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The Body Whisperer: A Medical Intuitive Translates Symptoms Into Truth & Healing - Episode 24

July 18, 2022 Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser and Christine Lang Season 2 Episode 24
The Body Whisperer: A Medical Intuitive Translates Symptoms Into Truth & Healing - Episode 24
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Seeking Center: The Podcast
The Body Whisperer: A Medical Intuitive Translates Symptoms Into Truth & Healing - Episode 24
Jul 18, 2022 Season 2 Episode 24
Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser and Christine Lang

We're so grateful to call medical intuitive, energy healer and executive coach Christine Lang a friend. She is a former attorney who discovered her intuitive and healing abilities as she pursued a cure for her own symptoms. Now Christine acts as a translator for a person’s spirit, helping people understand the messages that their spirits are sending them – through physical symptoms, patterns in their life and difficult relationships. She provides guidance and healing so people can resolve issues and release stored tension, allowing the body's natural healing abilities to take over.  So if you're looking for a more fulfilling job, healthier relationships, and improved health, you'll want to hear this conversation.

Plus, hear Christine in action as she gives Karen a reading.

For more from Christine, visit to see how you can work with her one-on-one, take one of her upcoming classes or listen to one of her guided meditations. She also shares her wisdom and journey in her book, "The Body Whisperer: Your Symptoms Tell Me Your Truth" on

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And just a note that information from this episode is not a substitute for medical or psychological guidance. Please seek a medical professional if you have ongoing medical or psychological questions.

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We're so grateful to call medical intuitive, energy healer and executive coach Christine Lang a friend. She is a former attorney who discovered her intuitive and healing abilities as she pursued a cure for her own symptoms. Now Christine acts as a translator for a person’s spirit, helping people understand the messages that their spirits are sending them – through physical symptoms, patterns in their life and difficult relationships. She provides guidance and healing so people can resolve issues and release stored tension, allowing the body's natural healing abilities to take over.  So if you're looking for a more fulfilling job, healthier relationships, and improved health, you'll want to hear this conversation.

Plus, hear Christine in action as she gives Karen a reading.

For more from Christine, visit to see how you can work with her one-on-one, take one of her upcoming classes or listen to one of her guided meditations. She also shares her wisdom and journey in her book, "The Body Whisperer: Your Symptoms Tell Me Your Truth" on

You can also find Christine on 

@ChristineLang24 on Instagram -

Facebook -

And just a note that information from this episode is not a substitute for medical or psychological guidance. Please seek a medical professional if you have ongoing medical or psychological questions.

Visit for more from Robyn + Karen, plus mega inspo -- and the best wellness + spiritual practitioners, products and experiences on the planet!

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 [00:00:00] We're so grateful to call medical intuitive energy healer and executive coach christine Lang a friend. She is a former attorney who discovered her intuitive and healing abilities as she pursued a cure for her own symptoms. 

Now Christine acts as a translator for a person's spirit, helping people understand the messages that their spirits are sending them through physical symptoms, patterns in their life and difficult relationships. She provides guidance and healing so people can resolve issues and release, stored tension, allowing the body's natural healing abilities to take over. 

So if you're looking for a more fulfilling job, healthier relationships 

And improve your health. you'll want to hear this conversation. Plus here, Christine and action. As she gives, Karen are reading. Let's get going. 

Christine: it's so lovely to meet you. It's so nice to meet you too. 

 I love what you guys are putting together and Robin shared with me and. I have no idea how I'm supposed to support you, but I wanna support you guys and whatever that looks like. 

Karen: We are daily just about finding [00:01:00] those people that we know we're supposed to connect with. 

Christine: I was a lawyer who became a medical intuitive.

 There are so many people who left six figure salaries to do this kind of work. And it really is about being on your journey and finding practitioners. It's all about you learning to be the quarterback of your own team, 

and to honor your own intuition and to develop that. And even though you think you're going to an intuitive, this is also about you following your own intuition and learning what resonates and what doesn't and how to find your voice and all that sort of stuff. 

Karen: What you're doing is probably the hardest type of energy work, because you're really having to tap in not only to your own higher self and your Angel's guides, but also then that person. So they have to be.

Readily open enough for you to read them. And so when you get that corporate executive person who's coming in, who's already like, proved me. Already energetically. It's really hard. 

Christine: Well, I mean, I consider myself so blessed cuz I get to be part of people's aha moments every day.

And that resonance, when people connect those dots, have the light bulb go off and then feel empowered because of it. Nothing's better than that. 

Karen: Christine, where, how all this started in your [00:02:00] yes, 

Robyn: We never got to that last time we talked we need to understand how this come to be really, because 

Karen: I love your background.

I love when someone can tell this story of, I went down this path and then I realized it wasn't the right one for me. And I totally shifted to doing what I know is my purpose. So I think it's an incredible story, 

Christine: so I went to law school and I was in law school in Southern California and excited to be, in a top 10 law school. And on that whole competitive. Male energy dominated field. And in my second year of law school developed allergies and they weren't asthma, but it was upper respiratory, just constant sneezing blowing my nose, eye steaming.

It was very attractive and that's before the days where they had Zertec and the stuff they have now that doesn't make you drowsy. So my options were take two Benadryl and drink, diet Coke all day to stay awake or walk around the box of tissues. And I, I suffered for the last two years of law school that way.

And then when I graduated law school ended up getting married and moving out to the east coast, to the Charlotte North Carolina area where [00:03:00] my allergies went ballistic. And so I thought this is insane. I can't just deal with this forever. And I started studying what was then called alternative medicine and.

Got really proficient working with homeopathy and actually got rid of about 50% of my allergies using homeopathic remedies and taught a study group for the public and, really was encouraged to, okay, I'm on the right path here. I made the connection between stress and my allergies, More stress, more allergies.

So in an attempt to not have stress and still be a lawyer, I started doing Tai Chi and yoga. And my Tai Chi instructor was the calmest person I'd ever met in the world. And she said she was DOIs. So I'm like, that's me. So I started studying doism and then that led me to Buddhism and I developed a meditation practice and became Buddhist.

I was terrible at meditation for the first year, but eventually used guided meditations and developed a meditation practice. And then somebody introduced me to Reiki and I got a Reiki attunement. And I would say to my friends, before I give you energy, cuz your back's hurting or your knee is hurting.

Let me go take off my lawyer suit and sit down upstairs and meditate just to change channels in my brain. [00:04:00] And when I would do that, I would know something about them and I would hear a phrase and I would usher it out just like I would any other thought meditation and it would float back in and it would be random and weird.

And when I would mention it to my friend that I was giving energy to her eyes would fly open. And she's like, how do you know that? I'm like, I don't know how I know that insulted meditation after the fourth time this happened, the girlfriend that I was giving energy to. Just who are you talking to up there?

I said, I don't really know. And when she left, I went back upstairs and sat in my meditation chair and raised my energy up and said, who am I speaking with? And my spirit said, welcome home. And tears started streaming down my face and she's like, this is who you came here to be, get ready. I was like, good, ready.

Right. And so I started sitting in meditation for three or four hours a day. And she would say, when I show you this, it means this is the precursor to diabetes. When I show you this, it means the liver's congested. And she just started teaching me. And I was just writing like a mad woman. And I just had volumes of notes and my friends got better.

And they told their friends and my husband came upstairs at one point and said, I think you have a practice cuz the living room's full of people. I don't know. it's not your [00:05:00] friends. You have 

: a practice. I'm like, oh, 

Christine: okay. I have a practice. So I printed up business cards and that was it. And that was like 24 years ago.

And I've just been doing it ever since. And each year my skills increase my abilities, expand. as the universe can trust me with more energy and more delicacy and nuanced bits of information and understanding more about how the universe works and why we get certain symptoms sets and how all that that comes about.

And so I teach people, how to give energy and learn how to interpret their own symptoms in their body and to connect with their spirit and have that conversation. Cause it's so empowering. 

Karen: Wow. Talk about mind, body spirit connection. Yeah. 

Robyn: , so it's not like when you were young, like childhood, you didn't have this kind, , some people we talked to have, 

Christine: I know some people like ever since I was three, I think, and then everybody else feels like, well, I guess I'm out because I was a regular muggle person.

Right. so I, really emphasized that. I'm sure I was. I had abilities that just weren't awakened is probably how I would [00:06:00] elicit because I was more sensitive than a lot of people, but I only experienced the negatives of that, not the positive. So I was always told you're too sensitive. And why are you crying and why do you not wanna do that?

And why do you say the movies are too loud why do you ask so many questions? Why is nothing ever enough for you? All these sorts of things about you're too much. You're too intense. You're, all of that, you're overly sensitive. I heard a million times growing up from parents and teachers and relatives and other kids I was playing with.

And then I learned to just shove it all down. and then, so by the time I got to law school, I was a master at shoving it all down and just being kind of that hard ass. And just like fine. I'll just, be the lawyer that I'd never lost a negotiation. I was real cutthroat. And I'm like, I'm good at this, but I'm not happy at how I show up in the world. So as this other stuff came about these other abilities, my spirit said, if you picture like a spectrum of male energy to female energy, being a lawyer, you're all the way down in this male. And intuition is your female energy. And everybody has both right.

Men have female energy and, and male energy. and this was all about me starting at the one end of the spectrum and moving all the way down to the other end so that wherever I meet [00:07:00] people, I'm able to kind of build a bridge between where I am and where they are. Cause I've been down there.

And so I work with a lot of female corporate executives. Who've had to kind of play in that man's world, whether they're, a senior partner, one of the big eight accounting firms or, a lawyer these people who are CEOs and CEOs of big companies, they're struggling usually with symptoms that are because they're denying so much of their intuition.

and of course the amazing thing is that's where some of their strength is, Yeah. They might be great leaders as well, but their intuition makes them even better leaders. So after we work together, they have, these explosive results that are so amazing. Cuz now they're harnessing the power of their intuition.

In addition to how they can do the kind of direct strategic stuff that our male energy brings to us. Wow. That's so 

Robyn: true. What I thought, what was so fascinating too, just talking about utilizing a lot of male energy in my former career that has led me to this career one of the things, , when I did a session with you was that you were able to see that I have low progesterone.

[00:08:00] And you said it's because you use so much of that, and this could be true of anyone who's in some sort of high powered. 

Christine: Yeah. Any kind of high stress, stressful 

Robyn: job in, and you're in it for long enough. You're utilizing so much of that hormone that it becomes depleted at an earlier age. 

Christine: Absolutely.

Robyn: And I thought that made so much sense. 


Christine: me and there's so many doctors now that I've met, who specialize in biodentical hormones for men and women who say, oh yeah, we get these, men who are on the trading room, floor and wall street, or who are on super high pressure jobs and women who are the CTOs CFOs.

And they burn through all their sex hormones instead of in their sixties. They're burning through 'em in their forties. Wow. And because you're churn at such a rate, You're going through that. And that's where you get that drive. And so when you use at an acupuncturist wants to tell me, like, when you use caffeine, you do these things.

They don't give you energy, you borrow from your adrenals, you gotta pay that bill at some point. right. And so everything squeezes, the last drop of adrenaline and cortisol [00:09:00] and estrogen and testosterone out of all of your glands at some point, And then you get these people who are driven, driven, driven, and then they talk about their crash and burn where they have chronic fatigue or whatever it is, where they don't get outta bed for two years.

 You do that intensity on one side, you get that intense recovery on the other. And the idea is to how you can kind of modulate that. So you live a life with more balance from the get go, And it's not easy in our culture cuz we reward being super, super busy. Those are the important people.


Karen: I mean 

Robyn: what you just said there's so I'm sure there's 

Karen: people listening that are like Ahahaha. Yes. And so how do you help people out of that? Vibration that treadmill that they've been in. I mean, some, for some people they can't 

Christine: just put their jobs . No, and I almost never, are you supposed to put your job so , the short answer to your question is usually their symptoms bring them to me. As a medical intuitive, I get the people who Western medicine either can't figure it out or they know what it is, but the medicines, they have, have a lot of side effects that people don't wanna deal with.

I get people who, , have the, chronic pain or, IBS symptoms, tons of food allergies, all in sensitivities and all these different [00:10:00] chronic symptoms that, Western medicine isn't really able to solve for. And that's intentional I always say if you're especially people have what they call migrating symptoms.

It's like, well, my right shoulder hurt them, my left hip, and then this, and it's like the doctor's trying to pin it down. And your spirit is like playing, escape. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. because they don't want Western medicine to just medicate over it. And Western medicine's great. I mean, if I'm in a car accident, don't take me to my, acupunctures get me to the ER, 

so I'm not against Western medicine, but it really is that crisis management, intense symptom relief and surgery, it's brilliant. And a lot of the, , MRIs and cat scans and stuff, but once you know what you're dealing with and you just want to get more in balance in your body and figure out, well, what are the mental and emotional component.

that feed into this most chronic things, they say stress will make your condition worse. Well, you can't eliminate all stress. So is the arguing with your neighbor? Is that what gives you migraines or is it the fact that you're a teenage son keeps smoking in his room and thinks you don't know which thing is the thing giving you migraines?

And when you can, work with somebody like me or sitting in meditation and connect to your spirit and feel, oh, these are the stressors that throw me outta [00:11:00] balance. These are the ones I can handle pretty well. Then it's not go quit your job and live on a mountaintop in a Buddhist monastery.

It's how do I make the adjustments? I need to make the, give the biggest impact and greater inner peace and healthy boundaries and all that sort of stuff. And your spirit is the best therapist in the world for you. She's gonna give you this amazing advice to help you find that balance with minimal disruption in your life.

Karen: so, how does the session work with you, Christine? Do people typically come with that symptom and then you just really sit with them and read 

Christine: their energy? yeah, people usually find me either because I also do a lot of relationship work with people. So I'll get referrals, I'll do somebody in a corporation and then they'll send me the other top five executives and say, okay, fix this guy, cuz nobody wants to work with him or fix the marketing department cuz they won't talk to advertising.

So I will work with people and say, okay, what do you think is going on? And they tell me, and , then the person's spirit will say, well actually he thinks marketing doesn't like him, but it's because they use this phrase and his dad used to use that phrase when he criticized him and it pushed that button and now he can't impress it.

And then we talk to marketing and they're like, oh, that's not what we meant. And boom, the whole thing's cleared up. So a lot of times talking to your spirit just goes [00:12:00] down nine layers and gets to the heart of what's really happening. So those sort of people had sort of self explained when I'm hired or brought in.

But for the people , who come to me for the medical intuitive. They usually, book a session once they know what it is. And that they've had the test and cuz I don't do the diagnosis. I always say I'm not the giant MRI machine, but once you know what it is, let's get to the emotional pieces that are feeding into it.

And maybe we make it 25% better or maybe we get 98% better. And so when someone comes and they say, okay, I have hurt shoulder, frozen shoulder, it's not getting better. Then I might ask them two or three questions to just get, who are the key players in your life. So I know who we're talking about.

And then I connect to the person's spirit and they direct it. And my job is to take the client's awareness and expand it out so that when you, when you leave a session, you know yourself better, you feel empowered to move forward and you have clarity. So it's not about impressing you with what I can get.

that's lovely, but that doesn't do you any good after the session? So it's more about you feeling empowered with that information. And when you're 

Robyn: talking to spirit and you're connecting with someone [00:13:00] else's spirit, are you talking to their spirit as well as let's say their spirit team, 

Christine: would you say?

So we, we each have a spirit and that is another way of thinking of your soul, So we each have our spirit, it's the essence of us. And then you have guides around you, but really guide's their job is to practice influencing you with emotion. So when somebody says, well, talk to my financial guide and ask 'em what's stock to buy.

And the financial guy goes, whoa, whoa, whoa. That's not the rules. Every once in a while, I'll hear somebody's financial guy. I go, don't buy that. Don't buy that. But, but it's like your SP and don't step in front of that traffic. But in general, who I speak with is my spirit. My healing guides will chime in and the person's spirit.

So if, the client's spirit says something and I'm like, I don't understand how to explain that to the client. My guides might jump in my healing team and might say, Break it down like this. And then the person will say, oh, okay. That makes sense to me. So it's primarily my spirit and the client spirit and in general, in a session I'm speaking with the client spirit.

And if it's somebody else, I will usually let them know, oh, this came from somebody else on the team. 

Robyn: and I will say [00:14:00] that. When I had a session with you, I was bringing up my own issue with something called Rayneud's, which is an autoimmune issue.

And that my daughter has it as well. And that she was triggered at the same time. Mine was triggered when I was 12 years old. And you were able to connect in with my daughter as spirit as well. And give us background that I know floored me because where I'm leading with this is that you were able to see a past life where my daughter and I.

Were being trained almost or guided to be these high priestesses. And there was something that happened between the ages of 12 and 14, that with my daughter, because she also has thyroid issues had to do with our throats. And so 

: the fact was 

Robyn: that you could see all that and they were like, you know what, after my daughter just turned 14, you're like, she's gonna start to, that's just gonna kind of go away, like at least the thyroid issues for sure.

Right. And I was like, how are you seeing this? So is that my spirit [00:15:00] impressing that past life upon you? 

Christine: Yes. And, and she was showing me a little video at the time. So then I'm trying to describe what I'm seeing and that's why I'm like, you felt like you were initiates and she wasn't allowed to speak for those two years and other than to a certain few people.

And so it was this real constriction on her throat chakra and there's enough. Resemblance in this lifetime because of what you are doing for a living. it's. Triggering for both of you, some of that memory and some of those abilities and insights and intuition that you both wanna have access to. So I refer to it as leaving a door crack on a past lifetime.

So stuff bleeds through. Sometimes it's old symptoms. Once you have the abilities you need, then your spirit or me close the door and then the symptoms usually go away as well. and I've just seen it happen. I mean, I would not promise that lightly, right? I'm not gonna say, oh, don't worry.

It's gonna go away. Yeah. Yeah. But I've seen it happen. So, so many times where I'm like, Ooh, I can feel that this is temporary. The longest I've ever had was somebody had lots of bizarre symptoms and they just diagnosed their daughter with bizarre autoimmune stuff. And she was at Johns Hopkins and all these different places having tests.

And I felt like said, this is gonna be brutal, but it's gonna be about [00:16:00] six years. And I know these are killer headaches and stuff, but I'm not gonna take your money. There's nothing else to be done. But of course a parent doesn't wanna hear that. So she flew her all over the country and had all these tests and everything.

Sure enough, it's been about five and a half years. She's like, oh, be damn to start and just resolve it. So and so, it's, I didn't wanna be right about that. I would've wish it was six months, not six years, but there's just occasionally times where, I mean, her daughter in that other lifetime had these amazing artistic abilities and she brought them through in this lifetime.

And so just like Mozart, when he was like composing at age six, it's like, oh, come on. Clearly he's had another lifetime where he was a composer. And then this is just adding on to that. And there's so many books of, children who have amazing abilities. And then they can tell you about the past lifetime where they acquired those.

So there's enough evidence out there it's anecdotal, but there's a huge pile of it to let you know that these past lifetimes do influence our current lifetime. 

Robyn: And Karen and I even really haven't had a chance to dive deeper into our session, but one of the things that came up for Karen and I was that we were sisters.

Yes in several lifetimes and we play different. And, I think you said that in one of 'em we may have also been married [00:17:00] 

Christine: so I can't remember if that was what in your past or possibly in your future, but yes. There's like all these different connections that you guys have kind of experimented with and played around with.

: that's awesome. 

Karen: And , it's so funny, like even in our day to day, as we have our conversations, there is this synchronicity that you just can't explain. So, back to that, I'm just thinking about that corporate executive again. And when people come to you, what's the biggest misconception that people have when they come and have a session with you about what they can expect and how you work with them? 

Christine: Well, I would say one of the biggest misconceptions is that if you don't believe it, won't.

and I always say, well, what happens to people who don't believe in gravity, they stick to the earth anyway. I mean, energy's energy and, and truth is truth. And I mean, truth with the capital T like universal truths, Energy is a thing. Gravity is a thing. and when you learn universal truths, you don't have to go back and study them.

When I learned algebra equations, it took me forever to memorize them. Cause I don't have a great memory, but when I learned about gravity, I never had to go and study it. I was like, oh yeah. So when you have a learning where you read something in a spiritual book, that's channeled or you and you kind of go, oh yeah, you're remembering [00:18:00] something you already learned when you were in spirit form.

So you're just remembering stuff down here. so it's not that you have to believe in this it's that you have to be open and curious. So if you're open, then you gimme access to your energy field and your spirits will step. And 

Karen: how do you teach? I mean, I would just love to learn to do what you do because it sounds like you're helping.

So, so many people on a level that they can't get through traditional medicine, but how are you training people to do what 

Christine: you do? So the workshop I teach a few times a year, which is teaching people how to start channeling healing energy, but also meditate in a way that lets you start connecting to your spirit and having conversation.

And it just takes practice. I have an online version of it that people can buy and just get the whole course. And I also have guided meditations on my website that are free and there's one in there. I want my body to heal. And it has you kind of walk through, bringing in energy into your body and people will tell me sometimes they'll do that one and they'll get messages.

as they bring energy into a certain area, they'll, they'll get messages about it. And the first thing is to be curious in our culture, we're so raised to see our bodies as bio machines, and as you get older, [00:19:00] parts are gonna wear out and break down and you're just gonna have to replace 'em or have surgery or take a lot of medication.

And that's the old Western model way of looking at things. And I really wanna invite people to see your body as this giant answering machine. And your spirit is leaving your messages there all the time. And the more we just medicate over them or ignore them, or get annoyed with them, the louder, the messages get.

And the more we can kind of get curious and see that body as a feedback loop. Cause it really is your physical body is the intersection between your spirit, which is nonphysical and the physical world that you're interacting with. There's a ven diagram, there's that overlap. And so it is this convenient place to let you know how you are creating stress in your life, how you're making your life harder than it needs to be and how you're living through inaccurate beliefs and putting those in play and using those to make decisions, and then wondering why your life isn't turning out the way you want.

So if you could see that your body is as valuable feedback loop, then you enter into partnership with your spirit and you start asking questions instead of getting frustrated and kind of hammering down on those symptoms. So it's just changing the relationship you have with your body, and then with the [00:20:00] spirit world in general.

Robyn: And it feels like to me too, when you're connecting in with that spirit, and obviously then helping guide on this physical level, you're also tapping into what that soul and spirit knows when they came in in terms of the path. I know that what we talked about too, is that there is this physical level, but then so many times you are helping people on their career path because for most people in their lifetime, that is a big part of what they're here to do.

Sure. In whatever capacity that is. So you end up tapping into 

Christine: that. and sometimes it's tricky because I can see down the pathway a little bit, but the person's fair says, well, tell her, cuz she's just gonna go directly there. So, you live in Chicago now, and if I know you're eventually gonna end up living in New Mexico, but somebody's gonna call you to LA first.

I'm not gonna say, oh, I see you in New Mexico in five years. Cuz then when somebody says you should move to LA, you're like, nah, I'm gonna end up in New Mexico. So I'm gonna do the straight line. Cause humans want that straight line. We just wanna be direct and get there. And it's usually a windy twisty path.

That's the best. And so a lot of times people say, well, tell me, where I'm gonna [00:21:00] end up, living further retirement years or tell, cause I just wanna go there now. And their spirit will not play. Cause you're supposed to take the whole journey, not just shortcut it. 

Robyn: That is so true.

And I just wanna go back one moment too. When you sat down and you tapped into spirit and spirit started giving you these signs from a medical perspective, 

Christine: right? Were you like what I mean? Well, the first one that came about my girlfriend, Jill. She's like, my back's been hurting me and now I have this migraine and it doesn't make any sense why I keep getting headaches and it's been going on for like a week and I've tried to, handle it myself.

And when I sat meditation, I just kept hearing buy a new car, buy a new car. I'm like, okay, that cannot be advice. Like what in the world? And, and I, then I heard argument. So I'm like, okay. So when she came and I'm putting her sheer, and I said, by chance, have you had any argument about buying a new car?

She goes and her eyes school, but she's like, oh my God, my husband and I have been arguing for three weeks. He thinks I need to get a new car. I just wanna get my old one fixed. I hate car shopping. I do wanna deal with it, blah blah. And she went on and I think that's what's happening with your headache and your low back.

And so then we kind of processed about [00:22:00] how she could approach her husband differently, how she could explain her position. And, and then I put energy in her back and she went home, had the conversation with her husband and the whole thing got resolved. Headache never came back back pain, went away that day, that hour.

And I'm like, Hmm, we're onto something here. So the next time it happened, it was more metaphoric. I was married to my first husband at the time and it was his uncle that was in town and he'd had this excruciating, shoulder and neck pain and they'd done MRIs and they were convinced there must be some kind of, breakage in the vertebrae with that kind of pain and nothing.

All the tests showed nothing. and so I said, well, I just, I've learned to give energy. I've been doing it for about a month. I'm happy to play and, kind of practice on you. Let me meditate first. And I kept seeing an ox in a field with this big yolk and I'm like, okay, that makes no sense.

And I'm certain, that's not very flattering , I'm not gonna reveal that. And so, and then I heard it's okay. It's all right. It's not okay. And I'm like, again, nonsensical. But it felt different. It like the information, I always say when your ego mind talks in these really direct linear, you gotta do this, call that guy back, don't forget to buy dog food.

Right. All the, and when your spirit talks to you, it floats in like a cloud and it, I [00:23:00] just kept ushering it out and would float in. So finally, I'm giving him energy and. I share each of those things with him. Does these mean anything to you? And he says, no. And I'm like, well, I'm just learning who knows what it means?

And he says, but my neck does feel a little better. We all went to bed and the next morning his wife comes downstairs and says, I can't believe that didn't resonate with him. I always tell him he's head of a, some big state department. He had like 70,000 people under him for the whole state of Ohio.

And she's like, I keep telling him, you're like an ox pulling all these people behind you. And that yolk is wearing down on your neck. And she's like, I don't know how he forgot that shows. He doesn't listen to me. And I'm like, interesting. And then he comes downstairs and says, you know what? I just remembered at the office.

They tease me because people bring me their problems. And I always say, it's okay. It's all right. And they actually had printed on a little sign and stuck it on the front of my desk. And I said, think your Spirit's saying it's not okay. It's not all right. You can't handle everyone else's problems. And his pain disappeared that day before he left our house, it was gone and never came back.

Cuz his spirit just wanted him to get that message. And made shifts. He transferred part of his department somewhere else. I was just like, so that was the second time I ever got a message. And because of [00:24:00] first I was like, these just sound nonsensical. And I sound like an idiot and I'm probably a crazy person and I'm, hearing voices and then time after time, I said, it might take till the next day, but people are like, oh, now I get it.

And that's empowering when, instead of me telling him his truth, you're working too hard. You're taking, too much on, which is what his, his employees and his and his wife were telling him. He was just automatically rejecting that. So his spirit came in a side door Here's a visual, here's a saying.

Right. Oh. And then as he puts it together, he's accepting it. 

Robyn: And that's the other part, Is that, I think , you were saying this earlier, sometimes we don't wanna hear you. You have to be at a point to be able to actually hear the message, 

Christine: Yeah. And sometimes we work really hard to not know our truth.

Because we're so afraid that that truth will require us to make big changes in our life. That scare us. so we just pretend the truth. Isn't the truth. Yes. Right? Yes. I don't know how many women have come to me or I have actually had two men also who said found out after the divorce that my, spouse has been cheating on me for like three years.

How could I not know? And invariably, the spirit says, well, you worked really hard to not [00:25:00] know good job. , you knew that if you acknowledged what was happening, then you'd have to leave and you weren't ready to leave yet. And when you were ready to leave, then you saw it Then you allowed that information to come to you. And that's the morning where she's like, I just had this weird thing. I should check our cell phone bill. And there were all the texts, for the last six months. And why that day did she have that? Cuz her Spirit's like, here's the opening.

You're feeling strong enough. You're ready. You're ready to handle this. Now I'm gonna point you in this direction. 

Karen: it's like, you're saying, we all kind of know these things. Our spirits are trying to tell us this all the time, but we just can't hear it cuz we're 

Christine: in our own way. and I love the saying that feelings of the language of the soul, because how we first get this communication from our spirit is through feelings.

But in our culture from the minute you enter kindergarten, we are taught, we value what you think we don't value what you feel so there's one, right? Answer two plus two only equals four. And so you're only gonna get rewarded if you give the one right answer. That is the head answer.

So what we feel gets pushed back further and further until we just, it's easy to suppress it. If it seems like it'll be inconvenient, if it'll bother other people, if it'll make somebody in the room uncomfortable, if it'll make us [00:26:00] uncomfortable, we just squish it down. And that disconnect between our feelings and our head is how we develop the symptoms.

Because we're not able to live our truth because we've lost track of what it is. and that's the beauty of meditation and journaling is the process of offering to reconnect with your inner truth? 

: Yes. Oh 

Karen: my goodness. Wow. it's so amazing to hear it cause you make, it seems so simple that we can all do this and yet we just, for whatever reason, many of us just can't do it.

What about for you? I mean, in your life and in your world, have there been messages that you've received about yourself that you. Weren't ready to hear. And then all of a sudden woke up one day and 

Christine: oh, for sure. Especially, cuz I got divorced in for like 18 years. I was out single and, and dating and there's lots of messages about that.

that person, isn't the best person I'm like, he's fine. He's good. I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt. I'm gonna help him. I'm gonna be whatever. And then later I'm like won, won. Right. You know so especially the areas of dating, we so often are looking for people to date subconsciously.

To help us work out an issue with [00:27:00] our parent or with our most critical parent or the parent that was most distant for us or that our fears like we're working to prove our fears untrue. I believe there's no good men out there. So I really wanna find one, but because I believe that I keep finding the guys that are already taken or the men who are emotionally unavailable or, we get into this convoluted story within ourselves.

 Until we can really get honest and get clear about what's happening and like you said, Karen, you have to be ready to hear that. And sometimes, people kinda say, why am I not able to find my next significant relationship? And I'm like, you're not gonna like the answer, but it's cuz you have more healing work to do about how you show up in relationship and sometimes the best way to do that is being in a relationship.

And sometimes it's dating yourself. and figuring that out. 

Robyn: can you tell us about 

Christine: your book? every other chapter is a story of me being a single mom recently divorced raising two kids and being an intuitive. And how, sometimes my kids would get in the car and I'm like, who's that girl texting you?

And Joey's like, mom, get outta my energy. his phone would ding and I could feel that it was really girly girl energy. And I'm like, some girl just texted you. And he was like, mom. Right. So I had to learn [00:28:00] boundaries so every other chapter , is kind of my life as an intuitive.

And then the other chapters are case studies. So a person comes in kind of, here's what he presented with. Here's what his spirit said. And I tried to pick cases that would be really universal, that a lot of people deal with those issues so that they would be relatable. And it just sort of gives you insight into, here are a lot of the really common symptoms here's what's behind those mentally and emotionally to let people get that insight.

And the book's called the body whisperer. Yeah. So a lot of my clients nickname me that early on. So that was the type of, 


Robyn: that makes sense. Yeah. 

Christine: So Karen, you had been asking questions about a session. are there any physical symptoms you wanna ask about, I'm happy to connect to your spirit and kind of give you a sample?

Or it could be a question that you have about a relationship or kids, or really anything that you want guidance on from your spirit. I'm happy to ask. Oh my gosh. So 

Karen: many things

, Robin, what, what do you think I should ask? Well, 

Robyn: I think for you, it's more about career and , is there anything holding you back right now?

Karen: I think that's really a good question for me. Because I feel [00:29:00] so ready to go. She's 

Robyn: bridging two worlds right now. She's still an executive and we are in the midst of fundraising for the holistic living network 

Christine: Okay. So Karen in your job right now, the day job, the corporate job.

Tell me your biggest stressors, one or two of those. So I can just watch your energy while you're talking, and then I'm gonna connect to your spirit about it. Sure. 

Karen: It's not fulfilling for me. I'm doing exactly what you were doing as a lawyer in a way, I'm doing the anti, I feel of what my soul is here to do.

very day to day perfectionistic tracking of projects and teams and input and reading out on progress reports, things like that. And the direction where the role is going is even more so into spreadsheets and making 

Christine: sure I nice and dry. Yeah. 


Christine: I've got it. Hold on. Let me just close my eyes and just connect to your spirit for one moment.

She said how she would answer that question is the hardest part of your job is having to make nice when you really just wanna knock some heads together. okay. and really, I [00:30:00] would phrase it as it's the disempowerment that comes with serving in that role. and so, yes, it's dry and boring and all that kind of stuff.

but there's a little bit of a feeling of herding cats that I feel like you have to do. Right. 

Karen: that's what I 

Christine: say I do every day. Oh, okay. Exactly. So gave me that visual. And now I know why, because that's a phrase that resonates with you. so this herding cats that you have to do is because they really don't have a lot of incentive to cooperate.

And I think bad happens to them if they don't one, because you're super nice. And two, because there isn't stuff put in play for you to hold people accountable in a way that works within that system. Hundred percent. So your spirit is saying you can still become the squeaky wheel that does your own version of accountability.

What I mean by that is, and I coach people at executive levels on this all the time where you, you ask somebody direct questions about why they didn't deliver what they said, they were gonna deliver in a way that makes them so uncomfortable. They'd in the future. They'd rather just get it done just so they don't have to answer to you.

You're not threatening, you're not doing whatever, but you come in under the guise of being curious and concerned. Yeah, but there's a [00:31:00] firmness to your energy, Do you know what I'm talking about? I do. I do. I think for me, this is, this 

Karen: is this role that I'm in right now is a bandaid for this larger vision of what I wanna do.

I wanna release it. I want to step into this new opportunity. I just wonder if there's anything holding you. 

Christine: There is, there is. So your spirit said that you're seeing in, in black and white terms. Meaning I have to do this until I get the green light to go do this. So I have to do the black job until I get to do the white job and the oh, the clouds part and the music happy music comes on.

Right. so she's saying it's really much more of a spectrum in that in learning the types of skills that she's just described will set you up to be better suited for the job you wanna do. and she said, there's a little bit of the magical thinking. That's like, well, once we get over here and we're the ones who are running this company, of course, everybody will listen.

Now there's still gonna be human muggles, right. That you have to deal with. so there is still this sense of how do I, she said you struggle with. In your childhood, you were really encouraged to be the sweet girl.

And that if you were nice enough, people would do right [00:32:00] by you. And if you were nice enough, people would take care of you. And so you enter into an implicit contract with people where you're like, Hey, I'm being super nice. You're not doing your part, but the problem is they're not, they're not signing on that same contract.

That's not the awareness they're coming into that relationship with. And so then you tend to get frustrated or get your feelings hurt or get mad and then it kind of shuts you down. Yeah. Yeah. Does that resonate? It does. 

Karen: so you're saying where I am right now is perfect timing for getting what I need to, to jump into.

The next thing timing feeling of when one thing will end and the next will begin.

Christine: She said, what I hear her asking is, but this is so uncomfortable. Can I just be done and go over here? and so, and what she's saying is sure, just finish this class, then you get to go to the next class. right. and again, like, like people with relationships they're like, but I just wanna find the right guy.

And they're like, great figure out what we're telling you in this relationship. And then you can get onto the next one. That's the right one. so going back to what she was saying about these implicit contracts, because you were [00:33:00] raised to believe that if you were nice enough and sweet enough and kind enough, everybody would do.

Right. But there's not even an agreement on do. Right. So of course, there's not that agreement in that contract. So then it's figuring out the sort of implied contract each person does operate under what motivates that person and why do they think it's okay to not be performing. Is it that they're overwhelmed?

Is it that they're counting on the fact that I'm super nice and I have this gentle sweet, I mean, you have yellow and pink sparkly energy, So even if people can't see energy, they can still feel that softness in you and there's gonna be the presumption. That's the person I can let down, cuz she's gonna be hesitant to lose her temper.

She's gonna be hesitant to really put the screws to me because look at all that sweets off gooey energy. and then that leads to you having this feeling of frustration and impotency that you just want out of, so you wanna come over here? 

Karen: Well, I, think for me, it is, but it's also about this feeling of not living my purpose 

Christine: of not for sure.

And all of that is true and what you're stepping into is gonna be your purpose and all of that is absolutely true. But when you ask what is the block that holds me, that's what she's answering. Mm. so if we took, think of this like college [00:34:00] classes, and you're like, okay, there's this, one chemistry class, but I really wanna go to med school.

And I know I'm supposed to be a doctor and your career says you are, but you gotta know that chemistry class. And then once you've got that skill set down, now you gonna med school and finish it all up. Okay. Okay. This is the class in college that sucks, but it's a prerequisite and you gotta take it. And that is delving into this idea of how do I get people to do what I want 'em to do.

I don't wanna be the hardcore, awful person. And I don't wanna be so sweet that then I just get my feelings hurter. I get frustrated and burned out. How do I have boundaries and hold people accountable, but still get to maintain the essence of me. And that's what she was coaching you on with, with coming in with curiosity and concern, but being a pest.

Karen: That's true. It sounds like the world I live in it probably also applies to my family too. 

Christine: Sure. My guess is your family counted on, you being that soft person and now your spirit is showing me the bumper on a car, which tells me you were the person that absorbed everybody else's energy in your family.

When things started to get with a lot of friction around the dinner table or wherever. You were that bumper on the car that absorbed other people's friction and you may have done it [00:35:00] outwardly by being the diplomat and the, and the mediator in your family, or you might have just done it.

Energetically where you just absorbed a lot of the toxic energy that started flying around the house. but you learned to serve in that role and that if you care about people, that's something you step into doing automatically. Yeah, it's true. But it doesn't really serve you because then they don't get their learning.

Right. They're not experiencing what they put out there in terms of toxic energy. Cuz you've absorbed it before they could actually experience it. And of course sabotages you because it drains your energy. 

: Yeah, that's true. Okay. 

Christine: You, you got that. okay. Hold 

: on a second.

Christine: Your spirit said she could feel your disappointment, that there wasn't a specific, well do check this box and then this will occur because it requires you to step into an area that you're uncomfortable in. This making boundaries and holding people accountable. And she said, and really that's hard for you and your family.

It's hard for you with people you're close to, and it's hard for you at work And she said, it's easier to make those changes at work. And then that starts bleeding over into your interpersonal relationships and making boundaries and enforcing them. There will be easier. 

Karen: yeah.

Boundaries. And that, or [00:36:00] obligation was a word that came up a lot. 

Christine: Yeah. Came up when you were growing up, you mean 

Karen: just in general about me, about always feeling like, yeah. I have to do certain things for everyone because that's either the right way or the needed way or whatever. and wanna release 

Christine: that a little bit.

Well, and I think you wanna define being responsible in your own way. Not what everybody else's expectations are. And I think feeling your way through that. and I always find it's helpful. Something. My spirit coached me through a long time ago was differentiating selfish from self honoring and when we're kids and our parents want us to do something a certain way.

They'll say, if you don't do it that way, you're being selfish. You should give away your last toy. You should let your brother have the last cupcake. You should do this. You know, don't be selfish. If you're selfish, all the other kids won't wanna play with you. And since we are communal beings by nature being ostracized is like the worst thing that could happen to us, to those kids.

When mom says, well, if you, if you're gonna be selfish, none of the other kids will play with you, man. We stop doing whatever it is we're doing. Yeah. And our parents unconsciously recognize, Hm. that's a way to manipulate the kid and get 'em to do what you want 'em to do. So, especially girls end up having this [00:37:00] fear of being labeled selfish.

And so then it's helpful to differentiate being self honoring from being selfish, cuz they're two really different things. and to me, selfish is. I wanna pursue this and if it hurts other people, I'm okay with that versus self honoring, which is I wanna pursue this. And it really doesn't feel like it'll harm anybody else.

It just might disappoint their ego's expectations. And that should be okay. Yeah. 

Karen: Great. That's a really good way to look at it. Oh, 

Christine: love that. Definitely. And so when we're being self honoring, one of the beauties in this is that if you're doing something that's really honoring of you, it's actually honoring of everybody else.

You're in relationship with no exceptions. 

And so whenever someone says, well, that can't be true all the time. It really is. I've not found an instance yet. Where you doing what honors you doesn't also honor the other person. It might not make them happy. It might make them feel uncomfortable, but that's usually what honors their soul's journey anyway.

 I think you can make a commitment to yourself to do your job in a way that feels self honoring and that's that bridge between, I'm not just quitting, but I'm also not just continuing to do this soul crushing work every day.

Which I 

Robyn: think you've been doing honestly, I [00:38:00] think that's what Karen's created in so many ways that balance for now until we are able to fully fund and then, and therefore contribute financially to her household and, and so forth and not have to rely on another job. 

Christine: And I think your spirit just wants you to get this last bit of lesson in learning , in this job. So you can carry it over into your new role and feel smoother there.

 It is gonna be easier, but she wants you already prepped. So as things come up, you set up really clean systems for yourself and really clean lines of communication and accountability with the people that are under you.

Karen: I think I'm almost 

Christine: there.

I think so too. 

Karen: You're right to always kind of look for what is the lesson that it's supposed to be teaching me versus I don't like this.

I don't like this experience. just take that moment and 

Christine: really look at it. Well, and we naturally wanna escape, exit stage left, like a cartoon character. Right. Just run away from that thing. That feels horrible. And, usually what happens is you get a different version of it, and I really feel like your spirit is holding your feet to the fire a little bit here so that you don't have to get any of those lessons in this new [00:39:00] role.

I mean, there'll be different challenges that you and Robin deal with, but, this how you hold people accountable and not having to have your go to be, super nice and sweet. That's your automatic response. And it's not that that's wrong. It's that it is where you take some of your power and you put it on the coffee table.

And the other person either picks it up, hits you on the head with it or picks it up and goes, thanks and walks off with it. That's the piece that makes your job soul crushing. Your Spirit's really emphatic about that. It's that your job is disempowering every day. So to show up for work, feel soul crushing.

Cause you feel like I'm volunteering to give up my power every day. So that they'll pay me money, which is congeal energy. Which is a substitute for power. , but I have to bleed it out all month and then they pay me some back, but it's never as much as I had to give out, therefore I'm coming out at a deficit and it feels awful.

And I want out, and your Spirit's like, that's one way to do it. Or you change it. So you don't hemorrhage out so much. You insist on people having accountability is basically saying, I'm not gonna give you my power. So you can use that to make up the difference. Like I need you to step. 

Karen: I love that because in a [00:40:00] sense 

now that I know the lesson in it, I feel 

Christine: empowered. Good. Yeah. 

Karen: That's, that's the goal. That's the goal. Right. And since I really don't care where I am right now, 

Christine: right. Why not. And, and that's the perfect way to learn. 

Karen: Thank you. Totally 

Christine: empowers me when you wake up, Karen, 

Karen: you're gonna wake up tomorrow.

: I'm showing 

Robyn: up with all of my power and I wonder how quickly things will change because your perspective changed. 

Christine: Yeah. bear with me. This is a weird little story, but I had a woman who was married to her second husband and she, and married him for like 10 years.

Her first marriage was many years ago, but her first husband, she always felt a little bad for him. And so she lived on a big property and she had a big old barn in the back of her property and her first husband had stored some trunks of stuff, boxes of stuff in there and parts to an old car or something.

And, and she's like, , I don't wanna make him come get it. He doesn't have anywhere to put it, but my current husband is. I just feel like there's still this tie between you and he, and it just makes me uncomfortable and in that session, her spirit helped her see that if she asked her first husband to be accountable and she wasn't [00:41:00] storing his junk for him, that he would really have to like take up his place in the world and face who he was and all these different things.

And as she shifted quickly 

 and her spirit convinced her was actually self honoring to completely close that door and move on with her life.

And she said, she left my, this is when I used to have an office down in Charlotte and she left my office and got in her car. And as she pulled away, her phone rang and it was her first husband. She said, I hadn't talked to him in six years. And he said, I've been thinking, I need to come get my stuff out of your barn in the back of your property.

And she was like, what the, what? She said, I almost turned around and drove back to her office. She's like, how does that happen? People feel the difference when you make an energetic boundary that's for real And so why I was leaning into that, to that story. Karen was that, when you make these shifts, a lot of times you don't have to say or do anything different.

And I have so many stories like that where people, I mean, that one was really dramatic cuz she hadn't talked to him in six years, but I have so many stories where people leave him. Like, I'm, I'm just gonna tell my husband, he has to stop drinking or I'm gonna have to divorce him.

And, I've had them go out in apartment shop or meet with a lawyer or do something. So they realize I really could do this and they go, [00:42:00] okay, I'm gonna make that boundary. And as they leave here, their husband calls and says, I just check myself into rehab. And they're like, what? The, I never even got to say, you have to do this.


: feel 

Robyn: that's the 

Karen: point? Exactly. And think about how empowering that even that is right. It's that you don't have to physically 

Christine: do something. we all anticipate the big showdown, the big confrontation , and you're family of origin. I can feel that didn't like the emotional stuff.

So when it had to happen, boy, it's gonna be mouth assu. It's gonna blow and we're gonna make it so uncomfortable. Nobody wants to do that again. Yeah. 

Karen: I mean, I 

Robyn: love Karen's family, by the way. However, we talk about this pretty often, cuz I'm a big crier., it just comes out. Like can't help it.

And Karen, while she may feel the emotion, she will hide it because she was conditioned to do so. Yeah, because of what 

Christine: you're saying, right. So interesting. I've had clients tell me that, they were three or four years old and crawling up into their mother's lap for comfort. And the mother says, oh, you need to grow up and be a big girl.

[00:43:00] We don't wanna see those tears anymore because the mom was so uncomfortable with the emotional display and knew she didn't know how to deal with it. So she just made it wrong. Especially dads say to their sons, oh, be a man. Don't let me see tears. Right.

And so all of a sudden they're like, okay, to be an acceptable version of me, I have to not bring emotions out that make anybody else uncomfortable. Yeah. 

Karen: Yeah. for me, I think being 

Christine: the oldest of six kids, there's a lot of that. Stepping into that 

Karen: role of being the mom and not getting in the way of everything else that was going on.

And the way to get attention was to be sweet and keep, you know, all those things 

Christine: with, well, and I'm hearing your spirit was saying the way to get attention. Well, to get validation and positive energy in your family was to be low maintenance. 

And so your spirit is saying that's where you bump up against these difficulties at work, where that your subconscious labels you as being high maintenance, when what you're really doing is holding people accountable. wow. Let that sink in for a second. does that land such a big, such a big thing?

Oh my gosh. Yeah. Okay. 

Karen: Oh, my goodness. 

Christine: We just [00:44:00] need more of you, Christine. I, world does not need more than me. That's one is plenty. I'm sure. but I think that, when people can understand where do I give my power away and it's not. So we can be these angry bitter people who demand our power back.

We just stop playing the game the same way we just go, oh, now I get it. Yeah. I don't wanna do it that way anymore. It doesn't have to be confrontational. 

Robyn: I think just the absorbing of that, and then literally going to work, whether it's later today or tomorrow with a different I'm so curious to see what happens in general with life.


Christine: and I just 

Karen: feel like what you've said is really the authentic me. It's just, the conditioning has 

Christine: been so 

: deep. 

Christine: Yeah. Yeah. And so of course it's easier to run off to a new job where hopefully that old paradigm will work will just be super nice and everybody will like me and do what they're supposed to do than to, than to change what has been deeply programmed in you.

Yes, exactly. Right. Cause our ego always says, well, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. And you're still here and things are working. Okay. Let's just keep doing more of what we are. And [00:45:00] that's how as women, we wake up, we get back on the hamster wheel, man. We just run harder. 

Robyn: Right before you got on Karen. We were both saying that we felt this crazy weird energy over the 

Christine: last couple hours. 

 So Karen, what Robin was talking about with me listening in is I said I wanna connect because both my husband and I. feel like we wake up with so much inflammation. We're like in a trash compactor, the last, two days. And I actually asked this morning, is this cuz I'm talking to Robin and Karen sooner, are we crunching a timetable?

So let me just, I'm just gonna connect to my guides, your spirit, my spirit. 

You said it does have to do with a timetable of events. So I do feel like, Robin, your Spirit's showing me a spider web and Karen's over here and you're over here and, this center feels like your project. And, and I'm out a couple zones further. and all the people that are in it are feeling what is happening is the intensity is closing in as it's being brought to fruition.


And though , but I can, I can feel like that's why our [00:46:00] spouses are being affected. It's like, if you're in this spider web and all of it is compressing as the energy intensifies to carry it forward, then we're all feel, and I describe it as trash compactor just because I know what energetic pressure feels like.

And when I woke up, I'm like, oh, I recognize this. it's happened to me when I've gotten big abilities. It's gotten to me when I'm gonna be on a big stage somewhere and, different things where I'm kind of up leveled. And my, reach gets bigger and then sometimes I can pull it back in and sometimes they pull it back out.

Right. So, wow. So I, recognize that feeling, but then when I heard, you said I'm like, oh, wait a minute. 

Robyn: Oh, I mean, before we got on Karen, I was saying that It's these really highs and I'm not gonna say they were really low lows, but it's like high, low, high, low, just in a really short amount of time 

Christine: so are you familiar with the supplement tine? Elian is the sister amino acid to El trip. Dhan El trip Dhan is in Turkey. So after Thanksgiving dinner, everybody's super mellow. So L triptan is calming and sedating. L theanine is calming, not sedating.

[00:47:00] So you can take it and it's fabulous for anxiety. it's, you know, you can take up to 400 milligrams and usually you have to take over 50 to feel difference, but it's an amino acid. I mean, there's no side effects, totally harmless. You can take it with other things. So I will have people take it.

It comes in a liquid form. Okay. And it comes in a capsule form and you can take little bits of it if it's liquid during the day, but at night I would take 200 milligrams. And , if I wake up in the middle of the night, my brain starts going.

Yeah. But if I take 200 milligrams, it helps me fall asleep. And if I take 400 milligrams, even if I wake up during the night, I just go right back to sleep. It just quiets the mind chatter. Stuff is fabulous. I put teenagers on it all the time 

and it's really helpful. It's a game changer in my opinion. Wow. It's a relatively new supplement. Yeah. It's been out in the last couple years, but it's powerful. It's really awesome. And I would say to utilize that and, knowing that this is kind of moving, you know, like, like the black hole, that's pulling everything in, right.

There's an intensity that I think everybody associated with this project is probably feeling even if. They don't know they're associated [00:48:00] with it yet. So there could be somebody that you're gonna bring in to be a director of one of the shows you wanna do, and that person hasn't even been assigned yet.

And that person's like, why am I feeling this intense? The universe is doing what the universe does. It's not waiting for our awareness. Oh my God. 

Robyn: You really are multifaceted you're not only an incredible healer and practitioner and an intuitive, you do have that background, 

Karen: Which is. 

Robyn: Unique

Christine: . Thank you, Christine. You're so welcome. Thank you guys. Okay, bye. 

: Bye

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And just to note that information today is not a substitute for medical or psychological guidance. Please seek a professional. [00:49:00] If you have ongoing medical or psychological questions. Thank you. 

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