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Resetting Your Energy: Reiki, The Divine Rays + Sound Healing - Episode 29

August 22, 2022 Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Danielle Grasso and Britney Chitwood Season 2 Episode 29
Resetting Your Energy: Reiki, The Divine Rays + Sound Healing - Episode 29
Seeking Center: The Podcast
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Seeking Center: The Podcast
Resetting Your Energy: Reiki, The Divine Rays + Sound Healing - Episode 29
Aug 22, 2022 Season 2 Episode 29
Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser, Danielle Grasso and Britney Chitwood

Danielle Grasso and Britney Chitwood are a dynamic duo who’ve been Reiki Master Practitioners for over 10 years. Our podcast conversation with them is juicy! We dive into Reiki, intuition, Oracle cards, sound healing, and even holistic eating. They are both also intuitive and have channeled “The Divine Rays Oracle Card Deck and Guidebook." What is that, you ask? You'll get the full explanation. Plus, you'll hear them in action as they give Robyn and Karen an intuitive reading. 

They also reveal the chakra that can help improve your immune system--and they'll share a practice that you can integrate into your every day.

And they share their surprising journey that led them to each other -- and Reiki.

Listen now.

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Danielle Grasso and Britney Chitwood are a dynamic duo who’ve been Reiki Master Practitioners for over 10 years. Our podcast conversation with them is juicy! We dive into Reiki, intuition, Oracle cards, sound healing, and even holistic eating. They are both also intuitive and have channeled “The Divine Rays Oracle Card Deck and Guidebook." What is that, you ask? You'll get the full explanation. Plus, you'll hear them in action as they give Robyn and Karen an intuitive reading. 

They also reveal the chakra that can help improve your immune system--and they'll share a practice that you can integrate into your every day.

And they share their surprising journey that led them to each other -- and Reiki.

Listen now.

To work with Danielle and Brittany,  find out more about their offerings or pre-order their Oracle deck, please visit

Get Danielle's Summer Grilled Veggie & Quinoa Wrap with Citrus Tahini Dressing

Danielle + Brittany's Sound Bath Spotify Playlist

Visit for more from Robyn + Karen, plus mega inspo -- and the best wellness + spiritual practitioners, products and experiences on the planet!

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robyn: oh, this episode is juicy. We'll be diving into Reiki, intuition, Oracle cards, sound healing, and even holistic eating meet Danielle Grasso and Britney Chitwood. This dynamic duo have been Reiki master practitioners for over [00:01:00] 10 years. They are both also intuitive and have channeled the divine rays Oracle card deck and guidebook, which they'll tell you all about. They'll even show us how a mini intuitive card reading works. Then we'll touch on sound healing. What is it? And how could certain frequencies help your overall wellbeing? Plus Danielle is also a vegan chef who will share her go-to recipe. There is so much to discuss.

Let's get going. Hi, Brittany and Danielle. Hi 

brittany: You 

danielle: Have so 

karen: much to share with our audience today we feel like we've met you serendipitously, friend of a friend, and we were just talking before we started recording about how we just feel so aligned energetically 

danielle: We're really excited. Thank you for having us. 

brittany: Yeah. We're so grateful for this opportunity to come and share what we've been doing with you and your listeners. 

robyn: As Karen said, we have a lot of ground to cover, so let's start with Reiki on our podcast, we have talked about Reiki before and while there are these universal practices, when it comes to Reiki, [00:02:00] it seems to us that every healer or practitioner really makes it their own.

So can you talk about what Reiki means to both of you and how you practice it? 

brittany: Sure. Yeah. You mentioned that Reiki has some basic principles and that's right on Happens when you start learning Reiki and you become attuned to Reiki energy is that it actually starts guiding you.

It's that life force energy that guides you in doing whatever it is that you want to do or that you're nudged by spirit to do. For me, Reiki is a part of me now, it's something that I can access as a tool on a daily basis for anything while I'm eating while I'm driving.

If I have an event coming up in the future, something happened in my past. Even in a present moment it's something that you can always use as a resource and is always there 

danielle: to. Clean 

brittany: up your energy and balance 

danielle: your being 

robyn: would you say that most people don't realize how cluttered their energy has become?

I think there's a [00:03:00] lot of people who've never had Reiki healing before. What's that, like when you find someone who, has never done this before and you're looking at their energy, 


robyn: and then for those of us who you do have had Reiki before, maybe not as consistently as we sh as we'd like to what can you tell the difference and, can you talk about that for a moment?

danielle: Sure. I feel like everything is energy and energy is always vibrating. When we're around other people or when we're in, large crowds, or when we go to the grocery store, we don't even realize that we're absorbing others' energy constantly, and you might not even have to be physically around the person to absorb their energy with family members, with friends, if someone's going through something We're all intuitive.

We all have, the connection and the chords to each other. And so I believe that, Reiki just helps cleanse that. It helps clear what is not yours and what is not serving you. And unless you have the [00:04:00] intention of clearing it, then you probably won't because it's very intentionally based.

It's all about, recognizing when you're a little off, when you're a little bit tired and realizing, is this mine or is it not? And most of the time, it's not. For us, back when we first started Reiki 10 years ago with Reiki one we learned how to do it on ourselves, which ultimately opened us up to the grace and love of the light.

and whatever shadow, I don't wanna say dark energy, but whatever wasn't serving just was released and transmuted through Reiki. And we found that to be super empowering and it allowed us to dive a little bit deeper into our own self discovery and and 

brittany: It was very enlightening to know that there was something out there, energy that we weren't aware of this whole energetic system in your body that is just as real as your physical body and it's working and doing all this things on its own.

And nobody knows about it. No one talks 

robyn: about it's about it. Don't think 

danielle: [00:05:00] it's the strangest thing ever. 

karen: We've talked to so many people who do other types of healing modalities. And so many of them just started with reiki I think we've all talked about, it's almost like a gateway drug or a door that opens to your point, when you were saying, your intention and your intuition opens up how come it works that way?

What do you think? 

brittany: Yeah. When you break the word down Reiki key is actually the universal energy. That's flowing through everything and Ray is really meaning a universal energy spiritual. And when you put them together, it's a universal spiritually guided. Life force energy.

So although not every healer uses Reiki, every healer uses key. They use the energy that's available within us, around us. And it's your training and what your intention is behind it to make that energy move and manipulate it into doing what it should do, which is, or actually it's really to empower your own system to kick in and heal itself because we're all able to do that.


Oh, [00:06:00] I love that definition. So for somebody who maybe who doesn't know about a Reiki session and what to expect talk to us about how do you approach 

danielle: So for us everything shifted with the pandemic.

So we currently do Reiki sessions virtually, and we found that when we took Reiki too you learned the distance Reiki symbol, which was huge to learn because it travels through time space. there's nothing that you can't send the distance symbol to. With the pandemic, we started utilizing the symbol more into our practice because we weren't able to physically see people.

robyn: What does that mean? And how does that work? The symbol. 

danielle: Yeah. In Reiki you learn many symbols, but one of them is the distance symbol. And so you can, send Reiki with the symbol and your intention to anything, anyone, anytime, any place.

And so there's no limit which is beautiful. And so we've used distance Reiki before the pandemic, and we still use that. And in our session we like to offer it [00:07:00] online with the intention of having someone be very comfortable in their environment.

So the difference is we would normally do it in our home or in our practice, but doing it virtually the person can literally just be relaxing and stress free. they don't have to go anywhere. They don't have to think about anything. They could just be present in the moment and allow.

The energy to work and afterwards it's very transitionally beautiful because they can just be, they don't have to go anywhere. It's really a beautiful thing. , 

brittany: I'd say for a one time session, somebody will benefit most with relaxation, some time for themselves. A lot of people might feel the energy, even though we're at a distance, they'll actually feel our presence with them.

They'll feel things moving 

danielle: within their systems. He 

brittany: at 

tingling they might hear things see things like colors or messages from their higher selves. 


brittany: And what are you seeing 

karen: on your end? Do you see 


brittany: as well? Oh yeah. We see things, we feel things. And we like to have an open [00:08:00] conversation with them as it's going on.

Sometimes people just like to have the moment to be completely silent and then we talk afterwards, but we speak of that, beforehand. 

danielle: And we also, use a scale beforehand. And after like on a scale of one to 10, tell us how you feel emotionally, physically, mentally. And then at the end, they can give us their number to see if it made a difference.

And most of the time it does. We've seen the results, we've seen people just soak it up 

brittany: Reiki, people come for Reiki for all different reasons. , they could have something physically going on with them spiritually going on with them mentally or emotionally and Reiki, really just hones in on what that specific person needs.

And it's 

danielle: intelligent. Yeah. 

brittany: we aren't actually doing. Any of the healing ourselves. We are the channel for the energy to come into your system so that your system could kick on 

danielle: and start healing itself. I love 

robyn: that. And are you doing this session together? 

danielle: Yes. We don't have to, we've done it separately, but we like to, because it's double, the dose I think that's [00:09:00] so cool.

I think that's 

brittany: incredible feminine of Reiki shares when groups of people come together with one intention and they're all sending Reiki at the same time. Nonetheless, it's the two of us, but it's like a Reiki share between the two of us and our intentions are synced up with the client and it's a beautiful 

danielle: experience.

And is 

robyn: there, do you have music going do, is there. is it silent? 

danielle: it's up to the person. It's a personal choice for us. on our website, we do offer a Spotify playlist that we put together of solfeggio frequencies, sound, hertz parts, frequencies, hertz frequencies to their chakra aligning.

So if somebody is interested in that they can go to it and play it while we do the session or they can choose their own. We're very much into sound and Reiki together.

But it's not necessary. 

brittany: The sound just like Reiki is a frequency. It's a type of frequency that's entering the system. So what sound healing does is it also triggers the body into healing itself. It normalizes any [00:10:00] imbalances and it brings everything back into a harmonized state 

danielle: of alignment.

robyn: Wow. And again, that's something that I feel like no one talks about enough 

danielle: And 

karen: the intelligence of it, I think is really fascinating. They use that particular word for it that you are the channelers of this intelligent energy that can really be channeled into a body and really go to where that person most needs it.

danielle: Yeah. 

brittany: And so what I find is if you just get one session you'll have the relaxation you'll feel the benefits for a little while, but really if you make it into a practice, if you learn Reiki for yourself and you. Incorporate it into your daily life is when you really start to feel.

The difference is when you really start to , connect to divine consciousness and your own path. And it really is a useful aid, a tool in your toolbox that you can go to for anything 

danielle: It's a life changer. 

karen: In terms of incorporating it into your day to day life fascinated by that aspect? Is it something that you both do, in the morning as a meditation where you actually can call upon this [00:11:00] energetic intelligence? Is that above and beyond meditation? What's the difference 

brittany: there?

Yeah. A part of learning Reiki is part of their ideals and you're taught to practice. Praying and saying the ideals in the morning and evening. And actuality, does that happen all the time? No, but it's a really great starting point to really set the tone for your day, set the tone for your night and for your dreams.

We're doing so much in our sleep too, and it's out of our control. And if you put Reiki into your sleep time into what you're doing around the clock, then 

danielle: , you're 

brittany: covered. You can, like I said before, put Reiki into your food, 

danielle: In any situation. So 

robyn: love that I do too. And Karen and I are very excited cuz we are going to be learning Reiki from the two of you in the coming week. So it's very exciting. 

danielle: And 

brittany: I think for you guys to learn Reiki at this point is gonna be a huge game changer for you as well? Because you're already doing so much, you already have such a foundational knowledge for all of this spirituality and, just having an extra tool for [00:12:00] yourself too

it's not gonna hurt. Yeah, I 

robyn: agree. And I feel like the timing is just right. We've been talking about learning Reiki for a while, and then you came into our lives and When something just flows and it's easy it works.

 So thank you. And thank you universe for bringing us together. And that's 

karen: the best segue right into the next question. how did you guys come together and come to work together? 

brittany: I think it, actually, we came together first and then we started working together.

We've also 

danielle: had astrology readings and some intuitives tell us that we've tried to make this relationship work for many lifetimes, and this is the first lifetime that it's actually being able to play out, And 

robyn: for everyone listening, because we didn't start out by saying that, I thought you would all reveal to everybody. Can you talk about What that 

danielle: means? 

brittany: So we're married, we've been married since 2019. But we've been together for 12 years. And that was right before we started learning Reiki. We came together it was a magnet force [00:13:00] that brought 

danielle: us together.

Yeah. The universe actually tried to bring us together multiple times. In different ways in this lifetime. Yeah. Wow. She was babysitting my neighbor's kids and that's not actually how we met, but we would wave to each other. And then later on, we met through friends.

We did not grow 

brittany: up in the same town. No, we were it stop it different towns. She's two years older than me. We didn't have same friend circles or anything. We didn't know anything about each other, but I specifically remember waving to her and saying, hi, welcome the kids down the street and playing outside with them.

So that was one of the first times we met and didn't know, 

danielle: we developed a friendship, honestly, first, I was, Sorting out my sexuality. I grew up Catholic and so I didn't really know my place. But I played softball and I coached softball. 

And so when I met Brittany, we started a friendship 

brittany: and at that time I was in relationship with a man and I was actually engaged to be married when we really started hitting things off. So took me, it was a blind side for me. I didn't know I had, I could have feelings [00:14:00] for anyone else.

I felt I was in love with this one person and. To have feelings come rushing in out of nowhere, really threw me for a loop. And I had to do a lot of sorting out within myself. I think that was the first soul awakening for myself too. One of the first where I really had to sit within myself and feel my feelings And feel my thoughts and feel my divine connection and what was really true for me. And I made that decision It was the best decision of my life. 

robyn: And also actually makes me think knowing how old you are, was that your Saturn return? Did you ever look back at 

danielle: that? And you know what I think you might be right on, you might be, she, we had some astrology readings and yeah, that might have been exactly what happened.

Yeah. But to bring it back to our spiritual connection. Yes. We felt the soul connection with each other and we we just let that lead the way. And we went to a psychic fair, and this woman did a reading for us and she said have you ever looked into Reiki?

And we were like, no. And we looked [00:15:00] into it and she actually was our teacher. She taught us Reiki one and two. And from there we used it on ourselves and then we started practicing it on our family and friends, and then we built a practice, but ultimately it was divine. It was all the, 

robyn: and where were you coming from?

Like what were you both doing prior to yeah, really practicing reiki on others? 

danielle: I was thinking that I was gonna, be a softball coach in college. I was. Coaching. And then it just wasn't serving me anymore. So I went to culinary school 

and, I felt like that was something that I really was natural at, but I also, had this other side of me spiritually, that she was pulling out of me. And so we were doing multiple things simultaneously, it was like I was cooking. I had a private chef business for eight years.

That was awesome. And really, she worked with me with that. And so I would do Reiki on the food. And I swear people would rave about it. Yeah. Just about, 

brittany: Not needing social media. It was all word of mouth, so [00:16:00] was it the Reiki too? I think so. 

danielle: which is ultimately a dream of mine to maybe do something with food, with Reiki at some point.


karen: absolutely. And I think for people listening to, one thing to add is the fact that to take Reiki classes is not a lifelong investment. Oh no. Can take it and learn it within a relatively short period of time. It's really the practice of it that makes you better and 

danielle: better. Can, yeah.

Can you just talk about that for a sec? Yeah. It's a 

brittany: lifelong benefit, once you're attuned to Reiki it's in you, it's working for life, whether you practice it or not, . Which is it's nice to know. 

danielle: Yes, 

robyn: that is . 

danielle: Brittany, where 

robyn: were you coming from?

brittany: Before we got together, I was in school for radiation therapy.

Before that I was going to school for psychology and my older sister had fallen ill with a brain tumor. And that set my world for a loop. That actually was my first spiritual awakening. When she had passed, it triggered something within me that was like, don't wait, don't [00:17:00] do things that you're not feeling.

Just be you. She was a very spiritual person. And I just took the best parts of her with me afterwards and developed that into myself. And then when I met Danielle, it was Like I said that magnet where it was like, okay, finally, I met you. I, it was that realization, that recognition of her soul, that it was like, oh, wow, it's you.

I finally, we did it we're together. but yeah. Radiation, for 15 years working as a radiation therapist, treating cancer patients my 

danielle: sister is what guided me 

brittany: towards doing that line of work where I can give back to patients and family members that I knew their situation. I knew what they were going through. So I felt I had. An extra leg to offer them and then when I learned Reiki, it was like, okay Reiki can definitely help with all of these cancer treatments and emotions that come along with it, not only for the patient, but their family members and their caregivers.

So for me, I started doing Reiki in the hospital and not even for the patients, for my coworkers, it's not an easy job and it's day [00:18:00] in, day out through the pandemic, made it even harder. Reiki really benefited my coworkers at that time. And it became too much for me to do that job.

And it was something that I was transitioning out of for a while also to be more in line with this profession. I recently traded out that and I'm full time with this and. Been great, 

robyn: And it's so inspiring for people who are listening, who may feel like there's some other calling in their own lives.

. And to know that you both were on a different path, there is we, as you called it, your first awakening, your second awakening I've personally had that idea of different awakenings that then led me on a different path. And I know Karen has as well.

So know that if you haven't felt that yet you can. And it will happen in ways that you never imagined and you'll know when it does, you just. 

danielle: You'll know it 

brittany: because it's front and center. There's no getting around it. It's strong. It's something that you might try to push away, but it [00:19:00] still keeps coming in the forefront and it's not easy.

We might be talking about it, making it sound like it wasn't easy choice and easy path to take. And it wasn't. It was, years and years of contemplating, of overanalyzing, of wondering of fear and all these things that you have to work through. Reiki helped with us. I was dissatisfied in my job for a while and sending Reiki in the morning to my duties and what I knew I had to do got me through.

danielle: I think you're gonna inspire 

karen: so many people. To look into Reiki because I think it's a term that we throw around a lot and everybody has this sort of vague assumption of what they really think it is. And I'm even learning more. My mother's a master if for heaven's sake, but the way you explain it, it makes it so accessible to everyone makes it something that you can call upon at any point in your life that will help you intuitively that will help you energetically, that will help guide you to your next milestone or decision that you need.

It's definitely an aid in that, that I think everybody 

danielle: needs to know about. So [00:20:00] thank 

brittany: you for explaining it that way. If you don't go any further with re Reiki, one is great. Just to know it for yourself 

danielle: is a game changer. 

robyn: we cannot wait. In addition to Reiki, you're both also intuitive.

And you're able to channel, and from our previous discussion, we talked about one source that you've been able to channel are the divine rays can you talk about that? And then the Oracle deck and guidebook that's come from that. 

danielle: Yes. So both of us have a background in psychology.

We were introduced to the first Ray that we ever heard about, which was the violet flame Ray of transmutation. And it's pure magic.

Just calling on the Ray of divine, transmutation, transmutes, all old wounds, all energies that are stuck, anything that's no longer serving. 

karen: How do you call upon that violet way? do you specifically 

danielle: do that? We just say it's really simple and it's unique for each person, but I would say, I just call on the highest, most divine energy of the violet [00:21:00] ray for my highest.

Good. Really? you don't even have to say anything it's really as simple as just. The thought intention and the intention 

brittany: behind it. So your intention allows your intention gives permission. 

danielle: These calling forth the ray of divine transmutation is just as easy as that. I call fourth, the array of divine transmutation, sit with it, 

brittany: sit with that for a moment, and then feel within your system, feel the vibrations coming in, feel whatever you are needing of transmutation to be transmuted.

Allow it, let 

danielle: it go. You might not even know that's the beauty of the flame. 

brittany: Just like with all energy modalities, it's invisible. , you can't see it, but you 

danielle: feel it. Sometimes you might be able to see some things. You might be able to see some violet, all, the rays are colors.

It's like the rainbow rays, which is funny because. Of our sexuality choices that it's rainbow, yes. Love that. 

robyn: very in alignment. 

danielle: love that. 

karen: thank you, we're always just trying 

danielle: to share any 

karen: kind of practice with people who are listening.

danielle: That Ray in [00:22:00] itself was the gateway to learning about other rays And the easiest way to explain the rays is that we all have just this infinite potential.

And we're all about recognizing our potential and living to our fullest potential. So we wanted to create an Oracle deck that would do that, that would reprogram our subconscious. And we also wanted to infuse the distance Reiki symbol in each card. So through graphic design, And our spiritual artwork, we were able to put the distance Reiki behind every single card so that the person working with the deck is actually receiving Reiki as they're working with it.


brittany: the divine Ray are frequencies coming from the divine realm, which is the highest realm of existence, which we believe we are connected to. And that we channel from everyone is 

danielle: we 

brittany: Strength and this connection through our Reiki mastery after we became masters, part of mastery 

danielle: is [00:23:00] embodying.

Reiki is embodying. The attributes 

brittany: of the divine is becoming Reiki is not something that is accessing from the outside of you anymore. It's something that is. Coming from within. So in light of that, we said, 

There's all these attributes of a divine, highest potential being that really nobody focuses on.

danielle: And also, if you look at the emotional scale of energy love peace, enlightenment all are a higher vibration than let's say grief, fear, disease, all those are contracting. Whereas these higher attributes, these rays are expand our energies and helping us tap into the higher consciousness that is available to everyone right now, especially because this planet is ascending.

this planet itself is ascending to the higher consciousness. So we felt guided. Buy our higher selves and guide teams to create something tangible that somebody could work with on a daily basis. we've worked with Oracle [00:24:00] decks and TA, but I think the difference with this is that it's all high vibrational.

There's not one card in this deck. That's gonna make you feel bad about yourself. It's gonna be the exact opposite. And that's looking in the heart. That's exactly what we wanted to do was create a motivational way for somebody to empower themselves just by making the space on a daily basis for themselves.

robyn: So how would someone at home work with the deck? 

brittany: so it's really easy to work with. It's intuitive. It comes with a guidebook. And channeled messages that go with each card. So on the face of the card there's the Reiki infused spiritual graphic art that we made. There's also a affirmation on the bottom.

And then if you look up at the guidebook, then you'll see some messages that may resonate with you 

robyn: So would you say on a daily basis, if somebody wanted to use it, make it part of their. Morning, ritual. Let's say would you suggest that they set an intention and then choose a card and then the message and see how that [00:25:00] applies to their intention?


danielle: Exactly's 

brittany: have different, simple, we have different spreads that you can choose from, or you can free choose for whatever you want. So we do it in the mornings. We pick a card for our highest good. kind of. Our mind on for the day it's, what's a call forth within us. And it's often a reminder.

I often get cards that remind me of what I need in the moment. 

danielle: And what you already embody. Yeah. That's the thing about these cards is that everything is already there. It's almost like we have spiritual amnesia. At times where we forget all these qualities that are dormant within us.

 Because we're so distracted usually, or we're absorbing other people's energies. Like we talked about in the beginning. So the cards are just a way to lighten your life really. And to be your own coach, to be your own motivator, to be your own guide, because ultimately You can look outside yourself like we've spoken about, but that's only gonna serve you to a certain degree. It's when you truly make the space for yourself. On a daily basis, whether [00:26:00] it's a minute or 15 or whatever that is gonna truly make a difference in the big picture. Yes. 

brittany: So 


Can we do a mini reading for Karen and I sure 

danielle: that's fun. 

brittany: And what would your intentions be? Would it wanna be for separate or 

danielle: together? 

robyn: We could do it together. Yeah. 

danielle: So this is our newest deck.

Currently being printed. Oh my God. It's so beautiful. 

So I'm just going 

brittany: call in my higher self yourself

 and meet your higher selves.

I'm just going as many cards that are necessary to

danielle: the 

brittany: divine message for you both. 

danielle: Wow.

brittany: They're just they're popping right out here. , they're jumping right outta the deck. 

danielle: Awesome. I think we'll do 

brittany: three, three. Feels good. So the first card that came out was divine miracles. 

danielle: Oh wow. The goosebumps. 

brittany: I am marvelous 

danielle: and phenomenal is 

brittany: the affirmation.

The second card is divine flow. 

danielle: Oh wow. 

brittany: I am progressing and evolving and divine 

danielle: confidence.

it's so suits 

brittany: what 

danielle: we were talking about. [00:27:00] Usually its are flowing, so be confident ladies cause they're flowing. 

 so do you want me to read the guidebook 

brittany: I was just gonna intuitively oh, okay. 

danielle: Okay. Go ahead. 

brittany: The emeralds Ray is all about healing. So flow with and healing and the turquoise Ray is all about mysticism. So pulling these three cards for you ladies right now is a sign that you're on the right track, everything that you're doing with everything that we're called here to do today.

The confidence in the messages that you're serving you're putting out in these podcasts are incredible. You're reaching the ears of so many that need to hear All of this information. 

danielle: So what we're getting from this reading is exactly what, the vibration is for this, which is that you both are creating miracles by your intention and miracles are gonna follow.

From your heart core intention of your network of the podcast and whatever else is meant for your highest timeline is coming through it's on the [00:28:00] way. So any doubts can be just completely thrown out the window because miracles is probably the highest, most divine card in the deck besides consciousness and love.

So also with the divine flow, it feels like you guys flow so beautifully together. And you can be confident in your flow. You can be confident in the miracles following, because like we said, they're on the way. 

brittany: Yeah. And mysticism, that's your journey. Mysticism is your journey. And that's what the turquoise Ray is all about.

really developing your purpose within that field. 

danielle: , it's flowing. Wow. Yeah. And it's just to continue to stay poised through these times because whenever doubts arise, it's just to have the conscious awareness that you are not your thought, you are not that thought you're the energy behind it.

So you can just recognize it and just let it flow away. Which is why flow. I believe came up too. It's just to flow with the changes, be confident in the miracles that are gonna be coming your way. And there is healing involved in what you're doing. [00:29:00] This is beautiful. It's a beautiful reading. Wow. I love it. 

karen: it's almost like a two way, one, at least the way I'm interpreting it, because 

danielle: it's what 

karen: we need to hear in terms of an affirmation, but it's also what we need to do.

So I think, literally ahead of even us talking today, before we even started recording, we were having this little conversation about divine timing and flow and being patient and knowing that everything was gonna happen at its own time. And this could not be more of a message that we need to hear, but that what we actually need to do continue.


robyn: And even last night, and this morning when Karen and I talked, there was a conversation about confidence and actually about the fact that we are both feeling really confident. and that sounds weird because It's not something number one that we actually always talk about. 

brittany: Enough too with that is three card reading is a past present future reading and I choose three cards. And maybe subconsciously that was it [00:30:00] because yeah. It's 

danielle: divine confidence is also different than just regular confidence and that your accessing the highest parts of you that you're accessing the most divine parts of yourself that actually go beyond the ego.

So divine confidence is not ego based. It's heart. And there's a very 

robyn: big difference. 

danielle: In both of your careers, there's no reason why neither either one of you shouldn't be confident You have resumes that are exceptional. You both have done so much already in your lives. So it's like this confidence is built on your soul. This is soul confidence, and it feels just believing in the miracles that are on the way, just the belief of them, just knowing that they're on the way is going to set that in motion.

 Even more confidence. Wow. 

Normally we do. If we were to do a reading, like for real, we would read you. The messages, but we won't do that today. . I 

robyn: guess 

karen: to take that just one step further though. So if you do a reading for someone else in terms of once they get that message, is there like 

brittany: an after a [00:31:00] homework an activator 

karen: of what that message is that they can take with them 

danielle: to, yes, we would send, if they didn't have the deck themselves, then we would send them the message.

brittany: But also our 

danielle: interpretation of it, we can channel it as well. That's kinda what we're about is to us, we've been working with these cards for ourselves. So we've seen the progress. We've seen what they can do on a daily basis and we believe in them.

So that's really what this is. It's the belief in them, ourselves Translates into others because it's we're doing it for ourselves and we've seen it work. 

brittany: One example of that is we were really getting into working with these for ourselves when my father was ill, he went C O P D and emphysema.

And for three years he battled that really hard. And it was towards the end when we were like, okay, let's just send him the rays . Let's just do it to the whole thing. Yeah. And we had a magical 

danielle: visual, 

brittany: both of us. 

danielle: I had a dream. Yeah. He was in space 

brittany: and he was surrounded by all [00:32:00] of the divine rays 

danielle: this was right before his passing. So we felt and then when he actually passed is when we really used them a lot, because we're so sensitive to energy, 

and it was just overwhelming for us. I tend to be a little bit more sensitive than Brittany. So I feel like for me, I really go to these cards often. Because I know that it resets it, renews. It helps me remember. I 

brittany: know that it helps in my father's passing And know it helped in his transition. it's a knowing it was his state of being before and his state of being after where he was more calm, more accepting, more 

danielle: not. 

brittany: Agitated within himself. And 

it was a beautiful thing to witness because for so long, 

danielle: he had such trouble within 

brittany: his own being.

He couldn't breathe, he couldn't function, so the relief that this offered at his final passing was a miracle. And it was a validation for us. 

danielle: Was a big validation through the pandemic too. We work a lot with divine wellness, divine [00:33:00] vitality and a lot of people are unaware that our thymus chakra, which is located between our throat and our heart, our thymus gland .

And it's basically in charge of our immune system. So a simple technique that we could do right now, is to just breathe and tap on our thymus gland. And just allow it to open. This helps us also speak from our heart. It opens the channel and it actually works with our cells in that area.

As we age, the thymus gland kind of shrinks. So something that we can do is to just tap it every day, give it a little tap seconds, even 30 seconds. And you'll notice you'll actually feel a little burst of energy. You'll feel a little, life because it's right there with our immune system, especially in these times, it's divine wellness is

robyn: I'm sure everybody listening right now. now tapping something that I think most of us don't know, again, for some people today, just hearing about energy in a new way is one thing. Now [00:34:00] hearing about divine rays is another, and now we're talking about I didn't even know that was a chakra and it's in such a central part of your body. 

danielle: , yeah. I feel like we're programmed to not know these things, but the program is changing. Yes. So we're all a part of that. 

robyn: And really, and that reading, I'm still processing and taking it in.

danielle: Exciting for you both, and you both deserve everything. That's coming your way. Thank you same to you 

karen: I love the fact that 

brittany: you have a playlist. I love the solfeggio frequencies.

karen: I think there's so beautiful. That's something that I've discovered a couple years ago and I meditate with them daily because they're just so inspirational. So talk a little bit about how you use sound healing in the work that you do. 

danielle: We both feel that sound and Reiki are complimentary and they go hand in hand.

Really To harmonize our fields 

brittany: I'm sure you all know we have an aura and there are layers with an aura. Each layer has its own frequency has its own vibration and put them together. The aura itself can also be [00:35:00] referred to as our harmonics, 

because each chakra is associated to each layer and each layer has a certain vibration and frequency.

So when you're listening to music you're accepting those frequency waves, and it's literally changing your vibration and your cells. So that you're more in harmony with how your system should be aligned. What its natural state of being should be. . And that's similar to what Reiki does too.

That's why they're so complimentary. 

danielle: Wow. 

karen: you're underscoring for me 

danielle: too. Why playing that music and 

karen: meditation it literally feels good. it does layer in , now I know I'm harmonizing my field and I had no idea I was 

danielle: doing that. I remember there was a study done on water by this doctor.

I believe his name was emoto who basically put certain words onto water. And it literally changed in our Reiki class. We put these pictures because whatever you're focused on and whatever was being sent to the water literally formed. Crystalline pictures of happiness love were these beautiful, geometric [00:36:00] patterns.

And then you have anger, heavy metal, all this, basically looked like, rock, so it's just interesting how intention language, has to do with your and sound, has to do with your overall wellbeing. Are 

robyn: there certain frequencies that you use on a daily basis, maybe at different times during the day?

Is there anything that you'd recommend? 

brittany: We usually do a sound bath to the chakra frequencies. 

danielle: Crystal bowls. It depends on the day And it depends on how we're feeling, but I would say at least once a day, we listen to some sort of sound bath and it doesn't have to be for long.

brittany: We actually listen to a lot when we're driving, 

danielle: it's very relaxing. 

brittany: It's almost transing, it feels, when you're looking out the window you don't feel like you're driving anymore. You're almost just floating along and you're just really appreciating the nature a little bit more.

You're seeing things a little brighter. 

danielle: That's my experience. 

robyn: Should people subscribe to your Spotify playlist?

danielle: I believe if they just go to the site and they click the playlist, if they have Spotify, it takes you right there. 

robyn: for your particular they can go to [00:37:00] divine love and light

They'll see your Spotify playlist and they can listen to it there or subscribe to it. Thank you. And let's talk Danielle about. You're a vegan chef. 

brittany: Yep. For the past seven years.

danielle: Yeah. We're vegetarian vegan. we lean mostly towards being vegan. 

robyn: And now obviously you incorporate that in your work as a chef . And is there a go-to recipe that you can share with everyone or a go-to ingredient that we should all know about? 

danielle: I do have a website for my private chef, which I have a blog, a chef's blog and it has some plant based recipes on it.

So I could share that with you I'd say right now we really work with what's in season. So for us, we're in the Northeast and it's summer. Whatever's at the farmer's market. Whatever's local and looks good. We're into grilling right now.

I'm Italian and Syrian. So I try to work with a lot of Mediterranean flavors. So we grill zucchini, some eggplant mushrooms, peppers, whatever you can grill. And [00:38:00] then just put it, with some quinoa and, a little citrus, tahini dressing is nice, a wrap and a wrap.

I'm a big sandwich person. So we try to veganize every single sandwich that you can think of. I have a lot of recipes and I'm excited to share them, but I would say the quinoa grilled veggie wrap right now is what's going on for us.

robyn: can you give everybody the name of your website? 

danielle: So it's my name? Grasso Danielle. So G R a S O D a N I E L E do w I X S I T site. And I'll have 

robyn: that up in the show notes as well. so people can click on it, what a great conversation we have covered it

I'm just in awe of all of it, And the breadth and depth of. Your knowledge and your wisdom and your willingness to share and help heal is so it's so tremendous and we can feel it. 

danielle: So thank you. Thank you. Thank you for having us and for doing what you're both doing.

We're [00:39:00] excited to be a part of whatever you do. 

You're definitely a light in our lives now. thank you

robyn: To work with Danielle and Britney, or to find out more about their offerings. Please visit divine love and light LLC dot.

That's D I V I N E L O V E a N D L I G H T LLC. Dot com.

Resetting Your Energy: Reiki, The Divine Rays + Sound Healing