis or diving or we did kickboxing ones , we try different things. This was before we had our daughter. And so on this trip, it was my turn to choose something. And I was like, let's go diving . And why somebody who's a bit nervous. Underwater wants to go diving. I have no idea, but I did quite well in Thele I did quite well the first day outta sea, but day two outta [00:12:00] sea, the weather conditions changed.

And it's very interesting. I didn't wanna get in the water. The day of the diving accident, the weather was looked like a storm was coming in and it was, the weather was completely changing and very quickly. And I'd been a lifeguard in a former of guys on the beach, in my hometown.

And I was nervous cause we lost a person at sea every year often going in after an animal or a dog, so a very cautious around water. I understood the dangers of water. I was quite a good swimmer, I wouldn't say I'm the best in the world or anything, but capably managed myself and the day of this incident, I didn't wanna get in the water.

And I kept saying, no, I've got a fear. I there's somethings telling me don't get in the water. And I overrode that gut intuitive instinct, partly because. I felt I had to get in the water and I felt this peer pressure, but also the diving instruction was like, come on, get in the water.

And so I felt awkward. And I got in against my better judgment and I was uncomfortable. I had problems [00:13:00] equalizing going down. I ended up at the back. I now realize that the group was bigger than there should have been. There was children in the group. There should have been two instructors, potentially.

There was only one and they had to be at the front with the child. And basically what happened is I somehow ended up right at the back. And this guy who was behind me, came in front and his flipper hit my mask and the mess came off. And in turbulent weather conditions, I couldn't see anything.

We'd gone from maybe about a mile from the actual accident scene. And all I could see is a vague light at the top of the surface. I didn't know how far I was down. I didn't know how far away was from the boat. And I took the decision because I couldn't see my husband who felt really guilty about it afterwards, cuz he was meant to be mum budgety, but he was so busy looking at everything, trying to work out what he was doing.

And the sky had got in between us. And I took the decision to go wrongly or rightly to go to the surface. I thought that was the safe thing to do. But what I hadn't realized is the weather conditions had changed. The waves were very strong. I had actually moved or swung near rocks and [00:14:00] I knew that actually, if I inflated the B, C, D I was gonna go straight into the rocks.

And so I start treading water and nobody comes and I'm there 15, 20 minutes. I start suffering over exertion and I can see a small boat and I try to wave at this. and I think they think I'm just waving at them. So they just wave back. They didn't realize I'm in danger and I'm like, oh, sugar. and I can't see our boat.

. And so I don't know what to do. And the tanks are obviously really heavy. I inflate the BCD, I'm straight into the rocks. And so I just keep treading water thinking it's gonna be okay. But then there's this moment where my energy starts to drain.

And I realize there's this silence. It was like the most beautiful silence I can ever describe. It was like, time stood still. There was this moment of complete and up peace and I thought, oh my God, I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die. And it wasn't actually my body that was telling me that I was gonna die. It was this sense of peace.

It was totally perfect.[00:15:00] and I thought, oh, my word, this is, it they've come for me. And I fell as if there was somebody watching me or observ me in the water, but I couldn't see anybody. And I had this moment and then I my sense of humor kicked in and I was like, you are joking me. I waited eight years to get married and I'm, you're taking me now.

Are you kidding me? I was like, oh no. Oh no this is not happening on my watch. And suddenly I the non-religious person suddenly turned to prayer I had recited from youth.

I'd been in a Christian school. And so I knew the Lord's prayer. I never used it, but suddenly I found myself saying the Lord's prayer. And what was really interesting is I saw this wave of energy. It was almost like, when you get steam coming out of the cattletle or something could see this like wave of energy coming towards me.

And as I said, the Lord's prayer, what I notice is it responded and it started to move away, but it felt like it moved back and it was watching me. And I was like, God, this is really weird. There's something going on. Something's responding to me and I can feel a presence here, the power of prayer is really [00:16:00] quite an interesting thing.

It retracted and it responded. And that's when I realized it was intelligent and there was something else going on. And then as I went under, the diving instructor came up I blacked out how she got me to the boat. I have no idea. I

I then actually got. Sickness diarrhea, all the things that you get from post traumatic stress disorder. I literally your whole body evacuates, everything to make you lighter. And when I came round, I was just crying and shaking. And so it's a little bit of a traumatic experience at the first, but my husband was quite wise.

He was you gotta go back on the horse. You gotta get in water. He got me in water and we called the doctors and we got checked over and all those things, but I had a delayed reaction.

 I managed to finish the holiday . But when I got back to London, the minute I got on the tube, the claustrophobia on the tube created the panic attack that then started this post traumatic stress and shock, shock takes a long time to come outta your body.

And it started the shock coming to the surface and brought with it. A wave of stuff that I'd never experienced before, but I'm profoundly grateful [00:17:00] for it now. What came out of this traumatic situation really changed my life and I'm really grateful for it.

About six months later, I got married. Everything went really well, and a friend of mine had gifted me some massage sessions, a local retreat, and I wasn't somebody who really pampered themselves in terms of massage or things like this.

So this quite a new experience for me. And so I'd gone through five of these six sessions that had been gifted to me and the six one the guy who was the healer that day his car broke down.

And so they said to me,. Do you wanna wait three months for Philip? Or do you want to take the replacement. I said, I don't mind. And so I took this this locum opportunity, and as I walked in the door, I thought to myself, You feel familiar? There was a soul recognition, but I never met this guy before.

. And as he started to talk, there was synchronicity started. I said something like, oh, I've just got back from India. And he said, oh, I've just got back from India.

And we started this conversation and then we started talking about family and he started talking about his family being farmers. And I said, [00:18:00] oh, that's really weird. My grandfather was a farmer and we just had all these little, it was like every sentence to the point that when I went to turn over onto my stomach, I was a bit nervous.

I was here is this guy. , he's always reading my mind this, he seems to have a lot in common with me. And yet we're complete strangers. But here's the thing. When I turn over, he says to me you've got a blockage of energy in your lower back. I said, sorry. He said, you've got a blockage of energy in your lower back.

You've had an accident. I said, I have, but I haven't told anybody here, how do you know? He says you had a diving accident. I said, okay, that's pretty precise. And I was like, . How do you know I've had a diving accident? Do I have a label that says diving, seriously? And he said, I can see it. I said, what do you mean? You can see it. he said, I can feel it. I said, feel it where? He said, because we're in a corporate environment, I shouldn't really show you this, but I'm gonna show you cuz I feel that if I don't, you are gonna leave here without addressing this.

And I'm worried that it could con turn to cancer or a disease in the body. If you don't [00:19:00] address it, are you okay if I show you something? And I said, sure. Being a bit naive, didn't really understand. So he asked me to lay down and he manipulated the energy and he was training Cranial, sacral osteopathy, as well as massage. He manipulated some of the fluids in the neck. And then he did what I think must have been Reiki. 

It felt like something shot through my body. And I was like, what was that? And and he said, oh, it's just the energy. And I was like, oh, who are you? What is this? And so I then he asked me to sit up and he never touched me. I really do need to emphasize he never, his intentions were pure gold.

He never laid a finger on me. He only put his hand 10 centimeters away from my heart chakra and then moved down to the solar plexus and the SACL and. My whole body, without him doing anything, just this transference of energy. My whole body started to come like a snake. I had an eruption.

What I believe was the Kini energy in the body. And it started to shoot up through the chakras. Now, at this stage, I don't have a clue about chakras. I don't know anything about [00:20:00] Kini energy. I don't know anything. And so this energy doesn't, it doesn't rise up instantly. It slowly starts to rise up over a period of about two weeks.

Now, this young man was going on holiday and he says to me, I think you might need another session, but I won't be able to treat you here. And he says, I shouldn't really do this, but I'm gonna give you my details. And if you want to, I've got a studio in angel I could treat you there.

 I took his details and I nervously took myself out thinking what the hell had happened. And I was a bit starstruck. It was left the retreat that day thinking that's an unusual experience,

two weeks later. When this guy's coming back from holiday, my husband, who we never go out in angel has booked a meal or in angel the same night. And I'm like, . This is really weird. So I saying to my husband, feel a little bit strange, I feel a little bit different. And the next day I went to yoga and as I went to do some sanitation, suddenly I saw this vision It was like a TV screen had been opened up. And I saw images from nature and then a man [00:21:00] suddenly dancing with a girl and the two of them entwining as one. And I thought, oh God must have an active imagination tonight. But then the next. I was lying in the bed and I was awake.

It was about two, three in the morning. And suddenly again, this screen opened out and it was, it looked like I was watching TV it was like dreaming. But with your eyes open, maybe some people would call it lucid dreaming. 

And I could see these Roman soldiers and they were talking about a battle and I saw the bed 10 and I shouted out very naively again. Gabrielle is like you. And suddenly I had. No, not Gabrielle. My name is Michael M I C H a E L Michael. I've come to cut the cord. And I was like, at which point I got a pain in my stomach.

I fell forward and I started to shake and the vision just disappeared. And I was frightened. I was absolutely petrified. I didn't know what it was. I didn't know who it was. I got down on my hands and knees and I crawled into the front room. And funnily enough, the only thing that would actually [00:22:00] slow the pain down in my stomach was actually doing some sanitations.

But now I realize that those, some sanitations started moving the energy. And so as the energy started to increasingly rise, it started to blast through all the chakras. And I took myself into the doctors thinking I've gotta sign myself off sick. I'm going crazy. I'm seeing things, I'm hearing things that other people aren't experiencing.

But here's the thing. Spirit were very clever that put the right people around me and they put evidential information around me. So when this energy really went up to the. Crown Sharker and I started to have really profound experiences and feel energy. Like I've never really experienced before.

There was like knowledge coming down in real sort of big, it was like downloads of information. The internet had only just come out really. And I would check out the information that was coming down and it would factually be correct. And I'd think this is weird. I know nothing on this subject matter.

And yet this information's coming down and now I'm finding these articles that connect to it. Even things like cord cutting. I didn't know what cold cutting was. I looked it up on the internet and found [00:23:00] this stuff on cord cutting. And so when this young man comes back from his holiday, I'm like, who the hell is Michael? And he says, ask him. What do you mean ask, just ask him your head, who he is. And I, so I asked, but a woman's voice answered and she said, do you remember how kind you were to Michael? And I was like, sorry.

She said, do you remember how kind you were to Michael? And then I remembered a young man who at the age of 13 had lost his father to suicide. And he had a soft spot for me, this lad. And he had walked past me in the corridor at school and I'd said, stop him. I didn't know him. And I said, I understand that you've lost your father and this is my address.

And if you ever need somebody to talk to come find me and I don't want you to think there's anything in it. , it's very innocent. But if you need somebody to talk to, or you need a hug this is where I live. Unbeknown to me, that boy turned up on my doorstep that very night. And for two weeks, all I did was told him while he cried and listened to him.

And then at the end of the two weeks, we went back to being strangers and we didn't become friends until we were about 17 or 18 when we met through a mutual friend and we [00:24:00] remembered each other but then I had these flashes of different Michaels that I'd helped throughout my life. I was like, God, you're always helping Michaels. it's that's a bit weird, Spirit started to really eduKate me that they'd been with me for a long time. And I hadn't noticed anything, nothing to me seemed strange or abnormal or odd it I, but these flashes in hindsight made me realize that there's so much more going on in life than we naturally perceive. And so I experienced what's called Kundalini stage one, the opening of the heart.

And I started having. Very psycho mediumistic experiences. And it was from that point onwards that I got real amazing synchronicities. I saw my grandfather for the first time in the spirit world looked as physical as you and I. It was only for a. Moment that I saw him and he told me it was the hardest time and I needed to go back to the farm. And so he gave me directions and things that he wanted to do.

And so over a nine day period, I took this leap of faith and I did what he asked me to do. And each day that I got something [00:25:00] right, or I did what he asked me to do. I got rewarded. And at the end of the nine days I really had this amazing experience where I went back to the farm that he had grown up on, which I never knew where it really was.

And I started having these evidential experiences that would then lead me to contact the spiritualist association of great Britain. I looked them up on the internet and I asked to see two mediums. I'm still questioning the whole thing. 

 And this gentleman that I see he. Gives me this incredible reading . So the story ends where my grandad gave me these messages. I ended up in a town I've never been to before. And I knew I was looking for black and white postcards, and I knew that the postcard would have a connection to the name SOCL and that the image would have something to do with my family.

And my grandad keeps saying the word, Hey, bale. so we go to this town, I see his initials on a suitcase. I look outside of the window and I see this postcard and it's got hay bail on it. I turn it over. And it says Frank meadow, who's the photographer and it's got my great-grandfather's name on this postcard. And oh, so we postcards exist. I said to my mom, we've [00:26:00] gotta go to this town. He's telling me to go to this town. And it turns out there's an art gallery and 20% of the photographs and this art gallery are photographs of my family that we never knew existed.

So I go with these postcards to see the media, never tell them anything about the postcards. I've got these postcards in my bag and the guy says, have you got the black and white postcards? Can I have the one with the bridge on it? And I gave him the one from the bridge and he gave me the most outstanding reading.

And then he said, they won't tell me everything. The spirit will say, they want you to meet a friend of mine, but he won't be here in London for four weeks. He's gonna tell you the other half of this story. And I got to see the other guy and the other guys going, oh, I'm seeing a, Michelangelos touched by the hand of God.

You had a really awakening experience and you experienced the arch angel. Michael start laugh. And I was like I Don I then went to learn how to close down. I was scared. I wanted to actually shut it all down. and then once I shut it down, I got curious what is this?

Why did this happen to me? So then I went in search of people who could open me up or teach me. And I started to hone [00:27:00] my skill as a medium and 15 years of researching. I never thought was ever gonna do anything with it. I thought this was just part of my self development, my story. And then I found it was quite useful in my fashion industry world.

 Spirit would show me how it could be very useful in everyday life to be attuned to one's intuition or one spirit.

And so it started helping me and I started to enjoy it that way first. And then I never realized that they were training me to go on the journey of becoming a full-time medium. And when they actually. Me to leave my full time career. I actually thought they were joking when you say they, they do you mean spirit asked you?

I call them spirit. There's a collective of people that work with me and I do, you know what? I know some of the names, but I don't know everybody that works with me. I just trust that the people that are connecting with me are on a vibration of love and I'll get messages or thoughts and intuition that comes into me.

And I trust it because I've tested it. Factually it's worked out, things like the postcards of it's gonna be a black and white postcard with a hay bail on it's gonna have the name SOCL and it's gonna be connected to your family. It's quite precise [00:28:00] stuff.

 It wasn't like a voice that was telling me to jump off a cliff or anything like that. they were good messages of love. And what I found is that when I followed them, they delivered rewards or benefits that far outweighed the risk of the Leap, if you will.

And so life became much more fascinating. Life became easier. 

And so they started to teach me things and changed my world and really develop me as a person as well as a medium. I think that's the biggest benefit of connection actually, is understanding how I could help and serve other people and be a benefit.

I actually ended up doing my first reading when. One of my teachers pushed me to go and do a demonstration in a town I'd never been for. And that would turn out to be the first time I ever read for a bereaved parent. And that touched my heart and that combined with spirit asking me to leave my work.

I decided to do a gap here and it touched me profoundly that this man had lost three children under the age of five to a very rare disease called Lee's disease. And actually in the center that I was reading at that day, I actually brought through his best [00:29:00] friend and not his child. And as I went to leave, his partner, tapped me on the shoulder and said, why is it the mediums don't ever bring through children?

And I said, what do you mean? And he said my partner's got three kids under the age of five, and we've been coming to the center, for 20 odd years. And they never bring through the children. They only ever bring through the best friend or the grandparent. And I just don't understand.

 She said, he is profoundly affected by the loss of these children. I felt guilty. I went home that day. I felt really bad.

I wrote to the center and I said there was a man. this is what he looked like. I think his name was Fred. Can you contact him and tell him I will meet him. I can't come back all the way to Felix Stokes, two hours away from where I live in London, but I can meet him in Essex. And I'm just about to take a gap year.

I've taken a year out to service. Spirit and, Monday happens to be the first day of my new job and how would he like to be my first client and come and meet me? I'll do the reading for free, and this man rocks up, he suited and booted. Oh, bouquet of flowers.

He was lovely. It was gorgeous. Sunny day, we sat down. I was so nervous. What if I [00:30:00] don't get these kids? What if I don't bring them through? And the first thing I said to him, I said, I see a green bank. Does green bank mean something and I'm panicking. And he says, green bank was the hospital that my son was at in Plymouth.

And I was like, Okay. All right. I think I've got him is his name mark. And he said he is, and I was like, oh, okay, cool. you've got two girls in spirit. And I tried to use my sense of humor. you mentioned my sense of humor at the beginning. I think sense of humor is a great thing. I looked at this guy, he was ex-military really macho guy.

I said, you don't look like the type to have two butterfly tattoos on your legs. Fred. your girls are saying, you've got butterfly for each of them on each side. I said, no way, And he lifted up His trouser. And there was the butterfly on each side and he started to cry and I started to cry.

was like, oh my God, we've got them. And so we sat there for an hour and a half. And this is really the power of prayer. As I leave my grandfather in spirit, on the way to this reading had said, whatever you do, if he tries to give you money, don't accept the money.

This one's on the spirit world. He's waited [00:31:00] so long to hear from his kids. He hadn't heard from his children in 40 years and he says, even if he offers you the car, petrol money do not accept the money, but if he offers you coffee going for coffee.

So sure enough, the guy gets out an envelope. He tries to pay me. I said, no. Then he wants to pay me for the pet one. I say, no. Then he says, okay, can I take you for coffee? And I go, yeah. Thinking, what am I doing? I go leap of faith moment. I'm thinking , I've already spent an hour and a half with him.

Now I'm gonna have to sit. what is this about? And he tells me his life story. He'd been on a ship with the now king of England. He'd been one of the chefs on the Naval vessels that he'd been working on. 

And he had served his country and he sat there in front of me telling me this amazing story of his life. And then suddenly he turned the books on me and he said, are you religious? And I said, I'm not Fred. I don't really know what I was doing in the center. Other than that, I wanted to hone my mediumship and it was a way of practicing it.

I said, but I tell you what, in my years in retail, I did used to do this thing and I call it turn left. I turned left, turn left. And [00:32:00] suddenly spirit would take me to this church. It was like they were testing me whether I would follow orders and 

the church would either be St Mary's or St. Michael's but it'd always be a church at which point he suddenly got up. He dropped everything that he had. He started to get very animated he got on his mobile phone, he rang his partner. . And She comes running in. She doesn't know whether reading's gone or not poor lady. And he says to her tell her what we've done since we retired Joan. And she says, what do you mean Fred? And he said, tell her what we do since we retired in the car, tell her, cuz I can't tell her cuz she's not gonna believe me.

And she says, oh, we do this thing, Kat. We call it turn left. We turn left. We turn left. And it always takes us to a church at which point I'm like, and this download of information comes from the spirit world. And I went, oh my God, Fred, have you ever been, have you ever lived in Yorkshire? Which is where I'm originally from?

And he says, I have Kat. He said I was a pub landlord in the nineties. And I went, oh my God, no way. I said Fred, [00:33:00] 1995, you did this turn left thing. You did it before you met Joan. And I know exactly the town in Yorkshire. You did it from. you ended up at church and it wasn't St Mary's or St Michael's was it?

And he went, no, that's right. Can I have a picture of the church on my phone? And I went, you went to the church that my grandfather is buried in the same one that I used to say to him. What are we doing here? Oh my God. Does anybody talk to you? Does anybody listen? He went to this church. And he says a prayer.

you asked to speak to your children. Do you not think it's strange that in 40 years of going to all these centers, nobody ever brings through your children. And yet here we are today, you went to the church that my grandfather's very think my prayer and my request, my grandfather was send 


Kat B: a sign, a bloody big one.

Your request was to speak to your children. So I've answered your prayer. I've been a conduit for spirit for you. And you've been a conduit for spirit. For me. We've answered each other's prayer. It's been amazing.

it's amazing journey. It's a lot to take in isn't I just have to say there [00:34:00] needs to be a movie of your life because I'm seeing this whole thing in my mind transpire about this, person who really was not. A seeker with the exception of her grandfather's connection and yet how you were led through your life and how you were so willing to follow the signs cause I could see so many times along the way, I love your sense of humor so much where you were just like I don't think so. And yet, you said at the very beginning, I did not take the conventional route to mediumship. how you understated that.

But that's the power of love. And that is the story for so many of your listeners and the people that take the spiritual journey.


Kat B: We don't think we're gonna end up talking to a medium or connecting with spirit but if you have the experience yourself, you realize that connection is for everyone and being connected is different to being a medium is somebody that serves other people that is willing to do this, 

 to make every expression of their life about spirit. I think many people want that connection with their loved ones and they can gain it. And [00:35:00] there's lots of different techniques. Sometimes one technique doesn't work.

You try another, there's many different route to connection, but when you find that route connection, your whole life can transform. 

 And I feel very privileged and profoundly grateful to have that experience where I've sat with people in the deepest, darkest depth of grief. And I've seen a smile come on their face for the first time they've experienced joy and they haven't felt guilty about experiencing joy cuz they remember something or they hear a conversation or their loved one tells them about something stupid that they did the other day.

And you start to giggle. And sometimes you.

Spiritual use association and they want to use a sense of humor so you can get these lovely gestures and you can get these lovely words that come through.

And if it comforts somebody, then it's brilliant. If it doesn't work and I really wanna be honest about it, you can have 99% of readings could be amazing and there'll be the occasional time somebody sits in front of you and you can't read for them. And it's heartbreaking. And it can happen for a number of reasons.

It can happen because somebody isn't in the right space and there's too vulnerable and spirit stopping that communication cuz they don't they think the [00:36:00] person in front of you is vulnerable. They might stop it because there's fear. The person's fearful spirit wants to be gentle with that person. And it might be that somebody doesn't believe and therefore, no matter what you say to them, they're not gonna hear or get the words or the vibration of that love, cuz it's falling on deaf ears sometimes the information at the time doesn't make sense. And so people going no. And then suddenly they realize, oh no, it's yes. Sometimes the medium's falling ill. I remember one time I was coming down with the flu.

I didn't know it. I can't read for this guy. And I was like, God, this is really weird. I had lovely day of readings yesterday. Now I sat here. I felt embarrassed. And I realized as I've journeyed on and got more experience that it's a normal part of it, that there is defined timing to some things and you can't make things happen.

You have to trust, what people don't realize is sometimes you're calibrating the person living's energy, as well as the spirit world. And often the spirit world have rocked up and they're ready but I can't calibrate or change the frequency of the person sitting in front of me.

And therefore I can't form the connection that I need to sustain that connection of love to get the information in. So at times like [00:37:00] that, I might recognize a colleague or maybe they just need a different medium and a different person with different on a different day with different frequency or vibration, I really do believe that energy will follow you wherever you need. But there are times, one of the most profound things that I had experienced was a lady in New York. 10 minutes before her reading, I get the worst migraine I've ever experienced. I like I'm so sorry. I feel sick. I'm actually not gonna be able to read for you this evening. And you feel really guilty as well. Cause these people waited for you

you're panicking even though, you can't do anything about it. Now what's really interesting here is. The next day completely out of the blue, her mom who had been very healthy, died of a heart attack and I'd rearrange the appointment for the following Monday and her mother was the first person through.

And so you have to say to yourself, There's defined timing. The spirit world knew that the greatest need was a week later. And so not to waste the reading. If you will, they delayed it or postponed it by making me feel ill. , that's all part of the creativity and the intelligence that you're working [00:38:00] with. 

Robyn: I just wanna point out two things.

One is that evidential part, which is a word that you've mentioned, that there's evidential mediumship. And what I find with your readings is it's a combination of. Evidential of validations of certain things, that there is no way that you could know certain things yet you do 

Kat B: Yes. Evidence means? Different thing to different people? So some people come with the expectations that it's gonna be names, dates, and lists, and some people will give you all of that stuff. I remember a guy that came to me and 

he was quite skeptical. And his Catholic father the priest from his local church came in from the spirit world. And he named his eight siblings, in chronological order, his and told in the relationship that he had to each one of them and still that man did not believe.

And so I was saying to him, you can come more often. I never get names as frequently as this, in this kind of detail, but the next person that came on didn't get a single name. But the evidence that came through might have been in the gestures that their loved, wanted did might [00:39:00] be the way that they folded their arms, or might have been, that they'd seen them do might be something quite mundane, like fixing a pipe underneath a sink, oh, you had a burst pipe yesterday.

. I really want to say to people, some people go in with an expectation and they get very frustrated when it's not packaged the way that they want it to be.

Or maybe the. Aren't what they expect to hear. I remember one lady that came to me and I said something to her and she said, no, that's not my mom. And then she reworded the exact same sentence that I'd given, but in a different grammar . And I said, but 

we're saying the same thing. But the wording that I used didn't correspond or resonate with her. And so I realized that I was not gonna be able to read for her because every sentence that I said was factually correct.

It didn't resonate. So it fascinating. 

And so I think the most important thing for anybody going into a mediumship reading is first of all, go to a recommended medium, somebody that has been tested out look for a certified medium, if you can.

I'd been blind [00:40:00] tested and. It's not gonna guarantee you a brilliant reading, but it's gonna reduce the possibilities of a bad one. And then you really then want to go in with an open mind with a loving heart. If you go into structured and demanding a certain thing, you might come away disappointed.

Robyn: Yeah, what I wanted to point out is to me, it's the way that you translate that syncs with me as well as that validation and evidence that syncs.

And then in addition to all of that, you're giving guidance and messages that also have landed with me. I know that, and I've landed with others that I've recommended you to. So to me, it is that combination. And with other mediums that I know Karen and I have spoken to it's that same combination of the validation, the way they translate, as well as the guidance and messages that come through there is a comfort and an ease that you give that I know others that we recommend.

I think what's important when you say Karen. Yeah. And I think 

Karen: the evidential expectation that people have can. Maybe sometimes mislead them as well. Cause they could come in [00:41:00] really expecting, like you were saying earlier, Kat, like getting a specific message or hearing from a certain person, then they don't hear that.

And then they think you haven't connected. And I love that you said earlier there can be things within that person as well. It can be fear. It could be overwhelming sadness that can prevent them from getting the messages that they need. Yeah. 

Kat B: What I love about Fred's story he kept trying, and he was so open minded that one day it was gonna happen.

But also I think spirit made it not happen in the way that he wanted it to happen, because we were meant to have that meeting. That meeting profoundly changed my life. That was the meeting that made me leave the fashion industry and say, this is a change of career and a change of life.

And for him. I mean it, Bondi does his friends as well. We stay in touch. We've made a connection with one another.

I think spirit that's. Part of what I want to say about connection as well. It's not just about connection to the spirit world. It's about connection to people. It is lovely to have people in spirit, but if the connection doesn't work for you in life and change something here, or address something here or connect you with somebody [00:42:00] here, then, there's a lack of purpose or direction.

I find that when mediumship really good, it does both. 

Karen: And I think what you do is you. Remind people that their loved ones are always near. They're always here. They're still around. 

Kat B: Many people think they're out in the stars or the cosmos. They're not they're right here. 

Karen: Exactly. And I think that's the affirmation that so many are looking for, especially the ones that are really deeply grieving.

They want to know that. And you're the conduit of that. And I think one of the other things that you touched on, cause I just love your story so much because you didn't grow up one day and go, I'm gonna meet a medium when I grow up. You had this very traditional life and yet it feels like one of the key things.

You talk about Your traumatic accident, which I could barely listen to. But that you were always looking for signs along the way. You were open to any of the signs that people gave to you. And I think for those who are listening, who may be looking for signs from their loved ones who may be wanting to try a little mediumship on their own, doesn't, it start with that, looking for signs, listening to your intuitive voice, 

Kat B: the story [00:43:00] with Fred that's really important is sometimes another person, another human being can be that condu the spirit. I can't tell you the amount of times that kids that I work with in the spirit world have come through my daughter who is clueless to the fact that she's me, mediumistically picking up with them.

 You don't have to be a medium for spirit to blend their consciousness or harmonize with you. Sometimes words will just come out of your mouth that are influence and you think, oh, that's strange. I would never normally say that, but my daughter's done all sorts of things.

When she was three, she drew a picture for instance. And she said to me, mommy, what? What's the light that comes through my bedroom window on a night. I was like, oh, it's the Moonlight? And she said no. No.

I know what the Moonlight is. Ah, the stars you mean the stars? No, I know what the stars are. Oh my God, what am I gonna say? ? So I turned away and I thought just take me out the room, do something else. Maybe she'll change the topic. She didn't. She came back with this picture and she said, you are not looking at my picture.

I know what the Moonlight is. I know what the stars are, what's this light. And then when I didn't respond, she changed her frame. . And it was her gesture in the way that she operated.

[00:44:00] I was very clear that there was a different energy in the room and suddenly she went, okay, who's the boy that died before he was 30. That sings me rock by baby, before I go to sleep. And when he's finished, he goes to the room where you meditate. And he said to do this, if you didn't believe him wait, I 

Robyn: just have to tell everybody that you just made like this certain gestures with your arms.

Cause they can't see you, which OK. So very 

Kat B: specific across the arms, across the body, and. That really threw me because when I was pregnant with Ava, cause I'd lost children in pregnancy before. And so that's why I've got such a great empathy with parents.

Who've lost children. I had said to Ian, my best friend who died in a motorbike accident whatever you do, I need you to be her godfather in spirit. And will you watch over her? And I never really thought any more of it.

And I feel that this was his way of saying, I heard you I'm listening. I'm doing exactly what you said. I'm here. And I went out of the room. Tears were streaming down my face. I was like, oh my God, he really is here. 

I waited three years for that sign. I just [00:45:00] thrown it out there. So I say to people be patient as well. I waited 11 years for my granddaughter. I wait three years for Ian to confirm that he was watching over Ava. 

So put it out there that maybe there's something else going on. Maybe we're all conduced to spirit and maybe the signs can come through different people. Maybe you ask your loved one to tell you something about information. And somebody starts a conversation with you at the bus stop or on the plane.

And it ends up being relevant because it's the information that you wanted, or you suddenly feel propelled to go into a bookshop that you've never been into go to a certain shelf and pick up a certain book. And they're on the page is the information that you've been looking for six months.

Spirit can work in many different ways and you don't have to be metic. You just have to be open to love, to receiving love. That's the magic of spirit. Wow 

Robyn: that, . 

Kat B: And 

Robyn: , we've talked now about signs and you've mentioned synchronicity.

I know another subject that we talked about before was soul planning. Can you talk a bit about that? 

Kat B: That's an interesting one. Isn't it? So when I came from England and I started working in [00:46:00] America, people started talking about self planning.

I thought nobody's talking to me about in mediaship school, about soul planning. What's talking about. When people started talking about soul planning and that the whole life. Has got these connections, then I start to think, oh, , that sounds a bit odd. The idea that we haven't got free will, and that everything's already planned or already perceived. So we can't change anything.

I thought that was particularly frightening so I didn't really know what to think of it.

And this lady heard that a really good friend of mine there actually, but at the time, I didn't know a girl called Sarah Roble. She wrote a book about soul planning and she'd heard that as medium work in the states online. That I didn't believe in it. So she contacted me and asked if she could speak to me.

And the kids of the spirit world they're gonna and so the kids at the spirit world bought, okay.

Let's throw it air. So it started with Sarah contacting me and she started questioning me and saying why don't you think this? I know it's this way? Da. And she started edueducatinging me. And so then I thought I really need to talk , to Robert Schwartz. This is true story. I dunno if I've even shared this with Robert, but [00:47:00] I said to myself, really need to talk to Robert Schwartz.

He's the person that really has written all these amazing books about soul planet. And suddenly I kid you. Ping went my inbox and an email came from Robert Schwartz. I thought it can't be the Robert Schwartz. Robert Schwartz has contacted me and fully enough Robert and I share a friend in common, which I didn't know.

And that friend had said, you really need to speak to Kat. And so that day that I was there thinking really need to speak to Robert Schwartz. Robert Schwartz contacted me. I ended. Him for helping parents heal. And it was one of the most fantastic interviews. It was one of the most fantastic conversations I ever had on suicide and healing grief after suicide I've ever had.

He's got a really amazing perspective on life and he's really well researched. He's a very left brain thinker and i, started reading his books. I started questioning him. But 

I still want evidence in my own life. . So Robert said I tell you what, I'll give you a session to my workshop for the support and help that you've given me. And and I went along and he said, go look back at your life and look at the key milestones in your life.

And when I [00:48:00] did, I nearly fell off my chair. you've got my, the first reading my sister ever has. For a child that's been lost to the spirit world. I've got my grandfather and all his precognitive signs. I worked as a lifeguard. I worked with lost children. Do you believe it?

I was the first aid officer on the beach for lost children. And I used to have to reconnect the parents with the child. What do I do in the spirit world? I reconnect parents with their child in spirit. And so I started looking at things and I was like, oh my word. 

We do have free will we can, if all things I think we re-strategize, but we are a soul group that have agreed to do certain things. And if you look back at the milestones of your life, you'll recognize certain things.

And I certainly look back at mine and the presentation that I gave at helping parents heal conference, I think really validates or show some of the evidence that I collated. It took me a long time to collate the information, but to show the visual information and how I got certain information about certain people through the signs and synchronicities that they gave me.

It's really amazing. And [00:49:00] you really, you don't know if it's course of miracles. I just think it's the profound power of love. And I'm quite amazed by it. So yeah. Colorful life spirit world is the new black. It's it's all happening. it changes your life and the way that you see the world forever.


Robyn: completely. And I also wanna, anyone that's listening, you talked about Robert Schwartz and actually Karen and I have had Robert Schwartz on this podcast. So for anybody who hasn't heard that one, make sure to listen, because he does talk about all types of soul planning

I think different people resonate with different stories and he talks about suicide in there too. 

Kat B: I love Robert and I used to be the affiliate leader for helping parents heal in the UK. And I used to help the American group.

 One of the main things that I've found is the amount of parents that. and widows actually I've come across that. Robert's very humble, man. He doesn't realize how many people he's helped heal or His work has prevented people from taking suicide themselves. When you lose a child, you want to [00:50:00] go over to the spirit world yourself, you, he is awful experience. And yet when you realize it's part of a soul plan or a bigger picture, or there's a purpose in certain things that happen in life, I'm really profoundly grateful for Robert.

He's trained my vision of the world. And then the kids have given me evidence that some of the things that he's expressed and I can be here all day with some of the amazing stories that the spirit world I've got an amazing one that I really do wanna share on another occasion. I won't do.

Today that they gave me as evident. If you really want to understand the soul planning as the spirit world to show you in your own world in a form that you understand, , I have very different experiences to Robert, but I found his work has helped and healed so many people. And I'm extremely grateful for the friendship that I have with him.

And I'm extremely grateful for the edueducationion he gave me. I found his workshop. If you do get the opportunity to go to his workshops, they are amazing. And his books are fabulous. And so that is important to realize that there are different forms to healing. There are different pathways to healing and there's different information. And [00:51:00] what I love about the soul planning stuff. Sometimes we have to adapt or change our points of views when we are challenged to do so with evidence.

I really didn't believe in it. I do profoundly believe in it now. And it is interesting when you move to spirituality and you start to receive this love or these insights, you open up to it really challenges everything. spirit world will direct you to quantum physics one day, a religion, another day, an alternative book, you absolving everything.


Yeah, and I just wanna bring up a very, it's a big for, I think Karen and I it's a validating soul planning time for us, which for those listening, for Karen and I we've talked about this on our podcast before, we knew we were supposed to work together when Karen sent me a presentation.

I went to download on my computer. And the name of the file of that presentation was my father's birthday who had died many years earlier. And it was 11, 17 underscore 20 15, 11, 17 are my guiding numbers in life. [00:52:00] and because the subject of the presentation and the reason she'd sent it, I knew she was the person I was supposed to work with for my life.

Kat B: You make a decision that would in normal life would take you years to work out. Is this the right person? You make it on the snap of 

Robyn: that's yes. That's what, I just wanted to point that out. It's, it comes in all these different ways and it could be as simple yet as profound as that.

And as quick as that. Yeah. And 

Karen: also to the other extreme, my mom people who listen know that she wrote a book because my sister passed away from suicide and. We brought up suicide from suicide. And she had spent a couple of years prior writing letters to her mother who had passed away to try to heal their relationship after she died, they, there was a lot of loose ends and found tremendous healing just from that back and forth of meditating, writing a letter to her, and then just taking back whatever came and putting it down on paper.

And so she utilized the same technique with my sister when she passed and. Was able to write a book on it and then teach other people how [00:53:00] to do it so that they too could have those same kind of connections with their loved ones you passed.

So back to the, was it soul planning, perhaps not to that degree, but that experience of wanting to learn that lesson and teach others, I think was a sole contract between my sister and my grandmother and my mother agree. And it helps you heal through it. And in turn helped my mother heal other people.

Kat B: It's so beautiful. Karen, so beautiful. 

Karen: And I think we all have our paths into this spiritual work, if we're open to it and, thank goodness you were again, that experience in the water that tied to your grandfather, all of those pieces could be looked at as sole connections, contracts that you made before you came and, but you could have overlooked them, right?

It's about looking for the signs and then being open to the teachings that they can offer. 

Kat B: Sometimes it's. The names or synchronicities that well up, or sometimes it'll be something that somebody does or a drama will start and suddenly someone catchesches your attention and you think spirit of caused that diversion to get your attention, to make you look at something a little bit more deeper so you can feel into lots of different [00:54:00] things.

Your intuition will guide you, but I think it's fabulous what you're doing. And I think it's fabulous that you've all had those experiences yourself, because I think the more that I speak to people, I thought I was the only one having these crazy experiences. Then I rock up at helping parents heal and I'm like, that's 20,000 people having these experiences, know I'm not so crazy or unreal as I think I'm, there's loads of, we just don't talk.

Karen: But you create this community because you speak of them. And and that's what Robin and I are trying to do all the time is figure out ways that we can create this environment where we don't feel like weirdos. We can really connect with each other and realize that all this is on purpose.

It's not random. And the joy that comes with that feeling of knowing there's more to this than we see. There's more to life than tragedy and losing people that we love there. It's all on purpose. If we can look for it. It's amazing. 

Kat B: Oh, I love that. 

It's a joy to be here. I've really enjoyed it. 

Robyn: Kat thank you. And I know there's so much more and so we really will have to talk to you again because there's even more, that you offer. I [00:55:00] really encourage people to go to your website, Kat K to see all of your offerings.

And you have connection circles. You have all different types of sessions and offerings, mediumship and beyond all types of healing experiences, because you really have dediKated your life to helping people heal and move on within this world to, and connecting them to spirit world and to themselves.

Kat B: I think when you go through trauma yourself and I think, there's a soul planning thing. The diving accident wasn't really about the diving accident. It's about learning all the modalities of healing that would help somebody who's suffering with grief. People who lose people to cancer and.

Suicide. They post traumatic stress. They have experiences. So having all these skills or things that you've learned for yourself and maybe done as you thought as self development, and then realizing that you can apply those actually somebody rocks up and they think they're here for a reading, but you realize that actually what they need is they've got [00:56:00] insomnia and they haven't slept for the last five years.

I can help you with that. And then they start sleeping and they feel better. And they're like, oh God, isn't that weird. I came for a reading, but I ended up with hypnosis session and that hypnosis sessions changed my lab and have new hypnosis could do that. It's wonderful. And so yeah, having your fingers and thumbs in a few different pies is a good thing because it means that you can be spoke what your service to the person that's in front of you and that's helpful.

Karen: Thank you for taking that year off to serve spirit. I love that you said that you've 

Kat B: been here five or six years later is a bit of a crazy thing. I didn't ever go back to my fashion world. It's a bit mad. 

Karen: I think you're doing more for the 

Robyn: world. I have to agree wholeheartedly.

We are so grateful to be connected and we really thank you. And we can't wait to do this again. 

Kat B: All the best take care. Bye 

Robyn: bye Kat.

A Medium's Guide to Signs, Synchronicities, + Soul Planning