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Death Walkers, Walk-Ins, Fusions and Parallel Timelines - Episode 20

June 21, 2022 Robyn Miller Brecker and Karen Loenser Season 2 Episode 20
Death Walkers, Walk-Ins, Fusions and Parallel Timelines - Episode 20
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Seeking Center: The Podcast
Death Walkers, Walk-Ins, Fusions and Parallel Timelines - Episode 20
Jun 21, 2022 Season 2 Episode 20
Robyn Miller Brecker and Karen Loenser

We had such a magical connection with Ginette Biro on our podcast a few weeks ago — that she kept coming up in so many of our conversations. We both dove into her book “Avalon to Aurora” which chronicles her Near Death Experience that catapulted her to new levels as a medium, visionary and healer.

This week, we continued our conversation around other juicy topics like “Death Walkers, Soul Aspects, Walk-ins and Fusions,” (yeah, they are really things….). Oh, and we discuss parallel timelines, time jumping -- and more!

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Did you miss our first podcast with Ginette where we discuss near death experiences, Clair senses, mediumship, astral projection and much more? Listen now. 

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We had such a magical connection with Ginette Biro on our podcast a few weeks ago — that she kept coming up in so many of our conversations. We both dove into her book “Avalon to Aurora” which chronicles her Near Death Experience that catapulted her to new levels as a medium, visionary and healer.

This week, we continued our conversation around other juicy topics like “Death Walkers, Soul Aspects, Walk-ins and Fusions,” (yeah, they are really things….). Oh, and we discuss parallel timelines, time jumping -- and more!

You can find out more about Ginette and her offerings at

You can follow her on social at
IG: @ginettebiro.medium
FB: @avalonspirit

Did you miss our first podcast with Ginette where we discuss near death experiences, Clair senses, mediumship, astral projection and much more? Listen now. 

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Robyn: [00:00:00] We had such a magical connection with Ginette Biro on our podcast a few weeks ago that she kept coming up in so many of our conversations.

We both dove into her book, Avalon to Aurora, which Chronicles her near death experience That catapulted her to new levels as a medium, visionary, and healer. We were both captivated by one particular chapter with its juicy title, death, walkers, soul aspects, walk-ins and fusions. And we equally felt like we needed to know more.

So we asked and Jeanette graciously accepted to give us the full download on that. And so much more can you say time jumping get ready?


Well, Ginette first and foremost, Robin and I have been digging into your book. I had read some of it. I hadn't had the chance to read the whole entire thing. So after our conversation, I wanted to sit with it now that I knew your story and really absorb it.

 There's so much in here. I love the fact that these chapters are so short and they're so focused. And you not only give people your perspective, but things that they can think about too, [00:01:00] along the way. One of the chapters that really got us going was your chapter 16, which is entitled death, walkers, soul aspects, walk-ins and fusions.

This chapter's all maybe Page is long and there's so much in here. And I just was hoping that maybe we could just dive in a little bit about what each one of them are and maybe your experiences 

Ginette: with those. Yeah, absolutely 

Karen: maybe start with what a death Walker sounds really ominous. Yes. But what is your definition? 

Ginette: yeah, death, walkers do sound ominous. And I remember when they came in and told me who they were, I kind of half chuckled, half shuttered, because I was like, really? That's what you call yourselves. And they're like, well, it's the best.

Way to explain it. spirit is often very blunt, And so they're trying to use English language to explain what they do, right. Their energy is so different. Their energy is so peaceful. Very, omniscient very loving and wise, but they're trying to use our English language to bring a [00:02:00] point of what they do, which literally.

They help prepare souls when they're going to cross over. And part of that preparation is essentially pulling all the fragments of a soul together when they're fully ready to exit. So what I mean by that is if we think about parallel lifetimes or multiple realities, when our soul comes down, a piece of our soul comes down to be inhabited.

As you guys or me. we are more than just this one timeline speaking together right now. We actually that soul piece fragments into multiple parallel realities. So we're existing in multiple realities beyond this one right here. So what happens is when the soul dies. They essentially have to do a process of dying in each timeline before the full soul crosses over And so the death walkers help to make that happen. They help to gather all the soul aspects because within each parallel life or multiple reality that we exist in, we can be the same person, but [00:03:00] say in one. I am me as I am right now, but in another life say I'm dealing with a certain trauma.

That's keeping me looped in something, And I'm not ready to exit or I'm avoiding an exit or something like that. They try to help blend between realms and realities. The Ascension and crossing over of a soul. Now that takes our idea of death and just blows it even wider. it's hard for the mind to put that in a linear format that we like to use to make sense of everything.

so that's why when they came through, they're like we are death walkers, and essentially we just help people get ready to cross over. And so I was like, tell me more. And then they split it into all of that. So they're very loving though, and they really are working in favor of each soul so that the crossing can happen with ease and grace, because that whole idea of the fact that we never die alone, we don't die in punishment.

All these linear human based ideas, there is a, a collaboration of synchronicities of events of guides, angels, whatever it may be to help us [00:04:00] move through it just in the same way that we collaborate. In essence, when we are giving birth, There's a collaboration, ideally of people that can help support us.

Our bodies are getting ready, all this kind of stuff. There's a similar. readiness and collaboration that happens when we are exiting. 


If someone were to recognize a death Walker, would that mean that you in a linear format let's say in this timeline, would that mean you have a short amount of time before you're going to pass?

is it a month or is it days. 

Ginette: not necessarily know somebody can pass in one lifetime, one parallel version and then live in another one for years and years. And. Wow. Now we can also though merge lifetimes together too. So we don't necessarily have to die off in one to merge into another.

We can merge two timelines together, or three or four. They say an ascended master. is someone that was able to merge all of their lifetimes together into wholeness, and then [00:05:00] transcend the need to come. So we do have that potentials within us to merge lifetimes.

I only say that because we don't necessarily only die out of lifetimes. We can sometimes merge those parallel realities. So for example, somebody, if you had three people, one person could have say eight, multiple realities. They're living has a fragment in each. Somebody else could have three because maybe two of them, they died.

And then two or however many left they merged and then one other person could be living in three solid ones that have all merged into three It's so vast and varied in that kind of quantum reality. Well, and 

Robyn: going back to the death, Walker, Would you recognize somebody as being a death Walker?

Is it a spirit or do they inhabit pH someone's physical body? No, they're 

Ginette: a spirit. They're spirit based for sure. Most people. Wouldn't see them, they really walk between realms. Okay. So then that's another concept is walking between dimensions, It's not just one dimension to another. There's actually space. There's a liminal space in between [00:06:00] realms or dimensions and they move through that space. 

Karen: I just wanna make sure I understand. So you're saying that there is the potential of. Three different Robins living in this time space reality right now, one is the Robin who lives in Chicago.

Maybe another potential Robin could be An executive who works in New York city and another could be maybe even older or younger, but in sort of the same time frame and that Robin in Chicago could pass. But the other two Robins could still be continuing. They're not aware of each other on a physical level, but they're doing this experience.

To gain as much earthly experience as possible within a short window of time to make the most of this physical 

Ginette: experience. Absolutely. and the three 

Robyn: Robins, let's say that Karen's talking about, would I be Robin in one, but called something else? Another could I have a different name?

Ginette: It could be, but not limited too. You could have, for example, a future Robin from another [00:07:00] parallel lifetime in which you are older in step into this lifetime, and technically communicate with you as a person that would be, if you moved through a time, And we talk about Well, there's much out there about time glitches in realities where something glitch, Something wasn't, as it was, people could technically appear in another timeline. Although that's a dangerous thing that's often prevented because if the future Robin told you something, then that could change the Robin now to then change the future Robin. Right. Fine bending. This is like a 

Karen: movie that really exists that we thought was fantasy, but is real.

And just to clarify too, Ginette, I know we talked a little bit about this on our last podcast, but just for people who are listening now, when you say they tell me, what do you mean by they? are you hearing this information? How are you getting this information? 

Ginette: Yeah, it's my guides. It's my spirit guide.

So there's various different ones that I work with. So it just kind of depends on if we're working on a collective humanity level, if we're [00:08:00] working on more of a cosmic level consciousness or my own personal guide. So just, it depends who it is. Yeah. Wow. 

Karen: Well, 

Robyn: And the reason I was asking about the names too, is when we talk about souls, fragments of our soul being in these different places, could those fragments be inhabited by a male energy?

could I be a man in a different timeline I'm just trying to make sure that when people are listening right now and we're talking about these multiple. Lives and, and parallel lives. Are we meaning parallel, like from this very much like a copy of me, but with different experiences happening or is it part of my soul, but in a completely different type person?

I guess that's what I'm trying to. Yeah. 

Ginette: so as you're asking that question, I'm kind of. Passing it off to my guides because I'm like, oh, good question. I'm curious about that. To say that it is limited to only one way would be naive, but on average, the majority of the time would be a singular [00:09:00] incarnation of Robin divided into many.

Robyn: That's really helpful. I that's 

Karen: helpful. Yeah, that helps me too. 

Ginette: but I always caution not to limit to a black and white statement. because again, even just thinking of time in our construct of time, and then when we open to quantum physics, we realize time isn't that. So to limit time to black and white, we can't mm-hmm so that would be our understanding as best as we can understand it right now within our consciousness.

so for the majority of it would be you split into many and 

Karen: we're gonna get to up the others. But one last question on this one, cuz it's so fascinating about these different. So aspects when you cross over and you're doing your life review, are you able at all to infuse any kind of your life experience to the one that is still walking in the physical form?

Is that in any way handed, to the guide that's guiding the Karen that's still walking around or is it totally separate? 

Ginette: No it's. So what I've understood right now is most [00:10:00] often a soul will pass within a general amount of time so that the whole thing can cross over and return to the light, So when we lose somebody here, they do essentially have a process of crossing over. Now whether they cross over and then merge in with another timeline is a different story. I have seen though, in some cases I had a client, actually. I talk about it in the book where she had a sole fragment of hers merge into her in this lifetime, cuz it would benefit her.

So that one was a direct merging. And now in that case she could technically. Disappear from another timeline, she could just cease to exist or disappear as a missing persons in one way. That's how it could be another way she could cease to exist ever in that timeline. 

Robyn: Wow. Wow. . 

Karen: Yeah, but I mean, and I wanna just share 

 On page, 64. You put this really simple illustration that helped me understand what you're talking about 

if you think about your higher self or I guess your soul really as one big circle, and then a [00:11:00] little piece of pie can just be this one version of yourself. And so this circle can have many pieces of pie to it that sort of break off and have their own experiences. and I just thought that that was just such a nice, simple, easy way to kind of get a very, very deep and.

Hard concept, I think for all of us to wrap our, our heads around. So it's just little helpful tidbit there. Should we move on to, soul aspects so what so 

Ginette: Yeah, so We have, so soul aspects can be like different aspects of our soul.

So if we go back to that higher self image there, we can kind of explain it that way, where different soul aspects of you can come down and merge with yourself as well. So your higher self. Which is always a part of you if we just, for the sake of simplicity, your higher self sits in the higher realms or in heaven on the other side, whatever makes sense.

And it's watching over you as a fragment of you is busy doing your thing here. If your higher self feels that at the point in your life, you would benefit from a knowing or a [00:12:00] learning. It will essentially bring down through like a download or merging a different sole aspect of you to merge in. Your frequency.

Does that make sense? Yeah. 

Karen: Yep. 

Ginette: We have access to that all the time. the more that we actually grow and connect in with our higher self and our spiritual self, our awaken self we're connecting to more of those soul aspects. Those are available to us really at any time. can 

Karen: we ask our angels guides?

can we ask for that information be accessible to us? specifically, I love that idea. Okay. This is a big one. The 

Robyn: walk-ins. And I love the way you define, because I've heard it in other ways, but I love the way that you define 

Ginette: it. Yeah. So walkin is when essentially another soul.

steps into your physical. Now, let me break that down, cuz that seems really ominous and like it's Poltergeist or something, but it's not at all. A walk-in only happens when it is agreed upon within the blueprint before you come in. So a walk-in scenario is something that your soul already agreed with another [00:13:00] soul that there would be a point in your lifetime where the two would change places.

So we have the natal soul, which is the one that comes in and is born into the body, does the growing up. And then there will be a walk-in soul that will come in at a certain juncture point and essentially take over the energy of the body and carry forward. Now a natal soul will usually come in that role for one thing is be willing to bring.

The energy up to an adult level usually is when walk-ins happen, because the forgetting the childhood, the childhood traumas, the re remembering the figuring who you are that's a lot of dense work that sometimes a higher soul does not want to do. And so a natal soul might say, Hey, I need to learn a couple lessons of early childhood.

And this family, this alignment might work out. But I would like to exit around, say for example, 20. And then there's another soul. That's like, you know what? That's perfect because I would like to come in at 25 and I need to do these things, but I don't have time, or I don't want to go through the growing up phase.

Okay, perfect. We will make an agreement. [00:14:00] There will be a handoff at some point. Now that handoff or walk in soul. Sometimes can happen very abruptly. It can happen through a accident coma near death experience, but sometimes it can also happen. When someone's sleeping again, this is never a forceful takeover.

You can't be taken away by a walk-. It is a known process on the higher realm. So I want people when they're listening, not to feel threatened by the idea of a walk-in Now when that walk-in occurs, sometimes it can be a full-on exchange. One comes in the other leaves. It happens, then it is done. That is usually a bit more jarring for the walk-in soul because they then essentially have to suddenly take over command.

They have all the memories all the knowings before, but they don't have the practical experience. So that's more jarring. So what often happens is you will have a soul blend for a while where the walk-in and the natal soul will actually share the energy of the body anywhere for a couple months to a couple [00:15:00] years before the natal soul then finally takes off.

And what happens is that allows time for the natal soul to essentially teach the walk and soul, the workings of the vehicle and the workings of the relationships in their life. And it makes it an easier transition. But anytime that there's a walk-in, there will be a significant change of lifestyle, food habits, sometimes languages career, oftentimes relationships will change significantly when a walk-in comes in because the walk-in essentially comes in, takes over.

Like when a new CEO comes in and resets a company. They restructure it that's often what happens with the purpose of the Ascension moving forward. So the one thing I do wanna say with walk-ins is most people will know they're a walk-in. They will either listen to what I'm saying, and they'll be deep resonance of like, whoa, click, click, click.

That makes sense. Or I already knew this or something like that. there's a knowing. So walk-ins, aren't often left, floundering. What's going on. There's usually some knowing of something very different. And it's a matter of just gaining the information to have it fully [00:16:00] click in place. So that's kind of what happens in a walk-in I've seen several different walk-ins in my life and there's a pretty consistent general pattern with them.

So it's really interesting. Wow. 

Robyn: when you were talking, I feel like we know people in our own lives where. you can tell that there's been such a dramatic shift and you almost are like, but can people really change that much? Yeah. And that, to me, this helps answer that. 

Karen: Or if it's after maybe a radical, they give up drugs or something, 

Robyn: yes. something completely. Yeah. That's what I mean. 

Karen: A brand new 

Ginette: person, literally. Wow. Sometimes though there'll be like a soul fusion. And so a soul fusion is another term, which is kind of like a walk in, but it's for only a short amount of time.

It's for a period of time that the natal soul will be like, I will step back for a period of five to eight, years-ish say right where another soul will fuse in and embody for a time and then depart. . And so that one is more common than we realize, not as common as [00:17:00] a walk-in though, because there's a big shift in energy that happens that the person has to recalibrate too.

So sometimes that can be the reason for someone's change. Now, another one That's not in my book that I just recently did. A podcast on my show about is sole imprints and a sole imprint is essentially when a spirit. In the blueprint planning, instead of having a walk-in occur, they will actually look in akashic records of all souls.

And based on what they're desiring to come in with will borrow the memories of another soul, like a transparency or an imprint. And they will imprint that knowing or memory into their consciousness so that they are inspired by that. Moving forward, but it is not their memory, but it would feel like their memory, but it gives them the courage moving forward.

So that's when you get people that come through and they're like, I'm the reincarnation of, so and so of Buddha of Jesus of, I think I use joan of ark in my podcast as the example. And it's not necessarily that they are, but they have the imprint of a section of time [00:18:00] of that soul's journey that will benefit them coming forward.

Robyn: Wow. That is, Really cool. 

Ginette: now the interesting thing is that these are all different ways and there's more that we probably can't even conceive of. The one thing that spirit said is they're like, after all of this, essentially we're breaking it down, but it actually doesn't matter. whether you're a, walk-in an imprint, a fusion What matters is you take the knowledge of you.

You get to know you and you live your purpose here. Now this just gives you framework for maybe understanding part of your journey, but they're like, no matter how you do it, you're here at this time right now to take what you know, and do and change things, transcend things, you know, be an example for humanity.

So they're just providing highlights. To kind of help us wrap our minds around it, but really they want us to essentially just move forward. 

Karen: Can I ask a question? This came up when Robyn and I were talking about this the other day about the timelines. Again, if you're living multiple timelines at the same time, does it explain to a certain extent why maybe somebody feels [00:19:00] very disconnected from their family or they feel.

they don't belong where they are or they're feeling lost or because they are more immersed in some way with another timeline. Maybe they're very connected there. So when they're conscious of this timeline, they're feeling that almost lack of, 

Ginette: you don't have. It could be. I think it's more to do. I mean, it's a piece with timelines, but it's actually more to do with the Ascension process.

And so as we're ascending in consciousness right now, we're actually expanding our reach in terms of what we're aware of. Now, we're not aware of everything fully, consciously, but energetically. We are. So we're actually reaching farther out through timelines right now. So that disconnect is often actually feeling.

we are more than this timeline. We're actually feeling the pulls and the waves of different timelines as they move. So we may say our energy is really needed in a trauma situation in say timeline. A but where we are talking right now is timeline B. So you might feel Spacey and [00:20:00] timeline B because so much of your energy is being drawn to timeline.

A because in that one, there's a. There's a family trauma or something, right. you're becoming more energetically aware of the multifaceted nature that is you. So this awareness is like a natural progression actually is what spirit was saying. It it's just part of being multi, expanded through multiple realms.

It's a normal way of being in 5D apparently. 

Robyn: Well, and my comment would be, as people are listening this is all possible because we're energy. And so energy can travel. When we're talking about ourselves in these multiple timelines that we're talking about, these different definitions of.

Ways of coming into a soul, it's all possible because it's energy. the second thing I wanna ask is from your own experience with a near death experience, and you saw your blueprint for your soul when we talk about the blueprint for your soul, and then we talk about being your soul being fragmented into different timelines.

 Do [00:21:00] all those fragments, share that same blueprint like that you saw when you were near near death experience? is that still the 

Ginette: baseline? that's a fantastic question. And what's interesting is in my memory of that which I haven't pondered until right now.

So, I love your asking. This is when they rolled my blueprint on the table, there was several blueprints under. rolled on top. So we were looking at the main frame design, but there was several other ones underneath. So whatever's changed. And the mainframe design would then have ripple effects through the ones underneath cause there was, 

Robyn: oh yeah.

Ginette: Wow. So when a, an architect rolls out the blueprints for a building there's multiple in that role, Layered on top of each other. It was like that. Wow. 

Robyn: You had, what most of us will won't ever have in a lifetime, which is this peek into all of the inner workings and then being able to come back and talk about it.

So that's 

Ginette: so, and that's, my desire is to talk about it I'm so grateful my guide. Break down stuff in really tangible ways that I can understand it and [00:22:00] then share with you guys, Or in my book, because what they're wanting to do the whole reason for all of this and why there's many people on the planet right now bringing through different concepts of consciousness is because when we can click these into making sense, somehow even if we're understanding a small percentage of the reality, the cosmic reality, our linear human minds are like, yeah, I get that. Every time we click into that, we are creating this. Essentially what they're saying is the knowledge then becomes available in the ether, There's always knowledge sitting in the energy around the collective, when spirit wants to inspire the planet for something they bring down a higher knowledge that sits floating in this collective grid.

If you wanna picture it that. And what happens is people that then are awakened or higher frequency will pick up on these pieces of knowledge and bring them into reality and bring them down and bring them down. The more that we anchor pieces into a reality, the higher we can then reach. Knowledge, and that's just all connected into that process of Ascension.

Karen: Wow. Yeah. Wow. [00:23:00] Everything you say, just blows my mind. One sentence after another, and yet it makes so 

Ginette: much sense. Oh, that's beautiful. I'm so glad. I know, but I feel the same too. I gotta say when they explain stuff, I'm like, wow. So cool. Yes. That makes sense. Right. so, and they love when we have these moments, these click moments.

they love it cuz they're like, yes, you're getting it. It's like when a parent's teaching a child and you see your child finally get it. You're like, oh yeah, Right. So it's just these levels of growth and Ascension on the greater cosmic scale that are happening. And, it's important. I think as humanity that we realize that.

So we can also feel a sense of accomplishment and a sense of connection in that, because there's so much that could weigh us down that actually pulls us away from Ascension right now that we need to celebrate in the click moments, in the understanding in the raising of our consciousness. Well, 

Robyn: and Karen and I were talking about this, what you introduced last time we spoke.

Which was this idea that June was gonna be this month where spirit may not [00:24:00] feel as present because time's shifting again, now that we're in June, are you feeling that sensing that what, yeah. What's the update 

Ginette: yeah, so what's interesting is there's a whole restructuring of time happening right now.

So they're, they're essentially restructuring. the energetic model of time on our planet. That's the best way I can explain it so that it doesn't have the ability to be manipulated as it did before. There were different levels of light beings that knew how to manipulate time. Because again, time is not linear.

We think it is, but it is not. But there are also people on this planet that have that intelligence to manipulate time. So we don't realize how much time has actually been messed around. Really makes it hard for humanity when we move through time like that, when it is kind of REW or paused. Now with June, what's interesting is spirit has, there's still in the midst of it.

There's something that shifts or ideally clicks around the solstice coming up on the [00:25:00] 21st, there will be a click point of sorts, but I don't know what that's gonna feel like yet. They're basically telling me just be super present and see what happens by the end of June. I'm seeing around June 28th, we'll be able to start feeling into where we're going.

So something clicks in. I would imagine it takes a little bit of time to rise and show itself. And that's why by the 28th we'll have a better idea, but there's a huge significance this year. With the solstice and that energy. So a good message for everybody is on the solstice. The more that you can anchor in your truth, like if you wake up the morning of the solstice and you're like, okay, today I am going to honor who I am.

I'm gonna move through this day with as much peace as I can. I am gonna take the moments I need to recalibrate. I'm gonna be present. I'm gonna find joy and I'm gonna envision anchoring this. here. What you're doing then is providing an anchor, essentially for this timeline to click in faster. If we're not so busy running around, missing everything, then we can help anchor it.

Literally, we don't realize how much our physical bodies act as anchor [00:26:00] points of consciousness. We don't realize that. And when we actually embody that, we make a big difference in creating this tipping point of ascension. 

Robyn: wow. I love that. And there's a healer that we work with that she always she takes your root chakra and she anchors that into the earth.

So I would ask that everyone do that with what you're saying. And actually this podcast is posting within the morning of the solstice. And it will be up for most people, in Northern America, on the solstice, 

Karen: It's 

Ginette: timely, we're 

Karen: clicking 

Robyn: in and then we can't wait to then. find out how are we doing come July, really? Because it sounds like we're gonna feel something different and we'll, we'll on a conscious level, potentially be able to feel it. 

Ginette: One of the things that they gave me as a heads up with that is part of that feeling something different is we will have a better idea or a better ability to feel into.

Intuitions for example, when you're trying to decide, say, should I take job a or B I'm presented with two, you [00:27:00] will sit on average and feel into it, right? what am I feeling more drawn to right now in this month, that would be hard to do right now because the timeline or the construct of time that affects our timelines is being re.

So we can't feel into it yet, but by July, we'll have a better ability to feel into highest probabilities of our journey 

Robyn: that is so mind blowing. Karen and I have been doing certain meditations and it's interesting because. we've been trying to do some time shifting ourselves. And if we say let's shift into a year from now, both Karen and I are like, we can't we just literally can't these last few weeks.

it feels Karen used the word abyss. 

Ginette: Yeah. It's not available. it's actually not available. The content is not available right now. Yes. 

Karen: oh my God. Are you freaking out Karen? So literally what I said, cuz we were trying to do this right before we talked to you this meditation and yeah, we were trying to decide should we go to a certain place that we've already sort of created in our mind's eye that feels very [00:28:00] concrete to us now versus just like next year at this time what's gonna, and I just said.

It's too hard. I can't do it. it's too. So I love 

Robyn: what you said, Ginette it's like content not available. 

Ginette: yeah. 

Karen: interesting. well, I'm gonna do that exercise for sure. 

Ginette: with the grounding and the anchoring a good thing for people of embracing that energy to simplify, it would be be in an energy of love.

How can you be love? How can you give love that day? And just keep coming back to that anchor love. 

Robyn: I love, love that. 

Karen: yeah, that's really good. Ginette, thank you so much 

Robyn: I wanted to let everybody know that they should listen to Ginette's podcast.

 Where can they find your podcast? 

Ginette: That's on apple podcast, Google play YouTube audible, all the main audio platforms.

 Called the Ginette Biro podcast. 

Robyn: and they can get it to through Avalon as well. Right? Yeah. 

Ginette: I post it on there too. Yeah, definitely. Excellent. 

Robyn: And you can find out more from Ginette on Avalon spirit, including her book. And all other offerings that. [00:29:00] She has. Oh, my thank you so much for jumping on with us today.

Well, thanks for having me. What a 

Karen: great conversation. I'm gonna have to play it a couple times back my time. I agree. really looking forward to the soul exercise, that was perfectly timed 

Ginette: Thank all right, ladies. Have a beautiful rest of your day. You 

Robyn: too.