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Channeling Talismans, Crystal Consciousness, Energy Healing + The Power of Healing Yourself - Episode 5

February 27, 2022 Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser and Hope De La Mora Season 2 Episode 5
Channeling Talismans, Crystal Consciousness, Energy Healing + The Power of Healing Yourself - Episode 5
Seeking Center: The Podcast
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Seeking Center: The Podcast
Channeling Talismans, Crystal Consciousness, Energy Healing + The Power of Healing Yourself - Episode 5
Feb 27, 2022 Season 2 Episode 5
Robyn Miller Brecker, Karen Loenser and Hope De La Mora

We’re soul excited to introduce you to Hope De La Mora, channeler of talismans, intuitive energy healer and reconnection cultivator. If you’re going, “huh?” Don’t worry. It’s going to make perfect sense. 

What is a Talisman? Or how about a Talisman Healing Session? We’re also talking about crystal consciousness, galactic families, astral experiences, the Annunaki and more. Hope explains it all in a way that you’ll understand.  And you will mesmerized at Hope's magnificence and wisdom. We experienced her gifts first hand…soul-transforming!

Plus, Hope does a card reading for the week of February 28 that applies to everyone listening. You don’t want to miss it!

And learn two practices aka Secret Powers that you can start using right away to heal your own energy — and nurture your body + soul. 

Can you feel the good vibes? 

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We’re soul excited to introduce you to Hope De La Mora, channeler of talismans, intuitive energy healer and reconnection cultivator. If you’re going, “huh?” Don’t worry. It’s going to make perfect sense. 

What is a Talisman? Or how about a Talisman Healing Session? We’re also talking about crystal consciousness, galactic families, astral experiences, the Annunaki and more. Hope explains it all in a way that you’ll understand.  And you will mesmerized at Hope's magnificence and wisdom. We experienced her gifts first hand…soul-transforming!

Plus, Hope does a card reading for the week of February 28 that applies to everyone listening. You don’t want to miss it!

And learn two practices aka Secret Powers that you can start using right away to heal your own energy — and nurture your body + soul. 

Can you feel the good vibes? 

Email: for scheduling and requests.
IG: @hope_ascendant (teleport into my DM’s!)
Website: Stay tuned for (launching soon) 

Visit for more from Robyn + Karen, plus mega inspo -- and the best wellness + spiritual practitioners, products and experiences on the planet!

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[00:00:00] robyn: We're so excited, as she'd say to introduce all of you to another member of our soul family, hope Delamora. We met hope through our friend and fellow seeker. Sheri Salata Karen and I both had transformative sessions with hope. She refers to herself as a wisdom steward and reconnection, cultivator hope when several spiritual modalities to create.

[00:00:22] like no other, we're going to talk to her all about it. And we have a feeling you'll learn about practices that you may never have heard of. Hi 

[00:00:30] hope: hope. Thank you for having 

[00:00:32] robyn: me. We're so glad you're here. And we want to hear all about what you do. I mean, we know what you do because we've experienced. But can you break it down and tell everyone who's listening about the experience that you provide and the modalities 

[00:00:46] hope: that you use?

[00:00:47] There are several facets to it. And I'll say like the foremost, I feel my role here is as what I call a reconnection cultivator, and that is helping others to acknowledge and unlock their own inherent wisdom. Right. [00:01:00] Reconnecting them to the natural cycle, the natural order, because it's in this sort of collective field that we have this ability to access this awakened state.

[00:01:09] So that's foremost, but in my practice, what I'm known for is talisman healing sessions. And so with those I channel crystal consciousness, channeling crystal consciousness is something I've been doing over most of the course of. When I was younger, I had a jewelry business and it kind of started that way.

[00:01:26] And I was like mining in North Carolina, mining my own gemstones in this type of thing. And that just carried on over the course of my life. I broke away from it for a bit, but then when I was called to dive fully into healing, there was a connection there with the crystals and designs that I would channel and implementing those within the healing.

[00:01:49] So the process is. Going through a Reiki healing session. And I implement , which is like the traditional Reiki that most folks are familiar with. [00:02:00] And then galactic healing, which is calling upon all of your guides, your star family, et cetera. And it's the hem, which is an Egyptian Reiki modality. So these are.

[00:02:09] That I implement also my own modalities, channeling, different symbols that are unique to my own practice that I use. And so we go through the session and then after the session, I use sound healing during to kind of help transmit the healing through the quantum field. I feel like it definitely empowers it.

[00:02:26] And then I will do a reading, a card reading. The healing portion of the session. And then based on the energies that come through during the session, I will create a talisman for the individual, with the crystals that are calibrated for their unique needs and their soul path. So it's quite the process, but it is so amazing.

[00:02:48] So unique, so beneficial, and I love the healing part of it because I take notes during the process, which I'm not sure if there's like a lot of Reiki, healers that take notes, but I am one of them and I will channel through [00:03:00] and do automatic writing. So people's guides are coming through and talking to me and their unique words or phrases that only the individual that I'm doing the healing on knows.

[00:03:09] But when I bring it up. Prompt something for them. So the only way I can say is it's a, multi-modality custom that healing that I have created, the questions 

[00:03:18] robyn: I could see. Karen has questions we need to 

[00:03:21] hope: jump in. Yeah. There's 

[00:03:22] karen: so much that you gave us there. And I think one of the things that enticed us so much to have this healing session is that we're such a unique blended.

[00:03:30] All of these different modalities, just for listeners who might not be familiar with all of them just yet. Can you tell us a little bit more about what you mean by crystal consciousness? Cause I know that's a really integral part of what you do and a real part of the big takeaway that you get as a result of going through your sessions.

[00:03:45] I just wanna make sure people understand what you mean by crystal 

[00:03:47] hope: consciousness. Yeah. Crystals are living, breathing entities on their own. Throughout the entirety of the earth. We have these crystal and grids that resonate with different frequencies and pull in [00:04:00] different energies. And we're talking these beautiful crystal instructors that are like thousands, millions in many cases of years old.

[00:04:07] So they hold the wisdom of the earth and hold the wisdom of the environment. And that is what becomes integrated into the healing session. And I'm like getting crown technol tangles as I'm talking about it, but they speak to. The specific energetic balancing needs are of the individual. And so it's, I guess, an easy way to put it would be me talking to rocks, 

[00:04:28] karen: but I love that you explain that because I think so many people are so drawn to crystals and don't really understand why and this idea that there are living in and have sort of this reciprocal relationship with us that we may not even be aware of is just so incredibly powerful.

[00:04:44] robyn: I just love that when you say. Actually also understanding them and then helping others understand them. 

[00:04:52] hope: Wouldn't you say? Absolutely. I think we all are capable of dialing into that too. If the reconnection aspect of this, as we begin [00:05:00] unlocking our awakened state and our ability to feel into things and tap into our inherent knowing, I think like anyone can do this.

[00:05:09] Anyone. Began speaking to crystals or hearing crystals and hearing what's being translated. The natural world has always spoken to us. I think that's how we actually survived as a species, but we have become educated out of our inherent connection. And almost a level of hubris has come into play of knowing it all because what we know the science on things and a science does back up spirituality.

[00:05:34] When you want to dive into it, I encourage you to look into Dr. Lisa Miller, who talks about the science of spirituality. That is a tool and not a religion and something for us to look to as the be all end all. So I think it's our need to explain the world around us, which is important. That's part of us reconnecting is tapping into explaining the world around us.

[00:05:54] But I suppose trying to think that we can like control the outcome and have this all-knowing ness around it. That's [00:06:00] where we start to lose our natural connection to the natural order of. Can you just 

[00:06:05] karen: talk about the definition of what a talisman it has so many implications when you don't know the word because of 

[00:06:11] hope: your definition.

[00:06:12] I mean, a talisman can be literally anything that you want it to be as an object that you look to, to ground you an object that brings you some level of power. The act of wearing talismans is like one of those. Oldest time, oldest humanity types of things. So whether you were a Viking running into war and put certain sigils on your shields or indigenous and looking for like a fertility talisman or protective talisman, these things have just existed.

[00:06:42] We've always implemented. I mean, anthropologically, I guess it would be called magical thinking kind of like the last scout. You could think of the cave paintings and the Lascaux caves as a talisman, they were trying to call in the Hertz for a hunt. So these things that we want to call in are what we can [00:07:00] use a talisman toward.

[00:07:02] I love that 

[00:07:02] robyn: you are able to in the session, be channeled and feel. What is right for that soul that you're working with. Karen and I both had different sessions. We have completely different talismans and some people like for me, I knew I wanted bracelets. Anyone who knows me, knows I wear lots of bracelets for Karen.

[00:07:24] She wanted a necklace. And I think, I don't know. Did she also get a bracelet too? And hope I know you've said this it's like, you won't know until you're in it. It's very much an intuitive and iterative process 

[00:07:37] hope: while you're in it. Yeah, totally. And it depends with those energetic centers. I do only do wrist or neck talismans at this point.

[00:07:45] So nothing with the ears yet, but I feel like if there's more energy kind of in the upper chocolatiers and something that's needed in the throat area, then a necklace is going to be. The way to go to amplify that power and balance whatever's going on there and [00:08:00] bracelets, because it's such a simple tool for us to have crystals that we wear on our receiving hand.

[00:08:05] And your receiving hand is your non-dominant hand. So for me, that's my left hand. And I think that's the case with most people, but you can also feel into the energetic flow. So these crystals I kind of was referencing earlier that it's almost like with the combinations, they act like. And so these barcodes can unlock different parts of the Astros, sometimes different states of being in your conscious waking state.

[00:08:29] One of the experiences that I had was with the talisman that I created for myself with golden root tile courts and K2 and K2 is from the second highest mountain in the world. It's hand gathered. Quite a laborious process, but it's so high vibe. I mean, it's just explosive. And then you have the golden Rue tile courts with that, and that is a wifi booster to the quantum field.

[00:08:52] So these two things together actually underestimated the level of power that I created in this talisman. And I was so excited. I [00:09:00] had consecrated it. Done the process. I was ready. I put it on and there was this bananas shift that took place where all of a sudden, the dream that I had earlier in the morning was starting to meld into my waking state life.

[00:09:15] And I was like, oh shit, this is, I might need to like cool it a bit. And I was telling my husband, this is freaky, but I needed that information in that. And that recalibration and I do believe that was part of a timeline shift that was ushered in. So it's kind of, that's another topic we can talk about that, but it was a fascinating experience.

[00:09:34] And so it turned out that I could only wear it for a limited amount of time. And then it went up on my wall of talismans to breathe for. But it's just so extraordinary that we have access to these types of tools for ourselves. And again, with the different types of combinations that are unique for you, if you decide to grab crystals for yourself and you feel drawn to them, those are things that you can use it.

[00:09:56] Well, and I 

[00:09:57] robyn: think your point, the barcodes, I know [00:10:00] for me, some days I'm like, I don't need to wear all of this. Like I only need to wear these few. And before even having the. Comments from you. I was creating my own combinations and I think their point is that that can shift and change on a daily basis on a weekly basis.

[00:10:18] And so you kind of feel into your own energy and what you need, and I love that the unlocking of what it can do. And I think that actually, when you brought up the astrol, it made me think number one, I think you need to explain Astro to people who are listening, who may not know what you mean. And then you were talking about in your sessions, connecting with.

[00:10:37] That's what you did explain, but I think some people won't know what you mean by 

[00:10:40] hope: star energy. Yeah. Okay. Well, first the Astro, God, this is also a broad topic because the astrol can encompass many spaces in our sleeping state. I think that there are different philosophies on where we're going. When we sleep, one of the predominant philosophies is that we're actually like [00:11:00] returning to like a mothership and we're essentially participating in these like holographic experiences.

[00:11:05] And so when we're sleeping, we're kind of like taking a break from that recouping, maybe going to experience other experiences. Through this mothership experience, but I have a different philosophy that I've, that I've generated myself on this and who knows, maybe someone else out there has the same kind of a philosophy, but there's this philosopher, Kwame, JJ, he's an African philosopher.

[00:11:23] And I learned about this in humanities, in college, who spoke about how, when you dream, you physically, your soul leaves your body and goes to another place. And that always resonated with me. And just in the last year, I've really been thinking about the possibility that because of the timelines are infant.

[00:11:40] That when we sleep. And when we have these Astro experiences, that our soul is physically going to another timeline and having that experience potentially when we're asleep on that other timeline. And so we're playing the soul swap game to have these different experiences. And the astral time is really the safest way to break away from that anchor consciousness, which I [00:12:00] mean, waking state is anchor consciousness.

[00:12:02] So that could be, and this too could very well be a dream. So that's worth considering. Stay right now. So that's 

[00:12:10] robyn: right. So interesting when you 

[00:12:12] hope: talk that star energy. Yeah. So there are also theories about where our origins are. And we do know this, that even from like the kind of scientific, evolutionary, big bang standpoint, we are.

[00:12:25] This is where we come from. We are from an explosion in space, but there are thoughts around the Annunaki and this is a whole nother broad topic, but 

[00:12:36] robyn: I know there's so much, we're going to be talking to you 

[00:12:38] hope: many times. Oh my God. Yes. There are thoughts around the Annunaki, which are the earliest Babylonian.

[00:12:45] Really, this is the first religion that we saw on the face of earth that is recorded, but Annunaki created humans and that they came from Nibiru a planet in our solar system in order to some of the [00:13:00] theories, they mined gold because this is something that they would use much. Like we use in a lot of space equipment that they would, you know, use in their equipment.

[00:13:07] But. Puts humanity also in a position of being almost a servant class to Knocky. And so there are many thoughts on that, but I do tend to think that we are from galactic families and that they do have a connection to us. And they're looking out for us and they're seeing what is happening in our day to day.

[00:13:28] So like the Pleiadians are our benevolent star, family and star guides. I'm sure you've heard of like the galactic Federation and these types of things in terms of the guidance that they deliver us on a daily basis. They're supporting us. They're rooting for us. They're also part of the. To help us reconnect to our own abilities, our own powers and our inherent wisdom and unlocking that.

[00:13:53] So that's what I mean when I talk about galactic family and it could be even more broad, there are guides out there [00:14:00] that we all have that we do not know that we have yet. And so I would also say this, like what I feel like one of my specialties has been. Identifying guides for myself in particular. And some of my clients they'll come through in our sessions.

[00:14:13] I just wanted to give a little tip on identifying guides because I often hear people ask, how do I know how to, like, how do I know who my guides are? Well, definitely sit in meditation and stillness for a moment and see what comes through. But your guides give you symbols all the time. There's this idea that maybe.

[00:14:32] Something like a puffy Nia that causes this, which is the psychological reasoning behind us creating stories and linking things that are not necessarily linked. I don't think this is the case because it is not coincidental when these signs come through. So my guides will send me animals consistently and they'll do it again.

[00:14:51] Uh, card reading outside something happening on the YouTube video that I'm on. It just is across the board. It becomes in your face over and over and over. And [00:15:00] so then there are other little doses of things and you're like, huh, doves and dolphins have been coming out a lot. What is this? And then what is this water energy that's coming out a lot.

[00:15:08] Let me look into that. And maybe it's Aphrodite, and then you get that confirmation of. That indeed is the guide that's coming through and also hearing the names of your guides and your mind's eye. I know in 2019, when my real break came through of my guides entering the picture for me, I could sense this.

[00:15:28] I don't like to say the names of my guides. So I'll describe it is the not of the ancestors is what I will say. And I could sense him and I didn't. What was quite happening, but then I heard a name, not like whispering. I mean, in my mind I heard a name and this is interesting. I've never heard this before.

[00:15:45] I've never seen this before. So I went and I looked it up and immediately blown away because I was like, this is real. This is a real thing that's happening right now. And that has happened time. And again, I know numbers are away. [00:16:00] The lot of people experience their guides come through in these repetitive angel numbers as we refer to them.

[00:16:05] But it's everywhere all the time and they are looking out for you. They are supporting you and they have your back. So just get still in, dialed in and you'll hear them. It's so funny because we were 

[00:16:15] karen: just talking about signs, symbols, angel numbers in our last newsletter, the two, you know, 2, 2 22 just came.

[00:16:22] So it's such an affirmative guidance to get from someone like you as well. Hope who put these symbols to work. Right. Like, not just use them as oh, good winks from the universe. But like you said, don't look them up and see what deeper meaning that they have for you. And especially if they keep reoccurring, I feel the same way the universe or your guys, or whoever you want to refer to them as let's go out of their way to get in your face so that you recognize them when they show up.

[00:16:46] Just want to say, like you just blew my mind because I think I'd probably some others were listening because here we are thinking that to some extent we're in this life experience, trying to learn these lessons. I know our, our soul's purpose. You've [00:17:00] kind of introduced as this idea of, well, we could be living multiple lives and multiple soul's purpose all at the same time with this timeline theory, but kind of taking us back to maybe why we need more alignment than we even realize, because if we are just trying to navigate our day to day and then are having sort of these other experiences coming back into our body might be even more complicated because we're coming from one level of energy.

[00:17:24] Back into our body. And we're still trying to navigate this experience. Can you just talk a little bit about that and how through your readings? You're actually giving people these tools. It's not just a reading, that's sort of one and done that you're giving them, but you're giving them these takeaway tools that will sort of help that calibration continue 

[00:17:41] hope: after a 

[00:17:41] robyn: session.

[00:17:42] Yeah. And I would say just to add to that, because it's not just a reading, you're also clearing and or resetting, I think is the word I used before our energy system, which we've talked about before as your shock rest system, you may want to talk to that too. In addition to what Karen [00:18:00] was asking, 

[00:18:00] hope: I think.

[00:18:02] Session with me, the expectation can be that you have had that clearing of those energy centers. You're recalibrated balanced. I think what I hear most often from my clients is that they just feel so centered and at peace. And then if you do a talisman session, like your. That healing with a regular Reiki session.

[00:18:22] But if you do a talisman session, then you do have that touchstone that you can take away with you. And when you do need to kind of get back to center, then you can put that talisman on. But I do want to offer up something that everybody can do to bring themselves back to center and also deliver energy healing to themselves.

[00:18:41] And this is great. Starting the process of getting back in touch with our unique capabilities and our connection to the quantum field. So I just want you to first put your hands up and envision a in white light and crystal and blue light [00:19:00] flowing into the poems of your head. Really feel it, feel it streaming in, feel that little bit of pressure as it enters your hands.

[00:19:07] This is you receiving energy, universal life force energy. And then I want you to start to bring that energy in and start putting your hands together. Not all the way just to not. And start feeling that energy between your hands. Do you feel it, do you feel it building okay. Now kind of just gently rock your hands, start creating like a little bit of a ball with the energy that you have.

[00:19:32] Start molding, molding the ball. And now hold us to feel it. You feel this light ball that you have. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Now bring that in and whatever chocolate you want to put that in. If you want to put it in your forehead, which is your third eye, your throat, your heart, just play. Gently, wherever you want to place it.

[00:19:52] I like to place it in my heart and take that in. Wow. That's just a way that we can all get back to center when we have [00:20:00] all of this chaos happening in our lives. That's our secret 

[00:20:02] robyn: power for the week. 

[00:20:04] karen: Literally. It's really powerful. I really feel 

[00:20:06] robyn: it. Me too. I mean, I had like heat going in my hands 

[00:20:09] karen: and a little tingling happening as well.

[00:20:12] hope: Yeah. 

[00:20:12] robyn: And, and everyone can do this. 

[00:20:14] hope: Everyone 

[00:20:15] robyn: can do. And I love that it ties with finding your center. That's what turn and I ask every day, how are we seeking our center today? Where are we in 

[00:20:24] karen: anywhere near center? One thing hope you talk about a little bit too, is not only do you have these amazing talismans that you offer after a session, but then.

[00:20:33] Incredible writeup of all of the notes and everything you see, and it's sort of your take home guide, everything you've experienced. Can you just talk 

[00:20:41] hope: a little bit about that? So with a talisman session, I definitely want you to have a takeaway of understanding what those different stones are and what the purposes are of them.

[00:20:51] There are a lot of, like, if you look up stones, definitely. There are a lot of crossovers with some of the energies that come through. I think these have been identified by many [00:21:00] channelers of crystal consciousness. And so there is a bit of a guide, a mainstay. So if you were to look a stone up on the internet, you would probably find a definition for it, but in a talisman session, some of these stones will take on different definitions.

[00:21:13] And so I want to make sure that my clients are very clear on the why behind everything and what. It's four and the purpose as it integrates with the healing session that we've done together. So I compile that into a PDF along with any cards that we pulled during the session. And then I send that to them with a video of the session, because as we go through the card reading, but it's easy to forget sometimes if you're not sitting there furiously taking notes.

[00:21:39] Yeah. I just want them to walk away with all of the. And have that as a guide to refer back to. And I 

[00:21:44] robyn: think it's helpful for people to know when you're actually receiving the Reiki that everyone has probably received differently. For me, my body was tingling and I was seeing so much. And then I think I was legit astral traveling for parts of it.

[00:21:59] [00:22:00] So I was definitely out of body or in another timeline and coming back in and I could feel that you were wrapping me up. I can still see. Now, and I still feel it, cause it wasn't that long ago, it was so special, but not everybody may be that visual and that's okay. You might kind of fall asleep and be in this very meditative space during it.

[00:22:21] It's going to be unique to every person. And I just hope that everyone realizes that you're still receiving it, even if you're not visualizing it or legit vibrant. 

[00:22:31] karen: And it's such, sometimes you may even feel like, oh my gosh, what am I? I'm not seeing anything for me. I don't get as much as Robin does usually visually, but in this session I couldn't believe it.

[00:22:42] I said, you know, I saw a lot of purple. It does incredible. And that this is Chevron, Amazon. It's very much, it's a purple energy. So you can't doubt yourself almost when you are in the session. If you can kind of track a little bit about what you see and remember, it is pretty incredible how, [00:23:00] when, when we compared notes afterwards, there were so many things that, that you saw that I was picking up on and vice versa.

[00:23:06] And then the Oracle being like, that's, what's so magical about this. You get this incredible healing and then you go on to this Oracle card reading as well, which not surprisingly. Ties in so much with not only the session, but even any intention that you've said. And another thing we should also say, I hope that you do such a great job of doing is you prep people so well to know exactly what to expect coming into the session and not everybody 

[00:23:29] hope: does that.

[00:23:30] I know. I always say I'm a bit clinical about it. That's kind of the thing I am a practitioner. And so I want to be sure that my clients feel confident in the process and know exactly what's going to happen throughout the process. 

[00:23:42] robyn: I just need to share that one of the guides that came through for me, and I don't know if you remember this, but they were French.

[00:23:50] So I guess you're receiving all this information in French and that's not necessarily a language that you speak on. 

[00:23:58] hope: No. It's funny when it [00:24:00] comes through in different languages, I'm just like, okay. We all know Robin 

[00:24:04] karen: goes when she's astral projecting, I know Paris. And 

[00:24:08] robyn: what hope doesn't know is that I don't speak French, but my daughter does.

[00:24:14] And my daughter. 13, almost 14. And since she's five years old has really been obsessed with France and French and learning French and Paris, which does not resonate with my husband. And I, however it is something we talk about every day with my daughter. And so it wasn't surprising to me that this guide was French.

[00:24:36] I don't know. I just knew a tied with my daughter in some way. And she. Such a kick out of when I read her the notes. And as you listened to the record, I wanted to share that because it's so unique. 

[00:24:47] hope: Yeah. Your daughter has a past life experience from being in France and that this is probably her guide, but it's absolutely, I mean, she 

[00:24:57] robyn: has already prepped my husband and I, that [00:25:00] she will be living in France as an adult, and we'd better be ready to visit her and her family in France.

[00:25:06] So we have accepted. Now if she ends up closer, we'll be safe, but at least I'll have a great place to visit. Well, we also want to know how you discovered your gifts. I know you kind of alluded to this in the beginning of our conversation. We've talked about how everyone can do. But not everybody can do it like you do.

[00:25:26] And so how did that come to be? 

[00:25:28] karen: And how did you come together? All of these different layers in this specific way, and with 

[00:25:33] robyn: the curiosity, right. To investigate 

[00:25:35] hope: all of these Mo multi-layered multifaceted for sure. I'm one of those who, like, since I was a child had been having paranormal experiences and then I grew up in a way.

[00:25:45] A household where we were part of the native American church and going to powwow. And so we were experiencing that then also experiencing Baptist church, then experiencing new age and I would be pulled out of school to go meditate in the woods. You know? So like [00:26:00] there are all of these elements of my upbringing that actually play a role.

[00:26:04] As well as trauma. And I just want to be very clear about that because trauma does, in a way, I think advance us spiritually because we begin identifying things environmentally and becoming more perceptive than we would otherwise be. And there's this kind of wonderful parody between resilience and spirituality that has been nurtured over time through these experiences and just becoming more resilient with experiences.

[00:26:30] So it's multi-fold with that. I always knew that I wanted to be a healer. I just always knew, like I wanted, when I grew up, there were only two things I ever wanted to be. And one was a shaman and the. President of the United States. 

[00:26:46] robyn: I like the combination. 

[00:26:49] hope: I mean, it's always been an effort to help people, right.

[00:26:52] And I think we'll save any political conversations for another time, but really my path is as a healer and I've always known that. And so, [00:27:00] you know, in 2019, when guides started coming through and just, there was this pivotal shift, that's what. Like I'm ready to do this. And so my business partner, Joanna was also my mentor specifically for energy healing.

[00:27:14] She's a Reiki, a multi-modality Reiki master. And so she trained me in these things and also was very encouraging all the time of my own abilities and channeling through my own abilities and just hearing. What was being spoken to me through the quantum field. And so through that is where I ended up developing this, this multi-modality approach to healing.

[00:27:35] And it's channeled. It's so interesting because I want to say more about the why, but my guides gave it to me. Like I was compelled to do this because this is what I'm pulled to do. And. Infinitely curious. I will say that I want to know everything about everything and that's why I went into anthropology as well, because I am fascinated by the why behind all the things, the who, and the what, and what's going on.

[00:27:57] And I really do think that to feed spirituality, I [00:28:00] think you're really only one neural pathway away from developing a deeper spiritual connection. And so. Like start investigating, start looking at the signs, start bringing it in that way. Because again, I know I've said it many times, but it is accessible to all of us and overthinking it is I think where we have the obstacles.

[00:28:18] Oh my gosh. That is so 

[00:28:19] karen: true. Get curious, everyone 

[00:28:21] hope: you're seeking seeking center, right? That's 

[00:28:24] robyn: right. We're excited for people 

[00:28:26] hope: to find you. I have a couple of things I actually do want to give one more little ritual and that is be great. Fast one, speak to your water, speak to your water and tell it that you love it.

[00:28:36] Speak mantras into it. Water has memory. And when we take that into our bodies, we're taking in the. Of the energy of that mantra. So just a quick fun one. Can you give us an example of how I tell my water? I love you. I love that. I do that too. So good. I mean, we are, we are water. There's a whole conversation on semantics that we'll have to have some time and like the sacred geometry [00:29:00] of water memory.

[00:29:01] Extraordinary. Yes. 

[00:29:02] robyn: And I love that you brought that up because number one, we all drink water every single day, so everyone can do. Literally 

[00:29:10] hope: everyone can, everyone can do it and you don't even have to do it out 

[00:29:13] robyn: loud. You can just say it in your mind. Right? I 

[00:29:17] hope: prefer to say it out loud because of the vibrational frequency actually being communicated.

[00:29:22] But if you feel most comfortable, mentally communicating it to your water, just setting that intention and that in that moment and being present that will immediately work wonders. So I'm holding up my water. I love water. I 

[00:29:35] karen: love this idea of less than something that you're going to do. Ingesting and nurturing your body with so 

[00:29:40] hope: neutral.

[00:29:40] Notice the difference to just take notice of how you do feel after you're ingesting this water that you've spoken into. I promise you, you will be amazed. You gave us really 

[00:29:51] robyn: too powerful cause our whole intention every week is to share useful ritual. And practices that people can [00:30:00] start using right away.

[00:30:01] And I, with both that you gave today, people can 

[00:30:04] hope: start doing that today. Absolutely accessible. And by the way, it doesn't cost a thing. Doesn't cost up thing. Yeah, that's right. That's huge. 

[00:30:12] robyn: I love that. Could we pull an Oracle card that would help guide people for the week of February 28? 

[00:30:20] hope: I've already pulled Oracle cards for us.

[00:30:22] And I shouldn't say polled because that's the reason I have. Beforehand. I don't pull cards ever. I take jumpers. So because that's, I receive the cards through, explain what that means, but the jumper. Yeah. So I shuffle, I do not do like a shuffle in pole or it split the deck. And Paul, I shuffle until cards come out and that is how I'm getting goosebumps because every single time that is how whatever narrative has happened throughout a healing session is reinforced by the.

[00:30:51] And it blows my mind every time. So I really think that's the way to do it. I think it's everyone has their method, but just, you really hear [00:31:00] spirit authentically when you shuffle and just have them received in that way. So the ones that came out, I used two decks. I used the Archangel Meditron deck and in the spirit of our galactic family, my Pleiadians deck is actually called the pleading Oracle.

[00:31:16] It is wonderful. That came out, all reinforce each other. So the first is light body and this is Archangel megatrons card. The next one was the golden egg from the Pleiadian deck and then energy work from the Pleiadian deck. And so the narrative that I see here between these. Is about us stepping into our power, stepping into our light body, stepping into our capacity as our own healers and surrendering so we can deliver what it is we want to deliver to the universe.

[00:31:45] Knowing we were already on the path. We just need to let go. And then the energy healing aspect of it, the energy work aspect of it, because we are all capable of pulling this in from the quantum field. We're all capable of pulling this in [00:32:00] from the universe and color wise. What I love across these cards is we're looking at a lot of blue indigo.

[00:32:05] Violet. So really upper chakra activation this coming week, I believe on the second is the 2nd of March is the new moon Pisces. So take a spiritual bath release release release, release the old step into your spiritual power this week because we are headed toward big things coming out of. 2 22, 20 22 portal.

[00:32:30] It's up to you to craft this timeline now. Oh my 

[00:32:32] robyn: goodness. It's so powerful. I think it's a message that 

[00:32:35] karen: everybody can relate to too, right? 

[00:32:38] robyn: It really does reinforce everything. That number one we talked about today. That we've been talking 

[00:32:43] hope: about over the last few weeks. You're mad at. He is ready 

[00:32:47] karen: to, I think, is so fitting for spring coming and new energy, new trails that we're all blazing and really welcoming and nurturing that with light sunshine and.

[00:32:59] [00:33:00] For growth going into whatever's next on our path site. And they're from different decks. How beautiful that they play together that 

[00:33:06] hope: way. Yeah. Extraordinary. Always extraordinary. 

[00:33:09] robyn: Oh my goodness. So when people are looking for you, where can 

[00:33:13] hope: they find you? How well you can find me on Instagram at.

[00:33:18] Underscore ascendant and ascendant with an a so that's worth noting, or you can just contact me directly at info at hope, or hope at hope, We're in progress with the website. So you can just reach out to me directly. We can DNO 

[00:33:35] karen: and I think we should share pictures of 

[00:33:36] robyn: our talisman.

[00:33:37] Oh, we definitely. Well, absolutely. Stunning and they feel just electric. I'm infinitely grateful to now be connected forever with you. And to have these talismans that give me this energy that I need on a daily basis. It's given me confidence. It's helped me feel more powerful and in my [00:34:00] own energy, my most authentic self.

[00:34:02] So thank you. Permanent reminder. 

[00:34:04] karen: Uh, souvenir from the experience that we've had together that we can always reactivate and use. So thank you so much. And for sharing all of this wisdom, I think that we could have many, 

[00:34:15] robyn: many, 

[00:34:15] hope: many, we're going to be 

[00:34:17] robyn: coming back to hope, to have more conversations on timelines on semantics.

[00:34:22] There's so much more to discuss. So thank you. Reach out to hope and we know you will feel. As blessed 

[00:34:31] hope: as we do. Thank you. Both big love, abundant gratitude and increased blessing. So you guys are amazing. Thank you. And 

[00:34:37] robyn: we can't believe we got to secret powers for the week and they don't cost a thing. And if you want to catch our download for this week, you should subscribe to the newsletter.

[00:34:49] All about marching forward. We're so excited to be on this journey with you. We're learning things every single week, and we hope you are too. Remember, you can go to seeking [00:35:00] to sign up for the newsletter and you can follow us at seeking center official on Instagram and seeking center at and seeking center on Tik TOK.

[00:35:09] Have a great week.

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