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Birth a New Version of Yourself with Help from the Spirit Mamas - Episode 31

September 12, 2022 Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Victoria Nielsen, Tiffany Wilkes Season 2 Episode 31
Seeking Center: The Podcast
Birth a New Version of Yourself with Help from the Spirit Mamas - Episode 31
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We’re looking forward to introducing you to two spiritually conscious mamas using their intuition, abilities, and power to uplift, heal and guide other people – and especially other mamas.

Victoria Nielsen is an Akashic Records Reader, Breathwork facilitator, intuitive energy healer, and mama. Her personal mission is to help new and old mamas everywhere find the love in their heart for themselves that they have for their babies.

Tiffany Wilkes is a certified Reiki Energy Healer, Sound Practitioner, and Spiritual Coach.  As a wife and mother of two sons, it is very important for her to show them how to live their true life’s purpose.

Their mission is to help you remember who you are. Their ultimate goal is to empower and activate your intuition, so you can trust + empower yourself.

In this episode:
*How to connect with your inner voice
*What are the Akashic Records?
*Spiritual Awakening + connecting through community
*Spirit Mama Oracle Card reading for listeners
*What is an intuitive reiki energy healing session?

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Robyn: We're looking forward to introducing you to two spiritually conscious mamas using their intuition abilities and power to uplift, heal, and guide other people and especially other mamas. 

Victoria Nielsen is an Akashic records reader. [00:01:00] Breathwork facilitator, intuitive energy healer and mama. Her personal mission is to help new and old mamas everywhere. Find the love in their heart for themselves, that they have for their babies. Tiffany Wilkes is a certified Reiki, energy healer sound practitioner, and spiritual coach as a wife and a mother of two sons. It is very important for her to show them how to live their true life's purpose. Their mission is to help you remember who you are. Their ultimate goal is to empower and activate your intuition so you can trust and empower yourself. Let's meet them and dive in. Hi, Victoria and Tiffany.

Tiffany: So excited 

Karen: to 

Tiffany: see both. Hi, we are so excited to be here. Hi, 

know we're 

Karen: gonna talk about your spirit journeys in a minute, but I think for anybody who's tuning in the first question they would wanna know is where did the name spirit mamas come from?

Tiffany: let's just start there. Yeah. So Victoria and I, we were pregnant with my [00:02:00] second, her first at the same time, everybody, this is Tiffany by the way. . I went over her house one day and we were just talking about how we can be better moms.

How do we raise these conscious kids? And and so my oldest is older, he's 12 at the time he was nine. And so I was going through a. Having a newborn and then this child that was already in school and trying to figure out who he is, and I just didn't ever want him to lose that beautiful essence that he had.

And so I was like, I'm a Reiki healer, you're an, a Akashic record reader. What can we do to nurture our children? What if we call ourselves spirit mamas? And Victoria looks up the name and it was a angel number.

and so that was a sign and she purchased the name. And so here we are spirit mamas, but it started with us just wanting to provide our own separate spiritual gifts to people as moms, but also trying to figure out how do we help moms just. Live in their essence, be present, listen to their intuition while also helping our children as well.

So that is how the name came about. And then it's just [00:03:00] evolved from there. 

Victoria: And I feel like I was in the thick of it being postpartum for the first time. And it's interesting. I find myself there again now the second time postpartum and it's a deeper, not existential crisis, but very much.

Do I wanna keep doing what I'm doing. Do I wanna be in the corporate world forever? I want this little human to see that they can dream big and they can do everything they want. And so I, just never knew that as moms, you could question yourself so much and I was the mom first time Googling everything.

And then I finally realized, no, wait, I have all the answers. I know what's best for my family. That may be different than what Tiffany does with her family. And that may be different than Robin, what you do with your family and Karen you with yours. And that's okay. And I think it took tuning inward and really realizing that I know all the answers, I just have to find them within myself that I was like, whoa, this is really cool.

We should help other moms do the same. I 

Tiffany: love. 

Robyn: And not everybody listening. Is a mom. They may [00:04:00] becoming a mom or maybe that's not their journey. To actually birth. An actual person, maybe birthing other things into the world. 

Tiffany: But 

Robyn: I love what you said, because until 

Tiffany: you are in that process or you've just birthed something, whatever that 

Robyn: is, whether it's a person or a project you don't really know until you're in it, how you're gonna.

And so I think right, 

Karen: motherhood is the crossroads. It's a new experience in your life and it can trigger so many things. It can really force you to reevaluate, who the hell am I qualified to do this work? And I think when we talk to anybody who is on seeking center, we talk about this idea of things that trigger you to really question who you are and that bubbles up all the spiritual questions that we love to talk about.

So start with your journeys. We'd love to hear, before you became moms, were you spiritually curious? Did you dabble? Where did your 

Victoria: journeys. . I did not. And hi listeners, I'm Victoria. We just jumped right in. Oh my gosh. If you all had met me five years ago and I told you I was [00:05:00] gonna start a business, same spirit mama, as you would've laughed at me and you would've been like no way, absolutely not. And I really think I was cracked wide open in 2018. I had a miscarriage before. Having my first son, Sebastian, and that's really what set me down this journey.

I had always, had a yoga practice. I would've said I was, quote unquote mindful, but that really brought me to a place of surrender. Like I'd never been before. And I really started to tune into my body and my needs, just moving through that ocean of grief, trying to figure out, okay, there's gotta be a bigger purpose for this.

There's gotta be a reason. And I fully believe actually that the son that I just had is that spirit like come back full circle and he was here to teach me that, okay, it's time to open your eyes, your third eye, it's time to really take your power back and realize that you're numbing yourself every single day I'd come home from work.

And, I would smoke weed or I would have a couple drinks and I wasn't really living my life. And [00:06:00] so I think that really got me questioning really got me. Reassessing okay, what do I wanna do? And then as I said, my son, Sebastian really cracked it wide open to say, okay, you wanna talk the talk.

Now you gotta walk the walk you wanna do all of these things. Then this is how you get there. This is how you tune in. And. I would say, you're reborn over and over again throughout life, if you choose to be. And so in continuing to choose myself and choose joy, that's how this kind of spiritual journey has really evolved for me.

Robyn: Victoria we completely can relate and I think a lot of people listening can relate in that idea of being 

Tiffany: reborn or you have having your 

Robyn: broken open moment. And those that are listening, that haven't had that yet. Believe me you'll know when you do. But how did you go from you'd said this five years ago you I would've thought you were crazy, how did you go from that to Akashic records?

Cuz a lot of people listening have never heard of that or 

Tiffany: we've actually done 


Tiffany: a podcast all 

Robyn: about specifically Akashic [00:07:00] records. That was really foreign to so many people. It was foreign to us several years ago and we'd never heard of it. So how did you come into that? 

Victoria: Absolutely. Such a good question.

So I followed the signs when I finally. After the miscarriage started tuning into myself and my body every day. So that for me was getting on the yoga mat, doing a yoga class and then just putting on music and dancing and moving my body in whatever way it wanted to, and then sitting and journaling.

And really, it came very intuitively to me because I just stopped to listen and say, what would feel good for me right now in this moment. And then I was listening to a spiritual podcast that had a NA records reader. And I just felt this little nudge that's really interesting. Okay. And then I had a Oracle card deck that had an Akasha card and I kept pulling it and I was like, okay, universe I'm getting it a little bit more.

And I did a reading with her and she was amazing. And actually she totally said that I would one day be leading circles of women and doing this work. And at the time My [00:08:00] mind couldn't even fathom that it would be what it is, but I was like, okay. Yeah. But I liked her energy and she was like, I'm leading a group in a week.

We start the Akashic records training. Would you be interested? And I was like, actually yes I would. And so those that have never worked with the ACO records, it's something that anybody can access at any time. It is just your specific, energetic frequency that you are emitting out of your crown cha room at all times.

And it has the exact guidance that you need to hear in the moment. From the ascended masters teachers, any of your loved ones that want to come through. And it was really beautiful for me after the miscarriage, because it was something that I could turn to, to just get that warm hug, get that love, get that love and energy and support that I needed in the moment to know that it was gonna be okay to know that I could keep going.

 Once I realized, following the signs led me to that my eyes became open to say, okay, let's follow the signs for so many other things. And that's what led to. This breathwork certification that I [00:09:00] then brought back to Tiffany and was like, man, we need to start doing X, Y, and Z. And we felt the nudge to start doing full moon circles.

And so that's what led us to start these ceremonial circles with women. And I really think our entire business has been very intuitively led because we were open to the signs to say, okay, universe. Tell us what's next. Tell us where we need to go, how we need to help people. And then we've seen the magic from that of women coming together in sacred circle is the coolest thing ever, because there always seems to be a common theme of the women that come into our groups and then being able to see them all rise together.

All of us heal together. Again, it's not something that I ever could have imagined, five years. Wow. 

Karen: I love the nudge about following signs. I think it's those moments when you. Broken open that those signs are all they're always all around you. But I think if you can take a moment and follow their trail, it can lead you not only out of your grief or out of your confusion, but to what you're really supposed to be doing.

And that sounds like exactly [00:10:00] what you two have done. So kudos for that, cuz that's 

Tiffany: big. It takes courage to do that. Totally. So Tiffany, 

Robyn: tell us about your journey, cuz we know it's very different than 

Tiffany: Victoria's. It is so different. So I feel like I've probably always been very open to my connection to the spiritual realm from the time I was a little girl.

So I started having very vivid dreams around the age of eight. I think now being a parent and waking up to my kids' dreams. I realized that it was probably a lot younger, but around the age of eight, my parents decided to have a conversation with me about my dreams because they were that vivid.

And my dad, his whole side of the family, they have premonitions and things of that nature. And I think he realized , okay, Tiffany's definitely gonna have this gift. And so around the age of eight, I was very aware of the fact that I would have these dreams. Some things would come true. I would, get visits from.

Ancestors and loved ones that had passed that I didn't know personally, but my father recognized them just the, in the [00:11:00] way I described them. So I always have been somewhat connected. And then probably around the age of 13 is when I really started having the dreams and realizing that things were coming I would dream about numbers and then I would tell my parents and they hit the lottery or something crazy.

And but I kept that in the closet just because I grew up as a African American Christian Baptist little girl went to church every Sunday. It was just something that I hid from it wasn't what you talked about in my community, but whenever I went to visit my grandparents or my dad's side, like my grandmother would read my palm or Put her hands on me, which is now what I realized is like healing in a Reiki form, even though she wasn't, a certified Reiki healer, but she definitely was using her energy to heal me and my little brother.

And so I just deviled and dabbled throughout like college. If people came to me with dreams that would interpret them. And then when Victoria and I started working in corporate America together, I had already had my son, Logan, who at the time was probably about the age of five.

And for me, that was a huge transition period for [00:12:00] me as well. I was definitely going through a spiritual awakening. I had a bad miscarriage a few years before I had Logan. And having him, it was just like this portal was open. And this realization of me stepping into my true purpose, which at the time I had no idea what it was.

And so I was going through this journey of asking God what is my true purpose? What is my true purpose? And he made it very clear, you are a healer, but I just. Didn't think it was the Reiki healer. I thought people would come to me. I would interpret their dreams. People are always drawn to me to tell me all of their life story, even when I don't ask and I can give advice.

And so I just of looked at it that way. In the meantime, I was going to a Reiki master for myself every month. It was just something that I needed. And then it was something just hit me, like you should get your certification. And so I did. And I just really came out of the closet. I really was like, I want my child to see me meditate.

I want him to see me do yoga. I want him to see me go to the crystal store and collect these crystals, burn my sage. I want him to see that I have this connection with source and I [00:13:00] stopped going to the traditional church. Cuz when Logan was little, we would go to church every Sunday and I really wanted him to be open to all the different types of dualities and let him make his own choice.

And it's funny cuz now he's 12 and he's asking questions and I'm really open. If you want me to take your church one Sunday, we can, but I wanted him to really understand there's all these different. Children of God that go through these different experiences. I leaned into just being more free, realizing that I'm infinite realizing that I'm connected to source at all times.

And just having these moments of realization of just releasing and feeling the connection that all of us have. And so for me, I spent so many years as adolescent, trying to get to this point that I am right now. And realizing I've always been tapped by spirit to follow that voice that you talked about.

Karen, And for many years I went the long way around and I had a lot of heartache and pain. And so now I think I'm finally at a place where I just, I listen and I follow and it's been so [00:14:00] amazing to apply that to the spirit moments. It's because Victoria said, everything that we've done has been very intentional, but it really came from us we'll call each other and be like, what do you think about that?

And then we'll meditate for this week. And let's see what comes through. We're really intentional about not making quick decisions. It's let's see what spirit has to say before. Start these Oracle cards or, open this membership.

And so we are very intentional about that. And so it's been an amazing experience so far. And I think that's 

Victoria: why we, the healing, the mother wound container that we have that came from a dream that I couldn't stop thinking about. And I told Tiffany, there's something here. And we worked on it and worked on it until finally, both of us were like, this is what was meant to come through.

And we journeyed through the lower shocks together for four weeks from the root to the heart. And it was very clear that our ancestors were trying to speak through us to say, now is the time to heal. Now is the time to. Work through this because anyone that has a mother wound and you can have a, I had an [00:15:00] amazing childhood.

My mother is an angel. I love her dearly, but there is still that generational trauma that ancestral trauma that's passed down through the energy you were in your grandmother's womb, essentially, when she was carrying your mom and so on. It can get a little bit. Woo. But just seeing how much we've been able to help women in that container.

That to me is like our thing. We're here for, the other circles, the Oracle cards, the retreats, we love doing that work and it's amazing. But I think this healing, the mother wound work is just something that we've been really called to do. And listening to those signs, like we said, Karen is what's brought us here for.

Robyn: What, 

Karen: when you say mother wound, can you just speak a little more about that? What do you mean by that? Absolutely. 

Victoria: So mother wound is really the energetic relationship that you not only have with your mother, but with females all throughout your. Lineage, but also your relationships that you have with females in your life.

So that mother wounding can come [00:16:00] through in any of the preconditioning, maybe that your mother had around her energy, herself, her. Aura her existence so mother wound can come through in so many different ways.

It doesn't necessarily mean that you have a physical wound on your body. Mother wound is very energetic. It means that any of negative or positive energy that your grandmother or your mother experienced has been passed on energy is neither created nor destroyed. So it's always there. And I really believe that we're the generation to work through a lot of that wounding to transmute it and to alchemize it, we can move so much energy through our bodies.

And so that's what we're doing. We store. So much energy in our hips as women, whether or not you have birthed the child, that creative center, that sacral chakra is where a lot of our trauma is stored. A lot of our shared history is stored. And so when we're working with the mother wound, we're tapping into our [00:17:00] healed ancestors specifically to help us transmute any of that negative energy into positive energy, but also into healing.

If that makes.

Karen: It does make sense. And I'd never really thought about it that way. And I think it's another way of bringing it around to people who haven't had children, but to still identify with that ancestral energy that you're carrying. And it does explain so many.

Things that we maybe don't understand about ourselves and that we can explore ourselves. And I just have to say really quick. I'm so impressed by the two of you who have taken this mutual heartbreaking event in your life and have utilized it for. Good. And do you think that. Brought you together.

Was that really the heart of your connection 

Tiffany: I don't think so because my miscarriage was so many years before Victoria's it definitely was a commonality, but I definitely think we just have this sister soul connection. we've worked together in previous lives and it's just so interesting because we were [00:18:00] friends and she would come to me sometimes and be like, what's this dream mean?

But she was so like, TIFF, you do what you do over there, girl, And we always had respect for each other. We always had fun with each other, go out to dinner or do whatever. I don't think we ever realized the connection that we had on a spiritual level. And so we took a trip to New Mexico for work.

It was this coming out of me stepping into my power. So on the trip Victoria had an incident where she had a panic attack and I put that in quote, because she was really being channeled. her grandfather was channeling through her. And I was all confidence was like, that is exactly what's happened to girl.

And I was able to Channel spirit on that trip, because we were in such a sacred place in New Mexico. And I was able to really step into my power where in the past I had been so afraid to listen to my intuition or listen to guides when they come through.

And on this trip, I was doing Reiki on Victoria and it was this really empowering moment where. By the end of the trip, we [00:19:00] were both looking at each other it was so out of this world, y'all And I think from there, we knew we had this spiritual connection, but you have to fast forward a year and a half later is when we even came together to think about spirit mamas.

So it's always been, those nudges that you just don't understand or I think it's like when you ask a married couple how did you meet each other? And it's they have this amazing story where, No coincidence how they met, but such a coincidence, how it all came together.

So I think we definitely have the miscarriage coming, but for me that wasn't my worst moment. And when you go through a spiritual wake and it's that worst moment and\ for Victoria, that was hers. For me, mine was financial stuff. Me and my husband were going through as young, people being married, it was the thing of me, realizing that I didn't give a damn what anybody thought about me. I was gonna be my true, authentic self. And at the time I was 28 years old. So I'm like, forget all of y'all this is who I am. I'm gonna be who I am. but it was a breaking point because I really had gone through my [00:20:00] whole entire life really trying to be on this pedestal and really cared about what people thought about me.

And so at 28, when I. Really let those reigns down and was like, I don't give a damn, I'm gonna read people's dreams. I don't care what anybody thinks. And for me, that was my breaking point 

going through this spiritual awakening and really leaning more into spirit than the world. we definitely have this crazy connection. it's not by coincidence at all. it's hard to explain. We have a deeper connection that we can't even explain. Oh, we get it. 

Robyn: I definitely get it.

we feel the same way. And I'm sure there's other people listening who have similar types of relationships in their lives. And it feels like to me too, and I don't know Victoria, how old you were at the time, but, I always like to think about things in astrological terms as well. And it feels like you were going through your Saturn returns 

have you checked that out? Is 

Tiffany: that something 

Victoria: I was 28 now that Tiffany said that I was like, I was 28 when the miscarriage happened. 

Tiffany: And that really is that time. Where you. 

Robyn: Usually have [00:21:00] something major happen that wakes you up to that. And I like to think it it almost upgrades you, although it doesn't feel like it at the time, because it can feel scary.

But it also, at some point within it makes you go, I don't care what anyone thinks. This is what I'm doing. you get that kind of inspiration, but a lot of times you have to be pushed into it. And sometimes those circumstances aren't ideal. 

Karen: And also to have someone else. I think that Rob and I talk about that all the times that we had that same serendipitous kind of experience coming together through work.

And then now, through our own spiritual wellness journeys and. I can speak for myself. I would not be where I am right at this moment, if it weren't for Robin, we have that same nurturing connection that builds the energy that helps us refocus. And sometimes it's is that my intuition?

Or am I just crazy? We have those kinds of conversations all the time and it's just so nurturing to have. A fellow human being in this physical experience, helping you remember who you are. And we feel the same way. Like we've [00:22:00] had past lives together that we remember and we're remembering more and more.

That's helping guide us along. And it feels like you two have the same relationship. 

Victoria: I love that. And I think that's part of why we've built the spirit mama's community, because going through the spiritual awakening, the spiritual journey alone is a little terrifying, a little scary, 

because you can be all over the place. and it can feel a little bit like, am I going out of my mind and having someone else there to tell you, no, this is totally normal. Or, I've been, there is invaluable. I think it's really important to tell anyone, listening. what Tiffany and I do. It's not anything that you can't do.

You can absolutely do all of these things that we do and more, you just have to stop and listen to yourself and find what's right for you. And I think part of that, I don't care. I'm gonna do it. Mentality is also finding you, finding that authenticity, finding. That little spark within you. That's always been there that maybe as a little girl was crushed, and was told, oh, that's not cool, or that's [00:23:00] not the thing you should do.

And so you hide it away until one day it starts to blossom again. And then you find that one friend that really helps you. Bring it into a full flickering flame again, to say no, this is who you really are. Remember. Remember I love that because it's really, it's a remembering it's appealing back all of the layers that society told you of what you should be or what you should do and going no.

This is who I am. And then God, is it so freeing to finally be that person 

Karen: I can't agree. More. The juiciest conversations that we have, the ones that are goosebump. Were, they are the ones that we have. I had this vision one time when Robin and I meditate a lot together. And one time I had this vision where we were coming into this lifetime and I was literally holding onto her saying, don't forget, just please just don't forget.

and it's so vivid, I can still see it in my mind. And I think that is exactly what you said, Victoria, you need that other soul to help you in that remembering. And when you find that person, it just shifts your whole direction. 

Robyn: And you can tell [00:24:00] 

that it's on purpose.

That's the other part, there's this tangibility to it that I think Tiffany, you were also saying you can't explain it, but it's 

there, we 

planned it that way. 

Tiffany: And, Victoria and I, we built this amazing spirit, mamas community. So we have a monthly membership where moms connect and we have. Monthly energy healing sessions, where either Victor and myself are doing energy healing with these moms, or we bring in a guest to share their gifts.

But what's so amazing is whenever one of us is going through something in life and all of the mamas in the group aren't moms. But we are here to support each other on this spiritual journey. And I think that's, what's so beautiful because when we're going through. Experience, like you said, Karen, to have somebody who can relate and who maybe has gone through it maybe a few days before you, or a year before you were hasn't gone through it yet.

And to have that person who can relate and give you advice on what you should do or what their experience was like is amazing. When I first went through my spiritual awakening, I didn't have that support. I think I had one [00:25:00] friend and I felt like I was so alone all of the time. And. Now to have this group of women who can support one another it makes my heart so full cuz it comes from such a pure place.

And to see that I'm helping moms and women have that support that I felt like I didn't have just makes me wanna get in tears sometimes. So I'm so happy about what we're doing, Victoria. having a moment.

Robyn: You've created this community and that's what you were looking for.

Karen: And as mothers too, I think we have to remember, we have to fill ourselves. First so that we can continue to take care of our families and our children.

And then once we are mothers, we're called at that point in time to decide who we really are because we have to be that example to our children. And so this idea of embracing spirit and everything that we know, we really are. And living that as an example for our kids is really important.

And it's clearly what you guys are doing and teaching as well. 

Tiffany: And can you both 

Robyn: talk about how 

you are 

also using these [00:26:00] gifts and abilities that you have. To help others in your individual sessions, because to me, you both have your unique skills, but you both also give very actionable items to people to do in order to help them move forward in their lives.

So can you each talk about how you work? 

Victoria: Yes. So I think what's similar in both of our sessions is they're very intuitively led. So anytime you work with me, I'm gonna open the Akashic records to have your specific guidance come through.

And every session is entirely different. So even if you came to me Robin today and asked me questions, and then we had another session tomorrow and you asked the same questions, different guidance could come through based on what you need to hear your energy, anything that you've done, you have free will.

So the records are mutable and will change based on that. we always open the session with the records and then we flow. So sometimes it's me leading you through breathwork sometimes it's doing some [00:27:00] energy clearing. Sometimes we get up and dance. Actually, a lot of times we get up and dance because I truly believe moving our bodies and shaking out that energy is something that everyone should do daily.

And throughout the session, things will come through for you to do afterwards. So whether it's journaling affirmations, continuing with the energy work that we've done together, I think what's really cool about what I do is I'm only holding the space for you. You're doing the energy, work yourself. You're the one that's clearing those energetic cords or those energetic blockages while we're together.

You're the one having these big realizations, because then the energy work is so much more potent because you've done it. You've cleared it. And then you understand how to do it again in the future. So anyone that works with me I really like to work with people for a longer period of time, because then I.

Throughout these sessions share with you all the different ways that I have learned how to cut cords or clear energy or different breath work techniques based on what you need. And then I actually really enjoy [00:28:00] seeing the transformation I enjoy seeing how far you've come in our time together, because no matter where you start, you're always going to evolve when you work with Tiffany or I.

 How can you not in addressing your energy and following some of the things that come through. And I wanna share too, that a lot of the times it's not us leading the way it's source, it's that energy that's coming through and sharing what, advice, things that need to be worked through so that you can move on to that next level of self.

So Yeah, I would say no two sessions are alike and that's what I really love about it is that I never even know when we go into a session, what's gonna happen. And it's really fun. I let a workshop last night, actually, that I had a whole outline in my head of what we were gonna do.

And when I opened the records, it was like, Nope, we're gonna do this instead. And then we're gonna go into journaling and we're gonna do this. And I was like, all right. And followed it. And all of the messages that came through really hit home for every single one of the. And that for me is all I ever can hope to do is to say something that really resonates with [00:29:00] you at your core and makes you a realize you're not alone and that you're seen by someone else.

But also that you have the power to change your circumstances or to change whatever it is that you want to change so that you can be a better you, that you can operate at a higher vibration. 


Tiffany: So Robin, you experienced it firsthand, for my hour or 90 minute sessions, that include Reiki. it's a lot of intuitive counsel as well. So the first 20 to 30 minutes, I'm asking you how you're feeling spiritually, mentally, physically.

Those questions really allow me to figure out. Where I need to focus on when I start the Reiki and when you get on the table. But during that also, I am also asking those questions so that I can tap into any intuition that needs to come through for me to give to you and to guide you through, the experience that you're having with me and where you currently are in life in that present moment.

And then we pull, 

A TA or an Oracle card. I've been using my spirit mama's deck because that's a work and [00:30:00] art from Victoria, myself, which I'm sure we talk about in a few minutes, but a lot of times what I'll do before I have a session is I 

put my hands over all of my Oracle cards to see which 

deck is calling to you for that specific session.

And then I'll pull a card. I usually pull three and then we'll walk through those cards. And what's so amazing is usually what you've said about where you are mentally, physically, spiritually. Those cards are of saying the same thing. And from that I'm giving you guidance on what I think you should do.

And then. In that moment, I'm also giving you what I call spirit work or homework for soul work for you to take away with you and for you to build upon after we've met. So whether that's a spiritual bath, it's meditating, it's doing affirmations for a week or a month. I'm giving you homework as.

Assignments to remind you of the power that you hold within. And I think that's what Victoria and I have in common is whatever we're saying and doing, it's really for you to remember and for you to really do the work for you to clear those gaps. Now I am putting you [00:31:00] on the table and I do Reiki and in that Reiki, so the type of Reiki, healer I am.

Cuz I am a intuitive, a lot of times I see colors or if you're having back or shoulder pain, I will feel that pain in my body as well. And I know how to focus in on that. And a lot of people they don't tell me everything, but by the time I get them on the table, I'm like, are you having chest pains?

And they're like, how did you know? And I can feel it, but you didn't mention that in the physical. And, but I'm able to still feel that and work on those things. And after the Reiki session I am able to tell you the colors that I see any spirit animals that have come through any visions that I receive, any ancestors that have come through that want to give messages for you through me.

And I'm one of those people I've been doing it for so long, but I'm always so amazed. You know what comes through, but the one thing is, I want you to walk away with that work that you can take into your life each day.

And for you to remember that you truly hold the power. I have so many people who. Come to me, so broken. And then a week later, they're [00:32:00] like, I just got a brand new job. How did that happen? I'm like, you cleared that space. You remember the power that you have that you hold within. And so that is usually how my hour to 90 minute sessions go for my reiki and intuitive council.

And I wanna remind listeners too, that it 

Victoria: doesn't have to be this long thing, right? You don't have to meditate for an hour every day to change your life. You can just take 10 minutes every morning to journal, to have your cup of coffee outside, where you open your senses and see what signs nature has to share with you.

I think we can get really in our heads about how it should look or what we need to do. And it can be really simple. It can be as simple as stopping to take five deep breaths when your child is having a tantrum, it can be as simple as. Closing your eyes and visualizing the life that you want to have.

It doesn't have to be this huge thing. You don't have to be a monk, meditating on top of a mountain. It's possible in the everyday moments to connect inward and a simple [00:33:00] exercise, I would actually share with everyone. Listening to connect with your inner voice is to just close your eyes and inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth.

Very slowly. For five breaths and then take your awareness wherever in your body, you have felt your intuition previously. Maybe it's your heart. Maybe it's your belly and ask yourself, how can you nourish yourself today and wait until you have fully exhaled to hear that answer arise within you, and then go do that today.

And I bet it's not as complicated as you.

Oh, that is 

Robyn: good. 

Tiffany: It just 

Karen: worked for me. 

Robyn: well, 

Tiffany: and I hope that 

Robyn: people listening recognize their own inner voice as they. Are doing that exercise and taking that very slow breath out. a lot of times we don't recognize our own voice.

And so just by doing that and taking that time and being intentional with what you're asking and feeling, hopefully that is something you can do every day. You can do it more than 

Tiffany: once a day. Yeah, and I don't [00:34:00] wanna remind people there's always this ego in the inner voice. And what I will say about the inner voice is it's calm, it's non questionable.

It's love. And if you're listening and your ego steps in, you feel a little anxious. , you get de questioning that's the ego. And so a lot of times it takes practice to really feel that inner voice. But like Victoria said, if you go to that place where you felt that intuition before, whether it's the heart space or it could be the good of your stomach, it could be your head wherever it is.

it's that calming feeling and that knowing. With practice, it's definitely a knowing and a calming feeling.

It's not gonna give you any anxiety about the answer. It's not gonna make you question. The ego will make you question, right? Cause the ego is always trying to be the number one. So just remember that as you do that, practic. Really good tips. 

Karen: Really simple 

Robyn: Yeah. So tell us about your Oracle card deck.

Victoria: I went and grabbed the deck. Cause I would love to pull a card for the listeners as well, it was something that Tiffany and I had on our vision board, [00:35:00] our list of what we wanted to do and we wrote it down and we forgot about it, honestly.

And then following those intuitive nudges, I came across a designer on Instagram. And I was like, wow, she's really cool. She does these intuitive designs. Let's meet with her. And so Tiffany and I channeled through the guidebook and all of the cards in this beautiful deck. And then our amazing designer Kat took those words and turned them into such beautiful visual imagery that you can come back to again and again, and hopefully find something deeper every time.

And our hope is that these cards. Become a companion for you that you don't even need to look at the guidebook that you can just tune into yourself and look at the name of the card. Look at the imagery and understand what the message is for you. That day. We have seven different suits, so there's goddess cards, there's chakra cards, there's inner power cards.

And we really have found that people are really resonating with them. I think if you take anything from this listeners, it's that anything beyond your wildest [00:36:00] dreams is possible because Tiffany and I are living that every day. I'm like we have an Oracle card. We have a spiritual business.

my mind is blown and it's because we dared to dream and we dared to go out there and do it. So whatever that 

thing is inside of you that you're like I really 

want to, Ugh, I'm not sure. Just go and do the damn thing because the world needs your magic. 

Karen: Everybody 

Tiffany: needs to hear that. Yes. I agree. The world 

Robyn: needs your magic to everybody listening. 

Tiffany: Another beautiful thing about the Oracle deck is it represents all women. A lot of times you'll go in the store and either you'll see white women or African decks I feel like we've done such a good job of merging all different.

Races and creeds and just beautiful women. I am amazed every time I look at these cards and we brought in, your mainstream goddesses all the way to goddesses from Europe tribes and those types of religions that, aren't mainstream. And it's so beautiful.

And Victoria and I we really meditated on. What we wanted to say in the [00:37:00] deck in the guidebook, like she said, but also each card, we spent time really trying to figure out what each car should look like. Should it include, sacred geometry, different colors what do the chakras need to look like?

 I'm so excited to share the deck. And I think Victoria's gonna pull a car for us now. 

Victoria: I'm just giggling over here because sacral chakra is what I pulled in the circle last night and it is coming through so strongly as a reminder for all of the listeners to tap into that creative energy that you have within.

All of us have that creation energy flowing through us. And that's really that water of the sacral chakra is all about that. So whether you are birthing an actual child, birthing a business, birthing a book, birthing a project, you have that ability within to bring beauty into the world. To create something that is uniquely yours, that no one else has done before.

And I think that's what this card is calling us to do. As we step into this new aquarium age is there are so many things that are gonna be birthed and created that [00:38:00] have never been on the earthly plane before. They're so needed right now. So listen to those nudges, listen to that little inner voice within that's telling you to create or do or make this special thing it's not silly it's needed.

And I would also just remind everyone to move your hips today. Go do some hip circles, go put a song on and dance move around and have a good time. . 

Robyn: Oh, that is just beautiful. Thank you for pulling that and thank you for explaining how it came to be there is such love. And passion that's coming through.

I know to all of us, that is put into those cards with such thoughtfulness too.

Karen: And I think we all need these tools too, it, we all need to have ways of pulling out what these intuitive insights are. And I love how these cards can reaffirm. And even what you said about not even really needing a booklet or any kind of guidance on that and letting your own self tell you what it means to you.

[00:39:00] Is beautiful. Kudos to following your heart, to coming together, to seeing your dreams through. Robin and I both know it takes work. And you can tell that you're just compliment each other so well, with the gifts that you both have, 

Robyn: it feels like this.

Just the beginning for the two of you and for all of the power that you can help others see in themselves. It's just so clear that even though you've been doing this now for a few years, there's a lot more for you to do. And we're both so grateful to now be connected and to help introduce you to more people who need.

Your guidance and , your abilities to help them see what's in 

Tiffany: themselves. Oh, Robin, that means so much. I'm gonna take that. I love that. And I was talking to you, Robin about just you and Karen's process, and I don't know if your audience knows, but before they even invited us and confirmed us on the show, the fact that you wanted to experience our gifts was eye open it to me cuz I think it just, it meant so much for me to share my gift with you and [00:40:00] for you to just take something from that.

And from that say, we really want you on our show and. It was funny Robin, last week you said, TIFF, you're so authentic. And that kind of caught me off guard, but then I realized there's so many people who go through. Unauthentic, and I don't know how else to be. And so for you to say that I even, I went on our stories and said something about it because I wanted to remind people, like always present yourself to the world in your most authentic way, because people can see through the mess and the fakeness, if you put on a mass.

So always just show up authentically. So I appreciate you ladies, both for having us on the show and just allowing us to be our true selves here. you're making me cry now, too. 

Karen: Rob and I say all the time, it's this shared light that just can burn. More brightly and help others.

And that's really the goal. I think that we all have is yes, we wanna be our, on our authentic selves and look how we feel when we are, but we also wanna help others find their way to that as well. And clearly you guys are doing that. So thank you. It's such a joy to meet you both. And again, as Robin said to [00:41:00] share what you're doing, 

Tiffany: And 

Robyn: everybody go to spirit

That's S P I R I T M a M a to learn more about working with Victoria and Tiffany to learn more about their Oracle deck and their membership community. And they also have free meditations on their site as well. And you can also follow them at spirit.mamas on Instagram. It has been such an honor to have you both on here.

And I know we look forward to continuing this connection. Thank you. Thank you 

Tiffany: ladies so much. You thanks. 

Birth a New Version of Yourself with Help from the Spirit Mamas - Episode 31