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Find Your Deeper Wisdom: Hypnotherapy, Regression, Quantum Jumping - Episode 25

July 25, 2022 Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser and Toni van der Marel Season 2 Episode 25
Seeking Center: The Podcast
Find Your Deeper Wisdom: Hypnotherapy, Regression, Quantum Jumping - Episode 25
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Toni van der Marel is a Clinical and Spiritual Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, BWRT Practitioner, and Yoga therapist.

She began using hypnotherapy to find out who she really was beyond this lifetime, and eventually her experiences guided her to become fully certified and bring this profound offering to others.

Toni believes that every time we delve into a hypnosis experience we gain deep and transformative insights into our lifetime now. She sees Hypnotherapy as an easily accessible and practical tool for gaining a deeper understanding of consciousness and of our Self.

In addition, Toni is able to clear negative energy that may be causing unexplained symptoms and weighing you down.

Karen experienced Toni's gift first-hand. We'll talk all about the process and why these resources may be what you need to consider to feel like your truest self.

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In this episode, we'll discuss: 
-Soul reconnection -- finding your truest self
-Life between lives
-Energy healing
-BWRT: BrainWorking Recursive Therapy
-Quantum Jumping

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Toni van der Marel is a clinical and spiritual hypnotherapist energy healer and yoga therapist. She began using hypnotherapy to find out who she really was beyond this lifetime. And eventually her experience guided her to become fully certified and [00:01:00] bring this profound offering to others.

Toni believes that every time we delve into a hypnosis experience, we gain deep and transformative insights into our lifetime. Now she sees hypnotherapy as an easily accessible and practical tool for gaining a deeper understanding of consciousness and of ourself.

In addition, Toni is able to clear negative energy that may be causing unexplained symptoms and weighing you down. Karen experienced Tony's gift firsthand. We'll talk all about the process and why these resources may be what you need to consider to feel like your truest self.

Hi Toni. Hi. Hi, 

Toni: Thank you so much for inviting me. I'm very excited. 

Karen: Oh, we're excited to have you here. 

Robyn: I know when Karen and I first talked to you, your journey to where you are right now is fascinating.

And there's elements that some people really will be able to relate to. I know Karen and I did your breakdown to breakthrough type moment, but let's start at the beginning. Did you grow up in a spiritual home? 

Toni: [00:02:00] So did I grow up in a spiritual. Home, not really. I grew up in a very standard English church of England home. But my mom's a writer and she's an artist and she always encouraged inquiry and above all else imagination. So I grew up in a world of , whispering to fairies and my mom making up stories and poems for me and it was all mystical and wonderful.

 And my dad was very much an engineer and very 3d, but very supportive and loving. And I grew up with this knowing, and I'm not quite sure where it came from apart from spirit, of course. That this world was simply a classroom and that we were here to learn different things.

 The hard things that came up, I took in my stride and just thought of as lessons and that was just so solidly ingrained in me. I didn't ever question it. And then the older I got and it's not something that I [00:03:00] really voiced, but it was something definitely that was always inside of me.

And then when I was in my early twenties my dad got sick and I was not worried about him cuz it was a terminal illness and I wasn't worried about him passing on at all. In actual fact, I was excited for the fact that we, I considered that we would be closer. And again, I'm not sure where that came from.

 And when he did pass obviously there's the 3d sadness. But I was expecting, and I was living in Germany at the time. I was expecting to be close to him.

Like I had never been before. In that way that we wouldn't be separated anymore because he would be spirit. And that wasn't the case. He was just gone and I was angry and I was like, I didn't know what was happening because I fundamentally believed that I was going to be able to feel him and I couldn't.

And so I decided, within the span of a couple of weeks to [00:04:00] throw my whole belief system out and I dove into a philosophy degree to, which was a hundred percent based on. There is no, God, we cannot prove it. And if you can't prove it, it doesn't exist. And yeah, and my husband and I were moving a lot at that time.

And , life got very busy. We had three kiddos under three and it was just getting through life and all the rest of it and making sure everybody was okay. And then at some point we moved to the states, we moved to Princeton and New Jersey And we lived in this old farmhouse and it was a beautiful, I guess what, 180 years old now. And these strange things started happening. And I know I told you about that earlier, really bizarre, strange things. Yes. We need to hear, 

Robyn: People, listen, they need to 

Toni: hear this.

 I remember the first one And I was sitting in the playroom with Alex and Kalin and Alex was probably one and a half Kalin was an infant. and we had an alarms on each of the doors and the [00:05:00] alarm went, so the kitchen door to be open, which we used as our front door. And we had quite a few locks on that door, deadbolts and locks, I think there was three or four which was bizarre.

So I went through to the kitchen and we had lots of kiddo gates. And the door was wide open and my purse was sitting right on the side just by the front door. And I was Okay. That's strange. So I went that side looked there was nobody there consciously locked all the locks once again went through the kiddo gates back to the playroom and two minutes later it happened again.

Oh my, I just did the chill. So did I at the time and in the house, we had two sets of staircases, a back staircase in the front, the full front staircase. And I was convinced that somebody was in the house. Oh my goodness. Things like that started happening.

Food started disappearing. I remember one time I was making my son lunch and my other daughter was asleep and I strapped him in his high chair and then turned around to the plate [00:06:00] and the food was just gone. And it was a clean plate and it was gone

and I was like, wait, did you feel like you were going crazy a little? I did feel like it was that. Did I do it? Did I 

Karen: even make that? Yeah, 

Toni: I even make it, did I eat it? How you unconsciously take a cookie or something. I'm like, did I eat that? And then I went to the bin.

I was like, did I throw it away? and then my son's there wanting lunch. And things like that kept happening. Did your husband experience too ? He didn't experience any of it, but he a hundred percent believed.

And, I can't explain to you how grounded I am. I'm ridiculously grounded always have been. I'm a Taurus moon, a Taurus sun, a tourist Venus. I'm so rooted and all these strange things were happening.

And then the crescendo came I wouldn't say I was nervous, but I was getting very unsettled. And Alex was upstairs in his room and Kalin is an infant, was downstairs, sleeping. And we had so many [00:07:00] children gates because we had, all the different rooms and the different staircases and everything.

So every room, I would have to step over our gate. And I went down to the basement, which is where our laundry was and folded up a bunch of laundry and took it upstairs. Through the kitchen, locked the five locks on the basement and went over again a staircase gate up the stairs, over at the top and went into our bedroom and put the folded laundry on our bed.

Came down through the whole thing again. And and then two minutes later I went back upstairs, same route, but the laundry was everywhere upstairs. It was over the banister, it was on the floor. It was draped over everything. It was all over our bedroom, the floor, the bed in the and I didn't know what to do.

so I was freaking out at that point. My son was asleep. I picked him up. I went down to the kitchen and called my husband, who was working about 45 minutes away. And he's get out of the house, [00:08:00] take the kids and get out of the house now. And I picked up my daughter and I had nothing with me.

I just took the car keys and got in the car and drove down the road. There was a nursery down the road that I just parked in and my heart was like thumping and it was like the, somebody in the house, the somebody who's just done that. And they were in the house. That was my reaction.

You weren't even thinking it was super natural at that point. Oh, a hundred percent not. I'm like, somebody's really messing with me and I don't know why they would do it with laundry, but I didn't, obviously I didn't wanna be in the house. So my husband came back and he went and searched the house and there's nothing.

And the laundry was still all over the place and I'm like, he's there's nothing. And I'm gonna go back and search it again, everywhere. The basement, the attic, everything and everywhere. And he's there's nobody. 

Robyn: Could you feel anything which would also make you feel yeah 

Karen: did you suspect that it could be 

Toni: spiritual or definitely on the first time when I was saying about the door being open I did feel that there was somebody in the house, and I was very much living very much in the 3d world, two feet planted on the floor. And I [00:09:00] was quite honestly, I was terrified. And Rae, he was like, there is nobody. I dunno what to tell you. and he's an engineer and he spoke to people at his work and they all said, and these are engineers.

They all said, oh, that's supernatural. Yeah. 

Robyn: Which is so crazy that that would come from an engineer. 

Toni: Yeah. And I was like, that is not what I wanted to hear. Cause I wanted like the engineers to be like, oh no, you this couldn't be happening. 

 Anyway, so that was the last time it happened. And I contacted the people who had the house before us. and nothing, everybody was like, I don't know what you're talking about.

 And then I started thinking, was there a murder in the house? Yeah, I would've thought was there. Yeah. We went to the historical society and there was nothing and it just stopped. it literally just wow. Stopped. Wow. And I was incredibly grateful for that.

And then we moved back to Switzerland so I was again, just living my life and kind of put that to one side. And then when we moved to Denver we had this big old house, [00:10:00] which my husband bought as more of a 3d status symbol. I hated it. I liked old.

Crappy houses that were falling apart. , and this was like all glass on one side and twice as much room as we ever needed and all this, those sort of stuff. And he was away most of the time and had been for years. And I had this husband who is, and he still is amazing and adorable and adores me.

And we have this incredible family, which we have three, healthy children. And I was working in art and, I had talents abilities. I have people who care about me and I should have been super happy. But I wasn't, and I didn't know, , there felt like there was something missing and I would Get myself together for the kiddos and get them off to school.

And then I would fall apart during the day and not be able to get it together. it was like I didn't know what was wrong when I went to the doctors. I'm like, just do every test because maybe it's a chemical imbalance. Yeah. And they tested for everything and they're like, oh no, you should [00:11:00] probably go on antidepressants.

And I was like, I don't want something to mask this. I want to know what's going on. ruling out everything my husband was because he was away so much at the time. And he was like, we'll just move again. where do you wanna go? wherever you wanna go, we'll go to a different place.

And I was like, no, I'll be taking this with me. This is not an external thing. This is internal. And so my husband signed me up for this hay house four day program in San Diego.

And I don't think at that time I'd actually been away from our kids and it was just for me. And somebody I knew locally was also going and I wasn't interested. And he literally signed me up for everything and I didn't even pay attention to it.

I'm like fine. I'll. Because he didn't know what else to do. He was like, something needs to shift here. And two nights before I was going, he always buys me a stack of books for Christmas or my birthday, who he just talks to different colleagues and people. And if he finds an interesting book, he'll buy it for me and then just give it to me at Christmas.

So I have a stack [00:12:00] on the side of my bed usually, and I just take the top one. And at that time, two days before I was going to the conference, I picked up this book and it was Brian Weiss's many lives, many masters. Yeah. And. I started reading it and I didn't put it down and I didn't sleep and I woke him up and I was like I don't know how to explain this, but this is truth.

It was suddenly this wow, this is, and he was like, what book is it? . And I said, it's, Brian Weiss. And he was like, oh, Brian Weis, that's so familiar. And he's I think you're gonna see him this weekend. I think I remember that he's gonna be there. And I was what and we looked up the agenda that he had printed out for me, which I hadn't even bothered to look at.

And Brian Weiss, I had a workshop with him all day, Friday. Oh, wow. My goodness. Wow. And then all of a sudden I was so excited to go and so I got on a plane and got there and on the Thursday night I can't tell you how skeptical I was. On the Thursday night there were three mediums and [00:13:00] I was like, yeah, . Super skeptical. And so they did their thing and there was the last medium just as she was about to walk off, she came back and she said, oh, I forgot. There was a message just before I came on stage. And this is for Toni and I sat there and in my head I'm going, there's probably 50 people in the room 

and I was like, how many Tonys are here? Probably at least six. And and then she was like I'm sorry about all the weird stuff in the house.

 Oh, And then I'm still in my head. I'm like, this is so for somebody else and they were like, I didn't ever mean to scare you. You know how I like practical jokes. And then I started like vibrating I'm like, oh my God, this is my dad.

My dad played practical jokes all the time and I hated it. and he was like, I thought, you'd think it was funny. And of course, I wouldn't think it's funny. at that 

Robyn: point, did you, had you stood up and said I think this was 

Toni: funny? No, he didn't claim it. No, at all. Okay. I sat there [00:14:00] in shock started shaking and and he just basically apologized and it was still , vague but. It landed, but then she said and this is also for Toni and I don't wanna go into too much detail cause it's not my story to tell. But then she gave me details about somebody who I know who had passed very recently and specific details about that person. And the message was not, for me, it was, this is for Tony and this is, and she named names and said, please give this message to this person and thanked them for something, which I didn't know that they were doing.

And and I like bolted. I ran and I remember just running like few streets away and leaning up against a building. And I called the person who the message was for. And they were in England and it was, the time difference. And I was like, this has happened.

And and they were incredibly supportive, but it was just for now I realize that it was just [00:15:00] spirit saying, wake up. Yeah. Definitely pay intention. Yeah. This weekend's important. Yes. And and I went back to my hotel room and as I was lying there thinking about it, I had an outer body experience and and I was there watching my body and I got very clear messaging saying, this is all an illusion.

Do you not get it? And I was watching myself and I wasn't breathing. And they were saying, you don't need breath. This is all it's all made up. It's all do you get it now? And 

Robyn: wow. What. Validation for you of what you thought growing up without even understanding why you knew that.

And here you are decades later with this unlocking moment 

Karen: and the fact that you were away from home, like it was like a series of very specific events. If you had been home in your day to day, you may not have registered that with the same clarity, I think as you did there. 

Toni: Yeah. It shifted [00:16:00] everything for me.

And all of a sudden I realized that these years I'd been living since my dad died and I rejected all of my old belief system and it all came rushing back and a knowing And then the next day I spent the entire day with Brian Weiss and I think probably 40 or 50 other people.

And he led us through four exercises of past life progressions and it was possible. It was like right there. It was so tangible for me. And I had so many knowings from that experience on that day. And I was hooked there was one in particular that day that my youngest daughter was having a really tough time with anxiety at the time.

And I wasn't quite sure how to deal with it. And I totally had this experience where I completely understood the context that she was coming from because it was past life with me and her and and what played out. And that's the gem for hypnosis for me is, no matter [00:17:00] how often you go in or what it is, you go in with the intention of you.

Come out with this information that is pertinent to this moment of your life. and it changes everything. And from that experience of understanding what was happening with my daughter, I could go back in with wisdom to help and support her which I didn't know before. And then I was just hooked.

I bought at the time it was CDs. I bought everything. I bought all of his books, all of his CDs. And that's what I did. And I gave it to all my family too. and put it on their little MP3 players at the time. And , made everybody listen to you, all of this stuff. And I just went in again and again and again, to get information.

 That first workshop was definitely my path to everything. And coming back from that San Diego experience I suddenly got the oneness of it, all and that weekend also on the Sunday, I had a day with Denise Lynn, who also works for hay house and does past life progressions totally [00:18:00] different vibe to Brian Weis, but just as amazing And that changed everything. It literally changed my whole perspective. I came back with this connection once again, that I had always had when I was a kid and and saw the oneness in everything and the bigger perspective and Andrew had 

Robyn: answers to that whole experience in New Jersey on top of it all.

So , you could have peace as well that you were not 

Toni: making things up, not going crazy. Yeah. 

Robyn: Yeah, exactly. 

Karen: But isn't funny how it has to get your attention in such dramatic way to wake you 

Toni: up. And it's so specific to. Each individual person that's what amazes me with all the sessions I have with people is that it's so complex and it's so inter woven with their experiences in life in general.

And it's undeniable that it's so individualized. And that to me is incredible [00:19:00] when you're guiding somebody and they have these awarenesses and I wouldn't know that stuff , it's their experience . And think about 

Robyn: How connected you are with your husband, from an energetic perspective and.

The nudge that he had to get you to San Diego. Which is so random, right? at the time felt so random to you. It's not like you were interested, even knew what 

Toni: it was. And here 

Robyn: he was booking this whole weekend because this is what needs to help you. And he doesn't know why he knows it.

 I hope everyone listening can see how things can happen, that you'd never imagine possible. And it really can be the catalyst of other people in your world who help push you. And they don't even know why they're being pushed. And here you are transformed, right?

You come back with purpose, with excitement, with knowing 

Toni: that's 

Robyn: unbelievable. And it's, it just 

Toni: shows what's possible. It does. And I came back with this vast perspective of the hugeness of it all and the [00:20:00] willingness and the burning desire to step into it all. I wanted it I remember I saw Wayne Dyer speak that weekend.

I saw Marion Williamson, and I started immediately just doing the course of miracles the workbook. I set all my judgments aside and I am, I like I want to pass. That action that you were talking about, Karen, the knowledge is power but action.

Action is where it comes from. we can know everything, but if we don't actually implement things, then nothing changes. And for me, I came back wanting the change. I wanted it all and still do we're with 

Robyn: you. We're so with you, we get it. And I think, we each have had our own moments like that.

 Where you're just like, what is this all about? I don't know what to do. . And yet we all, as you said, too, it's so individualized and it is complex, but yet we really can relate to those completely different experiences, And when it's turned on and unlocked, you cannot get enough.

The three of us, we [00:21:00] have devoted our lives now to the not getting enough and wanting to share And wanting to help heal others. Because once 

Toni: You can't unknow. And also it's that being in service to that knowing which is what drives me.

That setting myself aside to allow it to unravel and unfold in service. And that's my mantra. That's what I wake up every day asking for, to be of service in service to the love and the light or whatever language you put to it.

Karen: , I love that it was your father. Came through, because in a sense he was the one he made you shut the door in a way with his passing. Yes. And he came back to open it back up for you. I know we're gonna get into what is hypnosis and your version of hypnosis and how you define it.

But I would love to hear how you went from past life regression into the type of hypnosis that you're doing. Because when we had our session, I kept referring to the fact that it reminded me of past life regression in a sense, but what you do is very different. So how did you [00:22:00] bridge that gap from a Dr. Weiss to your own version of what you're doing? 

Toni: Again, it's that drive, I wanted to know everything and I discovered Dolores, Cannon's work I can't remember it's the one book that she has dedicated to the life between lives, which is what Michael Newton took and ran with. And I devoured those books. I went and booked a life between lives. Session and , it blew my world wide open on a completely different level. Because all of a sudden I had this experience this tangible experience of spirit and my guides and who I really was because ultimately I believe that's what we're here to do is to know our true self.

And I got that in buckets it was two sessions and both of them, I had life between lives, experiences, and those have never left me. And I also go back and listen to those and get deeper wisdom from that. And it changed. Everything changed what I thought about myself and I came out of there bouncing, I remember the practitioner being [00:23:00] like, are you okay to drive ? And I was like, I am so good. As I spoke to Karen, my advice to my clients is always try not to share this. Until it's landed with you because you don't want to imprint somebody else's opinion about your experience on the experience itself.

So I do always encourage clients to take some time to let it percolate as Karen said, or process it. Do some self inquiry really get that experience to land in your whole self and then move out to tell other people When it's so solid in yourself that no matter what anybody says, it's not gonna change your experience.

But I totally didn't do that. I walked out of those sessions and I couldn't talk to enough people. I'm like, this is amazing. This whole thing happened. and I have guides and I can feel them. They taught me to feel their presence. And they also they gave me so much information and wisdom on myself, but also the people around me, what I [00:24:00] should be doing my job back in spirit, which totally a hundred percent made sense.

All my family's jobs in spirit, which. Allowed me to support and help guide them now and still do. And I can't explain to you how it blew everything out of the water, everything, and the work we do you think you see this, you've got the blinders on and you're like, no, this is it.

This is my vision, And then all of a sudden you get this wider and the blinders get broader and you're like, oh, wow, no, this is it. And then, the next experience you have blows that wide open. and that was very timely because it was just before a very close person in my family died.

 And I was with them when they died and they were seeing spirit. In the last day and I was able to have conversations with them about what was happening and that person taught me to physically feel my dad who was present. 

And I was taught how to physically [00:25:00] understand that people are close to me and to be able to communicate with them. And then from there, I just ran with it. I'm like if I can feel my dad, like why can't I feel my grandad and why can't I feel my grandma and why can't I feel my ancestors and why can't I feel, other family members and loved ones who've died and I could, and I can.

And then feeling guides like, and the difference between them and then being able to communicate with them. And it goes on unravels. And I assume that this time next year, I'm gonna think that I knew nothing right now and with a bit of luck. 

Robyn: Wow, incredible.

I mean and the passion that you speak about it is infectious, 


and it's so fun to see you tell your story, Toni but I also know from going through this experience with you, you take this very seriously. There's a definite methodology that you applied to the work and your role in the work as you do it.

Can you maybe just for people who might be interested in going through the experience, just from a very high level, explain how you go into the hypnosis work and , how is that different from. [00:26:00] Even a meditation, how can someone who comes to you actually go through that and let go of those preconceptions?

Cuz it's hard to shut down the mind as I know an experience how do you do the work and really help whoever it is that you're working with allow themselves into that 

Toni: experience. To start with, I get somebody as, to fill out quite an extensive form . And from that the questions are formed very purposefully.

So I get to understand where they're coming from and what their challenges could be. And just from the sharing in the form, it gives me a really clear idea also of, how to approach a certain person. And I'm also always everything from when a client contacts me. I form that in spirit bond with their spirit.

 I can get wisdom that I wouldn't necessarily be getting from written words. And then. I chat with the [00:27:00] client we, before the session and there's a lot of back and forth so I get to understand what they're hoping for what their blocks could be. And from the perspective of what is for their best and highest good, how can I support them in an experience that will give them the best information they can for being their best selves right now, and moving into that best self that's where I come from and you're right.

Karen, I do take it very seriously. I this is, hands down the most fun I have in my life. This is I love doing this work, but I see it as that service. I see it as the opportunity that people have to connect to their true selves. It really is that opportunity and sure, some people come and they have a fun experience and maybe they talk about it a couple of times at parties or something, and that's all they take from it, no judgment.

 I assume and fully, truly believe that [00:28:00] everybody gets exactly what they need in the moment. There are no mistakes in this world and maybe somebody just needed a little nudge and that's great. But my love of this work is when people take it to the depth that I know that it can move people.

If you approach this and the fact that it could be a catalyst to change your entire life, your entire perspective I do self hypnosis pretty much every night.

And usually every couple of weeks that I'll go into and have hypnosis done on me. And I take it very seriously myself. I'm not a sure. It's fun. But like I said, I want it all. I wanna peel back all the layers.

I wanna be the best that I can to serve the best that I can. It is fun, but it is also. As far as I'm concerned, why we are here is to learn, and I'm not saying hypnosis or hypnotherapy is the only modality by any means. It is not, we've got, seven and a half billion people on this planet.

How [00:29:00] could we possibly think that there is one way to get to know self there's a million different ways . But I believe that hypnosis, if people are open to it can really give themselves it can be a catalyst to an experience of a deeper knowing of who they really are, the purpose that they feel.

And having that bigger perspective of not getting wrapped up in the 3d world, which don't get me wrong, the 3d world is amazing. That's why we came here. It's very purposeful, but it can give us a bigger perspective of that 3d world and allow us to be here and serve better. 

Robyn: also just for everyone listening, so they know you really did the work when you came back and were you became certified in all types of hypnosis, as well as energy healing and so forth.

So when you talk about how serious you take this, you are steeped in that, in the knowing of how to work both on yourself and others. 

Toni: And I think , that's what we are here for. [00:30:00] It's the, if I do my work, I help you. And the more knowings that I get then that helps everybody who I come into contact with. And the ripple effect of that is literally it changes everything. It changes everybody. And, yes, I'm driven in this way. There are other people who are driven. I don't know, in many different ways, like a doctor for instance, is doing the same thing.

They're being the best that they can. And they're knowing, and wisdom has a ripple effect also in the world. We're so intertwined that way. And I think if we can. Step back and see that you are me, that I am you. We are one and one and the same. So if I can give somebody the experience of even getting a taste of who they really are, then, isn't that why we are here to support each other, to be our best selves.

That's my perspective, at least. 

Robyn: I think Karen, to your point in talking about all the preparation, which I had heard about prior to Karen's session with you and [00:31:00] now hearing from you and the work that you have done to to do this work, there's the level of trust you can have going into a session can help you to.

Let go and really be in that moment, in that session so that you can peel back those layers and allow yourself to see the truest part of yourself and why you are here. At this time in life school really? when we, So I just, that's what, I just wanna point that out to everyone. You can have that trust and knowing that it's with the best of intentions, with your best knowledge and experience . 

Toni: Because 

Robyn: I think we brought this up earlier in the conversation. Some people are trepidacious about.


Toni: Oh, , there's so many misconceptions about hypnosis that it's, stage hypnosis has. Yes. Given hypnotherapy a really bad rap, , people think that I'm going to be in control of them.

They, that I'm gonna get them to [00:32:00] bark like a dog or something like that. And hypnosis is a co-creation. I cannot do and would never want to do anything to anybody. That to me is completely unethical and we have a set, as a hypnotherapist, there are ethics that we have to go by in our profession.

 And hypnosis is there's nothing weird and wonderful about it. It is a very structured, guided meditation to get somebody to a certain level of trance and awareness. So they have deeper access to that wisdom, the wisdom that's available to all of us. And some people come to sessions thinking, oh, then am I going to remember it?

I'm like, if you were sitting in meditation, Or if you're just sitting in a room with your eyes closed, and feeling very relaxed. You can still hear, your kids in the next room. You can still hear an airplane going overhead. It's not that anything's strange it's [00:33:00] happening.

 All hypnosis is self hypnosis. You are simply giving yourself permission to listen to me and be guided And it is everything that I do as client led. So I'm not leading anything. I'm just giving you stages to allow yourself to drop deeper and deeper into that deep state of relaxation.

So then you can access things like life between lives or parts or past lives, or getting contact with your guides, your higher selves, whatever adventure you happen to be on. But it's nothing more than that. And there's also the opportunity because there is nothing weird and wonderful going on.

You're just in a very deep sense of relaxation that, you clients can, simply open their eyes and be done. If they're like, I will get them to close their eyes and count them out, cuz they are still in hypnosis. But Everything is led by the client.

 But yeah, people do think it's the [00:34:00] devil's work or, all kinds of stuff, everybody is entitled to their belief system. But yeah, there's nothing that a t can do to you. Everything is with your full consent and permission.

And that's the first question we ask is, do I have your permission to guide you? And it's not that I'm doing anything again, you are simply giving your permission to be guided But I would highly also recommend to people if they are unsure about a hypnotherapist, find one you're comfortable with everybody resonates with different people.

Some people will be very comfortable with me and other people not, and that is fine. There's enough of us around that. You can find the person who suits you. Trust is the basis of everything. The more comfortable you are with somebody, the easier the process is going to be. So if if you have some weird vibes from somebody, then please go find somebody else. 

Karen: one of the questions I asked you before we started was why do we really need to go into our subconscious to make this [00:35:00] connection. What is it about having to go so deep into that area? Why is it so necessary to go so deep to make this connection to our higher self and ours and guides?

Toni: It's like getting yourself out of the way is how I think about it. It's not that you can't be in contact with your guides that like right there, they don't leave you alone. So they're accessible at all times for you. If. You choose to connect with them. What is great about allowing the conscious mind to step to one side and not that the conscious mind in hypnotherapy is not there it is.

We need the conscious mind to be there because otherwise I wouldn't be able to chat with you. I wouldn't be able to hear what it is that's going on and guide you and there is also that sense of you can be experiencing as you know, Karen, whatever is unfolding in front of you and you still have that inner a dialogue going, and it's not that conscious mind is not present. We [00:36:00] want it to be present. That discernment is very important. But having access to that subconscious mind, and there are so many different theories about the subconscious mind.

As far as I'm concerned, there's no right and wrong. everybody's belief system is fine for them. Some people believe that the subconscious mind is just that it's thought of mind. Some people think it's spirit. Some people think there's a conscious collective, like the akashic

it records. Some people think it's imprinted. Some people think it's genetic memory. As far as I'm concerned, we've been given this gift and everybody's squabbling over the wrapping of the gift. And I'm like, we're missing the point to my mind. And there are better people out there who can solve the wrapping consideration.

I'm concerned about the gift. that's the tool that I think is great. So what is the subconscious mind? like I said, there are better people out there than me that can figure that one out. But the access that we get to wisdom when we [00:37:00] step into that and we can do that again in so many different modalities, right?

It's not just hypnotherapy, but the gift and the wisdom that we bring back from those experiences allows us to step into being our best self. And for me, regardless of how we get it. If you can come back and have a better understanding about how you can move forward into the world to serve better, to be your better self, to support the people who you love and care about you to bring your gifts, talent, skills, and abilities into the world in a bigger, brighter way.

Then why are we worried about the package that comes in but that's the way I think about it, at least. 

Karen: , you talk a lot about the 3d and the 4d. Which we should probably define for people. But what I love about what you were saying and just with a aha for me, is that I came into this session with a lot of 3d questions, like when, what, how Why just, wanting tangible answers. And I think what I got was so much, like you said, it's not the [00:38:00] binoculars world, but it's take the binoculars away and such so much more of the broader. Picture, and it is so hard for us to release that in our day to day conscious mind, and to realize that there's always a broader, bigger meaning in everything.

And that's really the 

Toni: point , that's the point. And, it's so hard though, because we consciously came here and chose this life to be embodied in the 3d world. I chose in this lifetime to be and I still need to eat and to sleep and to get things done. and that is okay.

That's part of the process, It's not that the 3d world is, this moving in a physical body through physical space, time is so important. It's so purposeful. But not to mistake that for. Actual reality. It's like Einstein said, this reality it's very persistent, but it doesn't necessarily mean that this is everything. And so many people who I love and [00:39:00] care about live in the 3d world and only the 3d world and fantastic, it is, beautiful. And it's so expansive and it's wild and wonderful this life. Like why would we not be completely wrapped up in it? It's a gift and and not, but, and there's so much more And there's a way of looking at it that can give you, like you said, you look at the binoculars and you tune into a specific thing and you think that's everything take the binoculars away though.

And you see this immense perspective of that tiny thing that you were trying to focus on. And it's not that's not important. It is, but when you have a bigger perspective of it, then you just see things differently and one is not better than the other.

It's just, there is no judgment here. It's just different. 

Karen: And without talking about mine specifically, just yet, I think that was it for me. I think just taking you back to that loving [00:40:00] presence. That I felt not only from, the angels and guides that were around me that just came, it was so fun for me because they came not looking like angels and guides at all.

They came almost as actors in a movie set, that just were playing a role for me to understand. But this one moment that I had of just being, looking at myself in the mirror and feeling like I was literally this queen that was being decked out for this beautiful movie role. And it was just such a profound symbol of everything that they were trying to tell me.

And again, going in wanting such specific things, being able to come out with just that emotional connection back to myself was what I really needed to know so that all of the rest of the questions could fall into place. Cuz none of those were really the point. Or ever are the point anyway.

So it was just such a really beautiful way to get. To that feeling. Just the feeling of it. It's 

Toni: your true yourself is yes. Yeah. And that's, that is the point, where all of these modalities, we're just trying to get [00:41:00] glimpses and get more familiar and comfortable with who we really are underneath, our drama in our life and our thoughts and our body and, underneath all of that, we are so much more, and it's not that the drama in our life is unimportant, cuz it is.

But when you step back and look at the whole thing, it's so much more vast than you can imagine. And I think I spoke to you earlier about, people do come to me. With very 3d questions. I had one client who came to me with 80 questions. And you know about, so what vitamin should I take more of, and it's not that is not important, cuz it is, it really is taking care of nourishing.

Your body is really important. But if you take that step back, then those questions can be looked at in such a broader sense. So it's and again, there's some people who just come specifically for 3d stuff and I'm like, great. If that's what you want, if that's what you really need then [00:42:00] fantastic.

That's if that's moving forward in your way in this moment and that's what you need. Brilliant. But the gold is for me. Spirit if you can really truly understand who you are and how you are so connected to everything and everybody around you, then we move through the world with this compassion and love for one another.

And that to me is the most important to serve, It comes back to serving

Karen: it's a beautiful gift that you give to people and the depth. And I keep thinking you're bridging almost this science and spirituality for people in a way so that people really, want to feel that they can follow a real modality and be guided.

It's just such a wonderful way to get there but doing it a purposeful 

Toni: way And what I like about hypnotherapy is that it is really, It is the client's experience. This is not me navigating or anything coming through my way of [00:43:00] understanding this is your experience.

So I'm not getting information and it, I'm not filtering it through my filters to give to you. , this is your experience fully and completely. And and everybody gets it in their, spirit talks to us in metaphors symbols, things that we will understand and nobody else will understand it.

 And , That's why I spend so much time trying to get to know the client beforehand so I can step into their shoes as it were. And I have a ritual before that I really connect to that person's guides. So what they need can come through me and I can step to one side.

 In the hypnotherapy world have to stick to a whole lot of rules and guidelines as to when we're not allowed to say, oh, so is your friend, there is your husband there with you because that would be leading.

That's not my business. Your business is your business. And you can share with me as much or as little as you like, and that helps me to help you navigate your experience. Does that make [00:44:00] sense? Yeah 

Karen: it's so true. And just to add, add to that, what you do is so interesting because it's like inviting you.

To let the movie play out and all you're doing is asking what are you seeing? And why don't you ask them a question about what's going on here? If it's not clear to you, it's very broad and open-ended and like a athletic progression. It's it's amazing what comes to you. And , it can be hard to follow the metaphorically.

Sometimes what's being played out in front of you. But gosh it's so real in retrospect because I, even just thinking about it now I can see how everything has unfolded and what the meaning is. And it is they do their best to make it as clear as possible. And in my case it was super fun because mine almost challenged me not to take it so seriously.

Toni: Oh, it's a hundred percent about spirit. It's so fun back there and everybody. Everybody is so joyful. Yes. And we take it so seriously in this world. And I get that a time and time again, to client, through client, to client is lighten [00:45:00] up.

Yeah. It's, we've got your back. Yeah. Where, it's all. Okay. Yeah. 

Karen: Or remember none of this 

Toni: is real . Yeah. It goes back to that outer body experience that I had back then, it's remember, it's an illusion, don't mistake the illusion for reality. I think 

Robyn: that's so important.

And I think the other thing, just listening to you both talk Karen, about your experience and Toni about how you work. I think the other part for people listening is it's trusting themselves too. Yes. You have to believe in yourself. To have 

Toni: don't you think? Oh, that, again, it comes back to the reason that we're doing these things.

Whatever modality it happens to be is to get closer to your true self with capital letters and the more experiences you have of that true self, and it may be glimpses and it may be experiences like this or other things that it's undeniable and you can't unsee it. And the more and more those [00:46:00] experiences compound, the closer you get to yourself, the more we embody our true selves in the world, bringing our true talent skills and abilities forward, we serve better.

It all comes back to, getting to know yourself. Yeah. 

Robyn: And speaking of that, you talked about doing self hypnosis. Is there anything or anywhere you can recommend people who are interested in potentially trying to do some of that on their own, to start to understand how this works.

Toni: Oh yeah, you can, you don't need me for that. You can go on YouTube and look up guided self hypnosis and there is a million different things on there and you have to find again, it's very important to find a voice that you're comfortable with rhythm that you're comfortable with. Somebody that you trust and test it all out.

and That's a gift that it's just out there. And if that works for you, fantastic. And a lot of the time when somebody has a one on one experience, they're working with [00:47:00] me then because they've experienced it, they can then go ahead and trust what they get on one of those very free, very available, guided, hypnosis out there.

 The downside of it is that it's very general and that you don't have somebody responding to what it is that's going on. . If you are having a. Past life regression or a life between lives or energy clearing, whatever it happens to be that adventure that you are on, you don't get to say, oh, this is happening for somebody to be right there to be like, okay.

is that experience? How's it feeling? So you get to dive into it a little deeper, but once you get used to it I literally do it every single night. It is spirit is hands down my favorite place to be. 

Robyn: When you do it on yourself?

 Are you listening to a guided meditation or are you just doing it without that? Are you just able to, do you put music on, are you quiet? 

Toni: What is the yes. And yes, depends on what I feel like. I actually had a colleague embed in me a very shortcut [00:48:00] to get there, I can get there within probably under a minute.

 I'm very lucky that way, but I also I use it. every day and the more you do this, the easier it will become, the more familiar it will become. Just like anything it's a practice. So I would highly recommend doing all that kind of stuff.

Robyn: When you're in session with someone, and there are these blocks. Are you able to utilize. Your energy healing abilities, or do you flag that before you even go into a session with someone that 

Toni: there are again?

Yep. Yes. And yes. I get really in, I would say 99% of my sessions. I'm also seeing stuff too. I'm getting knowings, but I also literally see things. So I had a wild experience two months ago I had a client.

And as soon as I could see that she was in son AISM, which is the depth of hypnosis that we need to get to I could like literally there were no lights in front of her just her monitor and she had her eyes closed. It was daylight and the lights [00:49:00] literally went out. Not that there was lights, the light, it went completely dark.

Then it went. Crazy red. Like almost like somebody had got a flashlight, like on Halloween holding under her chin and then it went green and I was like, seriously okay, I get the message. I need to go to energy clearing straight away, but it was just, things like that.

And I'm like, how is she not opening her eyes? Cause the lights are like, daylight is literally going out and then I'm getting red and green and black and red and green. And so this I've never had it quite that clear before. But I've also, seen things like I had a client not so long ago and I saw an angel behind her.

She was feeling so alone and it was beautiful and moving to me and I don't normally share at all with clients. What I see. But I shared with her. and she got to have that experience of feeling that angel being present for her and communicating with that angel and knowing that she was not alone.

 So [00:50:00] that all helps me. Usually I can tell when somebody's blocked, I usually get information actually when we're connecting that if somebody's gonna need that or not. And it's pretty easy to clear and it, the energy or whatever is present and it can be past life. It could be cording from this life, from somebody. You can pick up energy from anywhere. It could be something like a contract that you have asked and now It's come to fruition and it's time to move on.

It could be a contract that you have with a relationship in this life that it's time to break that contract, or it could be something that you've picked up from being in a tough situation. 

Karen: So I can just think of so many applications for where that would help do a lot of people come back to you regularly. 

Toni: Yeah, there's some, it's interesting.

Some people want certain things. Some people come and they keep coming back and they have the same questions and they get exactly the same answers in a slightly different way. And they still do nothing about it. and we, all hear things in different ways and [00:51:00] come to an understanding that we want to change things in our own time.

And I try and encourage people to do that self inquiry so they can bring it into that fruition of integrating it into their life and taking action . 


Karen: think the takeaways that you offer from this experience are so tangible and so specific. I have little mantras now, my computer monitor. There's just like a couple of them, but they're just so specific that kind of keep me grounded and remind me over and over again, to come back to that 

Toni: each and every time.

And that's the catalyst, right? It can be that catalyst. Exactly if you want, and if you're ready for it at the time, then it really can change. your whole perspective on everything and it can give you this way to be in the world that you didn't have before. And for me, that's the gold.

That's why I keep going back. That's the wisdom that I want. , but it's not my business. What other people take away from it? I try and help, but in my way, but again, no judgment. [00:52:00] Everybody comes to things in different times. I took away so 

Karen: much and I just loved every minute of our session 

Robyn: I was gonna also just bring up The other thing that besides doing this incredible session with Karen, when we had talked several weeks ago, one of the things that you introduced to both Karen and I was this idea of quantum jumping 

And that there were meditations that we could do that would help us really shift our realities in many ways and really help the two of us in the 3d world, get to where we believe on a soul level. And so really on some other level that we feel we're supposed to.

B and what we feel we're called to do in this lifetime. Can we talk about quantum jumping for a moment? 

Toni: Yeah, absolutely. Quantum jumping is simply a perspective change, so it sounds like big and wonderful and wild.

and it is, but it doesn't have to be , we can have it all. There's everything. [00:53:00] We are our own limits. We're the only limit we have. And if you can step into that reality and and then decide, get really clear as to what it is you want. And really clear, so clear that you feel it, that you can actually feel being in it.

And then having that mind shift and there's different ways to do it. For example, we've been talking about hypnotherapy, that is another way, like I said, it can be the catalyst to change everything if you so choose. It can also. Be two hours of fun entertainment, and then you never think about it again.

 It depends on what it is that you want. So if there's something that you really want in the world and you can feel it, you want it so much, you can taste it, then there's different ways to get into it. But our thoughts do create our reality.

And that means that if you want something, for example, if you wanna take something super 3d and you really want a vacation and you're thinking, okay, I'm [00:54:00] gonna try and manifest this vacation. If you can feel it, if you understand where you wanna go, if you can feel being there and you can embody that.

Fantastic. But if you only do that for 20 minutes a day and the other 23 hours and 40 minutes you are, oh my gosh, I really need a break this work is so hard then you're not stepping into it. It really has to be to quantum, jump into something. You really need to embody it to be as if it was already happening.

The universe cannot. Not do that for you. And as above, so below as within. So without if you fully embody something, it will unravel in the outside 3d world. Because like we said earlier, this is an illusion. The only reality is your true self. which ultimately is just one and the same, cuz we're all one.

So if you really want something, if you wanna quantum jump and again, YouTube or check out Brian, Scott his whole [00:55:00] story and his whole, he has meditations on his channel. Either his podcast or his YouTube channel for quantum jumping 

Robyn: And I think that could really go positive and not so positive. So meaning if you focus on the good and that feeling, that you said it, and you embody, the feeling that you want to feel in terms of fulfillment, joy, all of that, I would say awesome.

But you could also take that same 

Toni: energy 

Robyn: and if you are 

Toni: constantly. Dwelling I miserable. This is so bad. Correct. Then 

Robyn: that's what you're going to attract. And that is gonna be your reality. So that is a reality, no matter where you are, as you've said now, several times, this is all in your court, you are the one who is in control. And so you can make that choice and that change to stop saying that. And we know that there are circumstances where it feels like, how would I choose something else? I feel like there's no 

Toni: [00:56:00] choice.

Yeah. There feels like there's no choice, 

Robyn: You're sick or you've had something tragic happen to your family. And it feels like I'm in that. And you are, but you can choose your perspective within 

Toni: that. absolutely. And , I'm not negating the fact that the 3d life is hard. this is pretty much the hardest classroom to come into.

So everybody listening to this should give themselves a big pat on the back for the fact that you signed up for this in the first place, because it's tough. But you also came here and it's purposeful.

You can decide there is conscious choice within this. And of course there's, there's people out there who can help us. There's books, there's courses, there's all kinds of things. One of the things that I do as called B R T, brain working recursive therapy there's definitely a science aspect to it. or hypnotherapy or, whatever your modality which allows you the opportunity to quantum jump somebody can help you with that help you guide. [00:57:00] Again, whatever you're doing, make sure that whatever practitioner you're working with is client led, meaning that you are making all the decisions you are making all the choices.

You do not wanna leave that up to somebody else. And if somebody's thinking that they know better than you, then I would question that and I think 

Karen: you have fun with it too. I think, if you're trying it out on your own, I know Robin and I are doing it together, which gives it even more of a powerful boost, I think because we're energetically doing that and doing some very specific things together.

So it's almost creative visualization in a way. 

Toni: It can be everything the more you bring it into your world, the more you talk about it, the more you embody it, the more you have vision boards, whatever it is that your modality is, the stronger, the intention.

The quicker it's going to happen. a lot of the time it's work. It's, we like to think of the spiritual life as this, wonderful everything's, fairy lights and rainbows and things. And a lot of the time it's work. You turn up every day and you intend [00:58:00] that's my practice.

 and it's not that there's a right and wrong way to any of this, but the more you can embody it, the more people you talk to, , literally the more real it becomes.


Karen: It's how inventors create things. They literally see it in their mind and they mu over that over and over and over. And that's what brings it to life. 

It's visualizing the. The future of where you wanna be and making it as tangible as you possibly can feeling the ground underneath your feet, what does it smell? what color are the walls painted? If you're in a home, it's and having fun with it, like getting your energy there.

So you're really immersed in it and it's really 

Toni: real for you. That's yeah, absolutely. And it's, it, and it, there, if you really wanna get deep into it, there is no future. There is no pause. We only have this moment it's all happening at once. So why would you not want your dreams?

 Why do we limit ourselves? It's that conscious mind that is keeping us safe. That's the conscious mind's whole deal is that it's trying to keep you [00:59:00] alive and safe. So we're like, oh I'd really like to have your dream X and the conscious mind's do you really?

Because, that seems really hard and you're okay right now. And you're paying the rent and everybody's healthy. So isn't that enough because that's its job is to keep you safe. And then you're like, okay, I hear you. And I still choose my dream. And that's the conscious choice in every moment, right?

It's yes, thank you for trying to keep me safe. And I still move forward into this wild and wonderful dream that I know is going to happen. And yeah. It's because our thoughts do create our reality. Our feelings create our reality. there is no limit. What reality do you wanna be in?

 What do you choose? 

Robyn: that's the perfect way to end. This conversation. What reality do you want? And now, that there are other ways that you can get to your true self so that you can realize that dream so that you can get there.

And so meeting Tony, maybe what you need well said. 

Toni: and it's not really meeting [01:00:00] me. I'm just giving you the opportunity to meet yourself, your true self, this is about clients and getting really clear and the more we can step into that true self and the more alignment we have to our true self, then the easier it is to quantum jump, because we're coming from that place of authenticity. 

Robyn: that is the truth. I think you can be the catalyst for so many people to get there.


Toni: So we all need guides, as we're going yes. 

Robyn: And guides that are actually in this world, as well as that are around us. Energetically 

Toni: Absolutely. Thanks for being my guide. Oh it's been such a pleasure and thank you for inviting me it's so purposeful that we have met.

 I have a lot of gratitude for you both. 

Robyn: Same, and I look forward to experiencing a session with you soon and I'm grateful for all the wisdom that you've given us today and for sharing your story and for, inspiring so many people who are listening to get to their Truet self themselves and with some guidance. 

If [01:01:00] you want to know more about Toni and her offerings, visit deeper peace. P E a C E CA. 

Toni: Thank you so much.